Descendents of Sarah Scott of Chester, MA

Sarah Scott was born c. 1739.  She was the daughter of John and Agnis Scott.  Sarah married James Clark (14 Jul 1734, Rutland, Worcester, MA - 22 Apr 1792, Chester, Hampden, MA), son of John Clark, Jr. and Mary Macklem, on 26 Jun 1759 in Blandford, MA.  They soon moved to Murrayfield (Chester), Hampden, MA.  James served as a Minuteman in the Revolution and was active at the siege of Boston.
I. John Scott Clark was born 1 Apr 1762 in Chester, Hampden, MA.  He married Selah Anderson (13 Apr 1761, Hingham, Plymouth, MA - 28 Jun 1838), daughter of Jonathan Anderson and Mary Wilder, shortly after 13 May 1782.  They moved to Copenhagen, Lewis, NY in 1804.  John died 1 Mar 1850 in Copenhagen, Lewis, NY.
A.Asenath Clark was born 5 Aug 1786 in Chester, MA.  She married Abner Whiting (24 May 1779, Colebrook, Litchfield, CT - 7 Jan 1866), son of John Whiting and Sylvia Loomis, in 1804.  Asenath died 15 or 18 Feb 1861.
1.Roxy Whiting was born 13 Jul 1805 and died 13 Dec 1839.
2.Harvey M. Whiting was born 14 Apr 1807 in Denmark, Lewis, NY.  He married Louisa Clark (b. 8 Oct 1812, New York), daughter of John Clark and Abigail White) on 4 Jan 1838.  Harvey died aft. 1880.  In 1900, Louisa was living with her daughter Mary.
a.Franklin Montgomery Whiting was born 21 Nov 1838 in New York.  He married Ophelia North (11 May 1837, New York - 26 Nov 1922, Burlington, Chittenden, VT),daughter of Eden J. North and Eunice Ripley, on 13 Jan 1869.  Franklin died 21 Apr 1921 in Burlington, VT.
i.John Kent Whiting was born 4 Mar 1870 in New York.  By 1900, he was living in Routt Co., CO.  He appears in the 1900 census as single but in 1910 as widowed.  He married Amanda Dubeau (15 Sep 1875, Iowa - 11 Feb 1968, Butte Co., CA) on 16 Jun 1918 in Craig, Moffat, CO.  John died 12 Aug 1958 in Lane Co., OR.
ii.Foster S. Whiting was born 17 Apr 1872 in Copenhagen, Lewis, NY.  He married Lura Ellen Brookins (18 Apr 1869, Shoreham, Addison, VT - 19 Dec 1957, Montpelier, Washington, VT), daughter of Harvey Brookins and Emma L. Wright, on 24 Sep 1902 in Shoreham, VT.  Foster died 24 Sep 1943 in Northfield, Washington, VT.
1. Harvey Brookins Whiting was born 20 Oct 1906 in Shoreham, VT.  He married Hazel Evalena Meiskey (13 Sep 1909, Pennsylvania - Mar 1984, Middlebury, Addison, VT), daughter of Clayton Z. Meiskey and Ada Hacker.  They had two children  Harvey died 28 Jan 1988 in Middlebury, Addison, VT.
2. Harold Wright Whiting was born 7 Nov 1911 in Burlington, Chittenden, VT.  By 1930, he was living with an uncle in New York, NY.  He married Margaret C. Polhemus (18 Oct 1916,New Jersey - 10 Sep 2008, Fort Myers, Lee, FL), daughter of Clinton F. Polhemus and Cordelia T. King.  They had two children.  Harold died in Feb 1951 and was buried in Monmouth Co., NJ.
iii.Eunice L. Whiting was born 24 Nov 1874 in New York
b.Abigail Janette Whiting was born 1 Oct 1840 and died 26 Jun 1851.
c.Mary Aurelia Whiting was born 13 Apr 1843 in New York.  She married Ashbel S. Humphrey (Jun 1837, Copenhagen, Lewis, NY - 25 Nov 1916, Potsdam, St. Lawrence, NY), son of Henry Humphrey and Polly Stoddard, on 22 Apr 1863.  Mary died 19 Nov 1915 in Copenhagen, NY
i.Frances (Frankie) J. Humphrey was born 29 Apr 1864 in New York.  In the 1890s, she was teaching school in California.  She married Frank P. Smartt (8 Oct 1865, Tennessee - 8. May 1919, Santa Barbara, CA), son of  William H. Smartt and Rachel Hampton Thomas, in Jun 1901.  Frances died in Apr 1924 in Santa Barbara, CA.
ii.Henry Grant Humphrey was born 2 Jul 1866 in Copenhagen, Lewis, NY.  He married Grace Sisson Safford (Jun 1881, New York - 24 Oct 1978, Ventura Co., CA), daughter of Edward Ruthven Safford and Nellie Sisson, on.28 Dec 1904.  Henry died just three weeks later, on 20 Jan 1905, in Wattertown, Jefferson, NY.  Grace then married Emmet Homer Wilson, who became a noted California judge.
iii.Harvey Whiting Humphrey was born 12 Mar 1871 in Harrisburg, Lewis, NY.  He studied medicine at New York University and became a physician and surgeon.  He married Laura Annette Huson (8 Dec 1878,. Adams, Jefferson, NY - 5 Aug 1957), daughter of Arthur Breeze Huson and Martha Antoinette Lockwood, on 10 Oct 1905 in Adams, NY.  Harvey died 21 Dec 1935 in Lowville, Lewis, NY.
1. Martha Aurelia Humphrey was born in 1907 in New York.  She married Stanley Weston Hamilton (24 Nov 1897, New Hampshire - Jul 1985, Saratoga Springs, Saratoga, NY), son of Walter Wyman Hamilton and Bertha Eastnma, on 10 Oct 1929 in Lowville, Lewis, NY.  Stanley was a forester, and they lived in various locations before settling in Saratoga Springs, NY. They had at least two children.
2. Mary E. Humphrey was born in 1911 in New York.
3. Henry D. Humphrey was born 18 Jun 1914 in New York.  He became an obstetrician and lived in Ithaca, NY.  He prob. married Ellen E. (12 Sep 1924 - 19 Feb 2011).  Bessie died in 1930.
4. Harvey A. Humphrey was born 24 Sep 1919 in New York.  He was a physician and prominent radiologist.  He married Margaret McDonald (15 Dec 1927 - 16 Aug 1991).  They had four children.  Harvey died 14 Sep 1992 in San Diego, CA..
iv.Elizabeth (Bessie) Louise Humphrey was born in 1871 in Hamburg, Lewis, NY.  She married Frank L. Cubley (Oct 1870, Massena, St. Lawrence, NY - 26 Jan 1960), son of William H. and Martha S. Cubley, in Aug 1900 in Copenhagen, Lewis, NY.  Bessie died 26 Mar 1930 in Potsdam, St. Lawrence, NY.
-- a. Elizabeth H. Cubley was born 10 May 1904 in Potsdam, NY.  She never married.  She was a schoolteacher in Huntington, Suffolk, NY.  Elizabeth died 23 Apr 1992 in Suffolk Co., NY.
-- b. William H. Cubley was born 6 Jul 1914 in New York.  He married (1) Virginia Stewart (1918-74).  They had three children.  He married (2) Frances C.  William died 1 Feb 1988 in Bradenton, Manatee, FL.
d.Anne Elizabeth Whiting was born 13 Apr 1846.  In 1892, she was still unmarried and living in Denmark, Lewis, NY..
e.John M. Whiting was born 28 Oct 1850 and died 2 Jan 1852.
3.Lovina Whiting was born 21 Dec 1808 and died 14 Dec 1829.
4.Melinda Whiting was born 31 Jul 1812 and died 19 Mar 1881, prob. in Denmark, Lewis, NY.  She was unmarried.
5.Sylvia Whiting was born 11 May 1814 and died 26 Mar 1834.
6.Arline Whiting was born 30 May 1816.  She married Ira Hodge (17 Sep 1810 - 17 Jan 1883, Oakfield, Fond du Lac, WI).  Arline died 30 Apr 1882 in Oakfield, WI.
a.Charles C.M. Hodge was born 7 Mar 1835 in New York.  He married (1) Jane Elizabeth Cooper (5 Mar 1838, New York - 14 Feb 1872, prob. Oakfield, WI) on 29 Apr 1857 in Oakfield, WI.  He married (2) Mervilla Sherman (Dec 1849, Wisconsin - 1918, prob. Burnett, Dodge, WI), daughter of John Martin Sherman and Louisa Comstock, on Jul 1872 in Dodge Co., WI.  Charles died in Jun 1892 in Wisconsin and Mervilla married Cyrus Perry.
i.Clark Whiting Hodge was born 22 Mar 1858 in Leroy, Dodge, WI.  He married Margery (or Marjorie) H. Patrick (17 Nov 1858, Wisconsin - 4 Dec 1944, Burton, King, WA), daughter of James Patrick and Margery Hamil, on 25 Sep 1881 in Dodge Co., WI.  In 1900, they were in Carrington, Foster, ND.  By 1910, they were in Snohomish, Snohomish, WA.  Clark died 14 Jan 1934 in Seattle, King, WA..
