Descendants of Mary Scott of Crawford Co., PA

Mary Scott was born 6 May 1770 in Chester, MA.  She was the daughter of David and Mary Scott.  She married Levi Dewey (28 Jan 1764, Westfield, Hampden, MA - 30 Apr 1827, Meadville, Crawford, PA), son of Aaron Dewey and Sarah Noble, in 1791 in Huntingdon, Hampshire, MA.  Mary died 24 Dec 1836 in Meadville, PA.

I. Levi Dewey, Jr. was born 14 Feb 1792 in Norwich, Hampshire, MA.  He married Hannah Slayton (30 Jan 1793, Chester, Hampden, MA - 29 Jun 1857, Meadville, PA), daughter of Asa Slayton and Susannah Anderson, on 3 Dec 1816, prob. in Norwich, MA.  Levi died 9 Mar 1869 in Meadville, PA
A. Charles S. Dewey was  born 12 Sep 1817, prob. in Norwich, MA.  He married Susanna (Susan) (b. 1824/25, Pennsylvania., Charles died 25 Jan 1888, prob. in Crawford Co., PA
1.George Dewey was born in 1848/49 in Pennsylvania.
2.Harriet Adell Dewey was born in Dec 1851 in Pennsylvania.  She married George Gilbert Herriman (Nov 1836, Pennsylvania - 24 Jun 1913) in 1874/75.  Harriet died 7 May 1918.
a.Gertrude Herriman was born in Sep 1878 in Pennsylvania.  She married Mr. Hecker.  Gertrude died in 1910.
b.Marcella A. Herriman was born in Sep 1880 in Pennsylvania.  She married (1) Herbert James Holden (26 May 1875, Pennsylvania - 1935).  They were divorced bef. 1920.  She married (2) Charles A. Morton (14 Feb 1869 - 30 Oct 1949), son of Usial Morton and Harriet Eldred, on 17 Sep 1921 in Union City, Erie, PA.  Marcella died in Jun 1952.
i.Herbert Herriman Holden was born in 1898 in Pennsylvania and died in Jun 1910.
ii.Alice A. Holden was born 19 Dec 1900 in Pennsylvania.  She married Donald L. Eastman (2 Jun 1901, Union City, PA - 4 May 1992, Erie, Erie, PA), son of Frank D. Eastman and Daisy L. Lang, on 7 Mar 1923.  Alice died in Feb 1990.
A.  Frank Lang (Deke) Eastman was born 9 Oct 1924 in Union City, PA.  He married (1) Bernice E. Wallace (27 Apr 1921, New York - Jun 1971, Alabama), daughter of Lawrence J. and Olive C. Wallace.  They had four children.  He married (2) Jean B.  Frank died 6 Mar 2005 in Greensboro, Guilford, NC.
B.  Harriet Ellen Eastman was born 19 Dec 1926 in Union City, PA.  She married Charles Irvin Kennedy (b. Jun 1924), son of Royal Marshall Kennedy and Opal McGahan, on 5 Nov 1948 in Union City, PA.  They had three children.  Harriet died 17 Nov 2010 in Cranesville, Erie, PA.
c.Anna Herriman was born in Jul 1888 in Pennsylvania.  She married Jesse Voorhees (b. 1869/70, Pennsylvania), son of Charles Vorhees and Julia A. Shepard, on 26 Jun 1918 in Union City, PA.  They lived in Elmira, Chemung, NY.  Anna died in Feb 1983.
d.George Dewey Herriman (or Harriman) was born 6 Feb 1893 in Union, Erie, PA.  He married (1) Grace Eliza Braymer (1893, Pennsylvania - prob. 1951, Crawford Co., PA), daughter of Leon C. Braymer and Edith N. Hites, on 17 Sep 1913 in Union City, PA.  He married (2) Blanche Beatrice Baldwin (2 Mar 1899, Pennsylvania - May 1983, Lancaster, PA), daughter of Roy Marion Baldwin and Rose Delnora Oviatt, on 19 Jun 1935 in Union City, PA.  George died 31 Mar 1988 in Lancaster, PA.
i.Gilbert Braymer Harriman was born 18 Oct 1916 in Union City, Erie, PA.  He married (1) Jane Rolison Roberts (3 Feb 1918, New York - 2 May 2002, Edinboro, Erie, PA), daughter of Fred C. Roberts and Fannie B. Rolison, on 5 Apr 1941 in Union City, PA.  They had one child.  He married (2) Roberta Patricia Weikel (b. 1936, Pennsylvania) c. 1968.  Gilbert died 20 Dec 2010 in Erie, PA
ii.Gertrude Edith Herriman was born 19 Nov 1918 in Pennsylvania.  She married George J. Kapplinger (15 May 1913, Cook Co., IL - 10 Jan 1975, Arvada, Jefferson, CO), son of George Kapplinger and Anna Most.  Gertrude died 20 Aug 2004 in Jefferson Co., CO.
iii.Gwendolyn Herriman was born in 1923/24 in Pennsylvania.  She married Earl L. Stevens (18 Sep 1913 - 10 Mar 1996, Conneautville, Crawford, PA), son of Burton L. and Anna H. Stevens.  
3.Charles J. Dewey was born in 1854 in Pennsylvania.
B. Horace Andrew Dewey was born 24 Mar 1819, prob. in Norwich, MA.  He married Margaret Lytle (29 May 1821, Mercer Co., PA - 18 Sep 1885), daughter of David Lytle and Martha Gilmore.  They lived in French Creek, Mercer, PA.  Horace died 8 May 1882 in Utica, Venango, PA.
1. David Horace Dewey was born 12 May 1843 in Pennsylvania.  He married Ellen Jane Brest (7 Jan 1846, Pennsylvania - Jun 1920), daughter of Nathaniel Brest and Eliza Remley.  David died in Nov 1902.
a. William Spearman Dewey was born 21 Jan 1867 in New Lebanon, Mercer, PA.  He married Emma J. Long (28 Sep 1868, Natrona, Allegheny, PA - Nov 1942) on 6 Nov 1891 in Warren Co., PA.  He was in the oil drilling business and traveled extensively but lived mainly in Tulsa, OK.  William died 6 Apr 1926 in Houston, Harris, TX.
i.Charles Harry Dewey was born 31 Mar 1895 in Sturgeon, Allegheny, PA.  He married Inez Blansett (9 Feb 1903, Oklahoma - Jan 1985, Eureka, Greenwood, KS), daughter of Harden Blansett and Tennessee (Tennie) West.  Charles died in May 1982 in Eureka, KS.
A.  Emma Jane Dewey was born 10 Jan 1921 in Drumright, Creek, OK  She married Clarence E. Winn (2 Dec 1917, Eureka, KS - 17 Apr 2004, Rankin, Upton, TX), son of Elwin and Mabel L. Winn, on 5 Aug 1939 in Eureka, KA.  They had four children.  Emma died 27 Apr 2007 in Rankin, TX.
B.  Wilma Jean Dewey was born 4 Aug 1927 in Kansas.  She married James Arden (Bill) McKenzie (7 Sep 1920, Kansas - 20 Sep 2008, Eureka, KS), son of William F. McKenzie and Katherine Doering, on 23 Dec 1945.  They had four children.  Wilma died 8 Nov 2005 in Eureka, KS.
b. Effa (Effie) Kate Dewey was born in Jan 1869 in French Creek, PA.  She married William John Beightol (10 Dec 1862, Canal, Venango, PA - 4 Sep 1935, Utica, PA) on 4 Oct 1887 in Venango Co, PA.  In 1910, they were in Sistersville, Tyler, WV.  Effie died 12 May 1941 in Utica, Venango, PA
i.Clarence Ross Beightol was born in Jun 1891 in Pennsylvania or Ohio and died bef. 1935.
ii.Edgar D. Beightol was born 28 Sep 1899 in Pennsylvania.  He married (1) Eva Temple (1899, Pennsylvania - 20 May 1929), daughter of Lewis and Ida Temple.  He married (2) Nellie Judy (1910, Pennsylvania - 1987) on 23 Dec 1937.  They had three children.  Edgar died 20 Feb 1972 in Utica, PA.
c. Mary M. Dewey was born in Mar 1871, prob. in French Creek, PA.  She married William D. Morrison (b. Jan 1866, Pennsylvania), son of William and Jane Morrison, on 10 Oct 1891 in Venango Co., PA.
i.Mabel Emma Morrison was born in Sep 1892 in Pennsylvania.  She married Curtis Alton Nichols (19 Jul 1892, Newton, Westmoreland, PA - Jun 1975, Eldred, McKean, PA) on 6 Apr 1910 in Tyler Co., WV.  Mabel died in 1932 in McKean Co., PA.
A. .Victor L. Morrison was born 6 Feb 1910 in Tyler Co., WV.  He was the son of Mabel by an unknown father.  In the 1920 census, he was living with his grandparents in Oklahoma and listed as their son.  He married Lovella (28 Aug 1908, Oklahoma - 11 Feb 1986, Shawnee, Pottawatomie, OK).  They had at least one child.  Victor died 19 Feb 1969, prob. in Seminole, Seminole, OK.
B.  Dorothy M. Nichols was born in 1911/12 in West Virginia.
C.  Josephine E. Nichols was born in 1913/14 in Illinois.
D.  William E. Nichols was born 15 Oct 1916 in Illinois.  He married Erma E. Towner (24 Nov 1921 - 24 Jun 2002, Salisbury, Rowan, NC), daughter of Samuel Monroe and Margaret Towner, on 9 Aug 1947 in Olean, Cattaraugus, NY.  William died 6 Mar 1994 in Salisbury, NC.
E.  Alton L. Nichols was born 13 Jan 1918 in Pennsylvania and died 9 Mar 1990, prob. in Olean, NY.
F.  Charles Curtis Nichols was born 14 May 1920 in Pennsylvania.  He married Shirley Perry (17 Aug 1929 - 22 Feb 2004, Austin, Travis, TX).  Charles died 4 Aug 1989 in Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ..
ii.Flossie Ruth Morrison was born 7 Nov 1894 in Venango Co., PA and died bef. 1910.
d. Margaret Samantha Dewey was born 19 Sep 1873, prob. in French Creek, PA.  She married (1) William Christian Elwinger (24 Jan 1865, Sandy Creek, Venango, PA - 30 Oct 1911), son of Frederick Elwinger and Matild Loretta Boals, on 12 Apr 1894 in Galloway, Venango, PA.  She married (2) William Daniel Milspaw (1865/66, Pennsylvania - 1934, Wahsington Co., PA), son of Freeman M. Millspaw and Anna C. Culbertsen, on 17 Jul 1922 in Edinboro, Erie, PA, but the marriage appears to have broken up by 1930.  Margaret died 2 Sep 1937 in Los Angeles, CA.
i.Paul William Elwinger was born 18 Apr 1895 in Warren Co., PA.  He married Pearl Serena Leube (5 May 1895, McKean Co., PA - 31 Jul 1983, Erie, Erie, PA), daughter of John H. Leube and Susan Jane (Jennie) Kreider, on 8 Oct 1911 in Erie Co., PA.  Paul died in Feb 1989 in Pennsylvania.
A.  Jeannette P. Elwinger was born 16 Apr 1912 in Pennsylvania.  She married Dudley John Hoyt (8 Jun 1906, Erie, PA - 4 Jan 2004, Fairview, Erie, PA), son of John E. Hoyt and Sarah L. Custard, on 20 May 1933 in Erie Co., PA.  They had two children.  Jeannette died 22 Jun 2001 in Erie, PA.
B.  Geraldine Ruth Elwinger was born 23 Aug 1913 in Fairview, Erie, PA.  She married Arthur Leroy Hetz (6 May 1906, Pennsylvania - 25 May 1993, Fairview, Erie, PA), son of Frank C. Hetz and Mary M. Wagenman, on 24 Jun 1933 in Erie Co., PA.  They had three children.  Geraldine died 26 Nov 2005 in Erie, PA.
C.  Elaine Margaret Elwinger was born 19 Jul 1916 in Pennsylvania.  She married Edward Donald Dougan (2 Feb 1914, Erie, PA - 10 Apr 1995, Erie, PA), son of Benjamin Dougan and Florence N. Rice, in 1934/35.  They had three children.  Elaine died 19 May 2005 in Erie, PA.
