Descendants of Jane Padget

Jane (Jinny) Padget was the daughter of John Padget and Hannah Wilson.  She was born 8 Jul 1790 in Troy, NY.  She married James Walker, Jr. (30 May 1788 - 17 Jan 1864), son of James Walker, Sr. and Sarah Shapley, in 1806.  Jane died 16 Apr 1872 in Oxford, Chenango, NY.
I. Jane Walker was born 28 Jun 1807.  She married William B. Miller (28 Feb 1800, Vermont - 28 Aug 1880, prob. Troupsburg, Steuben, NY).  They were living in Troupsburg by 1835.  Jane died 21 May 1881 and is buried in Chenango Cemetery in Troupsburg, NY.
A. William Julian Miller was born in 1828.  He married (1) Cynthia H. (1828 - 1871, prob. Troupsburg, NY).  He married (2) Eunice S. (1834, Massachusetts - 1899).  William died in 1905, prob. in Troupsburg, NY.
1. J. Franklin Miller was born in Feb 1849 in New York.  He married Sylvina Lewis (Sep1849, Steuben Co., NY - aft. 1920, prob. Troupsburg, NY.)  They had no children.  Franklin died in 1918, prob. in Troupsburg, NY.  In 1920, Sylvina was living with the family of Franklin's brother Niles.
2. Daniel W. Miller was born 1 May 1852 and died 2 Oct 1871, prob. in Troupsburg, NY.
3. Gaylord P. Miller was born in Mar 1855 in Pennsylvania.  He married Elzora E. Wilber (Jan 1860, New York - bef. 1920), daughter of Charles R. and Josephine A. Wilber, in 1881/82, Omro Twp., Winnebago, WI.  As of 1920, Gaylord was apparently widowed and living in Caroga, Fulton, NY, where he was a justice of the peace.  Gaylord died 26 Sep 1928 in Deer Lodge, MT.
a. Harley James Miller was born in May 1884 in Wisconsin.  He married Maude A. (b. 1890/91, Wisconsin) in 1907/08.  They were still living in Omro, WI in 1920.
i. Ethel May Miller was born in 1908/09 in Wisconsin.
ii. Milton Miller was born in 1910/11 in Wisconsin.
iii. Dorothy Miller was born in 1913/14 in New York.
b. Estella May Miller was born in May 1887 in Wisconsin.
c. Lulu Belle Miller was born in May 1895 in Wisconsin.
4. Alice Miller was born in 1860/61 in New York.
5. Mary Lucina Miller was born 9 Apr 1864 and died 1 Nov 1871.
6. Niles K. Miller was born in May 1869 in New York.  He married Mary Lane (b. 17 Mar 1870, prob. Troupsburg, Steuben, NY), daughter of Titus Ives Lane and Lucy S. Brown, in 1890.  Niles was still living in Steuben Co., NY in 1930.
a. Dewey William Miller was born 5 Nov 1890 in Troupsburg, NY.  He married Olive.  Dewey died 2 Mar 1982 in Zephyrhilla, Pasco, FL.
b. Lucy Della Miller was born in Mar 1892 in New York.
c. Franklin H. Miller was born in 1901/02 in New York.  He married Nerva C. Cook (9 Mar 1898, Brookfield, Tioga, PA - 12 Jun 1988), daughter of Rufus D. Cook and Mary H. Schoonover, in Jul 1924.
B. Mary J. Miller was born in 1836.
II. Lovisa Walker was born 6 Aug 1809.  She married (1) Porter R. Bingham (16 Nov 1807, Lanesboro, Berkshire, MA - 17 Apr 1876, prob. Troupsburg, Steuben, NY), son of Eliphalet Bingham and Rhoda Welch.  They were living in Troupsburg by 1835.  Lovisa married (2) Nathan Bailey (b. 1816, New York) on 1 Nov 1891 in Troupsburg, NY..  Lovisa died 24 May 1899, prob. in Troupsburg, NY.
A. Celestia A. Bingham was born in Aug 1834 in New York.  She married Henry B. Carpenter (Jan 1830, Chenango Co., NY - 1907, prob. Troupsburg, NY), son of James and Elizabeth Carpenter.  Celestia died in 1916, prob. in Troupsburg, NY.
1. Eddie J. Carpenter was born in 1859 and died 20 Sep 1861, prob. in Troupsburg, NY.
2. Ralph Carpenter was born in Oct 1862 in New York.  He married (1) Alice L. Mowrey (2 May 1861 - 25 Feb 1887, Troupsburg, NY).  He married (2) Lottie Williams (b. 13 Sep 1864, East Troupsburg, NY), daughter of Daniel B. Williams and Mercy Charlotte Bartoo, in 1888/89.  Ralph died in 1953, prob. in Troupsburg, NY.
a. Henry R. Carpenter was born 20 Apr 1885, prob. in Troupsburg, NY.  He married Bertha Tew (30 Aug 1886, Troupsburg, NY - Sep 1976, Corning, Steuben, NY), daughter of Henry B. Tew and Carrie I. Rigby, on 2 Dec 1910 in Troupsburg, NY.  Henry died 26 Apr 1971 in Corning, NY.
i. Kathleen Carpenter was born 14 Jul 1913 in New York.  She married Darwin M. Williams (5 Apr 1916 - 13 Dec 2001, Corning, NY).  Kathleen died in Feb 1981 in Corning, NY.
b. Glenn Harold Carpenter was born 14 May 1892.  He married Margery/Marjorie Mae Wakely (1 Mar 1899, Elkland, Tioga, PA - 28 Sep 1993. Elkland, PA), daughter of W. Oscar Wakely and Cassie Sherwood, on 22 Oct 1919 in Troupsburg, NY.  Glenn died 5 Apr 1955.
i. Elsie R. Carpenter was born in 1922/23, prob. in Tioga Co., PA.
3. Thomas Carpenter was born in 1864/65 in New York.
4. Willard M. Carpenter was born 18 Oct 1866 in Troupsburg, NY.  He married Minnie A. Williams (Aug 1866 - 1947, Troupsburg, NY), daughter of Alfred Williams and Mary Frances Waite, on 4 Jul 1887.  (Alfred was the much older brother of Lottie Williams, who married Willard's brother Ralph.)  Willard died in 1932, prob. in Troupsburg, NY.
a. Mildred Mae Carpenter was born 25 Apr 1889 in Woodhull, Steuben, NY.  She married Orson J. Miller (Jun 1883, Knoxville or Cowansque, NY - 1965, Bloomsburg, Columbia, PA), son of Philip Miller and Ellen E. Baker, in 1908/09.  Mildred died in May 1970 in Bloomsburg, Columbia, PA.
i. Bernard Miller was born 12 Jul or Sep1912 in Alberta, Canada.  He married Miss Broadt.  Bernard died 28 Mar 1997 in Bloomburg, Columbia, PA.
b. Carl B. Carpenter was born 30 Aug 1903 and died in Oct 1972 in Woodhull, Steuben, NY.
5. Etta Carpenter was born in 1872 in New York.  She married Henry Matthew Rogers (b. Aug 1869, New York), son of Jasper and Eliza Rogers, in 1891/92.  Etta died in 1947, prob. in Troupsburg, NY.
a. Donald C. Rogers was born 22 Jul 1894 in Troupsburg, NY.  He died in Mar 1971 in Rochester, Monroe, NY.
III. Nicholas Walker was born 11 Jul 1811 in Oxford, Chenango, NY.  He married Lydia Mowry (26 Feb 1810, Oxford, NY - 13 Nov 1888), daughter of Washington Mowry and Hannah Curtis, on 5 May 1836 in Oxford, NY..  Nicholas died 2 Oct 1893 in Oxford, NY.
A. Frances E. Walker was born 15 Jul 1843 in Oxford, NY.  She married James Cooper Murray (16 May 1842, Scotland - 15 Feb 1915) on 16 Feb 1872.  Frances died 17 Jun 1929.
1. Earl Lee Murray was born 13 Jul 1874 in Oxford, NY.  He married Jenette (Nettie) Kniffen (Apr 1877, prob. Somers, Westchester, NY - 1959), daughter of Lewis Milton and Clara Kniffen.  They remained in Chenango Co., NY.  Earl died 4 Apr 1950.
a. Roy Lee Murray was born 13 Nov 1897.  By 1920, he was living in Broome Co., NY.  Roy married Lina Smith.
