Descendents of Martha Padget

Martha (Mattie) Padget was the daughter of John Padget and Hannah Wilson.  She was born in 1778/79.  She married Thomas Garner Shapley (c. 1785, Connecticut - 7 Feb 1832, Oxford, NY), son of Utter Shole Shapley and Sarah Garner, in 1805 in Chenango Co., NY.  Martha died 22 Nov 1842 in Oxford, NY.
I. Thomas Wilson Shapley was born 3 Nov 1806 in Guilford, NY.  He married Frances Ann Allen (30 Sep 1824 - 11 Oct 1897, Oxford, NY), the widow of his brother Joseph, on 21 Feb 1884.  Thomas died 7 Sep 1886.
II. Lydia Shapley was born in 1807 in Guilford, Chenango, NY.  She married Alden Japhet (b.c. 1804, prob. Freetown, Bristol, MA), son of Stephen Japhet and Hannah Pittsley.
A. William Japhet was born c. 1824.  He married (1) Sophia (1824/25, Massachusetts - bef. 1852.)  He married (2) Martha A. Ireland (b.c. 1823, Rush Twp., Monroe, NY), daughter of Nathaniel Ireland and Mary Amy Cook.  In 1870, William and Martha were still living in Poland, Chautauqua, NY.  By 1880, they were in York Co., NE.  They were both still alive in 1895.
1. Betsey Japhet was born in 1845/56.
2. Delbert Japhet was born in 1847/48 and prob. died bef. 1860.
3. Gilbert Delevane Japhet was born 9 Dec 1852 in Kennedy, Chautauqua, NY.  He married (1) Mary Elizabeth Liston (b. 1856/56, Illinois) on 24 Nov 1878 in Tama Co., IA.  Mary died between 1895 and 1900, and on the 1900 census Gilbert was living alone in Belle Plaine, Benton, IA while his children were boarded out.  Gilbert married (2) Anna L. Bell(b. 1860/61, Pennsylvania), daughter of Arthur F. and Rebecca Bell, bef. 1920.  Gilbert died 20 Feb 1926 in Benton Co., IA.
a. Melissa Japhet was born c. Sep 1879 and prob. died bef. 1895.
b. Lillie Belle Japhet was born 25 Oct 1883 in Garwin, Tama, IA.  She married Samuel Edward Coover (20 Apr 1885, IA - 1958), son of Thomas Edward and Millie Coover, in 1905/06.  In 1920, they were living in Jefferson Twp., Poweshiek, IA.
i. Arthur Coover was born 23 May 1910 in Iowa and died in Sep 1971 in Deep River, Poweshiek, IA.
ii. Beatrice Leora Coover was born in 1913 in Iowa.  She married Forrest Slaymaker (3 Nov 1902, Iowa - 1986, Iowa), son of John W. Slaymaker and Florence Emma Sheets, on 2 Jan 1933.  They had eight children.  Beatrice died 22 Oct 2009 in Des Moines, IA.
iii. Lucile Coover was born c. May 1916 in Iowa.  She was unmarried and may have died bef. 1930..
c. Walter Mathias Japhet was born in Feb. 1885 in Tama Co., IA.  He married (1) Daisie White (b. 21 Feb 1891, Cedar Rapids, Linn, IA), daughter of Theodore Delevan White and Rebecca Caroline Higus, on 22 Feb 1908 in Cedar Rapids, IA.  He married (2) Myrtle L. bef. 1928..  Walter died in 1946.
i. Ruby Japhet was born in 1908/09 in Iowa.
ii. Genevieve M. Japhet was born 14 May 1910 in Cedar Rapids, IA and died 7 Jul 1923 in Cedar Rapiuds, IA.
iii. Lloyd Lester Japhet was born 1 Oct 1912 in Waterloo, Black Hawk, IA.  He married Georgeann, prob. on 6 Mar 1963 in Post Falls, Kootenai, ID.  Lloyd died 24 Dec 1988 in Des Moines, Polk, IA.
iv. John D. Japhet was born in Jun 1928.  He married Doris Mildred.  They had two children.
d. Oliver Japhet was born in Jul 1887 in Iowa.  In 1900 he was was boarding with a family in Howard, Tama, IA.  In 1920, he was an inmate in Minnesota State Prison.  Oliver died 11 Mar 1941 in Little Rock, Pulaski, AR.
4. Amy Isabel Japhet was born in Jan 1858 in Chautauqua Co., NY.  (She was probably the daughter of Martha Ireland's sister Hannah, adopted by William and Martha when her parents died.)  She married Willis C. Boynton (b. Sep 1857, Iowa), son of Francis A. Boynton and Adaline Worsely, in 1875 in York Co., NE.  They were in Fort Calhoun Twp., Washington, NE in 1900, Lee Twp., Buena Vista, IA in 1910, and Hamilton Co., TN in 1920-30.  They and most of their children were active Seventh Day Adventist educators and missionaries..
a. Charles Elmer Boynton was born 20 or 21 Jul 1877 in Newark, York, NE.  He married Cornelia E. Peterson (9 Sep 1881, Decorah, Winneshiek, IA - 15 Mar 1966, Ooltewah, Hamilton, TN) in Jun 1912.  Charles died 17 Nov 1947 in Collegedale, Hamilton, TN.
i. Gerald W. Boynton was born 6 Apr 1913 in Tacoma, Montgomery, MD.  He married Evelyn Vaughn on 17 Jul 1934.
ii. Paul C. Boynton was born 24 Jan 1917 in Ancon, Canal Zone, Panama.  He married Ruth (15 Jan 1918, Kentucky - 29 Apr 2005, Ooltewah, KY).  They had two children.
iii. Kenneth.E. Boynton was born 30 Apr 1923 and died 14 Dec 1991.
b. Elsie Bill Boynton was born in 14 Sep 1878 in York Co., NE.  She married Elmer Washington Wolfe (1 Nov 1884, West jersey Twp, Stark, IL - Jan 1975, Ooltewah, TN), son of William P. Wolfe and Adelia Carolina Hedden, in 1904/05.  Elsie died 9 Sep 1972 in Ooltewah, TN.
i. Elmer Wendell Wolfe was born 21 May 1908 in Nebraska and died 8 Sep 1974, prob. in Oolteway, TN.
c. Mertie W. Boynton was born in Apr 1880 in York Co., NE.  She married Floyd Burton Bralliar (b. 11 Sep 1875, Iowa), son of G. Washington and Martha Bralliar, in 1903/04.
i. Alice I. Bralliar was born in 1904/05 in Iowa.
ii. Floyd Burton Bralliar, Jr. was born 25 Oct 1906 in Iowa.  He married Marcella Wuersch (16 Jan 1912 - Jun 1984).  They had three children.  Floyd died 15 Apr 1988 in Wickenburg, Maricopa, AZ.
iii. John S. Bralliar was born c. Mar 1909 in Tennessee.
iv. Max B. Bralliar was born in 1927 in Nashville, Davidson, TN.  He was a Lieutenant General in the Air Force, served as flight surgeon for several NASA lunar missions, and headed the Air Force Medical Service in 1982-85.
  d. Willis Seward (or Seward W.) Boynton was born 31 Oct 1881 in Nebraska.  He married (1) Unknown.  He married (2) Florence E. Pierce (b. 1877/78, California) in 1917.  They were in Douglasville, Douglas, GA in 1920 and in Caldwell, Canyon, ID in 1930.  They lived in Oklahoma in the 1930's and in Washington State and Oregon in the 1940's.  Willis died 1 May 1980 in Napa Co., CA.