1. Warren Clark Hodge was born 28 May 1892 in Cooperstown, Griggs, ND.  He married Irene Effie Taylor (8 Feb 1895, Washington - Feb 1978, Seattle, King, WA), daughter of Eugene Edison Taylor and Charlotte Willows, on 26 Dec 1918 in Mount Vernon, Skagit, Washington.  Warren died 16 Dec 1954 in Seattle, WA.
--a. Hugh Hodge was born 2 Apr 1925 in Washington.
--b. Elaine Hodge was born in 1932/33 in Washington.
ii.John S. Hodge was born in 1877/78, prob. in Wisconsin.  He married Annah E. (b. 1889/90).
1. William F. Hodge was born 9 Jun 1910 in Wisconsin.  He married Hazel A. Messner (23 Dec 1915, Oakfield, Fond du Lac, WI - 28 Jan 2010, Waupin, Dodge, WI), daughter of Edwin Messner and Lizzie Wiese, on 9 Oct 1937.  They had one child.  William died 29 Aug 1971 in Fond du Lac Co., WI.
2. Ruth S. Hodge was born in 1913 in Wisconsin.
b.George Palmer Hodge was born 17 Sep 1837 and died bef. 1883.
c.Sidney Jason Hodge was born 27 Jun 1839 in Lewis Co, NY.  He married Mary Ann Leemon (27 Jan 1844, New York - 28 May 1932, Puyallup, Pierce, WA), daughter of Robert Leemon and Abigail Boonhauer, on 14 Oct 1860 in Dodge Co., WI.  They lived in Hartford, Washington, WI but by 1900 were in Puyallup, Pierce, WA.  Sidney died 21 Oct 1914 in Orting, Pierce, WA.
i.Wayne Hodge was born Jul 1863 in Levy, Dodge,WI  He married (1) Maud L. Noble (Apr 1868, Wisconsin - c. 1910), daughter of James Leander Noble and Phoebe Amanda Brown, on 12 Jun 1893 in Menasha, Winnebago, WI.  He married (2) Helen (b. 1881/82, Germany) bef. 1920.  They lived in Oshkosh, Winnebago, WI.
1. Maud V. Hodge was born in May 1894 in Wisconsin.
ii.Caroline (Carrie) May Hodge was born 11 Jun 1865 in Wisconsin.  She married Josiah Failing (12 Jul 1859, Fort Plain, Montgomery, NY - 7 Jan 1938, Kent, King, WA), son of Jeremiah Failing and Eliza Ann Lighthill, on 1 Jun 1887 in Hartford, Washington, WI.  Caroline died 7 Aug 1928 in Tacoma, Pierce, WA.
iii.Fred Hodge was born 22 Apr 1870 in Wisconsin.  He was married and widowed bef. 1900.  Fred died 16 Apr 1928 in Puyallup, Pierce, WA.
iv.Adah (Addie) Hodge was born in Feb 1872 in Wisconsin.  She married Robert Nellist (2 Feb 1857 or 1858, England - 5 Aug 1918, Tacoma, WA) in 1897/98.  By 1910, they were living in Tacoma, WA.  Adah died 6 Sep 1956 in Tacoma, WA.
7.Asenath Whiting was born 24 Jan 1818.  She married William Avery Morgan Allen (b. 21 Jul 1809, Berne, Albany, NY), son of William Allen and Catherine Denison, in Oct 1836.  Asenath died 26 Feb 1904 in Lewis Co., NY.
a.Sylvia E. Allen was born 29 Oct 1838 in Denmark, Lewis, NY.  She married Isaac Newton Stoddard (31 Jan 1831, Harrisburgh, Lewis, NY - 7 Feb 1891, Lewis Co., NY), son of Waitstill T. Stoddard and Rosamond Bates, on 28 Dec 1858.  Sylvia died 7 Oct 1874 in Lewis Co., NY
i.Nettie S. Stoddard was born 11 May 1867 in New York and died 14 Aug 1891.
ii.May Elizabeth Stoddard was born 31 Jul 1868 in New York.  She married Timothy J. O'Connor (b. 1875, prob. Harrisburgh, NY) on 6 Feb 1901 in Lowville, Lewis, NY.
iii.Wait (or Waite) J. Stoddard was born 7 Oct 1870 in Harrisburgh, NY.  He married Elva A. Roberts (b. 23 Oct 1872, Lewis Co., NY), daughter of Henry L. Roberts and Marion Stoddard, on 6 Feb 1894.  
1. Sylvia Antoinette Stoddard was born 13 Dec 1895 in New York.  She married Hoyt D. Kelly (prob. 20 Jan 1892, New York - Nov 1976, Whitesboro, Oneida, NY), son of Fred J. Kelly and Ada A. Matty, on 17 Nov 1917 in Lowville, NY.  Sylvia died bef. 1924 and Hoyt remarried.
8.SusanWhiting was born 17 Feb 1821 and died 15 Jun 1858.
9.John ClarkWhiting was born 10 Mar 1823 and died 31 Jul 1854.
10.Huldah Whiting was born 14 Apr 1828 and died 4 Sep 1830.
B. Orrin (Oren, Orin) Clark was born 14 Jun 1791 in Chester, MA.  He married Rebecca White (31 Oct 1789, prob. Templeton, Worchester, MA - 23 Sep 1855, Copenhagen, NY).  Orrin died 13 Jan 1840 in Copenhagen, NY.
1. Electa Clark was born in 1810/11 in New York and never married.  In 1870, she was living with her aunt Lucinda Wright in Denmark, Lewis, NY.  In 1880, she was living with her sister Rebecca.
2.Betsey Clark.
3.Sarah Clark.
4.Orrin Clark was born 14 Jul 1815.  He married Cornelia Cottrell (28 Jul 1815, New York - 21 Jan 1889, Winona Co., MN).  They moved to Winona Co., MN in 1854.  Only one of their children survived into adulthood.  Orrin died 10 Feb 1894 in Winona Co., MN.
a.Julia A. Clark was born 3 Jun 1847 in New York and died 1 Sep 1894 in Winona Co., MN.  She was unmarried.
.5. Rebecca Clark was born 11 Jul 1820 in Copenhagen, Lewis, NY.  She married Freeman Hurd (1807, New Jersey - 1882/83, Ellisburgh, Jefferson, NY).  They moved from Denmark, Lewis, NY to Jefferson Co. by 1870.  Rebecca died 12 Apr 1910 in Clayton, Jefferson, NY.
a. Emma P. Hurd was born in 1859 in New York.  She married Frank Leslie Hall (b. 1856, Ellisburgh, Jefferson, NY), son of Clark Remington Hall and Juliette M., in 1880.  They lived in Clayton, NY.  Emma died in 1939.
i.Clark Remington Hall was born 1 Mar 1881 in Clayton, Jefferson, NY.  He married Ella Louise Hunt (b. Aug 1884, New York), daughter of James G. Hunt, on 9 Oct 1907 in Syracuse, Onondaga, NY.  By 1920, he was living in New York City and described as single.  Clark died in Sep 1969 in Florida.
ii.Roy Frank Hall was born 23 May 1882 in Clayton, NY.  He married Marion Axtell (24 Apr 1892, Gardner, Worcester, MA - 1985, prob. Watertown, Jefferson, NY), daughter of Walter Clifton Axtell and M. Estelle Kilton, on 21 Feb 1920 in Great Barrington, Berkshire, MA.  They later lived in Clayton , NY, where Roy was a co-owner of Consaul-Hall Coal.  Roy died in 1961, prob. in Watertown, NY.
1. Estelle Kilton Hall was born 11 Jun 1921 in Watertown, NY.  She married Douglas McClure Lyon (1 Mar 1912, Wisconsin - 26 Sep 1989), son of Robert C. Lyon and Mary McClure,  in Sep 1958.  Estelle died 12 Nov 2011 in Canandaigua, Ontario, NY.
iii.Clarence Freeman Hall was born 23 May 1887 in Clayton, NY.  He attended the University of Michigan and earned a BS in cellulose products.  He married Bertha L. Fry. (7 Dec 1889, New York - Apr 1980, Florida), daughter of Lucius E. Fry and Harriet Young.  Clarence died in 1986.