2. Olin B. Murray was born in Sep 1876 in Oxford, NY.  He married Gertrude R. Kniffen (b. Oct 1880, prob. Somers, Westchester, NY), daughter of Lewis Milton and Clara Kniffen, in 1898/99.  He moved to Broome Co., NY aft. 1902.
a. Gladys E. Murray was born 9 Jan 1902.  She married Harold F. Ireland (prob. 15 Oct 1900 - Jun 1963) bef. 1930.
b. Clara F. Murray was born 26 Jul 1904.  Clara married James Pomeroy (prob. b. 1896/97, New York) bef. 1930.
3. Inez Murray was born 16 Sep 1878 in Oxford, NY.  She married William H. Corbin (17 Mar 1872 - 5 Jun 1947), son of Alfred and Sarah E. Corbin, on 12 Apr 1911.  They lived in Chenango Co., NY.  Inez died 19 Jan 1956.
a. James Murray Corbin was born 23 Sep 1913.  He married Helen E.  James died 1 Feb 1980 in Waterville, Oneida, NY.
b. Mary Elizabeth Corbin was born 11 Aug 1915 in Oxford, NY.  She married Paul Bliven (1 Dec 1906, prob. Preston, Chenango, NY - 13 Mar 1996, Oxford, NY) on 12 Apr 1932 in Oxford, NY.  They had three children.  Mary died on 7 Feb 2000 in Norwich, NY.
4. J. Linn Murray was born 6 Sep 1880 in Oxford, NY.  He married Lulu Kniffen (25 Nov 1882 - May 1973, Norwich, Chenango, NY), daughter of Lewis Milton and Clara Kniffen, aft. 1900.  Linn died 13 May 1949.
5. William Drew Murray was born 29 Nov 1882 in Oxford, NY.  He married his cousin, Nina Belle Westcott (11 Feb 1887 - 19 Sep 1967, Binghamton, Broome, NY) on 11 Feb 1909.  William died 5 Dec 1945.
a. Genevieve Murray was born 22 Sep 1913.  She married Francis A. Majercik (4 Nov 1908 - 16 Jul 1984, Haverhill, Palm Beach, FL) of Broome Co., NY.  Genevieve died 19 Dec 1968.
B. James Washington Walker was born 27 Feb 1847 in Oxford, NY and died 28 Mar 1852.
C. Austin Garret Walker was born 21 May 1849 in Oxford, NY.  He married Betsey Hollenbeck Dent (1852/53 - 1887).  Garret died 14 Jul 1895.
1. Jennie Bell Walker was born in Feb 1875.  She married Albert (Bert) Ray Johnson (b. 15 May 1873, Smithville Flats, Chenango, NY), son of William Amasa Johnson and Elizabeth Hannah Stiles, on 9 Oct 1895 in Smithville, NY. They were living in Triangle, Broome, NY by 1910 and in Cortland Co., NY by 1930.  Jennie died 31 Jul 1932 in McGraw, Cortland, NY.
a. Lillian Elizabeth Johnson was born 22 Aug 1896.  She married Walter Ervine Pope (23 or 26 Nov 1896, prob. Scranton, Lackawanna, PA - Aug 1968, Binghamton, Broome, NY), son of George H. and Mary E. Pope, on 19 May 1917.  They had one child.  Lillian died in Aug 1987 in Apalachin, Tioga, NY.
i. Barbara Jane Pope was born 12 May 1923.  She married  Fay Marshall Deuel (b.c. Feb 1919, prob. Conklin, Broome, NY), son of Fay W. and Lilly E. Deuel, on 14 Oct 1943.  They had two children.  Barbara died 31 Oct 1987 in Charlotte, Mecklenburg, NC.
b. Frank William Johnson was born 22 Aug 1897.
c. Harry Walker Johnson was born 4 Aug 1908.  He married Ruth Arlene Knickerbocker (26 Nov 1907, Pittsford, Monroe, NY - 3 Sep1967), daughter of William Charles Knickerbocker and Alma Harriet Bush.  Harry died 22 Jan 1995 in Cortland, Cortland, NY.
2. Harris N. Walker was born in 1875/76.
3. Smith Race Walker was born in Jun 1878 in New York.  He married Anna Hallett (b. Jun 1882, poss. Jasper, Steuben, NY), daughter of William Leroy Hallett and Jennie Bullock, in 1900.  They were living in Galeton, Potter, PA in 1900-1910 and in Fairfield, Columbiana, OH by 1917.
a. Luella J. Walker was born 9 Aug 1901 in Galeton, PA.  She married Clinton Faulk (17 Feb 1897 - Oct 1971, Columbiana, Columbiana, OH).  Luella died 1 Feb 1999 in Sun City West, Maricopa, AZ.
b. Marie Anna Walker was born 17 Mar 1904 in Galeton, PA.  She married Gerald Dearth (29 Jul 1905 - May 1983, Columbiana, OH).  Marie died in Feb 1986 in Pompano Beach, Broward, FL.
c. Doris M. Walker was born 12 Mar 1907 in Galeton, PA.  She married Kenneth Dowd.  Doris died 24 Oct 1989 in Hockessin, New Castle, DE.
d. Ruth G. Walker was born 27 May1909 in Galeton, PA.  She married Zelvon D. Latta.(31 May 1908 - May 1961) on 25 Jun 1932.  Ruth died 14 Sep 1985 in Columbiana, OH.
e. S. Royden Walker was born 30 Jun 1912 in Galeton, PA and died 26 Dec 1982 in Columbiana, OH.
f. Catherine (Kathryn, Kay) A. Walker was born 5 Nov 1916 in Galeton, PA.  She married Robert Justice.
4. Laverne A. Walker was born 15 Sep 1879.  He married Bella P. Brezee (b. Aug 1882, prob. Springfield, Otsego, NY), daughter of Calvin and Mary Brezee, aft. 1900.  By 1910, they were living in Islip, Suffolk, NY.Laverne died 1 Apr 1965 in New York.
a.Laverne C. Walker was born 9 Jun 1909 in New York and died in Apr 1973 in Bay Shore, Suffolk, NY.
b.Paul H. Walker was born 1 Oct 1915 in New York and died 28 Sep 1993 in Thousand Oaks, Ventura, CA.
c.Rex Walker was born 12 May 1917 in New York and died in Nov 1967.
IV. James Walker, 3rd was born 5 Jun 1814.  He married Phebe Ann Carhart (29 Jan 1817 - 1893), daughter of Stephen Carhart and Sarah Everett, on 12 Oct 1835.  James died 4 Oct 1853 in Oxford, Chenango, NY.
A. Christine A. Walker was born 19 Mar 1838.  She married Richard M. Turner (b. 1840) on 29 Oct 1864.  Richard was still in Chenango Co. in 1900.
1. Everett P. Turner was born 9 Jun 1867.  He married (1) Katharine F. (b./ May 1872, New York) in 1895/96.  They lived in Syracuse, Onondaga, NY where he was in the insurance business.  He married (2) Isabella K. (b. 1872/73, Wisconsin) in 1907/08.  They lived in Buffalo, Erie, NY.
2. Ritchie Carlton Turner was born 2 Aug 1877.  He married Mary E. Jones (b. 1874/75, New York) on 20 Apr 1904 in Cazenovia, Madison, NY.  In 1912, after Mary's restaurant business had gone bankrupt, he eloped with a waitress.  Mary filed for divorce in 1916.  Ritchie died 28 Feb 1943 in Colma, San Mateo, CA.
B. James Loyal Walker was born 2 Apr 1840.  He married Julia Anderson (b. 1847/48, Guilford, Chenango, NY) on 28 Mar 1869.  Loyal died in Oxford, NY.
1. Frederick L. Walker was born 6 Mar 1870.  He married Nellie E. (b. Feb 1880, Kansas) in 1897/98.  In 1900, they were living in Oxford, NY.
