Descendants of William Scott
of Chautauqua, NY

William Scott was born 22 Oct 1764 in Chester, Hampden, MA.  He was the son of David and Mary Scott.  William married Lovisa (or Lovica) Miller (b. 5 Nov 1770, Springfield, Hampden, MA), daughter of Jonathan Miller and Mary Bolton, on 22 Oct 1787 in Chester, MA. 
I. Loring Scott was born in 1789 in Hampshire Co., MA.  He married Anna (b. 1790's.)  They were apparently childless.  Loring died 7 May 1850 in Chautauqua Co., NY
II. (Daughter) Scott was born in 1791 and died 4 Nov 1795.
III. Ashbel Scott was born 13 Aug 1795 in Hampshire Co., MA.  He married Fanny Grandy (or Grandee) (13 Oct 1803, poss. Washington Co., NY - 14 Apr 1866, Arkwright, Chautauqua, NY) on 12 Dec 1822 in Walworth, Wayne, NY.  Ashbel died 28 Jul 1871 in Arkwright, NY.  He and Fanny are buried in Burnham Hollow Cemetery in Arkwright, NY.
A. Henry Scott was born in 1823/24 in Villenova, Chautauqua, NY and died 3 Jun 1885 in Dewittville, Chautauqua, NY.
B. Lydia Scott was born c. 1825 in Villenova, NY.  She married Daniel P.H. Rundall (30 Jun 1822, New York - 29 May 1903 or 1908, prob. Arkwright, Chautauqua, NY), son of David Rundall and Sally Ruttenbur.  Lydia died 26 Jul 1854 in Charlotte, Chautauqua, NY.
1. Margaret Rundell was born in 1845 and prob. died bef. 1860.
2. Mary Etta (Mariette, Maryette) Rundell was born 22 Oct 1846 in New York.  She married (1) Stephen Jacobs (b. 1848/49, Germany).  She married (2) Eli H. Crawford (b. Oct 1838, New York), son of Robert Crawford and Polly Depue.  Mariette died 15 Sep 1929 in South Dayton, Cattaraugus, NY.
a.Francis H. Jacobs was born in Mar 1873 in Pennsylvania.  She married Hiram A. Harmon (Aug 1855, Leon, Cattaraugus, NY - 22 Apr 1928, Fairplain, Erie, PA), son of David Harmon and Lovica Eners, in 1887/88.
ii.Preston O. Harmon was born 24 May 1892 in Charlotte, NY.  He married Laura L. Tompsett or Thompsett.(b. 1894, Gerry, Chautauqua, NY), daughter of Charles T. Tompsett and Audry Mathews, on 9 Oct 1926 in Gowanda, Cattaraugus, NY.  Preston died in Oct 1971 in Jamestown, Chautauqua, NY.
1. Margaret L. Harmon was born in 1927 in New York.  She married Bradley G. Ryan (27 Jul 1922 - 1 Mar 2009, Jamestown, NY) , son of Lester Ryan and Irene Winslow, on 22 Nov 1945.  They had six children.
2. Charles H. Harmon was born 10 Jun 1929 in New York.  He married Margaret M. Wilder (b. 11 Jan 1930), daughter of Sterling Maxwell Wilder and Nellie Elizabeth Hoyt, on 25 Dec 1948.  They had four children.  Charles died 23 Sep 2003 in Sinclairville, Chautauqua, NY.
iii. Austin Delbert Harmon was born 15 Jul 1894 in Charlotte, NY.  He married Mabel Florence Nash (8 Oct 1904, Cherry Creek, NY - Jun 1983, Jamestown, NY), daughter of Charles Nash and Maude Spaulding, on 12 Oct 1920 in Cherry Creek, NY.  They had two children.  They had separated by 1940 and Mabel later married Ross Burch.  Austin died in Jun 1968 in Frewsburg, Chautauqua, NY.
bMaud (or Maude) May Jacobs was born in Jun 1876 in Pennsylvania.  She married Merton Joseph Rockwell (b. 5 May 1863, Leon, NY), son of Enoch E. Rockwell and Sarah K. Odell, in 1894/95.
i.Genevieve (or Geneva) B. Rockwell was born in Aug 1894 in Leon, NY.  She married Earl L. Fischer (1892, Williamsport, PA - 1962), son of Charles Fischer and Julia Rider, on 22 Jun 1914 in South Dayton, NY.  They lived in Williamsport, Lycoming, PA.  Genevieve died in an auto accident on 4 Jul 1941 in Mansfield, Tioga, PA.
1. Catherine S. Fischer was born 18 Sep 1915 in Pennsylvania.
ii.Lucius Merton Rockwell was born 27 Nov 1897 in Cherry Creek, Chautauqua, NY.  He married his second cousin Pauline Odeta Gates (23 Aug 1902, South Dayton, Cattaraugus, NY - 16 Dec 1963), daughter of Frank M. Gates and Eunice E. Gurney, on 1 May 1920 in South Dayton, NY.  They were apparently childless.  Lucius died 23 Dec 1963.
iii.Frances M. Rockwell was born in 1901 in Cherry Creek, NY.  She married (1) Hastings Charles Milks (29 Oct 1897, Great Valley, NY - 9 Apr 1921), son of David W. Milks and Genette (Nettie) A. Beacham, on 29 Dec 1917 in Salamanca, Cattaraugus, NY.  She married (2) Joseph F. Muldoon (b. 1892, Scranton, PA), son of Arthur Muldoon and Anna O. Boyle, on 3 Dec 1921 in Salamanca, NY.
1. Herbert A. Milks was born in 1919 in New York.
2. Alberta Geneva Milks was born 2 Apr 1920 in New York.  She married Gerald L. Woodworth (27 Nov 1913, Pennsylvania - 16 Jun 1990, Contra Costa Co., CA).  They had at least one child.  Alberta died 19 Jan 1990 in Solano Co., CA.
c.Maryetta Jacobs was born c. Mar 1880 in Pennsylvania and prob. died bef. 1892.
d.Eunice Jacobs was born 10 Oct 1884 in New York.  She married George Tyler (b. 1882/83, New York).  Eunice died in Jun 1980 in Cattaraugus Co., NY.
i.Roy Marshall Tyler was born 28 Jan 1914 in New York.  He prob. married (1) Marian Ruth Carter on 30 Aug 1936 in South Dayton, NY.  He married (2) Jewel M. (Julie) (12 Nov 1919 - 26 May 2006, Brandon, Hillsborough, FL) bef. 1940.  They had at least one child.  Roy died 14 Sep 2004 in Brandon, FL.
3. Jesse C. Rundell was born in May 1847 in New York.  He married Mary Jane Thompson (Jun 1835, Pennsylvania - poss. 1928), widow of William Amidon, in 1869/70.  They lived in Clymer, Chautauqua, NY.  By 1900, they were living separately.  Jesse died in 1914, prob. in Arkwright, NY.
a. Francis (Frank) Newton Rundell was born 5 Mar 1869 in Clymer, NY.  He married (1) Florence A. Chandler (b. 1875/76, prob. Westfield, Chautauqua, NY - c. 1894/95), daughter of Steward Chandler and Adopha Boyce, on 3 May 1892.  He married (2) Flora Blanche Warner (29 Oct 1871, Villenova, Chautauqua, NY - 30 Apr 1949, Gowanda, Cattaraugus, NY), daughter of Kneelow Guernsey Warner and Alice Howard, in 1898.  Francis died 18 Jul 1953 in Silver Creek, Chautauqua, NY.
i. Elmer Ellsworth Rundell was born in Feb 1894 in New York.  His mother died when he was an infant and he was raised by his father's mother.  In 1920, he was teaching school in Vernon, Crawford, PA.  Elmer died 23 Jun 1927.
ii. Howard Milton Rundell was born 12 Jun 1902 in Hamlet, Chautauqua, NY.  He married Alice Reeveland (16 May 1907 - 28 Mar 1987, Boynton Beach, Palm Beach, FL), daughter of Darwin and Charlotte Reeveland, on 20 Dec 1931 in Malverne, Nassau, NY.  They had two children.  Howard died 23 Jan 1981 in Boynton Beach, FL.
iii. Frances Leolyn Rundell was born 21 Aug 1904 in Pennsylvania (or Hamlet, NY).  She married James VanBraak (25 Mar 1892, Clymer, NY - 11 or 13 Aug 1963, Portland, NY), son of Bernard VanBraak and Mary Amidon, on 13 Aug 1943.  Frances died 12 Dec 2001.
iv. Francis Newton (or Newton F.) Rundell, Jr. was born 20 Aug 1907 in New York.  He married Fern Lorraine Crowell (3 Apr 1918 - 18 Jan 1987, Elmira, Chemung, NY), daughter of Paul Crowell and Ruth Parsell.  They had three children.  Francis died 4 Oct 1988 in Elmira, NY.
v. Warner Leonard Rundell was born in 24 Sep 1911 in Hamlet, NY.  He married Marion Louise Hall (2 Apr 1919, Binghamton, Broome, NY - Jul 2004, Gowanda, Cattaraugus, NY), daughter of Richard John Hall and Verna Catherine Reynolds, on 21 Jun 1941 in Binghamton, Broome, NY.  They had six children.  The marriage ended in divorce.  Warner died 21 Sep 1986 in Gowanda, NY.
b. Elmore (or Elmer) E. Rundell was born in 1873 in New York.  He married Grace E. Curtis (b. Jul 1875, Pennsylvania) on 4 Jan 1899 in Falconer, Chautauqua, NY.  In 1920, Elmer was living with his mother and listed as single while Grace was living in Erie, Erie, PA with her sons Harold and Willie and listed as divorced. Elmer died 5 Jun 1958 in Ripley, Chautauqua, NY.
i. William Elmer Rundell was born 5 Feb 1900 in Clymer, Chautauqua, NY.  He married (1) Vera M. (b. 1902/03, Pennsylvania) bef. 1920.  He married (2) Helen Elizabeth Nelson (b. 1909, Pennsylvania), daughter of Charles A. Nelson and Bertha M. Hardinger, on 26 Jul 1926 in Jamestown, Chautauqua, NY.  He married (3) Dora E. Hancock (8 May 1909, Greenfield Twp., PA - 12 Jan 2011, North East, Erie, PA), daughter of Milton Hancock and Cora Dobson, bef. 1929.  They had one child.  William died c. 30 Oct 1978 in Erie Co., PA.
ii. Harold T. Rundell was born in 1902/03 in Pennsylvania and died c. 13 Mar 1970 in Erie Co., PA.
c. Milton Scott Rundell was born 19 Aug 1875 in New York.  He married Ellen C.Carlson (1891 - bef. 1930), prob. the daughter of Augusts and Sophia M. Carlson).  Milton died 23 or 24 Apr 1957 in Pomfret, Chautauqua, NY.
i.Scott M. Rundell was born 11 Oct 1917.  He married Barbara Mirth (12 Sep 1922, Sheridan, NY - 17 Feb 2014, Dunkirk, Chautauqua, NY), daughter of Andreas Mirth and Helen Wimmer.  They had one child.  Scott died 1 May 1988.
