The Japhets of Upstate New York

Most of the Japhets in the United States are descended either from Stephen Japhet (b. 1774/75) and his wife Hannah Pittsley (b. 1780/81) -- with the main exceptions being the family of  a 19th century German immigrant who settled in Texas plus a few others in Illinois and New Jersey.  However, Stephen and Hannah's parentage and point of origin have always been a mystery.

Stephen and Hannah came from Massachusetts to upstate New York about 1821 and settled in the town of Lisle in Broome County, in a section that came to be known as Japhet Hollow.  Prior to their arrival, there is no evidence of  "Japhet" as a last name in the United States. Several lines of evidence suggest, however, that they were from Freetown, Bristol, MA.

Although there were no Japhets in Freetown, there was a Stephen Juckett, who married Hannah Piggsley on 8 Jul 1799.  The 1800 census for Freetown shows Stephen Jucket age 16-25 with a wife age 16-25, a son under the age of 10, and a girl age 10-15.  This appears to be Stephen with his wife, an infant child, and perhaps a female relative.

Since the oldest son of Stephen and Hannah of Japhet Hollow was born in 1800, and since many Piggsley's changed their name to either Pittsley or Pixley around this time, it looks like a convincing identification.

A 1997 RootsWeb posting on the Juckett family of Freetown stated:

I'm looking for information on the shipwreck of a French Warship around Cape Cod sometime prior to 1700.  The only survivors of the wreck were Louis DeMaranville, Francis Voteau, Francis Crapo (the captain), his brother Peter Crapo and Peter Juckett (Joquit, Jerket, Joguet, Jackett, etc...)  The survivors are said to have washed up in Plymouth.

Peter Crapo, Peter Juckett and Louis DeMaranville all appear in the records of Rochester and Freetown, MA, with their descendants spreading out from there.  Juckett was married in Boston in 1714 (Rebecca Askin or Haskin), Peter Crapo married in 1704 (Penelope White), and Louis DeMaranville married in 1730 (Peter Crapo's daughter Susannah).  Many of their descendants ended up in Rhode Island, New York, Connecticut and Michigan.

This is particularly interesting because one of Stephen Japhet's daughters married a great-great-grandson of Peter Crapo. 

Here is the line leading from Peter Joquit to Stephen Juckett of Freetown:
    Peter Joquit (b.c. 1672, France) m. Rebecca Askin,  1 Jun 1714, Boston, MA 
        (marriage performed by the Rev. Dr. Cotton Mather)
    Peter Joquet (7 Feb 1714/15, Boston) moved to Freetown, Bristol, MA
        m. Miss Jones, 1734
    Peter Joquet/Juckett (c. 1735, Freetown, MA)
        m. Thankful Benson (b. 7 Aug 1740) c. 1760
        (daughter of Ebenezer Benson and Joanna Andrews)
    Stephen Juckett m. Hannah Piggsley, 8 Jul 1799, Freetown, MA

I have not been able to confirm Hannah's parentage, but I'm prettly sure she was the daughter of Joseph Pigsley or Pittsley of Freetown and his wife, Hannah Raymond.  Joseph appears on the same 1790 census listing as Peter Juckett and is on the 1800 census listing just one page before Stephen Jucket.  As of 1790, Joseph appears to have had five daughters.  The names of three (or possibly four) of the girls appear in online listings, and Hannah is not among them, but she might very well have been the fifth.  

Joseph also had two brothers living in Freetown in 1790, but their children are all accounted for.  One of those brothers, Benjamin, died in 1796, and Joseph married his widow two years later.  Joseph's stepson, Alexander Pixley, would later marry Stephen Japhet's daughter Fannie, while Alexander's older brother would settle in Chenango County, NY about 1815/20, along with two of  Joseph's sons and Stephen Japhet's two oldest sons.  These close family connections provide additional support for the idea that Hannah was Joseph Pittsley's daughter.

Stephen and Hannah Japhet's children:

John (1800-1851) and his wife Betsy (1797-1869) settled in Oxford, Chenango Co. 
Fannie (1803-1880) was married. on 15 Jun 1821 in Lisle, Broome Co to Alexander Pixley (28 Oct 1792, Freetown, MA - 15 Apr 1863, Lisle, NY.)
Alden (b.c. 1804) lived in Chenango County and married Lydia Shapley (b. 1807) of Guilford, Chenango Co.
Hannah (1806 - 10 Nov 1905) was married c. 1827 to Joseph Freelove (1 Dec 1801, MA - 26 Nov 1877). 
Mary (1 Aug 1808 - 23 Aug 1849) was married  c. 1826 in Lisle to Job C. Crapo (26 Nov 1808, Dartmouth, Bristol, MA - 25 Jun 1876).  After Mary's death, her husband and children moved to Richford, Tioga Co., NY.
Thomas (b.c. 1809) married Nancy Wilson (prob. b. 5 Aug 1818, MA.) and moved to Steuben Co., NY.  Most of his children eventually moved back to Broome or Tioga County.
Nancy Eliza (28 Apr 1813 - 13 Oct 1900, Packwaukee, WI) married Peter Slack (1810 - 8 Jan 1855, Lisle, NY) in Lisle, Broome Co.  After his death, she married Asahel Rood.
Elijah (1815-1899) married Mary G. Pendell (5 May 1816, Broome Co. - 8 Mar 1882) and moved to Tioga County by 1860.
Melinda (1819 - 9 Jun 1894, Lisle, Broome, NY was married c. 1845 to Albert Allen Wilson (b. 14 May 1816).
George W. (1822-1904) married Lucy Jane Sanford (13 Sep 1823 - 1901) and moved to Tioga County, probably at the same time as his brother Elijah.
Stephen Jr. (b. 1824) married Sarah (Sally) Ann Spicer (20 Jul 1818 - 29 Oct 1898).  They were laterr divorced and he stayed in Broome County while Sally and the children moved to Tioga County.

Broome and nearby countiesStephen's two oldest sons, John and Alden, settled in Chenango County at an early date, perhaps even before Stephen arrived in Broome County, and many of their grandchildren moved further to the north and west.  The third son, Thomas, went to Steuben County, and his oldest son set out from there to Michigan -- but his younger children returned to Broome or Tioga County.  The three youngest sons and their descendents largely remained in a narrow area near the Broome-Tioga border.

