Descendents of James Padget

James Padgett was born 1 or 16 Oct 1746 in England.  He married Rebekah Crout (15 Sep 1752 - Mar 1842, Oxford, NY) on 7 Sep 1778 in Schaghticoke, Rennselaer Co., NY.  James died 15 Mar 1830 in Oxford, NY.
I. Sarah (Sally) Padgett was born 28 Feb 1780.  She married (1) Ralph Simpson (6 Jul 1778 - 1816).  She married (2) Mr. Bennington.  Sarah died 9 Aug 1865 in Oxford, NY.
A. Anne Simpson was born 8 Jun 1802.
B. Mary Ann Simpson was born 13 Aug 1806.  She married Joel Parker (1810/11 - 25 Mar 1879), son of Simeon Parker and Polly Sprague, prob. after her sister Sarah Jane died in 1877.
C. Sarah Jane Simpson was born in Jan 1811.  She married Joel Parker (1810/11 - 25 Mar 1879), son of Simeon Parker and Polly Sprague, in 1832.  Jane died in 1877.
1. Joel Parker was born 17 Dec 1834 and died 18 Apr 1858.
2. Sarah Ann Parker was born 7 Feb 1836.
3. Gilbert J. Parker was born 7 Dec 1837.  He married Barbara (1844/45, New York - poss. 1900/10) aft. 1870.  They had no children.  They were still living in Oxford, Chenango, NY in 1910.
4. Louisa B. Parker was born 17 Jan 1841 in Coventry, Chenango, NY.  She married William Henry Miner (17 Jan 1840, Coventry, NY - aft. 1930), son of Clark Parmalie Miner and Susan Amandy Yale, on 8 May 1861 in Chenango Co., NY.  By 1891, they were living in Bradford Co, PA.  Louisa died aft. 1920.
a. Susan (Susie) Miner was born in 1863/64, prob. in Coventry, NY.  She married Charles C. Downer (1864/65, prob. Utica, Oneida, NY - bef. 1930, prob. Alabama), son of Edward F. and Hannah C. Downer, on 5 Feb 1886 in Bradford Co, PA.  In 1920, they were living in Newton, Dale, AL.  In 1930, Susan was widowed and living in Malvern, Geneva, AL with Joseph and Agnes.
i.Edna M. Downer was born in 1886/87 in New York and died in Feb 1930 in Geneva Co., AL.
ii.Helen M. Downer was born in 1888 in New York.  She was living with her parents in 1920 but with her grandmother in Whitestown, Oneida, NY in 1930.  Helen died in Dec 1966 in Utica, NY.
iii.Hannah Louise Downer was born in 1889/90 in New York.  In 1930, she her her grandmother and sister.
iv.John Cessford Downer was born 19 Jan 1894 (or 1892) in Utica, NY.  He married Mable (Mabelle) Cordelia Taylor (b. Nov 1893, New York), daughter of Thompson and Elizabeth Taylor, in 1912/13.. In 1920, they were in Utica, NY.  In 1930, they were living in Watervliet, Albany, NY.  John died 10 Aug 1959 in Rutland, Rutland, VT.
A. Betty Downer was born in 1914 in New York.
B. Helen (Holly) C. Downer was born c. May/Jun 1917 in New York.
v.Joseph Downer was born 13 Dec 1895 in Utica, NY.  In 1917, he was living in Pimlico Co., NC.  He married Nolie V. (13 Mar 1919, Alabama - 27 Nov 2004, Webb, Houston, AL).  In 1945, they were living in Panama City, Bay, FL and had three children..  Joseph died in Jun 1976 in Dothan, Houston, AL.
vi.Agnes Downer was born in 1898 in New York.  In 1930, she was still living with her mother. 
vii.William H. Downer was born in 1902/03 in New York and may have died bef. 1920.
b. Jessie Miner was born 8 Jun 1867, prob. in Coventry, NY.  She married (1) Mr. Davies (?) in 1900.  They had one child who died  She married (2) Archibald (Arch) F. Corser (27 Jul 1868, Parishville, St. Lawrence, NY - 1939, Athens, Bradford, PA), son of John F. Corser and Harriet Emily Smith, aft 1916.  Jessie died 15 Nov 1962 in Athens, PA.
c. Harry G. Minor was born in Dec 1873, prob. in Coventry, NY.  He married Agatha T. (b. 1878/79, Canada) in 1904.  They lived in Athens, Bradford, PA.
i. William Wilkins Minor was born 21 Sep 1904 in California and died 11 May 1981 in Winston-Salem, Forsyth, NC.