1. Clarence Freeman Hall, Jr. was born c. Jun 1916 in New York.  He married Marjorie Helen Guess (b. 1916/17, New York), daughter of Harry C. and Elma M. Guess, on 29 Jul 1939 in Buffalo, Erie, NY.
iv.Florence M. Hall was born 7 Oct 1889 in Clayton, NY and died in 1952 in Hempstead, Nassau, NY.  She was unmarried.
v.Harold Hall was born in Feb 1897 and died three days later.
6.Nathan Clark was born 26 Aug 1822 in Copenhagen, Lewis, NY. He married his third cousin Eliza Ann Clark (Sep 1826, Watertown, Jefferson, NY - 31 Mar 1911), daughter of Linus W. Clark and Elizabeth Hart, in Oct 1852.  Nathan died 14 Jul 1909 in Copenhagen, Lewis, NY.
a.Florence K. Clark was born in 1853 in New York and died in 1870
b.John Scott Clark was born in Sep 1854 in New York.  He was a professor of English language and literature at Syracuse University and Northwestern University.  He married Carrie J. (b. May 1860, Tennessee).  Scott died in Dec 1911, prob. in Evanston, IL.
i.Harold Johnson Clark was born 12 Jun 1891 in Syracuse, Onondaga, NY.  He married Helen Gertrude Hale (8 Aug 1890, Chicago, Cook, IL - 1980), daughter of E.C. Hale and Gertrude Arnold, on 9 Nov 1915 in Evanston, IL.
1. Donald Hale Clark was born 22 Apr 1917 in Evanston, IL and died in Mar 1975.
2. Catherine Clark was born in 1926/27 in Illinois.
ii.Florence F. Clark was born in Jun 1893 in Illinois.  In 1940 she was still single and living with her mother.
c.Alice E. Clark was born in Aug 1857.  She married Almon C.. Greene (1854, New York - bef. 1900), son of Almon and Sarah A. Greene..
i.Percy Clark Greene was born in Aug 1891 in New York.  He married Mary J. Hayford (b. 1904/05, New York) c. 1929.
7.Wayne Clark was born 16 Feb 1825 in Copenhagen, Lewis, NY.  He married his third cousin, Elizabeth L Clark (21 Dec 1831, Watertown, Jefferson, NY - 2 Jan 1918,Copenhagen, Jefferson, NY), daughter of Linus W. Clark and Elizabeth Hart, on 6 Nov 1854 in Philadelphia, Jefferson, NY.  They lived in Harrisburgh, Lewis, NY.  Wayne died 18 Apr 1903.
a.George W. Clark was born in Jun 1856 in New York.  He married Eleanor Bartley (b. May 1861, Illinois) in 1888/89.  They lived in Alliance, Butte, NE and then in Okmulgee, OK.
i.Elizabeth Clark was born in Apr 1891 in Nebraska.  In 1940 she was still single and living with her sister Louise.
ii.Louise Clark was born in Sep 1893 in Nebraska.  She married James W. Moore (1877, Missouri - bef. 1940).
1. Robert Edward Moore was born in 1919 in Missouri.
b.Frances L. Clark was born in Aug 1859 in New York.  She married Martin Howard (b. Sep 1849, Maine) in 1894/95.
c.John N. Clark was born in 1861 in New York.  He moved to Wichita, KS.
d.William Grant Clark was born in 1868/69 in New York.  In 1895/96 he was farming with his father and teaching school.  He died bef. 1903.
8.George Washington Clark was born 10 Jun 1827 in Copenhagen, NY.  He moved to Winona Co., MN in 1851.  He married Jennie Amelia Lockwood (4 Dec 1837, Connecticut - 30 Dec 1901, Winona, Winona, MN) on 11 Feb 1857.  George died 3 Aug 1897 in Winona, MN.
a.Frank W. Clark was born 4 Jan 1858 in Winona Co., MN.  He never married.  Frank died 21 Jan 1905 in Cook Co., IL.
b.Adah Lockwood Clark was born 27 Jan 1860 in Winona Co., MN.  She married Louis D. Schoonmaker (1859, Tyre, Seneca, NY - 1942, prob. Oklahoma City, OK), son of Simeon Depuy Schoonmaker and Beanca Stiles, on 26 Dec 1901 in Winona, MN.  They were living in Kirk, McCurtain, OK by 1920.  Adah died 1 Jan 1946 in Oklahoma City, OK.
c.Jay Scott Clark was born 4 Nov 1862 in Winona Co., MN.  He married (1) Etta May Rose (15 Apr 1868 - 30 Jun 1898), prob. in Ohio.  He married (2) Carrie H. Bishop (b. 1877, Kentucky).  By 1920, they were living in Berkeley, Alameda, CA.
i.Jay Scott Clark, Jr. was born 20  Oct 1889 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH.  In 1900 he was living with his grandmother.  He may have moved to California.
ii.Dorothy Rose Clark was born 21 Jul 1894 in Cleveland, OH.  In 1900 she was living with her grandmother.  In 1910 she was living with her aunt Florence.  In 1920 she was living with her aunt May.
iii.Florence Clark was born in 1902 in Ohio.
d.Florence E. Clark was born 20 Jul 1868 in Winona Co., MN.  She married Charles Guynup Dick (6 Nov 1866, New Hartford, Winona, MN - 25 Nov 1945, Elwood, Madison, IN), son of Samuel Colter Dick and Elizabeth Phillips Young, on 16 Sep 1896.
i.Margery F. Dick was born 21 Sep 1898 in Indiana.  She married Harold Miller.  Margery died 20 Apr 1971.
ii.Charles Clark Dick was born 29 Jan 1899 in Indiana.  He married Dorothy F. Dicks (b. 1898/99, Indiana) aft. 1940.  Charles died 15 Dec 1992 in Indianapolis, Marion, IN.
iii.Jennie E. Dick was born in 1904 in Indiana.
e.Alfred Hills Clark was born 26 Mar 1870 in Winona, MN.  He married Edna Mae Johnson Perry (25 Oct 1882, Minnesota - 12 Sep 1967, Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN), daughter of Martin Johnson and Emma L. Styba, on 9 Mar 1914 in Hennepin Co., MN.  Alfred died 17 Apr 1943 in Los Angeles, CA.
i.Marion Perry Clark was born 17 Sep 1908 in Minnesota.  (She was Mae's daughter by a previous marriage to John Perry but was adopted by Alfred.  Mae's son, Roy E. Perry, remained with his father.)  Marion married (1) Lynn C. Klas (1907, Minnesota - 1974, Ramsey, Anoka, MN), son of Christian Klas and Kate J. Kohlepp, on 20 Dec 1930 in Sioux City, IA.  She married (2) Paul W. Hayes (14 Oct 1908, Winona, MN - 30 Jun 1995, Broward Co., FL), son of William C. and Anna A. Hayes, on 10 Dec 1976 in Broward Co., FL. Marion died 1 Mar 2004 in Broward Co., FL.
1. Terry Clark Klas was born 20 Feb 1934 in Minnesota.  He married Catherine Louise French (b. 1935/36, Missouri), daughter of Horton Irving and Gertrude Margery French, on 2 Jul 1959 in Hennepin Co., MN.  They had four children.
f.Jane (Jennie) Amelia Clark was born 25 Jan 1874 in Winona Co., MN.  She married Samuel Long Morley (14 Sep 1872, Honey Grove, Fannin, TX - 14 Feb 1944, prob. Oklahoma City, OK), son of George Morley and Lydia Butler James, on 12 Nov 1902 in Winona, MN.  Jennie died in 1959, prob. in Oklahoma City, OK.
i.Naomi Jennie Morley was born 15 Dec 1903 and died in infancy.
ii.India Genevieve Morley was born 25 Jan 1906 and died in infancy.
iii.Margaret Morley was born 30 Nov 1908 in McAlester, Pittsburg, OK.  She married (1) Ishmael Myzell Parrott (26 Sep 1903, Arkansas - Feb 1951), son of Charles Lafette Parrott and Sarah Margaret Moore, on 19 Dec 1932.  She was an agronomist and he was an expert on cotton.  They had three children.  She married (2) Jerome W. Simmons (13 Nov 1910, Oklahoma - Sep 1982, Payne, McClain, OK), son of Walter L. and Evelyn A. Simmons.  Margaret died 23 Dec 2001 in Oklahoma City, OK.
iv.Elizabeth Morley was born 3 Jan 1911 in Hartshorne, Pittsburg, OK.  She married Robert Gove Shaw (1908 - Oct 1986) on 25 Feb 1939.  They had three children.  Elizabeth died 30 Nov 1989 in Lee's Summit, Jackson, MO.
g.May Louise Clark was born 13 Sep 1878 in Winona, Winona, MN.  She married Roy Horton Jackson (6 Jun 1876, Eyota, Olmsted, MN - 21 Dec 1965), son of Orlo H. Jackson and Harriet Horton, on 5 Jun 1900 in Winona, MN.
i.Arloine Jackson was born 19 May 1903 in Winona, MN.  She married Roland August Wernecke (24 Sep 1902, Newton, Manitowoc, WI - 1 Nov 1985, West Bend, Washington, WI), son of Willian Wernecke and Mary Reineking.  They had four children.  Arloine died 25 Sep 1995 in Cedarburg, Ozaukee, WI.
ii.Harriet Horton Jackson was born 19 Nov 1906 in Winona, MN.  She married James Marcellus Morrison (b. 27 May 1907, Ames, Story, IA) in 1931  They had two children.  Harriet died 14 Mar 1990.
