Descendants of Anna Scott of Chester, OH

Anna Scott was born c. 1775/80 in Massachusetts.  She was the daughter of David Scott and Susannah Bolton.  She married David Tiffany (b. 1784/85, Massachusetts).  In 1810, they were living in Ontario Twp., Wayne, NY.  In 1820-40, they were living in Chester, OH.  Anna died bef. 1849, since David remarried in that year.
I. Warren Tiffany was born in 1807/08 in New York.  He married (1) Elizabeth Brass (c. 1810/12, Chester, Hampden, MA - 2 May 1841, Chester, OH), daughter of Garrit Brass and Lucy Matthews, on 19 Nov 1835.  He married (2) Patty Gilmore (23 Jul 1819, Ohio - 9 Feb 1894, Chester, OH) on 9 Jun 1842 in Chester, OH.  Warren died 4 May 1874 in Geauga Co., OH.
A. Emerett E. Tiffany was born 27 Apr 1835 in Ohio.  She married David Lafayette Williams (24 Nov 1831, Geauga Co., OH - 9 Mar 1900, Chagrin Falls, Cuyahoga, OH), son of David and Ann Williams, on 7 Feb 1878 in Detroit, Wayne, MI.  Emerett died 22 Jan 1918 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH.
1.Ralph Tiffany Williams was born 18 Jun 1879 in Chagrin Falls, OH.  He married Coral M. Gehrett (1880, Indiana - 12 Feb 1939, Ohio), daughter of Theodore M. Gehrett and Alice Thrapp, on 25 Jun 1903 in Henry Co., OH.  In 1920, they were living in Los Angeles, CA.  They were divorced by 1930, when Coral remarried.  Ralph prob. died in 1955.
a.Ralph G. Williams was born 15 Sep 1905 in Ohio and died 7 Apr 1945 in Los Angeles, CA.
b.Mary E. Williams was born 21 Jul 1907 in Deshler, Henry, OH.
B. Dwight W. Tiffany was born 21 Mar 1840 in Geauga Co., OH.  He married Rachel J. Black (2 or 3 May 1843, Newbury, Geauga, OH - 28 Mar 1912, Auburn, Geauga, OH), daughter of Rufus Clark Black and Harriet Hammond, on 7 Mar 1868 in Newbury, Geauga, OH.  Dwight died 2 May 1928 in Cleveland Heights, Cuyahoga, OH.
1 Marion E. Tiffany was born 19 Apr 1872 in Russell, Geauga, OH.  She married Florien A. Follin (3 Aug 1869, Ohio - 7 Sep 1926, Cuyahoga Co., OH), son of Daniel Follin and Rebecca E. Hurst, on 23 Dec 1900 in Cuyahoga Co., OH.  In 1910, they were living with Dwight and Rachel in Cleveland.  Marion died 29 Nov 1944 in Cleveland, OH.
a. Virginia Elizabeth Follin was born 7 Mar 1905 in Ohio and died 25 May 1990.
2. Kirk Tiffany was bon in 9 Jan 1874 in Russell, Geauga, OH and died 31 Aug 1901 in Los Angeles, CA.
C. Franklin (Frank) S. Tiffany was born in 1843/44 in Ohio.  He married Belle M. Leech (b. 1846/47, Michigan), prob. the daughter of Charles C. and Catherine Leach, on 2 Oct 1873 in Utica, Macomb, MI.  Frank was a physician.  He died 18 Nov 1885 in Detroit, Wayne, MI.
1.Lucile M. Tiffany was born in 1875/76 in Detroit, MI.  She married Randall Hislop Mitchell (3 Jan 1876, Arbroath, Scotland - 17 Dec 1925 Bexley, Franklin, OH), son of Charles D. Mitchell and Jean Hood, on 9 Mar 1901 in Detroit, MI.  In 1917, Randall became president of the Packard Columbus Motor Co.  Lucile died 29 Aug 1939 in Bexley,OH.
D. Burritt E. Tiffany was born in Jul 1846 in Ohio.  He married Josephine Covert (19 Feb 1849, Chardon, Geauga, OH or Mayfield, Cuyahoga, OH - 25 Sep 1938, East Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH), daughter of George W. Covert and Margaret McDowell, on 12 Jan 1870 in Cuyahoga Co., OH.  Burnett died 19 Jul 1936 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH.
1. Willard C. Tiffany was born 12 Aug 1871 in Chester, OH.  He married Margaret Bethel (b. 1885/86, Tuscarawas, OH) on 22 Nov 1910 in Cuyahoga Co., OH.  Willard died 18 May 1947 in Chicago, Cook, IL.
