Descendents of James Padget

James Padget was the son of John Padget and Hannah Wilson.  He was born in 1770/71 in England.  He married (1) Eleanor (Nellie) Bartle (b.c. 1780), daughter of John Bartle, Jr. and Harriet Duffy.  She died along with their child.  He married (2) Abigail Havens.  James died 24/25 Nov 1848, Oxford, Chenango, NY.
I. Eleanor (Nellie) B. Padgett was born in 1812 in Oxford, NY and died 26 Feb 1863 in Oxford, NY.
A. Abigail E. Padgett was born in 1832/33.  She married Theodore Baker (b.c. 1825, Dutchess Co., NY) on 24 Jul 1854 in Oxford, NY.  In 1870, Alice and her children were living in Ithaca, Tomkins, NY.  In 1880, they were in Rochester, Monroe, NY.
1. Sarah Alice (or Alice S.) Baker was born in 1855 in Chenango Co., NY and may have died in 1893 in Rochester, NY.
2. James F. Baker was born in 1863/64.  He married Harriet L. (b. 1865/66, New York) in 1884/85.  They had no children. 
II. Beulah S. Padgett was born in 1814/15 in Oxford, NY.  She married Aaron M. Wooster of Guilford, Chenango, NY (1818 - aft. 1880) on 22 Apr 1849 in Oxford, NY.  Beulah died 20 Jul 1853 in Oxford, NY and Aaron remarried.
A. Beulah Wooster was born in 1849 and prob. died bef. 1860.
B. George W. Wooster was born in 1849.  He married Mary A. Gaffney (b. Jul 1856, New York) on 14 Apr 1875 in Sidney Plains, Delaware, NY.  They appear to have lived in Chenango Co. for a time and then settled in Sidney, Delaware, NY. after 1900.  George died 9 Jul 1910 in Sidney, NY.
1. Olin H. (or Henry O.) Wooster was born in Feb 1876.  He married his third cousin, Elizabeth (Libbie) Mae Shapley (Jun 1877 - 6 May 1934), daughter of Jabez Shapley and Elnora Sweet, on 20 Nov 1894.  They were separated by 1900 and Libbie had remarried by 1903.  Olin died in 1916..
a. Goldie (or Goldia) Wooster was born in Jun 1895 in Sidney, NY.  She married Walter William Coe (30 Jun 1889, Norwich, Chenango, NY - 1941 Oxford, Chenango, NY), son of William R. Coe and Sarah J. Johnson, on 19 Feb 1914 in Oxford, NY.  Goldie died in 1974 in Oxford, NY.
i.Hugh W. Coe was born 20 Sep 1915 in New York and died in Sep 1988.
ii.William H. Coe was born 15 Sep 1916 in Oxford, NY.  He married Marjorie E. King (26 Aug 1918, Massena, St. Lawrence, NY - 6 Jun 2009, Leesburg, Lake, FL), daughter of Joseph King and Mary Perry.  They had two children.  William died 11 Dec 1982 in Bradenton, Manatee, FL.
iii.Dorothy Coe was born c. Mar 1918 in New York.  She married William Howell (10 Sep 1914, Belington, Barbour, WV - 20 Aug 1979, Syracuse, Onondaga, NY) son of Hayes Howell and Lummie E. Jones, on 30 Aug 1936 in McDonough, Chenango, NY.  They had one child.
iv.Howard Olin Coe was born 14 Oct 1920 in New York.  He married Mary Benenati (25 Jun 1926, Norwich, NY - 24 Sep 2017, Norwich, NY), daughter of Joseph (Giuseppe) Benenati and Mary G. Testa, on 26 Jun 1954 in Norwich, NY.  They had two children.  Howard died 14 May 1997 in Chenango Co., NY.
b. Henry Olin Wooster was born in 1896/97 in New York. He married Edna R. Grant (12 Aug 1903, New York - 18 Sep 2001, Port Jervis, Orange, NY), daughter of  Harry Grant and Rosetta McKeon, on 27 Jun 1923 in Port Jervis, NY.
i.   Richard H. Wooster was born 30 Jul 1926 in Port Jervis, NY.  He married Laura Weiss.  They had three children.  Richard died 4 May 2008 in Port Jervis, NY.
ii.Rosemary Wooster was born in 1936/37.  She married Philip M. McGovern (b. 1922/23).  They had two children.