5. Nancy Parker was born in 1841/2.
6. Marcia Parker was born in 1845/6.
7. Simon Parker was born in 1847/8 and died 1 Feb 1869.
8. Peter H. Parker was born in Apr 1849 in New York.  He married Addie A. (Nov 1848, New York - bef. 1920) c. 1869.  They lived in Coventry, Chenango, NY.  Peter died aft. 1920.
a. Anna B. Parker was born in 1874/75 and died bef. 1910. 
b. Charles J. Parker was born in 1878/79 in New York.  He married Florence (b. 1881/82, New York) in 1911/12.   They lived in Oxford, Chenango, NY.
i. Barbara Parker was born in 1914 in New York.
ii. Catherine Parker was born in Nov 1916 in New York
iii. Mary E. Parker was born in 1917 in New York.
D. Elizabeth (Betsy) Simpson was born 14 Jan 1813.  She married John A.B. Stuart (4 Apr 1809 - 26 Jun 1878) on 20 Jan 1833.  In 1880, she was living with her daughter Louise.  Elizabeth died 26 Feb 1900.
1. Robert L. Stuart was born 8 Mar 1842.  He married Ida M. Bosworth (26 Feb 1857 - aft. 1930), daughter of Jeremiah and Lydia M. Bosworth, on 14 Jan 1880.  They lived in McDonough, Chenango, NY.  Robert died 14 Jul 1908.
a. Grace Stuart was born 14 Jul 1883 in New York.  She married Robert V. Emerson (b. 1872, New York), son of Varanes C. and Ruth M. Emerson, in 1905/06.  Grace died in May 1981 in McDonough, Chenango, NY.
i. Evelyn S. Emerson was born in 1913/14 in New York.
ii. Robert M. Emerson was born in 1918 in New York and may have died bef. 1930.
b. Gertrude Stuart was born in Jan 1885 in New York.
2. Adelaide S. Stuart was born in 1848/49 in New York.  She married Theron Eugene Dye (b. 1843/44, Chenango Co., NY), son of Amos Dye and Marilla Brown, in 1867/68.  By 1900, they were living in Cortland, Cortland, NY.
a. Stuart Eugene Dye was born 6 Jan 1881 in New York.  He married Alice Rosamond (b. 1881/82, New York).  In 1910-20, they were living with his parents.  Stuart died 15 Nov 1974 in Lake Worth, Palm Beach, FL.
i. Doris Louise Dye was born in 1908/09 in New York.
ii. Stuart Eugene Dye, Jr. was born 30 Apr 1913 in Cortland Co., NY.  He married Madelyn Hungerford (29 Sep 1916 - 1 Apr 2007, Newton, Catawba, NC) c. 1938.  Stuart died 5 Apr 2003 in Pinehurst, Moore, SC.
3. Louise Stuart was born in Dec 1850 in Chenango Co., NY.  She married Homer H. White (b. Apr 1850, poss. Cherry Valley,.Otsego, NY), son of Willard D. and Eliza A. White, in 1879/80.  They lived in in Hamilton, Madison, NY and were childless.
II. Barbara (Barbary) Padgett was born 21 Jun 1781 in Troy, NY.  She married (1) David Claten.  She married (2) Robert Brooksbank (3 Jan 1779, Market Weighton, Yorkshire - 11 Jan 1856, Oxford, NY).  Barbara died 19 Nov 1881 in Oxford, Chenango, NY. 
A. Sarah (Sally) Clayton was born 13 Nov 1802 in Glen, Montgomery, NY.  She married Robert Gibson (1806/07, England - 16 Nov 1879, Oxford, NY).  Sarah died aft. 1880 in Oxford, NY.
B.. James Brooksbank was born in 1808.  He married Julia (or Juliana) (May 1814, New York - aft. 1900).  James died 13 Mar 1882 in Oxford, NY.
1. Robert Brooksbank was born in 1843/44 or Apr 1846 in New York  He married Ursula N. (Jul 1846, New York - aft. 1920) in 1868/69.  In 1870-80, they were living in Oxford with his parents.  Robert died bef. 1910.
a. Emerson G. Brooksbank was born in 1868/69 and died 22 Apr 1875 in Oxford, NY.
b. Robert J. Brooksbank was born in 1870.
c. Barbara Ella (or Ella Barbara) Brooksbank was born in Jun 1875 in New York.
d. Minnie Brooksbank was born in 1876/77.
e. Ray Clinton Brooksbank was born in May 1882 in New York.  He married Nellie Mae Utter (22 Jan 1884 - 7 Nov 1954, Sherburne, Chenango, NY), daughter of Charles Utter and Annie Parsons, in 1906/07.  By 1920, Ray and Nellie were living separately.  Ray died in 1952.
i.Jennie Brooksbank was born 28 Jan 1910, prob. in Oxford, NY.  She married Mr. Hendricks.  They had two children.
f. Anna M. Brooksbank was born in Feb 1887 in New York.  In 1920 she was still single and living with her mother.
III. Robert Padget was born 23 Dec 1782 in Troy, NY and died 15 Dec 1867 in Oxford, NY.
IV. Anna Padget was born 15 Sep 1784 in Troy, NY.  She married (1) John McWilliams on 24 Jun 1806 in Glen, Montgomery Co., NY.  She married (2) David Justice on 7 Jun 1812 in Glen, NY.  Anna died in 1867.