C. Clarence E. Walker was born 7 Feb 1842.  He married Cornelia Riley (1841/42, Coventry, Chenango, NY - aft. 1930, prob. Chenango Co., NY) in 1866/67.  They had no children  In 1880, they were living with Clarence's brother Frederick in Platte, Dodge, NE.  In 1910, they were in Oxford, NY.  Clarence died in Coventry, NY.
D. Sarah E. Walker was born 11 Jan 1844.  She married Reed F. Francisco (b. 1837, Colchester, Delaware Co., NY), son of Leonard W. Francisco and Polly Brower.  By 1880, they were divorced and Reed moved back to Delaware County by 1900.  Sarah died in Oxford, NY.
E. Eudora (Dora) Walker was born in 1844 and died in 1882.  She was unmarried.
F. Frederick (Frank) C. Walker was born 28 Jul 1846.  He married (1) Eliza (Effie) Kelley (b. 1839) in 1874.  He married (2) Marion G. Anderson (b. 1847, Illinois) on 13 Sep 1876.  Frederick died in Fremont, Dodge, NE.  Marion then married a Mr. Brady.  She was widowed and living with her son Erford in 1920.
1. Emory Walker was born in 1877/78 in Nebraska.
2. Erford Lynn Walker was born c. Aug 1879 in Nebraska.  He was living in Brownsville, Kilsap, WA by 1900.  He married Caroline (b. 1888, Ohio) in 1908/09.  Erford died in 1957 in Washington.
a. Helen E. Walker was born in 1910/11 in Washington.
b. Marion Walker was born in 1913/14 in Washington.
c. Mable Walker was born in 1915/16 in Washington.
G. Laura A. Walker was born 6 Dec 1848.  She married her cousin James Watson Shapley (10 Jul 1848 - 1 Jun 1932, Oxford, Chenango, NY) after 1886.  Laura died 26 Sep 1945 in Norwich, Chenango, NY.
V. William Walker was born 27 Dec 1816 in Chenango Co., NY.  He married Zeruah Mowry (1820 - 19 Aug 1884, Coventry, NY), daughter of Washington Mowry and Hannah Curtis, on 12 Dec 1838 in Oxford, NY.  They moved to Troupsburg, Steuben, NY in 1850 and to Ludlow, Champaign, IL in 1856.  William died 1 Apr 1871 in St. Louis, MO.
A. Nicholas Washington Walker was born 2 Apr 1841 in Oxford, NY.  He married (1) Mary Ann Tripp (1841/42, Illinois - 11/17 Nov 1877, Elk City, Montgomery, KS) on 14 Apr 1864 in Carbondale, Jackson, IL.  He married (2) Alice Rebecca Mercer (28 Mar 1860, Illinois - 18 Aug 1902, Clarendon, Donley, TX) in 1879/80.  He married (3) Augusta Margaret Goosman (7 Nov 1868, Cincinnati, OH - 7 Aug 1949, Childress Co., TX), daughter of George and Caroline Goosman, in 1903/04.  Nicholas died 25 Feb 1920 in Childress, TX.
Children of Nicholas Walker and Mary Ann Tripp:
1. Ida Z. Walker was born 13 Nov 1866 in Illinois.  She married Edward P. Cullen (b. Ireland - d. 1894.)  They lived in Donley Co., TX.  By 1920, Ida was in Amarillo, Potter, TX.
a. Nicholas Edward Cullen was born in Oct 1890 in Texas.  He married Bertie Crane or Crain (b. 1892/93, Texas).  They were in Amarillo, Potter, TX in 1920 and in Donley Co., TX in 1930.
i. Johnnie Cullen was born in 1913 in Texas.  (He may be John E. Cullen, 28 Dec 1913 - 27 Aug 1996, Camp Verde, Yavapai, AZ.)
ii. Nicholas Edward Cullen, Jr. was born in 19 Oct 1915 in Texas.  He married Lucy Anne Jordan (18 Jan 1916, McLean, Gray, TX - 14 Dec 1987, Yucaipa, San Bernardino, CA), daughter of James Luther Jordan and Lucy Brockman Earle, on 6 Apr 1936 in Detroin, Wayne, MI.  Nicholas died 14 Dec 1987 in Yucaipa, CA.  He and Lucy are buried in Riverside Cemetery in Riverside Co., CA.
iii. William Francis Cullen was born 1 Sep 1917 in Texas and died 15 May 1960 in Los Angeles Co., CA.
b. Artie Francis Cullen was born 7 Jul 1893.  He married Vera (b. 1895/96, Texas).  In 1917, he was prob. living in Tillman Co., OK.  In 1930, he may have been living in Los Angeles, CA.  Artie died in Aug 1970 in Sulphur, Murray, OK.
i. Kathlene Cullen was born in 1914/15 in Texas.
ii. Irene Cullen was born in 1916/17 in Texas.
2. Flora Z. Walker was born 9 Mar 1868 in Illinois.
3. Cora Bell Walker was born in Illinois.
4. William L. Walker was born 11 Aug 1875.
Children of Nicholas Walker and Alice Mercer:
5. Albert Washington Walker was born 24 Apr 1881 in Kansas. He was in Potter Co., TX by 1910.  He prob. married (1) Ruth F. (born 1877/78, Kansas) in 1905/06.  He married (2) Ida Ruth McDowell (b. 1881/82, West Virginia) in Jun 1915.  Albert died 26 Oct 1962 in Amarillo, Potter, TX.
a. Albert Washington Walker, Jr. was born in 1917/18 in Potter Co., TX.  He married Frances Pearl Record (b. 1918/19.)  They had at least two children.
b. Alice Wanita Walker was born c. Jun 1919, prob. in Potter Co., TX.  She married Harry Max Britt (6 Feb 1918, Amarillo, TX - 12 Feb 2004, Amarillo, TX), son of Harry Max Britt, Sr. and Katherine, on 22 Jun 1940 in Canyon, Randall, TX.  They had three children.
6. Carrie May Walker was born 28 Mar 1883 in Kansas.  She married James W. (Dack) Langham (b. 1884, Mississippi) c. 1907.  In 1920 they were living next door to Nicholas and Augusta but by 1930, they were in Little Rock, Pulaski, AR.  Carrie died in Oct 1969 in Little Rock, AR.
a. Fred W. Langham was born 2 Dec 1907 in Texas.  He married Ida Hansli (23 Jun 1912, Pulaski Co., AR - Aug 1975, Little Rock, AR), son of Peter and Ida Hansli, on 7 Jun 1934 in Lonoke Co., AR.  Fred died in Mar 1970 in Little Rock, AR.  He and Ida are buried in Calvary Cemetery, Pulaski Co., AR.
b. Alberta G. Langham was born in 1909/10 in Texas..
c. Irene F. Langham was born in 1912/13 in Childress Co., TX.
7. Henry Franklin Walker was born 7 Oct 1884 in Kansas.  He married Elsie M. Paris (24 Jun 1887, Nebraska - Oct 1983, Pampa, Gray, TX.)  In 1920, they were in Amarillo, Potter TX.  By 1930, they were in Pampa, TX.
a. Henry Walter Walker was born 21 Sep 1912 in Oklahoma and died 31 Jan 1998 in Gilroy, Santa Clara, CA.
b. Katherine May Walker was born 13 Jun 1916 in Texas.  She married George William Miller.  Katherine died 5 Jul 1997 in Pampa, TX.