The Descendants of John and Alden Japhet

John Japhet (1800-1851) and his wife Betsy Ann (1797-1869) appear on the 1850 census in Oxford, Chenango County.  By 1860, Betsy was apparently widowed and living with her two youngest children, next door to her son Andrew in Greene, Chenango, NY.
I. Catherine E. or A. Japhet was born 29 Dec 1819 in Oxford, NY.  She married Charles Augustus Ingraham (24 Sep 1820, Oxford, NY - 1861, Oxford, NY).  Catherine died 3 May 1905, Oxford, NY.
II. Albert Japhet was born in 1821.  He married (1) Marria (Polly) Ingraham (19 Dec 1822, Oxford, NY - bef. 1860), daughter of Job Ingraham and Eleanor Hacket.  (She was the sister of Charles Augustus Ingraham, who married Albert's sister Catherine.)   He married (2) Susannah.  (She may be the widow Susan Japhet (b. 1832/33) who was living in Oxford, NY in 1870 and in Cooperstown, Otsego, NY in 1880.)  Albert died in 1861.
A. George H. Japhet was born in 1842/43.  He married (1) Martha A. (b. 1852, New York).  They were living in Lisle, Broome Co. in 1870 and in Tully, Onondaga Co. in 1880.  They eventually settled in Cortland Co., NY.  He may have married (2) Phoebe (b. 1846) bef. 1892.
1. Charles H. Japhet was born 22 Apr 1869.  He married Jeannette (Jan 1875, New York - 1961) in 1891/92.  In 1920, they were in Lapeer, Cortland, NY.  Charles died in Sep 1964 in New York.  He and Jeannette are buried in Freetown Cemetery in Cortland Co.
a. Myrtle B. Japhet was born in Mar 1894.  She married Leon Hopkins (b. 1885/86, New York), son of Ransom and Helen Hopkins.  They lived in Lapeer, NY and had at least two children.
b. Willard Japhet was born 20 Jul 1899.  As of 1930, he was unmarried.  Willard died 27 Sep 1968 in Binghamton, Broome, NY and is buried in Freetown Cemetery in Cortland Co.
2. Myrta B. Japhet was born in 1870/71.
3. Eliza J. Japhet was born in 1872/73.
B. Eliza A. Japhet was born in Jun 1846.  She married F. Russell Stork (b. Oct 1841) of Coventry, Chenango, NY in 1862/63.
C. Charles Albert Japhet was born in 1847/48 and moved to Kansas.  See details below
D. Celia W. Japhet was born in 1854/55.
E. Mary (Maria) E. Japhet was born in Feb 1858 and was living in Cortland, Cortland, NY in 1900.
III. Andrew Japhet was born in Feb 1824.  He married (1) Aurilla (b. 1824/25) c. 1848.  They appear on the 1860 census in Greene, Chenango, NY.  Although an online newspaper item states that Andrew died in East Greene, Chenango Co. on 2 Jun 1861, this probably refers to Aurilla.  Andrew married (2) Weltha (Jun 1838 - aft. 1920) in the early 1860's.  They lived in Lisle, Broome Co., where for a time Andrew kept a hotel.  Andrew died bef. 1910.
A. John  Hiram. Japhet was born in Apr 1849.  He married Ellen C. (b. 1842/43).  As of 1870, John was keeping the hotel in Lisle with his father.  He married (2) Hannah E. (b. Nov 1848) in 1871.  They were still living in Nanticoke, Broome Co. in 1900.
1. Margaritte Japhet was born in 1864/65.
B. Alvira or Elvira Japhet was born 11 Nov 1857 in Oxford, NY.  She married Frank Kindler Seamans (12 Jun 1854, Homer, NY - 7 Apr 1926, Cortland Co., NY), son of Julian Conable Seamans and Matilda Ladd, on 16 Jul 1875 in Frank's Corners, Cortland Co.
C. Ida Ann Japhet was born in May 1860.  She married Frank Taylor (b. Feb 1857) in 1879/80.
D. Douglas Japhet was born c. 1864 and prob. died bef. 1870.
IV. Susanna Japhet was born c. 1831/32.
V. John J. Japhet was born in 1833/34 and prob. died young.
Alden Japhet was born c. 1804.  He married Lydia Shapley (b. 1807) of Guilford, Chenango Co.  Lydia probably died soon after the birth of Charles in 1828/29.
I. William Japhet was born in 1824.  He married Martha A. Ireland and moved to Nebraska.  See details below
II. Lucinda Japhet married William B. Dobson on 28 Aug 1848 in New Hartford, Oneida, NY.
III. Julia Japhet was born in 1828.  She married David Peaslee.  They lived in Poland, Chautauqua, NY
IV. Charles S. Japhet was born in 1828/29 in Chenango Co.  By 1850, he was living in Ontario Co. and was married to Mary Sarah Gates (1833, Yates Co., NY - 15 Aug 1913, prob. Freesoil, MI).  In the 1850's and 1860's, they lived in the Ontario County towns of East Bloomfield, Phelps, and Hopewell.  Charles served in the Civil War and was held as a prisoner of war in Richmond, VA.  In 1870, they were briefly back in Oxford, Chenango Co., living next door to the family of Elizabeth Hall..  In 1871, they moved to Freesoil, Mason, MI, where Charles died on 28 Sep 1871..  Mary was remarried to John Gray (1833-89) about 1873.
A. George H. Japhet was born in Jul 1850 in Oneida Co., NY.  He married Elizabeth Hall (b. Apr 1846) of Oxford, NY on 21 Sep 1870.  In 1900-30, they were in Sidney, Delaware, NY.  George died aft. 1938.
1. Addie Japhet was born 1 Jun 1871.  She married George Henry Grannis (b. Apr 1861) in 1891 in Oxford, NY.  Addie died bef. 1900.
B. Charles W. Japhet was born in Nov 1852 in Yates Co., NY.  He married (1) Emma Eliza Padgett on 4 Jan 1871.  He married (2) Ruby Jane Osborne on 23 Feb 1874 in Ludington, Mason, MI.  He married (3) Alice Finehout (Oct 1857, MI - 1922) on 16 Nov 1877 in Van Buren Co., MI.  Charles died in 1919.  See below for the children of Charles by his second and third marriages
1. John Everett Japhet was born 2 Jan 1872 in Otselic, Chenango, NY.  After his mother died, he lived with her parents in Oxford, NY.  He married Elizabeth Estella Elsworth (b. 1884) on 29 Jul 1908.  They remained in Chenango County.  John died 24 Jan 1955.
a. Emma E. Japhet was born 24 Jul 1909 in New York.  .She married Thomas Clarkson (Clark) Kenworthy (20 Jun 1906, Nebraska - Sep 1978, Morris Co., NJ), son of Ernest C. and Elizabeth Kenworthy, c. 1928.  They lived in Cortland, Cortland, NY and then in Dover, NJ.  They had one daughter.  Emma died 28 Feb 2000 in Morris Co., NJ
b. Alice Genevieve Japhet was born in 1910/11 in New York.  She married Kenneth C. Davis (1909, South Otselic, Chenango, NY - 4 Feb 1962, Syracuse, Onondaga, NY) on 27 Apr 1940 in Otselic, NY.  They had one son.  (She may be the Alice Davis who was born 30 Oct 1910 and died in Apr 1987 in Hillsborough Co., FL.)
C. Jane Japhet was born 8 Dec 1854 in Ontario Co. and died 17 Feb 1857 in Ontario Co.
D. Alice J. Japhet was born in 1856/57 in Hopewell, Ontario Co.  She married Luther Spoor (b. 1843/44) on 7 Dec 1871 in Freesoil, Mason, MI.  Alice died 30 Aug 1889 in Manchester, Ontario, NY
E. Etta May Japhet was born 11 Mar 1870.  She married Thomas Sherwood Stephens  (3 Nov 1861 or 1862, Litchfield, Quebec, Canada - 20 Feb 1926, Boynton, FL), son of John Seeley Stephens and Ann Sherwood, on 12 Nov 1885.  They had four children.  


