Descendents of John Padget, Jr.

John Padget, Jr. was the son of John Padget, Sr. and Hannah Wilson.  He was born in 1768 in England.  He married Anna Preston (15 Mar 1785, Great Barrington, MA - 5 Aug 1824, Oxford, NY), daughter of Isaac Preston and Abigail Dewey.  John died 26 Nov 1834 in Oxford, Chenango Co., NY.
I. Elizabeth (Betsey) Padgett was born c. 1802 in Oxford, NY.  She married Stephen Hall (b. 1801).  Elizabeth died in 1845/6 in Oxford, NY.
A. James Hall was born in 1823..  He married Roxanna (Jun 1826 - aft. 1900).
1. Elizabeth A. Hall was born in 1846.  She married her third cousin George H. Japhet (b. 1850) on 21 Sep 1870.  They lived in Sidney, Delaware, NY.
a. Addie (or Ada) Japhet was born 1 Jun 1871, prob. in Oxford, NY.  She married George Henry Grannis (11 Apr 1863, Unadilla, Otsego, NY -  16 Aug 1896, Sidney, Delaware, NY), son of Charles Stephen Grannis and Mary Ann Olin, in 1891 in Oxford, NY.  By 1910, Addie had died and her daughters were living with their Hall grandparents in Sidney, NY.
i.Mary Elizabeth Grannis was born 14 Oct 1893 in Sidney, Delaware, NY.  She married George William Hilsinger (b 1890/91, New York), son of William Hilsinger and Gertie Bugbee, on 24 Feb 1913 in Delaware Co., NY.
A. Raymond George Hilsinger was born in 1913/14 in New York.
B. Sterling Grannis Hilsinger was born 18 Aug 1920 in New York.  He married Arline T. (13 Mar 1926 - 10 Oct 1993, Chatham, Colombia, NY).  Sterling died 22 Jun 2010 in Harpursville, Broome, NY.
ii.Carrie Iala Grannis was born 28 Aug 1895.  She married John Rufus Oles (b. Dec 1895, New York), son of Amos W. Oles and Frances Schmidt, c. 7 Jan 1926 in Delaware Co., NY.  They lived in Unadilla, Otsego, NY.  They had no children.  Carrie died 1 Dec 1991.
2. Mary M. Hall was born in 1849/50.
3. (Harriet) Rosetta Hall was born c. 1853/54.
4. Emma A. Hall was born in 1856.
5. James L. (or G). Hall was born in 1858
6. Ellen F. Hall was born in 1861.
7. Ward Robert Hall was born in 1863.  He married Bertha Diadama Fisk (7 Feb 1876, Unadilla, Otsego, NY - 20 Oct 1957, Waynesborough, VA), daughter of Hiram Fisk, Jr. and Mary Frances Wilson, on 10 Dec 1898 in Unadilla, NY.  Ward died aft. 1930.
a. Rosetta F. Hall was born in 1904 in New York.  She married John  R. Warren (b. 1894/95, New York), son of Frank Warren and Ida Meconkey, on 14 Aug 1924 in Otsego Co., NY. 
i.John Harry Warren was born 15 Aug 1925 in Oneonta, Otsego, NY  .He married Helen Marie Slowik, daughter of Henry J. Slowik, on 24 Jun 1951 in Utica, Oneida, NY.  John died 31 Dec 2002 in North Fort Myers, Lee, FL.
ii.Robert R. Warren was born in 1927/28 in New York.
b.. Carrabelle A. Hall was born 29 Jan 1910.  She married Leslie B. Sarrge (18 Sep 1911, Hobart, Delaware, NY - 8 Dec 1998, Schenectady, NY), son of Antonio Sarrge and Florence Bunn, on 17 Nov 1932.  They had two children.  Carrabelle died 2 Feb 1995 in Cooperstown, Otsego Co., NY.
c. Raymond E. Hall was born 4 Jan 1912.  He married Mae E. Saxton (25 May 1912, New York - 11 Apr 1993, Waynesborough, VA.), daughter of Theron C. and Effie Saxton   They had two children.  Raymond died 16 Sep 1988.
