Descendants of John Scott of Augusta, NY

John Scott, 3rd was born 27 Sep 1763 in Blandford, Hampden, MA.  He was the son of John Scott, Jr. and Rachel Stewart.  John married Mabel Allen (1770 - 31 Mar 1836, Augusta, Oneida, NY) in Becket, Berkshire, MA.  John died 2 Aug 1829 in Augusta, Oneida, NY.
I. Linus Scott was born 17 May 1790 in Becket, Berkshire, MA.  He married (1) Minerva Higley (19 Apr 1791, Simsbury, Hartford, CT - 6 Apr 1825, Becket, MA), daughter of Joseph Higley and Azubah Gillet, on 27 May 1824 in Becket, MA.  He married (2) Flavia Clarinda Snow (9 Dec 1803, Becket, MA - aft. 1850, Windham, Portage, OH), daughter of Levi Snow and Lydia Rudd, on 24 Dec 1829 in Becket, MA.  Linus died aft. 1860 in Windham, OH.
A. Rev. Joseph Higley Scott was born 22 Mar 1825 in Becket, MA.  He married Ellen Eliza Taylor (b. Mar 1823, Vermont), daughter of Veron Dyke Taylor and Charlotte Hall Curtis, on 20 Apr 1850 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH.  In 1850, they were in Portage Co., OH.  In 1860, they were in Wapsinonoc, Muscatine, IA.  By 1870, they were in Metropolis, Massac, IL.  Joseph died 26 Feb 1879 in Metropolis, IL.  In 1900, Ellen was living with her son Egbert.
1. Arthur Linus Scott was born 3 Oct 1852 in Twinsburg, Summit, OH.  He married Ida Theresa Ambrose (b. Jan 1857, Ohio), granddaughter of William Fitton and Joanna Dunn, on 21 Mar 1878, prob. in Massac Co., IL.  By 1900, they were in Birds Point, Mississippi, MO.  Arthur died 9 Dec 1911 in Jonesboro, Craighead, AR.
a. Joseph Linus Scott was born 21 Nov 1879 in Metropolis, IL.  He married Hazel Hurd (1888, Indiana - 8 Feb 1933), daughter of William E. and Frances E. Hurd, on 24 Jun 1908, poss. in Lewisville, Lafayette, AR.  Joseph died 27 Aug 1936 in Jonesboro, AR.
i. Frances Elizabeth Scott was born 12 Dec 1909 in Lewisville, AR.  She married Hugh M. Brock (b. 1903/04, Arkansas), son of John H.A. and Lula J. Brock, on 26 Feb 1935 in Lafayette Co., AR. They had two children.
ii. Linus Franklin Scott was born 2 Jun 1913 in Arkansas.  He married Opal Elizabeth Shackleford (20 Aug 1908, Mississippi - 17 May 1996, Jackson, Hinds, MS), daughter of Charles A. and Alice M. Shackleford, on 28 Dec 1939.  They resided in Grenada, Grenada, MS.  They had two daughters.  Linus died 22 Nov 2009 in Stone Mountain, DeKalb, GA.
b. Bertha Ellen Scott was born 30 Oct 1882 in Metropolis, IL.  She married John Franklin Gautney (c. Feb 1870, Batesville, Independence, AR - 24 Sep 1950, prob. Jonesboro, Craighead, AR), son of Martin V. and Martha A. Gautney, in 1909/10.  Bertha died in Dec 1970 in Little Rock, Pulaski, AR.
i. John Franklin Gautney, Jr. was born 10 Sep 1916.  He married Lillian Jean Reed (9 Jul 1911 - 22 Feb 2001, Little Rock, AR).  He was a lawyer and a judge.  John died 6 Jul 2006 in Pine Bluff, Jefferson, AR.
c. Edith Ambrose Scott was born 18 May 1884 in Mound City, Pulaski, IL.  In 1910, she was living with Bertha and John.  She married Andrew Parker Wood (b. 1883/84) of Mt. Sterling, Montgomery, KY on 31 Dec 1920.  They resided in Louisville, Jefferson, KY.  They had no children.  Edith died in Feb 1969 in Little Rock, AR.
d. Arthur Lawrence Scott was born 18 Mar 1886 in Mound City, IL.  He married (1) Mary (Mae) Goodykoontz (1886/87, prob. Washington Co., MO -  7 Nov 1940, Washington Co., MO), daughter of Thomas Goodykoontz and Mary J. Knox, on 14 Nov 1914.  They had no children.  He married (2) Myrtle Thorpe Whittington (b. 1892/93) of Macon, Bibb, GA.  They resided in Alexandria, Rapides, LA.
e. Veron Eugene Scott was born 1 Feb 1892 in Campbell, Bunklin, MO.  He married Mary Lucy Morse (b. 1894/95, Arkansas) on 2 Sep 1927.  They lived in Little Rock, Pulaski, AR.  They had no children.  Veron died in Jan 1970.