9.John Scott Clark was born 31 May 1830 and died of a fever on 24 Jun 1854 in Winona Co., MN.
C.Electa Clark died in infancy.
D,John Clark was born 7 Jun 1794.  He married Phebe Keene (b. 28 Aug 1793, Chesterfield, Hampshire, MA), daughter of William Keene and Phebe Mason, on 9 Jan 1813.  John died in 1875, prob in Denmark, Lewis, NY.
1.Phebe Clark was born 26 Nov 1818.  She married Alonzo Kellogg (11 May 1817, Martinsburg, Lewis, NY - 9 Apr 1888, Adams, Jefferson, NY), son of Eli Kellogg and Grace Rogers, on 30 Dec 1841 in Denmark, NY.  In 1900, she was living with Clark and Julia in Missouri.  Phebe died 21 Mar 1907 in Monett, Barry, MO.
a.John Alonzo Clark (or Clark J.) Kellogg was born 18 Feb 1843 in Copenhagen, Lewis, NY.  He married Julia Elizabeth Wardwell (14 Feb 1845 - 29 Jun 1918, Webb City, Jasper, MO), daughter of Newton Wardwell and Elizabeth Jones, in 1865.  They moved to Fort Smith, Sebastian, AR in 1889 and to Monett, MO in 1900.  Clark died 28 Sep 1911 in Monett, MO.
i.Frederick (Fred) W. Kellogg was born 11 Jul 1867 in Adams, NY.  He married Estella Wanglin (25 May 1872, Lebanon, St. Clair, IL - 25 Mar 1950, Webb City, MO), daughter of William E. Wanglin and Emma Glasier.  Fred died 28 May 1959 in Webb City, MO.
2.Emeline Anderson Clark was born 17 Aug 1821 in Denmark, NY.  She married Eliada Sanford Merrell (21 Nov 1820, Jefferson, Schoharie, NY - 4 Jul 1898, Lowville, Lewis, NY), son of Seth Merrell and Mabel Sanford.on 17 Jun 1850.  He was a prominent lawyer and county judge.  Emeline died in Mar 1904 in Lowville, NY.
a.Lorenzo Eliada Merrell was born 9 Jun 1851 and died 20 May 1862 in Lowville, NY.
b.Edgar Sanford Keene Merrell was born 21 May 1865 in New York.  He was a lawyer and judge on the New York Supreme Court.  He married Johanna (Josie) F. Voshage (15 Feb 1869, New York - 17 Jul 1953) on 22 Sep 1891.  Edgar died 5 Dec 1942 in Lowville, NY.
i.Charlotte Emeline Merrell was born 9 Aug 1892 in New York.  She married Stanley Brayton Miller (16 Nov 1894 - 4 Mar 1968), son of Frank E. Miller and Bertha Ehart, on 28 Dec 1920 in Lowville, NY.  Charlotte died 30 Aug 1966.
1. Edgar M. Miller was born 21 Nov 1924 in New York and died 15 Apr 2006.  He and his brother had a dental practice together in Lowville.
2. John S. Miller was born 27 Jan 1927 in Lowville, NY.  He married Carol V. Banner (b. 24 Feb 1929, New York), daughter of Lester and Lura R. Banner, in 1951 in Oneonta, Otsego, NY.  They had three children.  John died 12 Aug 2012 in Lowville, NY.
ii.Nathaniel Eliada Merrell was born 16 Apr 1896 in Lowville, NY.  He married Helen Margaret Blackmon (16 Jan 1898, New York - 7 May 1987), daughter of  Gilbert A. Blackmon and Nellie M.E. Bashart, on 24 Jun 1925 in Lewis Co., NY.  Nathaniel died 13 May 1974 in Lewis Co., NY
1. Edgar Sanford Keene Merrell II was born in 1926.  He married Anne C. (b. 1928/29).  They had three children.  Edgar died in May 1988 in Syracuse, Onondaga, NY.
2. Nathaniel B. Merrell was born 21 Jun 1929 in Lowville, NY.  He married Mary Ann Moxon (b. 24 Jul 1931, Port Arthur, TX), daughter of Earl Robert Moxon and Mayme Glenn, c. 1950.  They had one child.  Nathaniel died 16 Oct 2010.
3.Lucinda Clark was born in 1827/28.
4.Lovina (Levina, Lavina, Lavinia) Clark was born in 1833/34 in New York.  She married her first cousin Rodney Keene Shaw (13 Dec 1829, Denmark, Lewis, NY - 17 Oct 1913, Marietta, Washington, OH), son of Zenas Shaw and Adelia Keene, in Dec 1859.  Rodney was a lawyer, commander of a company in the Civil War, and prolific minor poet.  Lovina died 22 Mar 1893 in Marietta, OH.
a.Charles Philip Shaw was born 4 Aug 1864 in Marietta, OH.  He married Elizabeth Edna Egerton (10 Nov 1873, Ironton, Lawrence, OH - 20 Aug 1959, Huntington, Cabell, WV), daughter of Charles Bester Egerton and Emaline Tunney, on 29 Jun 1898 in Lawrence Co., OH.  Charles died 14 Nov 1915 in Huntington, WV.
i.Egerton Shaw was born 20 Apr 1906 in Huntington, WV.  He married Mary Elizabeth Kinney (1 Feb 1905, West Virginia - 8 Nov 1987, Penellas Co., FL) on 15 Aug 1931 in Huntington, WV. Egerton died 6 Mar 1989 in St. Petersburg, Pinellas, FL.
1. Ann Shaw was born in 1933/34 in West Virginia.
ii.Charles Philip Shaw, Jr. was born 15 Feb 1909 in Cabell Co., WV.  He married Nellie Baker (1915, West Virginia - 24 Feb 1996).  They had at least one child.  Charles died 8 Mar 1991 in Huntington, WV.
b.Leonard Clark Shaw was born 14 Apr 1869 in Marietta, OH.  He married Caroline May Stroud (b. 1875, Lincoln, England), daughter of Henry Stroud and Elizabeth Durant, on 31 Dec 1901 in Delaware.  Leonard died 24 May 1918, prob. in Tucson, Pima, AZ.
i.John Clark Shaw was born 9 Mar 1903 in Marietta, OH.  He married Dorcas Carey Felker (1905, Carey, Wyandot, OH - Nov 1970).  By 1930, they were living in California.  John died 24 Jan 1984 in Los Angeles Co., CA.
ii.Henry Stroud Shaw was born 12 Feb 1906 in Delaware.  He married Helen (Nellie) Margaret Hesketh Krasnovec (4 Jul 1915, prob. Rock Springs, Sweetwater, WY - May 1973 Long Beach, Los Angeles, CA), daughter of Albert Edwin Hesketh and Sarah Parr, on 20 Sep 1945 in Los Angeles Co., CA.  Henry died 31 May 1979 in Los Angeles Co., CA.
c.Robert Anderson Shaw was born 19 Dec 1870 in Ohio.  He married Myrtle Grace Wilhelm (b. 19 May 1872, Marietta, OH), daughter of Seth C. Wilhelm and Elizabeth Cornwell, on 26 Sep 1901 in Washington Co., OH.  They lived in New York City and Teaneck, Bergen, NJ.
i.Elizabeth C. Shaw was born in 1904 in New York.
ii.Marian C. Shaw was born in 1907 in New York.
d.Emma Louise Shaw was born in 1875/76 in Ohio and died c. 1881.
E.:Lucinda Clark was born in 1797/98 in Massachusetts.  She married Francis Wright.  Lucinda died in 1874 in Copenhagen, Lewis, NY.
1.John C. Wright was born in 1824 in New York.  He married (1) Huldah A. (1826, New York - aft. 1855).  He married (2) Hannah Emogene Vary (12 Aug 1829 or 1830, Stephentown, Rensselaer, NY - 10 Mar 1897)., daughter of Willett Vary and Polly Allen, on 31 Mar 1858.  They lived in Denmark, NY.  John died 29 May 1881. 
a.Mary L. Wright was born in 1847/48 in New York.