4. Jennie (Sarah Jane?) Rundell was born in Apr 1848 in New York.  She married Mr. Read or Reade (d. bef. 1900).   They were childless.  Jennie died in 1928, prob. in Arkwright, Chautauqua, NY.
5. Harriet Rundell was born in 1849 in New York.  She married Joseph Bentley (1843, Ellington, Chautauqua, NY - 1920, Ellington, NY), son of George Washington Bentley and Patience King, in 1869.  Harriet died in 1875.
a. Seth Cook Bentley was born 24 Jul 1869 in Cherry Creek, NY.  He married Elizabeth M. Wilcox (poss. 9 Mar 1882 - 19 May 1963, Los Angeles, CA) in 1899.  They had no children.  In 1900-10, they were living in West Virginia.  In 1930-40, they were living in California.  Seth died 11 Feb 1953 in San Bernardino, CA.
6.Frank Rundell was born 22 Mar 1853 and died 28 Sep 1853.
7. Helen J. Rundell was born in Jun 1854 in Chautauqua Co., NY.  She married (1) Myron W. Gates (15 Nov 1849, New York - 26 Jan 1881, Cherry Creek, Chautauqua, NY), son of William and Emily Gates.  She married (2) Elmer Earle Carnahan (b. Jan 1862, Lake Co., OH), son of Herman Delos Carnahan and Nancy Isabelle Peterson, in 1889/90.  Helen died in Mar 1925.
a. Cora Belle Gates was born in Nov 1869 in Michigan.  She married (1) Maxmilian (Max) M. Korb (22 Aug 1866, Villenova, Chautauqua, NY - 23 Dec 1929, Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH), son of John and Mary Korb, in 1886/87.  The marriage ended in divorce.  She married (2) Orvin John Dye (b. 1855, Hanover, Chautauqua, NY), son of Abel Dye and Malvina C. Rood, on 19 Sep 1912 in South Dayton, Cattaraugus, NY. 
i.Walter Lee Korb was born 14 Feb 1892 in Elko, Cattaraugus, NY.  He married Clara Bell Kendall (26 Sep 1894 - 24 Jan 1985, Los Angeles, CA), daughter of Elmer E. Kendall and Glennie May Fancher, on 5 Sep 1917 in Sheridan, Chautauqua, NY.  Walter died 2 Apr 1981 in San Diego, CA.
1. Leora M. Korb was born 27 Aug 1918.  She married Fred J. Barth.  They had at least one child.  Leora died 4 Jul 1998 in Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles, CA.
b. Leonora (Nora) May Gates was born in 1872 in New York.  She married Clarence W. Orcutt (27 May 1867, Pomfret, Chautauqua, NY - 21 Nov 1917, Bradford, McKean, PA), son of John and Alice Orcutt, on 27 Jun 1887 in Villenova, Chautauqua, NY.  Nora died in Sep 1916.
i.Lawrence Willard Orcutt was born 17 Apr 1888 in Chautauqua Co., NY.  He married (1) Helena (Lena, Helen) Gertrude Veeder (Aug 1883, Batavia, Genesee, NY - 26 Dec 1914, South Dayton, Cattaraugus, NY), daughter of Clarence F. and Margarite Veeder, on 14 Sep 1911 in Batavia, NY.  He married (2) Julia A. Smith (b. 1887, Baldwin, Sherburne, MN), daughter of William H. Smith and Clara E. Wade, on 24 May 1915 in Rochester, Monroe, NY.  They lived in Minneapolis and Chicago.  Lawrence died 31 Jan 1965 in Illinois.
1. Dorothy Elizabeth Orcutt was born 19 Dec 1913 in Batavia, NY.  She married Philip Mondell Perry (15 Dec 1913, Illinois or Indiana - 17 Aug 2007, Alpharetta, Fulton, GA) on 27 Jul 1935.  They had three children.  Dorothy died 26 Dec 1989 in Des Plaines, Cook, IL.
c. Charles Gates was born in 1874/75 in Michigan.  He married Sophia (b. 1887/88, New York).
d. Harriet (Hattie) A. Gates was born in Nov 1876 in New York.  She married (1)  Arthur P. Woods (17 Nov 1871 - 23 Oct 1932), son of Elijah and Jane Woods, on 17 Jul 1896, prob. in Cassadaga, NY.  She married (2) DeForrest L. Dobbins (1864/65, Pennsylvania - poss. 1955) on 21 Sep 1938.  
i.Carrie Elizabeth Woods was born 23 Oct 1908 in New York.  She married William Edward Stoyle (9 Oct 1886, New York -12 Dec 1966, Orange Co., CA), son of Robert Stoyle and Margaret Mounce.  They had at least one child.  Carrie died 12 Nov 1986 in Orange Co., CA.
e. Frank M. Gates was born in Oct 1878 in New York.  He married Eunice E. Gurney (1883/84 - Apr 1947), daughter of John Gurney and Mary Abbey.  Frank died in Feb 1956.
i.Pauline Odeta Gates was born 23 Aug 1902 in South Dayton, NY.  She married her second cousin Lucius Merton Rockwell (27 Nov 1897, Cherry Creek, Chautauqua, NY - 23 Dec 1963), son of Merton Joseph Rockwell and Maud May Jacobs, on 1 May 1920 in South Dayton, NY.  They were apparently childless.  Pauline died 16 Dec 1963. 
ii.Stanley E. Gates was born in 1913/14 in New York.  He married Jessie (b. 1916/17, New York).  They had at least one child.  Stanley died 26 Jul 1971.
C. Polly Scott was born 20 Feb 1826 in Villenova, NY.  In 1880, she was unmarried and living in Portland, Chautauqua, NY.  Polly died 13 May 1895 in Chautauqua Co., NY.
D. Susan Scott was born in 1827/28 in Villenova, NY.  She married (1) Mr. Bae or Beard bef. 1849.  She married (2) John M. Conn (1822/23, Pennsylvania - Oct 1862, Wise Co., TX).  In 1860, they were living in Prairie Point, Wise, TX.  She married (3) Stephen Pollard Beebe (1814, Clymer, Chautauqua, NY - c. 1866, Denton Co., TX), son of Amon Beebe, Jr. and Joann Northrup, in 1863 in Wise Co., TX.  She married (4) Silas K. Steward (3 May 1824, Wyoming Co., NY - 26 Nov 1905, Cherry Creek, Chautauqua, NY), son of Elkaneh Steward and Betsy Newton, in 1877 in Chautauqua Co., NY.  In 1880 and 1900, they were living in Cherry Creek, NY.
E. Adaline J. Scott was born 2 Apr 1832 in Villenova, NY.  She married Holton J. White (11 Dec 1825, Arkwright, NY - 8 Mar 1907, Arkwright, NY), son of Joel White and Sarah Vinton, on 14 Dec 1851.  Adaline died in 1916 in Arkwright, NY.
1.Susan A. White was born in 1852 in New York.
2. Orlin W. White was born 19 Dec 1855 in Arkwright, NY.  He married Lucy L. Palmer (Jul 1857, New York - 1936), daughter of Alvinza Palmer and Nancy Sellow, on 31 Aug 1875.  Orlin died in 1901, prob. in Arkwright, NY, and Lucy married Frank J. Healey in 1907/08.
a. Claude H. White was born 31 Oct 1878 in New York.  He married Emogene Russell (10 Jan 1869, Illinois - 3 Sep 1943, Tacoma, Pierce, WA), daughter of Alec Russell and Martha Center.  By 1910, they were living in Tacoma, WA..  Claude died 15 Jan 1960 in Tacoma, WA.
i.Orlin White was born 4 Aug 1906 in Washington and died in Jul 1969 in Pierce Co., WA.
ii.DeForest White was born in 1907 in Washington.
b. Roscoe Conkling White was born 22 Feb 1886 in Westport, Brown, SD.  He married Flora Edith Benjamin (13 Jul 1891, New York - 16 Mar 1980, Fredonia, Chautauqua, NY), daughter of Herman Benjamin and Cora Mabbett on 11 Jun 1913 in Fredonia, NY.  Roscoe died 17 Aug 1971, in Fredonia, NY. 
i. Ruth White was born 11 Mar 1914 in New York.  She attended the University of Michigan and then taught school.  She married Rev. W. George Thornton (25 May 1914 - 4 Dec 1994, Rochester, Monroe, NY).  They had two children.  Ruth recently celebrated her hundredth birthday.
