Descendants of Asa Scott of Newbury, OH

Asa Scott was born in Dec 1782.  He was the son of David Scott and Susannah Bolton. He married Sarah (Sally) Palmer (13 Mar 1787, Granville, Washington, NY - 15 Jun 1857), daughter of Nathaniel and Sarah Palmer, in Wayne Co., NY.  In 1810, they were living in Ontario Twp., Wayne, NY.  Asa died 25 Jun 1837 in Newbury, Geauga, OH
I. Dorothy Scott was born 9 Jan 1809 in Ontario Twp., Ontario, NY.  She married Mr. Moodmancy (?).
II.Almira Scott was born 25 Oct 1810.  She married Justin Smith (b. 1794/95, Massachusetts) on 16 Dec 1830 in Geauga Co., OH.  In 1850, they were living in Burton, Geauga, OH and were childless.
III.Aretus Scott was born 11 Nov 1812 in Ontario Co., NY.  He married Martha Ann Gilmore (1815/16, Chester, Geauga, OH - 24 Mar 1897, Chardon, Geauga, OH), daughter of Ashbel Gilmore and Nancy Wright, on 20 Oct 1842 in Geauga Co., OH.  Aretus died 24 Dec 1875 in Chester, Geauga, OH.
A.Emeroy Mercy Scott was born in Sep 1843 in Ohio.  She married Richard King (Aug 1843, Canada - 19 Apr 1931) on 17 Aug 1865 in Geauga Co., OH.  Emeroy died 23 Jan 1905 in Chardon, Geauga, OH.
1.Katie Isabelle (Belle) King was born 15 May 1868 in Ohio.  She married Hubert Otis Bostwick (4 Oct 1864, Thompson, Geauga, OH - 8 Dec 1933, Thompson, OH), son of Sidney Bostwick and Louisa Howe) on 3 Jun 1896 in Geauga Co., OH.  Katie died 16 Apr 1939 in Chardon, OH.
a.(Son) Bostwick was born 29 Jan 1897 in Chardon, OH and died 3 Feb 1897.
b.Harold King Bostwick was born 1 Apr 1899 in Chardon, OH.  He married Florence Rice (27 Jun 1904, Union City, Erie, PA - 26 Aug 1992, Cockeysville, Baltimore, MD), daughter of John W. and Hattie Rice.  Harold died 6 Jan 1979 in Chardon, OH.
i.John O. Bostwick was born in 1934 in Ohio.
ii.Beth Bostwick was born in 1936/37 in Ohio.
c.Richard Howe Bostwick was born 11 Mar 1900 in Chardon, OH.  He married Miriam Kerruish Stage (b. 9 Jul 1907, Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH), daughter of Charles Millard Stage and Miriam G.Kerruish, on 26 Sep 1931 in Cuyahoga Co., OH.  (Miriam's father was a prominent amateur runner and lawyer.  Her mother was a pioneering female physician.)  Richard died 18 Feb 1952, prob. in Chardon, OH.
i.Dixie H. Bostwick was born 19 Jun 1932  in Ohio.  She married (1) Heath Oliver (3 Oct 1930, Ohio - 30 Jun 2009, Cuyahoga Co., OH), son of Lockwood Oliver and Alice Margaret Heath, on 10 Aug 1951 in Geauga Co., OH.  They had two children.  They were divorced 22 Mar 1979 in Cuyahoga Co., OH.  She married (2) Peter Melvin Wege (19 Feb 1920, Grand Rapids,Kent, MI - 7 Jul 2014, Grand Rapids, MI), son of Peter Martin and Sophia Louise Wege..
ii.Miriam (Mimi) P. Bostwick was born 4 Jun 1935 in Chardon, Geauga, OH.  She married (1) Mr. Cook.  They had four children.  She married (2) Rodney James Edwards on 1 Apr 1996 in Collier Co., FL.  Mimi died 26 Jul 2004 in Willingboro, Burlington, NJ.
d.Scott Sidney Bostwick was born 5 Feb 1902 in Chardon, OH.  He married Mildred A. Whinery (5 Aug 1905, Hammond, Lake, IN - 24 Jan 1995), daughter of William J. and Pearl S. Whinery, on 7 Mar 1929 in Lake Co., IN.  Scott died in May 1967 in Thompson, Geauga, OH.
i.Sidney Bostwick was born in 1930/31 in Ohio.
ii.Anne Bostwick was born 1 Apr 1935 in Ohio.  She married Mr. Watkins.
e.Helen Bostwick was born 2 Oct 1904 in Chardon, OH.  She married Mr. Hess.  Helen died in May 1952.
f.Louise Bostwick was born in 4 Dec 1905 in Chardon., OH..  She married William G. O'Neill (1905, Ohio - 31 Aug 1967, Hancock Co., OH).  Louise died 22 Mar 1990 in Hancock Co., OH.
g.Hubert Otis Bostwick, Jr. was born 2 Mar 1914 in Ohio and died 23 Feb 1986 in Hawthorne, Los Angeles, CA.
2.Leala M. King was born 30 May 1871 in Chester, Geauga, OH and died 13 Feb 1875. in Geauga Co., OH.
3.Martha (Mattie) N. King was born in Aug 1876 in Ohio.  She married John B. Thrasher (b. 16 Oct 1872, Troy, Geauga, OH), son of James Thrasher and Ella H. Tilden, on 16 Oct 1900 in Chardon, OH.  They were divorced bef. 1910.  Martha died c. 6 Dec 1958.
B.Laura M. Scott was born 17 Jun 1851.  She married Lester S. (or S.L.) Reed (b. 1850/51, Illinois), son of G. and Sarah Reed, on 30 Jan 1872.  Larua died 16 Jul 1874 in Chester, Oh.
1.Charles T. Reed was born 11 Dec 1872 and died 30 Jul 1874.
IV. Laura Scott (b. 1813/14, Wayne Co., NY) married Joseph Alexander (b. 1807/08, Ontario, Canada), son of Justin Alexander and Asenath (Acenith) Jones, on 31 Dec 1829 in Newbury, OH.  In 1870-80, they were living in Denmark, Tuscola, MI.
A. Reuben Alexander was born in 1831 in Newbury, OH.  He married Mariah Carr (1830, New York - bef. 1910), daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Carr, in 1865/66.  (Mariah was the widow of Lucius Preston, who died in the Civil War.)  Reuben died in 1921.
1. Fred William Alexander was born 7 Mar 1866 or 1867 in Denmark, MI.  He married (1) Candis M. Wilson (6 Jun 1868, Michigan - 8 Apr 1890, Vassar, Tuscola, MI), daughter of W.R. Wilson and Mary A. Headdon, on 17Apr 1889 in Vassar, MI .  He married (2) Mary E. Lawe (b. 1864, Michigan), daughter of William Lawe and Elizabeth Powell, on 30 Jun 1897 in Juniata, Tuscola, MI.  Fred died 24 Jun 1941 in Saginaw, Saginaw, MI.
a. Elizabeth Alexander was born 26 Dec 1900 in Vassar, MI.  She married Jay Gordon Stoner (4 Aug 1866, Grand Haven, Ottawa, MI - 5 Oct 1981, Hale, Iosco, MI), son of Frank Stoner and Julia M. McKenzie.  Elizabeth died 27 Jun 1957 in Saginaw, MI.
i.Graham Alexander Stoner was born in 1929 in Michigan.  He married Cara Louise Bertsch (b. Aug 1933).
B. Luther A. Alexander was born in 1835 in Newbury, OH and died in Tuscola Co., MI.
C. Charles Alexander was born in May 1837 in Newbury, OH.  He married (1) Margaret (or Mary) French on 14 Mar 1860 in Russell, Geauga, OH.  He married (2) Angeline Furtaw (10 Jul 1846, Michigan - 6 May 1905, Caro, Tuscola, MI) in 1864 in Michigan.  He married (3) Lavinia Kelly (b. 1844) on 31 Dec 1908 in Whittlemore, Iosco, MI.  Charles died 18 Nov 1924 in Bay City, Bay, MI.
1. Charles W. Alexander was born in 1865 in Denmark, Tuscola, MI.
2. John B. Alexander was born 17 Oct 1868 in Denmark, MI.  He married (1) Viola M. Staples (b. 1873, MI), daughter of Benjamin Staples and Lovina Douglas, on 23 Nov 1889 in Vassar, Tuscola, MI.  He married (2) Grace Truesdale (b. Mar 1881, Michigan), daughter of Isaac Truesdale and Bessie Helyen, on 15 Mar 1900 in Huroc Co., MI.  They separated before 1910.  He married (3) Julia St. Peter Smith (b. 1869, Canada), daughter of Joseph St. Peter and Mary Ann Garvin, on 6 Sep 1912 in Bay City, Bay, MI.
a.Grace Alexander was born in 1902 in Michigan.
b.Roy T. Alexander was born 7 Mar 1903 in Sebewaing, Huron, MI.  He married (1) Hulda Ballard (11 Aug 1902, Bay Port, Bay, MI - 13 Jun 1943), daughter of William Ballard and Elizabeth Heath, on 8 Feb 1923 in Sandusky, Sanilac, MI.  He married (2) Mrs. Frieda Erna Mey Kitzman (15 Jul 1901, Germany - 28 Jul 1981, Bay City, MI).  Roy died 2 Jun 1956 in Pigeon, Huron, MI.
i.Duane L. Alexander was born in 1923/24 in Michigan.
ii.William M. Alexander was born 17 Sep 1925 in Michigan.  He married Marie Ann Baur (18 Nov 1927, Bay Port, Huron, MI - 18 Feb 2006, Pigeon, Huron, MI), daughter of Bertrand Norman Baur and Alberta A. Howell, on 23 Feb 1943 in Bay Port, MI.  They had five children.  William died 9 Dec 1987 in Huron Co., MI.
iii.Terrance (Terry) J. Alexander was born 21 Sep 1930 in Michigan and died 4 Aug 2001 in Dunnellon, Marion, FL..