2. Mary Minerva Scott was born 21 May 1856 in Ohio.  She married Joseph Edward Bronson (8 May 1842, Syracuse, Onondaga, NY - 15 Nov 1916, Albuquerque, Bernalillo, NM), son of Josiah Bronson and Julia E. Hall, c. 1876/78, prob. in Massac Co., IL.  Joseph was a homeopathic doctor and around 1900 was running a sanitarium in Albuquerque, NM with his brother.  Mary died 30 Oct 1910 in Albuquerque, NM.
a. Arthur Scott Bronson was born 1 Jan 1879, prob. in Massac Co., IL.  He married Sarah Ellen Salter (b. 14 Jul 1883, Henderson Co., IL), daughter of David Parker Salter and Luetta Robinson McDougall, in 1908.  They lived in Albuquerque, NM, El Paso, TX, and San Antonio, TX.  Arthur died 25 Sep 1948 in Bexar Co., TX.
i. Elizabeth E. Bronson was born 7 Apr 1909, prob. in Albuquerque, NM, and died 21 Aug 1910.
ii. Joseph E. Bronson was born 5 Jul 1911 in New Mexico and died 13 Nov 2002 in Clearwater, Pinellas, FL.
iii. Harriet Julia Bronson was born 16 Feb 1917 in El Paso, TX.  She married Robert Edward Lee Nowlin (14 Oct 1912, Texas - May 1983, Locust Grove, Henry, GA.)  They had four daughters.  Harriet died 15 Jan 2003 in Riverdale, Clayton, GA.
b. Edward Herbert Bronson was born 12 Feb 1881, prob. in Massac Co., IL  In 1900, he was living with his brother Arthur in Albuquerque, NM.  He married Gretchen Yulande Groce (13 May 1887, Lake Co., SD - 2 Oct 1974, San Dimas, Los Angeles, CA), daughter of Jacob Benton Groce and Harriett Eda Luella Flatt, in 1905, prob. in Los Angeles Co., CA.
i. Harry E. Bronson was born 11 Feb 1908 in California.  He married Ruth (b. 1906/07) in 1929.  Harry died 7 May 1964 in Ventura Co., CA.
ii.Gilbert David Bronson was born 17 Oct 1910 in Pomona, Los Angeles, CA.  He married Gwendolyn C. (13 Aug 1911 - 11 May 2000, Yucaipa, San Bernardino, CA).  They had two children.  Gilbert died 15 Dec 2002 in Yucaipa, CA. 
iii. Gretchen M. Bronston was born 19 Jan 1913 in Riverside Co., CA.  She married Mr. Drake.  Gretchen died 19 Oct 2002 in Hemet, Riverside, CA.
iv.John E. Bronson was born 6 Oct 1915 in California.  He may have died bef. 1940..
v.Donald W. Bronson was born 30 Jul 1918 in California.  He married (1) Betty Mae Ball (25 Sep 1920, San Dimas, Los Angeles, CA - 18 Aug 2003, Hemet, CA).  They had two children.  He married (2) Jean Gibney.
vi.Bernice Bronson was born 2 Feb 1923 in California.  She married Aubrey Farris (Jeff) Jeffreys (17 May 1912, Brownwood, Brown, TX - 1 Apr 1998, New Iberia, Iberia, LA), son of George Iven Jeffreys and Mary Elizabeth Burleson..  They had one son.  Bernice died 11 Jan 2008 in New Iberia, LA.
vii.Barbara E. Bronson.was born 5 Aug 1927 in California.  She married Ralph W. Stallard (b. Aug 1924)..  They had at least one child.
c. Julia Ellen Bronson was born in 1883, prob. in Massac Co., IL.  She married (1) Herman George Ehlers (4 Jan 1880, Castle Rock, Dakota, MN - 5 Jul 1944, Kingman, Mohave, AZ), son of Johim Hinrich Ehlers and Mary Ann Bunse, on 19 Oct 1927 in Kingman, AZ.  They were prob. childless.  She married (2) Mr. Dawkins.  Julia died in 1963 in Kingman, AZ.
d. Gilbert Eugene Bronson was born 9 Feb 1886, prob. in Massac Co., IL.  He was in Navajo Co., AZ in 1910, Alameda Co., CA in 1920, and Contra Costa Co., CA in 1930.  He married Agnes M. (3 Mar 1884, California - Nov 1971, Richmond, Contra Costa, CA.)  Gilbert died in Mar 1973 in Richmond, CA.
i. Frank Earle Bronson was born 11 Aug 1921 in Contra Costa Co., CA.  He married Carolyn M. (24 May 1923 - 31 Oct 2001, Stockton, San Joaquin, CA).  Frank died 6 Jan 2003 in Stockton, CA.
e. Frank Egbert Bronson was born 25 Jun 1890, prob. in Massac Co., IL.  He was living in Contra Costa Co., CA by 1910.  He married Irene Amantha Hasey (22 Aug 1892, Idaho - 21 Aug 1984, Sacramento Co, CA.)  Frank died 24 Apr 1983 in Fresno, Fresno, CA.
