Descendents of John Scott of Chester, OH

John Scott was born in Mar 1779, possibly in Norwich, Hampshire, MA.  He was the son of David Scott and Susannah Bolton.  He married Betsey Weller (29 Sep 1783, Westfield, Hampden, MA - 14 Aug 1824, Chester, Geauga, OH), daughter of Moses Weller and Mary Linsey, on 26 Jan 1804.  John died 18 Nov 1858 in Chester, OH.
I. Samantha Scott was born c. 1805.  She married Reuben Gilmore (1796, Chester, Hampden, MA - 1873), son of James and Nancy Gilmore, on 6 Nov 1823.  Samantha died14 Aug 1824 in Chester, Geauga, OH and Reuben married Mary Brass, the sister of Esther Brass.
II. Ansel Scott was born in 1807 in New York.  He married Esther Brass (b. 11 Aug 1808, Chester, MA), daughter of Garrit Brass and Lucy Matthews.  Ansel died in 1879 in Chagrin Falls, Cuyahoga, OH.
A. Tracy William Scott was born in Aug 1831 in Chester, Geauga, OH.  He married Martha Millard (b. 7 Jun 1844, North Russell Twp., Geauga, OH - 20 Mar 1927, Chagrin Falls, OH), daughter of Cyrus Millard and Sally Surdam, on 25 Oct 1866 in Chester, Geauga, OH. They lived in Chagrin Falls, OH.  Tracy died 28 Oct 1901 in Chagrin Falls, OH.
1. Loa E. Scott was born in Apr 1868 in Ohio.  She was a suffragette and the author of works ranging from "The Life of Jesus" to advice for female investment bankers.  In 1920, she was living in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH with Zila B. Burnett, described in the census as a partner.  In 1930, she and Zila were living in Alhambra, Los Angeles, CA.  Loa died in 1937 in California.
2. Marcia P. Scott was born 20 May 1872 in Chester, Geauga, OH. She married Edwin (Ted) Foster Wakefield (29 Jan 1873, Ohio - 23 Jan 1934, Pasadena, CA), son of Edmund Burritt Wakefield and Martha A. Sheldon, in 1901/02.  He was a physician and also served as mayor of Chagrin Falls, OH.  After Edwin's death, Marcia moved to Honolulu, Hawaii.
a. Elizabeth Wakefield was born 21 Oct 1902 in Minerva, Stark, OH.. As of 1940, she was unmarried.
b. Tracy E. Wakefield died in infancy on 29 Dec 1905 in Chagrin Falls, OH.
c. Milan Sidney Wakefield was born 17 May 1907 in Ohio.  He married Charlotte Fern Wilkinson (25 Jan 1910 - 15 Aug 2002, Shingle Springs, El Dorado, CA), daughter of William Wesley Wilkinson and Pansy Dee Clark, on 3 Jun 1933 in Los Angeles, CA.  Milan died 26 Oct 1970 in Riverside Co., CA.
i. Milan Sidney Wakefield, Jr. was born 8 Apr 1934 in Los Angeles, CA.  He married Ann C,
ii. Edwin Foster Wakefield was born 9 Mar 1936 in Los Angeles, CA.  He married Patricia J. Ware on 17 Jun 1960 in Los Angeles, CA.
B. Milan V. (or D.) Scott was born in 1833/34 in Ohio.  In 1880, he was living with his brother Tracy in Chagrin Falls, OH.  Milan prob. died bef. 1894.
C. Porter Pierson Scott was born in Apr 1835 in Ohio.  He married Lucy Louise Palmer (30 Mar 1840, Chester, OH - 3 Mar 1904, Chester, OH), daughter of Chester Palmer and Achsah Smith Melvin, on 2 Mar 1859 in Chester, OH.. Porter died in 1913 and is buried in Chagrin Falls, Geauga, OH..
1. Della Lenata Scott was born 14 Jun 1860 in Chester, OH.  She married John Wesley Thomas (10 Oct 1850 - bef.1920) on 8 Nov 1876, prob. in Geauga Co., OH.  They were living in Colorado by 1887, in The Dalles, Wasco, OR in 1900, and in Dallas, Polk, OR in 1910.  Lenata died 12 Jan 1934 in Thermalito, Butte, CA.
a. Hugh Henry Thomas was born 12 Jan 1879 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH.  He married Hattie Elvira Fenton (9 Mar 1878, Kearney, Buffalo, NE - 11 Mar 1947, Orville, Okanogan, WA) on 10 Jan 1912 in Dallas, OR. In 1920, they were living in Wilson, Tillamook, OR and by 1930 in Butte Co., CA  Hugh died 21 Sep 1933 in Magalia, Butte, CA.
