Descendents of Nancy Padget

Nancy Padget was the daughter of John Padget and Hannah Wilson.  She was born in 1781 in Albany Co., NY.  Nancy died 15 Apr 1871 in Oxford, Chenango, NY.
I. Wealthy Padgett was born 7 Feb 1811 in Oxford, NY.  She married Job Nelson Stafford (1 Apr 1812, New York - aft. 1880), son of Abel Stafford and Rachel Chappel.  Wealthy died 13 Aug 1898.
A. Samuel Smith Stafford was born 8 Jun 1837.  He married Mary Ann Gilbert (b. Apr 1846, prob. Pitcher, Chenango, NY), prob. the daughter of Joseph F. and Martha P. Gilbert, on 12 Dec 1866.  Samuel died 4 May 1904.  Mary was still living in Oxford, NY in 1920.
1. Eliza G. Stafford was born in 1866 and appears as the adopted daughter of Samuel and Mary on the 1875 census.  She was probably the person of that name who was born in Garrettsville, Otsego, NY on 8 Jun 1866 and married Chester Short Hayes.
B. Richard L. Stafford was born 7 Mar 1839 in Preston, Chenango, NY.  He married Celia Frances Wells (26 Jun 1842, Norwich, Chenango, NY - aft. 1956), daughter of James B. Wells and Phebe Burdick, on 6 Jan 1861 in Oxford, NY.  Richard died 24 Jul 1913 in Oxford, NY.
1. Lottie B. Stafford was born 27 Sep 1862 in Smithville, Chenango, NY.  She married (1) Harvey J. Benedict of Smithville, NY (Jun 1851, New York - aft. 1910), son of Caleb Benedict and Lucy Symonds, in 1881/82.  She married (2) George Hotchkiss (b. May 1869), prob. the son of Lowell G. Hotchkiss and Elizabeth N. Van Ness, bef. 1920.  George had formerly been Harvey's partner.  Lottie died in 1948.
a.Edwin Clark Marshman Benedict was born 4 Aug 1899 in New York, the son of John J. Marshman and Alice Hannah Fosgate, and was adopted by Harvey and Lottie.  He  married (1) Dorthy Dodge (24 March 1902 - 4 May 1923), daughter of Harrison Dodge and Myrtle Frost, on 6 Sep 1919.  He married (2) Katheryn Keough (9 Feb 1899, Smithville, NY - 1 Feb 1987, Binghamton, Broome, NY), daughter of Joseph P.Keough and Lavina T. Quinn, in 1927.  Edwin died in Aug 1979 in Binghamton, NY.
i.  Pauline Frances Benedict was born 1 May 1920 in Johnson City, Broome, NY.  She married Andrew Carroll Tei (12 Mar 1907, Gualdo, Tadino, Italy - 6 Jan 1988, Cortland Co., NY), son of Frank Tei and Eva Pericoli, on 4 Oct 1941.  They had three children.  Pauline died 6 Jan 2000 in Cortland Co., NY.
ii.  Melvil Harvey Benedict Miles was born 27 Dec 1922 and was adopted by Henry A. and Minnie E. Miles of Oxford, Chenango, NY bef. 1930.  He married (1) Hazel Beatrice Hardy.  They had one son.  He married (2) Marna L.  They had three children.
iii.  Thomas E. Benedict was born 10 Feb 1928 in New York.  He married Marie J. Burke (17 Sep 1925, Indiana - 28 May 2011, Binghamton, NY), daughter of Edward J. and Lucinda Burke, on 9 Sep 1950 in South Bend, IN.  They had five children.  Thomas died 21 Dec 1995 in Binghamton, Broome, NY.
iv.  Mary Quinn Benedict married Charles Richard Stadelmaier.  They had five children.
2. George Lewis Stafford was born 2 Oct 1873 in Oxford, NY.  He married Clara Mae Tew (6 Feb 1873, Oxford, NY - c. 1959), daughter of Henry and Sarah Tew, on 7 Sep 1898 in Oxford, NY.  George died 13 Mar 1946 in Oxford, NY.
a. Linn Tew Stafford was born 18 Jun 1899.  He married Lillian Lewis (b. 1897/98, New York).  They had four sons.  Linn died 8 Apr 1956, prob. in Scotia, Schenectady, NY.
b. Charlotte F. Stafford was born 14 Apr 1919 and died 2 July 2010 in Oxford, Chenango, NY..