ii. Lucy White was born c. Apr 1916 in New York.  She attended the University of Rochester and became a pediatrician in Rochester, NY.  She now lives in the same retirement community as Ruth.
iii. Jane D. White was born 13 Jul 1917 in New York.  She attended Ohio State University, Syracuse University and Wellesley and became dean of students at Lake Erie College in Painesville, Lake, OH.  She married James Finney Lincoln (14 May 1883, Painesville, OH - 23 Jun 1965), son of William Ellerby Lincoln and Frances Louise Marshall, on 24 Jun 1961 in Painesville, OH.  He was chairman of the board of Lincoln Electric in Painesville.  Jane died in Apr 1988 in Gates Mills, Cuyahoga, OH.
iv.Fern Louise White was born 9 Nov 1922 and died 14 Jun 1924 in Pomfret, NY.
v.Paul B. White was born 21 Apr 1924 in New York.  He married Barbara J. Cudebec (b. 1926, prob. Phelps, Ontario, NY), daughter of James Cudebec and Bertha Berger.  They had two children.  Paul died 29 Jun 1997 in Fredonia, NY.
c. Benjamin Harrison White was born 30 Sep 1888 in South Dakota.  He married Clara Agnes Goldberg (18 Jun 1886, New York - 17 Feb 1959, Portland, Chautauqua, NY), daughter of William Goldberg and Minnie Sievert.  Benjamin died 31 Mar 1962 in Portland, Chautauqua, NY.
i.Gertrude E. White was born 9 Dec 1906 in New York.  She married Richard M. Bowen (6 Jun 1909 - Apr 1976, Albuquerque, Bernalillo, NM), son of Earl McMullen Bowen and Ella Maple.  They had no children.  Getrude died in May 1996 in Albuquerque, NM.
ii. Lawrence E. White was born 22 May 1916 in New York.  He married Isabel W. Gestwicki (15 Nov 1916 - 9 May 2006, Beverly, Essex, MA), daughter of Thomas Gestwicki and Anna Wojcinski. They had two children.  Lawrence died in Jan 1975.
iii. Eleanor White was born 17 Jun 1919 in New York.  She married Robert N. Lehnen (27 Jul 1914, New York - 23 Feb 2002, Fredonia, Chautauqua, NY), son of Nicholas and Martha Lehnen.  They had one son.  Eleanor died 21 Dec 2004 in Fredonia, NY.
d. Fern D. White was born 22 May 1891 in South Dakota.  She married Albert L. Holling (15 Mar 1890, Springwater, Rock, MN - 23 Feb 1980), son of John and Minnie Holling, c. Feb 1915, prob. in South Dakota.  They lived for many years in Oakes, Dickey, ND.  Fern died in Jun 1985 in Hastings, Adams, NE. 
e. Edna Florence White was born 16 Apr 1895 in New York.  She married Raymond Andrew Tastor (24 Feb 1891, Fredonia, NY - 8 Aug 1962, Fredonia, NY), son of Andrew Tastor and Hattie Baldwin, on 17 May 1918 in Dunkirk, Chautauqua, NY.  They had one son.  Edna died 11 Jul 1939.
f. Elgin Bryan White was born 13 Sep 1897 in Arkwright, Chautauqua, NY.  He married Berdenia Ester Nudd (30 Dec 1897, Brockton, Chautauqua, NY - Dec 1973, North Miami Beach, FL), daughter of David Nudd and Grace Graves, on 17 May 1916 in Fredonia, NY.  Elgin died 1 Jul 1927 in Wampum, Lawrence, PA after the truck he was driving was hit by a train.  Berdenia married Aaran E. Donahay bef. 1930.
i.Marion White.was born in 1917/18 in New York.
g. Myrtle A. White was born in Aug 1899 in New York.  She married Roy Albert Town (26 Feb 1895, Arkwright, NY - Mar 1967, Fredonia, Chautauqua, NY), son of Edgar Martin Town and Alice May Persons, c. 1918 in Chautuaqua Co., NY.  Myrtle died 28 Sep 1956. 
i.  Edith Town was born 24 Nov 1919 in Chautauqua Co., NY.  She married John Williams Saden (18 May 1908, Fredonia, NY - Oct 1980, Fredonia, NY), son of John Charles Saden and Sarah Margaret Williams, on 26 Oct 1938 in Chautauqua Co., NY.  They had eleven children.  Edith died 15 Sep 1987 in Dunkirk, Chautauqua, NY.
ii.Howard M. Town was born 11 Sep 1921 in New York.  He was married with at least two children.  Howard died 16 Jun 1988 in Fredonia, NY.
iii.Florence Town was born in 1923 in New York.  She married Clyde S. Nickerson (11 Mar 1917, Leon, Cattaraugus, NY - 20 Oct 1966, Silver Creek, Chautauqua, NY), son of Edward L. Nickerson and Rosabell Palmer.  They were childless.  Florence died in 1994.
iv.Lois Town was born 19 Jul 1929 in  New York and died in Aug 1979.
3. Mary Elizabeth White was born 20 Jul 1865 in New York.  She married Cortez E. Willson (15 Dec 1861, New York - 30 Nov 1884).  Mary died 18 Jan 1885.
a.Mary L. Willson was born in 1884 in Dakota Territory and was prob. raised by her grandparents.  She married (1) Vernon F. Town (Dec 1884, New York - 1955), son of Frederick Hiram Town and  Jane A. Palmer, c. 1905.  They were separated by 1910 and divorced in 1915.  She married (2) Smith W. Ruttenbur (1864, Villenova, Chautauqua, NY - aft. 1946) on 8 Dec 1915 in Hamlet, Chautauqua, NY.  
i.Frederick Cortez (Clarence) Town was born 13 Apr 1906 in New York.  He married M. Eloise Johnson (27 Jan 1911, New York - 29 Jul 2001, Pomfret, NY), daughter of Dorr F. and Mary C. Johnson.  They had two sons.  Frederick died 10 Oct 1998 in Fredonia, Chautauqua, NY.
ii.Hazel C. Ruttenbur was born in 1918.
F. Fanny Miranda Scott was born 7 Nov 1833 in Arkwright, Chautauqua, NY.  She married Seymour Stearns (3 Mar 1835, Villenova, NY - 1 May 1899, Arkwright, NY), son of Benjamin Stearns and Electa Stillwell Halstead.  Fanny died 26 Oct 1913 in Arkwright, NY.
1. Ella O. Stearns was born 21 Aug 1859 in Villenova, Chautauqua, NY.  She married Joel Napoleon Bonaparte Maring, Jr. (27 Sep 1852, Steuben Co., NY - 26 May 1928, Arkwright, NY), son of Joel Maring, Sr. and Susannah Briggs, on 25 Jul 1876.  Ella died in 1930, prob. in Arkwright, NY.  She and Joel are buried in Burnham Hollow Cemetery in Arkwright, NY.
a. George Deforest Maring was born 30 May 1878 in Arkwright, NY.  He married Esther Olive Lewis (7 Feb 1899 - Oct 1971), daughter of Albert David Lewis and Mabel Chase, aft. 1920.  George died 25 Jun 1955 in Sherman, Chautauqua, NY.
i.Deforest R. Maring was born 16 Sep 1921. He married M. May (31 Jul 1923 - 2 Mar 2003, Sherman, Chautauqua, NY).  Deforest died 6 Jan 1993 in Sherman, NY.
ii.Allen Joel Maring was born 2 Sep 1923.  He married Alice May Nichols (14 Nov 1928 - Dec 1980, Sherman, NY) on 21 Sep 1947 in Sherman, NY.  They had four children.  Allen died 12 Sep 1997 in Sherman, NY.
iii.Ellsworth R. Maring was born 11 Aug 1925.  He married Betty Holcomb (16 Jun 1929 - 15 Dec 1998).  They had at least one child.  Ellsworth died 17 Mar 1998 in Sherman, NY.
iv. Evelyn R. Maring was born 11 Aug 1925.  She married Edward D. Nickerson.  They had fourteen children.  Evelyn died 14 Nov 2001.
v.Lee W. Maring was born 26 Jun 1928 and died 7 Apr 2005 in Santa Ana, Orange, CA.
vi.Sherman G. Maring was born 3 Jun 1935.  He married Nancy Bird.  They had four children.  Sherman died in Dec 1978 in Sherman, NY.
b. Lee Walter Maring was born 7 Apr 1881 in Arkwright, NY.  He married Henrietta (Etta) Kriner (b. 1885, Pennsylvania), daughter of ? and Catharine Kriner, in 1903/04.  In 1910, they were living in Winslow, Jefferson, PA with Etta's mother and stepfather.  In 1920, they were in Arkwright, NY.  Lee died 2 or 21 Apr 1927.
i. Charles H. Maring was born in 1912/13 in New York and adopted by Lee and Etta.
c. Evangeline (Vangie) N. Maring was born 4 Feb 1884 in Arkwright, NY.  She married (1) Manley Ora Steward (1878/79, prob. Arkwright, NY - poss. 4 Apr 1946), son of Mr. Steward and Sarah Jane Lewis, in 1902/03.  They were divorced aft. 1927.  She married (2) Edmund Victor Bernard (b. 10 Dec 1879, France) bef. 1935.  Evangeline died 18 Feb 1952.