8. Harry Walter Walker was born 28 Jun 1887 in Kansas and died 18 Aug 1906 in Clarendon, TX.
9 Effie Fay Walker was born 3 Apr 1891 in New Mexico or Texas.  She married Woodward Baxter Sport (3 Oct 1886, Texas - 27 Sep 1949), son of Joshua C. and Henrietta Sport.  Effie died 9 Nov 1971 in Childress, TX.
a. Woodward N.J. (Jimmie) Sport was born 14 Jan 1910 and died 23 Nov 1984 in Childress, TX.
b. Albert Russell Sport was born 28 May 1912 in Childress, TX.  He married Della Fae Scott (13 Jun 1912, Carey, Childress, TX - 13 Sep 1999, Lubbock, Lubbock, TX), daughter of Perry Stewart Scott and Nova Lee Sheats, on 14 Oct 1933 in Childress, TX.  Albert died 15 Aug 1986 in Lubbock, TX.
c. Francis Sport was born 20 Sep 1914 in Childress, TX.  He married Hazel Bell Bradshaw (14 Dec 1913, Childress, TX - 11 Oct 2000, Amarillo, Potter, TX) on 2 Aug 1935 in Childress, TX.  Francis died 10 Feb 1997 in Amarillo, TX.
d. Charles E. Sport was born 22 Dec 1916 and died 4 Jan 1984.
e. Inez Sport.
f. Edith (Edythe) Fay Marie Sport was born 26 Apr 1924.  She married Alonzo Luke Garvin (24 Apr 1925, Titus Co., TX - 12 Sep 2002, Paris, Lamar, TX), son of William Henry Garvin and Dura Ellanore Wright.  They had one daughter.  In 1971, Edith was living in Tyler Co., TX.  Edith died 21 Oct 1988 in Garland, Dallas, TX.
10.Carl Fred Walker was born 7 May 1894 in Texline, Dallam, TX and died 8 Aug 1949 in San Luis Obispo, CA.
11. Alene (Allie) Alma Walker was born 3 Jul 1895 in Clarendon, Donley, TX.  She married (1) Jackson Alva (or Alva J.) Bryan (15 Mar 1893, Dallax TX - 3 Oct 1965, Denver, CO.)  She married (2) William Roy Lowder (23 Jul 1894 - 6 Jan 1967.)  Alene died 8 Jun 1960 in Amarillo, Potter, TX.
a. Alva Jack Bryan was born 9 Feb 1917 in Amarillo, TX.  He married Rosalie Ross (6 Jan 1926, Amarillo, TX - 12 Mar 1999, Amarillo, TX) on 29 Sep 1941 in Clovis, NM.  Jack died 15 May 2000 in Amarillo, TX.
b. Alene Alma Bryan was born 14 Feb 1919 in Childress, TX.  She married George West.  Alene died 1 Aug 1986 in Amarillo, TX.
12. Minnie Maud Walker was born 5 Feb 1898 in Clarendon, TX and died 23 Mar 1899 in Clarendon, TX.
Child of Nicholas Walker and Augusta Goosman:
13. Earl Orin W. Walker was born 3 Mar 1912 or 1913 in Nagodoches, TX and was adopted by Nicholas and Augusta.  He may have married Julie Velma Goodson (b. Jul 1912, Texas), daughter of John Wesley Goodson and Ruby Pearl Read, and lived in Cameron Co., TX.
B. Garrett Curtis Walker was born 3 Mar 1843 in Oxford, Chenango, NY.  He married (1) Sarah (c. 1847, Pennsylvania - c. 1871/72).  By 1870, they were living in Ludlow, Champaign, IL.  He married (2) Nancy (Nannie) Jane Cloyd (23 Jan 1857 - 22 Apr 1942, Champaign, Champaign, IL) in Mar 1873.  Garrett died 1 Aug 1916 in Ludlow, IL.
Child of Garrett and Sarah Walker:
1.  George Byron Walker was born in Aug 1865 in Michigan or Illinois.  He married Laura Bell Landon (1869/70, Michigan - 23 Dec 1920, Ludlow, IL) on 2 Jan 1888.  George died 16 Jun 1937 in Urbana, Champaign, IL.
a. Roy E. Walker was born 28 Dec 1888 in Ludlow, IL.  He may have married more than once, but at the time of his death he was married to Mina (22 Jul 1897, Illinois -  Nov 1978, Rosiclare, Hardin, IL. Roy died 30 Aug 1949, prob. in Rosiclare, IL.
b. Byron G. Walker was born 22 Apr 1891 in Illinois.  He married Rachel Ellen Watson (29 Dec 1896, Illinois - Dec 1971), daughter of Samuel G. Watson and Allie B. Griswold, in Aug 1918.  Byron died in Sep 1975 in Ludlow, IL
i.Laura Belle Walker was born 24 Mar 1920 and died in Dec 1920.
c. Bert S. Walker was born 7 Oct 1896 in Illinois.  He married Ramona L. (1899/1900 - Dec 1954).  He served as sheriff of Champaign County in 1938-42.  Bert apparently remarried after Ramona died.  He died in May 1969 in Tavares, Lake, FL.
d. Francis Walker was born in Feb 1898 in Illinois and prob. died bef. 1910.
e. Louis N. Walker was born 14 Nov 1902 in Illinois and died in Dec 1967.
Children of Garrett Walker and Nancy Cloyd:
2. Charles Henry Walker was born 23 Feb 1874 in Ludlow, IL.  He married Effie May (or Mae) Thurman (2 Apr 1876, Ludlow, IL - Oct 1953, prob. Ludlow, IL), daughter of Sylvester Thurman and Elizabeth Huffman, on 18 Nov 1893 in Illinois.  Charles died in May 1959 in Illinois.
a. Cecile Walker was born 5 Apr 1894 in Illinois.  She married Herbert (Bert) Jackson (b. 1893/94, Illinois).  Cecile died in Sep 1972 in Riverdale, Cook, IL.
i. Elizabeth Jackson was born in 1913/14 in Illinois.
ii. Hope Jackson was born c. Jun 1915 in Illinois.
iii. William Charles Jackson was born 19 Jan 1917 in Illinois and died 14 Dec 1986 in El Monte, Los Angeles, CA.
iv. Marvin Jackson was born c. Feb 1918 in Illinois.
v.Ruby Jackson was born in 1920/21 in Illinois.
vi.Robert Jackson was born in 1926/27 in Illinois.
b. Garrett C. (or Charles G.) Walker was born in May 1895 in Illinois.  He married Gertrude Helen Leavy (b. Jan 1899, prob. Pleasant, Wright, IA), daughter of James F. and Ellen F. Leavy, on 17 Feb 1917 in Iowa.  They lived in Webster Co., IA  Garrett died c. 1947/50 in Eugene, OR.
i.Gerald Curtis Walker was born 27 May 1918 in Iowa.  He married Garnett Lucile Jones (27 Dec 1921, Iowa - 15 Jun 1998, Fort Dodge, Webster, IA).  Gerald died 4 Aug 1979 in Fort Dodge, IA.
ii.Richard Walker.
iii.Francine Gertrude Walker.
iv.Donna J. Walker was born in 1925/26.
v.James Walker.
c. Birdie Walker was born 8 Sep 1898 in Illinois.  She married Leo Edward Finn (8 Nov 1897, Iowa - 30 May 1968, Hayward, Alameda, CA), son of William and Ellen Finn.  In 1920, they were in Webster City, Hamilton, IA, but they also lived in Urbana, Champaign, IL.  Birdie died in Oct 1970.
i.Robert L. Finn was born in Sep 1918 in Illinois.
d. Ida Mae Walker was born 21 Aug 1901 in Illinois.  She married George William Temple, Jr. (12 Sep 1896, Illinois - Sep 1956), son of George William Temple, Sr. and Martha Rice, on 6 Apr 1922 in Morgan Co., IL.  Ida was a nurse and served in World War II.  She died in May 1979 in Champaign, Champaign, IL.
e. Glennen F. Walker was born 17 Jul 1905 in Illinois.  He married Frances Birt (9 Jan 1905 - Nov 1972, Penfield, Champaign, IL), daughter of Isaac Newton Birt and Martha Ellen Peterson..  Glennen died in Oct 1969.
f. James Delbert Walker was born in 1908 in Illinois.  He married Loreaine Britanuis.
3. Frederick M. Walker was born 22 Jun 1875 in Illinois and died in 1902.
4. (Son) Walker was born in Jan 1877 in Illinois and died young.
5. William Marlon Walker was born 6 Apr 1879 in Illinois and died in 1958.  He is buried with his parents and may never have married.
6. Myrtle Walker was born 19 Jan 1880.  She married L.T. Cooper bef. 1920.  Myrtle died in Jun 1950.
7.Georgianna Walker was born 6 Feb 1881.  She married Walter Leon Lindsay.