II. Royal Clark was born 21 Nov 1763 in Chester, MA and died in 1768 in Chester, MA.
III. Silas Clark was born 28 Jun 1766 in Chester, MA.  He married (1) Mehitable Jagger on 23 Jun 1788 in Middlefield, Hampshire, MA.  He married (2) Phebe Ormsby (b. 6 Feb 1763, Canterbury, CT), daughter of Caleb Ormsby and Dorcas Bates, on 16 May 1793 in Becket, Berkshire, MA.  In 1840, Silas moved to China, Broome, NY.  He may have died in Wyoming Co
A. Silas Clark, Jr. was born 3 Jan 1795 in Chester, MA and died 9 Feb 1799 in Chester, MA.
B. Phebe Clark was born 1 Jul 1798 in Chester, MA and died 9 Feb 1799 in Chester, MA.
C. Mehitable Phebe Clark was born 17 May 1800 in Chester, MA.  She married Peter Atwood (10 Sep 1790, poss. New York - 1860/63, Illinois) on 21 Dec 1825 in Chester, MA.  Mehitable died aft. 1860.
1. Silas Morris Atwood was born 21 May 1828 in Middlefield, Hampshire, MA.  He married Elizabeth B. Jenks (29 Dec 1826, Middlebury, Wyoming, NY - 21 May 1925, Lafayette, Tippecanoe, IN), daughter of George Thomas Jenks and Amey Benchley, on 26 Aug 1848.  Silas died in the Civil War on 31 May 1861 in Winchester, VA.  Elizabeth was living in Highland, Grundy, IL in 1880 and with her daughter Della in Jackson, Huntington, IN in 1900-20.
a. Henry A. Atwood was born 10 Apr 1851 in Eagle Village, Wyoming, NY.  He married Emily J.M. Hawtin (b. Sep 1863, Indiana) on 2 Jul 1891 in Vigo Co., IN.  They had one child who died.  By 1920, they were living in Michigan.
b. Mary Ann (May) Atwood was born 28 Apr 1853 in Eagle Village, Wyoming, NY.  She married William Edwin Mitchell (5 Jul 1851, Preble Co., OH - 5 Jan 1938) c. 1875.  By 1900, they were divorced.  Mary died aft. 1930 in Natick, MA.
i.Walter S. Mitchell was born 18 Aug 1876 in Coesse, Huntington, IN.  He married Harriet Kinnear Bracken (23 Aug 1884, Kinnears Mills, Quebec - 22 Feb 1981, Brunswick, Cumberland, ME) on 1 Dec 1906 in Montreal, Quebec.  They were living in Danville, Vermillion, IL in 1910 and in Poughkeepsie, Dutches, NY in 1920.  Walter died 18 Jun 1964 in Boston, Suffolk, MA.
1. Della Mitchell was born c. Aug 1909 in Illinois and prob. died bef. 1920.
2. Herbert Orwin Mitchell was born 24 Aug 1914 in Illinois.  He married Grace E. (14 Dec 1916 - 7 Oct 2004, Brunswick, ME).  Herbert died 28 Jul 2005 in Brunswick, ME.
ii. James Albert Mitchell was born 27 Dec 1880 in Roanoke, Huntington, IN.  He married Aurelia (Rilla) K. Smith (29 Nov 1883, Jackson, Huntington, IN - 1962) in 1902/03 in Indiana.  They lived in Joliet, Will, IL.  James died in Dec 1970 in Westmont, Du Page, IL.
1. Alfred J. Mitchell was born 2 Dec 1904 in Indiana.  He married Helen (b. 1909/10, Illinois).  Alfred died 29 Aug 1992 and is buried with his parents.
2. Mary E. Mitchell was born c. Apr 1909.
3. Robert Edwin Mitchell was born in 1910.
4. Katherine L. Mitchell was born in 1913.
iii. Robert O. Mitchell was born 22 Jan 1890 in Huntington, Huntington, IN.  He may have married (1) Eva, c. 1911.  He married (2) Elma Smith (19 Apr 1892, Cedar Key, Levy, FL - 12 Feb 1984, Wilmington, New Hanover, NC), daughter of James Henry Smith and Antoinette Jorday, prob. aft. 1950.  Robert died 5 Jan 1969 in Wilmington, NC.
c. Charles W. Atwood was born 6 Oct 1855 in Eagle Village, Wyoming, NY.  He died 20 Apr 1882 and is buried. in Roanoke, Huntingdon, IN.
d. Della A. Atwood was born 6 or 8 Aug 1860 in Eagle Village, Wyoming, NY.  She died 18 Mar 1920 and is buried in Roanoke, Huntingdon, IN.
2. Royal Edwin Atwood was born 14 Nov 1830 in Middlefield, Hampshire, MA.  He married Salina A. Strivens (b.c. 1836, prob. Wyoming Co., NY - aft. 1907), daughter of James and Eunice M. Strivens, on 3 Apr 1854, prob. in Wyoming Co., NY.  Royal served in the Civil War from Vienna, Grundy, IL.  He was discharged as a result of injuries on 20 Jan 1863 and died in a hospital in Grundy Co., IL on 19 Feb 1863.
a. Elizabeth (Libbie) Atwood was born 14 Dec 1855 in Ndewark, Kendall, IL.  She married James William Cleaveland (2 Sep 1852, Bingham, Potter, PA - 3 Nov 1918, Joliet, Will, IL) on 1 Jan 1878 in Grundy Co., IL.  They later lived in Union, LaPorte IN and Kankakee, Kankakee, IL.  Elizabeth died aft. 1920.
i.Alice J. Cleaveland was born 3 Jan 1879 in Vienna, Grundy, IL.  She married (1) Mr. Cable.  She married (2) Oliver Secord (13 Jan 1875, Fort Gratiot, MI - 1918, Mackinac, MI), son of David Secord and Angeline (Nellie) Leshire, on 20 Oct 1908 in St. Joseph Co., IN.  Either they divorced or Alice died, and by 1914 Oliver was remarried.
1. William Cable was born in 1900/01 in Indiana.
2. Anna Cable was born in 1903/04 in Indiana.
ii.George E. Cleaveland was born in Aug 1881 in Illinois.
iii.Nellie E. Cleaveland was born in Feb 1884 in Illinois.
iv.Betsy A. Cleaveland was born 28 Aug 1890 in Illinois.  She married John M. Jonas (b. 4 Mar 1887, Indiana), son of Henry and Anna G. Jonas, on 1 Dec 1908 in LaPorte Co., IN.
1. George L. Jonas was born in 1909 in Indiana.
2. Chester H. Jonas was born in 1911 in Indiana.  He married Charlotte A. Lambert (7 Aug 1917, Indiana - 14 Jul 1995, prob. LaPorte, IN).  They had at least one child.  Chester died in 1986, prob. in LaPorte Co., IN.
3. Dorothy E. Jonas was born in 1913 in Illinois.
4. Emil E. Jonas was born in 1916 in Illinois.  He married Esther M. (b. 1914/15, Iowa).  They later lived in Michigan.
5. Earl John Jonas died in infancy on 22 Dec 1920 in Kankakee, IL.
v.Ina J. Cleaveland was born in Sep 1891 in Illinois.
vi.Hazel V. Cleaveland was born in May 1899 in Indiana.  She married James P. Stufoso (7 Jul 1884, Naples,Italy - 22 Jul 1976, prob. Dwight, Livingston, IL), son of Ignatio Stufoso and Mary Binama, on 2 Oct 1918 in Lockport, Will, IL.  Hazel died 5 Jun 1950 in Livingston Co., IL.
1. Howard James Stufoso was born 26 Mar 1918 (?) in Will Co., IL.  He married Edna Viola Fearman (15 Mar 1922 - 24 Mar 1989, Gulfport, Harrison, MS), daughter of Herbert Fearman and Pearl White, on 26 Dec 1941 in St. Charles, MO.  They had four children.  Howard died 29 Oct 1986 in Harrison Co., MS.
2. Raymond Peter Stufoso was born 28 May 1920 in Illinois.  He married Jean M. Ciecka (29 Dec 1914, LaPorte, IN - 22 Jul 2003, LaPorte, IN), daughter of Joseph Ciecka and Anna Marynicz, on 28 Dec 1946 in LaPorte, IN.  They had no children.  Raymond died 15 Apr 1981 in LaPorte Co., IL.
3. Dorothy Helen Stufoso was born in 1923 in Illinois.  She married Mr. Mulhall.  They prob. had one child.
4. Viola May Stufoso was born 2 Oct 1925 in Dwight, Livingston, IL.  She married (1) Thomas E. Coriell (prob. 9 Apr 1923, Ohio - 22 Jan 2001, St. Louis, MO) in Apr 1942.  They had two children.  She married (2) Mr. Porth.  They had one son.  She married (3) William Delbert Allen (16 Nov 1912, Odell, Livingston, IL - 22 Mar 1993, Vero Beach, Indian River, FL), son of Clarence Allen and Caroline Kimber, on 22 Jan 1970 in Odell,IL.  Viola died 13 Dec 2012 in Vero beach, FL.
b. Martha F. Atwood was born 14 Mar 1858. in Illinois.  She married Thomas Rivers (15 Apr 1858, Switzerland - 12 Feb 1926, Dwight, Livingston, IL), son of Andrew Rivers, on 25 Jun 1905 in St. Thomas, Berrien, MI.  Martha died 6 Nov 1925 in Dwight, IL.
c. Austin Louis Atwood was born 3 Apr 1859.
d. Harrison Atwood was born 19 Jan 1861.