The Japhets of Broome and Tioga Counties

Thomas Japhet was born c. 1809.  He married Nancy Wilson (prob. b. 5 Aug 1818, MA).  She was prob. the daughter of Aaron and Elizabeth Wilson and the sister of Albert Wilson who married Thomas Japhet's sister Melinda.  In 1850, they were living in Steuben Co., NY.  By 1870, Thomas had died and Nancy and her son Gilbert were living in Lisle, Broome Co. with her daughter Harriet's family.  Thomas does not appear to have left any descendants in the male line bearing the Japhet surname.
I. James A. Japhet was born 12 Jun 1837.  He married.Rebecca Chilson and moved to Michigan.  See details below
II. Sylvester Japhet was born 29 Mar 1839 in Centre Lisle, Broome, NY.  He married his cousin, Rosetta Adalaide Japhet (21 Mar 1845, Centre Lisle, NY - 14 Feb 1923), the daughter of George W. Japhet, in 1859/60.  In 1870, they were in Berkshire, Tioga Co.  In 1880, they were in Nanticoke, Broome Co.  In 1900, they were in Lisle, Broome Co.  Sylvester died 5 Nov 1905.
A. Harriet (Hattie) D. Japhet was born 7 Mar 1862.  She married.Gillipsie Clark c. 1883.  Harriet died in Feb 1905.
B Henry D. Japhet was born 23 Mar 1863 and died 6 May 1863.
C Elizabeth or Eliza Japhet was born 18 Apr 1864 and died bet. 1880 and 1900.
D. George F. Japhet was born 23 Oct 1866 and died 16 Jun 1869 in Berkshire, Tioga, NY.
E. Fred (Freddie) L. Japhet was born 11 Apr 1868.  He married Ina R. Culver (b. Nov 1870) in 1891.  They lived in Lisle, Broome, NY.  By 1910 they had separated and Fred was living with his uncle James Japhet in Michigan.  Fred died 27 Nov 1943.
1. Teresa (Tressie) L. Japhet was born 14 Feb 1893 in Centre Lisle, NY.  She married Leonard Dartmouth Howland (1890-1938) in 1908/09.  Teresa died 30 Sep 1977 in Berkshire, Tioga, NY..
2. Jessie A. Japhet was born 27 Jul 1894 in Centre Lisle, NY.  She married Charles Henry Walter (21 Jul 1888 - 1966),  son of Edson R. Walter and Lydia Dunham, c. 1933.  Jessie died 4 Dec 1946.
F. Rosa Belle Japhet was born 9 Jun 1870.  She married Peter Utter c. 1891.  Rosa Belle died in Sep 1904.
G. James Allie Japhet was born in 1876/77 and died bef. 1900.
III. Harriet A. Japhet was born in 1842/43.  She  married Alla H. Stephens (b. 1838/39, Aurora, Erie, NY), son of Alexander Hamilton and Mary Ann Stephens.
iIV. Johnnie Japhet was born c. 1845 and  prob. died young.
V. Gilbert L. Japhet was born in Jun 1854.  He married Frances E. (Jun 1853 - 23 Jan 1923)  in 1873/74.  They lived in Berkshire and Newark Valley, Tioga, NY.   Gilbert died 10 Apr 1910.  He, Frances, Lucy, and Arthur are buried in Hope Cemetery, Newark Valley.
A. Lucy Japhet was born in 1873/74.  She married Arthur Woodmansee (c. 1871 - 25 Jan 1930) c. 1896.  Lucy died 9 Feb 1960.
Elijah Japhet was born 9 Oct 1815.  He married Mary G. Pendell (5 May 1816, Broome Co., NY - 8 Mar 1882), daughter of Oliver Pendell and Hannah Brook, at Japhet Hollow, BroomeCo.  By 1860, Elijah and Mary were was living in Berkshire, Tioga Co. In 1880, Elijah was still in Berkshire, his sons Milo and Levi were in Newark Valley, Tioga Co., and the other children appear to have returned to Broome County.  Elijah died 6 Mar 1899.
I. Milo Gordon Japhet was born 16 Feb 1839.  He married Martha Ann Greene (Oct 1846 - 1927) in 1862/63.  Milo died 8 May 1911.  Milo, Martha, and most of their children are buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Berkshire.
Delila (Lila) Eulalia Japhet was born 1 Jan 1865.  She married Andrew Stryker Blair (b. 20 Nov 1857, Newark Valley, Tioga, NY), son of Alfred Blair and Charlotte Allen, on 5 Sep 1882.  Delila died  5 Nov 1917. 
B. Edward Leroy Japhet was born 6 Apr 1867.  He married Lilly May (Lillian) Van Gorder, (26 Apr 1870, East Berkshire, Tioga, NY - 7 Apr 1931) on 26 Oct 1892.  Edward died 21 Jan 1941.
1. Walter E. Japhet was born in 1910 in New York.
C. Martha Gordon Japhet was born 27 Mar 1870.  She married William Albert Freeland (30 May 1874 - 8 May 1955) on 2 Feb 1898 in Berkshire, Tioga, NY.  Martha died 11 May 1954. 
D. Freddie Japhet was born  8 Nov 1871 and died 18 Sep 1873.  He is buried in Ketchumville Cemetery in Newark Valley.
E. Milo Ray (M.R.) Japhet was born 2 Sep 1876.  He married  Florence Barton, (1879 - 14 Feb 1924),  daughter of James Barton and Emma (Snedker?), on 18 Oct 1899 in Ketchumville, Tioga, NY.  In 1920, they were living in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA and were childless.
II. Levi Brookes Japhet was born 14 Jul 1845.  He married Mary Elizabeth Cooper (Nov 1847-1929).  Levi died 8 Apr 1908.  He and Mary are buried in Nichols Cemetery in Waverly.