8. Edith M. Walker was born 27 Sep 1882 in Ludlow, IL and died in 1898.
9. Bessie Walker was born 27 May 1884 in Champaign Co., IL.  She married Chester Arthur Powers (1880, Indiana - 1953, prob. Colorado).  They lived in Cook Co., IL.  Bessie died 9 Jun 1954 and is buried in Boulder, Co.
a.Glenn Curtis Powers was born 2 Oct 1905 in Chicago, Cook, IL and died 3 Dec 1986 in San Diego Co., CA..
10Luella Walker was born 27 Dec 1885 and died in 1886l
11. Mabel (Mabelle) Cecil Walker was born 2 Jun 1889 in Ludlow, IL.  She married Raymond Wilson.  Mabel died 2 Dec 1957 in Chicago, IL.
12. Daisy Blossom Walker was born 30 Jul 1892 in Ludlow, IL.  She married Francis Dwight Morris (25 Jun 1888, Stonington, Baca, CO - 18 Nov 1936, Champaign, Champaign, IL ), son of Francis Morris and Ida Mae Sackett, on 20 Feb 1920 in Paxton, Ford, IL.  Daisy died 16 Dec 1920 in Ludlow, IL.
a.Curtis Dwight Morris was born 9 Dec 1920 in Paxton, IL.  He married (1) Margaret Kathryn Minteer (b. 1921/22) on 10 Feb 1943 in Champaign Co., IL.  They were divorced in 1945.  He married (2) Erma Jean Day (21 Mar 1927, Greenup, Cumberland, IL - 1 Oct 1987, Clearwater, Pinellas, FL) in 1946 in Champaign, IL.  They had one child.  He married (3) Mariland Beatrice Thomas in Oct 1962 in Champaign Co., IL.  Curtis died 14 Sep 1997 in Champaign, Champaign, IL.
13.Jeffrey Cloyd Walker was born 31 Aug 1893 in Ludlow, IL.  He married Doris L.  Jeffrey died 2 Jan 1961 in Chicago Heights, Cook, IL.
14. Nicholas Herman Walker was born 29 Nov 1894 in Ludlow, IL and died 27 Apr 1923 in Gibson City, Ford, IL.
15. Lucille Walker was born 30 Oct 1896 in Illinois.  She married Edward George Garrett (28 Jul1891, Illinois - Feb 1965), son of Elwood Gleason Garrett and Mary A. Batterton.  Lucille died in Jun 1984 in Champaign, IL.
a.Lee Elwood Garrett was born in 1928.  He married Dorothy on 16 Apr 1949.  They had three children.
16. James Armond Walker was born 23 Jul 1899 in McLeansboro, Hamilton, IL and died in Jun 1974 in Glencoe, Cook Co. IL.
C. William Henry Walker was born 23 Nov 1844 in Oxford, NY.  He married his cousin Georgianna Gilbert (Oct 1851 - 4 Mar 1921, Ludlow, Champaign, IL) on 25 Jan 1871 in Oxford. NY.  William died 2 Nov 1925 in Ludlow, Champaign, IL.
1. Ira Jerome Walker was born 22 Nov 1871 in Illinois.  He married Frances Anna Allen (b. 1875, Illinois) in Dec 1910.  Ira died 29 Apr 1929 in Ludlow, IL after being struck by a railroad train.
a. Marguerite Walker was born in 1911/12 in Illinois.
b. Allen Walker was born 2 Sep 1913 in Illinois and died in Nov 1960 in Champaign Co., IL.
c. Eugene Walker was born c. Oct 1916 in Illinois.
2. William Henry Walker was born 21 Jan 1873 in Illinois.  He married Elizabeth ( Jan 1879, Illinois - bef. 1920) c. 1898.   William died 18 Jun 1933 in Ludlow, IL.
a. Josephine (Josie) Walker was born 10 Jul 1900 in Illinois.  She married Frank Fox.  Josie died in May 1972.
i.Nina A. Fox was born 4 May 1928.  She married Frederic E. Mansfield (b. 1929/30) in Aug 1959.  Nina died in Feb 2000.
b. Quenan E. Walker was born 8 Mar 1903 in Illinois and died in Aug 1967 in Ludlow, IL.
c. Melvin M. Walker was born in 1905/06 in Illinois.
3. Bertie Walker was born 17 May 1874 and died 7 Sep 1876.
4. Bertha Walker was born 24 Jan 1877 and died 22 Feb 1877.
5. May Walker was born 28 Apr 1878 and died 20 Aug 1878 in Ludlow, IL.
6. Edie Walker was born 12 Apr 1881 and died 24 Aug 1881.
7. Alice M. Walker was born 3 Mar 1884 and died in Jan 1916.
8. Nina Isadora Walker was born 2 Apr 1885 and died in Apr 1966.  She was unmarried.
D. Hannah Alamira Walker was born 28 Aug 1846 in Oxford, NY.  She married Alonzo Phineas Davis (28 Oct 1840, Carbondale, Jackson, IL - 6 Nov 1924, Glenwood Springs, Garfield, CO), son of John Davis and Hannah L. Lovejoy, on 18 Oct 1865 in Champaign Co., IL.  By 1868, they were back in New York, where they remained until Hannah's mother Zeruah died in 1884..  From 1885 to c. 1892, they were in Coffeyville, Montgomery, KS.  By 1900, they were in Garfield Co., CO.  Hannah died 14 Aug 1922 in New Castle, Garfield, CO.
1. William E. Davis was born in Dec 1866 in Cairo, Alexander, IL.  He married Priscilla (Dilla) H. Hopkins (1 Dec 1864, Afton, NY - 1 Mar 1953, New Castle, CO), daughter of Alonzo Hopkins and Betsey Ferguson, on 14 Sep 1884 in Coventry, NY.  William died in Sep 1944 in New Castle, CO.
a. Richard Lorenzo Davis was born 2 Nov 1888 in Bucklin, Ford, KS.  He married Bessie N. Bonto (b. 1895/96, Kansas) c. 1913.  By 1930 they were living in Thompson, Grand, UT.  Richard died in Sep 1963 in Utah.
i. Kenneth R. Davis was born 10 Jul 1915 in Colorado and died 27 Oct 1992 in Moab, Grand, UT.
ii. Louise M. Davis was born c. Feb 1917 in Colorado.
iii. Neva E. Davis was born c. Jul 1920 in Colorado.
iv. Irene Davis was born in 1921/22 in Colorado.
iv. Homer E. Davis was born 20 Nov 1925 in Colorado and died 1 Feb 1998 in Green Rivery, Emery, UT.  He is buried in Elgin City Cemetery, Grand Co., UT.
b. Roy Alonzo Davis was born 2 Nov 1888 in Bucklin, Ford, KS.  He married Mary A. (b. 1895/96, Colorado).  Roy died in Jan 1972 in Klamath Falls, Klamath, OR.
i. Katherine Davis was born in 1917/18 in Colorado.
c. Oscar William Davis was born in Nov 1892 in Kansas.  He married (1) Anna E. (b. 1897/98, Colorado) bef. 1920.  He married (2) Mamie Opal Cantrell (18 Jan 1906, Spring Valley, Garfield, CO - 1969, Silt, Garfield, CO) on 8 Jun 1940 in Glenwood Springs, Garfield, CO.  Oscar died 28 Mar 1954.
2. Ida May Davis was born in 1868 in Illinois and died in infancy.
3. Hannah Anna (or Ann H.) Davis was born 2 Jan 1868 in Utica, Oneida, NY.  She married Fred Clark Matthews (22 Nov 1856, Rochester, Monroe, NY - 23 Jul 1931, prob. Tonasket, Okanogan, WA), prob. in Coffeyville, KS.  By 1917, they were in San Poil, Okanogan, WA.  Hannah died 7 Dec 1963.
a. Otis A. Matthews was born 3 Jan 1897 in Missouri.  He married Edith Margaret Nicholas (29 May 1914, Colorado - 1 Feb 1994, Olivehurst, Yuba, CA) in 1934 in Ferry Co., WA.  Otis died 11 May 1966 in Olivehurst, CA.  He and Edith are buried in Sutter Cemetery in Sutter Co., CA.
b. Leslie F. Matthews was born prob. 17 Sep 1900 in Missouri and prob. died in Aug 1959.
c. Charles W. Matthews was born prob. 17 Mar 1902 in Missouri and prob. died in Jun 1980 in Wenatchee, Chelan, WA.