i. Leo Elmer Thomas was born 13 Jan 1909 or 1910 in Oregon.  He married (1) Norma Susan Wechsler in Dec 1960.  They were divorced in Jul 1967. He married (2) Ingrid.  They were divorced in Jun 1971.  He married (3) Judy Marie Searcy on 3 Aug 1981 in Clark Co., NV.  They were divorced 26 Oct 1983.  Leo died 7 Dec 1987 in Sacramento, Sacramento, CA.
ii Lowell Wesley Thomas was born 14 Feb 1912 in Oregon.  He married Martha (b. 1917/18, Washington).  They had three children.  Lowell died 26 Sep 1985 in Sacramento, CA.
iii. Ila Irene Thomas was born in 1914/15 in Washington.
b. Milan Scott Thomas was born 10 Apr 1887 in Atwood, Logan, CO.  In the 1930 census he was listed as single and in 1940 as widowed.  Milan died 25 Mar 1960 in Sacramento Co., CA.
c. Andrew S. Thomas was born in Sep 1894 in Oregon.
2. Creighton E. Scott was born 20 Feb 1864 and died 18 Sep 1865.
3. Flora (Florence) M. Scott was born 1 Mar 1866 in Ohio.  She married John William Jeknins (25 Dec 1857, Ontario, Canada - 15 Sep 1939, Coeur d'Alene, Kootenai, ID) on 26 Mar 1884 in Geauga Co., OH.  They lived in various places in Oregon.  Flora died 30 Jun 1929.
a. Lucy H. Jenkins was born in Sep 1886.
b. Mable Ethelwin Jenkins was born in Jan 1890 in Ohio.  She married Louis Henry Berry (16 May 1888, Bega, New South Wales, Australia - 5 Apr 1972, Bakersfield, Kern, CA) c. 1919.  They were living in Coeur d'Alene, ID in 1935 and in Pierre, Hughes, SD in 1940.  Mable died 22 Jul 1978 in Bakersfield, CA.
i. Arthur Benny was born 28 Dec 1921 in Oregon.  He married Martha S. (18 Oct 1919 - 3 Oct 2005).  They had at least two children.  Arthur died 24 Jan 2009 in Poulsbo, Kitsap, WA.
c. Wilford Gladden Jenkins was born 31 Dec 1893 in The Dalles, Wasco, OR.  He married Helen L. (21 May 1906 - Apr 1988, Capitola, Santa Cruz, CA).  Wilford died 5 Aug 1983 in Capitola, CA..
i. John Charles Jenkins was born in 1934/35.
d. Harold S. Jenkins was born 14 Apr1896 in The Dalles, Wasco, OR.  He married Laura Valeria Van Delinder (1899 - 5 May 1988).  Harold died 1 Sep 1963 in Foothills, Alberta, Canada.
e. Melvin Jenkins was born 6 Jun 1898 and died 31 Jan 1899 in Hood River, Wasco, OR.
4. Lucia M. Scott was born 14 Oct 1869 in Ohio.  In 1910, she was still single and living with her father..
5. Gertrude A. Scott was born 11 Jun 1873 in Chester, OH  She married Mead Kelly Cottrell (Feb 1873, OH - 1958), son of Henry Clay Cottrell and Ellen Ruth Kelley, on 30 Jun 1896 in Geauga Co., OH.  (Henry was the brother of George Cottrell.)  Mead was an osteopathic physician, as were his daughter Helen and her husband and son.  Gertrude died 13 Nov 1946 in Chester, OH.
a. Arland Rupert Cottrell was born 9 May 1897, prob. in Chester, Geauga, OH, and died 13 Sep 1922 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH.
b. Helen L. Cottrell was born 26 Jun 1900 in Ohio.  She married Donald V. Hampton (12 Feb 1902, Ohio - 12 Jun 1983, Richmond Heights, Cuyahoga, OH), son of Orville A. Hampton and Elizabeth Miller, on 4 Sep 1923 in Cuyahoga Co., OH.  Helen died 17 Apr 1948.
i. Donald V. Hampton II was born 28 Mar 1928 in Ohio.