8. Agnes Hall was born in 1865 and died bef. 1870.
9. Roxanna Hall was born c. 1866.
10. Charles Rufus Hall was born in Oct 1867 in New York.  He married Dora A. (b. Feb 1877, New York) in Sep 1899, prob. in Guilford, Chenango, NY.
a.Gladys S. Hall was born in 1900/01 in New York.
b.Mildred E. Hall was born in 1902 in New York.
c.Harold R. Hall was born in 1903/04 in New York.  (He may be the Howard R. Hall who attended Oneonta State Teachers College, married Eleanor Sigsbee, and lived in Westerville, Franklin, OH.)
B. Mary Hall was born in 1825.  She married (1) Stephen or George Stackhouse.  She married (2) Alva Rathbun (1825, Chenango Co., NY - 30 Sep 1879, Oxford, Chenango, NY), son of Jonathan E. Rathbun and Sally Smith, c. 1848.  Mary died 15 May 1893 in Oxford, NY.
1. (Unknown) Stackhouse.
2. Elizabeth (Libby) A. Stackhouse was born in Apr 1844.  She married Sanford A. Cook (b. Jul 1842, New York) on 9 Jan 1865 in Oxford, NY.  In 1900, they were living in Hillsdale, Columbia, NY.  Elizabeth died before 1910.
a. Frederick J. Cook was born in Jun 1878, prob. in Afton, Chenango, NY.  He married Edith M. (b. 1884, Massachusetts) in 1903/04.  In 1910, they were living with Sanford in Stockbridge, Berkshire, MA.  They were prob. childless.
3. Ellen Stackhouse was born in 1846.
4. Henry A. Rathbun was born in 1849 in Oxford, NY.  He died aft. 1893.
5. Mary Louise (or Louise Mary) Rathbun was born in Jan 1853 in Oxford, NY.  She married John (Bert) P. Jacobs (b. 1854) in 1870/71.  Mary died 6 Sep 1921 in Norwich, Chenango, NY.
a. Mary Ellen Jacobs was born in Apr 1890 in New York.
b. Gladys E. Jacobs (adopted) was born in 1908 in New York.
6. De Etta) Rathbun was born 15 Dec 1855 in Oxford, NY.  She married Francis (Frank) H. Jacobs (b. Feb 1852, New York - bef. 1920) in 1873/74.  Delta died in January 1927 in Oxford, NY.
a. Clarence Jacobs was born in 1881/82.  He married Grace M. (b. 1883/84, New York.)  By 1915, they were divorced and Grace was remarried to Eliot A. Whaley.
i.Carl F. Jacobs was born 5 Jul 1908 in New York.  He died in Mar 1983 in Oxford, NY.
7. Alton A. Rathbun was born 28 Feb 1858 in Oxford, Chenango, NY.  He married (1) Ella Thompson (b. 1853/54, New York) before 1879.  (Ella was the widow of Albert Lewis Horton.)  They were divorced aft. 1880.  He married (2) Nora Nichols (1854 - 7 Feb 1924, Washington Mills, Oneida, NY) about 1885. Alton died 28 May 1909 in Oxford, NY.
a. Lewis Rathbun was born 10 Apr 1880 in Oxford, NY.  He married Grace (1876/77 - 26 Mar 1947).  They probably were childless.  Lewis died 26 Oct 1933 in Smithville Flats, Chenango, NY.
b. Floyd B. Rathbun was born 12 Jan 1886 in Greene, Chenango, NY.  He married Ella Mae Heburn (26 Feb 1887, prob. Rome, Oneida, NY - 8 May 1967, Rome, NY), daughter of George W. Heburn and Mae Ella Wilcox, on 22 Nov 1910 in Rome NY..  Floyd died 30 Oct 1948 or 1949 in Rome, NY.
