Samuel Rosseter was born 7 Aug 1768 in Harwinton, CT.  He married (1) Lucy Hall (20 May 1767, Westfield, CT - 20 Sep 1816, Great Barrington, MA) on 22 Apr 1790, (2) Mrs. Abbey Riley (25 Sep 1790, Springfield, NJ - 19 Oct 1823) on 18 Feb 1817 in Albany, NY, (3) Lydia Whiton (22 Mar 1790, Stockbridge, MA - 14 Dec 1870, Great Barrington, MA) on 26 Apr 1824 in Stockbridge, MA.   Samuel died 21 Jan 1852 in Great Barrington, MA.
I. Dorothea (Dolly) Maria Rosseter was born 25 Jun 1792 in Claverack, NY.  She married George Pynchon (26 Jan 1790 - 6 Sep 1867) on 14 Apr 1813 in Great Barrington, MA.  Dolly died 2 Sep 1831 in Great Barrington, MA.
A. Lucy Maria Pynchon was born 28 May 1815 in Great Barrington, MA.  She married John Charles Adams (28 Aug 1812, New Marlboro, MA - 18 Jun 1868, Towanda, Bradford, PA) on 13 Aug 1837 at Great Barrington, MA.  Lucy died 22 May 1899 in Towanda, PA.
1. John Pynchon Adams was born 12 Jun 1838 in Towanda, PA.  He married Sarah Ann Studebaker (17 Jun 1843, Greenville, Darke, OH - 29 Oct 1910, Scranton, Lackawanna, PA), daughter of Abraham Studebaker and Elizabeth Lightcap, on 28 Nov 1860 in Greenwood, OH.  John died 10 May 1906 in Elmira, Chemung, NY.
a. Etta Adams was born 15 Jan 1862 in Greenwood, OH.  She married Leverett D. Bartlett (20 Aug 1854, Wysox, Bradford, PA - 1 Jul 1932, Wysox, PA), son of Daniel Pierpont Bartlett and Hanna A. Spencer, on 22 Jul 1885.  Etta died in 1943/44.
i. John Daniel Bartlett was born 20 Apr 1886 in Wysox, PA.  He married (1) Pearl B. Pipher (5 Oct 1886, Stevensville, Bradford PA - 4 Feb 1943, Watsontown, Northumberland, PA), daughter of Calvin Detrick Pipher and Minnie H. Lewis, on 26 Dec 1906 in Bradford Co., PA.  They lived in Towanda, PA.  They were divorced after 1924 and in 1930 Pearl married Walter Monroe Bartlow.  John married (2) Lola (b. 1900/01, Pennsylvania) bef. 1935.  John died aft. 1950 and Lola may have married Edgar W. Bly of Owego, NY in 1966.
1. Eugenia M. Bartlett was born 3 Apr 1908 in Pennsylvania.  In 1930, she was a student nurse at a hospital in Sayre, Bradford, PA.  She married Joseph Gilbert Iredell (30 Jan 1914, Newton, Sussex, NJ - 29 Apr 2002, Watsontown, PA), son of John Gilbert Iredell and Ida Klotz, bet. 1935 and 1940.  Eugenia died 27 Jul 2000 in Watsontown, PA.
ii. Iola Bartlett was born 12 Jan 1888 in Wysox, PA and died 22 Aug 1889 in Wysox, PA.
iii. Fred Leverett Bartlett was born 6 Nov 1890 in Wysox, PA.  He married Hartie Gertrude Osborne (1889 - 15 Jan 1975), daughter of Martin O. Osborne and Sarah L. Brown, on 27 Jun 1912 in Tioga Co., NY.  Fred died 7 Sep 1971 in Sayre, Bradford, PA.
1. Catherine Osborne Bartlett was born in 1914 in Pennsylvania.  She married Charles E. Hampson, son of Charles Hampson and Kathryn Evans, on 27 Jan 1940 in Franklin Co., PA.
iv. Frank Adams Bartlett was born 25 Apr 1895 in Towanda, PA.  He married (1) Helen Shipman (1900-1928, Towanda, PA).  They had two children, Frank Jr. (1925-2008) and Mary.  He married (2) Frances Saltmarsh (25 Mar 1899 - Jan 1980, Troy, Bradford, PA), daughter of Edmund R. Saltmarsh and Grace Wheeler, in 1946-47.  Frank died in May 1982 in Towanda, PA.