D. Mary Diantha Alexander was born 7 Mar 1838 in Fullertown, Geauga, OH.  She married (1) Jerome B. Wilber (c. 1827 - 5 Nov 1862) on 26 Feb 1854 in Geauga Co., OH.  By 1859, they were living in Fairgrove, Tuscola, MI, where Jerome was commissioner of highways.  Jerome died in the Civil War.  Mary married (2) Jacob H. Mosher (11 Jan 1840 - 6 Aug 1900, Ellington, Tuscola, MI), son of Jacob Mosher and Elizabeth Gillett, on 4 Jul 1863 in Tuscola Co., MI.  Mary died 11 Oct 1926. in Elmwood, Tuscola, MI.
1.Winfield Scott Wilber was born in Mar 1856 in Fairgrove, Tuscola, MI.  He married Flora Anna May (27 Sep 1858, Ontario, Canada - 30 Sep 1940, Fenton, Genessee, MI), daughter of John May and Margery Larue, on 1 Jan 1877 in Ellington, MI.  Winfield died 10 May 1936 in Flint, Genessee, MI.
a.Margery E. Wilber was born 4 Aug 1877 in Ellington, MI and died young.
b.Mertie May Wilber was born 30 Jul 1879 and died 2 Dec 1880 in Ellington, MI.
c.Jerome Bonaparte Wilber was born 27 Feb 1881 in Michigan.  He married Charlotte E. Southworth (16 Oct 1885, Ellington, MI - 18 Jun 1983, Cass City, Tuscola, MI), daughter of Daniel Benjamin Southworth and Elizabeth Anne Hutchison, on 25 Dec 1905 in Clayton, Iosco, MI.  Jerome died 4 Jan 1909 in Caro, Tuscola, MI.  Charlotte married Albert Bishop on 3 Feb 1911 in Caro, MI and he adopted Oscar.
i.Oscar H. Wilber Bishop was born 2 May 1908 in Michigan.  He married Edith Wright (17 Mar 1912, Michigan - 7 Jan 1998, Caro, MI).  They had at least four children.  Oscar died 16 Dec 1984 in Caro, MI.
d.Leroy J. Wilber was born 20 Dec 1882 in Ellington, MI and died young.
e.Henry Wilber was born 21 Sep 1884 in Denmark, Tuscola, MI and died young.
f.Claude Jerome Wilber was born 27 Dec 1886 in Michigan.  He married Clara Etta Sheffer (23 May 1890, Hume Twp., Fillmore, Allegany, NY - Oct 1982, Tampa, Hillsborough, FL), daughter of George Henry Sheffer and Sarah Josephine Hess, in 1910.  Claude died in Feb 1975 in Flint, Genesee, MI.
i.Claude Merlin Wilber was born 24 Apr 1911 in Pringle, Custer, SD.  He married Arlene Harriet Howell (1 Mar 1915, Boston, Suffolk, MA - 16 Mar 2006), daughter of Jay A. and Arlie E. Howell, on 3 Jul 1937.  They had seven children.  Claude died 5 Nov 1982 in Flint, MI.
ii.Sadie M. Wilber was born in 1914 in Michigan.
g.Chloie Delcena Wilber was born 20 Oct 1893 in Ellington, MI.  She married William W. White (17 Jan 1890, Michigan - Aug 1973, Flint, MI), son of Eugene B. and Margaret L. White.  Chloie died in April 1979 in Flint, MI.
i.Clara Glenadean White was born 2 Feb 1912 in Michigan.  She married Harold Jesse Keeley (18 Feb 1907, Shepherd, Isabella, MI - 31 Dec 1994, Clare, Clare, MI), son of Charles and Maggie M. Keeley, on 18 Feb 1928 in Flint, MI.  They lived in Beaverton, Gladwin, MI.  Clara died 30 Oct 2004 in Midland, Midland, MI.
1. Harold G. Keeley was born 13 Jan 1929 and died 2 Mar 1930 in Midland, MI.
2. Chloie Arlene Keeley was born in 1930/31 in Michigan.  She married Willis Floys Ostander (b. 1929/29, Michigan), son of Frank Floyd Ostander and Oletta Pauline Miller.
3. Arthur E. Keeley was born 4 Jan 1933.  He married Jessie L. Wesley (23 Jan 1934, Gladwin Co., MI - 10 Jan 2001, Saginaw Co., MI), daughter of Howard Wesley and Freda Dunning, on 1 Oct 1955 in Beaverton, MI.  They had three children.  Arthur died 18 Nov 1993 in Beaverton, MI.
4. Esther Y. Keeley was born in 1935.  She married Thomas L. Rodabaugh (b. 15 Jun 1932, Michigan), son of John Rodabaugh and Elizabeth Wilkie..
5. Gary Lee Keeley married Linda M.
ii.Howard N. or W. White was born c. Mar 1916 in Michigan.
iii.Merlin E. White was born 7 Aug 1920 in Michigan.  He married Eileen Jeanette Ostrander (18 Oct 1925, Crookston, Polk, MN - 15 Sep 2013, Mooresville, Iredell, NC), daughter of Frank Floyd Ostrander and Oletta Pauline Miller, on 22 Jun 1942.  They had one child.  Marlin died 17 May 2004 in Genessee Co., MI..
iv.Harvey Orville White was born 3 Jul 1922 and died 2 Oct 1922 in Flint, MI.
iv.Madeline Y. White was born in 1923/24 in Michigan.
v.Barbara V. White was born in 1931/32 in Michigan.
vi.Chella L. White was born in 1932/33 in Michigan.
h.Veda Diantha Wilber was born 4 Jun 1896 in Ellington, MI.  She married (1) George Knight.  (8 Dec 1886, Marshall, Boulder, CO - 31 Jan 1920, Flint, MI).  In 1920, Veda and Alvin were living with her parents.  In 1930, Veda was living with her sister Chloie and Alvin was with his uncle Claude  Veda married (2) Carl Wollner (26 Nov 1905, Germany - May 1979, Flint, MI) on 17 Jan 1931 in Genesee Co., MI.  She died in Dec 1972 in Flint, MI.
i.Alvin W. Knight was born 17 Nov 1911 in Michigan.  He married Helen McCall (b. 3 Feb 1928, Michigan), daughter of Norman Bert McCall and and Martha Myrtle Hughey, on 25 May 1950 in DeKalb Co., IN.  Alvin died 31 Dec 2005 in Barstow, San Bernardino, CA.
ii.Sylvester Bernard Knight was born in South Dakota and died in infancy on 23 Aug 1914 in Goodar, Ogemaw, MI.
2.Ellen Alice Wilber was born 6 May 1859 in Fairgrove, Tuscola, MI.  She married (1) William A. Bailey (Jul 1856,.Wisconsin - 26 Aug 1903, Pontiac, Oakland, MI)  She married (2) Reader Erskine Odell (30 Aug 1848, Fenton, Genesee, MI - 2 Jul 1924, Elmwood, Tuscola, MI), son of Jesse Burr Odell and Sarah Eliza Woodcock, on 16 Jul 1907 in Ellington, Tuscola, MI.  (He was the widower of her aunt Marian.)  She married (3) Frank Pratt Wilcox (12 Mar 1854, Michigan - 1918), son of Asa W. Wilcox and Emily Wood, on 1 Sep 1912 in Ellington, MI.  Ellen died 10 Dec 1914 in Almer, Tuscola, MI.
a.Earl Lionel Bailey was born 24 Nov 1878 in Ellington, MI.  He married Iley Blanche Smith (7 Aug 1876, Elmwood, Tuscola, MI - 30 Jan 1945, Caro, Tuscola, MI), daughter of Warren Smith and Henrietta Johnson, on 1 Jan 1903 in Caro, MI.  Earl died 3 Feb 1910 in Flint, Genesee, MI.
i.Doris E. Bailey was born 24 Jul 1903 in Michigan.  She married Cecil C. Baker (3 Feb 1905, Tuscola Co., MI - Jun 1982, Caro, MI), son of Glen O. Baker and Lena Osgerby, on 11 Jul 1925 in Akron, Tuscola, MI.  Doris died in Jul 1985 in Reese, Tuscola, MI.