i.Ruth Rathbun was born in 1914/15 in New York.  She married Albert John Hammon, Jr. (1910, Stuffville NY - 16 Sep 1978 Rome NY) in 1934.  They had three children.  Ruth died in 1963.
ii.Alfred Floyd Rathbun was born 4 Nov 1917 in New York.  He married Kathleen E. Roundy (27 Jun 1917 - 24 Dec 1996, Taberg, Oneida, NY), daughter of Jessie Roundy and Elizabeth Skillin.  They had four children.  Alfred died 1 Feb 1980 in Taberg, Oneida, NY.  
iii.Elenora M. Rathbun was born in 8 Aug 1920 in Rome, NY.  She married Edward Thomas Kenneally (27 May 1918 - 14 Sep 1981, Blossvale, Oneida, NY), son of Francis J. and Anna K. Kenneally, in Jun 1939.  They had at least two children.  Elenora died 6 Feb 1983.
iv.Charles Bernard Rathbun was born in Oct 1922 and died 12 Nov 1922.
v.Ernest Leslie Rathbun was born 19 Aug 1926.  He married Leona M. Emenwein (2 Mar 1925, Rome, NY - 7 Feb 2008), daughter of George Emenwein and Grace Filkins, on 8 Jun 1946 in Rome, NY.  They had five children.  Ernest died 10 Oct 1978 in Rome, Oneida, NY.
c. Henry Lucius Rathbun was born in Aug 1889 in Oxford, NY.
C. Anna (Annie) Hall was born 30 Mar 1825.  She married William Gilbert (25 May 1824, Oxford, Chenango, NY - 2 Dec 1898) on 24 May 1846 in Oxford, NY.  Anna died 26 Apr 1899 in Danbury, Fairfield, CT.
1. Maryette (or Mary E.) Gilbert was born 23 Mar 1847.  She married John E. Rogers (Oct 1846 - 9 May 1908, Danbury, Fairfield, CT), son of John C. Rogers and Mary A. Finch, on 23 Aug 1865 in Oxford, NY.  By 1898, they were living in Danbury,  CT .  Maryette died in 1913.
a. Silas W. Rogers was born in Feb 1868, prob. in Oxford, NY.  He married Elizabeth (Sep 1876, New York - May 1931) in 1894/95.  In 1900, they were living in Hancock, Delaware, NY.  In 1910, they were in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, NY.  Silas died bef. 1920.
i.Harry W. Rogers was born in Jun 1895 in Delaware Co., NY.  He learned to fly in 1915-16 and enlisted in the Naval Air Service as a machinist and flight instructor in 1917.  He married Ruth L. Howell (b. Mar 1899, prob. Islip, Suffolk, NY), daughter of Herman and Hannah Howell, on 30 Oct 1918 in Brooklyn, NY.  In 1919, Harry became a pioneer of commercial aviation.  He founded Rogers Air Lines, which specialized in flying wealthy socialites from New York to Miami and then on to the Bahamas and Havana.  However, a fire on 31 Mar 1929 destroyed his fleet of planes, and the onset of the Depression that fall prevented him from relaunching his operation.  He accepted a position as manager of the Glenn C. Curtis Airport in New York (which later became LaGuardia) and died on 1 Apr 1932 when his plane crashed on takeoff.  
A. Lucille Blossom Rogers was born in 1919 in New York.
ii.Arthur E. Rogers was born 6 Sep 1897 in New York. He married Margaret (b. 1890, New York) aft. 1920.  Arthur died in Jan 1971 in Poughkeepsie, NY. 
A. Arthur Leon Rogers was born 6 Jul 1922 in New York.  He married Ruth Loretta Jones (1928, Poughkeepsie, NY - 22 Apr 1990, Poughkeepsie, NY), daughter of Ralph Lyman Jones and Hazel Lape Rhodes.  They had four children.  Arthur died 12 Feb 1978.