1. Frank Adams Bartlett, Jr. was born 24 Feb 1925 in Sayre, PA.  He married Louise Chilson (24 May 1925, Lawrenceville, PA - 4 May 2013, Westmont, Cambria, PA), daughter of Gordon Chilson and Florence Quakenbush.  They had two children.  Frank died 29 Aug 2008 in Wilmington, NC.
2. Mary Alice Bartlett was born c. 1926.
v. Marjorie E. Bartlett was born 4 Aug 1896 in Myersburg, Bradford, PA.  She married Wentworth Rhodes Wheeler (15 Dec 1894, Tioga Junction, PA - Oct 1984, New York), son of George Ross Wheeler and Etta Rhodes, on 26 Oct 1918 in Elmira, Corning, NY.  They lived in Hackensack, Bergen, NJ and Oradell, NJ.  Marjorie died 4 Jul 1989 in New Jersey,
1. Randolph B. Wheeler was born 11 Sep 1919 in New Jersey.  He married Jeanne Q. (b. 1924/25)  They had three children.  Randolph died in Nov 1981 in Huntington, NY.
2. Ruth E. Wheeler was born in 1921/22 in New Jersey.  She married Don Horton.
vi. (Sarah) Louise Bartlett was born 31 Jan 1899 in Wysox, PA.  She married Clifford Merton Buell (Dec 1897, New York, NY - 1965), son of Merton Buell and Lida W. Munn, on 22 Nov 1920 in Elmira, NY.  By 1930, they were divorced but Louise was still living in Elmira.  In 1940, she was living in Towanda with her brother Frank.  Louise died in 1969 in Towanda, PA.
b. Charles Henry Adams was born 10 Sep 1864 in Greenwood, OH.  He married (1) Jessie Robinson Squier (1867 - 13 Dec 1887) 16 Dec 1885.  He married (2) Edith Reynolds in 1888.  They lived in New York, NY.  Charles died 14 Aug 1939 in Jersey City, Hudson, NJ.
i. Mary Lucy Adams was born in Oct 1886.  She married Roderick Donley (4 Mar 1881, Tunkhannnock, Wyoming, PA - 5 Apr 1955), son of James Mathewson Donley and Huldah Adaline Meeker.  Their children were Jessie Elizabeth, Ruth Adams, Roderick Oscar, and John Adams.  Mary died aft. 1952.
c. John Studebaker Adams was born 12 or 13 Oct 1868 in Towanda, PA.  He married Catherine Luciile Miller (18 Nov 1869, Ashville, Buncombe, NC- 11 Jun 1953, Houston, Harris, TX), daughter of William A.P. Miller and Sarah Emmeline Livingston, on 1 Oct 1890. They were in San Antonio, Bexar, TX by 1910.  By 1930, they had separated and John was living in Taney Co., MO.  John died 6 Oct 1932 in Kerbyville, Taney, MO and his death certificate shows his wife's name as Ina.
i. Catherine (Kittie) Miller Adams was born 30 Jul 1891 in Denver, CO.  She married Per Arthur Nordmark (9 Dec 1889, Waxholm, Sweden - 20 Feb 1980, Shasta Co., CA) on 16 Jan 1912 in Denver, CO.  They had two children.  By 1940, they were living in Houston, TX.  Catherine died 24 Dec 1965 in Shasta Co., CA.
ii. John William Adams was born 22 Apr 1893 in Omaha, Douglas, NE.  He married Margaret Newton Cupples (b. 1899/1900, Texas - 1982) on 21 Apr 1917 in Bexar Co., TX.  They had three children.  By 1940, they were living in New Orleans, LA.  John died 12 Oct 1974 in Ocean Springs, Jackson, MI.
iii.Eugene Livingston Adams was born 11 Aug 1897 in Luling, Caldwell, TX.  He married Bernice Hall (1902 - 1995) in San Antonia, TX.  Eugene died 28 Mar 1954 in Sacramento, Sacramento, CA.
iv.Otto Rosseter Adams was born 28 Nov 1900 in Luling, Caldwell, TX and died 24 Sep 1916 in San Antonio, TX.