1. Elaine M. Baker was born in 1930/31 in Michigan.
2. Clayton E. Baker was born in 1934/35 in Michigan.
ii.Joyce Marguerite Bailey was born 6 Jul 1905 in Michigan.  She married Olin William Louks (13 Apr 1899, Mayville, Tuscola, MI - 1970), son of Frank Louks and Mabel Whitmore, on 12 Sep 1925 in Reese, MI.  Joyce died 24 Jul 1994 in Almer, Tuscola, MI.
1.  Arlene Joyce Louks was born 20 Apr 1926 in Detroit, Wayne, MI.  She married J.D. Keller (9 Feb 1926 - 18 Apr 2003, Caro, MI) on 30 Aug 1947 in Caro, MI.  They had three children.  Arlene died 13 Oct 2012 in Caro, MI.
2. Richard Louks was born 10 Jan 1928 in Caro, MI.  He married Adeline M. Partlo on 26 Feb 1949 in Caro, MI.  They had six children.  Richard died 1 May 2012 in Saginaw, Saginaw, MI..
3. Dorothy Jean Louks was born 14 Dec 1930 in Peak, Sanilac, MI.  She married (1) Richard Stanley Haslacker (29 Jun 1929, Michigan - 11 Feb 1999, Caro, MI), son of William Henry Haslacker and Lula Lantz.  They had three children.  She married (2) Ray A. Johnson (24 May 1937 - 17 Sep 2001) on 2 Dec 1961 in Caro, MI.  They had one child.  Dorothy died 21 Sep 2013 in Caro, MI..
4. William Ramon Louks was born 28 Sep 1932 in Michigan.  He married Eunice Knowles (b. 1937/38, Michigan), daughter of Clayton Knowles and Dorothy Mullian Daniels.  William died 24 Oct 1993.
5. Gary Louks was born 2 Jun 1938 in Caro, MI.  He married Judy McCoon, daughter of Dale and Frances McCoon, on 15 Sep 1962 in Caro, MI.  They had two children.  Gary died 15 Aug 2000 in Detroit, Wayne, MI.
b.Claudie Bailey was born 10 Apr 1881 in Ellington, MI and died 22 May 1883 in Caro, MI.
c.Elwyn Adelberg Bailey was born 1 Oct 1883 in Ellington, MI.  He married Nola Viola Hercliff (b. 1894, Michigan), daughter of John Hercliff and Rosella Streeter, on 24 Apr 1912 in Caro, MI.  Elwyn died bef. 1930.
i.Merlin Bailey was born 9 Sep 1911 in Michigan and died in May 1969.
ii.Mabel Leona Bailey was born in 1913 in Michigan.
iii.Melvin A. Bailey was born 7 Apr 1915 in Michigan.  He married Josephine G. VanBoven (21 Jul 1922, Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, MI - 13 Nov 2004, Westwood, Kalamazoo, MI), daughter of Gilbert VanBoven and Gertrude Jager, on 14 Dec 1945.  They were apparently childless.  Melvin died 24 Apr 1989 in Kalamazoo, MI.
iv.John William Bailey was born 31 Mar 1917 in Caro, MI.  He married Gertrude VanBoven (b. 1920/21, Michigan), daughter of Gilbert VanBoven and Gertrude Jager.  They had six children.  John died 28 Oct 1970 in Kalamazoo, MI.
v.Ellen Minerva Bailey was born in 1918 in Michigan.  She married Mr. Gage.
1. Marlene Gage was born in 1937/38 in Michigan.
d,Vernon (Verne) Claud Bailey was born 28 Oct 1885 in Ellington, MI.  He married (1) Elva Claris Whipple (b. 1886/87, Michigan), daughter of William Whipple and Amelia Ward, on 20 Jun 1906 in Caro, MI.  He married (2) Mahala J. Montgomery (9 Aug 1894, Fairgrove, Tuscola, MI - 4 Jan 1919), daughter of David Montgomery and Lydia Jane Tallmadge, on 18 Aug 1914 in Caro, MI.  Vernon died 1 Nov 1918 in Pontiac, Oakland, MI.  After their parents both died in the Spanish flu epidemic, the children were raised by Mahala's mother.
i.Eunice Viola Bailey was born 27 Jan 1907 in Gilford, Tuscola, MI and died 29 Sep 1908 in Orion, Oakland, MI.
ii.William J. Bailey was born in 1914 in Michigan.
iii.Christina Bailey was born in 1917 in Michigan.
e.Lyle L. Bailey was born 30 May 1889 in Ellington, MI.  He was married with one child.  Lyle died 2 May 1916 in Ellington, MI.
3. Eugenia (Eugenie) Mosher was born in May 1864 in Michigan.  She married Charles Turner (24 Dec 1860, Canada - 11 Feb 1909, Ellington, MI), son of Daniel Jarvis Turner, Jr. and Amanda May, on 3 Jul 1880 in Tuscola Co., MI.  Eugenia died 28 Sep 1937 in Ellington, MI.
a.Byron J. Turner was born 4 May 1883 in Tuscola Co., MI.  He married Myrtle I. (b. 1893/94, Michigan).
i.Clayton Lee Turner was born 1 Jul 1917 in Michigan.  He married Pauline Irene Freeman (2 Jun 1925, Columbia, Tuscola, MI - 19 Dec 1985, Caro, Tuscola, MI), daughter of William G. and Jennie Freeman.  They had five children.  Clayton  died 15 Mar 1978 in Caro, Tuscola, MI.
ii.Vernon O. Turner was born 9 May1919 in Michigan and died 7 Mar 1996 in Fort Myers, Lee, FL.
b.Fern May Turner was born 10 Oct 1884 in Elmwood, Tuscola, MI.  She married Charles A. Seekings (27 May 1879, Ellington, MI - 31 Jan 1956, Cass City, Tuscola, MI), son of Gilbert J. Seekings and Sophia Fessler, on 17 Oct 1901 in Elmwood, MI.  Fern died 22 May 1965 in Cass City, MI.
i.Wanda Aileen Seekings was born 23 Apr 1918 in Michigan.  She married Harold R. Crane (31 Jan 1916 - 14 Nov 1998), son of James I. Crane and Ella Ball.  They lived in Waterford, Oakland, MI.  Wanda died 17 Jul 2001 in Pontiac, Oakland, MI.
ii.Vernetta (Vernettie) Leuine Seekings was born 2 Oct 1922 in Cass City, MI.  She married Nelson Frederick Gremel (4 Feb 1916 - 14 Oct 1984), son of Andrew Gremel and Louise Hafner, on 6 Apr 1940 in Sebewaint, Huron, MI.  They had two children.  Vernetta died 13 Sep 2014 in Montrose, Genesee, MI.
c. Clarence Turner was born in 1891 and died in 1895.
d. Goldie L. Turner was born 25 Nov 1900 in Cass City, MI.  She married Frank Earl Burgess (11 Aug 1895, Deckerville, Sanilac, MI - 28 Nov 1967, Port Huron, St. Clair, MI), son of Sam Burgess and Ellen Schaffbauer, on 20 Jul 1918 in Caro, MI.  Goldie died 26 Nov 1966 in Caro, MI.
i.Frances E. Burgess was born in 1929/30 and was adopted by Frank and Goldie.
4.Nettie Mosher..
5. Clara Belle Mosher was born 17 Apr 1872 in Tuscola Co., MI.  She married (1) Cyrus V. Gould (b. 25 Aug 1868, Argyle, Sanilac, MI), son of Cyrenius Gould and Agnes Wilson, on 15 Apr 1887 in Tuscola Co., MI.   They were divorced, then married again on 23 Sep 1890 in Caro, Tuscola, MI, then divorced again by 1893.. Clara then married (2) Norman A. Hutchinson (23 Sep 1853, Alexandria Bay, Jefferson, NY - 12 Feb 1926, Ellington, MI), son of Ozias Hutchinson and Sarah May, on 28 Apr 1896 in Caro, Tuscola, MI.  (Norman was the first cousin of Charles Turner, who married Clara's sister Eugenia.)  Clara died 25 Apr 1901 in Ellington, MI.
a. Stanley Howard Gould was born 14 Nov 1887 in Ellington, Tuscola, MI.  He married Minnie E. Swick (prob. 15 Aug 1890, Michigan - Oct 1985, Michigan), daughter of James L. Swick and Susan Cuddy..  Stanley died in Jun 1966 in Detroit, Wayne, MI.
i.Reva B. Gould was born in 1914/15 in Michigan.
ii.Stanley Dale Gould was born 29 Mar 1925 in Michigan and died 28 Feb 1996 in Roseville, Macomb, MI.
b.Don Bernado Gould was born 16 Jun 1890 in Ellington, MI.  He married (1) Unknown bef. 1917.  He married (2) Angela Bell Ryan Dean (b. 28 Jul 1889, Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH), daughter of William R. Ryan and Catharine H. Murphy, on 14 Jun 1919 in Cuyahoga Co., OH.  Don died 23 Jun 1944 in Northville, Wayne, MI.
i.Donald (Don)  Bernardo Gould, Jr. was born 21 Apr 1919 in Ohio and died 12 May 1991 in Southfield, Oakland, MI.
ii.William Richard Gould was born 9 Apr 1921 and died 30 May 1921 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH.
iii.Katherine Gould was born in 1923/24 in Ohio.
iv.George Nikolas Gould was born 6 Dec 1925 in Detroit, Wayne, MI and died 27 Dec 1947 in Brighton, Livignston, MI.
