Our family information is set up as a series of linked ahnentafels, starting with my sons as #1.  The introductory page is Grandparents and More, which includes our immediate forebears: Panshins of Voronezh, Russia; Padgetts of Oxford, New York; and Seidmans, Cohens, and Brodskys of New York City.

A dozen more pages cover the many other families, (most of them from New England) who intermarried with the Padgetts of New York.  All these pages can be accessed either from the list below or by starting with the Grandparents page and following the links from there.

There are additional pages on the descendents of John Scott of Blandford, MA, John Padget of Oxford, NY, Walter Pynchon of Springfield and Great Barrington, MA, and Samuel Rosseter of Great Barrington, MA.  And there is a page on The Japhets of Upstate New York, an interesting collateral line which intermarried multiple times with the Padgets.

Families of Eastern Massachusetts

Adams Ancestors of Braintree, MA; Canterbury, CT; and New Marlboro, MA. Includes Davenport family of Dorchester, MA. Cousins of presidents.

Chipman Ancestors of Barnstable and Beverly, MA. Includes Hale family of Charleston and Beverly, MA; Clarke and Somerby families of Newbury, MA; Cobb and Hinckley families of Barnstable, MA; and Howland family of Plymouth, MA.  Harvard preachers and witch-hunters, as well as a link via the Mayflower to Ralph Waldo Emerson and Humphrey Bogart.

Dodge Ancestors of Beverly, Salem, and Wenham, MA. Includes Proctor family of Beverly, MA; Towne family of Salem, MA; and Fiske and White families of Wenham, MA.  A bunch of Salem witches -- who eventually intermarried with the witch-hunters.

Hyde Ancestors of Newton, MA and Pomfret and Canterbury, CT. Includes French, Kidder, Starr, Stone, and Williams families of Boston, MA and vicinity; Hunt family of Rehoboth, MA; and Whipple family of Ipswich, MA.  Ancestors of Susan B. Anthony and Calvin Coolidge -- plus the original owner of Bunker's Hill.

Warren Ancestors of Boston and Roxbury, MA. Includes Williams and Parke families of Roxbury, MA.  Cousins of General Joseph Warren, who died in the Battle of Bunker's Hill.

Families of Rhode Island
(These lines have several ancestors in common and include multiple interconnections.)

Ballou Ancestors of Providence, RI; Richmond, NH; and Owego, NY. Includes Harris family of Providence, RI and Tew family of Newport, RI.  Quakers, Universalists, and people of high moral character -- plus one possible pirate.

Slater (Slafter, Slaughter) Ancestors of Woburn, MA; Killingly, CT; and Foster, RI.  Includes King family of Providence, RI; Peabody family of Newport, RI; Covell, Moon, and Lamb families of Massachusetts; and Libby family of Scarborough, ME.

Sprague Ancestors of Hingham, MA and Scituate, RI.  Includes Dexter and Whipple families of Providence, RI; Thurston family of Newport, RI; Tilden family of Marshfield, MA; and Tripp family of Portsmouth, RI.  Ancestors in common with H.P. Lovecraft, as well as another Mayflower link, this one to Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill.

Families of Western Massachusetts and Connecticut

Hall Ancestors of Middletown, CT. Includes Barnes, Harris, March, Plumb, Tappin, and Ward families of Middletown, CT and Cole family of Hartford, CT.

Ingersoll Ancestors of Westfield and Great Barrington, MA and Owego, NY. Includes Soveril family of Simsbury, CT; Van Slyke family of Kinderhook, NY; Ashley family of Springfield, MA; Lee family of Westfield, MA; and Taylor and Granger families of Suffield, CT.

Preston Ancestors of Great Barrington, MA.  Includes Dewey family of Westfield, MA; Williams family of Windsor, CT; and Roote family of Farmington, CT. Ancestors of Louisa May Alcott , the Wright brothers, and Melvil Dewey, inventor of the Dewey decimal system.

Pynchon Ancestors of Springfield and Great Barrington, MA. Includes Willis family of Connecticut; Hubbard and Rogers families of Ipswich, MA; Sexton and Fowler families of Windsor, CT and Westfield, MA; and Peirce family of Watertown and Weston, MA. New England aristocrats and intellectuals.

Rosseter Ancestors of Windsor, Guilford, Litchfield, and Harwinton, CT and Great Barrington, MA. Includes Sherman family of Fairfield, CT; Pierson family of Southampton, Long Island, NY; Laurence family of Watertown, MA; and Marrett family of Cambridge, MA.  Ancestors of  Harriet Beecher Stowe, Herbert Hoover, and rocket pioneer Robert Goddard.

Scott Ancestors of Blandford, MA.  Includes Lee, Carpenter, Greene, and Brown families of Rhode Island and  Mosher and Wardwell families of Ipswich, MA and Rhode Island.  Antinomians and other subversive thinkers.

Starr Ancestors of Boston, MA and Middletown, CT. Includes Weld family of Roxbury, MA; Nathaniel Baldwin family of Fairfield, CT; John Baldwin family of Milford, CT; and Bruen family of Milford, CT.  More aristocrats, with plenty of money, royal ancestors, and Puritan standards so strict that the rest of New England seemed lax and corrupt by comparison.

Tracy Ancestors of Wethersfield, Saybrook, Preston, and Norwich, CT. Includes Backus, Baker, Conway, Griswold, and Spencer famillies of Connecticut and Gould, Parrish, and Wattell families of Massachusetts.

Families of Pennsylvania

Graul Ancestors of Berks, Northumberland, and Sullivan Counties, PA.  Includes Schreffler and Christ families of Berks County.  Bricklayers and other solid citizens.

Descendent Listings

Descendents of John Scott of Blandford, MA (under construction) traces the various branches of this family as they moved to New York, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, and beyond.

The Padgetts of Oxford, NY provides information on John and Hannah Padget of South Cave, Yorkshire, who settled in Chenango County in the 1790's, and lists all known descendents born before about 1920.  Most of the Padgets, Padgetts, and Pagetts of upstate New York and northeastern Pennsylvania belong to this family.  The listings include many other families of the Chenango County area who intermarried with the Padgetts, particularly the Shapleys and Walkers.

Descendents of Walter Pynchon of Springfield and Great Barrington, MA includes grandchildren and great-grandchildren in Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio, and Oregon.

Descendents of Samuel Rosseter of Great Barrington, MA includes many Rosseters, as well as Pynchons and Adams's.

The Padget History of America

This is a narrative I put together for a reunion of the grandchildren of Horace Greeley Padget and Lucy Adams.  It recounts early American history as experienced by members of the families listed above, from the landing at Plymouth Rock to the conclusion of the American Revolution.  Although it highlights the role of the direct ancestors of Horace and Lucy Padget, anyone with colonial New England ancestry is likely to find something of interest in the material.


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