v.Marguerite (Margaret) Adams was born 3 Dec 1903 in Gonzales, Gonzales, TX.  She married Reuben Emil Cotulla (5 Nov 1897, Texas - 17 Oct 1963, Bexar Co., TX), son of Edward Cotulla and Helen Evelyn Poole, on 11 Aug 1925 in San Antonio, TX.  They were divorced on 15 Nov 1933.  Marguerite died 26 Oct 1992 in Kelso, Cowlitz, WA.  
vi. Charles Francis (Mike) Adams was born 22 Apr 1910 in San Antonio, TX.  Charles lived for a time in New Orleans and then in California, where he worked for Standard Oil.  He married Alexandria Cathryn Toohey (b. 1910) in San Antonio, TX.  They had two children but were later divorced.  He married Ruth Evelyn Williams (1915-2000) on 29 Oct 1955 in Ventura, Alameda, CA.  Charles died 7 Jul 1983 in San Diego, CA.
d. Bessie Adams was born 11 Feb 1870 in Towanda, PA.  She married (1) William Thayer Carr (b. Dec 1868, New York) of Elmira, Chemung, NY, son of William S. Carr and Fanny S. Thayer, on 25 Dec 1888.  They lived in Plainfield, Union, NJ.  She married (2) Thomas E. Currin (b. 1869/70, New Jersey) bef. 1920..  Bessie died 6 Jun 1950 in Elmira, NY.
i. Frances (Fannie) Carr was born in Jan 1891 in New Jersey.
ii. Harold Carr died bef. 1900.
iii. Rodman Carr was born in Aug 1899 in New Jersey.
e. Katherine (Katie) Adams was born in 12 Oct 1880 in Towanda, PA.  She married John Loveland.  Katie died 27 Aug 1953.
2. Henry Mahlan Adams was born 21 Feb 1843 in Towanda, PA.  He died in the Civil War, on 7 Jun 1864, at the siege of Petersburg, VA and is buried in Towanda, PA.
3. Samuel Charles Adams was born 10 Mar 1850 in Towanda, PA.  He married Anna Maria Dill (25 Jan 1857, Cherry Hill, PA - 25 Mar 1920, Towanda, PA) on 5 Sep 1880 in Towanda, PA.  Samuel died 23 Jan 1892 in Towanda, PA.
a. Lucy Maria Adams was born 14 Jun 1881 in Syracuse, NY.  She married Horace Greeley Padget (26 Nov 1872, Owego, NY - 29 Apr 1935, Tully, NY) on 28 Dec 1898 in Towanda, PA. Lucy died 1 Mar 1934 in Tully, NY.
i. Thomas A. Padget was born 29 Oct 1899 in Towanda, PA.  He married Sadie Benedict (1 Mar 1894 - Apr 1978, Buffalo, NY).  Thomas died 28 Apr 1967 in Miami, FL.
ii. John Richard (Dick) Padget was born 18 Aug 1901 in Towanda, PA.  He married Carina Carter (28 Dec 1903 - 3 Nov 1994, Tully, NY) in Feb 1935.  They had two children.  John died 1 Aug 1993 in Tully, NY.
iii. Anne Frances Padget was born 27 Aug 1903 in Towanda, PA.  She married Alister (Alexander) Watt Donald Steele (1 Jun 1893 - 15 Apr 1967, Syracuse, NY) on 28 May 1934.  They had five children.  Anne died 13 Jan 1977.
iv. Lucie Elizabeth Padget was born 18 Oct 1905 in Syracuse, NY.  She married (1) Thomas P. Faherty, c. 1928.  She married (2) Alexei Ivanovitch Panshin (18 Oct 1901, Voronezh, Russia - 17 Jan 1993, Holt, MI), son of Ivan Nikiforovitch Panshin and Sofia (Sonya) Alexandrovna Moskalyeva, on 30 May 1934 in Elmira, NY.  They had two children.  Lucie died 4 Jan 1996 in Okemos, MI.
v. Mary Jean Padget was born 30 May 1909 in Tully, NY.  She married Adrian L. (Nescie) Warntz (Tully, NY - Dec 1997, Syracuse, NY).  They had two children.  Mary died 12 May 1966 in Syracuse, NY.
vi. Henry Padget was born 30 Jun 1911 in Tully, NY.  He married Carol Humpfrey.  They had one child.  Henry died 25 Jan 1976 in Syracuse, NY.
