Alexei Panshin's The Abyss of Wonder

        Yuri Lev is a Russian-born photographer with a truly remarkable eye.

        I first encountered his work on a hot and muggy evening at Musikfest in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  While waiting for Brave Combo to set up, I walked beyond the beer tent, the booth offering buffalo, ostrich and alligator sandwiches, and the booth with Jamaican jerked chicken, and cruised the craft booths.  And there, just past the tuned bells, I found Yuri.

        His photographs were clearly of a deeper order than the fudge, decorated pottery and toe rings that other people had for sale.  It was their composition that made his pictures distinctive, I said to Yuri.  It was their sense of color, Cory said to me after I'd sent her to have a look.  But what I would say now is that Yuri takes photographs which reveal the mysterious and the eternal.

The Arch (Spain)
The Enchanted Valley (France) Silhouette (Pocono Mountains)
Scholar (Bokhara) Reading of the Torah (Moscow) Rosh Kodesh (Central Asia)
Blue Leaves
The art of Yuri Lev can be viewed and purchased at his home page, The Photographs of Yuri Lev.



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