A. Charles (Charley) Duane Japhet was born 7 Mar 1868.  He married (1) Rosa Belle Jones (Jul 1874 - 1906) in 1891/92.  He married (2) Mary Alice Shaw (b. 1868, Massachusetts) on 5 Sep 1911 in Pittsfield, Berkshire, MA.  Charles died 9 or 10 Dec 1955 in Berkshire, NY.  He and Rosa are buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Berkshire.
1. Marie/Mary Jeanette Japhet was born in Dec 1891 and died 4 Apr 1917.
2. Archie Laverne Japhet was born 24 Jan 1893.  He married Mabel Lydia Spencer (26 Nov 1895, Tioga Center, NY - 25 Nov 1985, Orlando, Orange, FL).  Archie died 8 Apr 1951 in Owego, Tioga, NY.
a. Spencer D. Japhet was born 30 Jul 1917 in New York.  He married  Betta Louisa Moreland (18 Nov 1919, Van Etten, NY - 25 Jun 1995, El Paso, TX).  They had two children.  Spencer died in Mar 1987 in Cocoa, Brevard, FL.
3. Clara Belle Japhet was born 26 December 1896 in Tioga Co., NY.  She married Daniel Cunningham MacCaine (1882-1948) on 18 Jul 1921 in Wisconsin.  They had six children and left many descendants.  Clara died 18 Dec 1998 in Myrtle Beach, Horry, SC.
B. Franklin (Frank) J. Japhet was born 1 Apr 1870.  He married Elizabeth (Lizzie) Stannard, (Apr 1875 - 24 Jul 1906), daughter of Henry C. Stannard and Rose Blair, on 25 Sep 1894.  Franklin died 11 Jun 1932.  He is buried in Hope Cemetery in Newark Valley.
1. Ivan Roys (or Royce) Japhet was born 17 Aug 1895 in Newark Valley, Tioga, NY.  He married Theresa M. Allen (31 Oct 1896 - 29 Apr 1990, Newark Valley, NY), prob. aft. 1930.  Ivan died 21 Jun 1973 in Manatee Co., FL.  He is buried in Hope Cemetery in Newark Valley.
2. Kenneth Henry Japhet was born 5 Aug 1896 in New York.  He married (1) Mae M. (b. 1892/93).  They were in Bradford Co., PA in 1920 but back in Tioga Co., NY in 1930.  He married (2) Bertha Marie Cash (13 May 1900, Pitcher, Chenango, NY - 26 Nov 1994, Johnson City, Broome, NY), daughter of Frank Myron Cash and Mary Ellen Parker, on 3 Apr 1943.  Kenneth died 6 Aug 1976 in Binghamton, Broome, NY.
a. Helen Marie Japhet was born 28 Aug 1916 and died 29 Aug 1916.
4. Hazel M. Japhet was born 4 May 1901 in Davis Hollow and died 4 Jul 1957.
C. James Burton Japhet was born 31 Jul 1872.  He married Amy N. (b. Jul 1879) in 1894. By 1917, they were living in Binghamton, Broome, NY.  James died in Jan 1967 in Binghamton, NY.
1. Minnie M. Japhet was born in Aug 1895.
2. Mildred M. Japhet was born in 1900/01.
3. Edwin L. Japhet was born 20 Dec 1904.  He married Margaret G. (17 Feb 1907 - Mar 1985, Binghamton, Broome, NY) bef. 1930.  Edwin died 18 Jul 1991 in Binghamton, NY.
a. Marion L. Japhet was born in 1926.
b. Dorothy J. Japhet was born in 1928.
c. Possibly Edwin B. Japhet (22 Oct 1934 - Jan 1987, Binghamton, NY) .  Edwin married  Darlene V. Nelson.
D. Wallace Laverne Japhet was born 22 Dec 1874 in Davis Hollow.  He married (1) Nellie Underwood (11 Jan 1873, Centre Lisle, NY - 9 Jun 1910), daughter of Richard G. Underwood and Julia Searls, on 5 Feb 1903.  He married (2) Nellie's sister, Maude Amy Underwood. (7 Jan 1886, Unadilla, Otsego, NY - 11 Apr 1942).   Nellie is buried in Hope Cemetery in Newark Valley.
1. Della Mae Japhet was born 28 Nov 1908 in Johnson City, Broome, NY.  She married Raymond Chrysler (11 Mar 1898, New York - Mar 1964, New York), son of Lewis and Eva Lena Chrysler, c. 1929 in Johnson City, NY.  Della died 22 Sep 1983.
2. Raymond Brooks Japhet was born 25 May 1911 in Johnson City, NY and died in Sep 1976 in Lisle, Broome, NY.
3. Fred Lawrence Japhet was born 24 Jun 1918 in New York.  He married Viola J. Dorr.  Fred died 4 May 1999 in Johnson City, NY.
a. Anna M. Japhet married Robert H. Albert.
E. Levi Austin Japhet was born in 1879.  He married (1) Pearl D. Hulslander (1884 - 1911). He married (2) Nellie M. (b. Jul 1877, New York), the widow of Bert E. Livermore.  In 1920, they were in Cortland City, Cortland, NY.  Levi died 2 Mar 1948.  Austin, Pearl, and their sons are buried in Bushnell Cemetery in Newark Valley.
1. Leland Japhet was born 26 May 1905.  He married Mildred (7 Oct 1909 - 22 Jan 1994, Germantown, Columbia, NY) in 1930.  They lived in Chemung Co., NY.  Leland died in Aug 1965 in Albany, NY.
2. Lowern Japhet was born in 1906 and died in 1906.
3. Glenford Japhet was born in 1908 and died in 1908.
4. Clifton John (Cliff) Japhet was born 20 Oct 1909 in Cortland Co., NY.  He was a noted cowboy singer and songwriter. He married (1) Harriett Casselman (d. Dec 1967).  He married (2) Charlotte Kirby (d. Nov 1987) in 1970.  Clifton died 21 Aug 2007 in Burlington, VT. 
a. Clifton John (Skip) Japhet, Jr. was born 11 Sep 1940 in Gloversville, NY and died 23 Apr 2000 in Reno, NV.