i. Mildred Boynton was born in 1904/05 in California.
ii. Florence Boynton was born in 1906/07 in California.
iii. Robert Seward Boynton was born 28 Apr 1919 in Georgia.  He married Elizabeth Thama (18 Jul 1917 - 23 Dec 1996, La Grande, Union, OR).  Robert died 26 Dec 2000 in La Grande, Union, OR.
iv. Mary E. Boynton was born in 1920/21 in Georgia.
e. Adaline A. Boynton was born in 23 Aug 1883 (or 1884) in Nebraska.  She married Carl H. Graf (b. 1883/84, Minnesota), prob. the son of Julian and Bertha Graf, in 1906/07.  Adaline died 1 Aug 1975 in Riverside Co., CA.
i. Hazel May Graf was born in 1911/12 in New Mexico.
ii. Alma Belle Graf was born 22 Jan 1913 in New Mexico.  She married Mr. Gish.  Alma died 4 Jul 1981 in Hemet, Riverside, CA.
f. Ruth B. Boynton was born in Jul 1888 in Nebraska.  She married Charles Alfred Clifford (30 Nov 1888, Menlo, Guthrie, IA - 1952).  They lived in Beaver, Guthrie, IA.
i. Irene F. Clifford was born in 1909 in Iowa.  In 1930, she was living with her grandparents in Hamilton Co., TN.
ii. Elizabeth Clifford was born in 1912 in Iowa.
iii. Helen Clifford was born c. Apr 1915 in Iowa.
g. Burrell B. Boynton was born 17 Aug 1889 in Fort Calhoun Twp., NE.  In 1910, he was in a reformatory in Iowa.  He married Ethel (b. 1892/93, Iowa).  They lived in Webster City, Hamilton, IA.  By 1925, they had apparently divorced and Ethel was married to George W. Goodrich.  Burrell died in Feb 1970 in Pilot Mound, Boone, IA.
i. Rilla Boynton was born c. Jun 1915 in Iowa.
h. Rilla Clara (or Clara R.) Boynton was born 5 Oct 1891 in Nebraska and died 8 Jun 1977 in San Diego Co., CA.  She was unmarried.
i. Ada May Boynton was born 18 Oct 1893 in Nebraska.  She married Claude Carleton Bunch (21 Sep 1892, McKinley, Coos, OR - 3 May 1973, Lodi, San Joaquin, CA), son of William Hamilton Bunch and Elizabeth Roberts.  It appears that the marriage ended and Claude remarried in 1937.  In the late 1940's, Ada was a dietitian at a sanitarium in Sydney, Australia.  She died 19 Jun 1989 in Tulare Co., CA.
i. Louise Bunch was born in 1917 in California.
j Clifford Grant Boynton was born 2 Mar 1901 in Fort Calhoun, Washington, NE .  He married Thelma Christine Harder (b. 10 Jun 1909, Wildrose, Williams, ND), daughter of Guy Harder and Juliana Marie Olson, on 2 Feb 1928 in Long Beach, Los Angeles, CA..  Clifford died 11 May 1938 prob. in Kootenai Co., ID.
i. Patricia R. Boynton was born c. May 1929 in California.
5. Emma Georgaine Japhet was born in Oct 1859, prob. in Poland, NY.  She married Lorenzo David Finehout (Jul 1856, Michigan - 28 Nov 1922, Benton Harbor, Berrien, MI), son of David Fineout and Mary Jane Wright, on 23 Feb 1879 in Van Buren Co., MI.  By 1910, they were living in Benton Harbor, MI.  Emma died in 1934 in Michigan.
a. Thirza Finehout was born 1 Sep 1880 in Gobles, Van Buren, MI.  She married a Mr. Coleman.  Thirza died May 1980 in Berrien Springs, Berrien, MI.
b. David Albert Finehout was born in Jul 1883 in Michigan.  He married Laura Wilson (b. 1885/86, Wisconsin) on 12 Sep 1903 in Berrien Co., MI.  David died 28 Aug 1912 in Benton Harbor, MI.
i. Albert J. Finehout was born 14 Aug 1908.  He married Mary Ann Holmes on 25 Jan 1927 in Berrien Co., MI.  They had five children.  Albert died 5 Nov 1955 in Paw Paw, Van Buren, MI.
c. James Franklin (Frank) Finehout was born 29 Dec 1886.  He married Emma Harton (4 Aug 1901 - 16 Oct 1980, Niles, Berrien, MI) on 21 Jul 1928. Frank died in Nov 1962 in Michigan.
d. William Henry Finehout was born 29 Aug 1888 in Van Buren Co., MI.  He married (1) Linnie Cole (b. 1889/90, Michigan), daughter of Charles Cole and Miss Northrop, on 29 Jul 1907 in Berrien Co., MI.  He married (2) Wilmet Ruby W. McGee (21 Jan 1898, Key West, Monroe, FL - 11 Jul 1996, Harar Shores, Berrien, MI), daughter of James McGee and Amanda Grant, in 1925 in Benton Harbor, MI..  William died 28 Dec 1977 in Benton Harbor, Berrien, MI.
i. William C. Finehout was born 23 Jun 1909 in Benton Harbor, MI.  He married Helen Miller (18 Jan 1908 - Apr 1995, Traverse City, Grand Traverse, MI).  William died 8 May 1985 in Traverse City, MI.
ii. Elizabeth M. Finehout was born 24 May 1911 in Benton Harbor, MI.  She married Clark Perry.  Elizabeth died 6 Mar 1995 in South Haven, Berrien, MI.
iii. Harry Edward Finehout was born 14 Sep 1914 in Hastings, Barry, MI.  He married Vera Arene Shepardson (b. 7 Dec 1920), daughter of Guy Shepardson and Bernice Ilene Morley.  Harry died 16 Dec 1985 in Rosebush, Isabella, MI.
iv. Henry Finehout was born 22 Dec 1916 in Michigan and died in Jan 1985 in Gulfport, Harrison, MS.
v. Frances Aliene Finehout was born 9 Mar 1924.  She married Joseph Anthony-Michael Angelo.  Frances died 27 Sep 2007 in Benton Harbor, MI.
vi. Ruby Bonita Finehout was born 24 Jan 1926 in Sarasota, FL  She married Melvin B. Humphrey, Jr. (14 Jun 1926, South Bend, St. Joseph, IN - 12 Mar 1989) on 17 or 18 Feb 1947 in South Bend, IN.  They had six children.  Ruby died 23 Jan 1995 in Mishawaka, St. Joseph, IN.
vii. Imogene (Jean) R. Finehout was born 2 Nov 1927 in Sarasota, FL.  She married Lawrence K. Street (11 Apr 1923 - 2 Aug 2006, Benton Harbor, MI).  Imogene died 15 Apr 1996 in Benton Harbor, MI.
viii. Wilma Finehout was born in 1930 in Benton Harbor, MI.  She married Charles Piersing, Jr. on 24 Nov 1947 in Benton Harbor, MI.  They had one child but were divorced by Jun 1948.  Wilma died c. 1964.
ix. Lilly M. Finehout was born in 1931.  She married Mr. Lents.
ix Alda Theresa Finehout was born 12 May 1934 in Benton Harbor, MI.  She married Mr. Bradley on 26 Mar 1977 in Escambia Co., FL.  Alda died 8 Feb 2001 in Benton Harbor, MI.
xi. Donald Eugene Finehout was born 2 Jun 1936 in Benton Harbor, MI and died 7 Jun 2008 in Benton Harbor, MI.