D.  (Twila) June Elwinger was born 5 Jan 1929 in Erie, PA.  She married (1) John G. Donovan, Jr. (7 Jun 1925, New York - 6 Aug 1999, Warren, Warren, PA), son of John G. Donovan and Florence L. Fenessy, on 7 Aug 1948 in Warren, PA  They had three children.  She married (2) Lee J. Borger (25 Apr 1919, Du Bois, Clearfield, PA - 13 May 2010, Russell, Warren, PA), son of Emory E. and Helen F. Borger.  They had one child.  June died 3 Oct 2012.
ii.LaRue Frederick Elwinger was born 13 Oct 1896 in Sturgeon, Allegheny, PA.  He married Edith Smith (b. 1901, Pennsylvania), daughter of William Smith and Viola N. Cole, on 30 May 1921 in Chautauqua Co., NY.  They lived in Los Angles in the 1920s and 30s.  They had three children.  LaRue died 21 Jan 1987 in Girard, Erie, PA.
iii.Elsie F. Elwinger was born in 1898/99 in Pennsylvania.  She married Mr. Doolittle.
iv.Earl Wolfley Elwinger was born 29 Oct 1903 in Venango Co., PA.  He married (1) Ruth Lillian Heidt (b. 1906), daughter of Walter William Heidt and Gertrude Mary Smith, on 14 Feb 1924 in Los Angeles, CA.  The marriage ended in divorce.  He married (2) Lottie Ruth Shepherd (30 Jul 1905, Texas - 7 Jul 1997, Tulare Co., CA), daughter of William Thomas Shepherd and Mable Johnson Dyer, on 12 Nov 1939 in Los Angeles, CA.  They had three children.  Earl died 29 Jul 1976 in Visalia, Tulare, CA.
A. Richard Earl Elwinger was born 20 Dec 1924 in Los Angeles Co., CA.
v.Theodore R. Elwinger was born 1 Jul 1906 in Pennsylvania.  He married Pauline Gibson (20 Sep 1910, Arkansas - 24 Apr 1992, Camarillo, Ventura, CA), daughter of E.R. Gibson and Katherine Cash, on 26 Dec 1938 in Los Angeles, CA.  Theodore died 17 Dec 2004 in Camarillo, CA.
vi.Dorothy Ellen. Elwinger was born 10 Dec 1908 in New Bedford, Lawrence, PA.  She married James Daniel Anderson (23 Aug 1908, Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI - 4 Mar 2004, San Andreas, Calaveras, CA).  They had five children.  Dorothy died 7 May 2005 in San Andreas, CA.
e. Ettie Dewey was born in 1875/76 in Pennsylvania.
f.Lee Edward Dewey was born 27 Dec 1886 in Utica, Venanco, PA.  He married Tressie Bradford Flanders (22 May 1891, Bridgeport, Lawrence, IL - Jun 1974, Wichita, Sedgwick, KS), daughter of Leavitt Bradford Flanders and Eliza Price.  Lee died in Nov 1964 in Kansas.
i.Le Etta C. Dewey was born 16 Jun 1909 in Bridgeport, IL.  She married Melvin Phillip Hoot (6 May 1909, Oklahoma - 5 Jun 1970, Greenville, Pitt, NC), son of Delmar Charles Hoot and Anna Curry, on 26 Jul 1930 in Kay Co., OK.  They had three children.  Le Etta died 26 Apr 2002 in Atlanta, Fulton, GA.
ii.Audrey I. Dewey was born 24 Feb 1914 in Illinois.  She married Gifford Reese Seevers (24 Apr 1913, Oklahoma - 11 Aug 1998, Wichita, KS), son of Thomas R. Seevers and Laura May Flanders.  Audrey died in Aug 1980 in Wichita, KS..
iii.Robert Flanders Dewey was born 6 Nov 1918 in Oklahoma.  He married Roberta Ann (b. 1922) in 1942/43.  They had three children.  Robert died 28 Jul 1994 in Edmond, Oklahoma, OK.
g. Blanche L. Dewey was born 18 Dec 1888 in Pennsylvania.  She married William Menter Perdue (21 Jun 1881, New Castle, Lawrence, PA - Dec 1970, Crawford Co., PA), son of Daniel Keller Perdue and Estella Jane McBride, on 31 Jul 1937 in North East, Erie, PA.  Blanche died 15 Nov 1967 in Crawford Co., PA.
2. Samuel I. Dewey was born 7 Jan 1847 in Pennsylvania.  He married Lusetta (Lucy) Maria Brest (Apr 1849, Pennsylvania - 1923), daughter of Nathaniel Brest and Eliza Remley, in 1873/74.  Samuel died 13 Jun 1905 and is buried in Milledgeville, Mercer, PA
a. Anna Dewey was prob. born in French Creek, Mercer, PA and died bef. 1880.
b. Horace Edward (or Edward H.) Dewey was born 14 May 1875 in French Creek, PA.  He married (Ona) Daisy Dilly (b. Jun 1873, Mercer Co., PA), daughter of George and Eliza D. Dilly, in 1895/96.
i. Osta Marie Dewey was born 12 Oct 1896 in Pennsylvania.  She married Paul D. Voorhies (6 Sep 1896, Rena, Venango, PA - 13 Jan 1969, Cochranton, Crawford, PA), son of Robert Clayton Voorhies and Esther Rebecca Rennell, on 26 Apr 1917 in Mercer Co., PA.  Osta died 11 Jan 1971 in Mercer, Mercer, PA
A.  Helen Ruth Voorhies was born 14 Jun 1918 in Reno, PA.  She married Homer L. Vath (13 Nov 1909, Pennsylvania - 3 Jul 1998, Jackson Center, Mercer, PA).  They had four children.  Helen died 13 Jul 1998 in Jackson Center, PA.
B.  Robert H. Voorhies was born 4 Jul 1920 in Reno, PA.  He married Ada.  Robert died 4 Sep 1987 in North Carolina.
C.  Evelyn V. Voorhies was born 23 Sep 1922 in Reno, PA.  She married Cecil L. Peterson (4 Sep 1917, Pennsylvania - 28 Jun 2007, Meadville, Crawford, PA), son of Arden Leroy and Eliza Peterson, on 23 Sep 1940.  They had three children.  Evelyn died 13 Mar 2011 in Saegertown, Crawford, PA.
D.  Phyllis M. Voorhies was born 11 Nov 1924 in Reno, PA.  She married Daniel Monroe Schrock (12 Dec 1921, Hutchinson, Reno, KS - 10 Dec 2002, prob. Meadville, PA), son of Erwin E. Schrock and Anna Bontrager.  Phyllis died 25 Jun 1962 in Cochranton, Crawford, PA or Mahoning Co., OH.
E.  Pauline D. Voorhies was born 7 Jan 1927 in Reno, PA.  She married George E. Arbuckle (22 Feb 1926, Pennsylvania - 27 Jun 2007, Greenville, Mercer, PA), son of Daniel James Arbuckle and Belva M. Cochran, on 28 Apr 1945.  They had four children..
F.  Betty Louise Voorhies was born 29 Apr 1931 in Cochranton, PA.  She married Elmer Everton (25 Nov 1926, Pennsylvania - 29 Oct 1989, West Palm Beach, FL), son of Roland and Beatrice Everton.  They had four children..
G.  Thomas R. Voorhies was born 25 Jul 1935 in Cochranton, PA.  He married Ethel M. (b. Jan 1937).  They had at least one child.
ii. Georgia L. Dewey was born 16 Sep 1899 in Pennsylvania.  She married Delbert S. Richard (b. 1901, Pennsylvania), son of Sylvester and Martha Richard.  Georgia died 31 Jan 1982 in Ravenna, Portage, OH.
A.  Marion J. Richard was born in 1920/21 in Pennsylvania.  She married Mr. Flynn
B.  Daisy Martha Richard was born in 1922/23 in Pennsylvania.  She married (1) William James Ryan (23 Jun 1920, Macedonia, Summit, OH - 10 Dec 1948, Ohio), son of Roderick J. Ryan and Eva B. McRitchie.  They had at least two children.  She married (2) Joseph Komon (1923, Michigan - 27 Dec 1969, Warrensville Heights, Cuyahoga, OH), son of Joseph F. Komon and Frances Sherak, on 18 Aug 1950 in Summit Co., OH.  She married (3) Raymond P. McLaughlin (1921/22, Ohio - 9 Apr 1981, Bedford, Cuyahoga, OH).  Daisy died 7 Feb 1982 in Bedford, OH.
C.  Gladys Lilliam Richard was born 4 Jun 1923 in Pennsylvania.  She married Lowell Eugene Hanes (18 Dec 1921, Mantua, Portage, OH - 30 Mar 2013), son of Andrew G. Hanes and Lucille M. Payne, in 1945/46.  They had three children.  Gladys died 17 Mar 2009 in Portage Co., OH.
D.  Dorothy Arleen Richard was born 23 Jul 1925 in Pennsylvania.  She married Arthur Llewellyn Clay (18 Nov 1925, Wilkinsburg, Allegheny, PA - 30 Jul 2000, Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH).  They had two children.  Dorothy died 16 Oct 2014 in Twinsburg, Summit, OH.
E.  Madeline I. Richard was born in 1926/27 in Pennsylvania.  She married Walter Axel Johnson (poss. 14 Jan 1927, Ohio - 5 Sep 2001, Mayfield Heights, Summit, OH)..  They had at least two children.
F.  Paul S. Richard was born in 1928/29 in Pennsylvania.
iii. Goldie L. Dewey was born 12 Mar 1902 in Pennsylvania.  She married (1) Sherman Leroy (Roy) Dean (13 May 1899, Pennsylvania - 28 Nov 1969).  She married (2) Paul L. Nichols (4 Oct 1907 - 16 Aug 1989), son of Ralph Wilton Nichols and Clella May Bacon.  Goldie died 15 Jul 1971 in Crawford Co., PA.
A.  Edward C. Dean was born 27 Jan 1919 in Reno, Venango, PA.  He married Maude M. Bortz (10 Oct 1919, Pennsylvania - 20 Mar 2004, Stuart, Martin, FL), daughter of Clair Bortz and Elizabeth Adria, in 1938/39.  Edward died 17 Oct 2011 in Stuart, FL.
B.  Donald D. Dean was born 6 Oct 1924 in Franklin, Venango, PA.  He married Betty Haemer.  They had three children.  Donald died 24 Aug 1971.
c. Charles Norman Dewey was born 1 Apr 1877, prob. in French Creek, PA.  He married Genevieve Cooper (31 Jul 1876, Pennsylvania - 29 Jun 1954) in 1894/95.  They lived in Crawford Co., PA and later in Harrisonburg, VA, where he was a minister and naturopath.  Charles died 8 Jan 1961.
i. Kenneth Audley Dewey was born 3 Oct 1896 in Mercer Co., PA.  He married Maude E. (1896, Virginia - 1971).  Kenneth died 26 Jun 1956 and is buried in Falls Church, VA.
A.  Frances M. Dewey was born in 1920/21 in Virginia.
B.  Charles A. Dewey was born in 1922/23 in Virginia.
ii. Bernard Wayne Dewey was born 27 Nov 1898 in Pennsylvania.  He married (1) Wilma Maude Henton (24 Mar 1897, Keezletown, Rockingham, VA - 6 Apr 1981, Vancouver, British Columbia), daughter of Calvin Andrew Henton and Lucy Etta Fisher, on 2 Jan 1923 in Rockingham Co., VA.  They were divorced by 1930.  He married (2) Mary (Mamie) L. (19 Feb 1895, Kentucky - May 1991, Virginia) bef. 1940.  Bernard died 17 Nov 1990 in Fairfax City, VA.
A.  Bea Wayne Dewey was born in 1923/24 in Virginia.  She married Frank Ervin Gamble (26 Sep 1917, Wayne, Wayne, NE - 9 Dec 1991, Vancouver, British Columbia), son of Frank Erwin Gamble, Sr. and Annie Gracy Lowry, in May 1944.  They had four children.  Bea died in Mar 1999, prob. in Vancouver, British Columbia.
iii. Helen B. Dewey was born in 1901/02 or 1903/04 in Pennsylvania.
d. Wealthy (Wealtha) Mae Dewey was born 2 Jan 1879 in New Lebanon, Mercer, PA.  She married George Madison Boyd (6 Jun 1873, Rouseville, Venango, PA - 19 Aug 1939, Sandy Lake, Mercer, PA), son of Samuel A. Boyd and Margaret Patton,  on 21 Mar 1900 in Mercer Co., PA.  Wealthy died 12 Sep 1951.
i. Margaret Berdeen Boyd was born 6 May 1902 in Pennsylvania.  She married Walter Adams (10 May 1900, Pennsyvlania - 22 Nov 1974, Sharon, Mercer, PA), son of John G. Adams and Nancy Amelia Hoftus.  They had at least one child.  Margaret died 7 Mar 1988 in Spartanburg, SC
ii. Edith (Edyth) L. Boyd was born 9 Jan 1914 in Sandy Lake, PA.  She married William J. Paxton (1910/11 - 4 Nov 1999) on 31 May 1931.  They had three children.  Edith deied 8 Oct 2000 in Grove City, Venango, PA.
iii. James Dale Boyd was born 18 Jan 1917 in Pennsylvania.  He married Margaret Trevitt on 12 Sep 1953.  They had three children.  James died 10 Jan 2003 in Sandy Lake, PA.
e. (Margaret) Gertrude Dewey was born 2 Dec 1880 and never married.  She died in 1955.
f. Laura Edith Dewey was born 18 Dec 1883 in Pennsylvania.  She married Walter Whitman (21 Sep 1882, Sugar Creek, Venango, PA - 1964), son of James and Sarah J. Whitman, on 25 Feb 1903 in Venango Co., PA.  They lived in Greenville, Mercer, PA.
i. Harold J. Whitman was born 23 Jul 1905 in Pennsylvania and died 7 Jan 1981 in Greenville, PA.
ii. Martha Whitman was born 17 Jul 1909 in Pennsylvania.  She married Raymond Moyer.
iii. Lusetta Edith Whitman was born 14 Jun 1918 in Pennsylvania.  She married William W. Laird, Jr. (23 Jul 1919, Greenville, PA - 25 Sep 1994), son of William W. Laird, Sr. and Ada L. Lockwood.  They had at least two children.  Lusetta died 30 May 2005.
g. George A. Dewey was born 15 Sep 1888.  He died  in 1918 in France while fighting in World War I 
h. Walter Dewey was born 17 Jul 1891 and died 13 Jun 1905.