A. William A. Justice was born in 1815 in Montgomery Co., NY.  He married his cousin Ann Jeanette Padgett  (1826/27, New York - 10 May 1853).  William died in 1890 in Oxford, NY.
1. Elizabeth A. Justice was born in 1843.
2. Barbara (Barbary) Justice was born in 1845.  In 1870, she was keeping house for her father.  Barbara died in 1915 in Oxford, NY.
3. David Henry Justice was born 11 Feb 1847.
4. Nelson H. Justice was born in 1849.  He fought in the Spanish-American War of 1898.
5. Anjeanette Justice was born in 1853.
V. Jane Padget was born 18 Mar 1786.  She married Alexander Leach (1771, Hudson, Rensselaer, NY - 7 May 1850, Brisben, Chenango, NY), prob. after the death of his first wife in 1840.  Jane died aft. 1860.
VI. Rebekah Padget was born 25 Jan 1788 and died 5 Jul 1868 in Oxford, NY.
VII. John Padgett was born 1 Apr 1791 and died aft. 1881 in Oxford, NY.
VIII. Mary (Polley) Padget was born 15 Feb 1793 in Troy, NY and died 2 Apr 1870 in Oxford, NY.
IX. James Padget was born 2 Dec 1798 in Montgomery Co., NY.  He married Elizabeth Van Buren (27 Jan 1799, Glen, Montgomery, NY - 29 Mar 1842, Oxford, NY), daughter of Gosen Van Buren and Bata Van Valkenburg).  James died 20 Aug 1860 in Oxford, NY.
A. Sarah C. (Patty) Padget was born 31 Aug 1817 in Montgomery Co., NY.  She married Barent (Barney) Isaacse Wendell (21 Sep 1812, Wynantskill, Rensselaer, NY - 1862) on 25 Dec 1839 in Blooming Grove, Orange, NY.  Sarah died 11 Feb 1906 in North Greenbrush, Rensselaer, NY.
1. Isaac Barney Wendell was born in Sep 1840 in New York.  He married Jane R. Blessington (Feb 1842, New York - aft. 1920) in 1866.  They lived in Rensselaer, Saratoga, and Orange Counties, NY.  Isaac died in 1919 in Blooming Grove, NY.
a. Irving I. Wendell was born in Feb 1868 in New York and died 1 Dec 1940 in Blooming Grove, NY.
b. Warner B. Wendell was born in May 1872 in New York.  He married Eda  S. Bordisser (Sep 1876, Clifton Park, Saratoga, NY - aft. 1930), daughter of William and Frances Bordisser, in 1899/1900.  They lived in Schenectady, Schenectady, NY.
i. Simpson B. Wendell was born 21 Sep 1902 in NewYork.  He married Bessie or Betty M. (1902 - 1994).  They had at least one child.  Simpson died in Feb 1976 in Carlisle, Cumberland, PA.
ii. Harold W. Wendell was born 17 Jun 1904 in New York and died 17 Oct 1989 in Webster, Monroe, NY.
c. James M. Wendell was born in Feb/Mar 1877 in New York and died 4 Oct 1882 in Blooming Grove, NY.
d. Evert S. Wendell was born in Jun/Jul 1880 and died 4 Oct 1882.
2. Elizabeth Ophelia Wendell was born c. 1843.  She married Michael H. Warner (1837 - 10 Feb 1892, Rensselaer Co., NY), son of Michael Warner and Almeda Barringer.  In 1880, they were in Schodack, Rensselaer, NY.  Elizabeth died in 1928.
a. Almeda Ophelia Warner was born 8 Jun 1862 in Greenbush, Rensselaer, NY.  She married John P. (or D.) Brooks, M.D. (b.c. 1845, New York) c. 1890.  They lived in Providence, Providence, RI.  Almeda died in 1960 and is buried in Rensselaer Co.
b. Grace S. Warner was born 4 Sep 1868 in Greenbush, NY.  In 1900, she was living with her mother in Schodack, NY.
3. Margaret Matilda Wendell was born in Feb 1845 in New York.  She married Silas S. Teachout (1844, prob. Half Moon, Saratoga, NY - 1898, Blooming Grove, Orange, NY) bef. 1880. Margaret died 7 Jan 1926 in Blooming Grove, NY.
4. James Madison Wendell was born in 1847.  He married (1) Caroline Eliza Sharp (1854/55, New York - 19 Jan 1881, Blooming Grove, NY), daughter of Jacob Springer Sharp and Martha A. Ensign.  He married (2) Ella Seaman (b. 1857/58, New York) c. 1884.  James died in 1935 in Schodack, Rensselaer,  NY.
i.Florence M. Wendell was born 28 Jul 1885 in New York.  She married Clarence Albert. Hidley (2 Sep 1884, New York - 24 Jun 1952), son of George William Hidley and Marilla Frances Traver, on 14 Aug 1912.  Florence died in Jul 1969 in Pittsford, Monroe, NY.