xii. Doris Ann Finehout was born 1 Jan 1938 in Benton Harbor, MI.  She married Mr. Powell.  They had six children.  Doris died 2 Dec 2006 in Adrian, Lenawee, MI.
xiii. Mary Nell Finehout married Mr. Wheeler.
e. Chester Lorenzo Finehout was born 16 Sep 1891 in Paw Paw, Van Buren, MI.  He married Jeanette Christine Gillem (20 Jun 1900, Racine, Racine, WI - 7 May 1980, Benton Harbor, MI), daughter of Eugene Clifford Gillem and Caroline Susan Downer, on 11 Jan 1917.
i. Thirza (or Thyrza) Finehout was born in Aug 1919 in Michigan.
ii. Lois Ruth Finehout was born in 1921.  She married Raymond Earl Babcock (b. 1919).
iii. David C. Finehout was born 24 Oct 1923 in Benton Harbor, MI.  He married Laurel M. (8 Mar 1927 - 3 Dec 2000).  They had eight children.  David died 30 Nov 2008 in St. Joseph, Berrien, MI.
iv. Cora Mary Finehout was born in 1927/28.
v. Ida Finehout married Charles M. Tio.
vi. Gladys Finehout married John Patrick Murphy.  They had two children.
f. Ernest Jilles Finehout was born 5 Aug 1900 in Yankee Springs, Barry, MI.  He married Esther Ruth Guagenti (26 Oct 1911, Benton Harbor, MI - 28 Feb 1958, Benton Harbor, MI), daughter of Frank and Jennie Guagenti.  They had at least four children.  Ernest died 23 Mar 1969 in Benton Harbor, MI.
6. Ida Mae Japhet was born 24 May 1866.  She married George Dennison Elliott (15 Nov 1857 - 21 Mar 1915, York Co., NE) on 19 or 29 Oct 1879 in Illinois.  Ida died 12 Jun 1947 in York Co., NE.
a.Martha Oliva Elliott was born in 1881 in Nebraska.  She married (1) William Noble (b. 1881/82, Nebraska) in 1902/03.  She married (2) Robert A. Prohaska (15 Jun 1887 - Sep 1965, Washington), son of Anthony Prohaska and Matilda Albrecht, bef. 1920.  Martha died in 1960 in Washington.
i.George G. Noble was born in 1903/04 in Nebraska.
ii.Ruth Noble was born in 1906/07 in Nebraska.
iii.Daniel E. Noble was born 20 Jan 1912 in Nebraska.  He married Amanda F. Pohzehl (18 Dec 1919, Seward Co., NE - 19 Jan 1996, Loveland, Latimer, CO), daughter of Carl William J. Pohzehl and Anna K. Fehlhafer, on 20 Oct 1942.  Daniel died 28 Mar 1982 in Loveland, CO.
iv.Robert E. Prohaska was born 11 Jan 1920 in Nebraska.  He married Opal L. (b. 1922).  Robert died 12 Sep 2003 in Spokane, Spokane, WA.
b. William Isaac Elliott was born 30 Jan 1885 in Nebraska.  He married Verna Menin (18 Feb 1884, Kansas - 26 Jan 1965, Santa Cruz Co, CA) c. 1907.  They lived in York Co., NE.  William died 30 Sep 1955 in Santa Cruz Co., CA.
i.Morris W. Elliott was born in 1910/11 in Nebraska.
ii.Ethel M. Elliott was born c. Apr 1919 in Nebraska.
c. Elmer Earl Elliott was born 30 Sep 1888 in York Co., NE.  He married Grace Jane Rood (24 Jun 1897, Ainsley, Custer, NE - 18 Mar 1970, Canyonville, Douglas, OR), daughter of Robert James Rood and Mary Caroline Colyer (or Collier), on 10 Sep 1913 in Lincoln, NE.  Elmer died 6 Nov 1959 in Richmond, Contra Costa, CA.
i. Edwin Elmer Elliott was born 25 Aug 1914 in York, York, NE and died 14 May 1990.
ii. Virginia Mae Elliott was born 28 Apr 1917 in York, NE and died in 1963.
iii.Guy William Elliott was born 10 Dec 1919 in Nebraska and died 25 Apr 1994 in Upland, San Bernardino, CA.
iv.Thomas K. Elliott was born in 1920/21.
v.Margerie Elliott was born in 1924/25.
vi.(Daughter) Elliott.
d.Mabel E. Elliott was born 24 Apr 1891 in Nebraska.  She married Joseph Wilson (prob. 12 Dec 1878, Kentucky - 6 Nov 1961, Sacramento Co., CA).  Mabel died 3 Nov 1959 in Sa ramento Co., CA
i.Mary Wilson was born in 1910 in Nebraska.
ii.Dennis E. Wilson was born 25 Jan 1913 in Nebraska.  He married Edith J. (b. 1916).  Dennis died 1 May 2000 in Sacramento, Sacramento, CA.
iii.Joe W. Wilson was born 3 Mar 1916 in Nebraska and died 8 May 1954 in Sacramento Co., CA.
iv.Helen Wilson was born in Jul/Aug 1918 in Nebraska.
B. Julia Japhet was born in 1827/28.  She married David Peaslee or Peasley (b. 1813, Canadea, Allegany, NY), son of Peter and Elizabeth Peaslee.  In 1850, they were living next door to William Japhet in Poland, Chautauqua, NY.
1. Albert Peaslee was born c. Jan 1850 in Peaslee Hill, PA.
C. Charles S. Japhet was born in 1828/29 in Chenango Co., NY.  He married Mary Sarah Gates (1833, Yates Co., NY - 15 Aug 1913).  They were in East Bloomfield, Ontario, NY in 1850, in Manchester, Ontario, NY in 1854, in Phelps, Ontario, NY in 1860, and in Hopewell, Ontario, NY in 1865. They moved to Freesoil, Mason, MI in 1871, and Charles died there that same year.  (Mary was remarried to John Gray on 6 Aug 1872 in Mason County, MI.)
1. George Japhet was born in 1850 in Ontario Co., NY.  He probably married his third cousin, Elizabeth A. Hall.  (See family under Elizabeth.)
2. Charles W. Japhet was born in 1852/53 in Ontario Co., NY.  He probably married (1) his second cousin, Emma Padgett on 4 Jan 1871, poss. in Otsego Co., NY, and moved with her to Michigan.  (See family under Emma.)  He married (2) Ruby Jane Osborne on 23 Feb 1874 in Ludington, Mason, MI.  They had one daughter but were apparently soon divorced.  He married (3) Alice Finehout (b. Oct 1857) on 16 Nov 1877 in Van Buren Co., MI.  (Alice was probably the sister of Lorenzo Finehout, who married Charles' cousin Emma Japhet.)  Charles died bet. 1910 and 1920.
a.Dollie E. Japhet was born in Mar 1875 in Michigan.  She married Tennyson (Tennie) E. Moore (Jan 1871, Ohio - 1938), son of Ezra and Lois Moore, on 20 Jun 1895 in Ludington, Mason, MI.  They lived in Victory, Mason, MI.
i.Myrtle Moore was born in Apr 1896 in Michigan.
ii.Edith or Ida Moore was born in Sep 1898 in Michigan.
iii.Gertrude Moore was born in Mar 1900 in Michigan.
iv.Robert Moore was born in 1902 in Michigan/
v.Leslie Moore was born 19 May 1910 in Michigan and died 29 Oct 1979 in Victory, MI.
vi.Iva Jane Moore was born in 1912 in Michigan.