3. Anna Dewey was born in c. 1848 in Pennsylvania.  In 1880, she was living with her parents.  In 1910, she was prob. unmarried and living in Utica, Venango, PA.
4. Angelina Dewey was born in Aug 1850 in Pennsylvania.  She married George S. Free (b. Apr 1850, Pennsylvania), son of Emmanuel E. and Rebecca Free, in 1869/70.  They lived in Sharpsville, Mercer, PA. Angelina died in 1920 in Mercer Co., PA.
a. Charles Norman Free was born in Dec 1872 in Pennsylvania.  He married (1) Emma R. Pringle (Dec 1861, Pennsylvania - 1903, Milledgeville, Mercer, PA), daughter of Robert M. Pringle and Elizabeth Neely, in 1897/98.  He married (2) Elziabeth M. (1881/82, Pennsylvania - aft. 1970).  Charles died in 1933 in Mercer Co., PA.  Gladys, Glen, Lottie, Goldie, and Elizabeth were all unmarried and living with their mother in Greenville, Mercer, PA in the 1950s.
i.Erwin L. Free was born in 1900 in Pennsylvania.  He married Delia A. Gasboda (b. 1905, Michigan), daughter of John Gasboda and Anna Lake, on 28 May 1925 in Detroit, Wayne, MI.  They appear to have been childless.
ii.Gladys L. Free was born 12 Dec 1903 in Pennsylvania and died 27 May 1981 in Mercer Co., PA.
iii.Winifred Viola Free was born 23 Dec 1915 in Pennsylvania.  She married Ralph Daniel Burnett (9 Oct 1915 - 20 Sep 1995).  Viola died 14 Feb 1997.
iv.Glen Herbert Free was born 3 Feb 1918 in Pennsylvania.and died 22 Jan 1966 in Greenville, PA.
v.Lottie Leona Free was born 21 Dec 1918 in Ohio or Pennsylvania and died 5 Apr 2004 in Mercer Co., PA.
vi.Goldie M. Free was born 13 Dec 1921 in Pennsylvania and died 4 Mar 1996 in Mercer Co., PA.
vii.Ruth Irene Free was born 22 Aug 1922 in Sharpsville, Mercer, PA.  She married Franklin W. Hess (10 Feb 1908, Allentown, Lehigh, PA - 4 Jan 1997, Bethlehem, Northampton, PA) in 1943.  They had one child.  Ruth died 5 Dec 1970 in Allentown, PA.
viii.Elizabeth M. Free was born 7 Mar 1926 in Pennsylvania.
b. Almond (Almand, Alman) Emanuel Free was born 30 May 1874 in Deer Creek, Mercer, PA.  He married (1) Louminne (Minnie) Devaul (5 Aug 1881, Monroe Co., OH - 25 Sep 1916, Macomb, McDonough, IL), daughter of John Theodore Devaul and Susan M. Truex, in 1899 in Marshall Co., WV.  He married (2) Mary Lou Kittrell (b. 1883, Tennessee), daughter of Thomas and Fannie G. Kittrell, on 29 Nov 1917 in Putnam Co., TN.  Almond died 23 Jul 1961 in El Paso, El Paso, TX.
i.Edna Bernice Free was born 17 Sep 1907 in Jerusalem, Monroe, OH.  She married (1) Otis Erzale Duvall (1904, Lubbock, Lubbock, TX - 30 Aug 1934, Fort Bend Co., TX), son of William Scott Duvall and Minnie Bell Lewis.  She married (2) Fred Gordon (31 Jan 1919, Wheeler, Wheeler, TX - 29 Nov 1969, El Paso, TX), son of James Harrison Gordon and Millie Inez Albritton.  Bernice died 4 Dec 1981 in Dallas, TX.
A.  Almand Erzale Duvall was born 31 May 1926 in Texas.  He married Marilyn Rae Penrod (18 Dec 1932, Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA - 19 Nov 2007, Las Vegas, Clark, NV), daughter of Ray Penrod and Ina McPherson.  They had six children.  Almand died 8 Apr 1992 in Odessa, Ector, TX.
B.  Betty Yvonne Duvall was born 17 Jan 1928 in Santa Rita, Reagan, TX.  She married Wallace Curl (26 Aug 1925, Orange Co., TX - 1 Dec 1974, Galveston, Galveston, TX), son of Archie and Pearl Curl.  They had two children.
ii.Nina May Free was born 15 Dec 1914 in Ohio.  She married Numa Louis Courreges (21 Jun 1905, Louisiana - 1961, Albuquerque, Bernalillo, NM), son of Charles Ernest Courreges and Eva Virginie Cantrelle.  They had seven children.  Nina aided 7 Feb 2008 in El Paso, TX.
c. Harry Herman Free was born 27 Mar 1876 in Pennsylvania.  He never married.  Harry died 18 Jul 1950 in Elba, Lapeer, MI.
d. Amelia (Millie) Free was born in 1878/79 in Pennsylvania.
e. Margaret (Maggie) Free was born in Aug 1884 in Pennsylvania.
f. Leona Free was born in Apr 1888 in Pennsylvania.
5. Charles Dewey was born in 1851/52 in Pennsylvania.
6. Nancy Jane Dewey was born 22 Jan 1856 in New Lebanon, Mercer, PA.  She married George Merriman Peterson (10 May 1851, Fairfield, Crawford, PA - 5 Mar 1940, Sturgeon, Allegheny, PA), son of William Peterson and Ruth Burson, on 19 Nov 1874 in New Lebanon. PA.  Nancy died 10 Mar 1935 in Fairfield, Crawford, PA.
a. Emmett Charles (or Charles E.) Peterson was born 20 Jun 1875 in Pennsylvania.  He married Catherine Evelyn Rumbaugh (19 May 1877, McKean Co, PA - 5 Dec 1959, Carnegie, Allegheny, PA), daughter of Jacob Rumbaugh and Johanna Boney, in Sep 1895.  They lived in McDonald, Washington, PA.  Emmett died 1 Jan 1956, prob. in Allegheny Co., PA. 
i. Mildred R. Peterson was born in Feb 1898 in Pennsylvania.
ii. Floretta Peterson was born in 1900/01 in Pennsylvania.
b. Floyd Frank Peterson was born 13 Jun 1877 in Hannasville, Venango, PA.  He married (1) Sarah Cecilia Cummings (30 Jul 1876, Fairfield Twp., Butler, PA - 31 Aug 1949, Erie, Erie, PA) in 1895.  He married (2) Alice Lorena Doty (27 May 1895, Ruff Creek, Greene, PA - 25 Feb 1968, Washington, Washington, PA), daughter of Francis Marion Doty and Mary Platt, aft. 1920.  They lived in Washington Co., PA.  Floyd died 2 Jun 1942 in Washington, PA.
Children with Sarah Cummings:
i.  Edna Ruth Peterson was born 25 Jun 1896 in Sturgeon, Allegheny, PA.  She married Joseph Roy Lehr (12 Apr 1894 - Feb 1968, Erie, Erie, PA), son of George J. and Teresa Lehr, on 5 Oct 1920 in Erie, PA.  Edna died 19 Nov 1991 in Erie, PA.
A.  Joseph Roy Lehr, Jr. was born 28 Nov 1925.  He married Lois Ott.  Joseph died in May 1974 in Erie Co., PA.
B.  Nancy Mae Lehr was born 21 May 1931.  She married Thomas B. Holmstrom (5 Dec 1929, Erie, PA - 19 Jun 1985, Erie, PA).  Nancy died 15 Oct 2007 in Erie, PA.
ii. Clyde Marion Peterson was born 2 Jan 1898 in Sturgeon, PA.  He married Viola Edna Miller (25 Oct 1898, prob. Missouri - Apr 1981, Easton, Buchanan, MO) on 24 Jan 1922 in St. Joseph, Buchanan, MO.  They had two children.  Clyde died 9 Jun 1990 in St. Joseph, MO.
A. Imogene Peterson was prob. born 6 Nov 1925 and prob. died in Feb 1996 in St. Joseph, MO.
iii. Ethel Nancy Peterson was born 30 Aug 1899 in Scio, Harrison, OH.  She married (1) Harry (?) Harper c. 1917/18.  She married (2) Harry Crosser aft. 1920.  They had three children.  Ethel died in Dec 1972 in St. Marys, Pleasants, WV.
A.  Eleanor Harper Crosser was born 21 Jul 1920 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA and died 16 Jan 1997 in St. Mary's, WV.
iv. Anna Marie Peterson was born 2 Apr 1901 in Scio, OH and died 2 Jul 1901 in Scio, OH.
v. Earl Henry Peterson was born 25 Mar 1902 in Woodsfield, Monroe, OH.  He married Vivian Pauline McNealy (27 Oct 1904 - 6 Oct 1994, Washington, Washington, PA), daughter of Jesse C. McNealy, on 19 Jun 1923 in Washington, PA.  Earl died 17 Nov 1995 in Washington, PA.
vi. Walter Raymond Peterson was born 5 Sep 1903 in Woodsfield, OH and died 26 Oct 1977 in Warren, Warren, PA.
vii. Gertrude Irene Peterson was born 10 Dec 1905 in Burton, Wetzel, WV.  She married Kenneth Alden Miller (10 Apr 1916, Girard, Erie, PA - 17 Mar 1992, Millcreek, Erie, PA), son of Lee Miller and Mary Louell Alden.  Gertrude died 6 Jun 2002 in Millcreek, PA.
viii. Edwin Leonard Peterson was born 12 Oct 1907 in Cameron, Marshall, WV.  He married Rose Josephine Malanowski (27 Nov 1912, prob. Erie, PA - 12 Apr 2006, Erie, PA), prob. the daughter of Frank and Rosalia Malanowski, on 17 Oct 1936.  Edwin died 16 Mar 1990 in Erie, PA.
ix. Bernice Eunice Peterson was born 10 Oct 1910 in Moundsville, Marshall, WV.  She married Frank Joseph Rogers on 28 May 1930.  Bernice died 30 Jun 1990 in Greenville, Mercer, PA.
x. Harold Joseph Peterson was born 4 Sep 1914 in Moundsville, WV.  He married Edna Gertrude McPherson (21 Mar 1920 - 21 Jun 1996, Parkersburg, Wood, WV).  Harold died 25 Apr 2006 in Marietta, Washington, OH.
xi. William Cummings Peterson was born 26 Dec 1917 in Moundsville, WV and died 9 Aug 1944 in France during World War II.
