Descendents of David Scott of Livonia, NY

David Scott was born 25 Jun 1760 in Blandford, MA.  He was the son of John Scott and Rachel Stewart.  His wife's name is unknown.  David died 29 Nov 1835 in Livonia, Livingston, NY. (Until 1821, Livonia was part of Ontario County.)  The 1810 census for Livonia shows David with three sons aged 11-15 and two daughters, but except for John they have not been identified.)
I. John Scott was born 8 Mar 1800 in Burtonsville, Montgomery, NY.  He married Elizabeth A. Shute (b. 31 May 1813, Duanesburg, Schenectady, NY), daughter of Daniel Shute and Ann Parks.  John died in Duanesburg, NY.
A. Daniel B. Scott was born 21 Jul 1832.  He married Rebecca E. Sanford (8 Dec 1837, Springwater, Livingston, NY - 27 Sep 1911, Wayland, Steuben, NY), daughter of Soton Sanford and Esther Mitchell, on 4 Jul 1853 in Springwater, NY.  David died 5 Apr (or 8 May) 1857 in Atlanta, NY.
1. Emma Endora Scott was born 22 Sep 1855 in Florida, Montgomery, NY.  She married Willard DeGolyer (11 Jun 1859, Gloversville or Mayfield, Fulton, NY - 1940, Gloversville or Mayfield, NY), son of Calvin DeGolyer and Sarah Marcellus, on 19 Feb 1884 in Wayland, NY.  Emma died 11 Mar 1939 in Gloversville, NY.
a. Sarah (Sadie) R. DeGolyer was born 24 Jan 1886 in Mayfield, NY.  She never married and in 1940 was still living with her father.  Sarah died 28 Aug 1962 in Gloversville, NY.
b. Calvin Scott De Golyer was born 27 Dec 1886 in Gloversville, NY.  He married Florence Cora Holmes (27 Dec 1886, Mayfield, NY - 1 Mar 1959, Rochester, Monroe, NY), daughter of Frank Israel Holmes and Charlotte Graham, on 1 Jun 1913 in West Taughnoc, NY.  They lived in Castile, Wyoming, NY.  Calvin died 25 Jun 1969 in Warsaw, Wyoming, NY.
i. Willard T. DeGolyer was born 7 Mar 1914 in New York.  He married Edith Cecil Carson.  Willard died in a military training plane crash on 9 Feb 1942 in Lakeland, Polk FL..
ii. Avery Holmes DeGolyer was born 4 Jan 1916 in New York.  He married Marydith Van Cise (14 Jul 1921, New Jersey - 23 Jan 2012, prob. Castile, Wyoming, NY), daughter of Edwin C. and Theresa Van Cise.  They had five children.  Avery died 2 Nov 1978 in Warsaw, NY.
iii. Elizabeth DeGolyer was born 21 Apr 1919 in Castile, NY.  She married noted potato expert John Strong Niederhauser (17 Sep 1916 -12 Aug 2005, Tuscon, Pima, AZ), son of Charles Howard Niederhauser and Ruth Maria Strong, on 7 Jun 1940 in Ithaca, NY.  They had three children, but the marriage apparently ended in divorce after a few years.  Elizabeth died 10 Jul 1987 in Portageville, Wyoming, NY.
iv. Calvin Scott DeGolyer, Jr. was born 10 May 1922 in Castile, NY.  He married Edith Alida Raabe (b. 3 Aug 1925, Ohio), daughter of Ralph C. Raabe and Ethlyn I. Core, on 15 Feb 1947 in Van Wert, OH.  They had four children.
c. Florence Mabel DeGolyer was born 29 Nov 1888 in Mayfield, Fulton, NY.  She married Solon Howard Barnard (10 Dec 1887, Richmond, Ontario, NY - 13 Feb 1942, Rochester, Monroe, NY), son of Fitch Reed Barnard and Sarah Jane Jerome.  They lived in Richmond, NY. Florence died in Feb 1981 in Hemlock, Livingston, NY.
i. Howard Fitch Barnard was born 25 Mar 1917 in Richmond, Ontario, NY.  He married Jane M. Decker (b. 14 Jan 1918, New York), daughter of Frank J. Decker and Gladys Juanita Bacon, on 18 Jul 1942.  They had three children.  Howard died 13 Feb 2012 in Richmond, NY.
ii. Ralph DeGolyer Barnard was born 5 Feb 1919 in New York.  He married Mary Geraldine Bearn (b. 1922/23).  They had two children.  Ralph died in Sep 1984 in Hemlock, NY.
iii. Doris Barnard was born 30 Aug 1920.  She married Howard G. Werder (13 Feb 1919, New York - 17 Mar 2003, Livonia, Livingston, NY), son of Chester George and Helen J. Werder.  They had four children.
iv. Grace Mary Barnard was born in 1922/23.  She married Henry Woodrow Simons (2 Nov 1916 - 17 May 2002, Binghamton, Broome, NY), son of Allan G. and Bertha D. Simons, in 1941/42.  They had three children..
d. Floyd Willard DeGolyer was born 3 Feb 1893 in Mayfield, NY.  He married Madeline A. Rockwell (21 Oct 1897 - Jun 1982, Gloversville, Fulton, NY), daughter of Fred A. Rockwell and Katherine Finkle, on 5 Jun 1919 in Fulton Co., NY.  Floyd died 21 May 1964 in Gloversville, NY.
i.Robert Fred DeGolyer was born in 1920 and died in 1924.  (Another child also died young.)
ii.Jean Elizabeth DeGolyer was born in 1925.  She married John R. Davison (1 Sep 1924 - 7 Sep 1998, Gloversville, NY), son of John and Mae Davison.  They had two children.  Jean died 11 Jan 2013 in Canton, Stark, OH.
iii.Ann DeGolyer was born in 1932/33.  She married John L. Patterson, Jr. (b. 1927), son of John L. Patterson, Sr. and Florence M. Stevens, on 4 Oct 1952.
iv.John S. DeGolyer was born in 1935/36.  He married Nanlea Esther Hollenbeck (b. Nov 1935), daughter of G. Mortimer Hollenbeck, on 10 Aug 1958.  
e. Mary Ruth DeGolyer was born 23 Aug 1895 in Mayfield, NY.  She married Ralph De La Fleur (21 Apr 1894, Adams, Jefferson, NY - Dec 1956), son of Frank De La Fleur and Lulu Lewis, aft 1920.  They had two children.
i.Lucile C. De La Fleur was born in 1922/23.  She married Carl J. Snook (28 Oct 1919, New York - 3 Feb 1993, Fulton Co., NY), son of Clayton P. and Nettie Snook, on 24 Oct 1942 in Gloversville, Fulton, NY.  They had three children.
ii.John S. De La Fleur was born 15 Sep 1926.  He married Marion L. Gifford (5 Apr 1928, Edinburg, Saratoga, NY - 4 Oct 2013), daughter of Claude D. Gifford and Myrtle J. Putnam.  They had two children.



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