b. Richard Japhet married Nancy Proulx.
F. Fred Lawrence Japet was born 12 Feb 1885.  He married Nettie L. Stauff (1886, Mt. Pleasant, NY - 9 Oct 1964, Sayre, Bradford, PA),  daughter of George Stauff and Minnie Drakem,.c. 1910.  By 1920, they were living in Sayre, PA and were childless.  Fred died 5 Sep 1950 in Sayre, PA.  He and Nettie are buried in Nichols Cemetery in Waverly, NY.
G. Flossie Mae Japhet was born in May 1890.
III. Irena M. Japhet was born 3 Jan 1847 in Lisle, NY and died 7 Oct 1929.
IV. Sophronia Japhet was born in 1853,  She married. John J. Evans (b. 1844/45), son of  Franklin Evans and Phila Robinson.  In 1880, they were living in Maine, Broome, NY.  Sophronia died 1 Aug 1938.
V. Ellen Japhet was born 20 Oct 1855.  She married  (1) Harvey Fairbanks (b. 1851/52, poss. of Berkshire) on 12 Nov 1882.  She married (2) Irving Willian Evans (1838 - 24 Feb 1926), son of Franklin Evans and Phila Robinson, c. 1885.  Ellen died in 1924.  She and Irving are buried in Riverhurst Cemetery, Endicott, Broome Co.
VI. Elijah A. Japhet was born in 1857 and. prob. died bet. 1880 and 1900.
VII. Alfonzo (Alphonso) E. Japhet was born 16 Mar 1858.  He married (1) Anna (b. Apr 1858, Pennsylvania).   As of 1900, they were childless.  He married (2) Carrie Brookins Carr (1875 - 1917, Endicott, Broome, NY).  He married (3) Emma Knapp (5 Mar 1868, Endicott, Broome, NY - 1932), daughter of William Munson Knapp and Elizabeth Settle, in 1922.  Alfonzo died 25 Dec 1942 in Endicott, Broome, NY.
George W. Japhet was born in Nov 1822-1904).  He married Lucy Jane Sanford (13 Sep 1823 - 1901), daughter of Seymour Sanford and Polly Hill, in 1842/43.  By 1880, they were living in Berkshire, Tioga, NY.  George died in 1904.  He and Lucy are buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Berkshire, along with their son John DeWitt Japhet.
I. Charles Wesley Japhet was born in 1844.  He enlisted in  the Civil War on 19 Feb 1862 at Binghamton, NY and died of illness in Yorktown, VA on 20 Oct 1863.
II. Rosetta Adalaide Japhet was born 21 Mar 1845 in Centre Lisle.  She married her cousin, Sylvester Japhet, c. 1861.  (See under Sylvester for children.)  Rosetta died 14 Feb 1923.
III. Henry Jefferson Japhet was born c. 1846/47 and prob. died young.
IV. Lucy Japhet was born in 1847 and prob. died. bef. 1850.
V. Frances E. Japhet was born either 20 Apr 1848 or 1852/53.
VI. Hannah Ann Japhet was born c. Dec 1849.
VII. Samantha Ann Japhet was born c. 1854/55 and died 3 Jan 1944.
VIII. George A. Japhet was born in Apr 1856.  He married Frances C. Sanford (May 1858, New York - aft. 1920) in 1879.  They were in Chenango, Broome, NY in 1880, in Newark Valley, Tioga, NY in 1900, and in Triangle, Broome, NY in 1910.   George died bef. 1920.
A. Chester Clayton Japhet was born in May 1882.  He married Pearl (b. 1882/83, New York).  In 1920, they were living separately.  In 1930, Chester was in Susquehanna Co., PA.
1. Margueritte (Margaret) J. Japhet was born c. Mar 1915 in New York.
2. Elizabeth V. Japhet was born c. Feb 1917 in New York.
B. Earl DeWitt Japhet was born c. 1885 and married Marion (b. 1895/96, New York) bef. 1920.  They lived in Colesville, Broome, NY.
C. Myron George Japhet was born in Oct 1889.  He married Levina bef. 1917 and they lived in Triangle, NY.  By 1930, Myron was living in Cortland Co.
D. Lynn Alonzo Japhet was born 8 Jul 1891.  He married Minnie (b. 1895/96, New York).  They loved in Barker, Broome, NY.  Lynn died in Jun 1968 in Greene, Chenango, NY.
1. Erma R. Japhet. was born 24 Sep 1919 in New York.  She married Basil LeVern Nusom (9 Dec 1913, Colesville, NY - 23 Nov 1986, Windsor, Broome, NY), son of William P. Nusom and Ula Flora Cook.  They had two children.  Erma died 16 Jun 2000 in Truth Or Consequences, Sierra, NM.
E. Lewis (Louis) S. Japhet was born in May 1895.  In 1920, he was living with his brother Lynn.
IX. John DeWitt Japhet was born in 1857 and died in 1886.
Stephen Japhet, Jr. was born in Jan 1824.  He married Sarah (Sally) Ann Spicer (20 Jul 1818 - 29 Oct 1898) c. 1842.   By 1880, they were divorced and Stephen was working as a farm laborer in Lisle, Broome Co.  Sally and the children had apparently moved to Tioga Co., since Sally is buried in Hope Cemetery in Newark Valley.  Stephen died aft. 1900.
I. Caroline A. Japhet was born in 1842.  She married  Eli Halliday (b. 1837/38) c. 1862.
II. Jacob Japhet was born in 1847/48 and prob. died young.
III. Lucy Japhet was born in 1850.  She married Albert Storks (b. 1840/41), who had previously worked as a farm laborer for        Stephen and Sally.

