Alexei Panshin's The Abyss of Wonder

Red Dye #5

A little growth hormone in your meat
   Designer vegetables sure are sweet
A little mercury in your fish
   Heavy metal makes a tasty dish
A little bit of rat shit in your bread
   Fallout falls out on your head
A little ultraviolet for your skin
   Super-nicotine, carcinogen

A little Malathion kills the pest
   A little Agent Orange kills the rest
Hypodermic needles wash up on shore
   Oil-soaked birds can't fly no more
A little gasoline in your well
   Add dixoin, then stir well
Chicken guts and pig shit in your stream
   Never mind, it's all a dream

Microwaves boogie through your brain
   Trees say please, no mo' acid rain
Some chlorofluorocarbons for the ozone
   Burn the rain forest, it'll keep us warm
Love Canal, Bhopal, Chernobyl
   Glowing babies now are global
No place here for nuclear waste
   Put it in a rocket, pollute outer space

-- by Josh Wachtel and Alexei Panshin

    Once upon a time, when music was wild and free, a riff of the moment would come floating by on the cosmic wind, and everyone would pick it up and do songs based on it for awhile.  Verses would get made up for it and passed around, so that any one of a dozen songs might have a verse that went:

                                    Climbed up the mountain
                                    Peeped through a hole
                                    Seen two little monkeys
                                    Doin' the sweet jellyroll

    Yesterday, just such a riff came by on the breeze.  You can think of this as our version of it, or as a parody of a hit, or, if you like, as verses for a song that's never been sung in public -- but ought to be.



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