2. William B. Stearns was born 7 Jan 1863 in Villenova, NY.  He married Alice Gertrude Parks (Oct 1864, New York - 31 Oct 1934, Arkwright, NY), daughter of Warren and Catharine Parks, in 1884/85.  They lived in Brown Co., SD in the 1890's but returned to Arkwright, NY around the time William's father died.  William died in Dec 1927.  He and Alice are buried in Burnham Hollow Cemetery in Arkwright, NY.
a. Edna R. Stearns was born in Jan 1892 in Aberdeen, Brown, SD.  She married 91) Robert Raymond White (21 Jul 1889, Forestville, Chautauqua, NY - Jan 1975, South Dayton, Cattaraugus, NY) aft. 1910.  By 1920, they appear to have separated.  She married (2) Mr. Gulick.  Edna died in Dec 1942 in Buffalo, Erie, NY.  She is buried in Burnham Hollow Cemetery in Arkwright, NY.
i. Robert James White was born 18 Jan 1913 in South Dayton, Cattaraugus, NY.  He died in Feb 1982 in Santa Maria, Santa Barbara, CA.
b. Wallace Ferdinand Stearns was born 9 Sep 1894 in Westport, Brown, SD.  He married Millecent (Millie) Elizabeth Sarah Goode (17 Jun 1898, Leicester, England - 19 Oct 1974, Tonawanda, Erie, NY), daughter of Alfred Goode and Elizabeth Bailey, on 1 Aug 1927.  Wallace died in Oct 1950 in Buffalo, Erie, NY.
c. Frances (Fannie) Miranda Stearns was born 1 Jan 1897 in Aberdeen, Brown, SD.  She married Bernard (Bert) Chaffin (1 May 1893, Aberdeen, SD - 24 Dec 1962, Fredonia, Chautauqua, NY).  Frances died 11 Sep 1961 in Fredonia, NY.
i.Lyle Earl Chaffin was born 17 May 1916 in Cherry Creek, Chautauqua, NY.  He married Lila Lorena Peterson (7 May 1928 - 8 Aug 1999).  They had four children.  Lyle died 31 Dec 1999 in Portland, Chautauqua, NY.
ii.Jean Thompson Chaffin.
d. Pearl L. Stearns was born in Jan 1898 in Aberdeen, Brown, SD.  She married (1) Robert P. Knowles (1893, Pennsylvania - Mar 1924, Dunkirk, Chautauqua, NY).  She married (2) Hubert P. Fox (29 Mar 1903, New York - May 1968, Centerville, Crawford, PA), son of George L. and Mary E. Fox, bef. 1930.  Pearl died 21 Dec 1947 in Meadville, Crawford, PA.
i.Everett Knowles was born in 1918 in New York.
ii.Alice H. Fox was born in 1927/28 in Pennsylvania and was adopted by Pearl and Hubert.
iii.Neil E. Fox was born in 1930/31 In Pennsylvania and was adopted by Pearl and Hubert.  He married Patricia.  They had three children.
e. Robert Seymour Stearns was born 18 Jan 1901 in Arkwright, Chautauqua, NY.  He married Marion E. Stafford (18 Oct 1903, Jamestown, Chautauqua, NY - 25 Sep 1995, South Dayton, Cattaraugus, NY), daughter of William Stafford and Catherine Burgen, on 28 Jun 1922 in Hamlet, Chautauqua, NY.  Robert died 14 Dec 1967 in Dunkirk, Chautauqua, NY.
i.Wayne William Stearns was born w Apr 1923 in Villenova, Chautauqua, NY.  He married Theo Austin (23 Jun 1924 - 2 Aug 2008, Sardinia, Erie, NY) on 29 Aug 1942.  They had eight children   Wayne died 19 May 1993 in Springville, Erie, NY.
ii.Clarice Stearns was born 12 May 1924.  She married Donald Floyd Beaver (b. 1923) on 1 Aug 1945 in Cherry Creek, Chautauqua, NY.  They had ten children.
iii.June Audrey Stearns was born 30 Nov 1925 in Arkwright, NY.  She married Edward Charles Nelson (b. 1922) on 16 Nov 1948 in South Dayton, NY.  They had five children.
iv. Robert Seymour Stearns, Jr. was born 1 Sep 1927 in Jamestown, Chautauqua, NY.  He married Katherine Louise Wolfe (b. 1934) on 29 Nov 1952 in South Dayton, NY.  They had five children
v.Marion Ella Stearns was born 1 Sep 1927 in Jamestown, NY.  She married Austin Nobles (b. 1922) on 2 Jun 1947 in South Dayton, NY.  They had six children.
vi.Allen Edward Stearns was born 17 Feb 1930.  He married Mavis Genevieve Howard (b. 1937) on 21 Dec 1963 in Sheridan, Chautauqua, NY.  Allen died 11 Sep 2007 in South Dayton, NY.
vii.Warren Kenneth Stearns was born 15 Apr 1931 in Villenova, NY.  He married Roberta Ann Fritts (b. 1935) on 8 Dec 1951 in South Dayton, NY.  They had three children.  Warren died 9 Feb 2001.
f. William (Willie) B. Stearns was born 24 Feb 1903 in Arkwright, NY.  He married Cuba (1 Jan 1905, West Virginia - Jan 1984, Erie, Erie, NY).  Willie died 22 Mar 1971 in Silver Creek, Chautauqua, NY
i.Willie B. Stearns III was born in 1926/27 in West Virginia.
ii.Virginia Stearns was born in May 1928 in Forestville, Chautauqua, NY and died in 1930.
g. Dorothy Mae Stearns was born in 1907/08 in Arkwright, NY.  She married Joseph Polisoto (19 Jun 1908, Forestville, NY - 23 Nov 1986, Buffalo, Erie, NY), son of Charles Polisoto and Angeline Gullo.  Dorothy died in Feb 1968 in Lee Co., FL.
i.Doris Jean Polisoto was born in 1930/31 in New York.  She married Peter J. Paterniti.  They had three children.
3. Sherman Ashbel Stearns was born 13 Aug 1867 in New York.  He married Lilian Osborne (b. 14 Sep 1871, Calvin, Cass, MI), daughter of Arthur Osborne and Frances McMingle, in 1891 in Columbia, Brown, SD.  They were living in Oneota, Brown, SD in 1900, in Cleveland, Stutsman, ND around 1905-10, and by 1920 in Fargo, Cass, ND.  Sherman died 1 Aug 1921 in Cass Co., ND..
a. Frances M. Stearns was born 21 Jun 1894 in South Dakota and died 31 May 1916 in Cass Co., ND.
. b. Marion Adean Stearns was born 28 Sep 1897 in South Dakota.  She married George Roy Laugen (b. Feb 1898, North Dakota - 25 Jul 1936, Lincoln, Ransom, ND), son of George and Mary Christine Laugen, on 15 Nov 1917 in Cass Co., ND.  Marion died 13 Mar 1969 in Portland, Multnomah, OR.
i.Helen Jean Laugen was born 29 Aug 1921 in Fargo, ND.  She married Russell Harry Waldman (23 Jun 1920, Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA - 21 Jun 1977,Canada) on 23 Mar 1941.  They had four children.  Helen died 14 Aug 1994
ii.George Rodney Laugen was born 20 May 1929 in Lisbon, Ransom, ND.  He married (1) Edith Virginia Rand (b. 1 Apr 1927, Roseburg, Douglas, OR), daughter of Edwin Orville Rand and Adina Lobek, on 11 Mar 1950 in Vancouver, Clark, OR.  They had three children.  He married (2) Virginia Ann Arlandson Yates aft. 1977.  George died 20 Feb 2009 in Woodburn, Marion, OR.
c. Helen Stearns was born in 1903 in North Dakota.
4. George D. Stearns was born 7 Oct 1868 and died 26 Jun 1874, prob. in Arkwright, NY.
5. Edwin Rudolpheus Stearns was born in 1869 in Villenova, NY.  He moved to Brown Co., SD aft. 1892 and to Stutsman Co., ND by 1908.  He married Julia Chamberlain.  Edwin died bef. 1910.
a. Ella Stearns was born c. 1903 in South Dakota and is probably Edwin's daughter, since she was living with Sherman and Lillian in 1910 and is described in the census as their niece.
6. Ferdinand Delos Stearns was born 8 Mar 1874 in Sheridan, Chautauqua, NY.  He married Gladys V. White (21 Nov 1881, Westport, Brown, SD - 26 Sep 1973, Warren, Warren, PA), daughter of Frederick White and Hetta Cobb, on 24 Nov 1898 in Smith Mills, Chautauqua, NY.  They lived in Westport, Brown, SD, then in Cleveland, Stutsman, ND from about 1903 until at least 1917.  Ferdinand died 28 Nov 1949 in Frewsburg, Chautauqua, NY.  HJe and Gladys are buried in Burnham Hollow Cemetery in Arkwright, NY.
a. Eugene Seymour Stearns was born 13 Aug 1899 in Westport, Brown, SD.  He married Lottie Belle Fuller (29 Jun 1903, Ashville, Chautauqua, NY - 1 Dec 1981, Cherry Creek, Chautauqua, NY), daughter of Noah Clarence Fuller and Myrtie Ferguson, on 31 Mar 1923 in Ashville, NY.  Eugene died 28 Mar 1970 in Jamestown, Chautauqua, NY.
i.Gordon S. Stearns was born in 1924/25 in New York.
ii.Duane L. Stearns was born in 1929/30 in New York.
b. Julia Lauren Stearns was born 26 Sep 1901 in Westport, SD.  She married Walter Raymond Tranmer (12 Dec 1901, Lyons, Burt, NE - 13 Oct 1994, Stockton, Chautauqua, NY), son of Thomas Tranmer and Helena Kimball, on 20 Sep 1919 in Jamestown, Stutsman, ND..  They had four children.  The family returned to Chautauqua Co. c. 1936.  Julia died 16 Feb 1967 in Jamestown, NY.
i.Charlotte Edna Tranmer was born 22 Feb 1920 in Cleveland, ND.  She married Mr. Williams.  Charlotte died 22 Mar 1994 in Ashville, Chautauqua, NY.
ii.Wayne Allen Tranmer was born 22 Apr 1922 in Cleveland, ND.  He married Betty Lucille Fisk (b. 26 Oct 1923, East Kane, McKean, PA - 21 Jun 2003, Celoron, Chautauqua, NY), daughter of John Fisk and Gladys Marlette, on 25 Jan 1946 in Jamestown, NY.  