Japhets Who Moved West

Charles Albert Japhet was born 24 Sep 1848 in Chenango Co., NY, the son of Albert Japhet and Polly Ingraham.  He married (1) Edna E. Bartholomew (1850/51 - 7 Aug 1884, Iola, KS), daughter of John Bartholomew and Julia Hall, in 1866 in Oxford, Chenango, NY.  In 1872, they settled in Iola, Allen, KS, where Charles was a successful veterinarian and washing machine inventor.  He married (2) Sarah Elizabeth (Lizzie) Heath (27 Jan 1866, Columbus, Franklin, OH - 26 Jun 1952, Seneca, KS), daughter of Amos Heath and Cynthia Renick, on 22 or 26 Jul 1886 in Iola, KS.  Charles died 13/14 Mar 1934 in Seneca, Nemaha, KS.
I. Eugene  Japhet was born in Mar 1868 in New York.  He married (1)  (Jul 1865, Michigan - prob. bef. 1910) in 1887/88.  By 1900 they were living in Tacoma, Pierce, WA.  He married (2) Roxanna (Roxie) Anna Curtis (1868/69, Maine - 23 Apr 1946, Tacoma, WA), daughter of Robert and Martha Curtis, bef. 1915.  Eugene died 14 May 1935 in Tacoma, WA.
A. Charles A. (Charley) Japhet was born 11 Apr 1889 in Washington.  He married (1) Lola Fay Vandevander (Jun 1884, Indiana - 12 Aug 1949, Tacoma, WA), daughter of Harry M. Vandevander and Emma R. Mitten.  He married (2) Anna Christina Ditzler (26 Jun 1884, Illlinois - 23 Nov 1989, Tacoma, WA), daughter of Henry Ditzler and Julia Germann, on 2 Jun 1958 in Tacoma, WA.  Charles died in Aug 1964 in Pierce Co., WA.
1. Della E. Japhet was born 1 Apr 1915 in Pierce Co., WA.  She married Lawrence C. Strong (prob. 11 May 1909 - Jun 1974, Tacoma, WA) on 8 Nov 1933 in Kitsap Co., WA.
2. Charles Fabian Japhet was born 25 Feb 1917 in Pierce Co., WA and died 25 Jan 1978 in Tacoma, WA.
3. William Earl Japhet was born 6 Aug 1922 in Pierce Co., WA.  He married Betty Sue (31 Aug 1923 - 23 Mar 2007, Puyallup, Pierce, WA) on 30 Jun 1945.  They had six sons and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  William died 27 Mar 2003 in Puyallup, WA.  He and Betty are buried in Sumner Cemetery, Pierce Co.
a. Ronald William Japhet was born 9 Jul 1948 and died in Mar 1974.
B. Florence Japhet was born in Aug 1890 in Washington.
C. James Wilfrid Japhet was born 18 Sep 1893 in Washington.  He lived for a time in Cascade Co., MT.  He married Esther E. Erickson (1888 - 30 Jan 1942, Tacoma, Pierce, WA), daughter of Nels and Emma Erickson, prob. in Tacoma, WA.  James died in Feb 1974 in Puyallup, WA.
1. Glenn Wilbur Japhet was born 5 Oct 1922.  He married (1) Dorothy Jean Mott (17 Jul 1924, Washington - 23 Dec 1969, Orango Co., CA).  They had two children.  He  married (2) Donna Lou Howard (b. 1927).  Glenn died 1 Feb 2008 in Garden Grove, Orange, Ca.  
2. Royce Lyle. Japhet was born 30 Oct 1927.  He married (1) Barbara Dawn Page (11 Aug 1929, Washington - 3 Jul 1978, Los Angeles Co.,CA) in 1947.  He married (2) Margaret Ruth Slater (b. 1933) in Pierce Co., WA.  Royce died 15 Feb 1994 in Gig Harbor, Pierce, WA.
D. Della M. Japhet was born in Jan 1899 in Washington.  In 1910, she and her sister Edna were living with an uncle and aunt in Independence Creek, Lewis, WA
E. Edna L. Japhet was born prob. 30 Oct 1901 in Washington. She prob. married John Franklin Abel (15 Feb 1885, Nebraska - 5 Jan 1960,Tacoma, WA).  Edna may have died in Nov 1981 in Glenside, Los Angeles, CA.
F. Gladys Eugene Japhet was born c. May 1915.
II. Emma or Emogene Japhet was born in Mar 1868 in New York.  She returned to Oxford, NY, prob. aft. the death of her mother, and married Charles D. Youngs (b. 1864/65, New York).
III. Albert Japhet was born in Feb/Mar 1882 and died 7 Jan 1883.
IV. Burton Charles (Bert) Japhet was born 10 Dec 1883 in Kansas.  Following his mother's death, he was raised as a ward by Josiah and Laney McClelland of Iola, Allen, KS.  He married Malinda (Linnie) Bell Goodell (18 Dec 1884, Melvern Osage, KS - Nov 1970, Vancouver, Clark, WA), daughter of Robert Willis Goodell and Mary Jane Zimmerman, on 8 Sep 1904 in Williamsburg, Franklin, KS.  They moved to Washington State aft. 1930.  Burton died 17 Mar 1947 in Sumner, Pierce, WA.
A. Willard Forest Japhet was born 26 Sep 1905 in Williamsburg, KS.  He married (1) Mary A (b. 1903/04).  He married (2) Maud Motz (26 Oct 1903 - 13 Feb 1998, Olympia, Thurston, WA) in 1955 in Tacoma, Pierce, WA.  They had six son.  Willard died 21 Mar 1965 in Gray Harbor,WA.
1. Fred Burton Japhet was born in 1925/26 in Allen Co., KS  and died 25 Sep 1949 in Olympia, WA.
2.Floyd W. Japhet was born in 1927/28 in Allen Co., KS.
3. James L. Japhet was born 26 Dec 1929 in Allen Co., KS and died in Mar 1982 in Olympia, WA.
B. Virgil Duane Japhet was born 6 Aug 1914 in Iola, Allen, KS.  He was married with two daughters but then divorced and moved to Tacoma, WA.  Virgil died in Jan 1972 in Portland, Multnomah, OR.
C. Charles Burton Japhet was born 19 May 1918 and died in Aug 1966 in Tacoma, WA.  He was unmarried.
V. Cora Elizabeth Japhet was born 2 Dec 1888 in Iola, KS.  She married William P. Van Pelt (b. Apr 1881, Kansas), son of John W. and Elvira E. Van Pelt, in 1906/07.  They lived in Osage, Allen, KR.  They had one son.  Cora died 22 Jan 1974 in Topeka, Shawnee, KS.
VI. Frank Charles Japhet was born 4 Nov 1890 in Burlington, Coffey, KS.  He married (1) Cecyle Susan Young (30 Apr 1893, MO - 1926, Scott Co., KS) on 1 May 1913.  After Cecyle died, the children were raised by their Aunt Mabel.  Frank prob. married Corinne (3 Mar 1900 - Jun 1973, Denver, CO) aft. 1930.
A. Lillian Agnes Japhet was born c. Aug 1919 in Kansas.  She married Mr. Gibson.
B. Donald Frank Japhet was born 15 Mar 1920 in Scott City, KS.  He married Florence C. Rudolph (b. 1920) on 30 Aug 1941 in Scott City, KS..  They had two sons.  Donald died 28 May 2007 in Durango, La Plata, CO.
C. Avis Arlene Japhet was born 6 Nov 1923 in Scott City,  KS.  She married Jack Wesley Williams (21 Jun 1918 - 23 Oct 1997, Ogden, Weber, UT) on 14 Nov 1942.  They had four sons.  Avis died 17 Jan 2005 in West Haven, Weber, UT.
D. Connie Lou Japhet was prob. born in 1936.  She prob. married Robert E. James (b. 1927).