i.Margaret Irene Bronson was born 11 Mar 1913 in Contra Costa Co., CA.  She married John Edward Corrie (2 Apr 1915 - 12 Sep 1997, Sacramento, Sacramento, CA).  They had at least two children.  Margaret died 2 Jun 2006 in Sacramento, CA.
ii.Elizabeth Ellen Bronson was born 14 Dec 1919 in Contra Costa Co., CA.  She married Ernest Fosse (15 Apr 1915, Sharon, Steele, ND - 14 Aug 2003, Atwater, Merced, CA).  They had two children.  Elizabeth died 29 Nov 2000 in Richmond, Contra Costa, CA).
3. Fanny Eliza Scott was born 30 Jun 1858 and died 3 Dec 1858.
4. Edward I. Scott was born c. Feb 1860 in Iowa and died young.
5. Egbert Taylor Scott was born 11 Aug 1861 in Iowa.  He married Agnes Orr Satterfield (b. 1868, Caldwell Co., KY), daughter of James W. Satterfield and Lucinda Mildred Boyd, on 9 May 1900.  They lived in Metropolis, IL.  By 1920, Egbert had died and Agnes was living with her mother in Princeton, Caldwell, KY.
a. James Egbert Scott was born 7 Nov 1901.  He married Thelma Inez Midgett (b. 1906/07, Illinois), daughter of Alonza Carlton Midgett and Ada Oma Moore, on 23 Dec 1933.  They lived in Saline Co., IL.  They had no children.  James died in Dec 1986 in Harrisburg, Saline, IL.
b. Francis Dixie Scott was born 17 Apr 1904 in Caldwell Co., KY.  He married Lanna Gish (27 Apr 1910, Caldwell Co., KY - 1 Sep 2001, Princeton, KY), daughter of Aaron Sanford Gish and Anna Gertrude Mitchell, in Caldwell Co., KY.  Francis died 26 Apr 1986 in Princeton, KY.
i.James Aaron Scott was born 20 Feb 1942 and died bef. 2001.  He was married with two children.
6. Ellen Flavia Scott was born 2 Nov 1863 in Ohio.  She married Dr. Walter Sidney Swan (15 Apr 1854, Carthage, Hancock, IL - 28 Mar 1937), son of Ben C. Swan and Mary C. Woolfe, on 19 May 1891 in Harrisburg, Saline, IL.  They had two children who died young.  Ellen died 3 Jan 1941 in Harrisburg, IL.
II. Stillman Scott was born 27 Dec 1791 in Becket, Berkshire, MA.  He married Hannah Seeley (c. 1800 - aft. 1870) on 13 Aug 1818 in Portage Co., OH.  Stillman died 21 Feb 1876 in Windham, Portage, OH.
A. Harriet M. Scott was born in 1828/29 and died 4 May 1836.
B. James H. Scott was born in 1833/34 and died 1 Mar 1836.
C. Stillman B. Scott was born in 1836/37 in Windham, OH and died 2 Sep 1841.
D. (Daughter) Scott died in infancy.
III. Salla Scott was born 26 Oct 1793 in Becket, MA and died 8 Apr 1796 in Becket, MA.
IV. Laurendia (or Lorinda) Scott was born 22 Jan 1796 in Becket, MA.  She married Solomon Cook (21 Feb 1791, Otis, Berkshire, MA - 1869, prob. Augusta, Oneida, NY), son of Elisha Cook and Anna Baldwin.  Laurendia died 3 Jul 1871 in Augusta, Oneida, NY.
A. Eliza Cook was born in 1823 in New York.  She married David Van Vechten (1 Feb 1818, Loonenburg, Greene, NY - 20 Nov 1869), son of Isaac Van Vechten and Rebecca Casey, on 16 Mar 1852, prob. in Oneida Co., NY.
1. Arabella (Belle) Van Vechten was born 17 Aug 1860 in New York.  She married Marshall Nay Dawson on 25 Feb 1901.  They lived in Napoleon, Jackson, MI.
a. Hester Belle Dawson was born 16 Jul 1902 and died in Dec 1983 in Jackson, Jackson, MI.  She was unmarried.
2. Ella Amelia Van Vechten was born 2 Nov 1861 in New York and died 2 Jun 1882 in New York.
B. Orpha L. Cook was born 10 Jul 1824 in New York.  She married George Hosmen Allen (20 Jun 1813, Verona, Oneida, NY - 1902, prob. Augusta, NY), son of George Allen and Sarah Yale, on 20 Jul 1849 in Augusta, NY.  They had one son who died young.  Orpha died 6 Dec 1884 in Knoxboro, Oneida, NY.
V. John Allis Scott was born 26 May 1798 in Becket, Berkshire, MA.  He married Betsey Wilbur (1800, New York - 1890, prob. Augusta, NY).  John died in 1883, prob. in Augusta, NY.
