Alexei Panshin's The Abyss of Wonder


Beyond the Mountain

I was sailing with my lover
On a ship that sailed the ocean
But my mind wandered
And our ship foundered
And I was lost in troubled waters

I was fishing in a desert
With a bare hook and a promise
But in that sea of sand
There was no place to land
There was no end to my starvation

The light of glory has no mercy
On a prisoner in the dark
In the garden
The sun shines golden
But the door is locked and the key is lost

Love is the answer
Rainbows in the air
Love must be the answer
But the rain falls in torrents everywhere

I must bake my bread for our provision
On that new day beyond the mountain
When dawn has broken
And I've awoken
To my true love in the morning

   -- By Josh Wachtel, Alexei Panshin, and Ben Wachtel



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