VII. Agnes Joy Japhet was born 21 Dec 1897 in Iola, KS.  She married Loyd H. Davis (6 Jan 1886, prob. Shickley, Fillmore., NE - 6 Nov 1943), bef. 1920.  Agnes died 24 Dec 1953.  She and Loyd are buried in Shickley Public Cemetery in Fillmore Co., NE.
VIII. Mabel Lillian Japhet was born 22 May 1900 in Iola, KS.  She married Harley Edgar Wilcox (22 Dec 1893, Chillicothe, Livingston, MO - 28 Feb 1969), son of John Wilcox and Marie Epperson, on 20 Aug 1919 in Hiawatha, Brown, KS.  They lived in Seneca, KS.
William Japhet was born.c. 1824, the son of Alden Japhet and Lydia Shapley.  By 1850, he was living in Poland, Chautauqua, NY.  He married Martha A. Ireland (b.c. 1823, Rush Twp., Monroe, NY), daughter of Nathaniel Ireland and Mary Amy Cook.  William served in the Civil War and was wounded at Spotsylvania.  In the 1870's, he and Martha moved to York Co., NE.  William's name appears on a list of military pensioners in York Co. in 1883 and on an 1893 Nebraska Civil War Veterans List.  (This family can also be found on my Descendants of Martha Padget page, including more detail on the female lines.)
I. Gilbert Delevane Japhet was born 9 Dec 1852 in Kennedy, NY.   In 1870 he was working as a day laborer in Phelps, Ontario, NY.  He married (1) Mary E. Liston (b. 1856/57, IL - bef. 1900) on 24 Nov 1878 in Tama Co., IA.  Mary died aft. 1895 and in 1900 Gilbert was living alone in Belle Plaine, Benton, IA.  He married (2) Anna L. Bell (b. 1860/61, Pennsylvania), daughter of Arthur F. and Rebecca Bell, bef. 1920.  William died on 20 Feb 1926 in Benton Co., IA.
A. Melissa Japhet was born c. Sep 1879 and prob. died bef. 1895.
B. Lillie Belle Japhet was born 25 Oct 1883 in, Garwin, Tama, IA.  In 1900 she was working as a servant in Belle Plaine, IA.  She married Samuel Edward Coover (20 Apr 1885, IA - 1958), son of Thomas Edward and Millie Coover, in 1905/06.  In 1920, they were living in Jefferson Twp., Poweshiek, IA.  They had three children.
C. Walter Mathias Japhet was born in Feb 1885 in Tama Co., IA.  In 1900 he was working as a farm laborer in Carroll, Tama, IA.  He married (1) Daisie White (b. 21 Feb 1891, Cedar Rapids, Linn, IA), daughter of Theodore Delevan White and Rebecca Caroline Higus, on 22 Feb 1908 in Cedar Rapids, IA.  He married (2) Myrtle L. and they had at least one child, born in 1928.  Walter died in 1946.
1. Ruby Japhet was born in 1908/09 in Iowa.
2. Genevieve M. Japhet was born 14 May 1910, Cedar Rapids, IA and died 7 Jul 1923 in Cedar Rapids, IA.
3. Lloyd Lester Japhet was born 1 Oct 1912 in Waterloo, Black Hawk, IA.  He married Georgeann, prob. on 6 Mar 1963 in Post Falls, Kootenai, ID.  Lloyd died 24 Dec 1988 in Des Moines, Polk, IA.
D. Oliver Daniel Japhet was born 10 Jul 1887 in Iowa.  In 1900 he was was boarding with a family in Howard, Tama, IA. In 1920, he was an inmate in Minnesota State Prison.  Oliver died 11 Mar 1941 in Little Rock, Pulaski, AR.
II. Emma Georgaine Japhet was born in 1857/58, prob. in Poland, NY.  She married Lorenzo David Finehout (Jul 1856, Michigan - 28 Nov 1922, Benton Harbor, Berrien, MI), son of David Fineout and Mary Jane Wright, on 23 Feb 1879 in Pine Grove, Van Buren, MI.  By 1910, they were living in Benton Harbor, MI.  They had six children.  Emma died in 1934 in Michigan.
III. Amy Isabel Japhet was born in 1858 in Chautauqua Co., NY.  She was probably the daughter of Martha's sister Hannah, adopted by William and Martha.  She married Willis C. Boynton (b. Sep 1857, Iowa), son of Francis A. Boynton and Adaline Worsely, in 1875 in York Co., NE.  They were in Calhoun Twp., Washington, NE in 1900, Lee Twp., Buena Vista, IA in 1910, and Hamilton Co., TN in 1920-30.  They had 13 children.
IV. Ida Mae Japhet was born 24 May 1863.  She married George Dennison Elliott (15 Nov 1857 - 21 Mar 1915) in Illinois.  They had two children.  Ida Mae died 12 Jun 1947 in York Co., NE.
Charles W. Japhet was born in Nov 1852 in Yates Co., NY, the son of Charles S. Japhet and Mary Sarah Gates.  He married (1) Emma Eliza Padgett on 4 Jan 1881 in Chenango Co, NY.  After Emma died, their son John Everett Japhett was raised by his maternal grandparents in Oxford, Chenango, NY.  Charles then joined his mother in Ludington, Mason, MI, where he married (2) Ruby Jane (Jennie) Osborne on 23 Feb 1874.  They had one daughter and appear to have divorced.  Charles finally married (3) Alice Finehout (b. Oct 1857, MI - 1922), prob. the daughter of David Finehout and Mary Jane Wright, on 16 Nov 1877 in Van Buren Co., MI.  By 1900, they were living in Pine Grove, Van Buren, MI.  Charles died in 1919.  He and Alice are buried in Earl Cemetery in Van Buren Co.
I. Dollie E. Japhet was born in Mar 1875 in Michigan.  She married Tennyson (Tennie) Moore (b. Jan 1871, Ohio), son of Ezra and Lois Moore, on 20 Jun 1895 in Ludington, Mason, MI.  They lived in Victory, Mason, MI and had at least six children.
II. Charles Henry Japhet was born 18 Apr 1885 in Pine Grove, MI.  He maried Bessie A. Gruber (13 Mar 1889, Michigan - May 1973, Shelbyville, Allegan, MI), daughter of Jacob and Annis Gruber, on 14 Oct 1909 in Chicago, Cook, IL.  They lived in South Haven, Van Buren, MI and were in Cheboygan Co., MI by 1930.
A. Henry Harold Japhet was born 16 Jun1912 in Michigan and died 3 Sep 1964.  Henry is buried in Hillside Cemetery, Plainwell, Allegan, MI.
B. Helen A. Japhet was born 16 Oct 1916 in Michigan.  She married Glennie Elsworth Shook (12 Aug 1908 - 8 Nov 1993, Martin, Allegan, MI).  Helen died 20 May 1991.
C. Carl Raymond Japhet was born 24 Dec 1920 in Michigan.  He  married Virginia M. (6 Mar 1918 - 9 Feb 1993, Otsego, Allegan, MI) in Duval, FL.  Carl died 1 Nov 1998 in Otsego, MI.  He and Virginia are buried in Mountain Home Cemetery in Allegan Co.
D. Evelyn T. Japhet was born in 1924.
III. Clarence Japhet was born 17 Feb 1887 in Michigan and died 30 Jul 1904.  He is buried in Earl Cemetery in Van Buren Co.