Children with Alice Doty:
xii. Floyd Frank Peterson, Jr. was born 10 Oct 1916 in Greene Co., PA.  He married Arma Heritage Gorham (26 Apr 1920, Chicago, Cook, IL - 5 Jun 1968, Washington, PA).  Floyd died 6 Feb 1990 in Canonsburg, Washington, PA.
xiii. Francis Leonard Peterson was born 19 Oct 1920.
xiv. George Doty Peterson was born 28 Apr 1925.
c. Etta Viola Peterson was born 27 Aug 1879 in Hannaville, Venango, PA.  She married James Scott Steele (12 May 1873, Scotland - 8 Dec 1953, Sturgeon, Allegheny, PA) on 24 Feb 1897.  They lived in South Fayette, Allegheny, PA.  Etta died 12 Jan or Feb 1963 in Mansfield, Richland, OH.
i. Ella Mae Steele was born 8 Mar 1900.  She married Herman Yost (23 Jul 1895 - Apr 1975, Springdale, Allegheny, PA) on 9 Sep 1925 in Sturgeon, PA.  They had two children.  Ella died 28 Aug 1983 in Windsor, Hartford, CT.  She and Herman are buried in Lakewood Gardens Memorial Cemetery in Cheswick, Allegheny, PA.
ii. Esther S. Steele was born 2 Aug 1902.  She married John Paul Kennedy, son of Thomas Kennedy, in Nov 1922 in Sturgeon, PA.  They had at least one son.  They resided in Pittsburgh, PA.  Esther died 20 Jul 1991.
iii. James Scott Steele, Jr. was born 11 Nov 1904.  He married Rose Smith (b. 1904/05).   James died in Dec 1974 in Mansfield, Richland, OH..
iv. Anna Lorraine Steele was born 24 Sep 1907.  She married Robert Howard McCandless (c. 1907 - c. 1965/66, Mesa, Maricopa, AZ), son of Robert Howard McCandless, Sr., on 15 Apr 1927 in Sturgeon, PA..  They had four children.  Anna died 21 Nov 1995 in Mesa, AZ.
d. Oscar H. Peterson was born 5 May 1881.  He married (1) Lucy (Lutie) S. Warth (16 Dec 1886, Ohio - 27 Jul 1930, prob. Cowley Co., KS), daughter of Morgan A. and Lizzie F. Warth.  In 1910, they were living in Moundsville, Marshall, WV.  In 1920, they were living in Arkansas City, Cowley, KS.  He married (2) Marian E. Wall (b. 18 Feb 1896, prob. Wilmington, New Castle, DE), daughter of George M. Wall and Lottie P. Mills.  Oscar died 16 Dec 1953 in Twinsburg, Summit, OH.
i.  Beatrice W. Peterson was born 11 Aug 1903 in Ohio.  She married Robert N. Hearne (11 Jun 1895 - Sep 1962).  Beatrice died in Aug 1985 in Arkansas City, Cowley, KS.
A. Roy D. Hearne was born in 1925.
B. Keith W. Hearne was born 7 Aug 1927.  He married Julia (or Judy) Jean Le Clair (28 Mar 1930 - 20 Dec 1993, Arkansas City, KS), daughter of Henry Le Clair and Julia Emaline Pappan, on 7 Jun 1952.  They had one son.  Keith died 14 Apr 1994 in Arkansas City, KS.
C. Joseph Hearne was born 24 Oct 1931 and died in Mar 1972.
D. John R. Hearne was born 14 Jul 1935.
e. Ella Mae Peterson was born 8 Mar 1883.  She married Eston Smith Heironimus (28 Oct 1882, Virginia - 29 Oct 1961) on 7 Dec 1905.  They lived in North Fayette, Allegheny, PA.  Ella died 1 Apr 1976 in Oakdale, Allegheny, PA.
i.  Ross Odell Heironimus was born 29 Sep 1906.  He married Alice Wellings on 22 Oct 1927.  Ross died 22 Dec 1937.
C. Henry H. Dewey was born 17 Feb 1821 in Meadville, Crawford, PA and died 15 Jul 1822 in Meadville, PA.
D. Samuel H. Dewey was born 3 Dec 1822 in Meadville, PA and died 7 Dec 1822 in Meadville, PA.
E. Samuel Stillman Dewey was born 24 Jan 1826 in Meadville, PA.  He married (1) Nancy L. Dayton (1827/28, Potsdam, St. Lawrence, NY - 4 May 1848) in Jun 1847 in Potsdam, NY.  He married (2) Julia Ann Rodgers (b. 11 Jan 1834, Lockport, Will, IL), daughter of William Rodgers and Almira Buck, on 28 Apr 1850 in Lockport, IL.  Samuel died 1 Jul 1877 in Firth, Lancaster, NE.
1. Nancy Lavina Dewey was born 24 Apr 1848 in Meadville, PA and died 16 Aug 1865.
2. Mary (May) Augusta Dewey was born 18 Dec 1851 in Lockport, IL.  She married Peter Ellsworth Triem (17 Jan 1850, Canton, Stark, OH - 6 Jan 1910, Seattle, King, WA), son of Lewis Ludwig Triem and Elisabeth Huppert, on 23 Aug 1877 in La Porte, IN.  In 1898, they were living in Manchester, Delaware, IA, where Peter was a well-known homeopathic physician.  After Paul died, Mary lived with her son Paul's family.  She died in Feb 1937 in Des Moines, Polk, IA.
a. Flora Helen Triem was born 22 Jul 1878 in Manchester, IA and died 16 Jan 1881 in La Porte, IN.
b. Paul Ellsworth Triem was born 4 Mar 1882 in Manchester, IA.  He was a writer of occult works and pulp fiction, mainly under the name "Paul Ellsworth."  He married (1) Wilhelmina (Minnie) E. Wetzstein (Feb 1880, Dysart, Tama, IA - 26 Aug 1923, Marin Co., CA), daughter of John Wetzstein and Anna Gertrude Schuchart, on 5 Mar 1903.  They were living in Seattle, King, WA in 1910-20 and in Marin Co., CA by the time of Minnie's death.  Paul married (2) Helen Eva Platnik (2 Nov 1902, New York, NY - 26 Dec 1992, Seattle, WA) in 1924, prob. in California.  She was a friend of e.e. cummings and wrote poetry as "Eve Triem."  Paul died 14 Apr 1976 in Seattle, WA.
i. Francis E. Triem was born 2 Apr 1905 in Iowa and died in Jul 1970 in Des Moines, Polk, IA.
ii. Justin Dewey Triem was born 15 Jan 1909 in Iowa.  He was a comic book writer in the 1940's.  Justin died 6 Oct 1991 in Monroe Co., FL.
iii.Yvonne Triem was born in 1925/26.  She married Joseph M. Prete.  They had two children.
iv.Peter Dewey Triem was born in 1927/28.  He married Judith A.  They had two children.
F. Avery Wilson Dewey was born 4 May 1828 in Meadville, PA.  He married Julia M. Waite (Feb 1829, Willoughby, Lake, OH - 1906, Willoughby, OH), daughter of Alvan Waite and Sophronia Gunn, on 2 Jul 1850 in Willoughby, OH.  Avery died in 1887 in Willoughby, OH.
1. Ella S. Dewey was born 17 Jan 1852.  She married John Pelton (b. 1843, Ohio) on 17 Apr 1888 in Lake Co., OH.  John was a widower with children from his first marriage, but he and Ella had no children of their own.
2. Ida Mae Dewey was born in 1856 in Willoughby, OH.  She married Samuel E. Hughes (1854, Mentor, Lake, OH - 1902, Willoughby, OH), son of Benjamin Hughes and Mary Barr, on 24 Oct 1882 in Willoughby, OH.  Ida died in 1933 in Willoughby, OH.
a. Ella Mary Hughes was born 3 Jun 1886 in Collinwood, Cuyahoga, OH.  She married Herbert Culp (b. 10 Jan 1882, Middlesex Co., Ontario Canada), son of Hamilton Culp and Nancy Jane (Jennie) Kelley, on 10 Jan 1907 in Lake Co., OH.  They were living in Wayne Co., MI by 1930.  Ella died in Jun 1983 in Dearborn, Wayne, MI.
i. Herbert L. Culp was born 13 Jan 1910 in Ohio and died in May 1983 in Dearborn, MI.
ii. Margaret Ruth Culp was born 14 Apr 1915 in Lake Co., OH.
b. Julia Elizabeth Hughes was born 13 Aug 1889 in Collinwood, OH.  She married (1) Chester H. Huff (Feb 1887, Indiana - 1910, Willoughby, Lake, OH), son of Abijah J. and Catherine C. Huff, on 3 May 1909 in Lake Co., OH.  She married (2) Clifford Harrison Rockafellow (1889, Willoughby, OH - 1928, Newburgh, Cuyahoga, OH), son of Samuel Ashford Rockafellow and Ida Mae Pease, on 20 Oct 1915 in Willoughby, OH.  Julia died in 1963 in Willoughby, OH.
i. Chester Huff, Jr. was born in 1910 in Willoughby, OH and died in 1928 in Willoughby, OH.
ii. Idamae Rockafellow was born 24 Mar 1917 in Willoughby, OH.  She married Louis Clark Hoover (21 Jul 1907, Pomeroy, Meigs, OH - 2 Dec 1988, Willoughby, OH) on 20 Sep 1944 in Colorado Springs, El Paso, CA.  They had one son.
c. Elizabeth (Bessie) Barr Hughes was born in 1891/92 in Willoughby, OH.  She married Homer R. Johnson (b. 1887, Ohio) on 21 Jan 1911.  Elizabeth may have died bef. 1930.
i. Howard R. Johnson was born 24 Oct 1912.  He married Elsie M. Ferry (14 Feb 1912 - Jun 1983, Painesville, Lake, OH), daughter of Alfred Ferry and Jennie Parker .  Howard died in Feb 1986 in Painesville, OH.  He and Elsie are buried in Mentor Cemetery in Lake County.
ii. Elizabeth Barr Johnson was born c. Dec 1919 in Ohio.  She married John Robert Dymock (4 Nov 1916, Willoughby, OH - 23 Aug 1998, Tucson, Pima, AZ), son of John W. and Mabel A. Dymock, in Willoughby, OH.  They had one son.  Elizabeth died in 1952.
3. Walter L. Dewey was born 30 Jul 1859 in Willoughby, OH and died in Jul 1894 in Willoughby, OH.
4. Alvan W. Dewey was born 3 Feb 1860 in Willoughby, OH and died in 1878 in Willoughby, OH.
5. Clara H. Dewey was born 20 Sep 1864 in Willoughby, OH and died 22 Aug 1867 in Willough, OH.
G. Sarah Ann Dewey was born 16 May 1830 in Meadville, Crawford, PA.
H. Adaline E. Dewey was born 16 Apr 1832 in Meadville, PA.
I. Levi S. Dewey was born 16 Jun 1835 in Meadville, PA.
II. Ann Dewey was born 24 Jan 1794 in Norwich, Hampshire, MA.  She married Jabez B. Sacket (14 Dec 1788, Westfield, Hampshire, MA - 17 Nov 1870, Meadville, PA), son of Zaven Sacket and Abigail Bills) on 4 May 1815 in Norwich, MA.  Ann died 14 Jan 1832 in Meadville, PA.  (After Ann died, Jabez married Emily Eells, sister of Hannah Eells.  In 1880, Emily was living with her stepson Levi and his family.)
A. Edward B.R. Sacket was born 6 Jul 1816 in Massachusetts.  He married Sabrina S. Wright (b. 2 Nov 1809, prob. Easthampton, Hampshire, MA), daughter of Gideon Wright and Sabrina Sheldon, on 25 Apr 1839.
1. Frances Almena Sacket was born 8 Feb 1840 and died 3 Sep 1847.
2. Flavia S. Sacket was born 3 Apr 1842 in Meadville, PA.  She married Horatio Wright (b. 1833/34, Pennsylvania), son of Horatio Wright and Hannah Eells, on 30 May 1865.  In 1880, they were living in Mead, Crawford, PA.
a. Herbert Wright was born in Feb 1868 in Pennsylvania.  In 1900-20, he was living with his brother.
b. Arthur Wright was born in Dec 1872 in Pennsylvania.  He married Maude Louise (b. Jan 1880, Pennsylvania) in 1898/99.  They lived in Mead, PA.
i. Margaret Louise Wright was born c. May 1907 and was adopted by Arthur and Maude.
3. Edward Payson Sacket was born 30 Jan 1848 and died 23 Jun 1862.
B. Charles Dewey Sackett was born 21 Jun 1820 in Westfield, Hampden, MA.  He married Mary Ann Dickson (17 Apr 1833, Ripley, Chautauqua, NY - 1 Oct 1902, Westfield, Chautauqua, NY), daughter of William Dickson and Elisabeth Dickson, on 4 Nov 1856.  Charles died 27 May 1862 in Jamestown,Chautauqua, NY.
1. Clara Elisabeth Sackett was born 13 May 1859 in Westfield, Chautauqua, NY.  She was an artist and was unmarried.  She lived in Buffalo, Erie, NY.
2. Charles Edward Sackett was born 24 Dec 1861 in Jamestown, Chautauqua, NY.  He was prob. the Charles E. Sackett who graduated from Yale in 1883, was a lawyer in Butte, Silver Bow, MT in 1900, and was a court reporter in Anaconda, Deer Lodge, MT in 1920.
