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Crossover Music

    My friend Josh Wachtel  won't play just one kind of music.  In fact, they told him outright at The Raven's Nest that he wasn't welcome anymore because he didn't stick to playing the blues like everybody else.  (The truth of the matter is that not even the house band did -- but Josh was persistent about it.)

    The name Josh and I arrived at to describe the music he and his band play was Crossover Music.

    Radio Free Earth will do a song of any sort from any source as long as it's the right song.  It does songs that go back a hundred years, songs that were written yesterday, and songs from every decade in between.  Along the way, it might throw a Latin beat, Congo style guitar, or Tuvan throat singing into a song that didn't used to go that way.

     The aim of the band is to have a good song for every circumstance.  From credit card debt to used chewing gum.  From love gone right to life without parole.  From being a defensive lineman in the NFL to running wild on the Internet.  From racin' with the Devil on a rocket through Hell to invasion from outer space by a rogue vegetable intent on feeding her hungry brood.

    And where a song has been needed to fill out the Big Picture -- say, one about fighting a land war in Asia or remembering where you dropped your key -- Josh and I (sometimes with Josh's brother Ben) have brought an old song up to date, put a new set of words to an old tune, or written a new song for the occasion.

=  New
All God's Angels
All Right Blues
All the Way
Ancient Whispers
Atomic Fission Blues

Bad King George
Ballad of Ali
Beyond the Mountain
Black Bottom Blues

Can't Take Any More  (with video)
Cocaine Woman

Coup D'Etat
Credit Card
Crying Tears for New Orleans
Diggin' a Hole

The Doo Wop Stomp
Dragons in the Wood
Dreamt About the Blues

Firebird Blues
Fool Me Once
Free Speech Zone
Gotta Find Her
Hard Time Blues
Hesitation Blues
The House of Fluorescent Bamboo
How Come You're So Mad?
I Love to See My Baby
I See the Light
It Ain't My Kid
Keep on Truckin'
The King of Creation
Knees and All
Mardi Gras
Move on Down the Highway

Night Dream Blues

An Old Song

Operation Cakewalk
Out of Control

Panic Attack

Pirates at the Helm

Real Down Blues

Red Alert
Red Dye #5
A River of Light

Rollin' Blackout Blues
Sailing on the Waters of Love
The Same Old City
She Got It Off the Internet
Something I Forgot to Do
Sufi Girl

Times Right Now
Wallowin' in the Blues
Wanderin' in the Dark
We Like to Rock

What the Blind Man Saw



Updated February 14, 2010

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