3. Charles Edwin Atwood was born 28 Sep 1835 in Middlefield, Hampshire, MA.  He served in the Civil War from Goodfarm, IL and died in action on 6 Feb 1863 at Gallatin, TN.
4. William Henry Harrison Atwood was born c. 1842 in Massachusetts.  He died on 27 Apr 1863 at Fort Donelson, TN.
IV. James Clark was born 25 Apr 1768 in Chester, MA.
V. David Clark was born 25 Apr 1768 in Chester, MA.
VI. Orrin Clark was born 24 Mar 1773 in Chester, MA.  He married Martha (Patty) Halladay (b.c. 1772, poss. Simsbury, Hartford, CT), daughter of Josiah and Catherine Halladay.  They were living in Russia, Herkimer, NY by 1810.  Orrin died 31 Dec 1854 in Russia, NY.
A. Rowland Clark was born 27 Feb 1798 in Chester, MA.  He prob. married Sophia (b. 1798/99, Massachusetts).  They lived in Denmark, Lewis, NY.  Rowland died c. 1880.
1. Electa Clark was born in 1824.  She married Charles Sharp.  Electa died 17 Feb 1858 in Denmark, Lewis, NY.
2.William Clark was born in 1827/28.
3.Willis Clark was born in 1828/29.  He married Ursula M. (Jul 1833 - Feb 1913, Denmark, NY).  Willis died prob. bef. 1865 and Ursula married Henry R. Martin.
a.Francis (Frank) E. Clark was born in 1854/55 and may have died bef. 1880.
4. George W. Clark was born in Oct 1834 in New York.  He married Sarah Jane Judd (10 Aug 1830, Litchfield, CT - 12 Mar 1916, Lowville, lewis, NY), daughter of Darwin L. and Pamella A. Judd, on 3 Feb 1856.  They had no children.  George died 5 Feb 1913, prob. in Denmark, NY.
B. John Clark was born c. 1803 in Chester, MA.
C. Robert Halliday Clark was born 24 Sep 1805 in Massachusetts.  He married Hannah Lanning (18 Jan 1811, New York - aft. 1880), daughter of Conrad Lanning and Martha Van Horne.  Robert died 12 Sep 1875.
1. Sylvia Clark was born in 1834 in New York.  She married John M. Merriman (1832/33, New York - poss. 27 Jun 1895, Stittsville, Oneida, NY), son of Luther G. Merriman and Esther Ann Millington bef. 1855, prob. in Russia, Herkimer, NY.  By 1880, they were living in Prospect, Oneida, NY.  
a. Mary E. (Mame) Merriman was born 14 May 1864 in New York.  She married Frederick E. Gaus (3 May 1861, Stittsville, Oneida, NY - 13 Jan 1942, Prospect, NY), son of Christian Gaus and Rosene Sickenberger, on 18 Mar 1891 in Prospect, Oneida, NY.
i.  Winifred Gaus was born in Feb 1892 in New York and died bef. 1910.
ii.  John Merriman Gaus was born 3 Sep 1894 in Stittsville, NY.  He married Janet B. Ricker (15 Oct 1889, South Poland, Androscoggin, ME - 10 May 1979, Prospect, NY) on 15 Dec 1917 in Maine.. John was a professor of political science at the University of Wisconsin and at Harvard.  They had no children.  John died in May 1969 in Prospect, NY.
2. Linus Royal Clark was born 17 Oct 1837 in New York.  He married Mary A. Cave (5 Jun 1839, Needensworth, England - 9 Jan 1936, Holland Patent, Rome, NY), daughter of Reuben Cave and Ann Dodson, on 21 Jan 1864 in Barneveld, Oneida, NY..  Linus served as a captain in the Civil War.  In 1872, he received a patent on an improvement in machinery for jointing staves.  Linus died 5 Aug 1900 in Utica, Oneida, NY.
a.  Charles J. Clark was born in 1866 in New York.  He married (1) Carrie West (b. 1864/65, Pennsylvania).  He married (2) M. Anna Baker (1867, New York - aft. 1940), daughter of Philip J. Baker and Sophia A. Gerard, on 10 Jun 1920.
i.Dorothy A. Clark was born 7 Jul 1895 in New York.  She never married.  Dorothy died 31 Jan 2004 in Sacramento, CA.
ii.James K. Clark was born 25 Aug 1898 in New York.  He married Gladys E. Griffith (3 Apr 1899, Barnevald, NY - 12 May 1982, Utica, Oneida, NY), daughter of Ellis and Anna Griffith, in 1923 in Herkimer, NY.  They had no children.  James died 7 Oct 1992 in Utica, Oneida, NY.
iii.Linus West Clark was born 3 Oct 1901 in New York.  He married Bernice E. Thomas (1908/09, New York - 5 Aug 1983), daughter of David S. and Edith W. Thomas, on 14 Sep 1937 in Holland Patent, Oneida, NY.  They had one son.  Linus died in Dec 1985 in Oneida Co., NY.
b. Rev. Robert Linus Clark was born 9 Aug 1868 in New York.  He married Eloise Newton (b. Aug 1870, New York), daughter of James Madison Newton and Emma Davidson, in 1892/93.  In 1920, they were in North Elba, Essex, NY.  Robert died 23 Aug 1938.
i. Miriam E. Clark was born in Apr 1897 in New York and died 5 Mar 1919.
ii. Paul R. Clark was born in Apr 1899 in New York and died 11 Feb 1910.
iii. Hannah Eloise Clark was born 18 Jul 1901 in Forest City, Susquehanna, PA.  She married Melvin Frederick Hall (23 Nov 1901, Buffalo, Erie, NY - 25 Oct 1989), son of Willis H. Hall and Mabel A. Manningl.  They lived in Erie County, NY.  Hannah died 7 Jan 1989 in Hamburg, Erie, NY.
1. Carolyn Elizabeth Hall was born 3 Oct 1927/28 in Buffalo, Erie, NY.  She married James N. Felger (11 Nov 1927, Buffalo, NY -17 Oct 2008, Hamburg, Erie, NY).  They had two children.  Carolyn died 16 Jul 2009 in Hamburg, NY.  
2. Lois Ann Hall was born 9 Oct 1929 in New York.  She married Ronald DeLuca (b. 28 Oct 1924, Pennsylvania), son of Nicola DeLuca and Grace Carabello..They had prob. four children.
iv. Robert Newton Clark was born 25 Aug 1903 in Forest City, PA.  He married Ruth Elizabeth Mahood (13 May 1899, Rock Rapids, Lyon, IA - 20 Jun 1997, Sumter, Sumter, SC), daughter of James Wilmot Mahood and Mae Rundell, on 15 Jan 1925 or 1927 in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, CA.  Robert died 2 Nov 1966 in Athens, Clark, GA.
1. Miriam Elizabeth Clark was born 25 Feb 1929 in Syracuse, Onondaga, NY.  She married Gordon Kenworthy Reed (b. 3 Oct 1930, Bristol, Sullivan, TN) on 26 May 1954 in Signal Mountain, Hamilton, TN.  They had five children.
2. Nancy Ann Clark was born 19 Aug 1933 in Buffalo, Erie, NY.  She married Han Iense Bonne (b. 15 Dec 1932, Bentjoeloek, Java, Indonesia) on 16 Sep 1956 in Binghamton, Broome, NY.  They had four children.
3. Roberta Clark was born 11 Feb 1939 in Ithaca, Tompkins, NY.
c. William Linus Clark was born 20 Nov 1873 in Utica, NY.  He married Caroline Frances Clark (prob. 14 Sep 1868, Geneva, IL - 9 Sep 1948, Bradenton, Manatee, FL), daughter of John E. Clark and Frances Ferris, on 21 Aug 1901 in Mt. Clemens, Macomb, MI.  They lived for many years in Hamilton OH before returning to Utica.  William died 30 Nov 1937 in Bradenton, FL.
D. Linus W. Clark was born c. 1808 in Chester, MA.  He married (1) Elizabeth Hart He married (2) Mary (b. 1814/15, Vermont) aft. 1837.
1.Olin Clark was born in 1823/24.
2.Eliza Ann Clark was born in Sep 1826 in Watertown, Jefferson, NY.  She married her third cousin Nathan Clark (26 Aug 1822, Copenhagen, Lewis, NY - 14 Jul 1909, Copenhagen, NY), son of Orren Clark and Rebecca White, in Oct 1852.  (See children above, under Nathan.)  Eliza died 31 Mar 1911.