iii.Geraldine Gladys Tranmer was born 22 Jul 1931 in Jamestown, Stutsman, ND.  She married Benjamin C. Galbraith (10 Apr 1931 - 27 Aug 2004, Stockton, Chautauqua, NY), son of Austin Galbraigh and Olga Heilman, on 22 Sep 1950.  They had three children.  Geraldine died 20 Dec 2003 in Stockton, Chautauqua, NY.
iv.Doris Ray Ethel Tranmer was born 15 Jan 1933 in Cleveland, ND.
c. Lena Faye (or Faye L.) Stearns was born 24 Nov 1903 in Cleveland, Stutsman, ND.  She married Burton E. Williams (b. 1901/02, New York), son of Arthur A. Williams and Lois A. Weller, on 29 Oct 1921 in Jamestown, Chautauqua, NY.  Lena died 23 Sep 1985 in Jamestown, NY.
i.Eugene A. Williams was born 4 Jan 1923 in New York and died in Jul 1977 in Jamestown, NY.
d.Ferdinand Delos Stearns was born 18 Feb 1906 in Newport, SD and died 15 Aug 1907.
e. Sanford Arthur Stearns was born 28 Jun 1908 in Cleveland, ND.  He married (Sophia) Elizabeth Johnson (9 Feb 1909, New York - 1 May 2010, Greenhurst, Chautauqua, NY), daughter of William A. Johnson and Lillian Schutlz, on 23 Dec 1927 in Ellington, Chautauqua, NY.  Sanford died 30 Dec 1968 in Jamestown, NY.
i. Sanford Dale Stearns was born 14 May 1928 in Falconer, Chatauqua, NY.  He married Esther M. Salmivaara (11 Aug 1914 - 3 Sep 2008, Nortonville, Jefferson, OH), daughter of Jacob Kuvinen Salmivaara and Maria Kontiovaara Karjalainen, on 18 Sep 1970 in Clark Co., WA.  He may also have had children from a previous marriage.  Sanford died 19 Apr 1989 and is buried in Portland, OR..
ii.Marilyn E. Stearns was born in 1929/30 in New York.  She married Donald F. See (20 Feb 1929 - 9 May 1995, Bemus Point, Chautauqua, NY), son of Leo Say and Ebba Palm.  They had two children.
iii.Harmon S. Stearns was born in 1930/31 in New York.  He married Sharyn S.  They had two children.
f.Wilma Amelia Stearns was born 30 or 31 Jan 1910 in Cleveland, ND.  She married (1) Ellis Davison.(1901/02 - 1927), son of Sela Davison and Orpha Potter, on 10 Apr 1925 in Cherry Creek, Chautauqua, NY.  She married (2) John P. Hopkins (25 Jul 1908, New York - Mar 1986, Kennedy, Chautauqua, NY), son of Peter and Eva Hopkins.  She married (3) Henry Ornce (3 Jul 1908, Ellicottville, Chautauqua, NY - 12 Jul 1980, Jamestown, NY), son of Augustus Ornce and Anna Stroak.  Wilma died 26 Nov 2011 in Jamestown, NY.
i.Bernice O. Davison was born 4 Dec 1925 in New York.  She married (1) Mr. Chapman.  She married (2) Mr. Stone.  She had one daughter.  Bernice died 27Feb 2011 in Jamestown, NY.
ii.Ellis S. Davison was born 18 Nov 1927 in New York.  He married Violet C. Olson (25 Jul 1930, Falconer, Chautauqua, PA - 10 Oct 2013, Jamestown, PA), daughter of Axel Olson and Florence Becker, on 5 May 1947.  They had five children.  Ellis died 13 Jun 2014 in Jamestown, NY.
iii.James D. Hopkins was born 14 May 1931 in New York.  He married Jacklyn M.
g. Ralph Leroy Stearns wzas born 6 Mar 1912 in Cleveland, ND.  He married Evelyn R. (b. 1913, Pennsylvania, bef. 1930).  Ralph died 12 Mar 1960 in Falconer, Chautauqua, NY.
i.Robert L. Stearns was born 4 Feb 1930 in New York and died 28 Feb 1997.
ii.Juanita J. Stearns was born in 1931/32 in New York.
h. (Gladys) Arlene Stearns was born 12 Aug 1917 in Fargo, Cass, ND.  She married Myrton O. Barrus (30 Mar 1915 - 17 Aug 2001), son of Orrin Barrus and Inez Tingue, on 2 Sep 1933.  They had five children.  Gladys died 21 Nov 1997 in Jamestown, NY. 
G. Lucy Scott was born in 1833/34 in Villenova, Chautauqua, NY.
H. William A. Scott was born 8 Oct 1835 in Villenova, NY.  He married Viola A. White (20 Oct 1841, Chautauqua Co., NY - 21 Nov 1923, Chautauqua Co., NY), daughter of Joel White and Sarah Vinton, on 22 Dec 1859 or 1860 in Cherry Creek, Chautauqua, NY.  They had no children of their own but appear to have adopted several.  William died 10 Jul 1885 in Villenova, NY.
I. Edwin Squaire Scott was born 10 Dec 1837 in Ohio.  He married Sarah Matilda Hill (20 Aug 1844, Leon, Cattaraugus, NY - 4 Mar 1914, Clarks Corner, Chautauqua, NY), daughter of Jerome Hill and Mary Day, on 21 Mar 1864 in Sinclairville, Chautauqua, NY.  They lived in Poland, Chautauqua, NY.  Edwin died 25 Jan 1921 in Frewsburg, Chautauqua, NY.
1. Arthur Milton Scott was born 23 Apr 1866 in New York.  He married May E. Williams (1 Nov 1866, Poland, Chautauqua, NY - 27 Sep 1939), daughter of Albert Williams and Mary J. Shelters, in 1896/97.  Arthur died 27 Sep or Oct 1926 and is buried in Poland, Chautauqua, NY.
a. Howard W. Scott was born 11 Jan 1898 in New York and died 19 Sep 1945.
b. Winnifred A. Scott was born in Aug 1899 in New York.  She married Mr. Williams.
i.May O. Williams was born in 1931/32 in New York.
c. Mary Jane Scott was born 25 Feb 1901 in New York.  She married Ohmer Bush (29 Oct1899 - 3 May 1970, Frewsburg, Chautauqua, NY), son of Hiram Cleveland Bush and Violet May Symmonds, on 30 Jan 1924 in Jamestown, Chautauqua, NY.  Mary died 11 Jul 1969 in Frewsburg, NY.
i.Arnold H. Bush was born 20 May 1924 in New York and died 13 Jul 2001 in Frewsburg, NY.
ii.Anna N. Bush was born in 1925/26 in New York. She married Alvin N. Sisson (16 Aug 1924 - 22 Nov 2009), son of William and Lorraine Sisson.  They had three children.  Anna died 10 Aug 1968 in West Seneca, Erie, NY.
iii.Allen Bush was born 10 Apr 1927 and died at birth.
iv.Donald A. Bush was born in Apr 1928 in New York.  He married Avis P. (b. 1929/30).
v.Clede Everett Bush was born 30 Nov 1929 and died 25 Sep 1950.
d. Sarah R. Scott was born in 1903/04 in New York.  She married Claude Taylor (b. 1894/95, New York)..
i.June Taylor was born in 1925/26 in New York.
ii.Clyde E. Taylor was born in 1927/28 in New York.
e. Arthur Milton Scott, Jr. was born 1 Nov 1906 in New York and died 19 Jul 1959.
2. Charles Scott was born in 1868/69 in New York.
3. Addie E. Scott was born in Oct 1876 in New York.  She married Ray W. Waite (30 Oct 1876 - 18 Feb 1954), son of Walter Benoi Waite and Ida Remington.  They had no children.  Addie died in 1954.
J. Milton D. Scott was born 28 Aug 1840 in Villenova, NY.  He married (1) Jemima Christy (22 Nov 1841 - aft. 1865), daughter of Jacob Christy and Justina Mary, in Oct 1860.  He married (2) Amy A. Shattuck (10 Feb 1843, Cherry Creek, Chautauqua, NY - 7 Dec 1908, Cook Co., IL), daughter of Lawrence Eugene Shattuck and Amy Angeline Ames, aft. 1870.  He married (3) Ella Worrell (14 Jan 1853, Ohio or Iowa - 18 Oct 1924, Retsil, Kitsap, WA), daughter of James Worrell, on 1 Sep 1898 in Fort Scott, Bourbon, KS.  In 1910, Milton and Ella were living in Puyallup, Pierce, WA.  Milton died 2 Jul 1913 in Tacoma, Pierce, WA.
1. Fannie Scott was born in 1862/63.
2. Lydia Scott was born in 1876 in New York.
3. Eugene Scott was born 10 Aug 1877 in New York and died 10 Sep 1889.
IV. William H. Scott was born 4 Aug 1801.  He married Lucy Dibble (16 May 1805, Meredith, Delaware, NY - 22 Feb 1890, Fredonia, Chautauqua, NY), daughter of John Dibble and Eunice Strong.  William died 25 Sep 1865 in Arkwright, NY.
A. Warren Scott was born 9 Nov 1828 in Arkwright, NY.  He married Mariam Eldridge Wright (1832/33, New York - 22 Sep 1878), daughter of Orem W. Wright and Belinda Underwood, on 22 Mar 1854 in Fredonia, NY.  Warren died 11 Dec 1914.