4. Caroline (Carrie) Alamira Davis was born 15 Mar 1871 in Oxford, NY.  She married (1) Churchill B. Head (c. 1857 - 7 May 1925, Frontier, Lincoln, WY), on 18 Oct 1888 at Ashland, Clark, KS.  By 1917, they were divorced and Churchill was in Wyoming with two of their sons.  She married (2) Jack Stone (1888/89, Colorado - Nov 1924, New Castle, Garfield, CO) bef. 1920.  She married (3) James Allen (Dick) Stone (27 Jul 1877, Platt City, MO - 20 Nov 1959, New Castle, CO).  Caroline died 7 Dec 1957 in New Castle, CO.
a. Peter Alonzo Head was born 27 Jul 1889 in Kansas.  He married Hilda M. Norman (b. Feb 1894, Wyoming), daughter of Gust and Josephine Norman, bef. 1920.  Peter died in Mar 1964, prob. in Frontier, WY.
i. Herschel Pete Head was born c. 1911 in Wyoming.  He married Irene A. Carallo (prob. 1 Mar 1915 - Apr 1981, Moab, Grand, UT) in 1935 in Lincoln Co., WY.  They had two children.
ii. Margret Head was born 28 Feb 1914 in Frontier, WY.  She married Guido Fedrizzi (16 Nov 1909, Italy - 11 Oct 2002), son of David Richard Fedrizzi and Domenica Concini.  Margaret died 27 Jul 1951 in Rock Springs, Sweetwater, WY.
iii.Elaine G. Head was born 29 Apr 1926 in Kemmerer, Frontier, WY.  She married Thomas L. Stewart.  They had two children.  Elaine died 24 May 2012.
iv.Marilyn L. Head was born 19 Apr 1931 in Kemmerer, WY.  She married Mr. Roberts.  They had three children.  Marilyn died 4 Dec 2014 in Castle Rock, Douglas, CO.
v.Robert Norman Head was born 18 Sep 1933 in Wyoming.  He married Norma Jean Spears (8 Aug 1934, Kemmerer, WY - 21 Apr 2013, Kemmerer, WY), daughter of Robert Samuel Spears and Mary Frances Pleich.  They had three children.
b. James Head was born bef. 1895 and died in Ashland, KS bef. 1900.
c. Nora (Dolly) Edith Head was born 3 Nov 1893 in Osage, MO.  She married John Barker Harding (11 Jul 1886, Cloud Co., KS - 27 Aug 1964), son of John and Laura Harding, on 12 Dec 1912 in New Castle, CO.  Nora died 21 Feb 1980 in Fruita, Mesa, CO.
i.Edith Head was born 13 Dec 14 in Colorado.  She married Edward A. Senor (8 Jan 1914, Missouri - 28 Mar 1977), son of Walter Douglass Senor and Mamie Grace Tremaine.  Edith died 1 Dec 1995.
ii.Churchill Henry Harding was born 19 Aug 1916 in Colorado.  He married Violet Olive.  Churchill died 20 Dec 1990 in Sacramento Co., CA. 
iii.John B. Harding was born 7 or 8 Jun 1918 in Colorado and died 19 Jun 1996 in Rifle, Garfield, CO.
iv.Lewis Valentine Harding was born 14 Feb 1920 in Colorado and died 31 May 1997 in Sacramento Co., CA.
v.Elizabeth Matilda (Marie) Harding was born 20 Nov 1922 in Colorado.  She married Mr. Near.  Elizabeth died 2 Mar 2000 in Spokane Co., WA.
vi.Laura Isabell Harding was born 9 Sep 1924 in New Castle, Garfield, CO.  She married (1)  Gerald Lee Taylor (3 Sep 1920 - 4 May 1996).  They had eight children.  She married (2) Dale Edward Lefever (5 Apr 1923 - 15 Aug 1992, Davenport, Lincoln, WA) .  They had one child.  Laura died 10 Jul 1992 in Tekoa Whitman, WA.
vii.Hilda Virginia Harding was born 12 Apr 1926 in Colorado.  She married Clayton Philip Watt (12 Jul 1922, Nebraska - 29 May 1999, Mesa Co., CO), son of Elmer and Elsie Mae Watt.   Hilda died 12 Oct 1996.
viii.George Bird Harding was born 7 Jul 1927 in Colorado and died 8 Apr 2012 in Sacramento Co, CA.
ix.Margaret Harding was born c. 1930.
x.Frederick Alonzo Harding was born 7 Sep1933 in Colorado and died 19 Jul 1998 in Delta Co., CO.
d. George Bird Head was born 25 Jan 1899 in Rifle, Garfield, CO.  He married Enes Marie (1909-79).  George died in May 1978 in Frontier, WY.
5. Fredrick Alonzo Davis was born 12 Jun 1873 in Afton, Chenango, NY.  He married (1) Nancy Stone (Aug 1880, Missouri - 1917, Colorado) c. 1895  He married (2) Carrie Belle Saam (Germany - Aug 1943) aft. 1920.  Fredrick died 16 Oct 1932 in Eagle Rock, Barry, MO.
a.Lizzie Davis was born in Feb 1898 in Colorado and died bef. 1910.
b.Alonzo Davis was born in 1903/04 in Colorado.
c.Jennie Davis was born in 1907/08 in Colorado.
6. Flora Belle Davis was born in 1876 in New York and died in infancy.
7. Charles T. Davis was born 25 Nov 1877 in New York.  He married Emily J. (b. Dec 1884, Missouri) c. 1898 iin Colorado.  By 1910, they were living in Missoula, Missoula, MT.
a. Agnes A. Davis was born in 1900/01 in Colorado.
b. Charles R. Davis was born in 1913 in Montana.
8. Mary (Minnie) Davis was born 2 Aug 1881 in New York.  She married James Allen (Dick) Stone (27 Jul 1877, Platt City, MO - 20 Nov 1959, New Castle, CO) in 1896, prob. in New Castle, CO.  They were in Garnet, Granite, MT in 1910 and in Ione, Pend Oreille, WA in 1920.  Minnie died 14 Feb 1922 in Washington and Dick married her sister Caroline.
a.Edward Alonzo Stone was born in May 1898 in Colorado.
b.Ellery James Stone was born in Dec 1899 in Colorado.  He married Ardathe J. Guffin (b. 1906/07, Michigan), daughter of Frank D. and Cora M. Griffin, in 1921 in Pend Oreille Co., WA.
c.Hattie Stone was born in 1901/02 in Colorado.
9. Hattie Adeline Davis was born 29 Sep 1885 in Coffeyville, KS.  She married Elijah Daniel Nichols (20 Nov 1877, Colorado - 13 Mar 1939, Rifle, Garfield Co., CO), son of Abner Jefferson Nichols and Elizabeth Bangston) on 25 May 1903 in New Castle, Garfield Co., CO.  Hattie died 11 Nov 1945 in Glenwood Springs, Garfield, CO.
a. Francis Edward Nichols was born 29 Feb 1904 in New Castle, CO.  He married Helen Leatha McDowell (26 Aug 1905, Idaho Springs, Clear Creek, CO - 18 Mar 1979, Fresno, CA) on 29 Mar 1929, prob. in Colorado.  Francis died 6 Dec 1975 in Seeley, Imperial Co., CA.
b. Bryan Arasho Nichols was born 5 Aug 1905 in New Castle, CO.  He married Mildred Lillus Parker (8 Dec 1911, Rifle, Garfield Co., CO - 22 Apr 1995, Grand Junction, CO), daughter of Michael Leroy Parker and Mildred Deligha Clark, on 24 Dec 1929 in Rifle, CO. They had six children.  Bryan died 18 Dec 1973 in Fruita, Mesa Co., CO.
c. James Elijah Nichols was born 28 Feb 1907 in New Castle, CO.  He married Esther Louise McDowell (10 Jun 1906, Meerer of Pitiken, OK - 15 Nov 1964, Eagle, CO) on 17 Nov 1928 in Grand Junction, CO.  James died 10 Jul 1975 in Eagle, CO.
iv. Alonzo Jefferson Nichols was born 18 Sep 1908 in Rifle, CO.  He married Nettie Olive Mundon (b. 4 Mar 1919, Hotchkiss, Delta Co., CO) on 12 Jul 1936 in Rifle, CO.  Alonzo died 17 Oct 1954 in Pendleton, Umatilla Co., OR.
d. Elmer Ervin Nichols was born 16 Jun 1913 in New Castle, CO.  He married Mable Louise Mundon (b. 26 Jun 1923 in Cedar Edge, Delta Co., CO) on 27 Sep 1941 in Rifle, CO.
e. Pearline Ann Nichols was born 23 Jan 1915 in Sunlight, near Glenwood Springs, CO.  She married Edmond James Deiter (7 May 1912, Lafayette Co., IN - 12 Jul 1985, Burnes, Harney Co., OR) on 16 Jan 1937 in Rifle, CO.
f. Henry Wilson Nichols was born 15 Dec 1917 and died in Jul 1918.
