Descendents of Warham Scott of Dover, OH

Warham Scott was born 6 Mar 1770 in Blandford, MA.  He was the son of John Scott and Rachel Stewart.  Warham married Elizabeth Foote (3 Aug 1778, New York - 2 Apr 1822, Dover, Tuscarawas, OH) on 27 Jun 1802 in New York.  They lived in Canajoharie, Montgomery, NY and then settled in Dover, OH.  Warham died 24 Dec 1855 in Dover, OH.
I. John Foote Scott was born 3 Oct 1803 in New York.  He married Susan (Susanna) Hunter (8 Feb 1809, Somerset Co., PA - 16 Jul 1894, Lafayette, Allen, IN), daughter of James Hunter and Mary Stewart, on 24 Mar 1833 in Tuscarawas Co., OH.  They were in Union Twp., Wells, IN by 1848/49.  John died c. 1875 in Lafayette, IN.
A. Emily Ann Scott was born in Dec 1833 in Ohio.  In 1880, she was still living with her mother.  Emily died 7 Oct 1909, poss. in Lafayette, IN.
B. George Washington Scott was born 9 Aug 1835 in Canal Dover, Tuscarawas, OH.  He married Melvina Stotler (20 Jan 1859, Noble, Defiance, OH - 3 Dec 1928, Sacramento, Sacramento, CA), daughter of Barnett G. Stotler and Laura E. Slayton, on 18 May 1875 in Defiance, Defiance, OH.  They lived for a time in Chicago, but by 1900, George and his sons were mining gold in Concow Twp., Butte, CA.  George died 27 Jul 1905 in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, CA.
1. Harry Barnett Scott was born 15 Feb 1876 in Fort Wayne, Allen, IN.  He married (1) Mabel Kenyon (b.c. 1880, poss. in Fort Wayne, IN).  They were soon divorced.  He married (2) Jessie Pauline Geiger (31 Jan 1886, Chico, Butte, CA - 20 Sep 1921, Colfax, Placer, CA), daughter of William Henry Geiger and Minnie Rose Wilson, on 17 Oct 1904 in Powellton, Butte, CA.  He married (3) Fannie May Done (29 Nov 1878, California - 17 Jun 1947, Chico, Butte, CA) on 10 Jun 1947 in Chico, CA..  Harry died 11 Apr 1949 in Oroville, Butte, CA.
a. George Washington Scott was born 1 Aug 1905 in Lovelock, Butte, CA.  He married (1) Jessie Laurel Smith (20 Jan 1913, Stirling City, CA - 12 Mar 1966, Chico, CA), daughter of Millard Bradley Smith and Opal Elmira Watkins, in Dec 1929 in Medford, Jackson, OR.  They had five children.  They were divorced bef. 1945 when Jessie remarried.  He married (2) Laverne.  They had one daughter.  George died 8 Jul 1979 in Chico, CA.
b. Rita Scott was born 17 Jan 1907 in Stirling City, Butte, CA and died 28 Jun 1908 in Stirling City, CA.
c. Harriet Mellie Scott was born 17 Aug 1911 in Stirling City, CA.  She married Victor V. Mattiazzi (14 Mar 1910, Montabulanno, Emilia-Romagna, Italy - 25 Oct 1971, Chico, CA), son of Silvio S. Mattiazzi and Marieta (Maria) Maddalena Genovesa, on 20 Nov 1932 in Junction City, Lane, OR.  Harriet died 2 Apr 2004 in Chico, CA.
i.Robert S. Mattiazzi was born 24 Apr 1946 in San Francisco, CA and died 4 Jan 2001 in Eugene, Lane, OR (or Riverside Co., CA).
2. John Hunter Scott was born 18 May 1880 in Owaneco, Christian, IL and may have died 23 Feb 1966 in Orange Co., CA.
C. Mary E. Scott was born in 1836/37 in Canal Dover, Tuscarawas, OH.  She married William Clark (1836/37, Ohio - 26 Jun 1891, Auburn, De Kalb, IN), son of Daniel Clark and Elizabeth McGoogan, on 31 Dec 1860 in Union, Wells, IN.  Mary died in Auburn, IN.