A.Robert Wendell Hidley was born 13 Dec 1916 in New York and died 26 Sep 2006 in Mountain Top, Luzerne, PA.
ii.Clarence Seaman Wendell was born 20 Dec 1890 in North Greenbush, Rensselaer, NY.  He married Shirley Mae (20 Nov 1893 - 13 Nov 1992, Dallas, Dallas, TX) c. 1914.  Clarence died in Apr 1973 in Gravette, Benton, AR.
A.Caroline S. Wendell was born in 1915 in New York.  She married Mr. Lawlor.
B.Margaret Mae Wendell was born in 1920/21 in New York.  She was unmarried.
B. Gertrude M. Padget was born in 1819.  She married James Phillips (1813 - 14 Jun 1891) on 21 Nov 1840 in Blooming Grove, Orange, NY.  Gertrude died in 1854 in North Greenbrush, Rensselaer, NY.
1. Elizabeth Ann Philips was born in Sep 1840  She married John Martin Mesick (27 Jun 1838-1924), son of Zachariah Mesick and Eliza Dedrick, in 1860.  They lived in Schodack, Rensselaer, NY and then in East Greenbush, NY.  Elizabeth died in 1911 in East Greenbush, NY.
a. Gertrude P. Mesick was born 6 Aug 1876 in New York.  She married Wallace Jacob Allendorph (4 Jul 1874, New York - 10 Sep 1954), son of Gilbert and Charity Allendorph, in 1895/96.  Gertrude died 16 Jan 1953.
i. Ruth Allendorph was born in Feb 1897 in New York.   She married Maurice M. Miller (10 Dec 1895 - 1 May 1971) c. 1918.  As of 1930, they were childless.  Ruth died in 1970.
C. Elizabeth Ann Padget was born c. 22 Jan 1821 in Glen, Montgomery, NY.  She married Conrad Lingenfelter (c. Aug 1815, Amsterdam, Montgomery, NY - c. 1869, Depauville, Jefferson Co., NY), son of John Lingenfelter and Elida Winne, on 4 Jul 1838 in Florida, Montgomery Co., NY..  Elizabeth died 15 Jun 1909.
1. Alida Lingenfelter was born 21 Jul 1840 in Vermont.  she married (1) Alvin Putnam (15 Jul 1835, Clayton, Jefferson, NY - 9 Sep 1862, Clayton, NY), son of Parley Putnam and Prudence Allen.  She married (2) Hiram Harter (27 Apr 1830 - 2 Jan 1910, Watertown, NY), son of Christopher Harter and Ann Brown, on 18 Dec 1867.  Alida died 3 Aug 1910 in Glen Park, Jefferson, NY.
a.Prudence E. Putnam was born 3 Dec 1857 in Clayton, NY.  She married George Bent (1857, Depauville, Jefferson, NY - 19 Aug 1895, Chaumont, Jefferson, NY), son of George and Sally Bent, on 31 Dec 1879.  Prudence died 17 Jun 1929 in Chaumont, NY.
i.Nellie Bent was born 17 Jul 1882.  She married Ira Greenwood (26 Aug 1877 - 7 Jun 1949) on 12 Sep 1900 in Clayton, NY.  Nellie died 30 Mar 1903 in Chaumont, NY.  
ii.Ethel L. Bent was born 11 Sep 1892 in Chaumont, NY.  She married (1) Clarence Wilbur Peck (14 Oct 1891, Limerick, Jefferson, NY - 13 Oct 1952, Watertown, Jefferson, NY), son of David Peck and Ella Edgar, on 11 Sep 1912 in Chaumont, NY.  They were childless.  She married (2) J. Hart Wilson (12 Mar 1891, Adama, Jefferson, NY - 2 May 1981, Auburn, Cayuga, NY) son of Hirson E. Wilson and Addie Dryden, in 1954.  Ethel died 8 Jul 1981 in Auburn, NY.
b.Cora Estella Putnam was born 10 Jan 1860 in Clayton, NY.  She married George Hasner (15 Jan 1855, Alexandria, Jefferson, NY - 24 Aug 1928, Glen Park, Jefferson, NY), son of Archibald Hasner and Minerva Sweet.  Cora died 5 Dec 1934 in Watertown, NY.  
i.Sarah (Sadie) Alida Hasner was born 23 Nov 1878 in LaFargeville, Jefferson, NY.  She married Martin M. Schenck (1871/72, Ohio - c. 1923), son of John H. and Mary S. Schenck, in 1897.  They moved to California c. 1912.  They were childless.  Sadie died 16 Apr 1932 in Arcadia, Orange, CA.
ii.Alvin Conrad Hasner was born 9 Jun 1883 in Clayton, NY.  He married Amelia DeMarse (27 May 1884 - 2 Apr 1948, prob. Watertown, NY), daughter of Alexander DeMarse and Rhoda Ward, on 18 Jul 1905 in Watertown, NY.  Alvin died 27 Oct 1952 in Watertown, NY.