6. Henry Adelbert (Bertie) Mosher was born 20 Apr 1874 in Michigan and died 20 Dec 1880 in Ellington, Tuscola, MI.
E. Asa Alexander was born 15 Mar 1845.  He married Louisa F. Willson (28 Jul 1845, Elgin, Ontario - 28 Feb 1930, Goodar, Ogemaw, MI), daughter of Christian Schmuck Willson and Anna, on 12 Mar 1866 in Bay City, Bay, MI.  Asa died 12 Jul 1872 in Tuscola Co., MI.  Louisa was remarried to Wesley D. Shingler (b. 1849, Imsby, Ontario) on 3 Nov 1872 and to Cyrus P. Leonard (b. Feb 1833, Ohio) on 28 Aug 1895.
1. Horace Albert (Bert) Alexander was born 24 Dec 1866 in Ohio.  He married (1) Ella May Daugherty (8 May 1875, Fairgrove, Tuscola, MI - 30 Sep 1903, Lupton, Ogemaw, MI), daughter of John Daugherty and Lydia E. Johnson, on 11 Nov 1896 in Almer, Tuscola, MI.  He married (2) Sarah Charboneau (b. 1877/78, Wisconsin), daughter of Frank Charboneau and Lillian Cecile, on 11 Nov 1911 in Escanaba, Delta, MI.  He married (3) Lizzie Lee Campbell (14 Feb 1872, Michigan - 9 Feb 1918), daughter of Richard Campbell and Mary Lee, on 28 Aug 1913 in Saginaw, Saginaw, MI.. He married (4) Mary Carey Crank(b. 1884/85, Michigan) on 25 Nov 1929 in Ogemaw Co., MI.  Horace died 2 Jul 1945 in Rose, Ogemaw, MI.
a.Elsie Louisa Alexander was born 6 Sep 1903 in Lupton, Ogemaw, MI and was raised by her grandmother Louise after her mother died in childbirth.  She married John James O'Connor (6 Mar 1888, Uptergrove or Orilia, Ontario, Canada - 12 Aug 1951, Bay City, Bay, MI), son of Dennis O'Connor and Floa Ann Steele, on 12 Apr 1921 in Klacking Creek, Ogemaw, MI.  Elsie died in Aug 1976 in Bay City, MI.
i.Flora L. O'Connor was born 23 May 1921 in Michigan.  She married Eric E. Grether (b. 1908/09, Switzerland), son of Ernest Grether and Hedwig Weiss, on 17 Dec 1939 in Bay City, MI.  Flora died in Jun 1987 in Bay City, MI.
ii.Elsie May O'Connor was born in 1923/24 in Michigan.
iii.Dennis A. O'Connor was born 4 Apr 1925 in Michigan.  He married Yvonne M. Segar (7 Apr 1928 - 31 Mar 2014, Kingman, Mohave, AZ), daughter of Norman and Edgar Segar, on 9 Oct 1948 in Ogemaw Co., MI.  They had three children.  They had separated by 1973.  Dennis died in Nov 1980 in West Branch, Ogemaw, MI.
iv.Agnes Joan O'Connor was born 9 Feb 1927 in Michigan.  She married Mr. Mathias.  Agnes died 6 Jan 1993 in Lupton, MI.
v.Donna L. O'Connor was born in 1928/29 in Michigan.
vi.John Donald O'Connor was born 26 Jan 1932 in Michigan.  He married Clara Gladys Williams (31 Jan 1932 - 17 Feb 2014)  They had four children..  John died 9 Feb 2001 in Ogemaw Co., MN
vii.Marion O'Connor was born in 1934/35 in Michigan.
viii.Margaret O'Connor was born and died on 28 Mar 1935 in Lupton, MI.
b.Albert L. Alexander was born 6 Jul 1914 in Gilford, Tuscola, MI.  In 1920 he was living with a cousin's family and in 1930 with his sister.  He married Arlene Hawley (b. 1920/21, Michnigan), daughter of Joseph Hawley and Jennie Duvekott, on 28 Nov 1936 in Ogemaw Co., MI.  Albert died 4 May 1961 in Bridgeport, Saginaw, MI.
i.Edward Alexander was born in 1938/39 in Michigan.
2. Leola (Viola, Ola) Anna Alexander was born 18 Sep 1868 in Michigan.  She married Charles Eugene Blood (May 1853, Ohio - 1 Jun 1924, Ogemaw Co., MI) on 25 Dec 1884 in Tuscola Co., MI.
a. Christian Blood was born 24 Apr 1886 in Michigan.  He married Nona Meyers (1888/89, Michigan - 5 Jan 1945, Ogemaw Co., MI), daughter of Charles Meyers and Euphemia Lytle, on 18 Jul 1906 in Ogemaw Co., MI. Christian died 31 Aug 1962 in Ogemaw Co., MI.
i.Florence E. Blood was born 8 Sep 1907 in Rose City, Ogemaw, MI.  She married Harold Bruce Nolan (18 Jul 1905, Roscommon, Roscommon, MI - Mar 1974, Harrison, Clare, MI), son of Bruce A. Nolan and Minnie H. Richardson, on 28 Jul 1925 in Lupton, Ogemaw, MI.  They were prob. childless.  Florence died in Jan 1979 in Harrison, MI.
ii.Dorothy L. Blood was born 17 Jun 1909 in Lupton, MI.  She married Leslie Ellis Pumfrey (4 Mar 1904, Roscommon Co., MI - 13 Apr 1996, Lansing, Ingham, MI), son of Scott W. and Lois M. Pumfrey, on 24 Apr 1927 in Lupton, MI.  Dorothy died 16 Oct 1980 in Harrison, MI.
1. Marie F. Pumfrey was born in 1927 in Michigan.
2. Ellis Leslie Pumfrey was born in 1928 in Michigan.  He married Ethel Carol Schultz (b. 1929).  They had four children.
3. Chriss Scott Pumfrey was born 25 Jan 1929 in Michigan.  He married Ardonna Mae.  They had at least three children. Chriss died 4 Oct 1998 in Harrison, MI.
4. Nona Delores Pumfrey was born in 15 Jun 1932 in Michigan.  She married James J. Blair (16 Jun 1925 - 1980).  They had six children.  Nona died 24 Apr 2012 in Lansing, MI.
5. David Jerome Pumfrey was born 4 Apr 1934 in Michigan.  He was married with six children.  David died 2 May 2003 in Lansing, MI.
6. Wanda Pumfrey was born in 1936/37 in Michigan.  She married Mr. Berg.
iii.Charles Bernard Blood was born 20 Aug 1910 in Michigan.  He married Kathlene Gladys O'Meara, daughter of Frank O'Meara and Phoebe Lyttle, on 1 Jun 1934.  Charles died 14 Jun 1969 in Ogemaw Co., MI.
1. Joyce Blood was born in 1935 in Michigan.
2. Charles W. Blood was born 30 Dec 1936 in Michigan and died 15 Aug 1971..
3.James Oliver Blood was born 18 Feb 1939 in Michigan.  He married Blanche W.  James died 10 Nov 2001.
iv.Elaine Blood was born in 1913 in Michigan.  She married Rolland Brandt Spencer (1912, Michigan - 1972), son of Leo D. Spencer and Maude or Margaret Rainsberger, on 8 Dec 1941 in Ogemaw Co., MI.
v.Richard Orrin Blood died 26 Jul 1921, prob. in infancy.
vi.Richard E. Blood was born 6 Sep 1929 in Michigan.  He married Margaret J. on 3 Mar 1951.  Richard died 12 Jun 2004, prob. in DeWitt, Clinton, MI.
b. Jesse Blood was born 20 Dec 1890 in Denmark, Tuscola, MI.  He married Marie Helms McLean (1874/75, Michigan - 30 Aug 1948, Ogemaw Co., MI), daughter of Jerome Helms and Celia Ware, on 30 Nov 1933 in Ogemaw Co., MI.  Jesse died 30 Apr 1957 in Ogemaw Co., MI.
c.Alice Blood was born in Jul 1899 in Michigan.
F. Simon Alexander was born 16 Sep 1847 in Newbury, OH.  He married Betsy Ann Holl (b. Jul 1855, Pennsylvania) on 9 Oct 1871 in Tuscola Co., MI.  Simon died 19 Nov 1934 in Sebewaing, Huron, MI.
1. Fanny B. Alexander was born 14 Jan 1873 in Michigan and died 30 Mar 1892 in Denmark, Tuscola, MI.
2. Lewis (or Louis) Alexander was born in Aug 1874 in Michigan.
3. Charlotte (Lottie) Alexander was born in 1876 in Michigan and died 20 Feb 1913 in Sebewaing, MI.
4. Lilly M. Alexander was born in Mar 1879 in Michigan.
5.. George Alexander was born 13 Nov 1881 in Denmark, MI.  He married Alice F. (1913-68).  They had at least two children.