6. Persis Walton Scott was born 23 Apr 1877 in Ohio.  She married Frank Winthrop Morse (13 Feb 1874, Kirtland, Lake, OH - 19 Dec 1964, Los Angeles Co., CA), son of Frederick Howe Morse and Jane Isabelle Daggett, on 27 Nov 1901 in Chester, OH.  They lived in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH.  Persis died 26 Jun 1966 in Los Angeles Co., CA.
a. Melvin Scott Morse was born 14 Jun 1905 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH.  He married Virginia Donau (19 Nov 1908, Tucson, AZ - 23 Jan 2000, Pasadena, Los Angeles, CA).  They had at least three children.  Melvin died 25 Aug 1983 in Pasadena, CA.
b. Frances L. Morse was born in 1909 in Ohio.
7. Lloyd Palmer Scott was born 27 Jul 1884 in Ohio.  He married Katheryn (Katie) May Hull (30 Jul 1886, Kentucky - 5 Jan 1972, Santa Clara Co., CA). daughter of Sewell Charles Hull and Lucy L. Lewis.  In 1920, they were living in San Jose, Santa Clara, CA.  Lloyd died 18 May 1949 in Santa Clara Co., CA.
a. Malcolm Hull Scott was born 20 Oct 1921 in Santa Clara Co., CA and died 2 May 2014 in Sacramento, CA.
b. Delbert Louis Scott was born 19 Feb 1924 in Santa Clara Co., CA.
D. Persis Scott was born 15 Mar 1837 in Geauga Co., OH.  She married (1) Thomas Norton (c. 1834, Chester, OH - 11 Jul 1857), son of Eber P. Norton and Eliphel Wells, on 15 Oct 1856.  She married (2) Charles Henry Welton (22 Jan 1836, Burton, Geauga, OH - 22 Oct 1909, East Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH), son of Lewis Welton and Polly Hickox, on 31 Jul 1864 in Geauga Co., OH.  Persis died 15 Jan 1879 in Chagrin Falls, Cuyahoga, OH.
E. Noble W. Scott was borrn 27 Jan 1840 in Ohio.  He was a physician.  By 1867, he was living in Mount Etna, Huntingdon, IN.  He married Perliette (Pearl) Beroth (Nov 1849, Indiana - 1934) on 20 Mar 1877.  Noble died 20 Jan 1921 and is buried in Mount Etna, IN.
1. (Daughter) Scott was born 15 Apr 1883 and died 15 Apr 1883.
2. Tracy Frank Scott was born 10 Sep 1887 in Huntington, IN.  He was still living with his parents in 1920.  He married Nellie E. Thrailkill (19 Oct or 2 Nov 1886, Indiana - 5 Mar 1978), daughter of Daniel Thrailkill and Elizabeth Kelley, on 3 Jul 1941 in Huntington Co., IN.  Tracy died 24 Apr 1957.
III. Elijah W. Scott was born 13 Oct 1809.  He married Nancy Maria Gilmore (15 Apr 1811, Chester, Hampden, MA - 15 Feb 1872, Chester, OH), daughter of Ashbel Gilmore and Nancy Wright, on 1 May 1834 in Geauga Co., OH.  Elijah died 10 Sep 1871 in Chester, OH.
IV. Susan S. Scott was born 26 Feb 1812.  She married her cousin Stillman Dewey (16 Feb 1802, Norwich, Hampshire, MA - 7 Apr 1870, Meadville, PA), son of Levi Dewey and Mary Scott, on 12 Mar 1830 in Meadville, Crawford, PA.  Susan died 24 Jul 1896 in Meadville, PA.  (See children under Stillman.)
V. Lydia Scott was born 10 Jul 1815 in New York.  She married Gershom W. Gilmore (1812/13 or 1815/16, Ohio - 5 Aug 1891, Chester, Geauga, OH), poss. the son of Ashbel Gilmore and Nancy Wright, on 7 Nov 1839.  Lydia died in 1888 in Chester, OH.
A. Lewis H. Gilmore was born in Jul 1841 in Ohio.  In 1870-80, he was living with his parents. in Chester, OH.  He married Alice E. Post (15 Nov 1852, Chester, OH - 1919), daughter of Jabez Post and Mary Ann McGillis, in 1895/96.  They were childless.  Lewis died bef. 1910.
VI. Reuben Scott was born 17 Jan 1817 in New York and died 12 Jan 1881 in Chester, OH.  He was unmarried.
VII. Harmony Scott was born 23 May 1819.  She married Ephraim Doane (1820, New York - 1857) on 8 Nov 1843 in Chester, Geauga, OH.  Harmony died 11 Nov 1893 in Chester, OH.
A. Betsey Doane was born in 1844/45 in Ohio and prob. died bef. 1860.
B. Helen F. Doane was born in 1847 in Michigan.  She married Perry Hiram Moore (5 Jan 1846, Kirtland, Lake, OH - Oct 1920), son of Hiram Moore and Sally Stuart, on 23 Aug 1874 in Geauga Co., OH.  Helen died in childbirth on 7 Nov 1878 in Chester, OH.  