A. Norris Lyle Hasner was born 16 Oct 1906 in Clayton, NY and died 6 Jan 1974 in Daytona Beach, Volusia, FL.
B. Alice May Hasner was born 21 Jul 1908 in Brownville, NY and died 14 Mar 1954 in Syracuse, Onondaga, NY.
C. George Harry Hasner was born 23 Oct 1911 in Clayton, NY.  He married Dorothy M. Paul (20 Jun 1909, prob. Glen Park, Jefferson, NY - 31 Oct, 1977, Watertown, NY), daughter of George J. Paul and Delia Sanderson, on 29 Jun 1946 in Glen Park, NY.  They had two children.   George died 25 Jul 2007 in Watertown, NY.
iii.Nina Hasner was born in Jun 1886 and died in 1901 in Glen Park, NY.
iv.Beryl Amy Hasner was born 21 Aug 1890 in Clayton, NY.  She married Lewis J. Buckminster (23 Jul 1884, Brownville, Jefferson, NY - 30 Mar 1971, Watertown, NY), son of Myron Buckminster and Laurella Symkins..  Beryl died 9 Feb 1961 in Watertown, NY.
A. Erwin H. Buckminster was born in 1908 and died in 1909.
B. Richard L. Buckminster was born 17 Nov 1910.  He married Laura V. Eves (23 Oct 1910, Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario - 8 Jan 1998, Watertown, NY), daughter of Dexter Eves and Sara Orr, on 30 Aug 1952.  Richard died 26 Jan 1998 in Watertown, NY.
C. Harold M. Buckminster was born 21 Oct 1915 in Brownville, NY.  He married Theda Mouldey (8 Apr 1917, Brownville, NY - 11 May 1984, Watertown, NY), daughter of Ernest Mouldey and Florence Scott, on 15 Jul 1979 in Brownville, NY.  Harold died 29 Apr 1993 in Dexter, Jefferson, NY.
v.Martin George Hasner was born 2 May 1897 in Glen Park, NY.  He married Edith Jean Warn (16 Sep 1899, Brownville, NY - 13 Dec 1979, Watertown, NY), daughter of Frederick Newman Warn and Effie Starkweather, on 9 Sep 1920 in LeRay, Jefferson, NY.  Martin died 4 Nov 1968 in Watertown, NY.
A. Donald M. Hasner was born 31 Oct 1921 in Glen Park, NY and died 27 May 1952 in Watertown, NY.
B. Charles Frederick Hasner was born 17 Nov 1930.  He married (1) Carolyn E. Dorr (16 Sep 1932, Waterntown, NY - 15 Nov 1976, Cape Vincent, Jefferson, NY), daughter of Floyd E. Dorr and Elsie Randall, on 1 Sep 1951 in Watertown, NY.  They had four children.  He married (2) Sheila Cromwell, daughter of James Cromwell and Florence Burnham, on 23 Apr 1977 in Cape Vincent, NY.  They had two children.  Charles died 8 Feb 2005 in Cape Vincent, NY.
C. Jean M. Hasner was born in 1934.  She married James Radde, son of Henry A. Radde and Millie Reifschneider.  They had three children.
vi.Doris Estella Hasner was born 7 Oct 1904 in Plen Park, NY.  She married William Bell Conklin (4 Feb 1903, Watertown, NY - 23 Sep 1990, Watertown, NY), the biological son of Henry Bell and Emma Stanley, on 19 Feb 1924 in Brownville, NY.  Doris died 4 Aug 1975 in Brownville, NY.
A. Elaine Minnie Conklin was born 20 Oct 1924.  She married Eugene Everett Pond (b. 6 May 1922), son of Ernest M. Pond and Celia E. Greenley.  They had four children.
B. Leonard John Conklin was born 17 Aug 1928 in Hounsfield, Jefferson, NY.  He married Lois E.Reynolds on 16 Apr 1955 in Plessis, Jefferson, NY.  They had four children.  They were later divorced.  Leonard died 11 Aug 2002 in Watertown, NY.
C. Roland H. Conklin married Janet Ellison.
D. Shirley Conklin married Alfred Farone.
E. Joan Conklin married Basil Van Camp.
2. James Lingenfelter was born in 1843, prob. in Burlington, VT.
3. Nelson Lingenfelter was born 21 Jun 1844 in Port Jackson, Montgomery, NY.  He married Lois Phillips (1853 - 1907, Depauville, Jefferson, NY), daughter of John L. Phillips and Jane Dodge.  Nelson died 7 May 1916 in Depauville, NY.
4. Charles G. Lingenfelter was born in 1848, prob. in Burlington, VT.  He married Georgiana Putnam (b. 1855, Clayton, NY), daughter of Amos Putnam and Elizabeth H. Sheldon.  Charles died 13 Jan 1932 in Brownville, NY.