b.Charles Henry Japhet was born 18 Apr 1885 in Pine Grove, Van Buren, MI.  He maried Bessie A. Gruber (13 Mar 1889, Michigan - May 1973, Shelbyville, Allegan, MI), daughter of Jacob and Annis Gruber, on 14 Oct 1909 in Chicago, Cook, IL.  They lived in South Haven, Van Buren, MI and were in Cheboygan Co., MI by 1930.
i.Henry Harold Japhet was born 16 Jun 1912 in Michigan and died 3 Sep 1964, prob. in Allegan Co., MI.
ii.Helen A. Japhet was born 16 Oct 1916 in Michigan.  She married Glennie Elsworth Shook (12 Aug 1908 - 8 Nov 1993, Martin, Allegan, MI).  Helen died 20 May 1991.
iii.Carl Raymond Japhet was born 24 Dec 1920 in Michigan.  He  married Virginia M. (6 Mar 1918 - 9 Feb 1993, Otsego, Allegan, MI) in Duval, FL.  Carl died 1 Nov 1998 in Otsego, MI.
iv.Evelyn T. Japhet was born in 1924.
c.Clarence Japhet was born 17 Feb 1887 in Michigan and died 30 Jul 1904, prob. in Van Buren Co., MI.
d. Mary E. Japhet was born 15 Dec 1892 in Pine Grove, MI.  She married Harvey H.Wilkinson (29 Oct 1885, Kentucky - 22 May 1963, Onaway, Presque Isle, MI), son of Jacob Wilkinson and Fronia Musgrove, on 4 Apr 1911 in Paw Paw, Van Buren, MI.
i.Charles H. Wilkinson was born 28 Nov 1913 in Michigan and died 17 Feb 1997 in Amasa, Iron, MI..
ii.Leslie R. Wilkinson was born 17 Nov 1916 in Michigan.  He married Dona Mae Comfort (b. 1922/23), daughter of William A. and Lillian M. Comfort.  Leslie died in Oct 1995 in Onaway, MI.
iii.Marie C. Wilkinson was born in 1920 in Michigan.
3. Jane Japhet was born 8 Dec 1854 in Ontario Co., NY and died 17 Feb 1857.
4. Alice J. Japhet was born in 1856/57, prob. in Hopewell, Ontario, NY.  She married Luther M. Spoor (c. 1845, Ontario Co., NY - 1938, Ontario Co., NY) on 7 Dec 1871 in Freesoil, Mason, MI.  Alice died 30 Aug 1889 in Manchester, Ontario, NY.
a. Rose May Spoor was born 14 Feb 1872 in New York and died in 1888.
b. Ralph R. Spoor was born in Oct 1876 in New York.  He married Emma A. (b. Jun 1873, New York) in 1893.  They lived in Ontario,Yates, and Wayne counties.
i. Clarence Alonzo Spoor was born 8 Sep 1896 in New York.  He married Laura L. (12 Jan 1899, New York - Aug 1975, Canandaigua, Ontario, NY) in 1919.  Clarence died 1 Feb 1971 in Canandaigua, NY.
A. Ralph L. Spoor was born 13 Apr 1921 in New York and died 20 Jan 1995 in Canandaigua, NY.
B. Donald L. Spoor was born 1 Oct 1926 in New York.  He married Ann P. Veit (6 Jun 1926 - Jan 1992), prob. the daughter of Theodore Veit and Permelia Hilsinger, c. 20 Apr 1949.  They had three children.  Donald died 8 Jun 2009 in Canandaigua, NY.
c. Charles Luther Spoor was born in May 1877 in New York.  He married Maude E. (b. Jul 1883, Iowa) in 1897/98.  Charles prob. died bef. 1920 and Maude married John D. Mosier of Rochester, Monroe, NY.
i. Cornelia Spoor was born in Apr 1899 in New York.
ii. Viola A. Spoor was born in 1901/02 in New York.
iii. Helen M. Spoor was born in 1903/04 in New York.
iv. Charles Luther Spoor, Jr. was born 1 Apr 1910 in New York.  He married Marion G. Nye (14 Nov 1916 - 11 Jul 2008, Geneva, Ashtabula, OH), daughter of Edward A. Nye and Frances Shaw.  They had eight children.  Charles died in Dec 1981 in Geneva, OH.
v. John V.B. Spoor was born in 1911/12 in New York.
d. Thomas Richard Spoor was born in 1880/81 in New York.  He married Maude Hall (b.c. 1885, New York), daughter of William and Hellen Hall, in 1900/01.   Thomas and Maude may have separated c.1910/11.  Thomas died bef. 1920.
i. Iva B. Spoor was born in 1903/04 in New York.  In 1920, she was living with her grandfather, Luther Spoor.
ii. Ralph William (later William Herbert) Spoor was born 19 Jul 1907 in Middlesex, Yates, NY.  He married Dorothy Mary Kakritz.  William died in 1957.
iii. Viola Mae Spoor was born in 1914/15 in New York.
e. Etta Spoor was born 25 Oct 1884.
f. Harriet Spoor died in 1896.
5. Etta May Japhet was born in 1869/70.  She appears on the 1880 census for Freesoil, MI with her mother and stepfather as "Ettie M. Gray."  She was married by 1886, but her husband's name is unknown.
D. Lucinda Japhet was born in 1829/30.  She married William B. Dobson (1820/21, England - 1858, Binghamton, Broome, NY) on 27 Aug 1848 in New Hartford, Oneida, NY.  In 1850, they were living in Chenango Co., NY.
III. Olive Shapley was born c. 1808 in Guilford, NY.  She married William West, Jr. (1809/10, England - aft. 1870) on 26 Oct 1847.  Olive died 26 May 1887, prob. in Coventry, Chenango, NY.
A. Martha A. West was born c. 1847 in New York.  She was still unmarried and living in Coventry, NY in 1900.
IV. Sarah (Sally) Garner Shapley was born in 1810 in Guilford, NY and died 16 Feb 1846.
V. Joseph William Shapley was born 27 Jun 1812 in Oxford or Guilford, NY.  He married Frances Ann Allen (30 Sep 1824 - 11 Oct 1897) on 25 Apr 1852 in Oxford, NY.  Joseph died 7 Jan 1867.
A. Jabez (Jabe) Shapley was born 9 Feb 1853 in New York.  He married Elnora (L'Nora) Sweet (23 Dec 1856, New York - 26 Apr 1926, Johnson City, NY), daughter of Nelson and Altana Sweet, in Sep 1873.  Jabez died 2 Mar 1921.
1. Thomas W. Shapley was born 10 Apr 1874.  He married Catherine Sheriden (1877/78, Norwich, Chenango, NY - 5 Mar 1915), daughter of Thomas and Catherine Sheriden, in Feb 1915.  Thomas died 21 Dec 1915 in Norwich, NY.