3.Elizabeth L. Clark was born 21 Dec 1831 in Watertown, NY.  She married her third cousin Wayne Clark (16 Feb 1825, Copenhagen, NY - 18 Apr 1903), son of Orren Clark and Rebecca White, on 6 Nov 1854 in Philadelphia, Jefferson, NY.  (See children above under Wayne.)  Elizabeth died 2 Jan 1918 in Copenhagen, NY.
4.Electa Clark was born in Sep 1832 in Copenhagen, Lewis, NY.  She married Ezra W. Stanford (b. 1823/24, Martinsburgh, Lewis, NY) on 15 Jun 1857 in Copenhagen, NY.  Electa died in 1910 in Denmark, Lewis, NY.
a.Luella E. Stanford was born 27 Jun 1858 in Lowville, Lewis, NY.  She married Wilbur Adino Goodenough (26 May 1857, prob. Watertown, NY - 1919), son of Morris M. Goodenough and Caroline Griswold, on 22 Feb 1883.  They moved to Louisville, Clay, IL in 1894.  Luella died 29 Jan 1940 in Louisville, IL.
i.Luella (Lula) Caroline Goodenough was born 15 or 16 Apr 1884 in Ogdensburg, St. Lawrence, NY.  She married John Vardeman Dillman (31 Jul 1869, Oskaloosa, Clay, IL - 11 Feb 1943, Louisville, IL), son of Lewis Dillman and Harriet Buntha Smith, on 25 Apr 1918 in Louisville, IL.  Lula died 14 Nov 1924 in Jacksonville, Morgan, IL.
1. Jean Vardeman Dillman was born 28 Mar 1919 in Louisville, IL and died 8 Apr 1929 in Olney, Richland, IL.
2. Wilbur Louis Dillman was born 19 Nov 1920 in Louisville, Clay, IL and died 14 Aug 2003 in Bloomington, McLean, IL..
ii.Wilbur Stanford Goodenough was born 17 Dec 1898 in Illinois.  He married Kathleen M. (b. 1901/02, Illinois).
b.Lillian Stanford was born in 1858 in New York and died bef. 1865.
c.Helen (Nellie) L. Stanford was born in 1866/67 in New York.  She married Charles Roberts.  They lived in Lowville, Lewis, NY.  Helen died 23 Apr 1930 in Ithaca, Tompkins, NY.
i.Mollie Stanford Roberts was born in 1903 in New York.  In 1940, she was still single and living with her father.
d.Leland (Lee) Harvey Stanford was born 27 Jul 1869 in Lowville, NY.  He married Edith McGrady (1 May 1878, New York - 10 Jul 1932).  He was employed for many years at the ICC in Washington, DC before retiring to Denmark, NY.  Leland died 3 Sep 1937 in St. Petersburg, Pinellas, FL.
5.Cordelia Clark was born in 1834/35..
6.Linus W. Clark, Jr. was born in Aug 1837 in New York.  He married Emma E. Loucks (b. 10 Jan 1846, Lewis Co., NY) on 28 Aug 1862.  They lived for many years in Fond du Lac, WI.  In 1920, they were both living with May and Thomas in New Jersey..
a.Everett J. Clark was born in 1863 in New York and may have died 21 Mar 1890 in Milwaukee, WI.
b.Maud Laurione Clark was born in Apr 1869 in Fond du Lac, WI.  She married Edward S. Redeker (Sep 1864, Newburgh, Orange, NY - 8 Sep 1929, Spokane, Spokane, WA), son of John V.S. Redeker and Mary Cronk, on 7 Jul 1892 in Fond du Lac, WI.  In 1900, they were in Fargo, Cass, ND.  By 1920, they were divorced and Maud was living with May and Thomas in New Jersey.  In 1930, she was living with C. Edward and Elizabeth in Belmont, Middlesex, MA.
i.Carroll Edward Redeker was born 4 Oct 1894 in Albany, Linn, OR.  He married Elizabeth Hudgins (b. 1897/98, Virginia).  Carroll died 28 Sep 1948 in Providence, Linn, RI.
1. Mary-Love Redeker was born 8 Aug 1920 in Virginia.  She married Henry L. Butterworth, Jr. (15 Feb 1920, Worcester Co., MA - 7 Jun 1997, Carver, Plymouth, MA).  Mary died 15 Mar 1987 in Carver, MA.
c.Edith May Clark was born in Sep 1877 in Fond du Lac.  She married Thomas Griffeth Jones (b. May 1877, Ottawa, LaSalle, IL), son of William S. Jones and Martha Isabel Carpenter, on 28 Nov 1901.  By 1910, they were in East Orange, Essex, NJ.
i.Marion Jones was born in Feb 1906 in Illinois.
7.Henry Clark was born in1846/47 in New York.
8.Thomas Clark was born in 1848/49 in New York.
E. Orrin S. Clark was born in 1810 in Chester, MA.  He married (1) Hannah (1823, New York - 18 Oct 1866).  In 1860, they were living in Denmark, Lewis, NY.  He married (2) Elmira F. (1820, New York - 20 Jan 1889).  By 1870 they were living in Wilna, Jefferson, NY.  Orrin died 3 Jun 1880 in Jefferson Co., NY.
1.Morgan W. Clark was born in Mar 1835 in New York.  He married Permalia Turner (Sep 1834, prob. Martinsburgh, Lewis, NY - 1913, Seattle, King, WA), daughter of George Turner and Uretta Burr, in 1855/56.  The lived in Minnesota from c. 1865 to after 1900.  Morgan died 2 Jun 1919 in Seattle, WA.
a.Orin (or Orrin) George Clark was born in 1857/58 in New York.  He married Harriett Marie Mathers (30 Jan 1856, Illinois - 25 Apr 1918, Spokane, Spokane, WA), daughter of David Mathers and Susan Godfrey, in 1877.  In 1900, they were living in St. Cloud, Stearns, MN.  In 1910 Orin was  living with his parents in Seattle while Harriett was living in Spokane.  Orin died in 1941 in Seattle, WA.
i.Leslie J. Clark was born 28 Jun 1878 in Minnesota.  He married Margaret Theesen (b. 1880, Germany).  They lived in St. Cloud, Stearns, MN.  Leslie died 16 Jul 1959 in Stearns Co., MN.
1. Harold U. Clark was born 19 Jul 1906 in Minnesota and died 13 or 16 Jan 1997 in Fridley, Anoka, MN.
2. Leslie J. Clark, Jr. was born 8 Jun 1910 in Minnesota and died in Sep 1976 in Anoka Co., MN.
ii.George Elmer Clark was born 23 Jun 1883 in Minnesota.  He married Augusta Y. (1887/88, Minnesota - 14 Nov 1972, Superior, Douglas, MN) bef. 1917.  
1. Dorothy Clark was born in 1909/10 in Wisconsin.
2. Eleanor Clark was born in 1922/23 in Wisconsin.
iii.Royal (Roy) V. Clark was born in Dec 1885 in Minnesota.  He married (1) Ethel Jane (1893, Iowa - 1929, Spokane, WA).  He married (2) Carol.  Royal died in Jan 1972 in Auburn, King, WA.
iv.Eva M. Clark was born in Aug 1887 in Minnesota.
v.Ruby E. Clark was born in Nov 1891 in Minnesota.  She married Frank G. Austin (30 Jun 1883, Wisconsin - 1 Aug 1926, Spokane, WA), son of Albert Austin and Elizabeth Hoyt, on 21 May 1913 in Spokane, WA.  Ruby died in Nov 1973 in Spokane, WA.
1. Earl D. Austin was born in 1920/21 in Washington.
b.Leonard (Levi) W. Clark was born in Apr or May 1860 in New York.  He married (1) Eve E. Kingsbury (b. Oct 1856, WI), on 22 Feb 1879 in Anoka Co., MN.  They lived in Crookston, Polk, MN.  He married (2) Lucy E. Kingsbury on 17 May 1910 in Hennepin Co., MN.
i.Emily Clark was born in Jan 1880 in Minnesota.
c.Clement S. Clark was born in 1862/63 in New York.
d.Stillman A. Clark was born 5 Jul 1866 in Freeborn, Freeborn, MN.  He married Phoebe Mary Jane Bryant (Jul 1871, Silver Creek, Lake, MN - 9 Oct 1941, Crow Wing Co., MN) in 1886/87.  Stillman died 26 Dec 1945 in Roosevelt, Crow Wing, MN.
i.Frank B. Clark was born in Jul 1889 and died bef. 1945.
ii.Elsie M. Clark was born in Jan 1893 in Minnesota.  She was married with two children.
iii.Walter Freeman Clark was born 5 Apr 1903 in Minnesota.  He married (1) Irene Gertrude Anne Gardner (30 Mar 1901, Minnesota - 17 Dec 1959, Hennepin Co., MN), daughter of Stephen and Annie Gardner, on 1 Jan 1921 in Crow Wing Co., MN.  He married (2) Mrs. Agnes Angeline Sauer (7 Apr 1899 - 16 Jun 1971, Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN) on 15 Jun 1963 in Hennepin Co., MN.  Walter died 21 Feb 1983 in Osseo, Hennepin, MN.