vii. Doris Padget was born 22 Nov 1912 in Tully, NY.  She married John Henry Hawkins (b. 15 Feb 1907) on 15 Aug 1936.  They had five children.  Doris died 4 Jan 1976 in Michigan.
viii. Horace Greeley Padget, Jr. was born 1 Nov 1914 in Tully, NY and died 26 Nov 1915.
ix. Helen Adams Padget was born 18 Dec 1916 in Tully, NY.  She married James Earl Philips (13 Oct 1913 - 31 May 1994, Berlin, NY) in Oct 1942.  They had two children.  Helen died 7 Nov 1994 in Berlin, NY.
x. William Rossiter Padget was born 6 Apr 1919 in Tully, NY.  He married Josephine Gates (b. 18 Oct 1919) on 9 Aug 1941 in Rodman, NY.  They had six children.  William died 19 May 1986 in Georgetown, NY.
xi. Paul Warren Padget was born 17 Apr 1921 in Tully, NY.  He married (1) Shirley Allen (d. Dec 1974).  They had four children.  He married (2) Anne Finkler in Feb 1976.
b. Edna Belle Adams was born 2 Dec 1882 in Syracuse, NY.  She married Charles Burton Foster (d. May 1930) in Towanda, PA.  Their children were Charles and Robert Adams.  Edna died in 1930 in Towanda, PA.
i. Charles Foster.
ii. Robert Adams Foster died in 1918.
4. Lucy Adams was born 1 Feb 1853 and died 19 Nov 1867.
5. Mary (May) E. Adams was born 7 Jul 1859 in Towanda, PA.  She married Benjamin Maurice (b. 8 Jun 1855, Sing Sing, NY), son of Charles Frazier Maurice and Cornelia Joline, on 11 Feb 1882.  Mary died in 1952 (or poss. later.)
a. Nathalie Adams Maurice was born 17 Oct 1885 in Towanda, PA.  She married Theodore Van Brunt Bennett (25 Apr 1886, Red Bank, Monmouth, NJ - Jul 1969, Larchmont, Westchester, NY) on 2 Sep 1922 in Mamaroneck, Westchester, NY.  Nathalie died 27 Oct 1980 in Bridgeport, CT.
b. Charles Stewart Maurice was born 29 Jun 1891 in Athens, Bradford, PA.  He married Ellen K. Hone (6 Jul 1894 - 11 May 1992, Pleasantville, Westchester, NY) on 10 Oct 1924 in Bronxville, Westchester, NY.  Stewart died in May 1983 in Pleasantville, NY.
c. Benjamin Van Dyke Maurice was born 2 Apr 1894 in Athens, PA.  Benjamin died on 13 May 1918 after his World War I plane crashed at Ellington Field, TX.
d. Rosseter Pynchon Maurice was born 24 Jul 1898 in Mamaroneck, NY.  He married Dorothy Enid Barron (22 Dec 1898 - 10 Jun 1986, Los Gatos, Santa Clara, CA) on 13 Nov 1923 in Brooklyn, NY.  He attended engineering college and served in the U.S. Navy from 1917 to 1960.  Rosseter died 29 Jun 1980 in Santa Clara Co., CA.
e. Frances Joline Maurice was born 7 Oct 1900 in Harrison, NY.  She married (1) Francis D. Archibald on 8 Apr 1926 in New York City.  They were divorced in 1951.  She married (2) Lawrence Berle Beals (19 Oct 1898 - Oct 1980, Vero Beach, Indian River, FL) in 1953.  Frances died in Oct 1995 in Indian River, FL.
B.  Walter Sydney Pynchon was born 17 Jun 1817 in Great Barrington, MA.  He lived for a time in California.  Walter died 1 Apr 1860 in New York City.
C. Mary Eliza Pynchon was born 19 Sep 1819 in Great Barrington, MA and died in infancy.
D. Henry George Pynchon was born 24 Oct 1824 in Great Barrington, MA.
E. Mary Elizabeth Pynchon was born 5 Jan 1828 in Great Barrington, MA.  She married Cyrus S. Plank (1828/29, New York - 1886/87) on 13 Apr 1853 in Great Barrington, MA.  They moved to Augusta, Richmond, GA before 1860, where Cyrus fought for the Confederacy.