2. Susan Amelia Shapley was born in Feb 1876 in New York.  She married (1) Evans D. Sherman (b. Jul 1869, New York) in 1892/93.  She married (2) William Merton Sargent or Sergeant (5 Dec 1868 - aft. 1920), son of Sylvester Curtis Sargent and Ellen L. Sherwood, c. 1901 in Norwich, Chenango, NY.  Susan died 4 May 1917 in Oxford, NY, and in 1920 the children were living with various families.
a. Jennie M. Sherman was born in Oct 1892 in New York.
b. Mildred E.A. Sherman was born in Sep 1899 in New York.
c. Eileen/Elnora/Ellen Sergeant was born 11 May 1902 in Norwich, NY.  She married Frederick Bennett Rury (29 Mar 1898, Driftwood, Cameron, PA - 15 Jan 1961, Johnson City, Broome, NY), son of William Rury and Grace Bennett, in 1921.  Eileen died in 1987 in Broome Co., NY.
i. Betty Jean Rury was born 23 Feb 1923 in Johnson City, Broome, NY.  She married Loren Griswold (5 Dec 1908, New York - 31 Aug 1989, San Jose, Santa Clara, CA).  They had two daughters.  Betty died 7 Jan 1998 in San Jose, Santa Clara, CA.
ii. Frederick Bennett Rury, Jr. was born 11 Nov 1925 in Johnson City, NY.  He married Elizabeth Kozik (3 Jan 1919 - 12 Aug 2001).  They had two children.  Frederick died 1 May 2004 in Binghamton, Broome, NY.
d. Stanley J. Sargent was born in 1905 in New York.  He married Myrea L. Carrier (b. 1902/03, Michigan), daughter of Floyd M. and Edith N. Carrier.
e. Russell M. Sargent was born 21 Dec 1905 in New York.  He married Ruby B. (b. 1912/13, Michigan)  in 1928.  Russell died Dec 1975 in Norwich, NY.
f. Hazel V. Sargent was born in 1907 in New York
3. Libbie Mae Shapley was born in Jun 1877.  She married (1) her third cousin, Olin H. (Henry O.) Wooster (b. Feb 1876, New York), son of George W. Wooster and Mary A. Gaffney, on 20 Nov 1894.  In 1900, they were living with Evans and Susie Sherman.  They divorced and Libbie married (2) Merton Richmond Church (b. 30 Jun 1882, New York) in 1903.  They lived in Oxford, Chenango, NY.  Libbie died 6 May 1934.
a. Goldie S. Wooster was born in Jun 1895 in New York.
b. Henry Wooster was born in 1896/97 in New York.
4. Friend W. Shapley was born 16 Jan 1879 and died 25 Aug 1879.
5. Howard Allen Shapley was born 18 Nov 1880.  He married (1) Mabel Lindsey (b. 1887, New York) in 1904/05.  They were divorced 2 Feb 1917.  He married (2) Maude Carner (b. Jul 1897, New York), daughter of Loren and Rena Carner.  They were divorced in 1927.  He married (3) Katherine Bethka (29 Oct 1901, Germany - 14 Sep 1981) in 1928.  He and Katherine had two children.  Howard died 13 Feb 1939, prob. in Chenango Co., NY. 
6. Joseph Nelson Shapley was born 13 Dec 1891.  He married Freda Osterhout (Jun 1890, prob. Binghamton, Broome, NY - Aug 1975), daughter of Arthur and Edna Osterhout, on 30 Apr 1921.  Joseph died 28 Feb 1966 in Binghamton, Broome, NY.
a. Jane Corrine Shapley was born 2 Jun1922.  She married Maurice J. Plumley (5 Mar 1916 - 19 Oct 2002, Potsdam, Saint Lawrence, NY).  They had two children.  Jane died 11 Aug 2004 in Potsdam, NY.
B. Keeler Edwin Shapley was born 12 Jan 1855.  He married Sarah Myra Lyon (28 Dec 1860, Oxford, NY - 1936), daughter of Charles Leroy Lyon and Elvira D. Landers, on 16 Feb 1877 in Coventry, NY.  Keeler died 31 May 1931 in Oxford, NY.
1. Mattie A. Shapley was born 19 Nov 1877.  She married Isaac Woods (12 Apr 1874, prob. Oxford, NY - Jan 1969, Binghamton, Broome, NY), son of William and Lovila Woods, on 4 Jul 1895 in Chenango Co., NY.  Mattie died 22 Jun 1906. 
a. Ralph Woods was born 7 Aug 1898.  He married Mabel E. Cox, daughter of Martin Cox and Emma Blend, in 1924/25 in Delaware Co., NY.  Ralph died in 1938.
b Celia Woods was born 22 Jun 1900.  She married her cousin Claude Manwarren (13 Apr 1896 - Oct 1979, Bainbridge, NY) on 22 Sep 1922.  Celia died Dec 1981 in Bainbridge, NY.  (See family under Claude.)
c. Ina Woods was prob. born 7 Mar 1902 and died in Oct 1984 in Bainbridge, NY.
2. Florence May Shapley was born 23 Dec 1883.  She married Ralph Charles Hinman (9 Feb 1882, Coventryville, NY - 15 Aug 1950, Norwich, NY), son of Fred Ludern Hinman and Martha Cumber, on 26 Nov 1902 in Bainbridge, NY.  (Ralph was the brother of Ella May Hinman who married Ray Manwarren.)  Florence died in Jul 1957, prob. in Oxford or Bainbridge, NY.
a.  Mary M. Hinman was born 26 Nov 1902 in Oxford, NY and died young.
b. Marion Hinman was born c. 1904
c. Grant Hinman was born 19 Aug 1905.  He married Ethel Harvey (30 Jun 1905 - Dec 1969).  Grant died 23 Dec 1960, in Bainbridge, NY.
i. Grant Laverne Hinman was born 12 Aug 1936.  He married Julia Madeline Gage, daughter of Louis B. Gage and Gertrude Matie DeForest, on 29 Sep 1956 in Guilford, Chenango, NY.  They had six children.  Grant died 1 Sep 1999 in Mount Upton, Chenango, NY.
ii. Marjorie Hinman married Wallace L. Babcock.
d. Gertrude Mae Hinman was born 3 Mar 1907.  She married Lester David Woods (9 Jan 1898 - Jan 1986, Bainbridge, NY), son of Simon and Cora J. Woods, in 1927.  Gertrude died 22 Jul 1989.
i. Dorothy Woods
ii. Marjorie Woods was born 15 Jan 1933.  She married Mr. Sanford.  Marjorie died 8 Feb 1993 in Bainbridge, Chenango, NY.
iii. Hazel M. Woods was born 22 Jun 1936 in Oxford, Chenango, NY.   She married Robert F. Newman (b. 1931) on 19 Oct 1957 in Bainbridge, NY.  They had two children.  Hazel died 16 Sep 2001 in Greenville, SC.
iv. Ivan R. Woods was born 5 Mar 1939.  He married Janet S. Becker (22 Dec 1939, Rossville, NY - 3 Sep 1999, Coventry, Chenango, NY), daughter of Frederick W. Becker and Ethel L. Kunath, on 7 Jun 1958 in Guilford, Chenango, NY.  They had two children.  Ivan died 17 Feb 2000 in Afton, Chenango, NY.
v. Harold Woods was born in 1943.  He married Donna.  They had one child.
e. Fred E. Hinman was born 7 Jun 1910 in Oxford, NY.  He married Flora (Flossie) Law (8 Jun 1913 - 21 Oct 2006, Oxford, NY).  They had six children.  Fred died in Nov 1984 in Norwich, NY.
3. Mary M. Shapley died young.
4. Ross Shapley was born 3 Jul 1889 in Oxford, NY.  He married Anna Alexandria Smith (4 Jul 1898 - 1993, Bainbridge, NY), daughter of Henry Chancellor Smith and Mary Davis. 
a. Mary Sarah Shapley was born 1 Jun 1926.  She married Robert Eldon Martin (25 Mar 1924 - 15 Aug 1978), Norwich, Chenango, NY), son of Eldon Moscrip Martin and Mabel Blanche Clark on 5 Oct 1945.  They had four children.