5. Emorette Lingenfelter was born 3 May 1851, prob. in Vermont.  She married Phineas Alden Osborn, Jr. (21 Dec 1846, Clayton, NY - 17 May 1934, Chaumont, NY), son of Phineas Alden Osborn and Ann Frame, on 1 Jan 1872 in Three Mile Bay, NY.  Emorette died 23 Mar 1930 in Watertown, NY.
6. John W. Lingenfelter was born 12 Feb 1856 in Clayton, NY.  He married Lizzie Casselman (29 Jun 1861, Three Mile Bay, NY - 15 Jan 1938, Depauville, Jefferson, NY) on 15 Jan 1879 in Three Mile Bay, NY.  John died 10 Oct 1936 in Depauville, NY.
7. Myron C. Lingenfelter was born 15 Nov 1858 in Clayton, NY.  He married Nellie Dillenback (27 Jan 1860 - 29 Nov 1937, Watertown, NY), daughter of Alva Dillenback and Amelia McCombs.  Myron died 27 Sep 1945 in Evans Mills, NY.
8. Elizabeth Lingenfelter was born 8 Jul 1861 in Clayton, NY.  She married Myron E. Daniels (22 Nov 1855, Clayton, NY - 9 Apr 1938, Chaumont, NY), son of Truman Daniels and Elizabeth Edmunds.  Elizabeth died 14 Dec 1938 in Chaumont, NY.
D. Henrietta Padget was born in 1825.  She married Nelson Goliah Hidely (b. bef. 8 May 1825, West Sand Lake, Rensselaer, NY) , son of John and Elizabeth Hidely, on 18 Sep 1844 in Wynantskill, Renssaeler Co., NY. 
1. Anna E. Hidely was born in 1847/48 and died 28 Feb 1862 in Oxford, Chenango, NY.
2. Nelson S. (or T.) Hideley was born in 1849/50, prob. in Chenango Co, NY.  In 1870-80, he was a miner or laborer in Mariposa Co., CA.
3. James Edward Hideley was born in 1856 in California.  He married Anna M. Harmon or Harmigie (b. Sep 1863, California) in 1879.  In 1880, he was a miner in Coulterville, CA.  James died bef. 1900.  In 1900, Anna and the children were living in Tuolumne Co., CA.  Anna married Herman L. Dominici on 7 Sep 1905 in Modesto, Stanislaus, CA and they had a daughter, Alma, in 1906.  
a. (Daughter) Hideley was born 3 Jul 1880 in Granite Springs, Mariposa, CA.  She might have married a Mr. Thomason.
b. Anna M. Hideley was born in May 1882 in California.  In 1900, she was working in Dickenson, Stanislaus, CA as a servant.  She married Alfred Rudolph Convers (17 Jan 1879, Cataract, Monroe, WI - 14 Feb 1940, San Joaquin Co., CA), son of Frederic Deloraine Convers and Effie May Blodgett, in 1901.  They lived in Stockton, San Joaquin, CA.
i. Rita Convers was born in 1901/02 in California.
ii. Clayton Convers was born in 1905/06 in California.  He may have died bef. 1920.
iii. Harold Delraine Convers was born 1 Feb 1908 in California.  He married Grace Mildred Olney (12 Dec 1907, California - 5 Jan 1986, Scotts Valley, Santa Cruz, CA), daughter of Alexander Mason Olney and Mabel Edna Darby.  Harold died 14 Dec 1980 in Sacramento, Sacramento, CA.
c. Walter Clive Hideley was born 19 May 1885 in Tuolumne Co., CA.  He was apparently unmarried.  Walter died 17 Feb 1952 in Modesto, Stanislaus, CA and is buried in Modesto Cemetery.
d. James Edward Hideley, Jr. was born 24 Apr 1892 in Mariposa Co., CA.  He was apparently unmarried.  James died 25 Jun 1964 in Modesto, Stanislaus, CA and is buried in Modesto Cemetery.
e. Blossom C. Hideley was born 8 Dec 1895 in California.  She married (1) David Karl. Weisbrod (23 Jun 1893, Dallas, Fremont, WY - 27 Oct 1963, Nevada Co., CA), son of John M. Weisbrod and Elizabeth Tweed.  They were divorced aft. 1920.  Blossom married (2) Hugh W. Seeber (prob. 17 Sep 1903, Washington - Jul 1974, Santa Rosa, Sonoma, CA), prob. the son of Joseph H. and Sylvia J. Seeber, bef. 1928.  Blossom died 16 May 1945 in San Francisco Co., CA and is buried in Modesto Cemetery.
i.Paul Fredrick Weisbrod was born 20 Aug 1914 in San Joaquin Co., CA and died 8 Aug 1945 in Nevada Co., CA.