1. Claude A. Moore was born 7 Jun 1875 in Kirtland, Lake, OH.  In 1900, he was with the Army in the Philippines.  He married Anna M. Wilder (28 May 1878, Kendal, Orleans, NY - prob. 6 Apr 1964, Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH). daughter of Abell M. Wilder and Emma T. Spicer.  They lived in Painesville, Lake, OH.  Claude died 26 Feb 1953.
a. Helen E. Moore was born 22 Jan 1905 in Perry, Lake, OH.  She married Russell H. Smith bef. 1930.
b. Sarah Moore was born in 1908 in Ohio.
2. Alice Lydia Moore was born 14 Jul 1877 in Kirtland, OH and prob. died bef. 1880.
3. (Infant) Moore was born and died on 7 Nov 1878.
C. Alice Doane was born 21 Jun 1850 in Michigan.  She married Rollin C. Boughton (22 Mar 1837, New York - 6 Jan 1910, Cook Co., IL), son of Curtis Boughton and Julia Mallory, in 1875/76.  Alice died 22 Jul 1912 in Chicago, Cook, IL.
1. Rose Alice Boughton was born 14 Jul 1877 in Ohio and died 12 May 1963 in Santa Clara Co., CA.
D. Rufus B. Doane was born 2 Feb 1854 in Michigan.  He married Annette (Retta) S. Rice (Sep 1868, Ohio - 1958, prob. Kirtland, Lake, OH), daughter of Porter and Lydia B. Rice, on 2 Mar 1899 in Lake Co, OH.  Rufus died 21 May 1914, prob. in Kirtland, OH.
1. Helen S. Doane was born 29 May 1902 in Chester, Geauga, OH.  She married (1) John W. Walsh (b. 1902/03), son of William P. Walsh and Nellie Welch, on 6 May 1924 in Cuyahoga Co., OH.  She married (2) Harold D. Wilkinson (17 Aug 1903, Richford, Tioga, NY - 2 Jan 1946, Ohio), son of Robert Wilkinson and Mildred Beebe, on 31 Jul 1926 in Cuyahoga Co., OH.
a. Ann Wilkinson was born in 1929/30 in Ohio.
2. Edrie May Doane was born 2 Jun 1905 in Chester, OH.  She married Charles J. Morrison (22 Dec 1910 - 24 Mar 1991) on 5 Jun 1937.  Edrie died 4 Jul 1995 in Middlefield, Geauga, OH.
E. Ransom W. Doane was born in 2 Feb 1855 in Michigan.  He married Rosalia (Rosa) Nye (11 Dec 1856, Ohio - 29 Jan 1945, Lake Co., OH), daughter of Lyman E. Nye and Elvira Cowee, in 1895/96.  They had no children.  Ransom died 7 Jun 1914 in Lake Co., OH.
VIII. Mary L. Scott was born 2 or 9 Jan 1822 in Geauga Co., OH.  She married Warren W. Boughton (10 Feb 1816, Pembroke, Genesee, NY - 25 Apr 1850, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, IA), son of Orris Boughton and Sibyl Ann Newell, on 22 Sep 1841 in Ohio.  In 1880, she was living with her son William in Wheatland, Will, IL.  Mary died 29 Jan 1899 in East Wheatland, Will, IL.
A. Newell John Boughton was born 2 Jul 1842 in Du Page, Will, IL.  He married Harriett Ellen Scarritt (7 May 1848, Du Page, IL - 31 Mar 1931, Cherokee, Cherokee, IA), daughter of Perry Porter Scarritt and Cornelia Boardman), on 11 Sep 1867 in Will Co., IL.  Newell died in Jun 1876 in East Wheatland, IL and Ellen married John Fairweather in 1877/78.
1. Mary Cornelia Boughton was born 12 Sep 1868 in Buffalo, Erie, NY.  She married (1) Henry William (or William Henry) Shoup (7 May 1847, Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne, PA - 27 Jan 1933, Virginia, Warren, IA), son of Louis Shoup and Eunice Walker, on 2 Apr 1891 in Cherokee, Cherokee, IA.  She married (2) Curtis Thompson (16 Mar 1867, Carlisle, Warren, IA - 1955), son of Jasper Newton Thompson and Martha Smith, on 24 Feb 1936.  Mary died in 1954.