5. Ernest Shapley was born 24 Jun 1894 in Oxford, NY.  He married (1) Edna Clark (b. 1896).  They had three children and were then divorced.  He married (2) Elizabeth Daisy Wood (21 Dec 1924 - 16 Jul 1992), daughter of Jesse Leroy Wood and Louisa May Jackson, on 23 Jun 1945.  They had seven children.  Ernest died 19 August 1962 in Norwich, Chenango, NY.
a. Kermit G. Shapley was born 23 Oct 1915 in Oxford, NY.  He married Lillian Herbert (11 Oct 1917 - 22 Nov 1996, Oneonta, Otsego, NY) in 1938 in Oneonta, NY.  They had five children.  Kermit died 28 Oct 1999 in Otsego Co., NY.
b. Fenton T. Shapley was born 31 Mar 1920.  He married (1) Unknown by 1945 in Chandler, Henderson, TX.  They had one child.  He married Mary E. Thorp (21 Feb 1924 - Mar 1984, Henderson, TX) on 1 Feb 1969 in Smith Co., TX.  Fenton died 14 Dec 2001 in Chandler, TX.
c. Payson Shapley was born in 1922 and died in 1929.
C. Amelia Shapley was born in Jan 1857 and died 29 Aug 1867.
D. Grace A. Shapley was born in Dec 1859 in Oxford, NY.  She married (1) Franklin Sweet (b. 1851/52, New York), son of Nelson and Altana Sweet, bef. 1880.  She married (2) Mr. Horton bef. 1897. 
E. Sherwood Shapley was born in 1863 in Oxford, NY.  He married Mary Abigail Doolittle (b. 29 Sep 1863, Oxford, Chenango, NY), daughter of Abel Stoddard Doolittle and Deborah Ann Lyon, on 9 Jul 1881.  Sherwood died 14 Oct 1888.  Mary married Frank D. Morey on 25 Dec 1899 and they lived in Hamilton, Madison, NY.
1. Joseph Shapley was born aft. 1880 and died 5 Mar 1883.
2. Harold Blain Shapley was born 26 Sep 1884 in Oxford, NY. He married Elva J. Booth (23 Apr 1890, New York - 21 Dec 1964), daughter of Jeremiah Booth and Francella Thompson, on 28 Nov 1912 in Earlville, Madison, NY.  Harold died 18 Apr 1964 in Earlville, NY.
a. Eleanor Jean Shapley was born 24 Aug 1914 in New York.  She married Karl L. Grant (24 Jun 1913 - 11 Nov 1993, Liberty, Sullivan, NY) on 28 Jan 1961.
b. Virginia Maude Shapley was born 2 Mar1917 in Earlville, NY.  She married Neil Wilder Trueworthy (b. 19 Sep 1913, New York), son of John W. Trueworthy and Cornelia Van Arnam, on 17 May 1941.  They had one child.
3. Harrison Sherwood Shapley was born 17 Mar 1888.  He married Hazel Lyon in Jun 1918.  Harrison died 16 Oct 1918.
VI. David Utter Shapley was born 9 Nov 1813 in Oxford or Guilford, NY and died 7 Feb 1874.  He was apparently unmarried.
VII. Martha Anna Shapley was born 23 Jun 1815 in Oxford or Guilford, NY.  She married Lewis Benjamin Horton (b. 25 May 1817, Columbus, NY), son of Benjamin and Peninah Horton, on 13 Feb 1850 in Coventry, Chenango, NY.
A. Albert Lewis Horton was born 3 Aug 1854.  He married Ella Thompson.  Albert prob. died bef. 1880 and Ella married Alton A. Rathbun.
1. Leslie Albert Horton was born 21 Sep 1874.  In 1880, he was living with his grandparents.  He married Mertie Winston (b. Sep 1872, New York), daughter of Charles G. and Sarah Winston, in 1891.  They lived in Coventry, Chenango, NY.
a. Sarah Horton was born in 1905/06 in New York.  She married Mr. Whitney.
VIII. James Shapley was born 29 Oct 1816 in Oxford or Guilford, Chenango, NY.  He married (1) Delilah Mickle (1822, Otsego Co. NY - 14 Apr 1875, Norwich, NY) on 20 Jul 1842.  He married (2) Mrs. Alvira M. Farrell (b. 1836/37) on 29 Aug 1875 in Norwich, Chenango, NY.  In 1880, they were living in Oxford, NY.  James died 22 Feb 1884.
A. Mary Ellen (or Ellen M.) Shapley was born in Dec 1843 in Oxford, NY.  She married Homer F. Blanchard (1848/49, Franklin, Delaware, NY - 1913/15, Franklin, NY), son of Ezra and Maria Blanchard, on 1 Jan 1873, prob. in Oneonta, Otsego, NY.  In 1920, Ellen was living with her son George.
1. George Blanchard was born in Mar 1874 in New York.  He married Mary R. (b. 1881) in 1902/03.  In 1920 and 1930, they were not living together.  George died in 1945.
2. Ada Blanchard was born in Dec 1875.  She lived in Oneonta, Otsego, NY and never married.  Ada died in 1940.
3. Leslie Blanchard was born in 1877/78 and died bef. 1900.
4. Robert Lee Blanchard was born 18 Jun 1883 in New York.  He married Nellie Martin (b. 1881, New York) in 1905.  They lived in Franklin, Delaware, NY.
a. Lavern L. Blanchard was born 14 Nov 1908 in New York and died in Dec 1970 in Franklin, NY.
b. Bernice B. Blanchard was born in 1914/15 in New York.
5. Nettie Blanchard was born in Sep 1887 in New York.  She married Will Gardner.
B. John Darius Shapley was born 11 Apr 1846 in Oxford, NY.  He married Mary Jane Davis (19 Jan 1849 - 19 Feb 1919) on 6 Jan 1869 in Bainbridge, NY.  John died 20 Dec 1906.
1. Eva A. Shapley was born 1 Oct 1869 in New York and died 11 Oct 1928 in Bainbridge, NY.  She never married.
2. Merritt M. Shapley was born 2 Dec 1871 and died 15 Mar 1872.
3. Fred Adelbert Shapley was born 1 May 1876 in New York.  He married Ena Marie Watkins (b. 1879, Owego, Tioga, NY), daughter of Charles and Eugenia Watkins, on 3 Mar 1906 in San Diego, CA.  Fred died 17 Oct 1930.
a. Eugene Davis Shapley was born 3 Dec 1909 in California.  He married (1) LaOme (Lois) Gibson (14 Feb 1910, Illinois - 12 Mar 1970, San Diego, CA) on 2 Oct 1937.  They had one son.  He married (2) Florence Lane on 27 Dec 1970.  Eugene died in Sep 1979 in Santee, CA.
C. James Watson Shapley was born 10 Jun 1848 in Oxford, Chenango, NY.  He married (1) Minerva Hillard (1855, McDonough, Chenango, NY - 26 Dec 1886, Florida, Orange, NY), daughter of Alonzo Hillard (or Hilliard) and Mary Gates, c. 1873.  He married (2) his cousin Laura A. Walker (6 Dec 1848, New York - 26 Sep 1945, Norwich, Chenango, NY) in 1888/89.  James died 1 Jun 1932 in Oxford, NY.
1. Anne Elizabeth Shapley was born in Oct 1874 in Oxford, NY.  She married William Henry Cook (b. 1857, New York), son of James G. and Mary Cook, on 6 Jun 1900.  By 1920, they were in Jacksonville, Duval, FL.
a. Lillian M. Cook was born in 1907/08 in New York.