C. James W. Sackett was born 30 Aug 1822 in Massachusetts.  He married Elizabeth (Eliza, Lizzie) R. Johnson (1828, Massachusetts - bef. 1899), daughter of Andrew and Mary A. Johnson, on 20 Jan 1853. By 1870, they were in Prairieville, Barry, MI.  James died 13 Jun 1899 in Prairieville, MI.
1. Josephine Sackett was born 17 Feb 1854 in Pennsylvania.
D. Jabez E. Sackett, Jr. was born 1 Feb 1827 in Massachusetts.  He married Esther Maria White (31 Oct 1831, Erie, Erie, PA - 5 May 1880) on 27 Jun 1849 in Meadville, Crawford, PA.  Jabez died 7 May 1882 in Prairieville, Barry, MI.
1. Clarence E. Sackett was born 3 Nov 1852 and died 28 Aug 1856.
2. Cora E. Sackett was born 15 Dec 1856 in Pennsylvania.
3. Rose Alba Sackett was born 1 or 2 May 1858 in Prairieville, MI.  She married Stephen Temple (b. Sep 1854, Michigan), son of Christopher and Jane Temple, in 1878, prob. in Prairieville, MI.  They moved to Topeka, Shawnee, KS bef. 1910.  Rose died in Jul 1919 in Topeka, KS.
a. Winifred C. Temple was born in 1879 in Michigan.
b. Benjamin Stephen Temple was born 13 Nov 1881 in Michigan.  He remained in Barry Co, MI when his parents moved to Kansas, then moved to Flint, Genesee, MI.  He married Mary Alice (b. 1884/85, Michigan) in 1904 in Michigan.  Benjamin died 3 Jun 1957 in Henderson Co., TN.
i. Howard C. Temple was born in 1906/07 in Michigan.
c. Harold Walter Temple was born 21 Nov 1890 in Michigan.  He was married and living in Shawnee Co., KS as late as 1917 but may have died bef. 1920.
d. Donovan (Don) Gordon Temple was born 25 Dec 1899 in Michigan.  He married Myrtle Marie Hazzard  (11 Aug 1896 - 19 Mar 1959, Lawrence, Douglas, KS), but in 1930 he was living with his father and listed as single.  Myrtle subsequently remarried.  Donovan died in Apr 1973 in Topeka, KS.
i.Donald Montreal Temple was born 20 Jan 1917 in Lawrence, KS.  He married Diane Bennett Gile.  Donald died 10 May 1986 in Columbus, Luna, NM.
ii.Betty Temple was born 21 Jul 1921 in Missouri.  She married Ralph McMaster Mason (27 Dec 1918 - 25 Jan 1995, Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN).  Betty died 3 Aug 2003 in Minneapolis, MN.
4. Mary E. Sackett was born 9 Feb 1862 in Michigan.  In 1920, she was single and living with her brother-in-law Stephen Temple.
5. Pierre B. Sackett was born 28 Jun 1864 and died 12 Dec 1874.
6. Helen Frances Sackett was born 1 Jun 1867 in Michigan.  In 1900 and 1910, she was single and living with Stephen and Rose Temple.  Helen died in 1936.
7. Jessie S. Sackett was born 8 Nov 1869 in Michigan.  In 1920, she was single and living with her brother-in-law Stephen Temple.
E. Levi Dewey Sacket was born 3 Dec 1828 in Massachusetts.  He married (1) Sarah E. Palmer (19 Feb 1830 - 29 Oct 1864), daughter of Sylvanus Palmer and Mary Elmendorf, on 13 Apr 1859.  He married (2) Harriet Marie Palmer (16 Oct 1831, New York - 3 Dec 1871, Crawford Co., PA), daughter of Sylvanus Palmer and Mary Elmendorf, on 21 Dec 1865.  He married (3) Mary (b. 1828/29.)  Levi died 11 Sep 1898 in Meadville, Crawford, PA.
1. Mary (May, Mae) E. Sacket was born 8 May 1860 in Pennsylvania.  She married John H. Hunter (b. Nov 1854, Pennsylvania) on 1 May 1888.  They lived in Hayfield, Crawford, PA.
a. John Orville Hunter was born 12 Jun 1890 in Pennsylvania.  He married Orpha N. Dearborn (25 Apr 1900, Hayfield, PA - Apr 1973, Meadville, PA), daughter of Walter A. and Cora D. Dearborn, bef. 1930.  They had at least one child.  John died in Nov 1988 in Meadville, PA.
2. Willis O. Sacket was born 8 Sep 1861 and prob. died bef. 1870.
3. Howard Sacket was born 23 Dec 1863 in Pennsylvania and died 11 Mar 1928.
4. Schuyler Sacket was born 27 Mar 1868 in Pennsylvania.  As of 1900, he was unmarried.  Schuyler died in May 1937, prob. in Meadville, PA.
5. Herman P. Sacket was born 11 Oct 1869 in Pennsylvania.
6. Grace Imogene Sacket was born 30 Jul 1871 in Pennsylvania.  She married Samuel Alexander Murray (20 Sep 1872, Princetown, Schenectady, NY - 12 Oct 1931, Schenectady, NY) in 1896 in Princetown, NY.
a. Earl J. Murray was born in Apr 1897 in Pennsylvania.
b. Alan Dewey Murray was born 15 Jun 1898 in Philadelphia, PA.  He married Dorothy Elizabeth Bradt (24 Oct 1905, Schenectady, NY - 19 Jan 2000) on 17 Aug 1928 in Rotterdam, Schenectady, NY.  They had two children.  Alan died 21 Apr 1988 in Schenectady, NY.
c. Hazel Murray was born in 1900/01 in Pennsylvania.
d. Lauren W. Murray married was born in 1904/06 in New York.  He married  Leah M. DeGroff (b. 1906/07), daughter of Lewis and Stella DeGroff, bef. 1930.  They had two children.
e. Mea Murray.
f. Raymond A. Murray was born in 1913/14 in New York.
F. Anna A. Sacket was born 1 Jan 1832 and died in 1892, prob. in Prairieville, Barry, MI.
III. Susan C. Dewey was born 3 Apr 1796 in Norwich, Hampshire, MA.  She married Andrew Smith Harroun (5 Nov 1793, Colrain, Franklin, MA - 28 Feb 1881), son of John Harroun and Anna Smith, on 18 Mar 1824 in Meadville, Crawford, PA.  Susan died 20 Oct 1859 in Meadville, PA.
A. John Smith Harroun was born 16 Sep 1835 in Meadville, PA.  He married Mary Wilmouth Cobb (27 Sep 1839, Vermont - 5 Feb 1917), daughter of Charles Cobb and Eliza Richmond, on 8 Oct 1862 in Sycamore, DeKalb, IL.  In 1910, both daughters were still single and living with their parents  John died 26 Nov 1911, prob. in Sycamore, IL.
1. Susan Eliza Harroun was born 24 Jun 1869 in Sycamore, IL.
2. Fannie Cobb Harroun was born 17 Jan 1874 in Sycamore, IL.
IV. David Scott Dewey was born 12 Mar 1798 in Norwich, Hampshire, MA.  He married Rebecca Dickson (bef. 1802, Meadville, PA - Jul 1873, Meadville, PA) in 1823 in Meadville, PA.  David died in Meadville, PA. 
A. George Dewey was born 27 Jan 1827.  He married Elizabeth Densmore (11 Jan 1832, Rochester, Monroe, NY - 18 Aug 1908, Blooming Valley, Crawford, PA), daughter of Joel Densmore and Sophia Compton.  After living in Iowa and Minnesota, they returned to Woodcock, Crawford, PA.  George died bef. 1900.
1. Helen Dewey was born 28 Jun 1855 in Iowa.  She married Byron Brown (10 Dec 1854, Pennsylvania - 4 Dec 1906, prob. Erie, Erie, PA), son of Joseph Brown and Araminta Dorman Bradshaw, on 25 Oct 1874 in Woodcock, PA.
a. Bessie Brown was born 13 May 1877 in Little Cooley, Crawford, PA.
b. Ivy Brown was born 9 Sep 1880 in Bull City, Osborne, KS.
c. George Brown was born 20 Mar 1884 in Dake, Park, CO and died 1 Jun 1901 in Erie, Erie, PA.
d. Ralph Brown was born 8 Jan 1888 in Osborne Co., KS and died 16 Jun 1888 in Osborne Co., KS.
2. Hester E. Dewey was born 24 Apr 1857 in Minnesota.  She married J. David Barr, son of Christian Barr and Sarah Bossard, on 22 Feb 1886.  They lived in Crawford Co., PA.
a. Jesse Dewey Barr was born 16 Feb 1887 in Pennsylvania and was killed in action in World War I.
b. Marjorie Elizabeth Barr was born 27 Aug 1891 in Pennsylvania.
c. Arthur Douglass Barr was born 23 Jul 1898 in Pennsylvania.  He married Ruth (b. 1898/99, Pennsylvania.)
i. Hester Barr was born c. Apr 1919 in Pennsylvania.
3. Harry Dewey was born 26 Dec 1859 in St. Charles, Winona, MN.  He married Rosanna Matson, daughter of Francis M. Matson and Rosanna Robinson, on 10 Jun 1886.  By 1900, he was divorced and living with his children in Woodcock, Crawford, PA.
a. Harriet Dewey was born 7 Apr 1892 in Pennsylvania.
b. Homer Ensign Dewey was born 15 Sep 1894 in Pennsylvania.  He remained in Crawford Co. and does not appear to have married.
4. Harney Dewey was born 30 Nov 1865 in Pennsylvania.  He married Araminta (Minnie) Stirks (1867/68, Pennsylvania - bef. 1920) on 24 Oct 1891.  They lived in Blooming Valley, Crawford, PA.
a. Helen E. Dewey was born 29 Dec 1892 in Pennsylvania.
b. George G. Dewey was born 6 Jun 1896 in Pennsylvania.  He married Anna Belle (b. 1893/94, Ohio).
c. Florence I. Dewey was born in 1900/01 in Pennsylvania.
d. Emmet Dale Dewey was born 18 Sep 1906 and died in Oct 1964.
B. Harriet Dewey was born 19 Apr 1829.  She married William Densmore (5 Jun 1822, Moscow, Livingston, NY - 13 Aug 1903, Erie, Erie, PA), son of Joel Densmore and Sophia Compton, on 15 Feb 1846 in Saegertown, Crawford, PA.  Harriet died 9 Sep 1904 in Erie, PA.
1. Fred Densmore was born 26 Jul 1848 in Spring Prairie, Walworth, WI.  He married Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) Hancock (b. 28 Jun 1847, Harbor, Lucas, OH), daughter of William Hancock and Caroline E. McHoman, on 21 Sep 1870 in Erie, Erie, PA.
a. Agnes Densmore was born 15 Jun 1873 in Harbor, OH.  She married Fred Emmanuel Burdett (b. 18 Oct 1872, Pennsylvania), son of Frederick Jesse Burdett and Augusta Smith, on 15 May 1895 in Erie, PA.  They lived in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH.
i. Robert William Burdett was born 27 Nov 1896 in Pennsylvania.  He married Marion Isabelle Stark (6 Feb 1896, Massachusetts - 18 Jul 1989, Winter Park, FL), daughter of Henry Stark and Lillian Fraser, in 1920.  Robert died 18 Nov 1963 in Florida.
A. Fred William Burdett was born 18 May 1921 in Cleveland, OH.  He married (1) Elinore W. (10 Oct 1922 - 14 Jul 1994, Appleton, Outagamie, WI).  He married (2) Gladys Carol Meyer (30 Aug 1927 - 11 Feb 2009, Appleton, WI).
B. Richard Douglas Burdett was born 7 Feb 1923 in Cleveland, OH.  He married Barbara H.
C. Malcoln Hugh Burdett was born 13 Aug 1925 in Cleveland, OH.  He was married with at least one child.  Malcolm died 27 Jun 1989 in Martinsville, Morgan, IN.
ii. Donald Densmore Burdett was born 1 Jan 1900 in Ohio and died in Nov 1968 in Cleveland, OH.
b. William Reed Densmore was born 28 Oct 1874 in New York, New York.  He married Gertrude Mary Ormsby (b. 1 Nov 1875, Pennsylvania), daughter of John Mason Ormsby and Etta Gingrich, on 30 Aug 1896 in Erie, PA.  By 1910, they were divorced.
i. Richard Douglass Densmore was born 19 Mar 1899 in Erie, PA.  Her guraduated from Cornell University in 1921.  Richard died in Jan 1978. in Erie, PA.
ii. Ruth Henrietta Densmore was born 12 Nov 1900 in Erie, PA and died in Oct 1924, prob. in Erie,PA
iii. Harriet Elizabeth Densmore was born 12 Nov 1900 in Erie, PA and died in Oct 1922, prob. in Erie, PA.
c. Fred Ray Densmore was born 8 Aug 1882 in Erie, PA.  He married Stella Cochran (b. 1880/81, Massachusetts), daughter of Bryan Cochran.  They had two children who died young.  They were living in San Franciscso, CA in 1910 but returned to Erie, PA by 1920.
