Alexei Panshin's The Abyss of Wonder


Dragons in the Wood

There's dragons in the wood / lurkin' 'mongst the trees
There's lawyers in the lane / thieves deceiving thieves
The king is in his counting house / he's counting on his money
There's stormclouds rumblin' overhead / it's nearly time for me to leave

There's a man who knows everything / high up on the hill
The sun was shining on that night / He knows all you thought you hid
When the talking bird begins to sing / and tell a tale on you
You can run but you can't hide / your dirty hands and what you did

Do you remember last Octember?
You ate my bread and I drank your wine
But then in the morning you sent me no warning
That strangers were waiting and I had no time

There's dragons in the wood / lost among the leaves
There's robbers on the road tonight / thieves afraid of thieves
The king is riding his high horse / he's headin' for a fall
A chilly wind is rising now / and I believe it's time to leave
A chilly wind is rising now / and I believe it's time to go

-- by Josh Wachtel and Alexei Panshin


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