2. Delilah Shapley was born in 1876 in Champlain, Clinton, NY.
3. Burton Shapley was born in Jun 1879, prob. in Sanford, Broome, NY.
4. Lillian (Lily) L. Shapley was born in Sep 1881 in Champlain, NY. She married William Guile (1882/83, New York - bef. 1920) in 1903/04.. 
5. Pearl Shapley was born in Jan 1884 in Champlain, NY or Florida, NY.  She married Harry Hayer Hawk (Houck) (4 Feb 1878, Hancock, Delaware, NY - 19 Jan 1958, Binghamton, NY) on 10 Jun 1908 in Binghamton, NY.  Pearl died 24 Jan 1977 in Johnson City, Broome, NY.
a. George Watson Hawk was born 28 Nov 1910.  He married Iris Sullivan (4 Sep 1910 - 28 May 2002, Lancaster or Buffalo, Erie, NY.)  They had one daughter.  George died 21 Oct 1989.
b. Laura Jane Hawk was born 4 Oct 1913.  She married Michael Sedor (15 Sep 1903 - Dec 1991, Johnson City, NY.)  Laura died 1 Dec 2001 in Johnson City, NY.
D. Francis (Frank) M. Shapley was born 14 Feb 1853 in Oxford, Chenango, NY.  He married Helen Nichols (2 Jan 1856, Oxford, NY - 17 Mar 1925, Coventry, Chenango, NY), daughter of John and Margaret Nichols, on 9 Feb 1876 in Greene, Chenango, NY.  (Helen was the sister of Martha Nichols, who married Henry Augustus Baxter.)  Francis died 20 Jan 1920 in Oxford, NY.
1. James Oscar Shapley was born in Feb 1876 in Oxford, NY.  He married Lottie Gilbert (1881-1903) on 20 Feb 1901.  James died 9 Jul 1901 in Coventry, NY.
2. Harriet (Hattie) Mae Shapley was born 1 Dec 1878.  She married Frank Johnson (b.  Sep 1882, New York) on 19 Sep 1906.  Harriet died 21 Sep 1974 in Tampa, Hillsborough, FL.
a. Stewart A. Johnson was born in 1907/08.  He married Evelyn.
b. Leonard A. Johnson was born in 1910/11.  He married Elinor Keeler.
3. Ward Lloyd Shapley was born 4 Jul 1880.  He married Bertha S. Pancoast (1881/82,New York - bef. 11 Apr 1945), daughter of William Pancoast and Anna Harrison, in 1907/08.  They lived in Norwich/North Norwich, Chenango, NY.  Ward died 4 Mar 1961 in Oxford, NY.
a. Nelson Pancoast Shapley was born 10 Aug 1908.  He married Kathryn E. Owen (11 Aug 1907 - 5 Jan 2000, Chambersburg, Franklin PA) bef. 1931.  They had one child.  Nelson died 8 Sep 1995 in Chambersburg, PA.
4. Nellie Cady Shapley was born 26 May 1882.  She married William Monroe Merrell (1880/81, Ohio - 2 May 1960) on 15 Jan 1902.  Nellie died 12 Feb 1975 in Afton, Chenango, NY.
a. Mildred Helena Merrell was born 1 Jul 1904 in Coventry, NY.  She was unmarried.  Mildred died 23 Mar 1999 in Afton, NY.
b. Ward Atherton Merrell was born 16 Dec 1918.  He married Elaine Mettie Wadsworth (b. 1921/22, poss. Onondaga Co., NY) on 5 Aug 1944 in Florida.  Ward died 21 Oct 1982 in Ithaca, Tompkins, NY.
5. Charles Lavern Shapley was born 7 Mar 1885 in Oxford, NY.  He married Elizabeth Katherine Pfeil (23 Dec 1886, Eppingen, Baden, Germany - 28 Oct 1965, Cortland, NY) on 26 Feb 1913.  Charles died 9 Jun 1973 in Dryden, Tompkins, NY.
a. Henry Charles Shapley was born 14 Apr 1915 in Oxford, NY.  He married  Anna Catherine Donahue (b. 1920) on 10 Nov 1945 in Endicott, NY.  They had three children.
6. Howard Clinton Shapley was born 2 Sep 1886 and died 16 Mar 1930 in Coventry, Chenango, NY.  He was unmarried.
7. Gertie Shapley was born 21 Jul 1888 and died 26 Sep 1888.
8. Gertrude Angie Shapley was born 17 Oct 1889.  She married Ellis LaVerne Ingersoll (2 Jun 1891, Oxford, NY - May 1985, Bainbridge, NY), son of Washington Edelbert Ingersoll and Eva Tuttle, on 30 Sep 1914.  They were childless.  Gertrude died Apr 1981 in Coventry, NY.
9. Benjamin Harrison Shapley was born 22 Sep 1891.  He married Ellen Beatrice Van Dusen (28 Mar 1905, Sanford, Broome, NY - 21 Jan 1995, Mission Viejo, Orange, CA), daughter of Robert Elmer Van Dusen and Harriet Hartwell, on 19 Jan 1924 in Afton, NY.  They may have been divorced, since Ellen appears in later records under her maiden name.  Benjamin died 5 Jun 1947 in Binghamton, Broome, NY.
a. Robert Benjamin Shapley was born in 1924 in Afton, NY and died in infancy.
b. Betty May Shapley was born 31 Oct 1924.  She married (1) Manuel Lozez on 1 Mar 1948 in Reno, NV. She married (2) John Paul Bonk (b. 1931) on 17 May 1958 in Orange Co., CA.
c. Irving James Shapley was born 9 Mar 1927 in New York and died 11 Dec 1983 in Pennsylvania.
d. Francis Ward Shapley was born 9 Oct 1928 in Chenango Co., NY.  He married Florence Jean LeBlanc, daughter of William and Wilfred LeBlanc.  They had two children.  Francis died 17 Feb 1983 in Redondo Beach, Los Angeles, CA.
e. Victor Eugene Shapley was born 4 Apr 1931 in Binghamton, NY and died 2 Jan 1998 in El Monte, Los Angeles, CA.
f. Arlene Dennise Shapley was born in 1936 in Binghamton, NY.  She married Richard Edward Clarke.
10. Everett Junior Shapley was born 18 Jun 1895.  He married Florence Elizabeth Baldwin (1 Sep 1893 - Mar 1980), daughter of Denison Wilbur Baldwin and Mertie Belle Blancher, on 5 Dec 1918 in Coventry, NY.  Everett died 15 Feb 1976 in Norwich, NY.
a. Vera Shapley died in infancy.
b. Wilbur Francis Shapley was born 8 Aug 1920 in Oxford, NY.  He married Madora Lillian Carter (10 Dec 1927 - 25 Nov 1997, Oxford, NY) on 30 Mar 1946.  They had two children.  Wilbur died 9 Jul 1989 in Oxford, NY.
c. Gerald Wayne Shapley was born 19 Sep 1925 in Norwich, NY.  He married Mary Lou Voorhis on 28 Jun 1947.  They had three children.  Gerald died 27 Mar 1985 in Norwich, NY.
d. Thelma Mertie Shapley was born 27 Apr 1927 in Guilford, Chenango, NY.  She married John Homovich.  They had six children.  Thelma died 3 May 2010 in Norwich, NY.