6. Aura Mae Alexander was born 13 Aug 1887 in Denmark, MI.
7. Florence Isabella Alexander was born in Apr 1897 in Michigan.  She married Milo Hugh Wilson (b. 20 Dec 1893, Unionville, Tuscola, MI) on 7 Apr 1916 in Bay City, Midland, MI.  They were divorced by 1930.
G. Flora Alexander was born c. 1849 in Newbury, OH.
H. Marian Elizabeth Alexander was born 16 Feb 1852 in Newbury, OH.  She married Reader Erskine Odell (30 Aug 1848, Fenton, Genesee, MI - 2 Jul 1924, Elmwood, Tuscola, MI), son of Jesse Burr Odell and Sarah Eliza Woodcock, on 18 Feb 1871 in Tuscola Co., MI.  Marian died 24 Dec 1905 in Denmark, Tuscola, MI.
1. Ellen May (Mary E., Minnie) Odell was born 23 Dec 1871 in Fenton, MI.  She married George F. Sharp (15 Mar 1862, Oakland Co., MI - 19 Feb 1939, Pleasant Ridge, Oakland, MI), son of John Sharp and Lucy Hardy, on 9 Mar 1890 in Gaines, Genesee, MI.  Ellen died 13 May 1907 in Akron, Tuscola, MI and George married her sister Laura.
a. Fred R. Sharp was born 12 Mar 1891 in Akron, Tuscola, MI.  He married Theresa May Tolbert (19 Jan 1896, Ohio - 10 Aug 1984), daughter of Charles Tolbert and Mary Deal, on 29 Jan 1913 in Caro, Tuscola, MI.  Fred died 6 Jan 1947.
i.Raymond James Sharp was born in 21 May 1913 in Michigan.  He married Floretta S. Joles (11 Jan 1914. Bay City, Bay, MI - 13 Feb 2009, Gagetown, Huron, MI), daughter ofWilliam Joles and Pearl Tacey, on 28 Oct 1933.  Raymond died 24 Feb 1985 in Unionville, Tuscola, MI.
1. Loretta Pearl Sharp was born 28 Mar 1935 in Michigan.  She married Walter Lee Shantz (13 Nov 1935, Gagetown, Tuscola, MI - 33 Nov 2012), son of Clarence Shantz and Leonora Whidden, on 13 Apr 1965 in Fairgrove, Tuscola, MI.  They had two children.
ii.Mildred Sharp was born 24 May 1914 in Michigan.  She married Earl E. Randall (2 May 1906, Michigan - 20 Aug 1990, Bay City, Bay, MI), son of Frank and Celia Randall, on 28 Jul 1945 in Akron, Tuscola, MI.  They lived in Fairgrove, MI.  They had one child.  Mildred died 16 Jan 2007 in Bay City, MI.
iii.Milton Fred Sharp was born 16 Mar 1922 in Michigan.  He married (1) Catherine Brady on 8 Aug 1942 in Detroit, Wayne, MI.  He prob. married (2) Ruth J. Sacalie.  They were divorced in Nov 1966 in Los Angeles, CA.  Milton died 12 Apr 1987 in Ventura Co., CA..
b. Elmer John Sharp was born 29 Jul 1893 in Akron, MI.  He married Ella Cordelia Reynolds (25 May 1902, Jackson Co., OH - 15 Nov 1984, Akron, MI), daughter of Harley Reynolds and Lizzie Talbot, on 25 Sep 1919 in Bay City, Bay, MI.  Elmer died in 23 Nov 1966 in Cass City, Tuscola, MI.
i.Harold J. Sharp was born 29 Dec 1919 in Bay City, MI.  He married Jean Irene Black (27 Jan 1924, Wisner, Tuscola, MI - 24 Mar 2013, Saginaw, Saginaw, MI), daughter of Merlin Black and Beatrice Ruppert, on 26 Mar 1941 in Gagetown, Tuscola, MI.  They had six children.  Harold died 6 Jun 2007 in Saginaw, MI.
ii.Minnie Elizabeth Sharp was born 20 Jan 1921 in Akron, MI.  She married William Hagan McAlpine (b. 1922), son of William J. McAlpine and Nellie Louisa Kramer.  They had three children.  Minnie died 15 Sep 1998 in Big Pine Key, Monroe, FL.
c. Lucy Maron Sharp was born 12 May 1895 in Akron, MI.  She married George Wesley Hill (7 Aug 1894 - 2 Oct 1973), son of William Edward Hill and Alice Perry, on 21 Jan 1914 in Caro, Tuscola, MI.  Lucy died 31 Jan 1958.
i.Norman George Hill was born 28 Sep 1923 and died 2 Oct 1923 in Bridgeport, Saginaw, MI.
ii.Maurice Edwin Hill was born 22 Feb 1928 in Thomas, Saginaw, MI and died 20 Jul 1931 in Saginaw, Saginaw, MI.
iii.Thelma Arlene Hill died in infancy on 26 Jul 1930.
iv.Byron Dempster Hill was born 30 Aug 1931 in Saginaw, MI.  He was married with four children.  Byron died 21 May 1996 in Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ.
v.Alfred Bernard Hill died in infancy on 25 Apr 1933.
vi.Elwood Jason Hill was born 26 May 1934 and prob. died in infancy.
d. Frank M. Sharp was born 19 Sep 1900 in Akron, MI.  He married Verna Reynolds (26 Jun 1905, Bay City, Bay, MI - 3 Sep 1993, Bay Co., MI), daughter of Harley Reynolds and Lizzie Talbot.  They were married for a second time on 10 Oct 1924 in Saginaw, MI.  Frank died 18 Apr 1962 in Fairgrove, Tuscola, MI.
i.Donald Sharp was born 19 Jan 1922 in Bay City,MI and died 7 May 1926 in Saginaw, MI.
ii.Robert (Bobby) R. Sharp was born 26 Mar 1929 in Michigan.  He married Betty J. (3 Mar 1930 - 24 Nov 1999, Essexville, Bay, MI).  They had at least one child.  Bobby died 23 Jan 1998 in Essexville, MI..
2. Laura Bell Odell was born 11 May 1873 in Denmark, Tuscola, MI.  She married (1) James Renwick McQuarter (1871 - 1929), son of James McQuarter and Margaret Young, on 14 May 1888.  She married (2) her sister Ellen's widower, George Sharp.  Laura died 28 Jul 1957 in Fenton, Genesee, MI.
a.Ellen Maud McQuarter was born 26 Feb 1893 in Denmark, Tuscola, MI.  She married Raymond J. Mercer (9 Apr 1893, Austin, Sanilac, MI - 1958, prob. Clinton, Macomb, MI), son of Joseph Mercer and Elizabeth A. Sweeth, on 15 Jul 1919 in Detroit, Wayne, MI.  Ellen died in 1975.
i.Raymond J. Mercer, Jr. was born in 1922 in Michigan.  He married Lee Eva (1921, Bumburg, Germany - 16 Feb 2007, Yale, St. Clair, MI).  Raymond died in 1975.
ii.Lorraine Mercer was born in 1924/25 in Michigan.
iii.Marion June Mercer was born in 1926/27 in Michigan.
b.John Renwick McQuarter was born 19 Mar 1899 in Bay City, MI.
3. Sarah Maude Odell was born 16 Aug 1875 in Denmark, Tuscola, MI.  She married Jerome T. Lewis (26 Jul 1867, New York - 10 Jun 1929, Caro, Tuscola,MI), son ofAmbrose M. Lewis and Mary E. Townley, on 16 Mar 1895 in Mayville,Tuscola, MI.  Maude died 5 Aug 1938.
a.Huron Reader Lewis was born 11 Aug 1896 in Juniata, Tuscola, MI.  He married (1) Jennie C. Wilder (2 Jul 1901,Watrousville, Tuscola, MI - 31 May 1989, Caro, MI), daughter of Lott Marvin Wilder and Martha Hunter, on 12 Nov 1920 in Caro, MI.  They were divorced bef. 1928, when Jennie married George R. Coleman.  He married (2) Alice D. Vandervort (22 Mar 1903 - 9 Jun 1974) on 16 Mar 1940 in Fairgrove, Tuscola, MI.  Huron died 21 Feb 1972 in Caro, MI.
i.Maxine Lena Lewis Coleman was born 19 Jan 1922 in Tuscola Co., MI.  She married Charles J.Gunsell (2 May 1921 - Nov 1978, Caro, MI), son of Lewis S. Gunsell and Anna Truex.  Maxine died 18 Jul 1995 in Saginaw, MI.
ii.Marion Lewis Coleman was born in 1923/24 in Michigan.  She married Mr. Smith.
iii.Dean Huron Lewis was born 7 Mar 1941 in Caro, MI.  He prob. married and was later divorced from Glenda Joy.  He had five children.  Dean died 12 Dec 2012 in Saginaw, MI.
b.Ambrose Reeder Lewis was born 20 Mar 1898 in Juniata, Tuscola, MI.  He married Bessie J. (21 Oct 1908, Michigan - 10 Feb 1997, Cass City, Tuscola, MI).  Ambrose died in Feb 1966 in Vassar, Tuscola, MI.
i.David Ambrose Lewis was born in 1932/33 in Michigan.  He married Elaine Helen Felske (15 Apr 1938, Reese, Tuscola, MI - 9 Oct 2000, Saginaw, MI), daughter of Erwin O. Felske and Eleanor Foerster, c. Apr 1959.  They had two children.
c.Lillian Lewis was born in 1904.  On the 1940 census, she is living with Huron and listed as divorced.
d.Harold H. Lewis was born 16 Jan 1917 in Michigan.  He married Mildred Marie MacDougall (2 Nov 1925, Fairgrove, Tuscola, MI - 25 Jun 2009, Saginaw, MI) on 16 Jan 1945 in Fairgrove, Tuscola, MI.  (Mildred was the daughter of Alice Vandervort by her first husband, Loren MacDougall.)  They had two children.  Harold died 15 May 1979 in Caro, MI.