a. Chester Allen Broughton was born 12 Feb 1888 in Springfield, Sangamon, IL.  He was Mary's son by a married man, Charles W. Terrell, who had a wife and family of his own.  He married Etta Edith Miller (30 Jul 1891, St. Charles, Madison, IA - 30 Aug 1977, St. Charles, IA), daughter of Elias Gibbs Miller and Joanna Wagner, on 20 May 1911 in St. Charles IA.  Chester died 29 Apr 1961 in St. Charles, IA.
i. Naomi Grace Boughton was born 21 Jul 1911 in St. Charles, IA.  She married Basil L. Craig (25 Apr 1913, Decatur Co., IA - 17 Oct 1990), son of Percy Edward Craig and Minnie Ethel Bennett, on 24 Apr 1944.  Naomi died 7 Jul 1975.
ii. Leona Cornelia Boughton was born 17 Dec 1912 in Iowa.  She married Walter Lee Hurt (30 Sep 1911, Oklahoma - Apr 1985, Clarke Co., IA).  They had at least two children.  Leona died 15 Jan 2008 in Murray, Clarke, IA.
iii. Elias Grant Boughton was born 30 Jun 1915 in Madison Co., IA.  He married Winnifred J. Haddock (8 Jul 1924, New Hampshire - 20 Nov 1989, Laconia, Belknap, NH), daughter of John H. and Matilda M. Haddock, on 23 Oct 1945 in Washington, DC.  They had two children.  Elias died 17 Nov 2002 in Laconia, NH.
iv. Mary Eva Boughton was born 9 Jan 1917 in St. Charles, IA.  She married Harold Dean Stalcup (28 Nov 1917, Lorimer, Union, IA - Dec 1987, Lorimor, IA), son of Loren Oliver Stalcup and Esther Devore, on 30 Jun 1937 in Shenandoah, Fremont, IA.  They had four children.  Mary died 9 Jun 2007.
v. Loren Henry (Hank) Boughton was born 30 May 1919 in Truro, Madison, IA.  He married Garnetta Mae Strable (b. 9 May 1922, Iowa), daughter of Guy William Strable and Opal Fae Fleming, on 20 Jul 1941 in Grant City, Worth, MO.  They had two children.  Loren died 22 Feb 2003 in Van Meter, Dallas, IA.
vi. Elda Veneta Boughton was born 6 Apr 1921 in Madison Co., IA.  She married (1) Raymond Dean Kinnaird (3 Jun 1919, Iowa - Dec 1986, Albia, Monroe, IA), son of Zenas Leonard Kinnarid and Saretta (Etta) May Lathrum.  They were divorced bef. 1946.  She married (2) Orel Gregory (b. 28 Oct 1918, St. Charles, Madison, IA).  Elda died in May 1992.
b. Newell Lewis Shoup was born 15 Feb 1892 in Cherokee, IA.  He married (1) Lena Bell McIntosh (19 Aug 1893, Squaw Twp., Warren, IA - 19 May 1987, Des Moines, Polk, IA), daughter of John S. McIntosh and Virginia Louisa Carson, on 18 Jun 1919 in Des Moines, IA.  He married (2) Vernon Viola (23 Jan 1905, Iowa - 13 Mar 2001, Des Moines, IA) bef. 1940.  They had at least one child.  Newell died 14 Jan 1974, prob. in Des Moines, IA.
i. Claude Thomas Shoup was born 12 Apr 1920 in Des Moines, Polk, IA and died 14 Nov 1972 in Solano Co., CA.
ii. John (Jack) W. Shoup was born 3 Jul 1921 in Iowa.
iii. Eunice R. Shoup was born in 1923/24 in Iowa.
c. Nell Dell Shoup was born 11 Dec 1893.  She married Alva Floyd Bonney (31 Dec 1892, Truro, Madison, IA - 2 Jul 1958, Greybull, Big Horn, WY), son of Henry Bonney and Emeretta Virginia Orton, on 7 Nov 1910 in Osceola, Clarke, IA.  By 1920, they were living in Plum Creek, Weston, WY.
i. Dale Arthur Bonney was born 4 Jun 1911 in Iowa, and died 26 Feb 2000 in Basin, Big Horn, WY.
ii. Mildred Bonney was born in 1915 in Iowa.
iii.. Hazel Marie Bonney was born 3 Oct 1921 in Wyoming.  She married Lee Eugene Mead (7 Jun 1914 - Jun 1982, Canon City, Fremont, CO), son of Jesse Marion Mead and Elizabeth Marie Meyer, in Custer Co., SD.  They had at least one child.  Hazel died 14 Jul 1989 in Canon City, CO.
