Alexei Panshin's The Abyss of Wonder



Ancient Whispers

They had me hangin' on a hook
    It was takin' me down the line
I just wanted to free myself
    But they said, "Son, you're doin' fine"
I was frightened by the chasm
    Yawning at my feet
But I knew I'd lost my way
    Livin' on a dead end street

Please help me see
What I was meant to be

I've been chewed up and spit out
    I've been knocked down by the breeze
But you helped me to my feet
    You got me off my knees
You said:  "A touchstone is a timebomb
    Touch it and you'll know
How much time you've wasted
    And how far you still have to go"

You helped me see
What I was meant to be

I've heard ancient whispers
    About a cosmic plan
I just want to find my place
    In the destiny of man
The astrologers say harmonize
    With all the stars above
You say all you need to do
    Is make all your choices from love

That's how to be
What you were meant to be

There's real life to be lived
It's your life
Take the step
Though there's nowhere to go there this time
On your mark
It's easy to catch a rainbow
We're riding an elephant
And everything is all right

           -- by Josh Wachtel, Alexei Panshin, and Ben Wachtel


Leap into the Unknown


Border courtesy of Ann-S-Thesia