A.. Ophelia E. Scott was born 1 Oct 1828.  She married Hiram Hull Hurd (1826/27, New York - 22 Feb 1905, Wentworth Co., Ontario, Canada).  Ophelia died 7 Dec 1881, prob. in Wentworth Co, Ontario,. 
1. Hiram Scott Hurd was born 21 Sep 1852 in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.  He married Eva Reid Mallory (23 Jul 1853, Danbury, Fairfield, CT - 1918), daughter of Eli H. and Hannah S. Mallory, on 1 Jun 1876.  Hiram died 4 Jun 1907.
a. Helen Clark Hurd was born 19 Nov 1877 in Burlington, Ontario.  She married William Charles Kerns (b. 21 Sep 1874, Burlington, Halton, Ontario), son of William Kerns and Ellen Morrison, on 15 Sep 1904 in Halton, Ontario.
i.Marguerette Sylvia Kerns was born 15 Sep 1905 in Halton, Ontario.
ii.Helen Dorothy Constance Kerns was born 14 Sep 1908 in Halton, Ontario
iii.Eva Ellen Kerns was born 7 May 1910 in Halton, Ontario.
b. William Mallory Hurd was born 21 Feb 1879 and died 26 Mar 1897.
c. Lillian Scott Hurd was born 25 Mar 1883.  In 1911, she was still living with her mother.
d. Mabel Cannington Hurd was born 19 Sep 1885.  In 1911, she was still living with her mother.
e. Hiram Burton Hurd was born 5 Mahy 1887 and died 7 Oct 1887.
f. Eva Mildred Hurd was born 15 Aug 1893. 
2. Emma Florine Hurd was born 23 May 1856 in Ontario, Canada and died 28 Mar 1908.
3. Carrie Hurd was born 15 Jun 1858 and died 9 Feb 1862.
4. Charlie Hurd was born 18 Jan 1863 and died 18 Jul 1863.
5. Clara Maude Hurd was born 19 Sep 1866 in Ontario and died 1 Dec 1920.
6. Edith Florence Hurd was born 23 Mar 1871 in Ontario.  She married Griffith Russell Lloyd (1868, Ontario - 21 Jul 1943), son of Joseph and Sage Lloyd, on 10 Oct 1896.
a. Warren Griffith Lloyd was born 27 Oct 1902.  He married Helen Brett on 30 Jul 1929.
b. Emma Florence Lloyd was born 12 Apr 1908.  She married Walter H. Fraser on 5 Oct 1933.
7. Arthur Emerson Hurd was born 25 Apr 1873 in Ontario and died 23 Sep 1892.
B. Amelia Scott was born in 1832/33 and died in 1912.  She never married.
C. Horatio Scott was born in 1835 in Augusta, Oneida, NY.  He married Emeline Almyra Allen (5 Jun 1835, Augusta, NY - 1922, prob. Augusta, NY), daughter of Samuel Allen, Jr. and Almira Hurd, on 30 Oct 1862.  Horatio died in 1917, prob. in Augusta, NY.  In 1920, Emeline was living with Horatio's sister Lois and her husband William.
1. (John) Allyn Scott was born 22 Sep 1867 in Augusta, NY.  He married Mary Jane Whittaker (31 Oct 1867, England - 22 Jul 1942, Duluth, St. Louis, MN), daughter of James Whittaker and Esther Traverse, on 12 Feb 1889 in Duluth, MN.  Allyn died 12 Nov 1953 in Duluth, MN.
a. John Allyn Scott, Jr. was born 16 Nov 1889 in Duluth, MN.  He married Mollie Myrtle Harris (2 Mar 1893, Elizabethtown, Essex, NY - 5 Nov 1938, Duluth, MN).  John died 25 Dec 1953 in Duluth, MN.
i. John Harris Scott was born 16 Oct 1916 in Duluth, MN.  He married (1) Altie Mae Truhn (3 Mar 1912, Minnesota - 1 Aug 1956, St. Louis Co, Minnesota), daughter of Fred Truhn and Lilliam J. Barker, on 29 Dec 1942   He prob. married Rosella L. Colsen in 1960 or 1961.  John died in Jul 1981 in Duluth, MN.
ii. Daniel Allyn Scott was born 22 May 1918 in Duluth, MN.  He married Margaret Pederson, daughter of Frank Lavy Pederson and Bertha Karina Abrahamson.  They had three children.  Daniel died 13 Aug 1989 in Wenatchee, Chelan, WA.
iii. Richard George Scott was born 17 Dec 1919, prob. in Duluth, MN, and died in Mar 1974.
iv. Mary Ann Scott was born prob. in 1922/23.  She married Marvin Ericson.  They had at least one child.
v. Winfield Scott was poss. born 26 Jun 1923.  He married Louis Jeanne Endicott, daughter of Glenwood Garfield Endicott and Elvera Speers.  They had one child.  Winfield died 5 Sep 1992 in Duluth, MN.
