Walter Pynchon was born 5 Sep 1744 in Springfield, Hampden, MA.  He married Mary (Polly) Smith (15 Apr 1766, Tyringham, Berkshire, MA - 4 Feb 1858, Great Barrington, Berkshire, MA), daughter of Josiah Smith and Thankful Peirce, on 26 Feb 1789 in Green River, Columbia, NY.  Walter died 24 Jul 1819 in Great Barrington, MA.
I. George Pynchon was born 26 Jan 1790 in Great Barrington, MA.  He married (1) Dorothea (Dolly) Maria Rosseter and (2) Harriet Eliza Rosseter.  (For his children by both wives, see Descendants of Samuel Rosseter.)  George died 6 Sep 1867 in Great Barrington, MA.
II. Frederick William Pynchon was born 15 Sep 1792 in Great Barrington, Berkshire, MA.  He married (1) Elizabeth Williams (b. 1799/1800) on 19 Apr 1826 in Great Barrington, MA.  She died after 1850.  He married (2) Caroline S. (b. 1825/26, Connecticut).  Frederick prob. died bef. 1870.
III. Josiah Smith Pynchon was born 24 Dec 1794 in Great Barrington, MA.  He married (1) Rebecca Knapp (11 Aug 1794 - 25 Jul 1819), daughter of Francis Knapp and Abigail Jarvis, on 16 Oct 1817 in Great Barrington, MA.  He married (2) Fannie Eliza Flowers (22 Jun 1795, Massachusetts - 10 Jul 1872, Marion, Waushara, WI) c. 1821.  Josiah died 26 Mar 1854 in Marion, WI.
A. William W. Pyncheon was born 27 Jul 1822 in Great Barrington, MA.  He married Catherine L. Bliss (29 Jan 1824, Lee, MA - 27 Jun 1893), daughter of Simeon Bliss and Clarissa Turner, on 1 May 1845.  William died 30 Oct 1906 in Marion, WI.
1. Mary F. Pyncheon was born 12 Apr 1846 in Great Barrington, MA.  She married Byron Cole (17 Apr 1831, Ashford, Cattaraugus, NY - 19 Jun 1907, Marion, WI), son of Daniel Mansfield Cole and Mary (Polly) Bigelow, on 14 Jul 1865, prob. in Marion, WI.  Mary died 18 Nov 1897 (or 1899.)
a. Frederick Cole was born in Dec 1871.  He married Grace Bonnell (b. Feb 1875, Wisconsin) in 1894/95.  By 1920, they were living in Lummi Reservation, Whatcom, WA.
i.Gertrude Cole was born in Jun 1898 in Wisconsin.
ii.Gordon Frederick Cole was born 28 Jun 1900 in Wisconsin.  He married Elva Ulala Parsons (6 Mar 1903, Indiana - 11 Apr 1989, San Diego Co., CA), daughter of Thomas Parsons and Anna Hunt, on 5 Jun 1920 in Bellingham, Whatcom, WA.  They had three children.  Gordon died 12 Apr 1990 in San Diego Co., CA.
iii.Mary E. Cole was born in 1903 in Wisconsin.  She married Thomas F. Davis on 15 Sep 1920 in Bellingham, WA.
b. Flora Rhoda Cole was born 30 Aug 1874 in Waushara Co., WI.  She married Frank Gilbert Tice (Oct 1871, Warren, Waushara, WI - 1925, Redgranite, Waushara, WI), son of Charles Tice and Henrietta M. Berray, in 1893.  In 1897, they were living in Terrill, Waushara, WI.  Florilla died 22 Jan 1951 in Wisconsin.
i. Charles Byron Tice was born 18 Feb 1895 in Waushara Co., WI.  He married Edna T. (1892, Wisconsin - 1967).  They had three children.
ii. Clifford Jay Tice was born 13 Oct 1896 in Waushara Co., WI.  He married Pearl A. Skalitzky (10 Aug 1896, Wisconsin - Feb 1892, Sturgeon Bay, Door, WI) on 24 Jun 1920 in Stevens Point, Portage, WI.  They had two children.  Clifford died in Jun 1965 in Wisconsin.
iii. Arden Frederick Tice was born 30 Mar 1900 in Leon, Waushara, WI.  He married Hazel Victoria (9 Nov 1906, Wisconsin - 19 Feb 1992) in 1923 in Waushara Co., WI.  Arden died in Oct 1981 in Redgranite, Waushara, WI.