2. Goldie Wooster was born in Jan 1880 and died 7 Feb 1889 in Bainbridge, Chenango, NY.
3.May (Mae) E. Wooster was born in May 1882 in New York.  She married Mr. Adams (d. bef. 1930).  She was living with her mother in 1920 and 1930 and with her brother Charles in 1940.  May died aft. 1961.
4.Frank George Wooster was born 14 Sep 1884 in New York.  In 1930, he was still single and living with his mother in Norwich, Chenango, NY.  Frank died 5 Sep 1937.
5. Charles Hugh Wooster was born 18 Aug 1889 in Bainbridge, NY.  He married Louise A. Shoales (b. 1886/87, New York) in 1925/26.  Charles died in Sep 1945, prob. in Norwich, NY.
a.Shirley A. Wooster was born in 1927 in New York.
6 Winfield Scott Wooster was born 31 Jan 1895 in Bainbridge, NY and prob. died in 1953.
C. Dora Wooster was born in 1853.
III. Hannah W. Padgett was born in 1816 in Oxford, NY.  She married Stephen L. Avery on 30 Mar 1851 in Norwich, NY.  Hannah died 1 Dec 1852.
IV. Nelson T. Padgett was born May 1818 in Oxford, NY.  He married (1) Emily E. Clark (1824/25, Rhode Island - aft. 1857, New York) bef. 1850.  He married (2) Julia A. Walls (15 Jun 1831, New York - 30 Jul 1902, Greene, Chenango, NY) bef. 1870.  Nelson died 11/12 Mar 1876 in Greene, NY.
A. William T. Padgett was born in 1857.  In 1920, he was widowed and living in Union, Broome, NY.
V. James Padgett, Jr. was born 1 Dec 1819 in Oxford, Chenango, NY.  He married Samira A. Russell (1830, Otsego Co., NY - 1915, Oxford, NY) on 25 Mar 1849 in Oxford, NY.  James died 18 Feb 1890 in Oxford, NY.
A. Adella S. Padgett was born 21 Apr 1850 in Oxford, NY.  She married William B. Mead (16 Sep 1849, Greene, Chenango, NY - 1906, Guilford, Chenango, NY), son of Sylvanus Mead and Lucretia Cordelia Barto, on 14 Dec 1869 (or 21 Apr 1870) in Greene, NY.  In 1880, they were living in Oxford, NY.
1. Emmett C. Mead was born 20 Feb 1871 in Oxford, NY and died 24 Jun 1876 in Oxford, NY.
2. Hattie L. Mead was born 31 Dec 1872 in Oxford, NY and died 1 Jul 1876 in Oxford, NY.
B. Ward B. Padgett was born 4 Dec 1853 in Oxford, Chenango, NY.  He married his cousin, Elnora (Nora) May Wheeler (12 Jan 1863 - 5 Sep 1951, Oxford, NY), daughter of Julius Wheeler and Narcissa A. Mowry, on 15 Nov 1880 in Oxford, NY.  Ward died 23 Apr 1933 in Oxford, NY.
1. (Unknown) Padgett died young.
2. Minnie O. Padgett was born 21 Jul 1886.  She married Arthur C. Smith (8 Aug 1885, New York - Jan 1972, Oxford, NY), son of Chauncy H. and Ida E. Smith.  Minnie died in 1930 in Oxford, NY.
a. Marion E. Smith was born 27 Sep 1908.  She married Howard Smith Howe (6 Dec 1910, prob. Johnson City, Broome Co., NY - 18 Nov 1996, Binghamton, NY).  By 1951, they were living in Binghamton, NY.  Marion died 2 Jul 1989.
b. Hazel Smith was born in 1916.
c. Ruth Smith was born 26 Aug 1922.  She married Thomas Rice.  Ruth died 13 Feb 2003 in Oxford, NY.
d. (Unknown) Smith died young.
3. Linn Ward Padgett was born 24 Oct 1894.  He married Eva A. Carkhuff (4 Feb 1897 - 18 Jun 1986, Oxford, NY), daughter of Henry Barton Carkhuff and Sallie Letitia Nocks, on 27 Mar 1918 in Guilford, Chenango, NY.  (Eva was the sister of Jennie Elizabeth Carkhuff who married Emmett Ross Manwarren.)  They were probably childless.  Linn died in Sep 1981 in Oxford, NY.
