A Letter from Homer G. Padgett


Oxford, N.Y.
Feb 1 35
[actually 1936]
Mrs A.J. Panshin !

    You will find on the enclose sheets, the line or branch of Padgett from my Great Grandfather, John Padgett to the preasent time.
    Is Dr H.G. Padgett of Lully, Cortland Co. your father.
    If there is any more information that I can help you to, don't be afraid to write, and let me know.
    My brother Peter has three sons, Dever, Ralph and Floyd, and they have some children but I do not know about them.
    Hoping this will help you some.
    I remain
        Homer G. Padgett
    R.d. No 4.        Oxford

Born in John Padgett, II
England Hanna    "
John Padgett James    "  I
Mattie    "
Jane       "
William killed in Bear Trap
James II
James I Nelson
Addela Born 1851, D.
Ward. B.  "     1853  "
Born 1819 Peter. B.  "     1864
James II Florance       }
Anna             }  (Died young)
Theodore      }
Cora. B.  Born 1866
Homer. G.        1872
Minnie                       D.
Ward Linn. W. Padgett.
Dever Padgett.
Peter Ralph       "
Floyd       "
Cora Cluff Eugene Live at Brisbin
Born 1866 Russell.                 "
Homer Jesse L. Padgett    (Lives Utica
Born 1872 Helen M. Grosse      Norwich


Note:  On October 2, 1935, Lucie Padget Panshin wrote to the Oxford, NY town clerk asking for death certificates on John Padgett, Jr. and Anna Preston.  She received in response a note saying, "We have records since 1885 only.  However if you are looking up genealogy you might try Homer Padgett, R.F.D. Oxford or Linn Padget Oxford NY."
    The listing Homer sent her seems largely accurate, except for including Abigail as the daughter of James Padgett, Jr.  Abigail was his wife -- his third daughter's name was Hannah.



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