1. George C. Clark was born in 1868 in Zanesville, Allen, IN.  He married Estella (Stella) Henning (1875/76, Indiana - 8 Jul 1929, Elkhart, Elkhart, IN), daughter of Homer M. Henning and Martha (Mattie) Missouri Baxter, on 26 Feb 1895 in DeKalb Co., IN.  They were divorced in Oct 1898 and Stella retained custory of the children and later remarried.
a.Homer William Clark was born 6 Oct 1895 in Auburn, DeKalb, IN.  He married Hazel Sheffield (1 Aug 1900, Amprior, Ontario, Canada - 17 Dec 1948, Detroit, Wayne, MI), daughter of John Sheffield and Liza Mckinnon, on 14 Jan 1919 in Detroit, MI.  Homer was apparently a partner in the engineering firm of Hubbell, Roth & Clark, which designed Detroit's sewage system.  He died in Jan 1972 in Jackson, Jackson, MI..
i.Trevor H. Clark was born 19 Aug 1919 in Michigan.  He married Charlotte P. (1 May 1925 - 5 Jun 2012).  Trevor died 24 Aug 1999 in North Naples, Collier, FL.
ii.Hugh S. Clark was born 1 Jul 1921 in Michigan.
iii.Catherine G. Clark was born in 1923/24 in Michigan.
iv.Mildred J. Clark was born in 1925/26 in Michigan.
b.Estell Henning Clark was born 21 Dec 1896 in Indiana.  He married (1) Alice M. Hubbard (1898, England - 1955), daughter of Edwin and Eliza Hubbard,.on 23 May 1919 in Detroit, MI.  He married (2) Marie Richards Roberts (31 Oct 1898, Wayne Co., MI - 1964, Michigan).  Estell died 5 Dec 1981 in Macomb Co., MI.
i.Evelyn Mabel Clark was born 14 Dec 1923 and died 31 Jan 1925.
ii.Rose M. Clark was born in 1926/27 in Michigan.
2. John Raymond Clark was born in Oct 1870 in Auburn, DeKalb, IN.  He married Mary Alice Swisher (Sep 1871, Ohio.- 1949, prob. Auburn, IN), daughter of James Swisher and Mary Adams, on 11 Dec 1892 in DeKalb Co., IN.  John died in 1941, prob. in Auburn, IN.
a. Ralph W. Clark was born 16 Sep 1893 in Auburn, IN.  He married Metha Irene Shook (21 Aug 1893, DeKalb Co., IN - 1990), daughter of David Shook and Myrtle E. Bower, on 9 May 1913 in DeKalb Co., IN.  By 1930, they had moved to Mount Clemens, Macomb, MI.  Ralph died in 1954.
i.Marilynn Clark was born in 1922/23 in Indiana.
b. Howard James Clark was born 18 Oct 1899 in Indiana.  He married (1) Velma Ferrier (b. 26 Nov 1904, Metz, Steuben, IN), daughter of Stephen E. Ferrier and Olive L. Jones, on 2 Jan 1923 in Allen Co., IN.  They were divorced bef. 1930.. He married (2) Vera Fern Coffing (14 May 1900, Walkerton, St. Joseph, IN - 3 Oct 1998, North Manchester,Wabash, IN), daughter of Arthur Emerson Coffing and Cora Olive Reed, on 18 Apr 1946 in DeKalb Co., IN.  (Vera was the widow of Adelbert James Smith.  The 1940 census shows her and Howard living with Howard's parents and listed as husband and wife.)  Howard died in 1948 and Vera married Walter Higgins.
c. Ethel M. Clark was born in 1905/06 in Indiana.
3. (Kate) Darley Clark was born in Nov 1872 in Auburn, IN.  She married John Conrad Lochner (Aug 1871, Jackson Twp., IN - Aug 1957, De Soto Co., FL) son of Jacob Lochner and Mary Wyatt, on 9 May 1894 in DeKalb Co., IN.  In 1921, the family moved to Clermont, Lake, FL.  Darley died in 1949.
a.Don Maurice Lochner was born 13 Jun 1896 in Indiana.  He married Fannie Lee Calhoun (26 Oct 1896, Mississippi - 19 Mar 1986) on 6 Feb 1919 in Mt. Olive, MS.  Don died 3 Aug 1975 in Jacksonville, Duval, FL.
i.Darley Byrd Lochner was born 4 Feb 1925 in Clermont, Lake, FL.  She married Walter Edwin Storey, Jr. (27 May 1921, Burlington, Alamance, NC - 1 Jul 2002, Newport News, VA), son of Walter Edwin and Elizabeth C. Storey, on 12 Jun 1948 in Duval Co., FL.  They had three children.  Darley died 17 Dec 2009 in Newport News, VA.