d. Naomi Shoup was born 1 Aug 1895 in Cherokee, IA and died 6 Jul 1909 in New Virginia, IA.
e. Margaret Ruth Shoup was born 1 Aug 1897 in Cherokee, IA.  She married Claude Wesley Kimzey (3 Sep 1892, New Virginia, IA - Jul 1981, New Virginia, IA), son of Albert Wesley Kimzey and Elizabeth Jane Bartram.  Margaret died in Feb 1978 in New Virginia, IA.
i. Lois Claudeen Kimzey was born 18 Oct 1916.  She married Harold T. Stuart (1 Aug 1897 - 1978) on 30 Aug 1935 in Indianola, Warren, IA.  They had eight children.  Lois died 24 Apr 1998 in Des Moines, Polk, IA.
ii. Doris Arlene Kimzey was born 7 Oct 1918 in New Virginia, IA.  She married Carl William Raney (13 Oct 1917 - 22 Mar 1994, Clifton Hill, Randolph, MO) on 8 Mar 1939.  They had four children.  Doris died 27 Jul 2011 in Moberly, Randolph, MO.
iii. Claude Wesley Kimzey, Jr. was born 12 Mar 1921.  He married Linda D. Boder (b. 1928/29).  They had four children.  Claude died 15 Oct 1996 in West Liberty, Muscatine, IA.
iv. Albert Henry (Jake) Kimzey was born 26 May 1923.  He married Barbara Jean Hilton (27 May 1933, Indianola, Warren, IA - 12 Jun 2014, Indianola, IA), daughter of Paul Francis Hilton and Martha Lucille Nine, on 3 Nov 1951 in Des Moines, IA.  They had three children.  Albert died 24 Mar 2009 in Des Moines, IA.
v. Ronald Guy Kimzey was born 30 Apr 1926 in New Virginia, IA.  He married Leatha I. Thurmond (16 Apr 1915, Iowa - 17 Feb 1993, Pomona, Los Angeles, CA), daughter of Albert and Agnes Thurmond..  Ronald died 14 Apr 1996 in New Virginia, IA.
vi. Margaret Joann Kimzey was born 18 Oct 1937 in New Virginia, IA.  She married (1) Verle G. Reed (4 Aug 1932 - 13 Dec 2008, New Virginia, IA), son of Denzel Reed and Esther Crandall, in 1956 in New Virginia, IA.. They had one child.  She married (2) Donald Olen Chandler on 10 Mar 1977 in Davenport, Scott, IA.  Margaret died 11 Nov 2013 in Davenport, IA.
vii. Jerry Lewis Kimzey was born in 1938/39.  He married Norma Lynn Downey.  They had two children.
f. Loren M. Shoup was born 31 Jan 1902 in Winterset, Madison, IA.  He married Birdie Curtis (2 Aug 1905, Lacona, Warren, IA - Nov 1977, New Virginia, IA) on 27 Dec 1919 in New Virginia, IA.  Loren died in Jan 1986 in East Moline, Rock Island, IL.
i. Shirley Lee Shoup was born 10 Aug 1925 in New Virginia, IA.
ii. Phyllis Gloria Shoup was born 3 Apr 1928 in New Virginia, IA.
iii. Dennis Perry Shoup was born 18 Apr 1933 in New Virginia, IA and died in Apr 1979 in Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ..
iv. Ferrill Diane Shoup married James Stromley, son of Orven Stromley, on 6 Jun 1964 in Indianola, Warren, IA.  They had two children.
g. Eunice Geneva Shoup was born 24 Jul 1910 in Winterset, IA and died 20 Jun 1914 in New Virginia, IA.
2. Perry P. Boughton was born 17 Jul 1871 in Wheatland, Will, IL.  He never married.  Perry died 19 Apr 1957 and was buried in Cheorkee, Cherokee, IA.
B. William Doty Boughton was born 28 Feb 1846 in Wheatland, Will, IL.  He married Emma J. Boardman (15 Jun 1850, Wheatland, IL - 1 Jun 1929, Wheatland, IL), daughter of Franklin C. Boardman and Mindwell (Mina) Bates, on 22 Dec 1869 in Will Co., IL.  William died 21 Sep 1928 in Wheatland, IL.
