Alexei Panshin's The Abyss of Wonder


Cocaine Woman


Goin' down Beale Street / Turn left up Main
Lookin' for the gal who sells cocaine
   Cocaine, run all around my brain
Waitin' for a woman dressed in white
She's gonna bring me some cocaine tonight
   Cocaine....    How I love cocaine
Oh, mama, come here soon
'Cause this cocaine has me on the moon
   Cocaine, sweet cocaine
I know a woman dressed in yellow
Do a line of coke then let out a bellow
   We ain't no good in the mornin'
        without our good cocaine
Well, I like it, I like it, I like it, I like it
I li- li- like it / I li- li- like
Here we go
Snortin' coke all over the world
Chasin' a woman dressed in green
She's lowdown, dirty and mean
   Cocaine....    I want cocaine
Oh woman / You ain't no good
If you can't score for me / I thought you understood
   I need cocaine runnin' all around my heart and my brain
Watch out for that woman dressed in red
She's got a scattergun / Means to kill me dead
        How'd I get into this mess?  What'm I doin' here?
Oh, mama, come here quick
This old cocaine's about to make me sick
   Cocaine....    Bittersweet....

   Evil woman dressed in black
   She took my soul / Now I want it back
   Cocaine....    Ohhh....    Ohhh....
Uh-oh, mama, come here quick
This cocaine's makin' me sick again
   Cocaine....    It's bad, bad, bad
Cocaine's eaten my nose / I can't find a vein
I lit myself on fire / I've got snakes in my brain
   Cocaine, it's drivin' me insane
   Oh, cocaine, it's drivin' me insane
Traditional -- arrangement and new lyrics by Josh Wachtel and Alexei Panshin
This is a song that has been done many times.  About half comes from the first version we ever heard, sung by Dave Van Ronk, filled out with good stuff picked up from Fred Neil, The Holy Modal Rounders, Bob Dylan, Tim Hardin and John Fogerty.  The rest of the words are new.



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