2. Franka Densmore was born 17 Jun 1850 in East Troy, Walworth, WI and died 11 Oct 1862 in Tarr Farm, Venango, PA.
3. Charles Forrest Densmore was born 19 Apr 1852 in Elkhorn, Walworth, WI and died 15 Feb 1857 in Elkhorn, WI.
4. Flora Densmore was born 7 Oct 1854 in Elkhorn, WI and died 19 Mar 1857 in Elkhorn, WI.
5. Jessie Densmore was born 31 May 1858 in Elkhorn, WI.  She married John Depinet (b. 15 Nov 1855 in Erie, Erie, PA), son of Michael Depinet and Mary Ehret, on 2 Oct 1882 in Danville, Broome, NY.  John became a partner in William Densmore's firm, served as mayor of Erie from 1898 to 1901, and spent some time in the motion picture business in New Orleans, LA before returning to Erie.. Jessie died 23 Jul 1900 at Hart Farm, near Erie, PA.
a. Fred Ehret Depinet was born 16 Sep 1886 in Erie, PA.  He married Marie Rose Tubbs (15 Feb 1886, Erie, PA - 7 Apr 1955, Gardner, Worcester, MA), daughter of Lorenzo Tubbs and Mary Steves, in 1909/10.
i. Fred Ehret Depinet, Jr. was born 30 Jan 1913 in Massachusetts and died in Nov 1976 in Westminster, Worcester, MA.
ii. Harriet Jane Depinet was born c. Apr 1919 in Massachusetts.  She married Richard Crozier (16 Feb 1917 - Jun 1987, Valrico, Hillsborough, FL).  They had three children.
b. Ned Everett Depinet was born 9 Sep 1890 in Erie, PA.  In 1900, he was living in New Orleans, LA.  He married Alida L. Cammack (9 Apr 1891, Texas - Jan 1974, Stamford, Fairfield, CT), daughter of William W. and Charlotte Cammack.  They were living in Dallas, TX in 1920 and in New York, NY in 1930.  Ned worked for Universal Film Company (now Universal Studios) in the 1920's and later served as president and in other high executive positons for RKO Pictures.  He died in Dec 1974 in Stamford, CT.
6. Park Densmore was born 4 Jun 1864 in Erie, PA.  He married Mary Edith Gunnison (b. 7 Dec 1867, Pennsylvania), daughter of Albert B. Gunnison and Olive Low, on 8 Jul 1891 in Erie, PA.  In 1910, they were living in Portland, Multnomah, OR.  In 1930, they were in Los Angeles, CA.
a. Dorothy Densmore was born 25 Jul 1892 in Erie, PA.  She married Mr. Wilson.  Dorothy died 30 Mar 1958 in Los Angeles, CA.
b. Ralph Albert Densmore was born 15 Mar 1895 in Erie, PA.  He  married (1) Mary Ruth Hall (d. 24 Dec 1925, Corte Madera, Marin, CA), daughter of H enry Clay and Mary Louise Hall, on 10 Apr 1918 in Oakland, CA.  They were divorced a few years later.  He married (2) Margaret  (poss. 7 Jun or 6 Jul 1903 - 8 Aug 1991, Ventura, CA) bef. 1930.  Ralph died 21 Apr 1970 in Ventura, CA.
c. Robert Earl Densmore was born 15 Mar 1895 in Erie, PA.  He married Louise M. (23 Feb 1893, Missouri - 1 Nov 1961, Los Angeles Co., CA) bef. 1920.  They lived in Monrovia, Los Angeles, CA.  Robert died 18 Aug 1959 in Los Angeles Co., CA.
7. William Densmore was born 15 May 1868 in Erie, PA and died 3 Aug 1868 in Erie, PA.
V. Justin Dewey was born 4 Apr 1800 in Norwich, Hampshire, MA.  He married Esther Wright (8 Oct 1803, Norwich, MA - 20 Feb 1866, Wayland, Crawford, PA), daughter of Gideon Wright and Sabrina Sheldon, on 12 Mar 1830 in Meadville, Crawford, PA.  Justin died 5 Jan 1872 in Wayland, PA.
A. Mary S. Dewey was born 14 Jul 1827 in Wayland, PA.  She never married and in 1870 was living with her widowed father.
B. Martha Almena Dewey was born 12 Oct 1829 in Wayland, PA.  She married Jeremiah.H. Hazen (10 Sep 1822, Franklin, Beaver, PA - 3 Dec 1891, Amboy, Lee, IL), son of James Hazen and Jerusha Runyon, on 30 Jan 1851.  In 1860, they were living in Brimfield, Peoria, IL.  By 1870, they were in Amboy, IL.  In 1900, Martha was living next door to Bertha and Raymond in Spring Valley, Bureau, IL.
1. Francis (Frank) Wayland Hazen was born 17 May 1852 in Meadville, Crawford, PA.  In 1880, he may have been living in Burlington, Coffey, KS.
2. Howard Spencer Hazen was born 21 Mar 1855 in Meadville, Crawford, PA.  He married May (Mary) Georgiana Mellen (6 Jul 1859, Amboy, IL - 1 Mar 1930, Peru, LaSalle, IL), daughter of Rufus Hyde Mellen and Laura Elizabeth Patten, on 22 Oct 1879 in Amboy, IL.   Howard died 16 Oct 1916 in La Salle, La Salle, IL.
a. Florence May Hazen was born in Sep 1880 in Illinois.  She married George Alexander Wilson, Jr. (9 Sep 1881, LaSalle, IL), son of George Alexander Wilson and Frances L. Tombs, on 1 Jun 1902 in Berrien Co., MI.  They lived in LaSalle, IL.
i. Virginia Hazen Wilson was born in 8 Mar 1903 in Portland, Jay, IN.
ii. George Alexander Wilson III was born in 22 Apr 1904 in LaSalle, IL.
iii. Howard Hazen Wilson was born 12 Sep 1908 in Illinois.  He married Mary Louise Bennett, daughter of Judge J.C. Bennett of Hazlehurst, GA.  Howard was a lecturer in history at American University.  He died 16 Nov 1957, prob. in Champaign Co., IL.
A. Howard Hazen Wilson, Jr. was born 28 Dec 1940 in Chicago, Cook, IL.  He married Patricia Anne Walters.  Howard died 3 Jul 2009 in Washington, DC.
b. Howard Spencer Hazen, Jr. was born 4 Oct 1882 in Illinois.  He had degrees in engineering from the University of Illinois and in architecture from MIT.  He moved to California in 1924 and became that state's senior architectural designer, best known for his Mission Revival buildings at San Diego State University.
c. Franklin Mellen Hazen was born in May 1893 in Illinois.  He earned an engineering degree from the University of Illinois and served inWorld War I.  In 1920, he was living with his mother in LaSalle, IL.  Franklin may have died in 1947 in Illinois.
3. Ida Lucetta Hazen was born 26 Apr 1859 in Brimfield, Peoria, IL.  She married Frank Herbert Arnold (b. Sep 1854, Connecticut), son of James Benjamin Arnold and Adaline Amelia Bill.  They lived in Amboy, Lee, IL and were childless.
4. Flora Jennette Hazen was born 26 Apr 1859 in Brimfield, IL and died 1 Sep 1859.
5. Bertha Maria Hazen was born 28 Aug 1863 in Brimfield, IL.  She married Raymond Victor DeGroff (17 Jul 1859, Sterling, Whiteside, IL - bef. 1920), son of James Andrew DeGroff and Elmira Esther Colcord, on 1 Oct 1885 in Amboy, Lee, IL.  In 1900, they were living in Spring Valley, Bureau, IL.  In 1920, Bertha was widowed and living with Hazel.
a. Hazel Lorine DeGroff was born 20 Jul 1886 in Sterling, IL.  She married Arnold Jordan Wilson (b. 1886/87, Illinois) on 11 Jun 1911 in Hartshorn, Pittsburg, OK.  They lived in LaSalle, LaSalle, IL.
i. Arnold D. Wilson was born c. Dec 1915 in Illinois.
C. Helen F. Dewey was born 11 May 1832 in Wayland, PA.  She married James W.B. Clark (1830/31, New York - bef. 1900) on 27 Jun 1855.  In 1860, they were living in Ashtabula, Ashtabula, OH.  In 1870-80, they were in Orleans Co., NY.  In 1900, Helen was living in Haverhill, Essex, MA.
1. Mary Emeline (or Emlyn) Clark was born 11 Apr 1856 in New York.  She married John R. Gordon (b. 1844/45, Massachusetts) in 1883/84.  (In 1880, they were both teachers, living in the same boarding house in Princetown, Monroe, NY, but not yet married.)  They were childless.  In 1900-20, they were living in Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN.
2. Justin Wayland Clark was born 22 Jul 1858 in Ohio.  He married (1) Margaret (Maggie) Pritchard (1857/58, Rochester, Monroe, NY - 28 May 1898, Fairhaven, Whatcom, WA), daughter of Thomas H. and Edith M. Pritchard, in 1882 in Rochester, NY.  He married (2) Minnie Brand (b. 1878/79, Oregon) in 1901/02.  Wayland was mayor of Fairhaven, WA in the 1890's and later lived in Bellingham, Whatcom, WA.
a. Dewey J. Clark was born in Nov 1884 in New York and died 6 Mar 1913, prob. in Bellingham, WA.
b. Wayland Strong Clark was born 3 Apr 1905 in Washington.  He married Virginia Sherman on 5 Apr 1931 in Bellingham, Whatcom, WA.  Wayland died in Oct 1984 in San Diego, San Diego, CA.
c. Evelyn Gordon Clark was born 3 Apr 1905 in Washington and died 19 Mar 1993 in Bellingham, WA.
3. Clinton D. Clark was born 20 Jan 1862 in Ohio.  He was a physician and unmarried.  In 1900, he was living with his mother.  In 1920, he was living with his sister and brother-in-law.
D. Edward Hooker Dewey was born 21 May 1837 in Wayland, PA.  He married (1) Sarah Ellen (Hellen) Crouch (7 Aug 1844, Lynn, Essex, MA - 7 Apr 1898, Meadville, Crawford, PA) on 11 Jun 1867 in Meadville, PA.  He married (2)  Kathe (b. Jun 1867, Germany) in 1898/99. Edward was a prominent physician, author of The No Breakfast Plan and the Fasting-Cure and other books on diet and health.  He died 21 Dec 1904.
1. Albert J. Dewey was born 29 Nov 1871.  He married (1) Margaret (b. 1881/82, Pennsylvania) in 1900.  He married (2) Ruth B. (b. 1893/94, Pennsylvania).  In 1920, they were living in Newark, Essex, NJ.
2. Walter E. Dewey was born 5 Oct 1877.  He married Jessica (Jessie) (b. 1881/82, New York) in 1901/02.  They lived in Meadville, PA.
a. Edward Dewey was born in 1903/04 in Pennsylvania.
3. Malcolm Howard Dewey was born 6 Sep 1881.  He became a professor of Romance Languages at Emory University in Atlanta, GA in 1919 and founded the Department of Fine Arts there in 1927.  He married newspaper reporter Mabel/Maybelle Jones (5 Jul 1888, prob. Cartersville, Bartow, GA - 12 Jul 1963), daughter of Tomas Reneau and Sallie Fannie Jones, bef. 1930.  Malcolm died 5 Nov 1966 in Atlanta, Fulton, GA.  He and Maybelle are buried in Oak Hill Cemetery in Bartow Co., GA.
E. Julia A. Dewey was born 15 Jun 1839 in Wayland, PA.  She married Francis Handley (1838/39, England - aft. 1920) on 16 Jun 1869 in Wayland, PA.  They lived in Woodcock, Crawford, PA.  Julia prob. died bef. 1900.
1. Frederick W. Handley was born 2 Mar 1872 in Pennsylvania.  In 1920, he was single and living with his father.
2. Herman Dewey Handley was born 13 Oct 1875 in Pennsylvania.  In 1920, he was single and living with his father.
3. Arthur H. Handley was born 19 Mar 1879 in Pennsylvania.  He married Grace B. (b. 1883, Pennsylvania) in 1902/03.  They lived in Woodstock, PA. 
a. Ruby E. Handley was born in 1905 in Pennsylvania.  She married Donald Walton (22 Oct 1902, Pennsylvania - Apr 1978, Meadville, Crawford, PA), son of Bates Ray Walton and Margaret Hess, on 8 Apr 1928 in East Mead, Crawford, PA.
b. Frank B. Handley was born in 1907/08 in Pennsylvania and prob. dief bef. 1920.
c. Marian Handley was born in 1912/13 in Pennsylvania.  She married Mr. Hamilton.
d. Ralph C. Handley was born 1 May 1916 in Pennsylvania.  He married Harriet J. (22 Apr 1919 - 5 Nov 1987, Veguita, Socorro, NM).  Ralph died 4 May 2001 in Veguita, NM leaving 7 children, 22 grandchildren, and 19 great-grandchildren.