10. Benjamin Davis was born 27 Sep 1889 in Coffeyville, KS and died in the Vulcan Coal Mine explosion on 16 Dec 1913 in New Castle, CO.
E. Daniel Quenan Walker was born 29 Apr 1848 in Oxford, Chenango,. NY.  He married Jennie (Jane) A. Gibson (May 1851, New York - c. 1910) on 11 Oct 1869 in Oxford, NY.  They had no children.  By 1900, they were living in Utica, Oneida, NY.  Daniel died 16 Aug 1916 in Kipton, Lorain, OH.
VI. Sarah W. Walker was born 15 Apr 1819.  She married William Loyal Beardsley (27 Jun 1818, Chenango Co., NY - 18 Mar 1883), son of William Beardsley and Anna Maria Catlin, on 25 Mar 1849 or 1850.  Sarah died 13 Apr 1885.
A. William Howard Beardsley was born 3 Feb 1851 and died 22 Oct 1851.
B. James Lloyd Beardsley was born 8 May 1853.  He married Louise M. Walker (b. Mar  1852, New York) on 3 Jun 1874.  In 1880, they were living in Atchison City, Atchison, KS.  In 1900, they were in Engin, Kane, IL.  James died bef. 1910.
1. Edna M. Beardsley was born 23 Jun 1875 in New York.  She married Mr. Clarkson in 1898/99 but was living with her parents in 1900.
2. William Centennial Beardsley was born 9 Aug 1876 in Oxford, Chenango, IL.  He married Sarah (Sadie) Bell Maitland (6 May 1867, Sycamore, DeKalb, IL - 4 Feb 1955), daughter of James Maitland and Sarah Renwick, in Nov 1906.  They prob. had no children.  They were in Chicago, Cook, IL in 1910, then living next door to Scoville in Eastland, Eastland, TX in 1920.  William died 18 Dec 1945.  He and Sarah are buried in Oak Grove Cemetery in DeKalb Co., IL.
3. Scoville Centennial Beardsley was born 9 Aug 1876 in Oxford, NY.  He was living in Chicago, IL by 1900, then in Eastland, TX.  He married Margaret (b. 1884/85, Wisconsin).
4. Mary Cimnie Beardsley was born 12 May 1879 in Kansas.
5. Sarah Louise Beardsley was born 6 Jun 1882 in Indiana.
6. Lola A. Beardsley was born in Jul 1886 in New York and died in Illinois.
7. Rena C. Beardsley was born in Nov 1893 in Illinois died prob. bef. 1910 in Kane Co., IL.
C. Merritt F. Beardsley was born 22 Feb 1857 and died 15 Dec 1865.
VII. Hannah Walker was born 29 Dec 1821 in Oxford, NY.  She married Elam Spencer Barstow (5 Mar 1827, Guilford or Oxford, NY - 13 Jul 1905, Iowa City, IA), son of Allen W. Barstow and Mahala Butts, on 15 May 1853 in Oxford, NY.  They moved to Norton, Norton, KS in 1886.  Hannah died 1 Apr 1906 in Iowa City, IA.
A. Maitland Deforest Barstow was born 23 Sep 1854 in Unadilla, Otsego, NY.  He married Ida May King (5 Jan 1861, Des Moines, IA - 13 May 1937, Des Moines, IA), daughter of Joseph King and Ellen A. Wood, on 2 Feb 1886 in Des Moines, IA.  Maitland died 19 Aug 1931 in Coeur d'Alene, Kootnai, ID.
1. Eva Pearl Barstow was born 17 Nov 1886 in Norton, Norton, KS.  She married Edward Hammond Miles (b. Jun 1881, prob. Big Rapids, Mecosta, MI), son of George Davis Miles and Caroline Wetzel, on 16 Sep 1908 in Shoshone, Lincoln., ID.  By 1920, they were living in Coeur d'Alene, ID.  Eva died 3 May 1963 in Coeur d'Alene, ID.
a. Edward Miles was born 1 Jan 1910 in Idaho.  He married Alice J. O'Toole (19 Mar 1913, Coeur d'Alene, ID - 29 Jul 2007, Spokane, Spokane, WA), daughter of James O'Toole and Marie Emmaline Jacques, on 21 Jun 1936.  They had three children.  Edward died 11 Aug 1975 in Coeur d'Alene, ID.
b. Marguerite Miles was born in 1915/16 in Idaho.
2. Donald Maitland Barstow was born 25 Nov 1888 in Norton, Norton, KS and died 29 Jul 1891 in Hailey, Blaine, ID.
3. Rexford (Rex) Walker Barstow was born 15 Jul 1892 in Norton, KS.  He married (1) Lilian May Kennedy (d. 1921, Kootenai, ID) on 14 Jun 1918 in Coeur d'Alene, ID.  He married (2) Marguerite Lily Warren (6 Dec 1900 - Apr 1971, Moscow, Latah, ID) on 29 Sep 1925.  He was the author of a history of Idaho.  Rex died 4 Jun 1950 in Moscow, ID.
4. Mildred Josephine Barstow was born 31 Oct 1894 in Ogden, Weber, UT.  She married Oscar Horace (or Horace Oscar) Sanford (25 Feb 1887, Washington - 12 May 1966, Modesto, CA), son of George Hopkins Sanford and Ida Parsons, on 10 Jun 1919 in Vancouver, Clark, WA.  In 1920-30, they were living in Portland, Multnomah, OR.  They had two children.  Mildred died 26 Nov 1988 in Modesto, CA.
B. Evander Savillian Barstow was born 19 Apr 1857 in Coventry, Chenango, NY.  He married Grace Marion Matteson (13 Jan 1859, Sanford, Delaware, NY - 1947, Denver, CO), daughter of Morgan Matteson and Margaret Ward, on 24 Dec 1879 in Masonville, Delaware, NY.  They moved to Norton, Norton, KS in 1886.  In 1900, they were in Center, Norton, KS.  In 1910, they were in Brighton, Adams, CO.  Evander died 9 Aug 1929 in Spokane, WA.
1. Mabel Leone Barstow was born 2 Sep 1881 in Coventry, NY.  She married Merle Elliott Gilbert (28 Feb 1881, Iowa - 25 Jun 1969, Colorado Springs, El Paso, CO).  They lived in Colorado Springs, CO.  Mabel died 20 Mar 1940 in Colorado Springs, CO.
a. Leona M. Gilbert was born in 1903/04 in Colorado.
b. Wilburta V. Gilbert was born 25 Oct 1906 in Colorado Springs, CO.  She married Veldon Oscar Long (23 May 1907 - Dec 1973, Fort Collins, Larimer, CO), son of Oscar Long and Mary Agnes Floyd, aft. 1930.  Veldon was a graduate of the US Naval Academy and head of the department of electrical engineering at the University of Wyoming.  Wilburta died 28 Feb 1971 in Laramie, Albany, WY.
