Alexei Panshin's The Abyss of Wonder



The King of Creation

I walk down the street with a gun in my hand
A feather in my cap and a big brass band
I shimmy to the left, I duckwalk to the right
Then I do the Eagle Rock with all-a my might

I'm the star of the movie, my name's up in lights
Got a black belt in karate and I know my rights
I ride my motor scooter standin' on my head
I'll be laughin' at my lies long after I'm dead

I'm the King of Creation, a demon possessed
The cream of the crop, the best of the best
I'm bigger than a bread box, I'm the cat's pajamas
I do as I please, I trash talk yo' mama

The style that I'm wearin' you'll be wearin' tomorrow
I'm the Fortune 500 -- I lend, I don't borrow
A news van follows me to get their next story
When I die I'll go to Heaven in a blaze of glory

I'm the King of Creation, the Queen of the West
I smoke the kind of cigarette that I like the best
I do as I please, I trash talk yo' mama
I'm bigger than a breadbox, I'm the cat's pajamas

-- by Josh Wachtel and Alexei Panshin



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