1. Bertha Plank was born in 1854 in Massachusetts.  In 1910-20, she was unmarried and living with her sister Helen.
2. Julia Plank was born in 1860/61 in Georgia.  In 1900, she was unmarried and living in Augusta, GA.
3. George Plank was born in 1862/63 in Georgia.  He was probably unmarried and died bef. 1900.
4. Helen Plank was born in 1866/67 in Georgia.  She married Joseph E. Hitt (29 Mar 1858 - c. 1916), son of Charles Bussey Hitt and Susan Ann Goodman, in 1900/01, prob. in Augusta, GA.
a. Will (William) Scott Hitt was born 12 Mar 1903, prob. in Augusta, GA.  He married Janie Ella Tommins (12 Oct 1905, prob. Augusta, GA - Feb 1984, Augusta, GA).  They had two children.  Will died 6 Nov 1998 in Augusta, GA.
b. Charles Hitt died young.
c. (Daughter) Hitt died in infancy.
II. William Rosseter was born 3 Aug 1794 in Claverack, NY and died 5 Aug 1796 in  Great Barrington, MA.
III. William Stephen Rosseter was born 14 Apr 1797 in Great Barrington, MA and died 24 Sep 1798 in Great Barrington, MA
IV. George Rossitter was born 5 Mar 1799, Great Barrington, MA.  He moved to Alabama and married Eliza Ann Blankenship (3 Jan 1813, Bath County, VA - 22 Jul 1863, Union Parish, LA), daughter of John Blankenship and Nancy Houchen, on 1 Mar 1832 in Wilcox County, AL.  He fought on the side of the Confederacy in the Civil War.  George died 5 Sep 1880 in Johnson County, TX
A. Adeline J. Rossitter was born 10 Dec 1832 in Wilcox Co., AL.  She married Sherwood A. Auld on 22 Aug 1848 in Union Parish, LA.  Adeline died 2 Oct 1856 in Union Parish, LA.
1. George Washington Auld was born 12 Jun 1849.
2. John Jefferson Auld was born 26 Mar 1851.
3. Mary Eliza Auld was born 10 Apr 1853 and died 1 Sep 1857.
4. William Wesley Auld was born 29 Jan 1856.
B. Washington Hall Rossitter was born 23 Nov 1834 in Wilcox Co, AL.  He married Josephine Guice on 18 Jun 1855 in Union Parish, LA.  They had no children.  Washington died 12 Aug 1863 in Union Parish, LA.
C. Harriet Delilah Rossitter was born 14 Nov 1836 in Wilcox Co., AL.  She married Robert Clinton Webb, Jr. (1834 - 29 Jan 1879), son of Robert Clinton Webb of New Orleans.  Harriet died in Ouchita Parish, LA.
1. Robert Clinton Webb III was born 5 Jun 1858 in Union Parish, LA.  He married Elizabeth Lee.  Their children were Robert, Edith, Jewel, Egbert, Addie, and Clifton.
2. James F. Webb was born 30 Aug 1867 and died 16 Jul 1888 in Alvarada, TX.
3. Rufus P. Webb was born 17 Sep 1865.  He married Effie Raburn.  They lived in Monroe, LA.  Their children were Camille, Raburn, Ouida, Rufus, Ruth, Friou, Harriet Delilah, and Keitha.
4. Harriet Amanda Webb was born 10 Aug 1877.  She married Edward Everett in 1897.  Their children were Edward, Sarah Ethel, Rufus Webb, and John Prentiss.  Harriet died 23 Mar 1963 in Monroe, LA.
5. Jefferson B. Webb was born 26 Jul 1862 in Union Parish, LA.
6. William Webb.
D. Amanda Jane Rossitter was born 8 Mar 1841 in Wilcox Co., AL.  She married Henry Brittain Watters (27 Dec 1823, Perry Co, AL - 17 Apr 1910, Johnson Co., TX), son of Thomas Collins Watters and Matilda Brittain, on 7 Apr 1859 in Union Parish, LA.  Amanda died 29 Feb 1904 in Johnson Co., TX.
E. Frances Eliza Rossitter died young.
F. Lavena Augusta Rossitter died at 8 months.
G. George Marion Monroe Rossitter was born 1 Sep 1851 in Union Parish, LA.  He married Caroline Mahalia Risher (14 Sep 1855 - 29 Sep 1908, Hornbeck, LA), daughter of W.W. Risher and Carrie Webb, on 11 Mar 1871 in West Monroe, LA.  George died 30 Dec 1923 in DeRidder, LA.