4. Jesse Reuben Odell was born 16 May 1878 in Denmark, Tuscola, MI.  He married (1) Charlotte McPherson (3 Jan 1879, Fairgrove, Tuscola, MI - 22 May 1941, Cass City, Tuscola, MI), daughter of James William McPherson and Charlotte Cosens (or Cousins), on 18 Mar 1901 in Tuscola Co., MI.  He married (2) Mrs. Bertha Phillips in 1947.  Jesse died 30 Apr 1953 in Columbus, OH.
a. Reader William Odell was born 3 Feb 1902 in Bad Axe, Huron, MI.  He married Reta Mae Travis (28  Dec 1901 - Dec 1980, Mikado, Alcona, MI), daughter of Edgar Travis and Lillian Dixon, on 4 Mar 1925 in Harrisville, Alcona, MI.  Reader died 7 Sep 1969 in Mikado, MI.
i.Lillian Emily Odell was born 6 Jan 1926 in Akron, Tuscola, MI.  She married James A. Tuckey (b. 10 Nov 1923, Michigan), son of L. Clair Tuckey and Florence M. Warner, on 31 Mar 1943.  They had one child.  Lillian died in childbirth on 15 Mar 1946 in Cass City, Tuscola, MI.
ii.Mildred Iris Odell was born in 1927/28 in Michigan.  She married Stephen John Molnar (25 Feb 1925, Johnstown, Cambria, PA - 23 Aug 2013), son of Michael Molnar and Anna Rose Sima, on 18 Sep 1948 in Bay City, Bay, MI.  They had one child.
iii.Beatrice May Odell was born 7 Mar 1930 in Cass City, Tuscola, MI.  She married (1) Edwin Charles Parker (23 Dec 1924, Comstock, Kalamazoo, MI - 29 Apr 1962, Clare Co., MI, son of Samuel Parker and Adah Whitmore, on 3 Sep 1947 in Ionia Co., MI.  They had five children.  She married (2) Herman E. Kienitz (25 Nov 1920, Reed City, Osceola, MI - 1 Jul 2007, Grand Rapids, Kent, MI), son of Edward Kienitz and Allie Kaufield, in 1964.  Beatrice died 3 Apr 2005 in Reed City, MI.
iv.Richard Edward Odell was born 8 Dec 1931 in Mikado, Alcona, MI.  He married Ann M. Lynch (b. 17 Jul 1933) on 31 Jul 1954 in Bay City, MI.  They had five children.  Richard died 4 May 2006.
v.Jesse R. Odell was born 24 May 1934 in Michigan.  He married (1) Miss Erb.  They had one child.  He married (2) Janice Marie Havercamp, daughter of John Vernon Havercamp and Betty Ann Fager.  They had one child.  Jesse died 11 Oct 2003 in Bay Co., MI.
vi.Marlin H. Odell was born in 1935/36 in Mikado, MI.  He married Lucille Emerson (b. 1936/37, Michigan), daughter of Austin Emerson and Olive Proeunier, on 26 Nov 1955 in Lincoln, Alcona, MI.  They had three children.
vii.Barry Lawrence Odell was born 8 Jan 1945.  He married Sandra K. Patee.  They had two children.  Barry died 9 Jun 1997.
b. Marion Elizabeth Odell was born 16 May 1903.  She married Robert Hord (b. 1899/1900, Missouri) bef. 1935.  Marion died in 1941.
c. Jonathan (John) Edward Odell was born 19 Nov 1905.  He married Alice M. Quisel (b. Feb 1915, prob. Park Co., MT), daughter of Louis T. Quisel and Anna Austin, on 27 Nov 1938 in Livingston, Park, MT.  They had three children.  Jonathan died 27 Sep 1950 in Gateway, Gallatin, MT and Alice married Clifford Raymond Plum.
d.Charllot Odell was born 16 Nov 1906 and died 16 Jan 1907 in Huron Co., MI
e. Arthur Jesse Odell was born 17 Oct 1908.  He married Pearl B. Williams (b. 1900/01, Michigan) bef. 1930.  Arthur died bef. 1976.
i.Richard Donald Odell was born 11 Nov 1927 and died 5 Dec 1927 in Flint, Genesee, MI.
ii.Charlotte May Odell was born 12 Jul 1931 in Cass City, Tuscola, MI and died 13 Sep 1931 in Elmwood, Tuscola, MI.
iii.Mary Lou Odell was born in 1932/33 in Michigan.
f Donald Malcom Odell was born 13 Sep 1910 in Wisner, Tuscola, MI.  He married Flora M. Laton (b. 1911/12, Michigan) bef. 1930  Donald died after being struck by lightning on 4 Jun 1932 in Ellington, Tuscola, MI.
g. Harvey Eber Odell was born 20 Aug 1913.  He married Marjorie L. Stein (17 Oct 1915, Michigan - 9 Jul 1984), daughter of Fred W. and Mary E. Stein, in 1932.  Harvey died in May 1984 in Whittemore, Isoco, MI.
i.Thomas Arnold Odell was born in 1934 in Michigan.  He married Jacqueline M. Kostick (b. 1936), daughter of John and Clara Kostick, on 5 Jun 1954.  They had twelve children.  Thomas died 28 Oct 2009 in Hemlock, Saginaw, MI.  
ii.Leila Odell was born in 1937/38 in Michigan.
iii.Basil F. Odell was born in 1939 in Michigan.  He married Karen S. (b. 1941).
h. Dorothy Mae Odell was born 3 Sep 1914.  She married Albert W. Swanson (7 Feb 1912 - Aug 1979, Owosso, Shiawassee, MI).  They had ate least three children.  Dorothy died in Sep 1980 in Owosso, MI.
i Mark O'Dell was born 5 Jan 1916 in Wisner, Tuscola, MI.  He married Bertha Isabelle Hedrick (2 Feb 1920, Cass City, Tuscola, MI - 13 Feb 2010, Elsie, Clinton, MI), daughter of Theodore Cleve Hedrick and Effie Belle Brown.  They had four children.  Mark died 14 Mar 1963 in Cass City, Tuscola, MI.
j. Basil Frederick Odell was born 10 Jan 1917 and died in an industrial accident on 19 Dec 1935.
k. Quenton Wesley Odell was born 6 Jan 1919 in Ellington, Tuscola, MI.  He married Maxine Sherman (3 Jul 1921, Caro, Tuscola,MI - 9 Apr 2014, Caro, MI), daughter of Russell Sherman and Minerva Helwig, on 24 Mar 1942 in Caro, MI.  They had two children.  Quenton died 21 Aug 1976 in Caro, MI.
l Mac Brian Odell was born 10 Nov 1921 and died in Dec 1976 in Cass City, Tuscola, MI.
5.William Emmet Odell was born 21 Oct 1880 in Denmark, Tuscola, MI.  He married Catherine (b. 1891/92, England).  William died 17 Jul 1939 in Ferndale, MI.
a.Eva M. O'Dell was born c. Sep 1919 in Michigan and died in 1971..
b.Nolan Melvion O'Dell was born 1 Oct 1922 in Michigan and died 16 Jan 1994 in Big Rapids, Mecosta, MI.
c.Shirley A. O'Dell was born in 1924/25 in Michigan.
d.Robert Clark O'Dell was born 16 Jul 1927 in Michigan and died 19 Oct 2001.