D. David William Scott was born 29 Apr 1840 in Canal Dover, OH.  He married Susan M. Middaugh (Jun 1841, Ohio - 1930, poss. Lafayette, Allen, IN), daughter of James Middaugh and Susanna Burkholder, on 18 Dec 1870 in Zanesville, Allen, IN.  David died 12 Oct 1899 in Lafayette, IN.
1. William Otto Scott was born 20 Aug 1871 in Lafayette, IN.  In 1920, he was still single and living with his mother.  William died 14 Nov 1937, prob. in Union, Wells, IN.
2. Charles Summer Scott was born 23 Jun 1873 in Lafayette, IN.  He married (1) Dora E. Peck (Jun 1875, Indiana - 1942, prob. Wells Co., IN), daughter of Daniel and Sarah J. Peck, on 25 Feb 1897.  He married (2) Bessie M. Kershner Mowery (b. 28 Mar 1883, Wells Co., IN), daughter of William Kershner and Elizabeth Crumm, on 4 Aug 1949 in Wells Co., IN.  Charles died in 1959.
a.Donald L. Scott was born 10 Dec 1897 in Keystone, Wells, IN.  He married Mary Shofer (b. 20 Sep 1901), daughter of Walter Shofer and Ella Galvin, on 18 Feb 1933 in Wayne Co., IN.  They had no children.  Donald died in Sep 1980 in Midland, Midland, TX.
b.Ralph C. Scott was born in 1 Mar 1899 in Indiana and died 21 Feb 1902.
c.Leon D. Scott was born 22 Jun 1900 and died 5 Apr 1901.
d.Amy Marie Scott was born 24 Feb 1903 in Indiana.  She married Dewey Ernest Freeze (9 Sep 1898 - 30 Jun 1956), son of Sylvester Freeze and Stella Yarger.  They appear to have had just one son who died at birth.  Amy died 7 May 1995 in Carmel, Hamilton, IN.
e.Jesse (Jess) T. Scott was born 18 Mar 1910 in Indiana.  He married Mary Hilma Sappenfield (21 Nov 1909, Indiana - 19 Jul 1996, prob. Carmel, IN), daughter of Felix R. and Anna A. Sappenfield.  They had two children.  Jesse died 7 Feb 1991 in Bluffton, Wells, IN.
f.Fredric Burwell Scott was born 23 Jul 1915 in Keystone, IN.  He married Dorothy Madeline Leimgruber (b. 12 Dec 1916, Bluffton, Wells, IN), daughter of Herman Charles Leimgruber and Louise Burris, on 2 Apr 1937 in Bluffton, IN.  
3. Edward Roy Scott was born 23 Oct 1876 in Lafayette, IN.  He married Karlene (Lena) Reesch (b. Jan 1884, Indiana), daughter of John and Mary Reisch, in 1904 in Auburn, De Kalb, IN.  They lived in Jackson, Jackson, MI and then returned to Indiana.  Edward died in July 1971 in Noble Co., IN.
a. Dolores O. Scott was born 14 Sep 1906 in Indiana.  She married Clyde E. Walker (15 Apr 1898,Michigan - 13 Dec 1968, Kendallville, Noble, IN), son of James Walker and Maud Lockwood, on 29 May 1930.  Dolores died in Apr 1992 in Kendallville, IN.
i.Marilyn D. Walker was born 14 May 1933 in Michigan.  She married Abraham R. Charnov (17 Feb 1923 - 24 Dec 2013, Florida).  Marilyn died 22 Mar 2014 in Melbourne, Brevard, FL.
ii.Lawrence (Larry) C. Walker was born prob. 24 Mar 1937 in Indiana.  He married Beverly Rose.  Lawrence died prob. 24 Mar 1994 in Jackson, Jackson, MI.
b. Edward Roy Scott, Jr. was born in 1914/15 in Michigan and died bef. 1971.
4. John Scott was born 6 Apr 1880 in Lafayette, IN. 
5. Alvin Vernor Scott was born 6 Apr 1880 in Lafayette, IN.  He married Rebecca Redding (12 Mar 1882, Zanesville, IN - 30 May 1955), daughter of Joshua Redding and Elizabeth Wickliffe, on 11 Apr 1903 in Allen Co., IN.  Alvin died 23 Aug 1967.
a. Lela Cleota Scott was born 24 Jul 1904 in Fort Wayne, Allen, IN.  She married Virgil Herman Foland (29 Jun 1902, Indiana - 27 Mar 1996, Fort Wayne, IN), son of Clarence S. and Vessie Cora Foland, on 21 Mar 1925 in Allen Co., IN.  Lela died in Aug 1984 in Fort Wayne, IN.
