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Descendents of John Scott of Blandford, MA
Lists the children of John Scott, Jr. and Rachel Stewart, with links to those for whom there are known descendents.
Descendents of David Scott of Livonia, NY
David Scott settled in Montgomery County, NY before 1800 and was in Livingston County, NY by 1820.  The only line of his descendents on which I have information is that of his great-granddaughter, Emma Endora Scott, who married Willard DeGolyer of Gloversville, NY in 1884.

Descendents of John Scott of Augusta, NY
John Scott, 3rd and Mabel Allen settled in Augusta, Oneida, NY in the early 1800's.  Several of their children moved to Portage County, Ohio, and some of their descendents wound up in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, and Missouri.  Other names represented include Hurd (Ontario, Canada), Wilcox (Windham, OH) and Higley (Windham, OH).

Descendents of Warham Scott of Dover, OH
Warham Scott and Elizabeth Foote settled in Tuscarawas County, Ohio.  Most of the family remained there, but one son moved to Indiana.

Descendents of Silas Scott of Unadilla, NY
Silas Scott settled in Otsego County, NY and married Sarah Lee.  His children tended to settle nearby, in Otsego, Broome, and Chenango Counties, but later descendents wound up in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Illinois.  Other names represented include Stowell (Peoria, IL), Deming (Crawford Co, PA), Pangburn (Chenango Co., NY), and Padgett (Nineveh and Owego, New York).

Descendents of Seth Scott of Mexico, NY
Seth Scott and Amy Burch settled in Oswego County, NY.  Their children and grandchildren remained in or near Oswego, except for one son who moved to Michigan.  Other names represented include Edick (Oswego Co.) and Nicholson (Oswego Co.)

Descendents of Sarah Scott of Chester, MA
Sarah Scott married James Clark and they lived in Chester, MA, not far from Blandford.  Several of their children moved to upstate New York, settling in Lewis, Herkimer, and Broome Counties.

Descendents of David Scott of Crawford, PA
David Scott and his second wife, Susannah Bolton, moved to Wayne (then Ontario) Co., NY by 1810, then to Geauga Co., OH, and finally to Crawford Co., PA.  Most of their children remained in Geauga County.

Descendents of William Scott of Chautauqua, NY
William Scott and Lovisa Miller settled in Chautauqua Co., NY, not far from the rest of his family in Ohio and Pennsylvania.  Their descendents tended to remain in that area, primarily in Arkwright and Villenova.  Other names represented include Rundell (Chautauqua Co.), Stearns (Chautauqua Co., South Dakota, North Dakota), Burnham (Chautauqua Co.), and Willson (Chautauqua Co.)

Descendents of Mary Scott of Crawford, PA
Mary Scott and Levi Dewey settled in Meadville, Crawford, PA, and many of their descendents remained in western Pennsylvania.  Other names represented include Peterson (western Pennsylvania and Ohio), Sacket (Pennsylvania and Michigan), Densmore (Pennsylvania), and Parsons (Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, South Dakota).

Descendents of John Scott of Chester, OH
John Scott and Betsey Weller settled in Chester, Geauga, OH.  Most of their descendents remained there or moved no further than Indiana.  Other names represented include Boughton (Will Co., IL) and Shoup (Iowa).

Descendents of Asa Scott of Newbury, OH.
Asa Scott and Sarah (Sally) Palmer settled in Newbury, Geauga, OH, but none of their children remained there.  Other names represented include Alexander (Tuscola Co., MI) and Pond (Prairie Dog, NE and Twin Falls, ID).

Descendents of Ann Scott of Blandford, MA
Ann Scott married Roger Parks (or Parke) and they lived in Blandford and then in Russell, MA.  Other names represented include Sackett (Blandford, MA and Suffield, CT).

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