1. Shirley Ann Marie Clark was born prob. 23 Nov 1925 in Seattle, WA.  She married Howard Phillips Brayton (1927 - 1993) on 12 Jun 1948 in Crow Wing Co., MN.  Shirley died 10 May 1949 in Crow Wing Co., MN.
2. Walter Stephen Clark was born 21 Aug 1930 in Minnesota.  He married Julia Mae Hurley (b. 1938/39, Hennepin Co., MN), daughter of John Dennis Hurley and Florence Mae Crozier, on 16 Nov 1957 in Hennepin Co., MN.  They had three children.  Walter died 2 Apr 1999 in Rockford, Wright, MN.
3. Irene Clark was born in 1938/39 in Minnesota.
iv.L. Clark died in infancy on 15 Mar 1906 in Monticello, Wright, MN.
v.Kenneth Bollman Clark was born 23 Jul 1911 in Wright Co., MN and died 23 Aug 1911 in Wright Co., MN.
e.Charles W. Clark was born in 1868/69 in Minnesota.
f.Lillie Jane Clark was born in 1871/72 in Minnesota.
g.Clarrie E. Clark was born in 1874/75 in Minnesota.
h.William M. Clark was born in Apr 1878 in Minnesota.  He never married.  He died in Feb 1920 and is buried with his parents.
2.Anna Clark was born in 1837/38 in New York.
3.Caroline E. Clark was born in Sep 1842 in New York.  She married Charles Eugene Petrie (Nov 1837, New York - 20 Oct 1933, Fulton, Oswego, NY) in 1856/57.  Caroline died 6 Sep 1906 in West Carthage, Jefferson, NY.  In 1920 and 1930, Charles was living with Mabel and Fred.
a.Eugene J. Petrie was born in Sep 1960 in Lowville, Lewis, NY.  He married (1) Anna Penfield (1864, prob. Oswego, Oswego, NY - 1896), daughter of Chester Penfield and Jennette Richard.  He married (2) Bertha M. Rice (1871/72, Williamstown, Oswego, NY - 16 Jun 1935, Fulton, NY), daughter of Wesley J. and Helen G. Rice, in 1904/05.  Eugene died 4 Nov 1927 in Fulton, NY.
i.Mabel (Mamie) L. Petrie was born in Nov 1884 in Oswego, NY.  She married Fred Hamlin Radley (2 May 1885, Lowville, Lewis, NY - 17 May 1950) on 19 Oct 1907 in Fulton, NY.  Mabel died 26 Jun 1967 in Oswego, NY.
1. Herman F. Radley was born in 1909 and died 9 Sep 1975.
ii.Charles Eugene Petrie was born 25 Jul 1886 in Oswego, Oswego, NY.  He married (1) Winifred M. Marsh (29 Mar 1887 - 25 Apr 1939, Hannibal, Oswego, NY), daughter of Isaac Ernest Marsh and Emma Louise Wilbur.  He married (2) Amy Hewitt (3 Jun 1888, New York - 15 Aug 1966, Oswego Co., NY).  Charles died 15 May 1951 in Hannibal, NY.
1. Helen Isabelle Petrie was born in 1924 in Corry, Erie, PA and died from falling through the ice on 23 Feb 1933 in Hannibal, NY.
2. Myrtle A. Townsend Petrie was born in 1925/26 in New York, the daughter of Theo L. Townsend and Flossie B. Smith, and was apparently adopted by the Petries c. 1935 after the death of both her parents.  She married Lloyd H. Boyce, Jr. (b. 1925, New York), son of Lloyd H. Boyce and Ethel Campbell, on 3 May 1947.  They had three children.  Myrtle died 26 Mar 2014.
iii.Ethel (Ellie) M. Petrie was born in May 1895 in New York.  She married Alvah W. Fuller (19 Nov 1890, Fulton, NY - 31 Mar 1974, Fulton, NY), son of William E. Fuller and Anna J. Prosser, on 26 Nov 1914 in Fulton, NY.  Ethel died 26 Jan 1922 in Fulton, NY.  Alvah was subsequently married several more times.
1. Augusta L. Fuller was born 10 Aug 1915 in New York.  She married (1) Fred L. Ford (3 Mar 1908, New York - 19 Jun 1970, Syracuse, Onondaga, NY).  They had five children.  She married (2) Thomas J. Crosser (d. 1986) c. Apr 1978.  Augusta died 24 Nov 2009.
2. Marjorie A. Fuller was born 3 Aug 1916 in New York.  She married David Henry.  Marjorie died in Feb 1996 in Schenectady, Schenectady, NY.
3. Frances R. Fuller was born 8 Feb 1919 in New York.  She married George Lemley.  Frances died 6 Mar 1995 in Schenectady, NY.
4.George W. Clark was born in 1843/44 in New York.
5.Royal D. Clark was born in 1846 in New York.  He married Clarissa Gould (b. 1842, New York), daughter of Benjamin and Clarisa Gould.  Royal died 15 Feb 1874, prob. in Ellisburgh, Jefferson, NY.  In 1910-20, Clarisa was living with her son in Colorado, but she and her daught-in-law returned to Jefferson Co. after he died..
a.Eva M. Clark was born in Mar 1870 in New York and died 30 Sep 1903.
b.Royal D. Clark, Jr. was born in 1872 in New York.  In 1910, he was living in Loma, Mesa, CO.  He married Nora B. Potter (22 Feb 1872, Russell, St. Lawrence, NY - 16 Nov 1972, Ogdensburg, St. Lawrence, NY), daughter of Elisha Potter and Nancy Oatsenberg, on 18 Nov 1913 in Wayne Co., MI.  They lived in Mack, Mesa, CO.  Royal died in 1924..
6.Willis R. Clark was born 1850/51 in New York and died 6 Aug 1866.
7.John S. Clark was born 31 Jul 1853 in Denmark, Lewis, NY.  He married Emma Stevens (b. May 1852, New York) in 1874.  John died in Oct 1922 in Binghamton, Broome, NY.
a.Willis J. Clark was born 29 May 1885 in New York and died 15 May 1908 in Binghamton, Broome, NY.
8.Hiram D. Clark was born in Mar 1856 in Denmark, NY.  He married Amelia M. Caldwell (b. May 1861, New York) in 1880/81.  Hiram died 3 Nov 1929 in West Carthage, Jefferson, NY.
a.Estell Clark was born in Sep 1882 in New York.
b.Pearl Clark was born in Jun 1884 in New York.  She married Earl C. Bennett.(Aug 1883, New York - 16 Mar 1957, Watertown, Jefferson, NY).  They were divorced in 1917.
i.Dorothy Vivian Bennett was born in 1905/06 in New York.  She married Robert Irvin Fuller (b. 1901/02), son of Frederick Fuller and Sophia Irvin, on 11 Apr 1923 in Jefferson Co., NY.
c.Orin Scott Clark was born 18 Dec 1892 in New York.  He married Florence G. Weigelt (16 Apr 1893, New York - 17 May 1986, Miami, Dade, FL), daughter of George S. Weigelt and Josephine Harmon, in Apr 1918.  Orin died 2 Jul 1962.
i.Grace Josephine Clark was born in 1920/21 and died 5 Jan 1926.
ii.Ruth Elizabeth Clark was born in 1923/24 in New York.  She married D.E. Edwards.  They had at least one child.  Ruth died in 1961.
iii.Florence A. Clark was born in 1927/28 in New York.
iv.Marion Gertrude Clark was born in 1929/30 in New York and died in 1958.
9.Ella A. Clark was born in May 1859 in New York.  Sha married William P. Hull (b. Oct 1852, New York), son of Phillip and Lucia H. Hull,  in 1879/80.  They lived in West Carthage, NY.  Ella died in March 1933
a.Lucia Ella Hull was born in Aug 1888 in New York.  She married Hubert Leman Baldwin (5 Jun 1887, Sandy Creek, Oswego, NY - 11 Jun 1957, Watertown, Jefferson, NY), son of Clarence L. Baldwin and Della Close, on 19 Nov 1912 in West Carthage, NY.  Lucia died in Nov 1925 in Watertown, NY.
i.Barbara Anne Baldwin was born in 1918/19 in New York.  She married Charles E. Nichols.  They had three children.
VII. Royal Clark was born 17 Dec 1782.


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