2. George W. Pynchon was born 21 Feb 1855 in Wisconsin.  In 1880, he was living in Middlefield, Hampshire, MA and working in a paper mill.  He married Fannie (b. Jan 1859, Wisconsin ) in 1893/94.  They were childless.  By 1900 they were back in Marion, Waushara, WI.  George prob. died bef. 1930.
3. Gary E. Pyncheon was born in Oct/Nov 1862 and died 3 Feb 1863 in Marion, WI.
B. Frances Maria Pynchon was born c. 1829 and prob. died 1 Sep 1845.
C. George E. Pyncheon was born 27 Mar 1832 in Great Barrington, MA.  He married Almedia Carolyn Mastick (6 Jan 1835, prob. Rockport, Cuyahoga, OH - 19 Nov 1903, Sheldon, O'Brien, IA), daughter of Asahel Mastick and Caroline Andrews, on 6 Jan 1858 in New London, Waupaca, WI.  In 1860-80, they were in Rockport, OH.  In 1885, they were in Sioux Co., IA.  By 1895, they were in O'Brien Co., IA.  George died 19 Dec 1900.  He and Almedia are buried in East Lawn Cemetery in Sheldon, IA.
1. Albert Edwin Pynchon was born in 1858/59 in Ohio.  He married Carrie May Eshbaugh (Nov 1866, Niagara Co., NY -1920, prob. Lincoln City, Lancaster, NE), daughter of Enoch and Susannah Eshbaugh, in 1890.  They lived in Sheldon, O'Brien, IA.  Albert died in 1914, prob. in Sheldon, IA.
a. Edwin Albert Pynchon was born 27 May 1891 in Sheldon, IA.  He received a degree in civil engineering from the University of Wisconsin in 1916.  He married Genevieve Adeline Beinhorn (5 Sep 1893, Minnesota - 18 Sep 1977, Miami, Dade, FL), daughter of William and Emma A. Beinhorn, on 20 Jul 1918 in Fort Sill, OK.  By 1924 they were living in Florida.  Genevieve was the first female commissioner of Fort Lauderdale, serving in 1937-41  Edwin died in Jan 1960 in Dade Co., FL.
i.Edwin Albert Pynchon, Jr. was born in 1927/28 in Florida and may have died in Nov 1960 in Dade Co., FL.
ii.Sarah Ann Pynchon was born 19 Aug 1929 in Florida and died 7 Feb 1982 in Dade Co., FL.
b.Helen M. Pynchon was born in Apr 1899 in Iowa.
2. Frank A. Pynchon was born 12 Dec 1859 in Ohio.  He married Lillie J. Bassett (b. 29 Jun 1866, Rockport, Cuyahoga, OH - 2 Apr 1934, Lakewood, Cuyahoga, OH), daughter of Dwight E. Bassett and Sarah Jane Kellogg, in 1887.  Frank died 22 Jul 1941 in Lakewood, OH.
a. Otis Frank (or Frank Otis) Pynchon was born 20 May 1888 in Sheldon, IA.  He married (1) Unknown in 1913.  They were divorced bet. 1917 and 1920.  He married (2) Florence A. (b. 1902/03, Ohio) in 1922/23.  Frank died 7 Jul 1945 in New London, Huron, OH.
i.George O. Pynchon was born 5 Jul 1914 in Ohio.  He married Jean P. (6 Aug 1916 - 13 Mar 2004, Steamboat Springs, Routt, CO).  They had at least one child.  George died 26 Apr 1990 in Chagrin Falls, Geauga, OH.
ii.Lee A. Pynchon was born 1 Dec 1926 in Ohio.  He married Marilyn J. (b. 1927/28).  They had at least two children.  Lee died 3 Sep 1992 in Ashland, Ashland, OH.