vi. Joan (or Joanne) Scott was born in 1926 in Minnesota.
b. Ruth Alice Scott was born in Feb 1892 in Duluth, MN.  She married Robert Barbo Thompson (2 Oct 1893 or 1894, Minnesota - 17 Jan 1987, Two Harbors, Lake, MN), son of Theodore and Karan Thompson, in 1918.  They had no children.
c. Robert James Scott was born 15 Sep 1894 in Duluth, MN.  He married Mabel (b. 1894/95, Minnesota).
i. Robert James Scott, Jr. was born 20 Oct 1918 in Minnesota and died 4 Mar 2002 in Citrus Heights, Sacramento, CA.
d. Helen Louise Scott was born in 1900 in Duluth, MN.  She married Joseph Read Gordon (1 Dec 1899, Minnesota - 10 May 1968, Duluth, St. Louis, MN), son of James F. Gordon and Mary S. Cleaver, in 1923.
i.James Scott Gordon was prob. born 25 Jun 1927 in Minnesota and died 20 Oct 1994 in Lincoln, Lancaster, NE.
ii.John Allyn Gordon was born in 1932.
2. Lois Florine Scott was born 10 Oct 1874 in Augusta, Oneida, NY.  She married William Winches Chapman (b. Feb 1876, New York) on 11 Jul 1906.  In 1910, they were living in Westfield, Plymouth, IA.  In 1920, they were in Deansboro, Oneida, NY.  In 1930, they were in Fort Collins, Larimer, CO.  Lois died 26 Aug 1943.
a. William Scott Chapman was born 20 Jul 1907 in Westfield, IA.  He married Louise Edith Gibbs (15 Sep 1912 - 12 Sep 1997, Gardiner, Park, MT), daughter of Sylvester Milto Gibbs and Edith L. Torrance, on 10 Sep 1932 in Yellowstone, Park, MT.  William died 6 Dec 2000 in Park Co., UT.
i.William Scott Chapman, Jr. was born in 1933.
b. Charles Robert Chapman was born 30 Mar 1916 in Deansboro,  NY.  He resided in Laramie WY.  Charles died 31 Dec 1987 in Billings, Yellowstone, MT.
VI. Elijah Adams Scott was born 28 Sep 1800 in Becket, Berkshire, MA.  He married (1) Sarah Melissa Higley (6 Nov 1808, Becket, MA - 18 Mar 1836, prob. Freedom, Portage, OH), daughter of Joseph Higley and Sibyl Coggswell, on 10 Dec 1829, prob. in Portage Co., OH.  He married (2) Sarah Ann Underwood (1803/04, Connecticut - aft. 1880) on 1 Mar 1837.  Elijah died 11 Nov 1880.
A. Joseph Stillman Scott was born 22 Dec 1830 in Freedom, OH.  He married Ann Eliza Purdy (1834/35, Hayden, Richland, OH - 3 Mar 1912, prob. Marshall Co., IN), daughter of Stephen Purdy and Ann Tibbs, on 25 Dec 1850, prob. in Hardin Co., OH.  Joseph died 2 Jun 1909 in Donaldson, Marshal, IN.
1. Frank Ellsworth Scott was born 20 Jul 1862 in Forest, Hardin, OH.  He married Caroline (Carolyn) May Ramsay (31 Mar 1868, Marshall Co., IN - 8 Nov 1932, Lafayette, Tippecanoe, IN), daughter of Charles Webster Ramsay and Abigail Miller, on 25 Dec 1885 in Marshall Co., IN.  Frank died 4 Oct 1902 in either Cando, Towner, ND or Donaldson, IN.
a. Charles Stillman Scott was born 1 Jan 1889 in Plymouth, Marshall, IN.  He married Mary Etta Goldey (b. 9 Dec 1888) on 25 Dec 1934. They had no children.  Charles died in Feb 1963, prob. in Indiana.
b. Lora Edith Scott was born 15 Jun 1891 in Plymouth, IN.  She married (1) William Fred Kurtz (b. 8 Apr 1872, Reynolds, White, IN) on 20 Aug 1907.  She married (2) John Milholland on 31 Jan 1921.  Lora died 9 Aug 1925 in South Bend, St. Joseph, IN.
i. Charles Edward Kurtz was born 11 Jan 1909 in Michigan City, LaPorte, IN.  He married Virginia May Rose (26 Feb 1910, prob. South Bend, IN - 7 Jun 2009, South Bend, IN), daughter of Hiram Rose and Bertha Haas, on 12 Oct 1929.  They had five children.  Charles died 3 Aug 1994 in South Bend, IN.
ii. Augusta May Kurtz was born 23 Dec 1911 in Donaldson, Marshall, IN.  She married Fay Arthur Whelan (19 Oct 1908, Tecumseh, Lenawee, MI - Mar 1975, Tecumseh, MI), son of Hoyt Ervin Whelan and Florence Spencer.  They had two sons.  Augusta died 12 Nov 1993 in Tecumseh, MI.