4. Esther Handley was born 27 Jun 1881.
F. William Wirt Dewey was born 15 Nov 1841 in Wayland, PA.  He married Mary M. Hicks (b. 17 Feb 1843, Pleasantville, Venango, PA), daughter of John Hicks and Lucinda Colton, on 24 Mar 1864 in Wayland, PA.  William was a minister.  In 1900, they were living in Chicago, Cook, IL.  In 1920, they were living in Jackson, Jackson, MI.
1. Clifton H. Dewey was born 2 Feb 1865 and died 2 Sep 1865.
2. Mabel (Mabelle) L. Dewey was born 30 Oct 1870.
G. Emma A. Dewey was born 4 May 1844 in Wayland, PA.  She married George W. Quiggle (born 1839/40, Pennsylvania - aft. 1910, Cook Co., IL) on 9 Feb 1869.  They had moved to Chicago, Cook, IL by 1880, were in Iowa in 1885, but were back in Chicago by 1900.  Emma was apparently living with her daughter Susan in Iowa in 1914 and proably died there.
1. Susan E. Quiggle was born 23 Dec 1870 in Pennsylvania or Illinois.  She married Clarence S. George (b. May 1869, Iowa, son of Sampson and Cintha George, in 1891/92.  They lived in Palo Alto Co., IA, then moved in 1915 to Poweshiek Co., IA.
a.Russell Clarence George was born 21 Sep 1894 in Graettinger, Palo Alto, IA.  He married Helen Coutts (10 Feb 1894 - 6 Mar 1980, Albert Lea, Freeborn, MN), daughter of Robert Gordon Coutts and Alpharetta Farley on 17 Jul 1917 in Camp Dodge, IA.  They lived in Grinnell, Poweshiek, IA.  They had three children.  Russell died 21 Apr 1964 in Marshalltown, Marshall, IA.
b.Frances Eda George was born 11 Jun 1898 in Iowa.  She married John Harvey Knox (10 Sep 1898, Chagrin Falls, Geauga., OH - 14 Feb 1979, Las Cruces, Dona Anna, NM) in 1928 in Grinnell, Poweshief, IA.  In 1935, John became head of the animal husbandry department at New Mexico A&M.  They had two children.  Frances died 20 Jul 1987 in Mesilla, Dona Ana, NM.
c.Raymond L. George was born 23 Dec 1899 in Graettinger, IA.  .He married Doris L. Durey on 20 Jul 1926.  They had two children.  Raymond died 20 May 1980 in Brooklyn, Poweshiek, IA.
d.Donald D. George was born 30 Sep 1910 in Iowa.  He married Frances Clayberg (6 May 1911 - 22 Dec 2000, Iowa City, Johnson, IA).  Donald died 9 Jan 1999 in Iowa City, IA.
2. Caroline L. Quiggle was born 18 Dec 1872 in Illinois.
3. Eda M. Quiggle was born 13 Apr 1874 in Illinois and prob. died young.
4. Bessie J. Quiggle was born 20 Sep 1876 in Illinois.  She married Austin Alexander Howard (27 Jan 1872, Hamilton Co., IA - 7 Oct 1958, Wisconsin), son of William H. Howard and Sarah J. Crill, on 2 Jun 1902, prob. in Chicago.  Austin was a prominent Chicago grain broker and an early radio pioneer who founded the Howard Radio Company c. 1922.  Bessie died bef. 1958.
a.Gladys Howard was born in 1906 in Illinois.
H. Walter B. Dewey was born 16 Jul 1847 in Wayland, PA.  He married Martha J. Beatty (born 1847/48, Pennsylvania) on 30 Dec 1869.  They lived in East Mead, Crawford, PA.
1. Flora E. Dewey was born 15 Jan 1871.
2. Clara M. Dewey was born 15 Oct 1873.
3. Melvin Garfield Dewey was born 3 Nov 1880 in Pennsylvania.  He married Marion Dickson (1881, Pennsylvania - prob. bef. 1940), daughter of Oliver H.P. Dickson and Helen A. Long, in 1903/04.  In 1910-20, they were living with Walter and Martha.  They moved to Los Angeles, CA aft. 1920.  Melvin died 31 Jul 1952 in Los Angeles Co., CA.
a. Dorothy Dewey was born in 1905/06 in Pennsylvania and prob. died bef. 1920.
b. Robert Dewey was born 1 Dec 1910 in Pennsylvania and died 14 Dec 1961 in Los Angeles Co., CA..
VI. Stillman Dewey was born 16 Feb 1802 in Norwich, MA.  He married his cousin, Susan S. Scott (26 Feb 1812, New York - 24 Jul 1896, Meadville, Crawford, PA), daughter of John Scott and Betsey Weller, on 12 Mar 1830 in Meadville, PA.  Stilman died 7 Apr 1870 in Meadville, PA.
A. (Son) Dewey was born 23 Feb 1831 in Meadville, PA and died 26 Feb 1831.
B Henry J. Dewey was born 17 May 1832 in Meadville, PA.  He married Phebe J. Phelps (b. 1834) on 14 Sep 1854 in Meadville, PA.
1. Sarah L. Dewey (b. 1856/57).
C. Elizabeth S. Dewey was born 7 Aug 1834 in Meadville, PA.  She married William Franklin on 28 Apr 1853 in Meadville, PA.  Elizabeth died 6 Jun 1858.
1. Belle M. Franklin was born in 1854/55.  In 1880, she was living with her uncles Ansel and John in Joliet, Will, IL.
D. Lafayette B. Dewey was born 7 May 1837 in Meadville, PA.  He married Ann J. Quiggle (b. 1835/36, Pennsylvania), daughter of George and Susan Quiggle, on 3 Dec 1857 in Meadville, PA. They were living in Odell, Livingston, IL by 1870 and in Joliet, IL by 1880.  Lafayette died 16 Apr 1907 in Will Co., IL.
1. Lavina Mary Dewey was born 6 Mar 1859 in Pennsylvania.  She married John W. Hudson (Aug 1859, England - bef. 1910) in 1887/88.  After John died, she and her children lived with her brother.
a. Bessie A. Hudson was born in Jun 1889 in Illinois.
b. Robert Dewey Hudson was born in Dec 1891 in Illinois.
2. Frank Wayland Dewey was born 6 Aug 1861 in Pennsylvania.  He was unmarried.  He was living in Joliet, Will, IL in 1910 and Lyons, Cook, IL in 1920.
E. Lydia J. Dewey was born 8 Mar 1840 in Meadville, PA and died 8 Mar 1854 (or bef. 1850.)
F. Ansel S. Dewey was born 22 May 1843 in Meadville, PA.  In 1870, he was living with his mother in Meadville, PA.  He married Florence I. Buskirk (b. 1854/54, Tennessee) on 27 Jan 1871 in Berrien Co., MI.  In 1880, they were living in Joliet, IL.
G. John S. Dewey was born 17 Mar 1846 in Meadville, PA.  He married Florence M. Seaman (12 Apr 1854, Randolph, Crawford, PA - 5 Jul 1940, Prairie, Jackson, MO), prob. the daughter of John Seaman and Nancy Adeline Cutshall, c. 1872.  In 1880, John was living in Joliet, Will, IL with his brother Ansel but without Florence and the children.  In 1895-1900, they were in Wichita, Sedgwick, KS. 1910-20, they were in Kansas City, Jackson, MO.  John died 5 May 1922 in Kansas City, MO.
1. Burdenia Dewey was born 1 Feb 1874 in Pennsylvania.
a. John B. Dewey was born 1 Dec 1893 in Texas.  By 1900, he was living with his grandparents.  He married Emma D. (b. 1893/94, Missouri.)  John died in  Dec 1981 in Sibley, Jackson, MO.
i. John M. Dewey was born 20 Aug 1915 in Missouri and died 9 Feb 2003 in Independence, Jackson, MO.
2. Mary Della Dewey was born in 8 Aug 1877 in Pennsylvania.  She married William A. Snead or Sneed (b. 1866/67, Illinois) in 1895 in Wichita, KS..  In 1910, they were living with John and Florence.  Mary died bef. 1920.
II. Amanda Fitzgerald Dewey was born 9 Jul 1804 in Norwich, MA.  She married John Sizer (19 Nov 1798, Chester, Hampden, MA - 8 Jun 1838), son of John Sizer and Esther Plumb, c. 1829 in Meadville, PA.  In 1870, she was living with her daughter Amelia in Rocoli Twp., Mercer, IL.
A.. Samuel Newell Sizer was born 15 Nov 1830 in Meadville, PA.  He married Jane Hart (b. 6 Oct 1835, England), daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Hart, on 8 Oct 1854 in Medina, Dane, WI.  In 1880, they were living in Modena, Buffalo, WI.  In 1900, they were living in Lyons, Boulder, CO.
1.  Helen Amanda Sizer was born in 28 Jul 1856 in Medina, WI.
2. Alice Amelia Sizer was born 29 Apr 1859 in Medina, WI.  She married Moses Benedict Rockwell (3 Jan 1859, Canaan, Litchfield, CT - 19 Jan 1911, Longmont, Boulder, CO), son of  Auren A. Rockwell and Mary E. Benedict, on 25 Dec 1880 in Modena, WI.  Alice died in 1936.  She and Moses are buried in Mountain View Cemetery in Longmont, CO.
a. Inez E. Rockwell was born in May 1882 in Wisconsin.  She married John Frank Grubb (1873, Colorado - 28 Nov 1944, prob. Gunnison Co., CO), son of David B. and Frances E.Grubb, in 1900/01.  They lived in Estes Park, Larimer, CO.  Inez died 18 Mar 1960, prob. in Gunnison Co., CO.
i. Alice F. Grubb was born in 1904 in Colorado.
ii. Henry (Harry) C. Grubb was born 2 Feb 1908 in Colorado.  He married Ethel E. (25 Feb 1908 - 13 Dec 1988, Gunnison, Gunnison, CO) bef. 1930.  Harry died 24 Feb 1991.
iii. Marjory Belle Grubb was born c. Nov 1919 in Colorado and died 9 Jan 1934, prob. in Gunnison Co., CO.
b. Clayton Newell Rockwell was born 20 Oct 1886 in South Dakota.  He married Laura Faith (22 Jul 1894, Illinois - Mar 1979, Longmont, Boulder, CO) bef. 1920.  They lived in Estes Park, Larimer, CO.  Clayton died in Aug 1962 in Colorado.
i. Maurice Browning Rockwell was born 9 Sep 1912 in Colorado.  He married Ruby Mae Rector (16 Sep 1911, Vernon, Willbarger, TX - 24 Aug 2005, Estes Park, Larimer, CO), daughter of James Oscar Rector and Mary Effie Agnes Weathers, on 6 Jun 1935 in Fort Collins, Larimer, CO.  They had one daughter.  Maurice died 27 Nov 1995 in Estes Park, CO.
ii. Miriam G. Rockwell was born in 1914/15 in Colorado.
c. Nettie Myrtle Rockwell was born in Aug 1888 in Potter Co., SD.
d. Mary J. Rockwell was born in Mar 1891 in Colorado.
e. Elsie Rockwell was born in 1900/01 in Colorado.
3. Evelyn Eleanora Sizer was born 23 Mar 1861 in Medina, WI.
4. Ada Jane Sizer was born 4 Dec 1864 in Medina, WI.
B. Amelia Marie Sizer was born 25 Aug 1833 in Meadville, PA.  She married Cornelius Wiltsey Cummings (21 May 1833 or 1834, Meadville, PA - 25 Nov 1882, Raymond, Clark, SD), son of Cornelius Wiltsey Cummings and Julia Hotchkiss, on 15 Jan 1854 in Crawford Co., PA.  They lived in Illinois from c. 1856 to c. 1880.  Amelia died 8 Apr 1883.