C. Wealthy Ann Stafford was born 24 May 1844 in Preston, Chenango, NY.  She married Lyman W. Van Tassel (19 May 1833, Oxford, NY - 30 Mar 1915, Oxford, NY), son of Perlee Van Tassel and Sophia Daniels, on 26 Dec 1860.  Wealthy died 9 Apr 1915 in Oxford, NY.
1. Frank D. Van Tassell was born 9 May 1862 in Preston, NY.  He married (1) Eva L. Hoffman (Aug 1864 - 11 Aug 1919, New York), daughter of Morton and Lucy M. Hoffman, on 8 Apr 1885.  He married (2) Susan A. Campbell Brown (b. Mar 1879, New York), daughter of Allen Campbell and Susan A. Jones, on 31 May 1922 in Susquehanna, PA..  Frank died 21 Sep 1939 in Ithaca, Tompkins, NY.
a. Maud L. Van Tassell was born in Nov 1890 in New York.  She married Arthur J. Foster (.b. Aug 1885, New York), son of Floyd Foster and Effie Brooks, on 29 Nov 1911 in Chenango Co., NY.  Maud died of pneumonia on 24 Aug 1914.
b. Ray Harold (Frank) Van Tassell was born 8 Jun 1896 in Oxford, Chenango, NY.  He married Anna M. Pearson (12 May 1893, Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne, PA - Jun 1969, Horseheads, Chemung, NY)), daughter of Joseph Pearson and Hannah Walton, on 5 Nov 1921 in Susquehanna, PA.  Anna had one son by a previous marriage but she and Frank were apparently childless.  Frank died 23 Jan 1964 in Oxford, NY
D. Elmore (Elmer) Stafford was born in 1851.  He married Harriet A. Horton (1850, New York - aft. 1920) in 1869/70.  They lived in Preston, Chenango, NY.  Elmore died c. 19 Nov 1905.
1. Philip S. Stafford was born in May 1870.  He married Katherine E. (Jun 1874, New York - 1949, prob. Oxford, NY) in 1892.  They lived in Oxford, Chenango, NY.
a. John E. Stafford was born in April 1894 in New York.  He married Carrie L. (b. 1892/93, New York) in 1918/19.
i. Katherine A. Stafford was born in 1920/21 in New York.
ii. Flora M. Stafford was born in 1924/25 in New York.
b. Robert E. Stafford was born 22 Nov 1898 in New York.  He married Hazel G. (1899/1900, New York - 1947) in 1923.  Robert died in Apr 1973 in Oxford, Chenango, NY.
i. Bernard F. Stafford was born in 1924 in New York.  He married Irene M. Greene, daughter of Lawrence Greene, on 19 Apr 1947.
ii. Roberta Stafford was born in 1936/37 in New York.
2. Arthur (Archie) L. Stafford was born 1 Jan 1872.  He married Vivian C. English (1886/87 - Jun 1958, Norwich, Chenango, NY), daughter of Merritt English and Caroline Lowell, in 1904.  Arthur died 21 Apr 1947 in Oxford, NY.
a. Herbert T. Stafford was born 14 Oct 1910 in New York.  He married Alma N. Wilcox (16 Jul 1921 - 3 Aug 2005), daughter of Fred L. Wilcox and Bertha Webb.  They had two children.  Herbert died 1 Oct 2006 in Oxford, NY.
3. Adelbert L. Stafford was born in 1873/74 and prob. died bef. 1910.
4. Clarence Henry Stafford was born in 1875/76.  He married Anna Mae Niles (b. 1893, New York), daughter of James A. and Emogene G. Niles, in 1913.  Clarence died 10 Mar 1958 in Oxford, NY.
a.Lucy Ann Stafford was born in 1932 in New York.  She married Owen Rowland Bliven (b. 1930, New York), son of Ivan Owen Bliven and Ruth Ellen Harrington.  (Ivan was the brother of Paul Bliven.)  They had two children.
II. John Padgett was born in 1813/14 in Chenango Co., NY and died 23 May 1893 in Oxford, NY.
III. Robert Padgett was born in 1817 and died 4 Feb 1896.



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