c. Frederic Eugene Scott was born 20 Jan 1893 in Plymouth, IN.  He married Edna Mable Inbody (10 Oct 1891, Grovertown, Starke, IN - Nov 1976, Plymouth, IN) on 5 Mar 1913 in Marshall Co., IN.  Frederic died in Feb 1977 in Plymouth, IN.
i. Genevieve Geraldine Scott was born 26 Jan 1914 in Plymouth, IN.  She married Raymond Smith Pomeroy (b. 30 May 1915) on 4 Feb 1933.  They had two children.
ii. Leroy Everett Scott was born 2 May 1919 in Donaldson, Marshall, IN.  He married Barbara Marie Kish (b. 3 May 1917, South Bend, St. Joseph, IN) on 8 Nov 1940.  They had at least one child.  Leroy died 20 Feb 1988.
iii. Maryetta Scott was born 22 Mar 1929 and died 9 Mar 1930.
d. Grace (Grayce) Lavada Scott was born 17 Oct 1894 in Starke Co., IN.  She married (1) Chester A. Brock (15 Jul 1893, Gaston, Delaware, IN - 12 Sep 1918, Converse, Miami, IN).  She married (2) Calvin Wesley Decker (b. 4 Jul 1892, Warsaw, Kosciusko, IN) on 14 Dec 1919.  They had one child.  Grace died in Feb 1989.
e. Anna Mabel (Maybel) Scott was born 20 Jun 1897 in Marshall Co., IN.  She married (1) Roland Boots (b. 9 Jun 1887, Sussex, Waukesha, WI) on 20 Aug 1912.  She married (2) Francis Joseph Wishman (4 Aug 1888, Corning, Perry, OH - 28 Jan 1972, South Bend, St. Joseph, IN), son of Johannes Heinrich Wishman and Anna Maria Willner, on 8 Aug 1914.  There were no children from either marriage.  Anna died in Jun 1981 in South Bend, St. Joseph, IN.
f. George Honeywell Scott was born 1 Dec 1899 in Cando, Towner, ND.  He married Daisy Marie Van Gundy (b. 23 Aug 1904) on 19 Apr 1921.  They had three children.  George died in Aug 1978.
g. Forest Ellsworth Scott was born 8 Jul 1902 in Cando, Towner, ND.  He married Laverne Ruth Vance (14 Jul 1903, Hamlet, Starke, IN - 30 Jul 1996, Mishawaka, St. Joseph, IN), daughter of Bert Ellsworth Vance and Mary Coup, on 19 Aug 1924.  They had two children.  Forest died 27 Mar 1978 in Mishawake, IN.
B. Julia Eliza Scott was born 17 Dec 1833 in Freedom, Portage, OH.  She married Josiah B. Whippy (prob. b. 1826,.Nantucket, MA - bef. 1900) on 18 Dec 1880.  They had no children.  In 1900-20, Julia was widowed and living in Alliance, Stark, OH.
C. Sarah Melissa Scott was born 24 Feb 1836 in Freedom,OH.  She married Isaac Newton Wilcox, Jr. (24 Nov 1833, Cuyahoga Falls, Summit, OH - 22 Jul 1893), son of Isaac Newton Wilcox and Mary (Polly) Randall, on 26 May 1857.  Sarah died 2 Jan 1899.
1. Ida Melissa Wilcox was born 17 Jul 1858 in Windham, Portage, OH.  She married Aaron Bidwell Pinney (b. Aug 1857, Iowa), son of Algernon Pinney and Harriet Minerva Stewart, on 11 May 1886.  They were living in Glenville, Cuyahoga, OH in 1900 but by 1910 were in Hudson Co., NJ.  Ida died aft. 1944.
a. LeRoy Wilcox Pinney was born 17 Jan 1889 in Ohio and died in Oct 1969.  He was unmarried.
b. Mabel Melissa Pinney was born 12 May 1891 in Ohio and died 5 Jun 1989 in Glen Rock, Bergen, NJ.  She was unmarried.
c. Harold Algernon Pinney was born 6 Oct 1895 in Ohio.  He married Inez Jane Watson (poss. 18 Jun 1894 - poss. Dec 1978, Palo Alto, Santa Clara, CA) on 25 May 1928.  They had two children.  They resided in Montclair, Essex, NY.  Harold died in Jul 1968.