1. Nellie H. Scott was born 20 Jul 1855 in Arkwright, NY.  She married Adelbert Markham (17 Aug 1852, Villenova, NY - 18 Sep 1942), son of Mark M. Markham and Sally McBride, on 15 Oct 1879 in Villenova, Chautauqua, NY.  Nellie died 30 Aug 1926 in Hamlet, Chautauqua, NY.
a. Warren Mark Markham was born 20 Jan 1881 in Villenova, NY.  He married Grace Loverne Maxson (2 Jan 1886, New York - 11 Mar 1963, Jamestown, Chautauqua, NY), daughter of James Maxson and Marietta (Nettie) Crowell, on 27 Jul 1904.  Warren died 23 Feb 1925 in Dunkirk, Chautauqua, NY.
i. Robert J.A. Markham was born 21 Mar 1911 in New York and died in Jul 1976 in Chautauqua Co., NY..
b. Verne Adelbert Markham was born 19 Dec 1882 in Villenova, NY.  In 1920, he was still living with his parents.  Verne died 5 Aug 1932 in Hamlet, NY.
c. Helen Edith Markham was born 14 Jul 1887 in Villenova, NY.  She married E. Taylor Judd (5 Mar 1886, New York - 10 Apr 1962, Rochester, Monroe, NY), son of William E. Judd and Emma Jane Denison, on 20 Jul 1910.  Helen died 23 Jun 1975 in Hanover, Butler, OH.
i. Marion Marguerite Judd was born 12 Aug 1916 in New Jersey.  She married Robert S. Boardman.  They had four children.  Marion died 7 Feb 2011 in Burlington, Chittenden, VT.
ii. Charles Judd was born 14 Jul 1918 in Freehold, Monmouth, NJ.  He married Virginia M. Strickland on 21 Jul 1945.  They had two children.  Charles died 20 May 2011 in Lecanto, Citrus, FL.
d. Frederick Raymond Markham was born 1 Oct 1890 in Villenova, NY.  He married (1) Zula L. McIntyre (1 Aug 1894, Hanover, Chautauqua, NY - Aug 1975, Rochester, Monroe, NY), daughter of Charles J.McIntyre amd Hattie L. Harth, on 10 Oct 1917 in Villenova, Chautauaua, NY.  They had no children.  He married (2) Rose D. (b. 1883/84, New York) bef. 1940.  Fred died 21 Jan 1946 in East Avon, Livingston, NY.
2. Lucy Scott was born in 1859 in Arkwright, NY and died in 1866.
3. William Herbert Scott was born 5 Oct 1860 in Arkwright, NY.  He married Cora Delphia Terry (15 Oct 1869, Villenova, NY), daughter of Charles Julius Terry and Cynthia Livermore, on 21 Mar 1883 in Hanover, Chautauqua, NY.  William died 11 Jan 1929.
a. Edna Terry Scott was born 18 Oct 1887 in Arkwright, NY and died 25 Oct 1956.
b.William Gerald Scott was born 10 Jan 1891 in Arkwright, NY.  He married Mildred Beatrice France (b. 1891, New York), daughter of George R. France and Mattie Outman, on 29 Aug 1916 in Canisteo, Steuben, NY.
i.Geraldine C. Scott was born in 1918 in Canada.
ii.Carol Scott was born in 1924/25 in Pennsylvania.
c. Ralph Henry Scott was born 29 Sep 1893 in Arkwright, NY.  He married Isabelle Matilda Frost (23 Nov 1895, Forestville, Chautauqua, NY - 5 Oct 1962), daughter of Lyman Frost and Minnie Stocker, in Forestville, NY.  Ralph died 16 Mar 1959.
i. Mildred L. Scott was born in 1914/15 in New York.
ii. Kenneth N. Scott was born c. Jul 1916 in New York.
iii.Warren Scott was born in 1920/21 in New York.
iv.Winfred Scott was born in 1925/26 in New York.
4. Marian (Mamie) Eldridge Scott was born 9 May 1866 in Arkwright, NY.  She married George Burton (Burt) Belden (Nov 1864, prob. Chautauqua Co., NY - bef. 1920), son of George and Almira Belden, on 17 May 1893 in Fredonia, NY.  Marian died 25 Nov 1947.
i. Louise F. Belden was born 2 Jul 1897 in Fredonia, Chautauqua, NY and died in Jun 1983 in Fredonia, NY.
ii. Burton C. Belden was born 21 May 1906 in New York.  He married Kathryn R. Kammerer (15 Mar 1912 - 25 Jul 2002, Princeton, Mercer, NJ), daughter of Robert Louis Kammerer, on 8 Oct 1932 in Woodhaven NY.  He was a prominent chemist who worked for Standard Oil of New Jersey.  Burton died 9 Jan 2001 in Princeton, NJ.
B. John Scott was born in 1831 and died 12 Sep 1834 in Arkwright, NY.
C. Sarah Ann Scott was born 23 Oct 1833.  She married Augustus Burnham (22 Aug 1833 - 11 Jul 1908, prob. Arkwright, NY), son of Asahel Burnham and Luania Eaton, on 4 Feb 1857.  Sarah died 25 Jun 1927, prob. in Arkwright, NY.
1. Chester Augustus Burnham was born 12 Jun 1858 in Charlotte, Chautauqua, NY.  He married Chloe (Clorinda) F. Lynn (14 Oct 1863, New York - 1950), daughter of Hiram and Clorinda Lynn, in 1883/84.  They lived in Erie Co., PA in 1900-10, then returned to Chautauqua Co, NY.  Chester died 10 Jan 1932.
a. Ella Mae Burnham was born 10 Sep 1885 in New York.  She married Daniel Ross Rowland (30 Jun 1885, Pennsylvania - 15 Nov 1962), son of John J. Rowland and Margaret Boyd.  Ella died 19 Jun 1915.
2. Emma Maritta Burnham was born 15 Jun 1860 in Charlotte, NY.  She was unmarried and in 1920 was living with her mother and her aunt Julia.  Emma died 12 Oct 1936 in Fredonia, Chautauqua, NY.
3. Lucy Luania Burnham was born 25 Jul 1867 in Charlotte, NY.  She married Charles Elmer Jackson (26 May 1869 - 5 Dec 1902, prob. Irvin/Irvineton, Warren, PA), son of Thomas Jackson and Mary Wilson, on 20 Apr 1892.  Lucy died 29 Apr 1966 in Westfield, Chautauqua, NY. 
a. Allen Burnham Jackson was born 23 Oct 1893 in Grand Valley, PA.  He married Anna Veronica Caspeele (2 Nov 1897, Paterson, NJ - 18 Nov 1957, Oradell, NJ), daughter of Francis Caspeele and Maria Ludovica Van Laere, on 30 Oct 1916 in Singac, NJ.  They had four children.  Allen died 29 Oct 1974 in Elmira, Chemung, NY.
b. Louis Willson Jackson was born 27 Nov 1895 and died bef. 1910.
c. Sarah Mary Jackson was born 18 Apr 1899 in Irvine, PA.  She married (1) Hubert Ray Johnson (1897 - 22 Feb 1938).  They had three children.  She married (2) Horbert L. Smith (d. 28 May 1961).  Sarah died 18 Jan 1968 in Westfield, NY.
d. Frederick Augustus Jackson was born 23 Nov 1901 in Pennsylvania.  In 1940, he was still single and living with his mother.  Frederick died 19 Nov 1982.
4. Walter Scott Burnham was born 12 Sep 1870 in New York.  He married Edith May Bush (5 Jul 1866, Pennsylvania - 5 Dec 1941, Sinclairville, Chautauqua, NY), daughter of William J. Bush and Harriet Lamper, on 23 Apr 1892 in Millville, Columbia, PA.  Walter died 9 Aug 1946 in Forestville, Chautauqua, NY.
a. Helen Alberta Burnham was born 29 Jan 1893 in Charlotte, Chautauqua, NY.  She married Leo Roger Wagner (1 May 1893 - Feb 1974, Sinclairville, NY) on 23 Oct 1920.  They had four children.  Helen died 13 Feb 1943.
b. Sarah Florence Burnham was born 5 Mar 1895.  She married Elmer John Pearson (14 Sep 1894, Minneapolis, MN - 15 Mar 1977, Alexandria, VA), son of Swan John Pearson and Ida Mathilda Kankanpaa, on 2 Sep 1921 in St. Louis, MO.  They had three children.  Sarah died 4 Oct 1973 in Walterboro, SC.
c. Harriet Burnham was born 2 Oct 1897 in Irvington, PA.  She married William Luther Bumpus (7 Sep 1896, Charlotte Center, NY - 5 Oct 1969, Lancaster, Dallas, TX), son of Frank L. Bumpus and Anna Cross, on 17 Feb 1922.  They had three children.  Harriet died in 15 Jul 1984 in Lancaster, Dallas, TX.
D. Julia Scott was born 27 Sep 1835.  She lived with her brother David and then with her widowed sister Sarah.  Julia died 24 Mar 1921, prob. in Arkwright, Chautauqua, NY.
E. Elizabeth Scott was born 21 Sep 1837 and died 3 Sep 1870, prob. in Arkwright, NY.
F. David Scott was born 21 Sep 1840.  He was unmarried and was living with his mother, Julia, and Elizabeth in 1870, with his mother and Julia in 1880, and with Julia in 1900 and 1910.  David died 6 Dec 1916, poss. in Fredonia, Chautauqua, NY.
V. Sarah (Sally) Scott was born 6 Apr 1807, prob. in New York.  She married Adin (or Adine) Willson (1 Nov 1804, New York - 15 Mar 1892, Arkwright, NY), son of Reuben and Anna Willson.  Sarah died 6 Mar 1837, prob. in Arkwright, NY.
A. Mortimer Willson was born in May 1830 in Chautauqua Co., NY.  He married Mary Lucinda Westfall (b. Sep 1836, Pennsylvania) in 1851/52.  In 1860, they were living in Palmyra, Jefferson, WI, in 1870 in Eagle, Waukesha, WI, in 1880 in Silver Lake, Palo Alto, IA., and in 1900 in Janesville, Rock, WI.