H. Jefferson Blankenship Rossitter.
V. Mark Rosseter was born 23 Jul 1801 in Great Barrington, MA.  He married (1) Eliza Cronkhite (c. 1805 - 31 Aug 1826, Great Barrington, MA) on 26 Nov 1825 in Hudson, NY.  He married (2) Caroline Hamlin (c. 1799 - 19 Sep 1880, Great Barrington, MA) on 14 Jan 1828 in Salisbury, CT.  Mark died 17 Aug 1869 in Great Barrington, MA
A. Samuel B. Rosseter was born in 1826 and died 17 Sep 1840.
B. Nelson Rosseter was born in Oct 1828 and died 11 May 1829.
C. Myron Rosseter was born in Oct 1829 and died 21 Sep 1834.
D. Newton H. Rosseter was born in 1830 and died in 1853.
E. Julia Rosseter was born in Feb 1832 and died 4 Mar 1835.
F. George H. Rosseter was born in 1834.  He fought in the Civil War.  George died 21 Dec 1866.
G. Jennie M. Rosseter was born in 1837 and died 18 Aug 1867.
H. Edward Payson Rosseter was born in Jul 1848 and died 31 Aug 1848.
VI. Nancy Rosseter was born 23 Oct 1803 in Great Barrington, MA.  She married Egbert Crossman (8 Jul 1806, Salisbury, CT - 22 May 1868, Allenton, Wilcox, AL), son of Rev. Joseph Warren Crossman and Lucy Strong, on 29 Jan 1827.  They moved to Alabama along with Nancy's brother, George, but Nancy returned to Great Barrington on her own with her daughters by 1850.  She lated moved west with her daughter Julia and was still alive in 1885.  She died at Julia's home in Sioux City, IA.
A. Julia Crossman was born in 1831/32 in Allenton, AL. She married Charles Mousseau (b.c. 1827) in 1852 in Great Barrington, MA.  They moved to Dixon, Lee, IL in the 1870's and then to Sioux City, Woodbury, IA between 1880 and 1885.  Julia was still living in Sioux City in 1900.
1. Egbert Mousseau was born in Jul 1858 in Iowa.. He married Mary S. (b. Feb 1863, Iowa) in 1884.  They lived in Sioux City, IA.
a.Lillian M. Mousseau was born in Jul 1885 in Woodbury Co, IA.  
B. Cornelia E. Crossman was born in 1833/34 in Allenton, AL or New York.  She  married Ferdinand William Gabriel (1835, Hesse Cassel, Germany - 1908, Solano Co., CA).  They moved to Santa Clara, CA bef. 1870 and to Benicia, Solano, CA bef. 1880.  Cornelia died in 1883 in Solano Co., CA.  (F. William Gabriel remarried and had at least one son.)
VII. Harriet Eliza Rosseter was born 30 Dec 1805 in Great Barrington, MA.  She married George Pychon (previously married to her sister Dorothea) on 6 May 1832 in Great Barrington, MA.  Harriet died 30 Nov 1895 in Great Barrington, MA.
A. Edward Pynchon was born 14 Feb 1833 in Great Barrington, MA.  He married Jane Mansir or Manser (c. 1831- 22 Mar 1879, Egremont, MA) on 8 Sep 1857.  Edward died 16 Apr 1866 in Great Barrington, MA.
1. Emma S. Pynchon was born 29 Sep 1859 in Great Barrington, MA and died in infancy.
2. Carrie Florence Pynchon was born 28 Jun 1861 in Great Barrington, MA.  She married Henry Beecher Prout (3 Mar 1858, West Suffield, Hartford, CT - 1928, Westfield, Hampden, MA), son of Horace N. Prout and Frances D. Phelon, on 26 Feb 1889 in Great Barrington, MA.  They had no children.  Carrie died after 1936.