2. Scott Stillman Wilcox was born 14 Jun 1864 in Windham, OH.  He moved to North Bend, King, WA in 1897 and later lived in Forks, Clallam, WA.  He married (1) Leonora Boggess (9 Jul 1869, Washington Co., IA - 3 Jun 1959, Clallam, Clallam, WA), daughter of Enoch Elisha Boggess and Angeline Sears Barker, on 26 Dec 1891 in Port Angeles, Clallam, WA.  He married (2) Elizabeth Miller in 1908.  Scott died in Feb 1955 in Washington.
a. Leonora Adelphia Wilcox was born 15 Feb 1898. in Port Angeles, WA.  She married (1) Thomas Bradford Lampman (b. 3 Nov 1880 or 1881, Nebraska), son of Lester Lampman and Sarah Smith, on 14 Apr 1918.  They lived in Port Angeles, Clallam, WA.  They were divorced on 14 Apr 1928.  Leonora married (2) William C. Iverson (20 Dec 1897 - Jan 1981, Port Angeles, WA), son of Ivor Andrew Iverson and Mary May Oberg.  They had three children.  Leonora died 13 Jan 1978 in Port Angeles, WA.
i.Zelda M. Lampman was born 17 Feb 1919 and died at birth.
ii.Lester Bogess Lampman was born 13 Feb 1920.  He married Miriam Diane Donaho.  They had three children.
iii.Rita Lou Lampman was born 29 Sep 1921 in Carlsborg, Clallam, Washington.  She married Raymond Johnson (b. 28 Jun 1916) on 19 Nov 1939 in Bainbridge Island, Kitsap,WA.  They had five children.  Rita died 15 Dec 1998 in Seattle, King, WA.
iv.Sherman Edward Lampman was born 12 Sep 1923.  He later took his stepfather's name and became Sherman Edward Iverson.  He married Hulette Marlowe (b. 29 Aug 1926).  They were childless.  Sherman died 8 Apr 2005 in Port Angeles, WA.
v.Cora Lee Lampman was born 17 Mar 1926 and died in infancy.
b. Julia Elizabeth Wilcox was born 16 Nov 1909.  She married Ralph Emery (prob. 30 Jan 1906 - 23 Mar 1990) c. 1930 in North Bend, King, WA.  They had two daughters.
c. Helen Melissa Wilcox was born 31 Jul 1911.  She married Reginald Bartlett c. 1930 in North Bend, WA.  They had one daughter.
3. (Wesley) Walter Wilcox was born 31 Aug 1881 in Ohio.  He married Jessie A. Holland (26 Apr 1872, Huntington, Lorain, OH - 30 Mar 1955, St. Louis, St. Louis, MO), daughter of George Holland and Delia Nash, on 24 Jun 1903.  They had no children.  Walter died in Aug 1969 in St. Louis, MO.
VII. David Scott was born 1 Dec 1802 in Becket, Berkshire, MA. He married Sarah (Sally) Philena Marcy (b. 18 Nov 1803, Otis, Berkshire, MA), daughter of Thomas Marcy and Elisabeth Miriam Lawton.  David died 28 Mar 1887 in Windham, Portage, OH.
A. Luther H. Scott was born 5 Aug 1831 and died 5 Sep 1855, prob. in Augusta, Oneida, NY.  He was unmarried.
B. Lorenzo T. Scott was born 21 Dec 1833 and died 13 May 1834.
C. Linus N. Scott was born 11 Dec 1836 in Freedom, Portage, OH.  He married Olive Austin (1837, Ohio - aft. 1920), daughter of Hiram Austin and Eunice B. Tilden.  Linus died bef. 1880.
1. Austine T. Scott was born in 1863/64 in Ohio and died between 1880 and 1900.
2. Linus Harry Scott was born in 1871/72 in Ohio.  In 1920, he was widowed and living with his aged mother in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH.
D. Emerson Wesley Scott was born 11 Dec 1836 in Freedom, OH.  He married (1) Sarah (Sadie) Parker Nudd (1844/45, Waterville, Kennebec, ME - 1880, San Francisco, CA), daughter of Joseph and Laura H. Nudd, on 10 Sep 1874 in San Francisco, CA.  He married (2) Angella R. Collins in 1889 in San Francisco, CA.  Emerson died 16 May 1904 in Los Angeles, CA.
1. Lloyd N. Scott was born 4 Oct 1875 in San Francisco, CA.  He became a Wall Street lawyer and was on the Naval Consulting Board during World War I.  He never married.  Lloyd died in Feb 1966 in Old Lyme, New London, CT.
2. Wesley Bartlett Scott was born 11 Mar 1878 in San Francisco, CA.  He married Irene Winter Schell (21 Feb 1881, Kansas City, Jackson, MO - 3 Jun 1951, Los Angeles, CA), daughter of Jaob Schumucker Schell and Mary Fredrika Plitt, in Los Angeles, CA.  Wesley died c. 1910.
a. Frederick Schell Scott was born 3 or  19 Mar 1908 in Missouri.  He married Elizabeth Noble Tisdale (14 May 1908, Iowa - 23 Jul 1991, Ventura Co., CA), daughter of Harry D.Tisdale and Ada Mary Noble.  Frederick died 18 Jan 1982 in Whittier, Los Angeles, CA.  He and Elizabeth are buried in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles.