6.Warren Monroe Odell was born 6 Jan 1883 in Denmark, Tuscole, MI.  He married Bertha Loomis (30 Sep 1881, Akron, Tuscola, MI - 23 Dec 1970, Flint, Genesee, MI), daughter of Benjamin and Amanda Loomis, on 28 Sep 1904 in Gagetown, Tuscola, MI.  Warren died 10 Jul 1954.
a.Helen Amelia Odell was born 1 Aug 1905 in Michigan.  She married Hubert Nehemiah Root (27 Aug 1901 - 9 Aug 1978, Caro, Tuscola, MI), son of Claude E. and Olive Ann Root, on 15 Oct 1930 in Elmwood, Tuscola, MI.  Helen died 13 Aug 2002 in Caro, MI.
i.Ivan Dale Root was born 6 Jul 1934 and died 11 Jul 1934 in Elmwood, Tuscola, MI.
ii.Raymond A. Root was born 30 Nov 1940.  He married Sueann M. Johnson.
b.Hilda Lucile Odell was born 28 Sep 1907 in Michigan.  She married Alger Louis Bush (1 Aug 1908 - 22 Jan 1982, Caro, MI),. son of Louis G. and Edna L. Bush, on 6 Jan 1937.  They had three children.  Hilda died 10 Dec 1979 in Caro, MI.
c.Keith M. Odell was born 27 Mar 1910 in Tuscola Co.,MI and died 7 May 1947 in Indianfields, Tuscola, MI..
d.Marie Luela Odell was born 8 Apr 1912 in Cass City, Tuscola, MI.  She married Clare H. Hanes (9 May 1913 - 24 Nov 1998, Caro, MI).  They had two children.  Marie died 26 Jan 2003 in Caro, MI.
e.Iva L. Odell was born 6 Jul 1914 in Michigan.  She married Floyd E. Bell (17 Mar 1914, Unionville, Tuscola, MI - 26 Apr 2003, Caro, Tuscola, MI), son of Leonard Bell and Lucelia Briggs, on 25 Dec 1934 in Cass City, Tuscola, MI.  They had four children.  Iva died 15 Jun 2007 in Caro, MI.
f.Clair Warren O'Dell was born 19 Oct 1916 in Michigan.  He married Martha Isabelle (b. Aug 1916, Michigan) in 1937.  They had prob. four children.  Clair died 7 Oct 2011.
g.Clayton H. Odell was born 26 Jun 1918 in Cass City, MI.  He married (1) Raiola May Putnam (21 Jan 1919, Caro, MI - 16 Jan 1958, Inkster, Wayne, MI), daughter of Samuel Ray Putnam and Marguerite I. Tomlinson, on 27 Dec 1937 in DeKalb Co., IN.  They had three children.  He prob. married (2) Doris Alvina (b. 19 Mar 1925).  Clayton died in Nov 1981 in Lapeer, Lapeer, MI.
h.Carson S. Odell was born 24 May 1920.  He married Blanche M. (b. 1922).  They had five children.  Carson died 23 Jan 1985 in Clermont Co., OH.
i.Carlon H. Odell was born 24 May 1920.  He married Pearl Ione Mundale Johnson, (b. 1 Jan 1918, Brush Creek, Faribault, MN), daughter of Alfred Mundale and Patrina Fibelstad, prob. aft. 1959.  Carlon died 12 Aug 1974 in Flint, Genesee, MI.
hBernard Arthur Odell was born 22 Dec 1921.  He married Violet Marie Smithson (26 Sep 1920 - 9 Dec 2000), daughter of Osborne Ausey Smithson and Elsie May Winger.  They had five children.  Bernard died 3 May 1992 in Walled Lake, Oakland, MI.
7.Melvin Arthur O'Dell was born 9 Dec 1885 in Denmark, Tuscola, MI.  He married Jennie Louisa Perry (5 May 1888, Ellington, Tuscola, MI - 13 Jun 1964, Cass City, Tuscola, MI), daughter of Joseph Perry and Amanda Mallory, on 25 Dec 1907 in Ellington, MI.  Melvin died 1 Nov 1961.
a.William C. O'Dell was born 7 Dec 1908 in Michigan.  He married Loraine A. Bogert (29 Jan 1909 - 5 Jul 1998, Caro, MI), daughter of Orville H. Bogert and Bertha J. Ridgeman, on 26 Jun 1931 in Tuscola Co., MI.  They had at least two children.  William died 18 May 1993 in Cass City, MI.
b.Leta Lucille Odell was born 2 Mar 1910 in Gagetown, Tuscola, MI.  She married Milton Ralph Gelatt (3 Jan 1914, Pennsylvania - 21 Jan 1982, Cass City, MI), son of Ralph Dean Gelatt and Ethel May Conrad.  They had two children.  Leta died 17 Jun 1990 in Port Huron, St. Clair, MI.
c.Velma Odell was born 11 Nov 1911 in Michigan.  She married James Marvin Woodard (4 Jul 1908, Ohio - 22 Feb 1983).  Velma died 11 Jan 1980.
d.Harland J. Odell was born 18 Jun 1914 in Deford or Novesta, Tuscola, MI.  He married Irene May Evans (b. 1915, Michigan), prob. the daughter of John F. and Mahalah Evans.  They had at least three children.  Harland died 3 Jul 1964 in Canton, Stark, OH.
e.Carmen E. O'Dell was born 20 Jun 1917 in Michigan.  He married Betty Elaine Hungerford 3 Jan 1920 - 25 Oct 2001, Flint, Genesee, MI), prob. the daughter of Myron B. and Mona L. Hungerford. on 27 Jan 1939.  Carmen died 25 Oct 1996 in Flint, MI.
f.Vernita M. Odell was born 18 May 1920 in Michigan.  She married Jack Leo Spencer (27 Jun 1920, Michigan - 1 Jul 1996, Cass City, MI), son of James and Anna H. Spencer.  They had at least one child.  They were divorced in 1948.  Vernita died 27 May 1991 in Cass City, MI.
8.Myrtle Mae Odell was born 16 Jun 1888 in Denmark, Tuscola, MI.  She married Mark J. Remington (6 Aug 1884, Columbia, Tuscola, MI - 17 Apr 1913, Columbia, MI), son of Lind J. Remington and Mary Mclellan, on 8 Apr 1908 in Cass City, MI.  Myrtle died 6 Oct 1913 in Almer, Tuscola, MI.
a.Mildred M. Remington was born in 1909 in Michigan.
b.Madeline Remington was born 1 Sep 1913 and died 19 Jun 1914 in Detroit, Wayne, MI.
9.Mildred Lela Odell was born in Aug 1890. in Denmark, MI.  She married (1) Lewis Elmer Drake (19 Sep 1882, Ellington, Tuscola, MI - 4 Jun 1913, Almer, MI), son of Henry R. Drake and Luvina A. Larger, on 26 Mar 1913 in Caro Tuscola, MI. and died in Tuscola Co., MI.  She married (2) Clarence Ray Crittenden (21 Mar 1892, Wells, Tuscola, MI - Aug 1962), son of Clarence Crittenden and Annie Lytle, on 11 Feb 1914 in Columbia, MI.  Lela died 27 May 1918 in Almer, MI.
I. Lutitia Alexander was born 15 Jun 1854 and died 9 Sep 1868 in Vassar, Tuscola, MI.
J. Wesley Alexander was born c. 1857 in Newbury, OH and prob. died bef. 1870.
V.Polly Scott was born in 1816.  She was unmarried.
VI.Cerintha Scott was born in 1819.  She married Jonathan Parker c. 14 May 1838 in Geauga Co., OH.  Cerintha died 10 Apr 1843 in Geauga Co., OH. 
A.Charles Parker was born in 1841/42 in Ohio and was prob. the son of Jonathan and Cerintha.  In 1850, he was living with his aunt and uncle, Almira and Justin Smith  In 1860, he was living with Sarah and Julius Pond.
VII. Sarah (Sarry) Elizabeth Scott was born 12 Feb 1822 in Newbury, Geauga, OH.  She married Julius Pond (1825/26, OH -  20 Sep 1869, Hudson, Summit, OH), son of Preston Pond and Esther Wheadon, on 26 Jan 1848 in Chester, Geauga, OH.  Sarah and the children moved to Prairie Dog, Harlan, NE by 1880.  Sarah died 10 Apr 1904 in Harlan Co., NE.
A. Julia Pond was born in 1849 and prob. died bef. 1860.
B. Winfield S. Pond was born in 1851 and prob. died bef. 1870.
B. Lewis J. Pond was born 4 March 1852 in Ohio.  He married Fannie (6 Aug 1859, Wisconsin - 10 May 1931, Twin Falls, ID) in 1874/75.  The family moved to Filer, Twin Falls, ID between 1900 and 1908.  Lewis died 18 Feb 1913 in Filer, ID.
1. Winfield Clair Pond was born 10 Oct 1876 in Nebraska.  He married Rose Amelia Day (b. 1879/80, Missouri) on 15 Apr 1903 in Harlan Co., NE.  They were in Buhl, Twin Falls, ID by 1920.
a. Leah T. Pond was born 5 Nov 1904 in Ferndale, Whatcom, WA.  She married Jefferson Brady Hill (1 May 1909, Grossey, Cave, TN - 4 Mar 1985, San Mateo, San Mateo, CA), son of James Riley Hill and Mary Catherine Brady, on 27 Nov 1930 in Buhl, ID  They had four children.  Leah died 26 Jun 1997 in Portland, Multnomah, OR..
b. Mabel C. Pond was born 15 Jan 1906 in Kansas.  She married Charles C. Adams (13 May 1906, Tennessee - May 1971, Boise, Ada, ID) on 26 Nov 1925 in Buhl, ID.  They had four children.  Mabel died in Feb 1976 in Boise, ID.
c. Neta Pond was born 9 Oct 1907 in Nebraska.  She married Harold N. Dial (25 Jun 1905 - Mar 1980, Buhl, ID) on 24 Jun 1934 in Twins Falls Co., ID.  Neta died in Jan 1976 in Buhl, ID.
d. Mavis Ruth Pond was born 18 May 1919 in Buhl, ID.  She married Gilbert E. Howell (10 Mar 1913, Missouri - 14 Mar 1992, San Mateo Co., CA), son of Benjamin Howell and Nell Writsman, in 1940.  They had no children.  Mavid died 16 Feb 2012 in Boise, Ada, ID.