f. Violet Grace Hideley was born 24 May 1898 in California.  Violet died 12 Feb 1917. in Modesto, CA and is buried in Modesto Cemetery
4. Mary G. Hidely was born in 1861 in California.  In 1870, she was living in Chenango Co., NY with her mother's cousin, Sally Clayton Gibson.  She married Henry L. Kingsley (b. Feb 1852, Columbus, Chenango, NY), son of Joseph Rex Kingsley and Mary J. Matthison, on 3 Apr 1881 in Oxford, Chenango, NY.  (In 1870, Henry had been a laborer on the Gibson farm where Mary was living.)  Mary died bef. 1920.
a. Charles Kingsley was born in Sep 1882 in New York.  He married Lila (1893, New York - bef. 1930) in 1908/09. 
i. Jesse Kingsley was born in 1911 in New York.
ii. Ernest Kingsley was born prob. 19 Oct 1915 in New York and died prob. in Sep 1974.
b. Agnes S. Kingsley was born in Apr 1884 in New York.
c. Walter James Kingsley was born 17 Mar 1889 in Oxford, Chenango, NY.  He married Ina A. (1889/90, New York - bef. 1930) in 1907/08.  He remarried aft. 1930.
i. Areita M. Kingsley was born in 1914 in New York.
ii. Violet M. Kingsley was born c. Sep 1916 in New York.
iii. Donald W. Kingsley was born 16 Jun 1918 in New York and died in Jan 1980 in Binghamton, Broome, NY.
iv.Ira H. Kingsley was born 24 Feb 1922 in New York and died 14 Apr 2000 in Greene, Chenango, NY.
d. Kenneth Eric Kingsley was born 19 Mar 1896 in Norwich, Chenango, NY.  He married Frances H. Lawton (7 Oct 1894, New York - Oct 1981, New Berlin, Chenango, NY) in 1915/16.  Kenneth died in Feb 1967 in Bainbridge, Chenango, NY.
i.Dorothy Mary Kingsley was born 14 Jul 1916 in New York.  She married Lester David Sutliff, Jr. (30 Mar 1915 - 18 Jan 2010).  They had two children.  Dorothy died 30 Nov 2009, prob. in St. Augustine, St. Johns, FL.
ii.Robert K. Kingsley was born 22 Aug 1918 in New York.  He married Jane A.  Robert died 2 Mar 1993 in Lockport, Niagara, NY.
iii.Mildred L. Kingsley was born 18 Jan 1921 in New York.  She married Mr. (Benjamin?) Hartwell.  Mildred died in Dec 1985 in Bainbridge, Chenango, NY.
iv.Kenneth Eric Kingsley, Jr. was born in 6 Mar 1924 in New York.  He married Marjorie B. (1 Dec 1923 - 28 Jun 1993, Sarasota, Sarasota, FL).  Kenneth died 16 Sep 2007 in Sarasota, FL.
v.Harry L. Kingsley was born c. May/Jun 1927 in New York and died bef. 2005.
vi.Gladys F. Kingsley was born c. Jul/Aug 1928 in New York.  She married Mr. Mead.  Gladys died bef. 2005.
vii.Betty Kingsley was born 20 Feb 1933 in Puckerville, Madison, NY.  She married Gordon I. Mowers (29 Apr 1929, Worcester, Otsego, NY - 29 Aug 1999, Oneonta, Otsego, NY), son of Owen C. Mowers and Iva Kenyon, on 13 Oct 1950 in Bainbridge, NY.  They had four children.  Betty died 7 Oct 2005 in Oneonta, NY.
5. Anne Hidely was born in 1864 in California.  In 1870, she was living in Chenango Co., NY with her aunt, Martha Padget Fiske.
E. Ann Jeanette Padget was born in 1826/27.  She married her cousin William A. Justice.  They lived for a time in Greenbush, Rensselaer Co., NY.  Ann died 10 May 1853 in Oxford, Chenango, NY.  (See children under William.)
F. Martha Padget was born in 1831/32 in Montgomery Co., NY.  She married Horace Fiske (23 Jul 1829, Oxford, Chenango, NY - 1901/02, Oxford, NY), son of David Fiske and Milly Sheldon, on 13 Oct 1850 in Oxford, NY.  Martha died 15 or 17 May 1872.
1. Sheldon W. Fiske was born 6 Dec 1851 in Oxford, NY.  He married Sarah R. Jones (Jul 1851, New York - 1910, prob. DeRuyter, Madison, NY), daughter of John J. and Sarah Jones, on 22 Feb 1877.  In 1900, they were living in DeRuyter, NY and had no surviving children.
a. Grace Fiske was born 26 May 1883 and died 21 Oct 1894.