1. Mina (Minnie) L. Boughton was born 21 Mar 1872 in Wheatland, IL.  She married Frank W. Eaton (22 Oct 1867, Plainfield, Will, IL - 8 Oct 1963), son of Henry Clay Eaton and Affa King, on 5 Jun 1895 in Will Co., IL.  Mina died 4 Jan 1948 in Plainfield, IL.
a. Lois E. Eaton was born 2 Apr 1901 in Du Page, Will, IL.  She married Reece Birkett (18 Jun 1900, Plainfield, IL - 9 Jan 1976, Joliet, Will, IL), son of John R. Birkett and Lavina A. Sharpe, on 27 Jan 1946.  Lois died 5 Feb 1995 in Oswego, Kendall, IL.
b. Alice E. Eaton was born 2 Apr 1904 in Plainfield, IL.  She married Milton Henry George (23 Jul 1901, Plainfield, IL - 21 Jul 1991, Joliet, IL), son of Walter G. George and Clara Saville Klemmerer, on 29 Jan 1926 in Will Co., IL.  They lived in DuPage, Will, IL.  Alice died 14 Jan 1982 in Fort Myers, Lee, FL.
i. Ronald William George was born 27 Sep 1928 in Illinois.  He married Carol Erna Kelm (b. 1935/36, Illinois), daughter of Ralph and Erna Kelm, on 20 Feb 1964.  They had three children.
ii. Mary Alice George was born 24 Sep 1931 in Illinois.  She married Dale Richard Lambert (11 Mar 1929 - 18 May 2004, Plainfield, IL) on 1 or 2 Sep 1950 in DuPage, Will, IL.They had six children.
2. Bertha L. Boughton was born 24 Jun 1873 in Wheatland, IL and died 22 Aug 1874 in Wheatland, IL.
3. Della May Boughton was born 22 Sep 1875 in Wheatland, IL.  She married George Towner Patterson (1 Dec 1870, Plainfield, IL - 25 May 1964, Du Page, Will, IL), son of William Henry Patterson and Maude Andrews, on 30 Jun 1906.  Della died 27 May 1946 in Du Page, IL.
a. Hope Frances Patterson was born 14 Nov 1910 in Du Page, IL.  She married Robert Emery Clow (9 Nov 1911, Wheatland, IL - 11 Jun 1980, Wheatland, IL), son of Robert Cherry Clow and Maud Eva Mather, on 25 Sep 1942.  They were apparently childless.  Hope died 6 Apr 1980 in Wheatland, IL.
4. Newell John Boughton was born 9 Aug 1877 in Wheatland, IL.  In 1910, he was living in Topeka, Shawnee, KS.  He married Lulu M. Boardman (15 Jun 1879, Leesville, Colusa, CA - 12 Jun 1947, Parsons, Labette, KS), daughter of Wilbur Warren Boardman and Sarah Elizabeth Netzley, on 13 Jun 1915 in California.  They were in Chicago, Cook, IL in 1920 and in Labette Co., KS in 1930.  Newell died 27 Feb 1965 in Parsons, KS.
a. William Dayton Boughton was born in 1 Mar 1918 in Chicago, IL.  He married (1) Edith Mason (b. 10 Aug1922, Kansas), daughter of John B. Mason and Edith Francis Moran, on 11 Sep 1939.  They had two children.  They were divorced bef. 1949, when Edith married Everett Arthur O'Bryan.  William married (2) Irene Thompson (b. 12 Mar 1927, Tahlequah, Cherokee, OK) on 21 Feb 1951.  William died 20 Feb 1990 in Lake Co., CA.
b. Shirley Dean Boughton was born 30 Dec 1919 in Illinois.  She married George E. Thompson (18 Jun 1921, Warrenton, Warren, NC - 27 Aug 1997, Macon, Warren, NC), prob. the son of George H. and Mary Thompson, on 14 Jul 1945..  They had four children.  Shirley died 29 May 2006 in Macon, NC.
c. Lowell D. Boughton was born 23 Jun 1922 in Williams, Colusa, CA.  He married Lorene Florence Snyder (17 May 1921, Parsons, Labette, KS - 21 Oct 2014, Tulsa, Tulsa, OK), daughter of Carl H. and Clara Snyder, on 10 Aug 1947.  They had three children.  Lowell died 17 Dec 2011 in Tulsa, OK.