11. Margaret E. Shapley was born 11 Mar 1898 in Oxford, NY and died in 1926 in New York, NY.  She was unmarried.
E. George W. Shapley was born 14 Feb 1856 in Oxford, NY. He married (1) Elizabeth Rounds (1850/51 - 22 Sep 1892).  He married (2) Grace Badger (b. Feb 1878), daughter of James A. and Mary Badger, on 19 Feb 1893.  George died 27 Feb 1899 in Oxford, Chenango, NY and Grace was remarried to Howard L. Thornton.
1. Bertha M. Shapley was born 25 Jan 1894 in New York.  She married Claude Youngs (9 Apr 1889 New York - Jun 1965) on 12 Feb 1909, prob. in Chenango Co., NY.  By 1920, they were living in Whistletown, Oneida, NY.  Bertha died in Nov 1979 in Utica, Oneida, NY.
a. Emma C. Youngs was born c. Sep 1909 in New York.
b. Hilda G. Youngs was born in 1911/12 in New York.
c. Richard C. Youngs was born c. Jul 1917 in New York.
d. Alma J. Youngs was born in 1922/23 in New York.
2. Lidah Shapley was born 5 Sep 1895 in Greene, NY and died 3 Oct 1895 in Greene, NY.
3. Lovella (Lulu) M. Shapley was born 12 Sep 1896 in Greene, NY.  She married Clarence Edward Shoemaker (b. 6 Oct 1893, Meshoppen, Wyoming, PA), son of Charley and Ida M. Shoemaker, on 9 Sep 1914.  In 1930, their children were living with Bertha and Claude Youngs.
i. Lawrence Shoemaker was born 27 Jun 1915 in New York and died in Dec 1985 in Utica, Oneida, NY.
ii. Pauline Shoemaker was born c. May 1918 in New York.
4. Dora May Shapley was born 12 Sep 1896 in Greene, NY and died bef. 1900.
5. (Daughter) Shapley was born in 1897/98 and died 2 Oct 1898 in Greene, NY.
F. Eugene Ethan Shapley was born in Sep 1859 in Oxford, NY.  He married Alice Blanchard (b. Jan 1862, New York), daughter of Ezra and Maria Blanchard, in 1882.  (Alice was the sister of Homer F. Blanchard, who married Eugene's sister Mary Ellen.)  They lived in Laurens, Otsego, NY and then in Oneonta, Otsego, NY.  They had two children who died young.  Eugene died 9 Jul 1920.
G.. Elmore (Elmer) Ellsworth Shapley was born in May 1860.  He married Etta S. Cumber (Nov 1865, New York - 1953), daughter of Charles and Phoebe Cumber, in 1881/82.  They lived in Coventry, Chenango, NY.  Elmore died 27 Mar 1916.
1. Earl Willard Shapley was born in Jun 1883.  He married Lena Maude Lyon (21 Feb 1881, New York - 15 Aug 1966, Afton, Chenango, NY) in 1904/05.  Earl died 9 Oct 1935.
a. Irene Ada Shapley was born 23 Apr 1907 in Afton, NY.  She married Charles Reiling (26 Oct 1900 - Feb 1969, Afton, NY) on 29 Jun 1932 in Binghamton, NY.  They had one child.  Irene died 7 Nov 1998 in Afton, NY.
2. Lena Shapley was born 13 Apr 1886.  She married Mr. Hale or Barrett.  Lena died in 1952.
3. Leon Shapley was born 13 Apr 1886 and died 23 Oct 1886 in Coventry, NY.
H. Elvena (or Alvena) Shapley was born in May 1862.  She married Millard A. Fleming (b. 3 May 1858, Oxford, NY - bef. 1920), son of Andrew M. Fleming and Catharine Russell..
1. Lena B. Fleming was born in Aug 1885, prob. in Chenango Co., NY.  She married James F. Race (26 Nov 1888, New York - Jul 1968, Greene, Chenango, NY), son of Frank Joseph Race and Emma Amelia Crandall, in 1908/09.  (James was the brother of Olive Mae Race.)  They lived in Oxford, Chenango, NY.
a. Catherine E. Race was born 14 Mar 1911 in New York.  She married Frank Joseph Veit (28 Nov 1898, New York - Jan 1987, Punta Gorda, Charlotte, FL), son of John and Amelia Veit.  Catherine died in Dec 1992 in Punta Gorda, FL.
b. Shirley M. Race was born 21 Mar 1914 in New York.  She married Edgar Arthur Spencer (b. 1908, New York), son of Edgar A. and Mary F. Spencer.  They had four children.  Shirley died 12 Nov 2006 in Binghamton, Broome, NY.
c. John H. Race was born 22 Jan 1919 and died 24 Mar 1996 in Chadwicks, Oneida, NY.
d. Gerald F. Race was born 26 Aug 1920.  He married Marion Ruth.  They had three children.  Gerald died 16 Apr 2010 in Oxford, Chenango, NY.
e. Emma A. Race was born 25 May 1922.  She married Russell B. Sage (5 Aug 1921, New York - 22 Nov 2010, Greene, Chenango, NY), son of F. Raymond Sage and Lena M. Breed.  They had six children.  Emma died in Oct 1989.
2. Leigh Bishop Fleming was born 8 Jun 1887 in Oxford, Chenango, NY.  He married (1) Ardis G. Ives (10 Nov 1886, Worcester, Otsego, NY - Dec 1962), daughter of Frank B. and Jennie L. Ives, in Apr 1910.  They were apparently divorced and Leigh married (2) May (b. 1892/93, New York) by 1915.  They lived in Utica, Oneida, NY..  Leigh died in Dec 1965 in Pinellas, FL.
a. Francis Erwin Fleming was born 1 Feb 1911 in Guilford. Chenango, NY.  He married Lina Bell Hatton (8 Aug 1910, New York - Jul 1987, Norwich, Chenango, NY), daughter of Erwin Ernest Hatton and Almena Brown.  They had two children.  Francis died 1 Nov 1992 in Norwich, NY.
b. Rose Fleming was born in 1915 in New York
c. Lethia Fleming was born c. Mar 1917 in New York.
3. Clifford Eugene Fleming was born 5 Nov 1888, in Oxford, NY.  He married Pearl Vrooman.
4. Clay H. Fleming was born 6 Jun 1894, in Oxford, NY.  He married Hazel M. Ingraham (b.Apr 1896, New York), daughter of Frederick L. and Nettie O. Ingraham, in 1914.
a. Helen R. Fleming was born c. Jul 1915 in New York.
b. Dorothy L. Fleming was born c. Jul 1917 in New York.
c. Millard Fleming was born 15 Sep 1919 in New York.
d. Wanda Fleming was born in 1921/22 in New York.
e. Dewitt Fleming was born 8 Nov 1925 in New York.
f. Jean Fleming was born c. Apr 1927 in New York.
g. Thelma Fleming was born c. Sep 1928 in New York.
h. Elsie Fleming was born c. Nov 1929 in New York.
5. Floyd Millard Fleming was born 30 Jun 1896 in New York.  He married Nettie E. Hamilton (14 Mar 1896, New York - Jan 1989, Oxford, NY.)  Floyd died in Mar 1966 in Oxford, NY.
a. Ray C. Fleming was born c. Feb 1917 in New York and may have died bef. 1930.
b. Ruth E. Fleming was born in 1919 in New York.
c. Bernice D. Fleming was born in 1921/22 in New York.
d. Floyd W. Fleming was born 3 Jun 1922 in New York and died 12 Jun 1989.
e. Stanley G. Fleming was born in 1924/25 in New York.
I. George W.C. Shapley was born in 1877/78.
IX. John Padget Shapley married Mary (prob. b. 1823/24).  John died 23 Mar 1849 in Elmira, Chemung Co., NY.


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