2. Charles H. Fiske was born 30 May 1853 in Oxford, NY.  He married Alice H. Sweet (b. 1850/51, Pennsylvania), daughter of Cyrus and Fayette Sweet, on 19 Nov 1874.  Charles died 14 Jan 1877 in Oxford, NY.
a. Charles H. Fiske, Jr. was born 4 May 1876 in Oxford, NY.  He married Angeline Rebecca Handy (9 Jul 1884, Chenango Forks, NY - 10 Feb 1959), daughter of Ardin J. Handy and Alice M. Lounsbery (or Loundsberg) on 18 Jun 1902 in Coventry, Chenango, NY.  Charles died 30 May 1942.
i. Sheldon James Fiske was born 20 Jun 1910 in Coventry, NY.  He married Thelma Ruth Scott (6 Jun 1915 - 11 Jul 1969, Coventry, NY), daughter of Grover Cleveland Scott and Bertha May Wade.  They had four children.  Sheldon and Thelma were both killed in an automobile accident on 11 Jul 1969 in Walterboro, Colleton, SC
ii. Wendell Fiske was born 26 Mar 1913.  He married (1) Eleanor Davy.  They had four children.  He married (2) Mildred Johnson (b. 3 Oct 1919) on 1 Feb 1941 in Coventry, NY.  They had three children.
3. James Van Buren Fiske was born 16 Dec 1855 and died 14 Sep 1879.
4. Mary Fiske was born in 1864.
G. James H. Padget was born in Aug 1833 in Montgomery Co., NY.  He married Lucy Ann Ingraham (Nov 1832, Massachusetts - 1918), daughter of Job Ingraham and Eleanor Hackett, on 23 Apr 1853, prob. in Chenango Co., NY.  After 1860, they moved to Sanford, Broome, NY  James died 20 Aug 1916 in Harpursville, Broome, NY.
1. Eleanor (Ella) Padget was born in Aug or Sep 1859.  She married Ethan C. Barstow (May 1854, prob. Chenango Co., NY - aft. 1930), son of George W. and Maria Barstow, on 6 May 1876.
a. Merritt M. Barstow was born in Dec 1877.  He married Belle C. Harris (b. 22 Aug 1885, New York), daughter of Franklin N. Harris and Esther (or Etta) Wilcox, on 18 Sep 1907. They lived in Greene, Chenango, NY.  Merritt died 26 Feb 197-.
i. Alice Barstow was born in 1911.
ii. Robert M. Barstow was born in 1914.
b. Orville Marion Barstow was born 18 Jul 1879.  He married Ella N. Robinson (b. 21 Jan 1882, New York), daughter of Frank Robinson and Alma Adella Harris, on 17 Apr 1901.  (Alma was Franklin Harris's sister.)  They lived in Binghamton, Broome, NY and were childless.
c. Merton George Barstow was born 12 Feb 1888.  He married Mae Agnes Harris (6 Sep 1889, Madison Co., NY - Mar 1987, Greene, Chenango, NY), daughter of Franklin N. Harris and Esther (or Etta) Wilcox, on 26 Feb 1908 in Otsego Co., NY..  They lived in Chenango Co.
i.Lorena M. Barstow was born in 1911 in New York.
ii.Berdena H. Barstow was born in 1913 in New York.
iii.Edith B. Barstow was born c. Aug 1918.
iv.Edna N. Barstow was born in 1921/22 in New York.
v.Lillian Irene Barstow was born in 1924/25.  She married Roy Miles Fassett (b. 1924), son of Roy Crayton Fassett and Eulalie Miles.  They lived in Broome Co. and had three daughters.
vi.Thelma Barstow.
2. James V. Padget was born in Oct 1862.  He married Estella Waterman (b. 3 Aug 1864, Sanford, Broome Co., NY), daughter of William Waterman and Amanda O. Nessel, on 16 Jul 1884 in Sanford, NY.
a. Iva May Padget was born 22 Feb 1887 in Sanford, NY.  She married Grover C. Eldred (10 Aug 1885, prob. Broome Co.,NY - 1954, prob. Sinclairville, Chautauqua, NY) on 6 Feb 1904 in Afton, Chenango, NY.  Iva prob. died in Afton aft. 1910, and by 1918, Grover had remarried..
b. Barbara Ethel Padget was born 4 Jul 1892 in Sanford, NY.  She married Hugh L. Holcomb (19 Sep 1890, Tunnel,.Broome, NY - May 1967, Greene, Chenango, NY), son of Nathaniel A. and Jennie E. Holcomb, on 15 Feb 1911.  Ethel died bef. 1930.
i. Layton V. Holcomb was born 25 Nov 1918 in New York and died in Feb 1972.
ii.Jerome J. Holcomb was born 17 Jan 1922 in New York.  He married Sarah J.  They had at least two children.  Jerome died 24 Oct 2002 in Port Crane, Broome, NY.
iii.Lee W. Holcomb was born 8 Jan 1927 in New York.
iv.Lynn H. Holcomb was born 8 Jan 1927 in new York.
c. Thayne W. Padget was born 1 Aug 1909 in Afton, Chenango Co., NY. He married Minnie E. Bush (prob. 5 Nov 1913 - 4 Aug 2003, Endicott, Broome, NY) on 17 Feb 1933.  Thayne died 13 Feb 1985 in Triangle, Broome Co., NY.
3. Anna B. Padget was born c. 1866/67.



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