3. Francis (Frank) Pynchon was born 8 Mar 1864 in Brooklyn, NY.  He married Elizabeth Hill in 1884 in Lincoln, Lancaster, NE.  In the 1900 census for Lincoln, Stella W. Pynchon and "Isaac" Pynchon were living in Lincoln and listed as stepchildren of David M. and Mary E. Smith, who had married in 1897/98.  It is not clear what had become of Frank or whether Mary E. Smith was the same person as Elizabeth Pynchon.
a. Stella W. Pynchon was born 27 Jul 1885 in Nebraska.  She married Ernest Henry Holms (b. 29 Aug 1883, Nebraska), son of Ernest and Agusta Holms, in 1903/04
i.Frank Pynchon Holms was born 28 Sep 1906 in Nebraska.  He married Louise Reese (7 Jan 1908 -12 Jan 2002, Tijeras, Bernalillo, NM) on 27 Jun 1939 in Reno, NV.  They lived in San Francisco, CA and had two children.  Frank died in May 1961 in California.
ii.Bonnie L. Holms was born 23 Aug 1911 in Nebraska.  She married Mr. Selden.  Bonnie died 25 Apr4 1970 in Burbank, Los Angeles, CA.
b. Edward Ingersoll Pynchon was born 16 Mar 1888 in Nebraska.  He moved to California between 1910 and 1920.  He married Vera Emily Nicholson (9 Nov 1897, Australia - 12 Jan 1985, San Francisco, CA) in 1928/29.  Edward died 27 Sep 1972 in San Francisco, CA.
i.Edgar Wade Moore was born 14 May 1921 in Oakland, Alameda, CA and was the son of Vera by her first husband, Edgar W. Moore.  He was apparently adopted by Edward Pynchon, since he later appears in public records as Edgar W. Pynchon.  Edgar died 16 Jun 1989 in Marysville, Yuba, CA.
ii.William Edward Pynchon was born in 1930 in Butte Co., CA.  He married Louise M.  Lawler.
4. Edward R. Pynchon was born 31 Mar 1866 in Brooklyn, NY.  He fought in the Spanish-American War.  Edward died 18 Mar 1900 in Denver, CO.
B. Francis William Pynchon was born 2 Apr 1836 in Great Barrington, MA and died 10 May 1863 in New York City.
VIII. David Samuel Rosseter was born 3 May 1808 and died 16 Nov 1833.
IX. Jane Rosseter was born 20 Nov 1817 in Great Barrington, MA.  She married Henry Warner of Waterloo, Seneca, NY (prob. b. 1810/11, Connecticut) on 9 Feb 1837 in Great Barrington, MA.  Jane died  11 Feb 1865 in Waterloo, NY.
A. Isabella L. Warner was born in 1839/40 in New York.  She  married Frederick Carman (b. 1841/42, Ireland).  They lived in Albany, NY.  Isabella died in Dec 1891 and there is no sign of Frederick or Henry after that.
1. Henry L. Carman was born in 1877/78 in New York.
B. Lily Warner was prob. born in 1847/48 in New York.  She married Douglas Bacon Saxton (b. 1839/40, MA).  In 1880, they were living in Hartford, CT.  They had no children.
C. Henry (R.?) Warner was prob. born in 1856.  In 1880, he appears to have been living in a boarding house in Hartford, CT with his sister and brother-in-law.  He prob. married Emma E. Metcalf (1861, East Hartford, CT - 1932, East Hartford, CT.)  Henry prob. died in 1920 in East Hartford, CT.
X. Charles Rosseter was born 9 Mar 1820 in Great Barrington, MA.  He moved to New Orleans in 1852 and fought for the Confederacy.  He never married.  Charles died 27 Sep 1891 in New Orleans, LA.
XI. Julia Whiton Rosseter was born 23 Jun 1828 in Great Barrington, MA and died 9 Dec 1829 in Great Barrington, MA.
XII. Edward Whiton Rosseter was born 29 Dec 1830 in Great Barrington, MA and died 19 May 1832 in Great Barrington, MA
Note on Mrs. Abbey Riley:
The identity of Abbey's first husband is unknown.  She had one child by that marriage, Henry Hiram Riley (1 Sep 1813, New York or Great Barrington, MA - 8 Feb 1888, Constantine, MI).  Henry became a noted author, editor, lawyer, and judge.  He married Harriet Whiting Hopkins (b. 1821, Hartford, CT), daughter of David Payne Hopkins and Mary Whiting, on 16 Sep 1847 in Hartford, CT.  They had a son, Henry Hopkins Riley (b. 1 Jan 1849, Constantine, MI), and a daughter, Harriet Riley.

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