i.Donald Leroy Foland was born 8 Apr 1927 in Indiana.  He married Ruth Ann Fowler (b. 2 Aug 1928, Washington, Allen, IN), daughter of Fredrich Fowler and Ester Ann Kariger, on 22 Nov 1947 in Fort Wayne, IN.  They had two children.
ii.Clarence A. (Pete) Foland was born 21 Jul 1932 in Indiana.  He married Joyce Elaine Baker.  They had four children.  Clarence died 13 May 1995 in Fort Wayne, IN.
b. Rollie Dee Scott was born 8 Feb 1906 in Zanesville, Allen, IN.  He married Elsie Leona Songer (21 Jun 1908, Songer, Clay, IL - 9 Sep 2002, Fort Wayne, IN), daughter of Frank Sanger and Laura A. Whitman, on 21 Oct 1939 in Allen Co., IN.  Rollie died 3 Oct 1992 in Fort Wayne, IN.
c. Mildred L. Scott was born 14 Jun 1908 in Zanesville, IN.  She married Walter Seaman Griffith (7 May 1907, Fort Wayne, IN - 15 Jun 1975, Fort Wayne, IN), son of William Franklin Griffith and Ida Mae Seaman, on 24 Jul 1926 in Fort Wayne, IN..  They had one child.  Mildred died 1 Apr 1987 in Fort Wayne, IN.
d. Russell Monroe Scott was born 26 Feb 1910 in Zanesville, IN.  He married Bertha Mae Owens (6 Feb 1912, Pomeroy, Meigs, OH - 17 Dec 2004), daughter of George Owens and Bertha Mae Weaver, on 9 Oct 1937 in Allen Co., IN.  Russell died 16 Oct 1989 in Cape Coral, Lee, FL and is buried in Fort Wayne, IN.
e. Walter D. Scott was born 18 Dec 1911 in Zanesville, IN.  He married Mildred C. Dimke (b. 4 Dec 1911, Fort Wayne, IN - 1980), daughter of Victor H. Dimke and Anna W. Kable, on 24 Aug 1937 in Allen Co., IN.  Walter died 29 Apr 1995 in Raleigh, Wake, NC.
f.Dorothy G. Scott was born in 1926/27 in Indiana.
E. Duane Devotie Scott was born 25 Sep 1842 in Canal Dover, OH.  He married Martha Malinda Mc Bride (1848, Indiana - 15 Jul 1920, Indiana), daughter of J.L. and Rebecca McBride, on 15 Dec 1879 in Zanesville, Wells, IN.  In 1910-20, they were living in Huntington, Huntington, IN.  Duane died 29 Nov 1930 in Tampa, Hillsborough, FL
1. Bessie Susie Rittgera Scott was born 8 Oct 1880.
2. Innez Mary Scott was born 27 Nov 1887.  In 1930, she was unmarried and living with her father.  She married James Bowman McCoury (b. 18 Sep 1884, Texas - 1964, Hillsborough Co., FL), son of Phillip B. McCoury and Phinetta Jane Baily, on 7 May 1932 in Pinellas Co., FL.  Innez died in 1949, prob. in Tampa, FL.
F.. Samuel Scott was born c. 1844 in Ohio.
G. Hunter Scott was born in 1845/46 in Ohio.  (He might be the person of that name who was in Fremont, Page, IA on the 1880 census.)
II. Harriet Scott was born 8 Jul 1805 in New York and died 9 Sep 1807.
III. Peele Scott was born 17 Oct 1806 in New York and died 16 Mar 1845 in Tuscarawas Co., OH.
IV. Samuel Scott was born 28 Jul 1807 in New York.  He married Mary Rebecca Burchfield (26 Jan 1812, Ohio - 11 Mar 1877, prob. Dover, OH), daughter of Mathias Burchfield and Barbara Overholt, on 23 Jul 1834 in Dover, Tuscarawas, OH.  Samuel died 28 Dec 1891.
A. Sarah Foote Scott was born 26 Aug 1836, prob. in Dover, OH, and died 30 Dec 1864, prob. in Dover, OH.
B. William Warham Scott was born 7 Mar 1838, prob. in Dover, OH.  He married Agnes (Darley) Brister (1 Oct 1851, Chili, Coshocton, OH - 22 Jan 1942, Dover, OH), daughter of Henry Brister and Lavina Smith Harper, on 1 Oct 1868 in Tuscarawas Co., OH.  William died 6 Nov 1902 in Canal Dover, OH.
