Descendants of David Scott of Crawford, PA

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David Scott was born 3 Aug 1742 in Westfield, Hampden, MA.  He was the son of John and Agnis Scott.  David fought in the French and Indian War in 1759 and was among the first settlers of Murrayfield, MA (later Chester) in 1763.  (At the time of the Revolution, he was living in Norwich, which had been created out of Murrayfield in 1773 and which was later renamed Huntington.)  He married (1) Mary by 1764.  He married (2) Susannah Bolton (7 Aug 1739 - 9 Apr 1812), prob. the daughter of John and Mary Bolton.  He was in Ontario Twp., Wayne, NY by 1810 and lived in Geauga County, OH from 1817 to 1825.  David died 18 Jan 1833 in Wayland/Mead Township, Crawford, PA.
Children by Mary:
I. William Scott was born 22 Oct 1764 in Chester, Hampden, MA.  He married Lovisa (or Lovica) Miller (5 Nov 1770, Springfield, Hampden, MA - prob. bef. 1820), daughter of Jonathan Miller and Mary Bolton, on 22 Oct 1787 in Chester, MA. 
II. James Scott was born 19 Jul 1767 in Chester, MA.  He married Damoris Mixer (b. 14 Mar 1770, Worthington, Hampden, MA), daughter of Gideon Mixer and Sarah Morse, on 7 Jun 1797 in Norwich, Hampshire, MA.  (No complete list of James's children is available.  However, Damaris Scott and Royal B. Scott, both of Geauga Co., OH may also have been his offspring.)
A. David Scott was born in Nov 1808 in New York.  He married (1) Persis W. Gilmore (1810, Chester, Hampden, MA - 17 Sep 1837), daughter of Ashbel Gilmore and Nancy Wright, on 22 Oct 1830 in Chester, Geauga, OH.  He married (2) her sister, Mary Ann Gilmore (Feb 1817, Ohio - 26 Jul 1892, Chester, OH), on 9 Aug 1842 in Chester, OH.  David died 7 Jul 1879 in Chester, OH.
1. Pomeroy D. Scott was born in May 1833 and died 27 Nov 1858 in Chester, OH.  He was unmarried.
2. Plympton B. Scott was born c. 1834 in New York and died 4 Oct 1869 in Chester, OH.  He was unmarried.
3. Nancy D. Scott was born 20 Apr 1837 in Ohio.  She married  George W. Cottrell (1836, Ohio - 1914, Charon, Geauga, OH), son of Millyn N. Cottrell and Mary R. Covert, on 14 May 1861 in Geauga Co., OH.  They probably were childless.  Nancy died 22 May 1897 in Charon, OH.
4. Ransom D. Scott was born 11 Nov 1844 in Ohio.  He married Lucy Jane Babcock (7 Oct 1846, Ohio - 1919, Chester, OH) on 10 Feb 1870.  Ransom died 26 Nov 1914 in Chester, OH.
a. Ethel M. Scott was born 1 Jan 1877 in Ohio.  She was unmarried.
5. Spencer S. Scott was born 3 Aug 1847 in Ohio and died 30 Jan 1924 in Chester, OH.  He was unmarried
6. Pemberton F. Scott was born in 1849/50 in Ohio and died in Nov 1916 in Chester, OH.
III. Mary Scott was born 6 May 1770 in Chester, MA.  She married Levi Dewey (28 Jan 1764, Westfield, Hampden, MA - 30 Apr 1827, Meadville, Crawford, PA), son of Aaron Dewey and Sarah Noble, in 1791 in Huntingdon, Hampshire, MA.  Mary died 24 Dec 1836 in Meadville, PA.
Children by Susannah Bolton:
IV. Anna Scott was born c. 1775/80 in Massachusetts.  She married David Tiffany (b.c. 1784/85, Massachusetts).  In 1810, they were living in Ontario Twp., Wayne, NY.  In 1820-40, they were living in Chester, OH.  Anna died bef. 1849.
V. John Scott was born in Mar 1779, possibly in Norwich, Hampshire, MA..  He married Betsey Weller (29 Sep 1783, Westfield, Hampden, MA - 14 Aug 1824, Chester, Geauga, OH), daughter of Moses Weller and Mary Linsey, on 26 Jan 1804.  In 1810, they were living in Ontario Twp., Wayne, NY.  John died 18 Nov 1858 in Chester, OH.
VI. David Scott married Rhoda Bill or Bills (b.c 1773), daughter of Thomas Bills, on 23 Jul 1804 in Montgomery, Hampden, MA.  As of 1850, David had died and Rhoda was remarried to Stephen Wilder and living in Chester, OH.  (There may have been additional children.)
A. Matilda Scott was born c. 1808 in New York.  In 1850, she was unmarried and living with her mother.
VII. Asa Scott was born in Dec 1782.  He married Sarah (Sally) Palmer (b. 13 Mar 1787, Granville, Washington, NY), daughter of Nathaniel and Sarah Palmer, in Wayne Co., NY.  In 1810, they were living in Ontario Twp., Wayne, NY.  Asa died 25 Jun 1837 in Newbury, Geauga, OH


Hd - Hampden County, MA
Hs - Hampshire County, MA

On - Ontario County, NY
Cq - Chautauqua County, NY

Cf - Crawford County, PA

Gg - Geauga County, OH


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