b. Sarah Almedia Pynchon was born 14 Jan 1892 in Iowa.  In 1930, she was still single and living with her parents.  Sarah died 17 Feb 1988 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH.
c.Jessie William Pynchon was born in Jan 1895 in Ohio.  He married Florence M. (1894/95, Ohio - 17 Sep 1962, Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH) in 1915.  
i.Jessie William Pynchon, Jr. was born c. Sep 1917 in Ohio.
ii.Frances Marion Pynchon was born 6 Oct 1918 and died 20 Sep 1999 in North Olmstead, Cuyahoga, OH.
iii.Rita M. Pynchon was born in 1923/24 in Ohio.
iv.Richard Neil Pynchon was born in Jan 1927 in Ohio.
d.Luella Pynchon was born in Jun 1898 in Ohio.  She married Frederick Chester Uhl (5 Mar 1900, Ohio - 28 Jul 1936, Lakewood, Cuyahoga, OH), son of Frederick B. Uhl and Louise M. Langen, in 1926/27.  Luella died bet. 1934 and 1936.
3. Louella J. Pyncheon was born in 1860/61 in Rockport, OH.
4. Fannie C. Pyncheon was born in 1861/62 in Ohio.
5. Ralph G. Pynchon was born 30 Aug 1877 in Ohio.  He married Nellie M. Glenn (21 Sep 1877, prob. Sheldon, IA - Dec 1967, Pleasant Hill, Contra Costa, CA), daughter of James A. Glenn and Mary J. Woods, in 1899/1900, prob. in Sheldon, IA.  By 1905, they were in Chico, Butte, CA.  Ralph died bef. 1920 and Nellie moved to Contra Costa Co., CA.
a. Glenn Lamont Pynchon was born 13 Apr 1901 in Iowa.  He married Thelma Barbara McCauley (4 Nov 1904, California - 28 May 1991, Richmond, Contra Costa, CA) in 1926/27.  They had at least one child.  Glenn died 7 Sep 1974 in El Cerrito, Contra Costa, CA.
b. Ernest A. Pynchon was born 23 Mar 1903 in Iowa.  He married Isabel S. Douglas (29 Jul 1902 - 26 Aug 1990, Stockton, San Joaquin, CA.)  Ernest died 26 Sep 1994 in Stockton, CA.
c. Pearl A. Pynchon was born prob. 15 Sep 1905 in Butte Co., California.  Either Pearl or Irene.married a Mr. Butler and had a daughter, Patsy, who was living with her grandmother Nellie in 1930.
d. Lucille E. Pynchon was born in 1906/07 in California..
e. Irene Ava Pynchon was born 13 Jan 1909 in San Joaquin Co., CA.  She married George Nathaniel Gilmore (10 Oct 1903, Hawaii - 20 Nov 1974, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, CA), son of Charles and Elizabeth W. Gilmore.
i. Barbara Jean Gilmore was born 28 Jun 1926 in Hawaii.  She married Kimble McKnight Amick (6 Jun 1923, Hawaii - 18 Sep 1998, Sunnyvale, CA), son of Carl Kimble Amick and Eudora True Boyd, in Honolulu, HI.  They had four children.  Barbara died 12 Jun 2000 in Sunnyvale, CA.
ii. George N. Gilmore was born 17 Mar 1929 in Honolulu, HI and died 28 Feb 2005 in Roseville, Placer, CA.
D. Charles H. Pyncheon was born 26 Jan 1836 in Massachuestts.  He married Phoebe M. (15 Feb 1839, New York - 7 Oct 1894, Marion, Waushara, WI).  Charles served in the Civil War in the 37th Wisconsin Infantry.  In 1880, he was still living in Marion, WI.  On 6 Dec 1888, he became postmaster of Gresham, Multnomah, OR.  Charles died 16 Jun 1890 and is buried in Gresham Pioneer Cemetery.
1. Ellen M. Pyncheon was born 13 or 22 Jun 1864 in Wisconsin and died 12 Mar 1887 in Gresham, OR.
2. Eliza E. Pyncheon was born in Dec 1867 in Wisconsin.  She married Mr. Scoville.  Eliza died 8 Aug 1888 in Gresham, OR.

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