1. Adine James Wilson was born in 1854/55 in Palmyra, WI.  He married (1) Sarah Amelia Phoenix (3 Sep 1855, Wisconsin - 18 Aug 1890, Lima, Rock, WI), daughter of Harry E. Phoenix and Ruth Harriet Utter.  He married (2) Loretta E. Brown (b. Aug 1856, Lima, WI), daughter of Ezra Brown and Maria Traver, on 4 Apr 1891 in Walworth Co., WI.  Adine died in 1925.  He and Amelia are buried in Utters Corners Cemetery in Lima, Rock, WI.
a. Robert Wilson was born 2 Sep 1879 in Wisconsin.  He prob. married Ada M. (b. 1879/80, Wisconsin) in 1902/03 and was living in Beloit, Rock, WI in 1910.
i.Zelda Wilson was born in 1906/07 in Wisconsin.
b. Clayton Earl Wilson was born 21 Dec 1887 in Lima, WI.  He married Mary (b. 1875, WI).
c. Clarence Curtis Wilson was born 11 Nov 1897 in Janesville, Rock, WI and died 24 Apr 1965.
2. Alfred E. Wilson was born 30 Jun 1856 in Wisconsin.  He married Alice Ida. Jarvis (25 Dec 1857,Whitewater, Walworth, WI - 14 Oct 1935, Grand Rapids, Kent, WI), daughter of William Jarvis and Elizabeth Ranndell, in 1875/76.  They were living in DeKalb, DeKalb, WI in 1900 and in Aurora, Kane, IL in 1910.  Alfred died 29 Aug 1923 in Dallas, TX.
a. Nettie Lucinda Wilson was born in Dec 1882 in Wisconsin.  She married Edward Charles Frazier (26 Nov 1882, Fredonia, Caldwell, KY - 19 Sep 1946, Aurora, Kane, IL), son of Levi Frazier and Alice Coon, on 14 Mar 1901 in Rock Co., WI.  Nettic may have died c. 1910, because Edward remarried shortly thereafter.
i.Clyde W. Frazier was born in 1901/02 in Illinois.
3. Lena May Wilson was born 17 Sep 1858 in Palmyra, Jefferson, WI.  She married Samuel Albert Phoenix (4 May 1850, Wisconsin - 31 Jan 1929, Harlem, Winnebago, IL), son of Harry E. Phoenix and Ruth Harriet Utter, in 1878/79, prob. in Silver Lake, Palo Alto, IA.  Lena died 17 Oct 1917 in Rockford, Winnebago, IL.
a.Mabel Alberta Phoenix was born in 1880/81 in Wisconsin.  She married Charles Hakon Walther (1870, Denmark - 6 Jul 1925, Winnebago Co., IL).  Mabel died 8 May 1962 in Winnebago Co., IL
i.May Walther was born in 1898/99.
ii.Effie A. Walther was born 11 Dec 1901 in Winnebago Co., IL.  She married Wayne Webster Hodgdon (16 Jul 1900, Illinois - Aug 1974, Rockford, IL), son of Harry L. Hodgdon and Janette F. Jordan, on 25 Jun 1927 in Winnebago Co., IL. They appear to have been childless.
iii.Maud Walther was born 6 Nov 1903 in Winnebago Co., IL.  She married Donald Khlar Hayes (1902, Union City, PA - 19 May 1928, Chicago, Cook, IL), son of Otis N. and Julia A. Hayes.  
1. Zelda Jean Hayes was born 1 Nov 1922 in Chicago, Cook, IL and died 2 Jun 1923 in Chicago, IL.
iv.Raymond Albert Walther was born 26 Dec 1905 in Winnebago Co, IL.  He married Emily Amanda Clint (b. 6 Dec 1903, Larchland, Warren, IL), daughter of John and Anna Clint, on 8 Jun 1925 in Winnebago Co., IL.  Raymond died 6 Apr 1990, prob. in Ocala, Marion, FL.
1. Richard Allen Walther was born in 1933/34 in Illinois.  He married DeLoris (Dee) Ann Lato (b. 1934/35), daughter of John Marion Lato and Mary Helen Wawiernia.  They had four children.
b.Maud (Maudie) Phoenix was born in Mar 1882 in Iowa.  She marrived William Alvin Schupbach (6 Jun 1881 - 10 Apr 1970, Loves Park, Winnebago, IL) on 30 Jan 1904.
c.Claudine (Claudie) H. Phoenix was born in Sep 1884 in Wisconsin.  She married Matthias Pittman Ward (19 Nov 1883, Wisconsin - Jul 1970, Winnebago Co., IL).  Matthias had a son by a previous marriage but they had no children of their own.  Claudie died in 1952.
dArthur Frank Phoenix was born 9 May 1895 in Wisconsin.  He married Minnie K. Westfall (b. May 1899, prob. Rockford, Winnebago, IL), daughter of Charles and Lena Westfall, on 17 Oct 1923.  Arthur died in Feb 1964. 
i.Donald Theodore Phoenix was born 16 May 1924 in Winnebago Co., IL.  He married Marilyn Jean Wisocki (20 Sep 1928 - 20 Sep 2001, Poplar Grove, Boone, IL), daughter of James W. Wisocki and Evelyn S. Pearson, on 27 Aug 1949.  They had five children.  Donald died 4 Feb 1995 in Poplar Grove, IL.
ii.Doris Mae Phoenix was born 26 Jul 1925 in Winnebago Co., IL.  She married LaVerne C. Lenius (8 Jun 1922, Rockford, IL - 17 Apr 2013, Machesney Park, Winnebago, IL), son of Carl Lenius and Nettie Everett, on 8 Jun 1946 in Rockford, IL.  They had three children.
iii.William Alvin Phoenix was born 15 Feb 1927 in Winnebago Co., IL.  He married Barbara J. Miller on 30 May 1947.  William died 2 Dec 2006 in Machesney Park, IL.
iv.Betty Loraine Phoenix was born 2 Nov 1931 in Winnebago Co., IL.
v.Gerald Phoenix was born 22 Aug 1934 in Illinois.  He married Hazel Miller (5 Jan 1934 or 1935 - 31 Jul 1970, Winnebago Co., IL) on 14 Nov 1954.
vi.Arthur Phoenix was born in 1936/37 in Illinois.
4. Effie Adell Wilson was born in 1866 in Palmyra, Jefferson, WI.  She married Arthur John Sprout (1859, Juneau, Dodge, WI - 1943), son of Cummings Nathanial Sprout and Ann Jane Smith, on 13 Sep 1883 in Walworth Co., WI.
a.Flossie Sprout was born in 1884/85 in Whitewater, Walworth, WI.  She married Willard Herbert Allen (3 Oct 1879, Janesville, Rock, WI - bef. 1940, Rock Co., WI), son of Wesley Allen and Abby Gay, on 2 Sep 1901 in Rock Co., WI.  They appear to have had one child who died in infancy.
b.Alfred Adine Sprout was born 4 Mar 1888 in Nevada or Emmetsburg, Palo Alto, IA.
c.Montie G. Sprout was born 11 Mar 1890 in Whitewater, WI.  He married Hazel (17 Oct 1893, Wisconsin - Dec 1978, Florida).  Montie died in Mar 1965 in Lake Co., FL.
i.Noel Sprout was born 15 Feb 1913 in Wisconsin.  He married Doris H. Coerper (18 Mar 1916, Wisconsin - 17 Jan 1999, Meridian, Ada, ID), daughter of Ray Coerper, on 1 Jun 1940 in Milwaukee, WI.  They had two children.  Noel died 4 Dec 1989 in Indiana.
d.Hazel Sprout was born in 1893 in Wisconsin.  In 1920 she was living with Flossie and Willard.
eArthur Leonard Sprout was born 27 Jun 1896 in Janesville, Rock, WI.  He prob. married Lucy L. (1905, Missouri - 1986, Portland, Multnomah, OR) and died in Portland in 1960.
f.Valda Sprout was born in 1901 in Wisconsin.
g.Chester Sprout was born in 1908/09 in Wisconsin.
5. Franklin (Frank) Washington Wilson was born 24 Sep 1874 in Fort Atkinson, Jefferson, WI.  He married Eleanor (Nellie) A. Channing (b. Sep 1874, Wales) in 1895/96.  Frank died 8 Mar 1942 in Rockford, Winnebaco, IL.
a. Jasper Elliot Wilson was born 19 Sep 1898 in Rock Co., Wisconsin.  He married Gladys Earley (18 Aug 1901, Ohio - 14 Aug 1924, Rockford, IL), daughter of Simon Ernest Earley and Nannie Seavers.  Jasper died 17 Jul 1965 in Rockford, IL.
i. Mortimer Ernest Wilson was born 2 Mar 1919 in Illinois and died 4 Nov 1998 in Rockford, IL.
b. Archie Earl Wilson was born 21 Mar 1902 in Janesville, Rock, WI and died 28 Jul 1967 in Rockford, IL.
c. Albert Wilson was born prob. 16 Apr 1912 in Illinois and prob. died 27 Mar 1998 in Rockford, IL.
B. Creighton Bradley Willson was born in Apr 1834 in Chautauqua Co., NY.  He married Diantha R. Boston (1857/58, poss. Luzerne Co., PA - c. 1897), daughter of Christopher and Hannah A. Boston, on 18 Dec 1874 in Polk Co., WI.  He changed his last name to "Tucker."  In 1880 and 1900, he was living in Wood Lake, Burnett, WI.  Bradley died 15 Aug 1914 in Burnett Co., WI.