5. Wilbur Warren Boughton was born 3 Feb 1879 in Wheatland, IL.  He married Florence Thompson (2 Sep 1877, Firestone, England - 20 Aug 1953, Wheatland, IL), daughter of Jessie Rouse and Deborah Thompson, on 19 Jul 1905.  Wilbur died in 1961 in Wheatland, IL.
a. Donald Wilbur Boughton was born 8 Nov 1907 in Wheatland, IL.  He married Melva Elizabeth Hewetson (27 Apr 1907, Kennewick, Benton, WA - 19 Jan 1998, Dallas Co., TX), daughter of John Wallace Hewetson and Florence Regula Hefti, on 12 Jul 1933 in Lemont, Cook, IL.  They had three children.  Donald died 15 Nov 1947 in Wheatland, IL.
b. Newell Wilbur Boughton was born 10 Jan 1910 in Wheatland, IL.  He married Dorothy Edna Waite (3 Apr 1913, DuPage, Will, IL - 26 Nov 2008), daughter of George W. and Rose N. Waite, in 1936.  Newell died 28 Jan 2001 in Oswego, Kendall, IL.
i. Rose Marie Boughton was born in 1937.
c. Robert T. Boughton was born 9 Oct 1911 in Plainfield, IL.  He married Leona Mae Brossman (b. 1916/17, prob. in Plainfield, IL), daughter of Arthur James Brossman and Mae E. Found.  They had four children.  Robert died 19 Dec 1977 in Fort Myers, Lee, FL.
d. Walter Peters Boughton was born 24 Aug 1915 in Plainfield, IL.  He married Elvera Meadors (26 Dec 1922, Tamalco, Bond, IL - 26 Nov 1986, Bossier City, Bossier, LA), daughter of Herman Meadors and Bessie M. Albert, on 13 Sep 1941.  They had three children.  Walter died 24 Nov 1984 in Leland, La Salle, IL.
6. Franklin (Frank) Boardman Boughton was born 22 Jul 1885 in Wheatland, IL.  He married Agnes Clow Grommon (7 Feb 1889, Wheatland, IL - 8 May 1976, Wheatland, IL), daughter of Homer B. Grommon and Agnes Clow Patterson, on 10 Mar 1915.  They had no children.  Franklin died 13 Apr 1953 in Wheatland, IL.
7. David Webster Boughton was born 20 Sep 1888 in Wheatland, IL.  He married Esther Margaret Patterson (18 Apr 1897, Wheatland, IL - 30 Jun 1974, Joliet, Will, IL), daughter of Robert James Clow Patterson and Sarah Elizabeth Slight, on 20 Mar 1918 in Wheatland, IL.  Daniel died 4 Dec 1949 in Wheatland, IL.
a. Rollin Leroy Boughton was born 17 Aug 1919.  He married Loraine Kinzler (b. 1924/25), daughter of John M. Kinzler and Emma M. Wright, on 17 Mar 1945.  They had three children.  Rollin died 12 Nov 2009 in La Monte, Pettis, MO..
b. Sarah Elizabeth Boughton was born 9 Nov 1920 in Wheatland, IL.  She married Calvin Russell (19 Mar 1921, Du Quoin, Perry, IL - 11 Mar 1965) on 12 Aug 1944 in DuPage, DuPage, IL.  They had three children.  Sarah died 12 Jun 2010.
c. Ruth Alice Boughton was born 13 Jun 1922 in Wheatland, IL and died 17 Sep 1924 in Joliet, IL.
8. Ruben Scott Boughton was born 27 Nov 1890 in Wheatland, IL.  He married Della Green (21 Mar 1891, Plainfield, Will, IL - 4 Mar 1948, South Ottawa Twp., La Salle, IL), daughter of Bentley Wheeler Green and Ida Mae Colegrove, on 17 Sep 1913.  Ruben died 12 Oct 1970 in Wheatland, IL.
a. Warren J. Boughton was born 9 Aug 1915 in Wheatland, IL.  He married Loretta Sauter (2 Apr 1919, Bensenville, Du Page, IL - 21 Aug 2004, Minooka, Grundy, IL), daughter of Henry Sauter and Rose Grandt, on 18 Oct 1941.  They had three children.  Warren died 8 Oct 1959 in Plainfield, IL.
b. Mary L. Boughton was born 24 Nov 1917 in Wheatland, IL.  She married Homer Lambert Grommon (5 Dec 1914, Wheatland, IL - 4 Sep 1989, Joliet, IL), son of Frank Patterson Grommon and Grace Della Lambert, on 20 Feb 1936.  They had three children.  Mary died 9 Jul 1954 in Du Page, IL.
c. Lyndel J. Boughton was born 30 Jun 1919 in Wheatland, IL.  She married Harold G. Sauter (4 May 1917, Bensenville, Du Page, IL - 27 Jul 1996, Loveland, Larimer, CO).  They had two children.  Lyndel died 29 Sep 2011 in Sun City, Maricopa, AZ.

Notes:  Additional information on the offspring of Mary Scott and Warren Boughton can be found at Rootsweb, in an excellent database of Families of DU PAGE, GRUNDY, KENDALL and WILL Counties in northeastern Illinois.


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