Descendents of John Padget
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John Padget was born in South Cave, Yorkshire, England.  He married Hannah Wilson  (Yorkshire, England - 1 Jun 1822, Oxford, NY), daughter of ? and Martha Wilson.  John and Hannah came to America in 1772 and settled in Oxford, Chenango County, NY in the 1790's.  John died 22 May 1817 in Oxford, NY.
I. Hannah Padget was born in England and died there as a young child.
II. John Padget, Jr. was born in 1768 in England.  He married Anna Preston (15 Mar 1785, Great Barrington, MA - 5 Aug 1824, Oxford, NY), daughter of Isaac Preston and Abigail Dewey.  John died 26 Nov 1834 in Oxford, NY.
III. James Padget was born in 1770/71 in England.  He married (1) Eleanor (Nellie) Bartle (b.c. 1780), daughter of John Bartle, Jr. and Harriet Duffy.  She died along with their child.  He married (2) Abigail Havens.  James died 24/25 Nov 1848 in Oxford, NY.
IV. Hannah Padget was born in 1776.  She married David Shapley (1761 - 1827), son of Thomas Shapley and Johannah Utter, in 1800.  Hannah died 6 Nov 1835 in Oxford, NY.
V. William Padget was born about 1777, probably in New York.  He died about 1798 in Oxford, NY, crushed to death by a bear trap.
VI. Martha (Mattie) Padget was born in 1778/79.  She married Thomas Garner Shapley (c. 1785, Connecticut - 7 Feb 1832, Oxford, NY), son of Utter and Sarah Shapley, in 1805 in Chenango Co., NY.  Martha died 22 Nov 1842 in Oxford, NY.
VII. Nancy Padget was born in 1781 in Albany Co., NY.  She died 15 Apr 1871 in Oxford, NY.
VIII. Robert Padget was born 23 Sep 1782 in Albany Co., NY.  He married Susannah Shapley (1785/6, Vermont - 4 Jul 1867, Oxford, NY), daughter of Utter and Sarah Shapley.  Robert died between 1850 and 1860..
IX. Jane (Jinny) Padget was born 8 Jul 1790 in Troy, NY.  She married James Walker, Jr. (30 May 1788 - 17 Jan 1864), son of James Walker, Sr. and Sarah Shapley, in 1806.  Jane died 16 Apr 1872 in Oxford, NY.
Shapley mini-family tree:
    Thomas Shapley m. Johannah Utter in Connecticut
        Utter Shapley m. Sarah
            Thomas Garner Shapley m. Martha Padget
            Susannah Shapley m. Robert Padget
        David Shapley m. Hannah Padget
        Sarah Shapley m. James Walker, Sr.
            James Walker, Jr. m. Jane Padget

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