1. William B. Scott was born 7 Jun 1869 in Dover, OH.  He married Mary E. Weaver (b. Oct 1873, Ohio), daughter of John H. and Catharine Weaver, on 27 Nov 1897, prob. in Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH.  William died 17 Aug 1942 in Westlake, Cuyahoga, OH.
a. John Scott was born in 1898/99 and died in 1900.
b. Katherine (Kathryn) Mary Scott was born 1 Mar 1902 in Ohio.  She married Hayden Joseph Young (12 Apr 1902, Ohio - 27 Apr 1948, Los Angeles Co., CA), son of Harry C. Young and Viola Faas, on 31 Jul 1926 in Cuyahoga Co., OH.
i.Hayden Scott Young was born 30 Aug 1928 in Ohio.  He married Barbara Jean (b. 1932/33).  They had at least one child.  Hayden died 13 May 1991 in Redlands, San Bernardino, CA.
ii.Marjorie DorisYoung was born 15 Feb 1932 in Ohio.  She married (1) Richard Carlisle Waddell (prob. 14 Dec 1931 - 27 Jan 1997), son of Robert Melvin Waddell and Mary Emma Hibbett, on 23 Feb 1951 in Los Angeles, CA.  She married (2) Donald Francis Talmadge (b. Sep 1929), son of Walter Heath Talmadge and Eunice Marion Tousley, on 19 Mar 1954 in Los Angeles, CA. They had three children.  The marriage ended in divorce in Nov 1971.  She married (3) Robert J. Nikola (29 Aug 1923 - 14 Jan 2003, La Crescenta, CA) on 27 May 1978 in Los Angeles, CA.  Marjorie died 7 Jul 2011.
2. Mary Scott was born 14 Mar 1871 and died 11 Jul 1871.
3. Edith B. Scott was born 10 Mar 1876 in Dover, OH.  She married John E. Joss (27 Mar 1873, New Philadelphia, Tuscarawas, OH - 1961, prob. New Philadelphia, OH), son of John Christian Joss and Emma M.S. Smith, on 20 Jun 1899 in New Philadelphia, OH.  They had no children.  Edith died 19 Sep 1940 in New Philadelphia, OH.
4. Walter B. Scott was born 23 May 1884.  He married Lulu M. Schenk (2 Jul 1885 - Mar 1973, Dover, OH), daughter of Charles F. Schenk and Anna C. James, on 14 Oct 1909 in Tuscarawas Co., OH.  Walter died 5 May 1972 in Dover, OH.
a. Anne Scott was born 13 Oct 1911.  She married George J. Harvey (b 19 Mar 1909, Pennsylvania) on 5 Jun 1941.  Anne died in Feb 1977 in Dover, OH.
5. Mildred Scott was born 19 Oct 1890.  She married Lawrence H. Alexander (20 Apr 1890 - 29 Jan 1998, Dover, OH), son of John E. and Mary H. Alexander, bef. 1920.  They had no children.  Mildred died in Sep 1973 in Dover, OH.
C. John Martin Scott was born 6 Sep 1840, prob. in Dover, OH, and died 3 Nov 1854.
D. Joseph Winmill Scott was born 29 Apr 1843, prob. in Dover, OH and died 3 Jan 1844.
E. Samuel Slussor Scott was born 14 Oct 1853, prob. in Dover, OH.  He married Clara Crites (1854, Ohio - 1925) c. 1884.  They lived for a time in Chicago.  Samuel died in 1905 in Dover, OH.
1. Dorothy Scott was born in Feb 1889 in Illinois.  She married Frank Wagner Lowry (10 Nov 1895, prob. Northumberland Co., PA - .Mar 1962), son of Samuel A. Lowry and Carrie May Nicely.
a. Robert Scott Lowry was born 19 Oct 1923.  He married Rosanna R.  They had at least one child.  Robert died 14 Feb 2008 in Montoursville, Lycoming, PA.
V. Silas Scott was born 4 Aug 1812 in Tuscarawas Co., OH and died 2 Mar 1813 in Dover, OH..
VI. Emily Ann Scott was born 18 Apr 1813.  She married Duane Devotie on 15 Sep 1841 in Tuscarawas Co., OH.  They had two children who died in infancy.  Emily died 29 Apr 1849 in Dover, OH.
VII. Russell D. Scott was born 6 Jan 1817 in Dover, OH and died 20 Feb 1867 in Marysville, Yuba, CA.  He was unmarried.




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