C. Florence Padgett was born in 1854 and died young.
D. Anna Padgett died young.
E. Theodore Padgett died at eleven months.
F. Peter B. Padgett was born Feb 1865 in Oxford, NY.  He married Flora G. Curtis (25 Dec 1868 - Mar 1939), daughter of Luther Curtis and Wrexaville French, on 30 Mar 1892 in McDonough, Chenango, NY.  Peter died aft. 1933.
1. Dever Curtis Padgett was born in Dec 1892 in Fenton, Chenango, NY.  He married Edna Mae Ingraham (b. 1900, Chenango Co., NY), daughter of Sylvester A. Ingraham and Sarah E. Palmer, aft. 1930.
2. Ralph Victor Padgett was born 3 Jul 1900 in McDonough, NY.  He married Ruth Angelina Fowlston (3 Dec 1901, New York - Oct 1968), daughter of Otis Fowlston and Elizabeth Euphemia Davis, c. 1928.  They had one son.
3. Floyd Padgett was born 5 Oct 1902.  He married Frances (15 Jan 1902 - Feb 1971, Johnson City, Broome Co., NY) aft. 1930.  Floyd died in Apr 1970 in Johnson City, NY.
G. Cora B. Padgett was born in Sep 1867 in New York.  She married (1) William R. Gordon of Oxford, NY (b. 1863), son of William A. and Catharine Gordon, on 10 Sep 1884 in Oxford, NY.  She married (2) William Cluff (Mar 1855, Ireland - bef. 1920) in 1898/99.  Cora died aft. 1935.
1.. Eugene Clifford Gordon was born 30 Jun 1891 in Oxford, NY.  He married (1) Daisy Eccleston (b. 15 Nov 1893, Oxford, NY), daughter of Clement Eccleston and Alice M. Willcox, on 7 Aug 1912 in Greene, Chenango, NY.  He married (2) Anna P. (b. 1907/08, New York) in 1924/25.  Eugene died in Jan 1965 in New York.
a. Letha M. Gordon was born in 1914/15 in New York.
b. Clarence E. Gordon was born in 1916 in New York.
c.Agnes S. Gordon was born c. Feb 1926 in New York.
d.Norman E. Gordon was born 18 May 1929 in New York and died 26 Dec 1992 in Millport, Chemung, NY.
2. Russell O. Cluff was born 30 Apr 1900 in New York.  He married Marie. S. (b. 1901/02, New York) in 1920/21.
a.William R. Cluff was born in 1923/24 in New York.  He married Elizabeth L. Paradis (30 Aug 1924, Johnson City, Broome, NY - 3 Jul 2010, Schuylerville, Saratoga, NY).  They had two children.
b.Russell W. Cluff was born 27 Feb 1925 in New York.  He prob. married Marcia J.  Russell died 22 Aug 1999 in Greene, Chenango, NY.
H. Homer G. Padgett was born in May 1872.  He married Luella J. Hovey (Sep 1875 - 1966), daughter of George A. Hovey and and Marilla Hartwell, on 15 Nov 1898 in Oxford, NY.  (Luella was the sister of Frank L. Hovey, who married Bertha Gilbert.)  Homer died 10 Apr 1937.
1. Helen M. Padgett was born 14 Aug 1900.  She married Mr. Grosse aft. 1920.
2. Jesse L. Padgett was born 4 Jul 1903 in Oxford, NY.  He married Dorothy Esther Rhodes (12 Nov 1905, New York - 7 Jan 1989, Paradise, Butte, CA), daughter of Oliver J. and Ella C. Rhodes, in 1924/25.  Jesse died 19 May 1999 in Grizzly Flats, El Dorado, CA.
a.Pauline D. Padgett was born c. Sep 1926 in New York.
b.Ruth J. Padgett was born c. Nov 1929 in New York.
VI. Peter B. Padgett was born in 1821 in Oxford, NY.  He married Sarah C. Anderson (Dec 1837 - 1911) of Guilford, NY on 8 Jan 1861 in Sherburne, NY.  Peter died 13 May 1896 in Oxford, NY.
A. (Unknown) Padgett.
B. Nelson C. Padgett was born in Aug 1864 and died 8 Feb 1913.  He was unmarried.



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