2. Elmer Wayland Tiffany was born 17 May 1873 in Chester, OH.  He married Hattie Requa (1877/78, Kansas - 19 Sep 1958, Summit Co., OH).  Elmer died 11 May 1958 in Parma, Cuyahoga, OH.
a.Charles Wayland Tiffany was born in 1910/11 and died 21 Oct 1914 in Cleveland, OH.
b.Elmer Wayland Tiffany, Jr. was born 14 Apr 1912 in Cleveland, OH and died at birth.
c. Robert E. Tiffany was prob. born 1 Mar 1913 in Ohio and prob. died 25 Apr 1991 in East Cleveland, OH..
d. Mabel Tiffany was born in 1914/15 in Ohio.
3. Florence A. Tiffany was born in 1876/77 in Ohio.
E. Beecher Tiffany was born in 1848/49 in Ohio and died 29 Jul 1865 in Chester, OH.
F. Wayland Tiffany was born in 1850/51 and died 24 Mar 1854 in Chester, OH.
G. Lizzie Tiffany was born in 1853/54 and died 16 Aug 1864 in Chester, OH.
II. Alzina Tiffany was born 16 Apr 1811 in New York.  She married Chester Tanner (3 Oct 1810, Pennsylvania - 27 Aug 1875, Chester, OH), son of Silas Tanner and Mary (Molly) Gilmore, on 11 Nov 1832 in Chester, OH.  Alzina died 31 May 1891 in Chester, OH.
A.Simeon Taylor was born 27 Dec 1833 and died 27 Jan 1834.
B.Adelia (Delia) Tanner was born 8 Jul 1835 in Ohio.  She married (1) Walter Williamson (b. England - d. 11 Apr 1865).  In 1870, she was living with her parents.  She married (2) E.R. Pierce on 1 Jul 1876 in Geauga Co., OH.  In 1880 she was living again with her mother.
1.William S. Williamson was born 26 Oct 1862 in Ohio and died 18 Feb 1895.
C.Brighton N. Tanner was born 24 Jul 1852 in Chester, OH.  He married Sarah D. Warner (19 Jun 1854, Munson, Geauga, OH - 19 Apr 1942, Bedford, Cuyahoga, OH), daughter of John Warner and Lydia Ann Warren, on 5 Oct 1871 in Geauga Co.  Brighton died 1 Apr 1932 in Marion Co., FL.
1.Celia Diantha Tanner was born 13 Nov 1872 in Chester, OH.  She married William Franklin (29 Sep 1868, Oxford, England - 25 Dec 1932, Chester, OH), son of William and Anna Franklin, on 2 Oct 1889 in Chester, OH.  Celia died 6 Jul 1955, prob. in Chester, OH.
a.Harry John Franklin was born 16 Dec 1892 in Chester, OH.  He married (1) Cora L. Osmond (b.20  Mar 1893, Newbury, Geauga, OH), daughter of Clark F. Osmond and Anna Morris, on 24 Mar 1915 in Geauga Co., OH.  They were divorced and Cora later married Walter F. Whiting.  Harry married (2) Emily Rawson (b 1902/03), daughter of Wilfred Rawson and Nellie Machell, on 22 Jul 1924 in Cuyahoga Co., OH.  Harry died 30 Sep 1982 in San Bernardino Co., CA.
i.Monetta Leona Franklin was born 27 Jan 1917 in Ohio.  In 1930, she was living with her mother and stepfather.  She married Armand Joseph Dallair (29 Oct 1911, Canada - 25 Sep 1982, Santa Ana, Orange, CA) aft. 1950. They had one child.  Monetta died 6 Jan 1995 in Santa Ana, CA.
ii.Harry John Franklin, Jr. was born 15 Dec 1927 in Ohio.  He married Ruth Alice Loomis (b. 16 Oct 1930, Ohio), daughter of Elmer Loomis and Velma Lawrence on 15 Jun 1953 in Cuyahoga Co., OH.
b.Leona M. Franklin was born in 12 Oct 1901 in Chester, OH.  She married Willard George Granger (14 Mar 1904, Munson, OH - 5 May 1959, Port Clinton, Ottawa, OH), son of Allie B. Granger and Bessie E. Babcock.  Leona died 31 May 2000 in Arab, Marshall, AL.  She and Willard are buried in Chester, OH.
i.Chadwick W. Granger was born 28 Mar 1930 in Ohio.  He married Frances Mary Lukac (b. 11 Jun 1933, Ohio), daughter of Andrew J. Lukac and Susan Csorney, on 7 May 1955 in Port Clinton, OH.
2.Harvey Vernon Tanner was born 2 Sep 1876 in Chester, OH.  He married (1) Elise E. Heinrich (22 Oct 1876, Rochester, Monroe, NY - 16 Dec 1942, Bedford, Cuyahoga, OH), daughter of William Heimrich and Freda R. Rheinhardt, on 12 Oct 1898 in Brockport, Monroe, NY.  He married (2) Nettie Cox (18 Jun 1890 - 8 Apr 1949), daughter of Abraham V. Cox and Rosie A. Smith.  Harvey died 13 Feb 1952.
a.Vernon Heinrich Tanner was born 6 May 1907 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH.