IV. Mary E. Japhet was born 15 Dec 1892 in Pine Grove, MI.  She married Harvey H.Wilkinson (29 Oct 1885, Kentucky - May 1963) on 4 Apr 1911 in Paw Paw, Van Buren, MI.  They had at least two children.
James A. Japhet was born 12 Jun 1837, the son of Thomas Japhet and Nancy Wilson.  He married (1) Rebecca Chilson (5 Oct 1840, Steuben Co., NY - 9 May 1905, Shelbyville, Barry, MI), daughter of Chester Chilson and Elvira Grinolds, in 1859 in Steuben Co., NY.  James served in the Civil War, enlisting from Canisteo, Steuben Co. in 1862.  He and Rebecca moved to Michigan after the war, along with Rebecca's parents and siblings.  His name appears (as "J.A. Jophet") in an 1891 listing of New York soldiers living in Michigan.  At that time, he was in Gobleville, Bloomingdale Twp., Van Buren, MI.  .By 1900, he was living in Orangeville, Barry, MI.  He married (2) Emma Mill on 9 Sep 1911 in Benton Harbor, Berrien, MI.   He married (3) Lucinda W. (Nov 2, 1839 - Feb 7, 1925).  James died.27 Nov 1924 in Wayland, Allegan, MI.   He, Rebecca, and Lucinda are all buried in Germond Cemetery, Wayland Twp., Allegan, MI.
I. Emmett Japhet was born c. Aug 1859 and prob. died young.
II. Mary Ann Japhet was born in Mar 1865 in Steuben Co., NY.  She married Perry D. Gruber (b. Apr 1860, Michigan), son of Jacob and Cordelia Gruber, on 16 Jun 1882 in Gobles, Van Buren, MI.  In 1900 she was living with her parents and shown on the census as single.  In 1910 was living with her father and shown as widowed
III. Thomas Henry Japhet was born 24 Jan1867 in Michigan.  He married Martha Adella (Della) Cannon (9 Oct 1871, Michigan - 2 Feb 1957, Bent Co., CO) on 29 Sep 1888 in Van Buren Co., MI.  By 1900, they were living in Lake City, Craighead, AR and by 1910, in Myatt, Howell, MO.  Thomas died 3 Aug 1951 in Bent Co., CO.
A. Elva May Japhet was born 26 Sep 1889 in Pine Grove, Van Buren, MI and died 1 Mar 1890.
B. Sadie Martha Japhet was born 14 Mar 1894 in Arkansas.  She married Karl B. Hall in Howell Co., MO.  They had eight children.  Sadie died 1 Dec 1990 in Colorado.
C. Iva Ella Japhet was born 6 Mar 1903 in Missouri.  She married Granvil Howard.  They had prob. seven children.  Iva died 29 Oct 1989.
D. Myrtle R. Japhet was born 11 Dec 1904 in Missouri.  She married Marcus Vaughn Brockert (19 Jan1903 - 20 Jan 1999, Rocky Ford, Otero, CO).  They had prob. three children.  Myrtle died 17 Jun 2002 in Rocky Ford, CO.
E. Clara B. Japhet was born 22 Jan 1908 in Missouri.  She married Carl Eckert (23 Dec 1903 - Sep 1985, Aurora, Arapahoe, CO).  They had prob. two children.  Clara died 10 May 2002 in Aurora, CO.
F. James T. (or Thomas J.) Japhet was born 29 Aug 1911 in Missouri.  He married Grace V. Earl (2 Dec 1909 - 1 May 2002, Tarrant, Southlake, TX) on 25 Nov 1937.  They had one son.  Thomas died 4 Oct 1997 in Grapevine, Tarrant, TX.  He and Grace are buried in Union Valley Cemetery, Bent Co., CO.
G. Jerome Worst Japhet was born 10 Feb 1914 in Missouri.  He married Eva Mary Kline (26 Jul 1918 - 18 Feb 2007) on 11 Oct 1935.  They had seven children.  Jerome died 26 Mar 1975 in Eads, Kiowa, CO.
1. Harry L. Japhet was born  28 Dec 1936.  He married Jessie.  Harry died 14 May 2008 in Eads, CO.
2. Joetta Faye Japhet married Jake Wilson (15 Aug 1948 - 28 Jan 2009, Lamar, CO).
3. Ivan Wayne Japhet was born 14 Feb 1953 and died 15 Jan 1996 in Eads, CO.
IV. Chester Milo Japhet was born 23 Aug 1870 in Pine Grove, Van Buren, MI.  He  married Sarah Maggie Clark (b. May 1881, Nebraska) on 17 Nov 1897 in Orangeville, Barry, MI.  By 1920 they were living in Benton Harbor, Berrien, MI.  Chester died 26 Jul 1958.
A. James Royal Japhet was born in Aug 1898 in Michigan.  He appears on World War I draft registration records but may have died bef. 1920.
B. Leslie Ray Japhet was born 10 Oct 1899 in Michigan.  He married Irene June Woodman (19 Jun 1903. Orangewood, MI - 18 May 1987), daughter of Edmund Augustus Woodman and Mary Lucretia Armstrong, in 1929 in Barry Co., MI.  They had two adopted daughters.  Ray died 20 Aug 1961.  He and Irene are buried in Prairieville Cemetery in Barry Co.
C. Myrtle (Elvira?) Japhet was born in 1902 in Michigan.  She married Ralph W. Roberts on 17 Nov 1918 in St. Joseph, Berrien, MI.
D. Chester Milo Japhet, Jr. was born 20 Oct 1906 in Michigan.  He married Lorena Wiltfong (21 Jul 1912, AR - Apr 1996, Hartford, Van Buren, MI), daughter of Edward Elias Wiltfong and Evelyn Adell Foster.  Lorena later married Floyd Fisher. Chester died in Dec 1973 in Lawrence, Van Buren, MI.
1. Richard Thomas Japhet was born 11 Aug 1929.  He married (1) Charlotte Anne Walker, daughter of Charles D. Walker, on 1 May 1954.  He married (2) Phyllis.  Richard died 10 Jan 2006 in Maywood, Cook, IL.
2. LeRoy Chester Japhet was born in Jun/Jul 1930 and died 14 Dec 1930 in Benton Twp., Berrien, MI.
3. Dorothy Irene Japhet was born 27 May 1932 in Benton Harbor, Berrien, MI.  She married Anthony N. Elias (18 Jun 1932 - 15 Nov 1997, Paw Paw, Van Buren, MI).  They had three children.  Dorothy died 17 Sep 2005 in Paw Paw, MI.
4. Clarence Merle Japhet.
5. Beverly Margaret Japhet.
E. Marion C. Japhet was born 7 May 1909 in Michigan.  She married Edward J. McKie (20 Jun 1905, Three Oaks, MI - 11 Dec 1992, Benton Harbor, Berrien, MI) on 3 Oct 1927 in St. Joseph Co., IN.  They had five children.  Marion died 3 Aug 1982 in St. Joseph, Berrien, MI.
F. Dolly Japhet was born 3 Jun 1911 in Michigan.  She married Harold R. Clem (23 Sep 1906 - 26 Oct 1993, Benton Harbor, MI) on 5 Feb 1929 in St. Joseph Co., IN.  Dolly died in Apr 1985 in Benton Harbor, MI.
V. Harriet (Hattie) Japhet was born in 1873 in Michigan.  She married Charles E. Williams (1859/60, Michigan - bef. 1920) on 29 Oct 1893 in Middleville, Barry, MI.
VI. Lois Rebecca Japhet was born 9 Sep 1880 in Pine Grove, Van Buren, MI..  She married Clifford W. Allen (29 Mar 1881, Michigan - 17 Feb 1973) on 7 Mar 1901 in Hastings, Barry, MI.  Lois died 8 Aug 1965.  She and Clifford are buried in Yankee Springs Cemetery in Barry Co.

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