2. Raymond (Ray) R. Pond was born 16 Aug 1880 in Kansas.  He was unmarried.
3. Charlotte (Lottie) Pond was born 6 Aug 1881 in Nebraska and died 13 Sep 1928 in Filer, ID.  She was unmarried.
4. Atwood Earl (Max) Pond was born 19 May 1886 in Nebraska.  He married Frances M. Brown (prob. 28 Aug 1885, Illinois - Jan 1973, Boise, ID) on 4 Jun 1914 in Twin Falls Co., ID.  Atwood died 17 Apr 1957 in Twin Falls Co., ID.
a. Boyd Eugene Pond was born 30 Aug 1918 in Idaho.  He married Marie Louise Stebbins (13 Mar 1920, Missouri - 3 Jan 2008, Boise, Ada, ID), daughter of Lloyd W. Stebbins and Ethel Lakey, on 1 Jan 1942 in Raytown, Jackson, MO.  They had three children.  Boyd died 28 Oct 1997 in Boise, ID.
b.Lois Pond was born 23 Nov 1920 in Filer, Twin Falls, ID.  She married (1) Dale R. Fenwick (21 Jan 1920 - 1 Aug 1979), son of Will J. and Emma M. Fenwick, on 25 Feb 1943.  The had four children.  She married (2) Jay Herbert Cobb (14 May 1918, Idaho - 3 Oct 1997, Twin Falls Co., ID), son of H.G. and Susan Cobb, on 6 Nov 1982.  Lois died 29 Jun 1990 in Twin Falls, Twin Falls, ID.
c.Earl Ray Pond was born 3 Oct 1923 in Twin Falls, ID.  He married Mary T. Fogg on 4 Sep 1949 in Pocatello, Bannock, ID.  They had four children.  Earl died 21 Jul 2008 in Pocatello, ID.
C. Prentiss Perry Pond was born 8 May 1859 in Ohio.  He married Margaret Kennedy (Nov 1864, New York - 7 Feb 1937) in 1896/97.  They lived in Alma, Harlan, NE.  Prentiss died 27 Aug 1939.
1. Floyd Joseph Pond was born 31 Mar 1898 in Nebraska.  He married Mary Elizabeth Lockert (21 May 1895 - Feb 1979), daughter of Laures and Kattarina Lockert, on 21 Jul 1918, prob. in Omaha, Douglas, NE.  Floyd died 29 May 1951.
a.Keith Everett Pond was born 20 Nov 1919 in Omaha, NE.  He married Mary Katherine Nolan (6 Oct 1916, Springfield, Hampden, MA - 9 Jan 1996, Benton Co., OR), daughter of Thomas P. Nolan and Helen F. Brown, on 29 Sep 1944 in Greensboro, Guilford, NC.  They had three children.  Keith died 30 Apr 2007 in Corvallis, Benton, OR.
b.Lyle Eugene Pond was born 27 Mar 1926 in Nebraska and died 14 Sep 1941.
c.Dale Pond was born in 1930/31 in Nebraska.
d.,Donald G. Pond was born in 1933/34 in Nebraska.  He married Shirley Ann Valentine Stout (14 Feb 1937, Oxford, Harlan, NE - 15 Jun 2013, Cambridge, Furnas, NE), daughter of Joseph Stout and Mable Fritzen, on 8 Jan 1956.  They had no children.
e.Marilyn Pond was born in 1934/35 in Nebraska.
f.Sharron Pond.
2. Madeline M. Pond was born 30 Sep 1900 in Nebraska.  She married Harry Lewis Flammang (23 Sep 1898, Orleans, Harlan, NE - 11 Dec 1987, Alma, NE), son of Joseph Walter Flammang and Mary A. Eltz.  They were divorced bef. 1940.  Madeline died in Jan 1985 in Lincoln, Lancaster, NE..
D. Porter Julius Pond was born 26 Jul 1863 in Ohio.  He married Edna Floradella Waugh (12 Feb 1874, Nebraska - 28 Mar 1965) on 6 Jun 1893 in Harlan Co., NE.  By 1920, they were in Mountain View, Whatcom, WA.  Porter died 25 Mar 1935 in Washington.
1. Maude E. Pond was born in Jan 1895 in Nebraska.  She married William Owen Dixon (4 Mar 1891, Oak, IL -
14 Jan 1960, Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH), son of Andrew J. Dixon and Lydia A. Owen, on 6 Sep 1913 in Whatcom Co., WA.  They were in Harrisburg, Saline, IL in 1920-35, in Buffalo, Erie, NY in 1940, and in Cleveland, OH by 1942.
a.Lois Dixon was born in 1914 in Washington.
b.Forrest Dixon was born in 1916 in Washington.  He married Dove (b. 1918/19, Illinois).
i.Donald W. Dixon was born in 1935/36 in Illinois.
ii.Joan Dixon was born in 1937/38 in Illinois.
c.Harold W. Dixon was born 25 Apr 1918 in Washington.  He married Isabelle Dolores (29 Sep 1919 - 3 Feb 2005, Mission Viejo, Orange, CA).  They had three children.  Harold died 14 Jan 1998 in Mission Viejo, Orange, CA..
d.Gerald L. Dixon was born 25 Apr 1918 in Washington and died 19 May 2005 in Dunnellon, Marion, FL.
e.Floradella Dixon was born in 1924/25  in Illinois.
f.Owen Dixon was born in 1935/36 in Illinois.
2. Cecile M. Pond was born in Mar 1897 in Nebraska.  She married Fred Herbert (1889, Wisconsin - 1941, Ferndale, Whatcom, WA) on 10 Feb 1919 in Tacoma, Pierce, WA.  Cecile died 21 Sep 1952 in Bellingham, Whatcom, WA.
3. Earl S. Pond was born 10 Nov 1898 in Nebraska.  He married Agnes E. Salstrom (1906, Preston, King, WA - 1970, Snohomish Co., WA), daughter of William Erick Salstrom and Erika C. Hellman, on 25 Oct 1924 in New Westminster, British Columbia.  Earl died in Dec1974 in Seattle, King, WA.
a.Lois E. Pond was born in 1924/25 in Washington.  She married Lee R. Lowery on 2 Sep 1944 in Seattle, WA.
b.Cleonne Earline Pond was born in 1933/34 in Bellingham, Whatcom, WA.  She married Edward Leslie Clark (b. 1932/33, Seattle, WA) on 21 Mar 1952 in King Co., WA.
4. R. Wayne Pond was born 11 Aug 1908  in Washington.  He married Lillian A. Roessel (prob. 18 Apr 1910 - 15 Dec 2000, Everett, Snohomish, WA) on 6 Sep 1930 in Whatcom Co., WA.  Wayne died in Aug 1983 in Bellingham, WA.
5. Howard Neil Pond was born prob. 13 May 1917 in Washington.  He married Effie Louise Levitt (b. Sep 1919, Whatcom Co.; WA), daughter of Wesley and Maud Levitt, on 14 Nov 1936 in Whatcom Co., WA.  Howard died prob. 3 Feb 1988 in Lynden, Whatcom, WA.
a.Ruth Marie Pond was born in 1938/39 in Washington.
VIII.Amanda Scott was born 11 Nov 1820 in Chester, Geauga, OH.  She married Daniel Burton.Hale (1805-06, Connecticut - 1874/75). They lived in Geneva, Ashtabula, OH.  Amanda died 18 Sep 1900 in Kaukauna, Outagamie, WI.
A.Thomas J. Hale was born in 1841/42 in New York.
B.Austin B. Hale was born in 1843/44 in New York.
C.Sarah E. Hale was born in Feb 1848 in New York.  She married Osborn G. Lord (Dec 1845, Porter, Oxford, ME - 14 Feb 1915, Kaukauna, WI), son of Levi Lord and Louisa Merrifield, on 17 Jan 1875.
1.Laura Lord was born c. 1875/76 and died c. 1914.
IX.Betsy Scott was born in 1824.  She married (1) William King (b. Canada - d. 1852) c. 1845.  She married (2) Mr. Polter, c. 1858.
X. Levi David Scott was born 6 Nov 1830 in Chester, OH.  He was a sailor who settled in Buffalo, Erie, NY and became a grocer.  He married Ellen Hoar (1826/27,  Ireland - bef. 1880).  Levi died 25 Jan 1882 in Buffalo, NY.
A. Sarah Scott was born in 1856/57, prob in Buffalo, NY.



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