Alexei Panshin's The Abyss of Wonder


Times Right Now
Times ain't now nothin' like they used to be
Times just now, different than they used to be
I seen better days, but I'm puttin' up with these

I bought me a good car, I drove it down the road
You know, I got me a new car, I drove it on down the road
The police pulled me over, say they want to check my load
   It's profiling -- that's what it is!

They grabbed me by the ears, picked me up by the tail
Yeah, they grabbed me by the ears, 
        swung me 'round by the tail
If I don't smile and like it, I'm sure to spend the night in jail
   But if I laugh -- they'll kill me dead

They ransacked my house, they hit me with their fist
Oh, they strip-searched my house, punched me with their fist
Tell me they don't need a warrant, I'm an urban terrorist
   They got a list with my name on it

They took me off in handcuffs, no one knows where I am
They took me away in handcuffs, 'n' I don't know where I am
They claim I flew the flag wrong and I hate Uncle Sam
   Flyin' the flag upside down is a sign of distress

There's a postman in your basement, 
        the meterman's readin' your mail
There are eyes at your window, 
        the trashman's been readin' your mail
So be careful when you breathe in
        and be cautious when you exhale
   And don't look suspicious while you're doin' it
   Never can tell who might be watchin'!

The Black Ships are comin', soldiers are movin' out
I say, the whirlybirds are comin', there's soldiers movin' out
Gonna guard the streets and highways 
        to save us all from doubt

Times right now, too much like they used to be
Times just now, too much like they used to be
   In Nazi Germany
I seen better days, but I'm puttin' up with these
I seen better days, now I'm puttin' up with these
I see a better day, I'm not puttin' up with these

Traditional music --
Lyrics by Josh Wachtel and Alexei Panshin

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