3.Elsie Eliza Tanner was born 2 Jun 1879 in Chester, OH.  She married Harry I. Weaver (b. Dec 1873, Ohio), son of Joseph B. Weaver and Anna Rebman, on 2 Jul 1902 in North Royalton, Cuyahoga, OH.  Elsie died 17 Aug 1935 in Geneva, Ashtabula, OH.
a.Princess Elsie Weaver was born 8 Aug 1903 in Portage Co., OH.  She married (1) Ray Earnest Woodworth (8 Feb 1891, Dorset, Ashtabula, OH - 15 May 1935, Geneva, OH), son of  on Thomas Henry Woodworth and Maggie York, on 24 Jul 1924 in Ashtabula Co., OH.  She married (2) Eslye A. Mathews (2 Apr 1889 - Nov 1983, Ohio), son of Albert Mathews and Jennie Webb, on 12 Sep 1941 in Ashtabula Co., OH.  Princess died 12 Apr 1975 in Ashtabula, Ashtabula, OH.
i.Ray Earnest Woodworth, Jr. was born 8 Nov 1925 in Ohio and died in Nov 1975..
ii.Princess Marie Woodworth was born 9 Jan 1927.  She married (1) Howard Donald Rawson (b. 1912, Ohio), son of Lee H. Rawson and Dessie Van Eman, on 5 Jun 1946 in Ashtabula Co., OH.  They had five children.  She married (2) John Miller Dugger (16 Sep 1912, prob. Texas - 18 Nov 2010, San Marcos, Hays, TX) c. 2003.
iii.Joyce Audrey Woodworth-Mathews was born 29 Jun 1929 in Ohio.  She married Roger M. Walrath (26 May 1917, Conneaut, Ashtabula, OH - 28 Oct 2008, Ravenna, Portage, OH), son of Bret Harte Walrath and Emma Marie Schroader, c. 1963.  Joyce died 17 Jun 2010 in Ravenna, Portage, OH.
iv.Joan Eileen Woodworth-Mathews was born 6 Dec  1930 in Ohio.  She married George Andrew Corbus (3 Mar 1921, Illinois - 6 May 1994, prob. Ottawa, La Salle, IL), son of Andrew Martin Corbus and Olga Emma Haskins.  They had two children.  Joan died 14 May 1988, prob. in Ottawa, IL.
v.James Norvin Woodworth was born 4 Sep 1935 in Ohio.
b.Eltheda Xelpha Weaver was born 17 Dec 1905 in Chester, OH.  She married William Percy Rigden (18 Jul 1900, Ashtabula, Ashtabula, OH - Sep 1985, Lake Co., OH), son of William Francis Rigden and Anna Laura Saxby, on 27 Jun 1927 in Lake Co., OH.  Eltheda died 6 Oct 2002 in Cuyahoga Co., OH.
i.John Saxby Rigden was born 16 Jan 1934 in Ohio.  Wikipedia calls him "an internationally renowned American physicist."  He married Dorothy L. Takala (b. 7 Jan 1934, Ohio), daughter of George M. Takala and Helia Joanna Wirtanen, on 7 Jul 1953 in Lake Co., OH.
ii.William Weaver Rigden was born in 1941.  He married Nancy Louise Cone.
c.Irving Vernon Weaver was born 28 Jan 1908 in Chester, OH.  He married Jennie Rennick (11 Dec 1910, Ashtabula, Ashtabula, OH - 29 Mar 2004, Jefferson, Ashtabula, OH).  Irving died 24 Jan 1990 in Jefferson, OH.
i.Verna Jean Weaver was born 28 Dec 1931 in Ohio.  She married Eugene E. Park (b. 1930/31), son of Orra L. Park and Grace M. Farquhar, on 22 Apr 1950 in Farquhar Co., OH.  They had at least two children.
ii.Vernon Harry Weaver was born 19 Nov 1943 in Ohio and died 13 May 1961 in Ashtabula Co., OH.
4.John Brighton Tanner was born 31 Oct 1880 in Chester, OH.  He married (1) Jessie Rigby (b.c. 1879, Pennsylvania) on 19 Aug 1903.  He married (2) Margaret Morin.  John died 7 Oct 1935 in Columbia, Hamilton, OH.
a.Bessie Lou Tanner was born 28 Jan 1907 in Ohio.  In 1920 and 1930, she was living in Cleveland with her uncle, Harry F. Rigby.