2. Ivan Lee Barstow was born 15 Jul 1887 in Norton, KS.  He married (1) Nellie Cecilia Bull (4 Nov 1889, Jackson Co., WV - Feb 1938, Denver, Denver, CO), daughter of George Bull and Sarah Ramey, on 25 Dec 1909 in Pleasants Co.,WV.  In 1920, they were living in Denver, CO.  He married Florence Wagoner (d. Jan 1944 in Boulder, CO) in 1942.  Ivan died 25 Dec 1957 in Thousand Palms, Riverside, CA.
a. George Virgil Barstow was born in 21 Oct 1910 in Colorado.  He married Clara E.  George died 15 Jun 1997 in Republic, Ferry, WA.
b. Virginia Leah Barstow was born 10 Jun 1917 in Eureka, Pleasants, WV.  She married Robert Lyall in 1940. They had three children.  Virginia died 11 Sep 2002, poss. in Colorado Springs, El Paso, CO.
c. Georgia Grace Barstow was born in 10 Jun 1917 in Eureka, WV.  She married John P. Bowker (16 Dec 1915, Warden, Grant, WA - 23 May 1975, Spokane, Spokane, WA), son of Edwin P. and Getrude Bowker.  They had two daughters.
3. Carroll Ramora Barstow was born 28 Jul 1897.  He married Grace Edith Duncan (2 Oct 1891, Lucerne, Sheridan, KS - 20 Jul 1960, Stratton, Kit Carson, CO).  Carroll died in 1927.
a.Veva May Barstow was born 19 Mar 1920.  She married Frederick Rudolph Krei (28 Mar 1913 - 17 Aug 1983, Burlington, Kit Carson, CO), son of Sidney Emil Krei and Marie Hanna Augustas Witzel.  They had three children.  Veva died 31 May 1966, prob. in Burlington, CO.
4. E. Barstow was born in Apr 1899 in Kansas and prob. d. bef. 1910.
C. Ida May Barstow was born 14 Jun 1863 in Coventry, NY.  She married Edward Revilla Marsh Warner (19 May 1861, South Amherst, Hampshire, MA - 25 Nov 1900, Iowa City, Johnson, IA) on 20 Oct 1891 in Norton, KS.
1. Lucile Moressa Warner was born 28 Oct 1892 in Iowa City, IA.  She married (1) John McClough.  She married (2) Walter Bigelow McMahon (26 Feb 1895, Albany, Whiteside, IL - 14 Aug 1959, Urbana, Champaign IL) on 17 Jun 1924 in Clinton Co., IA.  Lucile died in 5 Aug 1992 in Urbana, IL.
VIII. Willis Walker was born 19 Apr 1824 in New York.  He married Mary Ann Bowers (6 Sep 1818, Connecticut - bef. 10 Jan 1913), daughter of Stephen Bowers and Mary Pettengill, on 27 Mar 1845.  Willis died 4 Jun 1892 in Oxford, NY.
A. Mary Jane Walker was born 25 Feb 1846.  She married James Allison Hopkins (22 May 1844, Oxford, NY - 3 Dec 1928, Oxford, NY), son of Augustus Rufus Hopkins and Mary Willson, in 1865.  Mary died 1 Aug 1866.
B. (Willis) Howard Walker was born 28 Aug 1847 in Oxford, NY.  He married Julia E. (1851 - aft. 1920) in 1872/73.  They lived in Oxford, NY and had no children.  Howard died 2 Feb 1927.
C. (Delos) Wayland Walker was born 10 Dec 1848.  He married Mary L. (Jul 1853, New York - prob. < 1930) in 1882/83.  By 1900, they were living in Jenny Lind, Calaveras, CA.  Wayland died 6 Jun 1943 in Calaveras Co., CA.
a. Anna L. Walker was born in Jun 1884 in New York.
D. Melvin LeGrande Walker was born in Oct 1854.  He married (1) Mary Ella Moore (7 Jul 1861, Guilford, Chenango, NY - 1906), daughter of Julian B. Moore and Isabella Anderson, on 21 May 1884 in Oxford, Chenango, NY.  He married (2) Dorothy E. Thompson (1887/88, Chenango Co., NY - Jun 1943, Binghamton, Broome, NY), daughter of Lewis Thompson and Mary Frink.  They had one daughter, born aft. 1920.  Melvin died in 1928.
1. Mary J. Walker was born 21 Jul 1885.  She married Mr. Hungerford.  Mary died in 1921.
2. LeGrand Walker was born 23 Jul 1887 in Oxford, NY.  He married Grace (b. 1890/91, New York).
a. Melvin Walker was born in 1910/11 in New York.
IX. Daniel Walker was born 12 Apr 1827.  He married (1) Frances Adelia Main (1) Aug 1832, Oxford, NY - 19 Feb 1864), daughter of Aaron B. Main and Adaline Main, on 14 Feb 1854 in Oxford, NY.  He married (2) Eliza L. Parker (1838/39, New York - aft. 1910) in 1871.  Daniel died 13 Dec 1903, prob. in Oxford, NY.
A. Randall W. Walker was born in Aug 1854.  He married Margaret (Maggie) E. (b. Jul 1856, New York.)   They lived in Oxford, NY.
1. Nettie Walker was born in 1878/79 in New York.
2. Frank H. Walker was born in May 1880 in New York.  He was still single and living with his parents in 1920.
3. Flora A. Walker was born in Feb 1883 in New York.
4. Florence R. Walker was born in Oct 1884 in New York.
5. Ora M. Walker was born in Jul 1886 in New York  She married her third cousin, Frederick Emerson Roys.  Ora died in 1939 in Chenango Co., NY.  (See children under Frederick.)
6. George D. Walker was born in Dec 1891 in New York.  He married Florence (b. 1900/01, New York.)
a. Zilpha J. Walker was born in 1918 in New York.
7. Addie Walker was born in Nov 1894 in New York.
B. Henry Franklin Walker was born in 1856/57.
X. Julia M. Walker was born 14 Aug 1829 in New York.  She married George Lamphere (Sep/Oct 1827 - 7 Jan 1864, Oxford, NY).  Julia died 30 May 1887.
A. George Elliot Lamphere was born 25 Oct 1853.  He married May P. (b. 1851/52).  In 1880, they were living in Atchison City, Atchison, KS and Julia was with them.
1. Nelle E. Lamphere was born in 1870/71 in New York.
2. Ernest E. Lamphere was born in 1874/75 in New York.
B. William D. Lamphere was born 3 Aug 1856.
C. Julia Estella Lamphere was born 12 Oct 1859.
XI. Willard Walker was born 5 Mar 1832.  He married Hannah Mary Main (24 Aug 1834, Oxford, NY - 12 Jan 1904, prob. Oxford, NY), daughter of Aaron B. Main and Adaline Main, on 14 Feb 1854 in Oxford, NY.  Willard died 26 Jun 1893.
A. Flora Walker was born in 1863.
B. Ray E. Walker was born in Dec 1863 in New York.  He married (1) Elizabeth (May 1865, New York - aft. 1910) in 1882/83.  He married (2) Mary M. (b. 1874/75, New York.) 
1. Charles L. Walker was born in Aug 1884 in New York.  He married Grace H. (b. 1884/85, New York.)
a. Margaret L. Walker was born in 1919 in New York.
2. Mable E. Walker was born in Sep 1892 in New York.
C. Edward L. Walker was born in Oct 1873, prob. in Oxford, NY.  He married Edith A. (b. Jun 1879, New York) in 1895/96.  By 1910, they were living in Mt. Hope, Orange, NY.
1. Ronald Main Walker was born prob. 28 Oct 1896 in New York.  He married Florence Miller (21 Mar 1900 - 1 Oct 1991, Tarpon Springs, FL), daughter of George T. Miller and Annie Emmerette Sayer.  Ronald prob. died in Oct 1964.
2. William D. Walker was born in Aug 1898 in New York.
3. Kenneth R. Walker was born in 1900/01 in New York.  He married Ethel M. (b. 1902/03).
Mowry mini-family tree:
    Washington Mowry m. Hannah Curtis
        George Washington Mowry m. Mary Root
            Andrew Jackson Martin Van Buren Mowry m. Sarah A. Wheeler
        Lydia Mowry m. Nicholas Walker
        Andrew M. Mowry m. Hannah M. Carhart
                (sister of Phebe Ann Carhart)
            Narcissa A. Mowry m. Julius Wheeler
        Zeruah Mowry m. William Walker

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