3. (Laura) May Scott was born 16 Jan 1880 in San Francisco, CA.  She married Walter Hart West (7 Jan 1878, Mobile, AL - 8 Nov 1951, East Hampton, Suffolk, NY), son of Thomas Henry West and Flora T. Stegall, in 1901, prob. in St. Louis, St., Louis, MO.  (Thomas was chairman of the board of the St. Louis Union Trust Co.)  By 1920, they were living in Milton, Norfolk, MA.
a. Walter H. West, Jr. was born 24 Mar 1904 in Missouri.  He married Helen Howe (prob. 28 May 1908 - 5 May 1994, Philadelphia, PA), daughter of prominent Philadelphia architect George Howe, aft. 1930.  Walter died 24 Aug 1992 in Philadelphia, PA.
b. Elizabeth S. West was born in 1906/07 in Missouri.  She married Horace Algernon William Randall-Mills bef. 1930.  She was a published poet under the name of Elizabeth Randall-Mills.  Elizabeth died in 1993 in New London Co., CT.
c. Virginia M. West was born in 1911/12 in Michigan.  She married Uzal Haggerty McCarter (15 Oct 1901, New Jersey - 1957), son of Thomas Nesbitt McCarter, Jr. (chairman of the Public Service Corporation in New Jersey) and Madeline George Barker, aft. 1930. 
E. Samuel Stillman Scott was born 3 Sep 1838 in Windham, Portage, OH.  By 1870, he was living in St. Louis, MO.  He never married.  Samuel died c. 1 Dec 1909 in St. Louis, MO.
F. Ashley David Scott was born 19 Jul 1840 (or 1843) in Ohio.  He married Julia Ellen Semple (27 Jul 1848, Illinois - 7 Jun 1923, St. Louis, MO), daughter of James and Mary S. Semple, on 27 Nov 1872, prob. in St. Louis, MO.  Ashley died c. 10 Feb 1893 in St. Louis, MO.
1. Mary (Minnie) Semple Scott was born in 1874 in Missouri.  She never married and was still living with her mother in 1910-20.  She moved to Winter Park, Seminole, FL aft. 1923.
2. Semple Stillman Scott was born in 1875 in Missouri.  He and his brother Ashley built the first bus in Missouri in 1898.  Semple married Louise J. (b. 1886/87, Tennessee) in 1904/05.  In 1910, they were living in Chicago, Cook, IL, where Semple worked as an inventor for an auto company.  In 1930, he was in Essex Co., NJ.  Semple died in 1935.
a. Semple Stillman Scott, Jr. was born 17 May 1905 in Missouri and died 13 Jan 1999 in Ingleside, Lake, IL.
3. Ashley David Scott, Jr. was born in 1877 in Missouri.  He never married.  Ashley died in 1922 in British Honduras and is buried in Bellefontaine Cemetery in St. Louis.
4. Eugene S. Scott was born in 1880 in Missouri.  He was prob. unmarried.  He was still in St. Louis, MO in 1930.
5. Isabel Semple Scott was born in 1887/88 in Missouri.  In 1910, she was living with her mother in Missouri.  By 1930, she was living in New York.  She never married.
G. Elizabeth Elmina Scott was born 7 Jul 1842 in Drakesburg, Portage, OH.  She married William Adam Higley (1 Mar 1840, Windham, Portage, OH - 29 Apr 1914, Windham, OH), son of Loren Higley and Rachel Elmira Frary, on 5 Oct 1865 in Windham, OH.  Elizabeth died 31 Aug 1908 in Windham, OH.
1. Luther Scott Higley was born 2 Nov 1866 in Windham, OH.  He married Lillian Lloyd (b. May 1875, Ohio), daughter of William R. and Clara Lloyd, on 22 Oct 1901.  Luther died 28 Sep 1936, prob. in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH.
a. Lloyd Scott Higley was born 19 Feb 1903 in Willoughby, Lake, OH.  He was an engineer and was prob. unmarried.  Lloyd died in Jun 1979 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH.
b. Stuart Luther Higley was born 30 Nov 1907 in Willoughby, OH.  He married Louise Wadsworth Warren on 22 Aug 1942.  They had two daughters.  Stuart died 7 Aug 2003 in New Canaan, Fairfield, CT.
c. Howard William Higley was born 11 Jul 1911, prob. in Lake Co., Ohio and died 27 Aug 1989 in North Olmsted, Cuyahoga, OH.
d. Charles Sheldon Higley was born 2 Mar 1913, prob. in Lake Co., OH and died in Nov 1973 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH.
2. Josephine Marcy Higley was born 26 Feb 1874 in Windham, OH.  She married Ernest William (or William E.) Mallett (1871, Ohio - 15 May 1918), son of George and Mary A. Mallett, on 20 Feb 1897.
a. Clarence Higley Mallett was born 8 Jun 1908, prob. in Windham, OH and was adopted by Ernest and Josephine on 9 Feb 1911.  He married Hazel Smith (31 Oct 1907 - Jul 1985, Windham, OH).  He was chief of the Windham Police Department for many years.  Clarence died in Jan 1983 in Windham, OH.




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