1. Carrie Bell Cummings was born 20 Oct 1854 or 1855 in Meadville or Centerville, PA.  She married Israel Putnam Jones (1843/44 or 1851/52, Illinois - c. 1890) c. 1876, prob. in Mercer Co., IL.  They lived in Monmouth, Warren, IL.  Carrie died 3 Apr 1881 and Israel married her sister Bertha.
a. Allen V. Jones was born in 1877/78 in Illinois.  He married Mabel (Maybelle) L. Griffee (1877/78, Illinois - 1954), daughter of Thomas Griffee and Effie L. Pugh, in 1902/03.  They moved to South Dakita c. 1905.
i. Emmett V. Jones was born 10 Nov 1904 in Illinois.  He married Evelyn Leona Dahlum (21 Aug 1907 - 14 Nov 1994).  They had at least one child.  Emmett died 3 Apr 1972 in Lennox, Lincoln, SD.
ii. Merrill S. Jones was born 12 Oct 1906 in South Dakota and died in Aug 1974 in Lennox, Lincoln, SD.
iii. Pauline J. Jones was born in 1910/11 in South Dakota.
b. Asa S. Jones was born in 1880 in Illinois.
2. Frank Wiltsey Cummings was born 25 Sep 1855 or 1856 in Oxford, Henry, IL and died 9 Nov 1909 or 1919.
3. Julia Amelia Cummings was born in 9 Aug 1857 in Orion, Henry, IL.  She married Harvey Tucker Raines (29 Dec 1852, Iowa - 28 Jul 1934), son of Reuben C. Raines and Nancy Powell.  Julia died 11 Aug 1895 in Monmouth, Warren, IL.
a. Wilsey Chapman Raines was born 2 Jun 1884 in Clark Co., SD.  He married Mabel Daniels (b. 1885/86, Illinois) aft 1910.  Wiltsey died 20 May 1937 in Chicago, Cook IL.
i. Margaret Julia Raines was born 30 Apr 1913 in Chicago, IL.  She married Robert Kneisler (prob. 13 Dec 1905, Chicago, IL - Dec 1967), prob. the son of Gustav and Marie Kneisler.  They had one child.  Margaret died 27 Apr 1967 in Marshfield, Wood, WI.
ii. Robert O. Raines was born 13 Mar 1915 in Illinois and died 7 Dec 1996 in Tinley Park, Cook, IL.
iii. Raymond W. Raines was born 30 May 1917 in Chicago, Cook, IL.  He married Barbara J. (b. 1921/22)   Raymond died 20 May 1998 in Wellsville, Allegany, NY.
b. Minarie W. Raines was born in Aug 1887, in North or South Dakota, and died bef. 1934.
c. Goldie Raines was born in Feb 1892 in Monmouth, Waren, IL..  She married Clem Grover Branstrator (12 Jun 1884, Ohio - May 1965, prob. Indiana) on 22 May 1913 in Monmouth, IL.  He founded Branstrator Corp. in Fort Wayne.  Goldie died c. Sep 1946 in Fort Wayne, Allen, IN.
i. Wayne R. Branstrator was born 17 Feb 1914 in Warren Col, IL.  He married Bernice W. (13 Sep 1911 - 2 Sep 2004).  Wayne died 31 May 1989, prob. in Fort Wayne, Allen, IN.
ii. Howard Branstrator was born 12 Jul 1915 in Warren Co., IL and died in Jul 1959.
d. Nancy (Nannie) M. Raines was born 6 Aug 1893 in Monmouth, IL.  She married (1) John Benjamin Stubbs (9 May 1872, Pennsylvania - Nov 1949, Illinois), son of William J. Stubbs and Caroline E. Mitchell, on 6 Aug 1909 in Oquawka, Henderson, IL.  She married (2) James Snodgrass (21 Oct 1894 - 17 Jan 1971, Oquawka, IL), son of James Snodgrass and Martha Anderson, on 2 Jan 1958 in Cahokia, St. Clair, IL.  Nancy died in 1980 in Monmouth,Warren, IL.
i. Virginia Stubbs was born in 1910/11 in Illinois.  She married W.N. McAllister.
ii. Leslie H. Stubbs was born 10 Sep 1912 in Illinois.  He married Dorothy Dillon, daughter of John Harvey Dillon and Ethel Thompson.  They had three children.
iii. Vera Stubbs was born in 1914/15 in Illinois.  She married Mr. Ruberg.  Vera died in Apr 1987 in Boise, Ada, ID.
iv. John (Johnny) W. Stubbs was born 22 Oct 1916.  He married Betty A. (22 Jul 1921 - 8 Aug 2002, Oquawka, IL).  Johnny died 21 Apr 2003 in Oquawka, IL.
v. Harley Stubbs.
e. Mary Raines was born and died 9 Aug 1895 in Monmouth, IL.
4. Bertha (Bertie) Ella Cummings was born 27 Feb 1861 or 1862 in Oxford, Henry, IL.  She married (1) Israel Putnam Jones (1843/44 or 1851/52, IL - c. 1890) c. 1883/85 in Clark Co., SD.  She married (2) Dighton Columbus Daves (2 Jun 1843, Galena, Jo Daviess, IL - 12 Jan 1925, Monmouth, Warren, IL), son of William Daves and Martha Hendricks, in Aug 1894.  They lived in Monmouth, IL.
a. Aurora Jones was born in Apr 1886 in South Dakota. 
b. Lena L. Jones was born in Mar 1888 in South Dakota.  She married Brice Llloyd Brownlee (7 May 1883, Norwood, Mercer, IL - 28 Nov 1957), son of Samuel Brownlee and Jane Kincaid, on 9 Mar 1905 in Warren Co., IL.
i. Ross L. Brownlee was born 30 Jan 1906 in Illinois and died in Jun 1978 in Monmouth, IL.
ii. James S. Brownlee was born 13 Jan 1908 in Illinois and died 23 Jan 2000 in Little York, Warren, IL.
iii. Butie M. Brownlee was born in 1912 in Illinois.
iv. Marie J. Brownlee was born c. Jul 1916 in Illinois.
v. Brice S. Brownlee was born 18 Aug 1919 in Illinois and died 8 Dec 2006 in Alexis, Mercer, IL.
c. Willett L. Daves was born 1 Jul 1895 in Illinois.  He married Anna (b. 1901/02) and lived in the Bronx, NY.  Willett died in Sep 1966 in Flemington, Hunterdon, NJ.
d. Ross Dewey Daves was born 25 Jul 1899 in Illinois.  He married Rhoda M. (b. 1909/10) bef. 1930.  Ross died in Jan 1973 in Monmouth, IL.
e. Edith Daves was born in 1903/04 in Illinois.  She married Mr. Evans.
5. Lettie May Cummings was born 29 Nov 1868 or 5 Nov 1869 in Barrow Green, Greene, IL.  She married Henry Beck Weegar (4 Jan 1857, Canada - 23 Jun 1938, Monmouth, IL), son of Michael A. Weegar and Mary Ann Casselman, on 9 May 1886 in Raymond, Clark, SD..  Lettie died 19 Jan 1942 in Moline, Rock Island, IL.
a. Mary Eunice Weegar was born 13 Jan 1887 in Raymond, SD.  She married Manchester Merrill (25 Apr 1886, Bluffdale, Salt Lake, UT - 9 Aug 1956, Magma, Salt Lake, UT), son of William Wallace Merrill and Lucy Maria Williams, on 5 Sep 1906 in Galesburg, Knox, IL.  They had six children.  Mary died 27 May 1961 in Salt Lake City, UT.
b. Lena Lessie Weegar was born 6 Aug 1888 in Raymond, SD.  She married John Robert Shimmin (22 Jul 1886 or 1887, Illinois - 31 Mar 1955), prob. the son of John Thomas and Agnes Shimmin, on 22 Sep 1909.  Lena died 3 Oct 1960.
i. Mona Shimmin was born in 1910/11 in Illinois.
ii. Lawrence Shimmin was born 10 Oct 1912 in Illinois and died in Nov 1976 in Cameron, Warren, IL.
iii. William Shimmin was born 29 Mar 1917 in Illinois and died in May 1979 in Monmouth, Warren, IL.
c. William Henry Weegar was born 12 Jul 1890 in Semper, Jefferson, CO and died 10 May 1916.
d. Florence May Weegar was born 22 Sep 1892 in Monmouth, Warren, IL.  She married Fay Cable Worrell (30 Oct 1890, La Harpe, Hancock, IL - 24 Mar 1955, Mattoon, Coles, IL), son of Reuben Ransom Worrell and Laura A. Tilton, on 29 Oct 1930.  Florence died 18 Feb 1942.
e. Alfred Allen Weegar was born 28 Jun 1895 in Monmouth, IL.  He married Beulah Robertson (29 Apr 1902 - Dec 1974, Monmouth, IL) on 20 Aug 1919.  They had four children.  Alfred died 7 Jul 1969 in Monmouth, IL.
f. Ruth Marion Melba Weegar was born 12 Apr 1899 in Monmouth, IL.  She married Arnold Isaacson on 22 Sep 1919.  Ruth died 2 May 1945 (or 1949).
g. Mabel (or Maybelle) Weegar was born 14 May 1904.  She married Leonard Holgate Gawthrop(e) (6 Mar 1904, Illinois - Apr 1974, Monmouth, IL), son of Charles G. Gawthrope and Josephine Holgate.  Mabel died in May 1985 in Monmouth, IL.
C. Franklin Sizer was born c. 1835 in Meadville, PA.
VIII. Mary Dewey was born 19 Mar 1808 in Norwich, MA.  She married Urbane Parsons (b. 20 Dec 1801, Hawley, Franklin, MA), son of Simeon P. Parsons and Nancy Carter, on 10 Jan 1828, prob. in Meadville, PA.  Mary died 23 Feb 1835.  Urbane remarried and moved to Ashtabula Co., OH c. 1840 and to Dane Co., WI in 1847.
A. William K. Parsons was born 30 Oct 1828 in Meadville, Crawford, PA.  He married (1) Ann Hart (1833/34, England - 24 Aug 1883, Medina, Dane, WI), daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Hart, on 12 Sep 1852.  He married (2) Laura Paulina Muzzy (b. 18 Nov 1833, Medina, WI), daughter of Sardine Muzzy, Jr. and Elorsey Caroline Lum, on 28 Jan 1885.  William died aft. 1900.
1. Orlando U. Parsons was born in Mar 1853 in Wisconsin.  He married Emma J. Robbins (b. Sep 1854, Indiana) in 1880/81.  By 1893, they were living in in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.
a. Raymond H. Parsons was born 25 Dec 1885 in Fond du Lac Co., WI.  He married Ruth A. Bliss (b. 1887, prob. Omro, Yellow Medicine, MN), prob. the daughter of Richard and Emma E. Bliss, in 1909/10.  Raymond died in Mar 1968 in Los Angeles, CA.
i. Asa Jack Parsons was born 16 May 1918 in California.  He married Ruth Elizabeth Wright (b. 11 Apr 1921).  They had one daughter.  Asa died 12 Dec 1995 in Anaheim, Orange, CA.
2. Mary E. Parsons was born in 1856/57 in Wisconsin.  She was unmarried as of 1893.
3. Charles Parsons was born in 1857/58 in Wisconsin.  He married Minnie Deiger (d. 12 Nov 1889).  Charles died 5 Feb 1889.
a. Ruby Parsons was born in Nov 1888 in Wisconsin.  
4. Laura N. Parsons was born in Jan 1861 in Wisconsin.  She married Gustavus Kiser (b. Jul 1859, Wisconsin) in 1884/85.
a. Carl William Kiser was born 17 Nov 1885 in Wisconsin.  He graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1907 and moved to Chicago, Cook, IL.  Carl died in Feb 1967 in Chicago, IL.
5. Fanny Parsons was born in 1873/74 in Wisconsin.  She married Clarence Cole (b. 1 Mar 1866, Medina, WI), son of Willard Cole and Laura Paulina Muzzy.  They had one child by 1893.  Fanny prob. d. bef. 1900.
B. Nancy F. Parsons was born 10 Jul 1830 in Meadville, Crawford, PA.  She married J.C. Cummings (b.c. 1826) of Meadville c. 1851.  In 1877, they settled in Brookings Co., SD.
C. A. Judson Parsons was born 10 Jun 1832 in Meadville, PA and died 30 Jul 1832 in Meadville, PA.
D. Ann D. Parsons was born 15 Nov 1833 in Meadville, PA.  She married John Hart (b.c. 1829/30, England), son of Thomas and Elizabeth Hart..  In 1860, they were living in Medina, Dane, WI.  In 1870-80, they were in Modena, Buffalo, WI.
1. Clara E. Hart was born in 1860/61 in Wisconsin.
2. Urbane Hart was born c. Apr 1870 in Wisconsin.  He married Alice (b. 1877, Wisconsin.)  In 1910 they were living in Oshkosh, Winnebago, WI and in 1920 in Chippewa, Chippewa, WI.
a. Harold Hart was born in 1903 in Wisconsin.
b. Gladys Hart was born c. Oct 1909 in Wisconsin.
IX. Sarah N. Dewey was born 16 Apr 1811 in Norwich, MA and died 6 Feb 1885.




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