5.Elberta Sarah Tanner was born 18 Apr 1889 in Chester, OH.  She married (1) Alvin Parmer Wightman (18 Aug 1884, prob. Elk Horn, Lincoln, KS - 1 May 1931, Ashtabuls Co., OH), son of Lansing Gaylord Wightman and Alice Marion Best, on 16 Sep 1906 in Medina Co., OH.  She married (2) George Gray Gillespie (b. 11 May 1882, Ohio), son of Wilson Gillespie and Margaret A. John, on 31 May 1936 in Ashtabula Co., OH.  Elberta died in Jan 1971 in Toledo, Lucas, OH.
a.Arthur Parmer Wightman was born 14 Jul 1907.  He married Elizabeth Jane Studer (3 Dec 1909, Beaver Falls, Beaver, PA - 27 Mar 2002, Oscala, Marion, FL), daughter of P.A. and Esther J. Studer, aft. 1930.  They had four children.  Arthur died 27 Aug 1973, in Marion Co. FL.
b.Helen Elberta Wightman was born 25 Aug 1910 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH.  She married Edward E. Allen (b. 1909/10), son of Ernest Allen and Luella Totman, on 5 Apr 1931 in Ashtabula Co., OH.  They had two children.  Helen died 16 Apr 2014 in Ohio.
c.Clarence Willard Wightman was born 19 Feb 1915 in Belleview, Marion, FL.  He married Sophie Rose Borowiec (3 Nov 1915 McKeesport, Allegheny, PA - 29 Dec 2005, Toldeo, Lucas, OH).  They had at three children.  Clarence died 6 Feb 1988 in Toledo, OH.
III. George Tiffany was born 1 Aug 1814 in New York.  He married Mary Ann Almy (11 Apr 1822, Vermont - 19 Oct 1909, Geauga Co., OH) on 30 Jan 1845 in Portage Co., OH.  George died 23 May 1883 in Geauga Co., OH.
A. Charles Romaine Tiffany was born 15 May 1846 in Ohio.  He married Ellen Covert (19 Feb 1848, Mayfield, Cuyahoga, OH - 18 Mar 1935, Middlefield, Geauga, OH), daughter of George W. Covert and Margaret McDowell, on 19 Feb 1873 in Cuyahoga Co., OH.  Charles died 25 Oct 1916 in Middlefield, OH.
1. Braden Charles Tiffany was born 30 Jan 1879 in Ohio. he married Bertha Ritter (7 Oct 1889, Bern, Switzerland - 4 Mar 1987, Middlefield, OH), daughter of Samuel and Margaret R. Ritter, in 1909/10.  Braden died 5 Nov 1951 in Middlefield, OH.
a. Margaret (or Marguerite) Ellen Tiffany was born 8 Oct 1910 in Ohio.  She married (1) Christian Kihn (4 Mar 1904, Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH - 8 Mar 1934, Munson, Geauga, OH), son of John Kihn and Marie Moench, on .  She married (2) Norman G. Carlton (11 Jan 1911, Indiana - 3 Oct 1975, Geauga Co., OH).  Margaret died 27 Sep 1992 in Middlefield, OH.
i.Joanna Kihn was born 23 Apr 1932 in Ohio.  She married John Harold Gooding (b. 12 Aug 1931, Ohio), son of Max H. Gooding and Ruth F. Brand, on 10 Oct 1951 in Geauga Co., OH.
b. Bertha Tiffany was born in 1912/13 in Ohio and died 7 Oct 1989 in Geauga Co., OH.
c. Braden C. Tiffany. was born 16 Dec 1914 in Ohio.  He married Frances Gloria Farinacci (6 Mar 1920, Chardon, Geauga, OH - 16 Apr 2010, Newbury, Geauga, OH), daughter of Antonio Farinacci and Francesca Vitale.  They had four children, two of whom died at an early age.  Braden died 12 Sep 1995 in Perry, Lake, OH.
2. Clarence Romaine Tiffany was born 13 Jul 1881 in Chester or Newbury, Geauga, OH.  He married Maggie Williams (b. May 1889, prob. in Marion, Jasper, MO). daughter of Wilson and E. Ora Williams, in Jasper Co., MO.  
a.Ella Mae Tiffany was born in 1920/21, prob. in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH.
B. Mariah Tiffany was born in 1847/48 in Ohio and died 11 Sep 1859 in Chester, OH.
C. Annie Tiffany was born in 1853/54 in Ohio and died 9 Oct 1859 in Chester, OH.
D. Ida Tiffany was born in 1857/58 in Ohio.  She married Edward Eugene Hazen (12 Dec 1859, Munson, Geauga, OH - poss. 1935, Washington), son of Winchester and Laura Hazen, on 2 Nov 1882 in Geauga Co., OH.  Ida prob. died bef. 1895, either in Ohio or in South Dakota.
E. Mary Tiffany was born in 1861/62 in Ohio.
IV. Caroline Tiffany was born 18 May 1816 and died 24 Mar 1868 in Chester, OH.


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