1. Christopher Albert Wilson was born 19 Apr 1875 in Coomer, Burnett, WI.  He married Anna Marie (23 Nov 1884, Wisconsin - 24 Feb 1973, Ray, Koochiching, MN) in 1902/03.  They were living in La Follette, Burnett, WI in 1910, in Frederic, Polk, WI in 1920, and in Koochiching Co., MN by 1930.  Christopher died 21 Apr 1966 in Ray, Koochiching, MN.
a. Harold W. Wilson was born in 1904/05 in Wisconsin.
b. Herbert M. Wilson was born 28 Mar 1906 in Wisconsin and died 13 Apr 1970 in Ray, MN.
c. Hazel M. Wilson was born in 1908/09 in Wisconsin.
d. Myrtle Wilson was born in 1910/11 in Wisconsin.
2. Frank Adine Tucker was born in Apr 1877 in Wisconsin.  He married Bessie Jane Dietrick (1885, Wisconsin - 1949, Burnett Co., WI) in 1902/03.  They were living in Virginia, St. Louis, MN in 1910 but were back in La Follette, Burnett, WI by 1920.  Frank died in 1958. in Burnett Co., WI.
a. Viola Tucker was born 20 Jun 1904 in Burnett Co., WI and died 23 Jun 1976 in Rhinelander, Oneida, WI.  She was still living with her parents in 1940 and apparently never married.
b. Francis Arnold Tucker was born 4 Nov 1905 in  Burnett Col, WI.  He married Carolina Eleanor (12 Jun 1916, Ontario, Canada - 25 Jan 1992, Webster, Burnett, WI).  Francis died in Jul 1987 in Webster, WI or Polk Co., WI.
c. James Tucker was born in 1907/08 in Wisconsin.
d. Laverne Tucker was born 2 Oct 1909 in Wisconsin.  He married Gladys Janshen (23 Jul 1913, Watertown, Codington, SD - 25 Dec 2003, Onalaska, La Crosse, WI), daughter of Peter Janshen and Bertha Schutte on 22 Sep 1931 in Shell Lake, Washburn, WI.  They had four children.  Laverne died 24 Jan 1989 in Onalaska, La Crosse, WI.
e. Clifford A. Tucker was born 5 Nov 1916 in Wisconsin.  He married Imogene B. (16 Apr 1923, Wisconsin - 21 Feb 2004, Siren, Burnett, WI).  Cliffied.died 3 Jan 1976 in Siren, WI or Shell Lake, Washburn, WI.
f. Lyle Frank Tucker was born 1 May 1919 in Wisconsin.  He married Loretta J. (1 Apr 1930 - 6 Jan 2007, Siren, WI).  Lyle died 30 Jun 1984 in Siren, WI.
3. Clara Lucy Tucker was born 13 Apr 1879 in Coomer, Burnett, WI.  She married Robert Henry Brown (10 Jun 1875, Taylor Falls, Burnett, WI - 1962, Shell Lake, Washburn, WI), son of Lowell William Brown and Alice Mathews, on 1 Jul 1900 in Washburn Co., WI.
a. George Wellman Brown was born 16 Mar 1901 in Rush, Washburn, WI.  He married Gertrude Hansina Moore (2 May 1904 - 6 Dec 1988, Spooner, Washburn, WI), daughter of Hans Albert Sorensen Morre and Laura Christina Jackson, on 7 Feb 1925 in Spooner, Washburn, WI.  George died 18 May 1978 in Spooner, Washburn, WI.
i.Russell Vincent Brown was born 27 Mar 1926 in Evergreen, Washburn, WI.  He married Marilyn June Hammar (b. 22 Jun 1928, Great Falls, Cascade, MT), daughter of Vernon Dreyfus Hammar and Mary Margaret Chabrian,. on 12 Aug 1946.  They had three children.  Russell died 4 Dec 2006 in Valparaiso, Porter, IN.
ii.Betty LaVaun Brown was born 16 Apr 1928 in Wisconsin.  She married Raymond Sislo (8 Jul 1926, Superior, Douglas, WI - 10 Apr 1980, Superior, WI), son of Andrew Sislo and Victoria Zegarowicz, on 6 Aug 1949.  They had seven children.
iii.Lucille Marilyn Brown was born in 1938 in Wisconsin.  She married Clyde L. Allen (b. 1937/38).  They had three children.
iv.Larry Dale Brown was born 20 Jul 1940 in Shell Lake, Washburn, WI and died 2 Nov 2007 in Duluth, Saint Louis, MN.  He had three children.
b. William Robert Brown was born 8 Feb 1903 in Washburn Co., WI.  He married Helen M. (9 Sep 1908, Colorado - 3 Jan 1992, Washburn Co., WI).  William died 3 Jul 1964 in Long Lake, Hennepin, MN.
i.Kenneth Clayton Brown was born 23 Aug 1926 in Wisconsin.  He married Belva (b. 1929).  They had two children.  Kenneth died 31 Dec 2008 in Spooner, Washburn, WI.
ii.Bernice M. Brown was born 10 Oct 1926 in Spooner, WI.  She married (1) Mr. Hills.  She married (2) Algot August Tangwall, Jr. (29 Feb 1924, Wisconsin - 4 Oct 1993, Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN), son of Algot August Tangwall and Leola I. Devoe, on 31 Oct 1946 in Pine Co., MN.  Bernice died 17 Dec 1960 in Washburn Co.,WI.
iii.Orville R. Brown was born in 1929/30 in Wisconsin.
iv.Delbert Brown was born in 1931/32 in Wisconsin.
v.Arlene Brown was born in 1932/33 in Wisconsin.
vi.Corrine Brown was born in 1933/34 in Wisconsin.
c. Floyd Stirling Brown was born 6 Jul 1906 in Minong, Washburn, WI.  He married Viola M. Peterson (31 Mar 1910 - 9 Dec 1995, Spooner, Washburn, WI) on 30 Jan 1929 in Milwaukee, WI.  They had two children.  Floyd died 5 Oct 1977 in Spooner, WI. 
d. Ethel M. Brown was born 12 Jul 1908 in Washburn Co., WI.  She married Everitt H. Coombs (6 Jul 1907, Fairview, Monona, IA - Feb 1976, Florida), son of Nelson Coombs and Caroline Annie Swan.  They lived in Sturtevant, Racine, WI.  They had at least two children.  Ethel died in Dec 1988 in Racine, Racine, WI.
e. Vernon Brown was born 29 Dec 1912 in Washburn Co., WI and died 13 Sep 1998 in Shell Lake, WI.
4. May Wilson or Tucker was born in May 1882 in Wisconsin.
5. Stirling (Stirl) Bradley Tucker was born 22 Aug 1883 in Wisconsin.  He married Nevada Elva or Elda Lewis (7 Dec 1892, Wisconsin - Jul 1973, Painted Post, Steuben, NY) on 24 Jun 1910 in Washburn Co., WI.  They moved to Campbell, Steuben, NY in 1925.  Stirl died in 1961 in Edwin, Steuben, NY.
a. Raymond Creighton Tucker was born in 13 Jan 1912 in Wisconsin.  He married Winifred Eileet Horton (12 Oct 1921, New York - 13 Jul 2001, Woodhull, Steuben, NY), daughter of Fred W. and Mabel Horton, on 31 Aug 1940 in South Bradford, Steuben, NY.  They had two sons.  Raymond died 30 Mar 1993 in Zephyrhills, Pasco, FL.
b. Roy Stirl Tucker was born 25 Dec 1912 in North or South Dakota.  He married (1) (Alice) Genevieve Miller (b. 1916/17, New York), daughter of Harry and Velma Miller, on 25 Jan 1936, prob. in Corning, Steuben, NY.  They had two children.  They were divorced in Sep 1946.  He married (2) Adelaide M. Hamilton (b. 13 Dec 1931, New York), daughter of Charles and Anna Hamilton, on 4 Feb 1948 in Hoboken, Hudson, NJ.  They had seven children.  Roy died 27 Feb 2009 in Painted Post, Steuben, NY.
c. Shirley Tucker was born c. Feb 1915 in Wisconsin.  She married (1) James Moulthrop (23 Mar 1914, New York - Jul 1976, Painted Post, NY) and is buried next to him.    They had one child.  She married (2) Clifford R. Williams (23 May 1917 - 13 Dec 1999, Painted Post, NY).  Shirley died  16 Apr 1998 in Painted Post, NY.
d. Sterling Bradley Tucker was born 7 Jun 1919 in Burnett Co., WI.  He married Elizabeth Mary Smith (1920 - 1971).  They had four children.  Sterling died 28 Oct 2009 in Lindley, Steuben, NY.
e.Lewis John Tucker was born 14 Mar 1923 in Wisconsin.  He married (1) Elsie Velma Blim, daughter of Frederick J. and Mary Blim, on 10 Apr 1946 in Beaver Dams, Steuben, NY.  They had five children.  He amrried (2) Alice Reynolds, daughter of William Reynolds, in Nov 1956.  Lewis died 26 Dec 1997 in Zephyrhills, Pasco, FL.
f.Charlotte Mae Tucker was born in 1925/26 in New York.  She married Robert Francis Merithew, Jr. (b. 28 Nov 1924, South Corning, Steuben, NY) on 17 May 1946..  They had at four children.
g.Charles Leonard Tucker was born 19 or 21 Mar 1928 in New York.  He married Elinor Ann Hurd, daughter of Earl Hurd,on 3 Jul 1948 in Caton, Steuben, NY.  They had two children.  Charles died 9 Apr 1996 in Corning, Steuben, NY.
h.George Curtis Tucker was born 23 Sep 1930 in New York.  He married Shirley J. (b. 1936/37).  They prob. had at least one child.  George died 27 Oct 2008.
6. Ettie Tucker was born in Apr 1886 in Wisconsin.
7. Charley Tucker was born in Apr 1887 in Wisconsin.
8. Lois Tucker was born in Sep 1889 in Wisconsin.
9. George Tucker was born in Jun 1891 in Wisconsin.



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