The Padgetts of Oxford, NY

    There are two Padgett families associated with the town of Oxford in Chenango County, New York.  The family of John Padget was among the earliest settlers of Oxford around 1792-93.  The family of  James Padget, who was almost certainly John's brother, was living in the town of Glen in Montgomery County, New York at the time, but most of that family eventually made its way to Oxford as well.

    When this set of pages was first put up, about 90% of the Padgett material had been unearthed by Sandy Goodspeed, Since then, I have been in touch with other Padgett researchers and have followed out many lines on my own, but Sandy remains a world-class researcher and very special online cousin.  

    The site includes extensive family trees and other documentation on the family of John Padget and a more limited amount of information on the family of James Padget.  The sections are:

Family Trees
The descendents of John Padget and Hannah Wilson (I have used a cutoff date of about 1920 in order to exclude living individuals.)

The children and grandchildren of James Padget and Rebekah Crout.

The Early Years of the Padgets in America

The Origins of John (and James) Padget, drawn from various sources.

Hannah Barstow's account of the life of her grandfather, John Padget, written in 1894.  This is our most complete source of information.  Even though she was writing a hundred years after the events, the accuracy of this sharp-witted old lady has been confirmed by every source of contemporary documentation we have found.

The Dam and Sawmill on Padgett Creek.  A minor Padget mystery.

Other Padgett Family Information

"The Padget Family in America" as written up by Lucie Padget Panshin in the 1950's.

A letter from Aunt Vesta, sent to Lucie Padget Panshin in 1935, with anecdotes about her father (Silas Padget), grandfather (John Padgett 3rd), and great-grandfather (John Padgett, Jr.)

Another account of the Silas Padget line from "Genealogy in New York State."

A letter from Homer G. Padgett, sent to Lucie Padget Panshin in 1936, concerning the line of James Padgett, son of John Padget and Hannah Wilson.

Narratives Concerning the Descendents of John Padget (and their Spouses)

The Murderous Affair of "Old Bill" Padgett.  We don't know exactly who he was, but he sure wasn't pretty.

A Window in a Grave.  The melancholy death and unique burial of little Merritt Beardsley.

Memories of Elam Barstow by his son, Maitland Barstow.

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