Alexei Panshin's The Abyss of Wonder


Sailing on the Waters of Love

Lightning struck when I first saw your face
I was shocked how much I wanted your embrace
    I camouflaged myself from view
    Till I was sure my heart was true
But by the time I showed myself you'd disappeared

I wandered like a drunkard in a daze
You were hidden like a treasure in a maze
    When I knocked upon your door
    A voice said, "She ain't here no more"
And as I left my eyes welled up with tears

Blackness came and blotted out the sun
I'd lost a love that never had begun
    Hopes filled my head
    Now they were dead
I was lost
    And afraid

I hid myself within my pyramid
Wondering where you were and what you did
    I saw you once but you were cool
    You were with a man, I played the fool
Why couldn't you see how I wanted you?

My love burned hot, it purified my soul
But my passion for you left a painful hole
    I prayed that God would send
    A woman like an inner gem
Cut like you, mysterious and true

But just when it had all grown dark as night
Within my heart there came a blazing light
    A storm shook the sky
    When the clouds had passed by
I found you
    Standing there

We both had changed and now you'd come to me
When you heard I planned to leave you had to know
Was there a chance our love was meant to be?
I said, "Tell me your dreams before I go."

At once you told me your true heart's intent
You said, "I mean to be an instrument"
    The spirit whispers in our ear
    Tunes that only we can hear
Let's you and I together make a song

We danced beneath a sea of fireflies
Like stars that have flown down and come alive
    Making love to nature's band
    In the clearing where the tall trees stand
With the silver moon above us all night long

Sailing on the waters of love
We guide ourselves by the stars above
    Through the changing tide
    By each other's side
We'll cross the sea
    In this life

-- Josh Wachtel and Alexei Panshin


Take a Chance

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