Alexei Panshin's The Abyss of Wonder

Can't Take Any More

Once upon a time, when I was young
Daddy told me how it should be done
Life is for love, work is at hand
Do things right and become a man

But that's not the way things are today
Gotta cheat and steal if you want to play
Life's a con game, full of tricks
The dice are loaded and the wheel is fixed

   They say there's
Bad pills in the schoolyard
Good pills in the school
There's thieves in the henhouse
And they're makin' the rules

Job is secure, your health is too
Unless the bottom line says no
You got nowhere to run
When the chilly wind blows

I can't take any more of these cheesy, sleazy ways
   I can't take any more of this lyin' and stealin'
   Maniac, stab-your-back, wheelin' and dealin'

Congressmen go back to Congress
Every time they run
Two party system?
Man, there ain't even one

Pretty 'ho's and bozos
Sell themselves on TV
They'll make ya slaves, too
And tell ya you're free

I can't take any more of these easy, greasy ways
   I can't take any more of this buy-ya-for-a-dollar
   Nothin's real, sex appeal, prime time squalor

Corporations sell us the world
And they won't be done
'Til they patent the air
And license the sun

Tell ya you're helpless hopeless
Tell ya ya gotta pay
Can't sell me no more
Gotta make a new way

We can't take any more of these greedy, cheatin' ways
   Can't take any more of this bottom feedin'
   Life's a shuck, run amuck
                          chase a buck
                          what the fuck
                          lots of luck
                          second-card dealin'

-- by Ben Wachtel, Alexei Panshin, and Josh Wachtel


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