B. Russell E. Rogers was born 4 Jun 1924 in New York and died 9 Jan 1969.
C. Betty J. Rogers was born in 1925/26 in New York.
D. Robert F. Rogers was born in 1928 in New York.
E. Helen L. Rogers was born in 1929/30 in New York.
F. Kenneth R. Rogers was born in 1931/32 in New York.
iii.Marietta (or Mary Etta) Rogers was born in 1901 in New York.
iv.Russell Raymond Rogers was born 19 Jun 1906 in New York.  He married Avis L. Scott (26 Oct 1906, New York, NY - Jun 1985, San Diego, CA), daughter of Charles W. Scott and Emma Frances Hatch, on 13 Sep 1929 in New York, NY.  They may have divorced in 1940.  Russell was a pilot and is known for having served as a co-pilot on several expeditions in the late 1930s for the American Museum of Natural History, particularly one to New Guinea in 1939.
b. Henry La Verne Rogers was born in Apr 1869, prob. in Oxford, NY.  He married Hattie L. (b. Jun 1874, Connecticut) in 1895/96, prob. in Connecticut.  They lived in Danbury, Fairfield, CT.  Le Verne died bef. 1920 and Hattie and the children moved to New Britain, Hartford, CT.
i.Herbert L. Rogers was born in 1901 in Connecticut and may have died in 1926.
ii.Marian L. Rogers was born in 1902/03 in Connecticut.
iii.Bernice S. Rogers was born in 1904/05 in Connecticut.  She married Howard M. Lewis (b. 1901/02, Connecticut).
A. Donald R. Lewis was born in 1928 in Connecticut.
B. Walter E. Lewis was born in 1929/30 in Connecticut.
C. Ruth Lewis was born in 1931/32 in Connecticut.
c. Freddie Rogers was born in 1870/71, prob. in Oxford, NY.
d. Nellie Rogers was born in Jan 1876, prob. in Oxford, NY.
e. Mabel Rogers was born in Jan 1885, prob. in Oxford, NY.
f. Jesse Emmet Rogers was born 17 Oct 1890 in Burnside, Orange, NY.  He married (1) Prudence T. (1887, Connecticut - 1932, Connecticut) in 1907/08.  They were living in Binghamton, Broome, NY in 1910 but were in Norwich, New London, CT by 1917.  He married (2) Ethel L. (1899/90, Connecticut - 19 Jun 1957, Preston, New London, CT) bef. 1940.  Jesse died 31 May 1976 in Norwich, New London, CT.
i.John E. Rogers was born 10 Jul 1909 in Connecticut.  .He married Ellen S. (prob. 21 Jul 1910, Connecticut - 28 Dec 1983, Franklin, New London, CT) bef. 1930.  They had ate least one child.  John died 18 May 1985 in Franklin,  CT.
2. Francis (Frank) H. Gilbert was born 30 Aug 1849.  He married (1) his cousin, Roxanna Padgett, (1854, Oxford, NY - 4 Jan 1888) on 19 Nov 1874.  He married (2) Jennie O'Hara (25 Jan 1868, New York - 17 May 1948, Rome, Oneida, NY), daughter of Oliver O'Hara and Ann Simmons, in Jan 1893.  They moved to McConnellsville, Oneida, NY c. 1898 and to Rome, NY c. 1908.  Frank died 21 Feb 1923 in Rome, NY.
a. Mertie Gilbert was born in 1875/76, prob. in Greene, Chenango Co., NY, and died bef. 1923
b. Bertha Gilbert was born in 1877/78, prob. in Greene, NY.  She married Frank L. Hovey (19 Apr 1877, New York - 2 Jun 1960, Norwich, Chenango, NY), son of George A. Hovey and Marilla Hartwell, on 14 Nov 1900.  (Frank was the brother of Luella Hovey who married Homer G. Padgett.)  Bertha died 1 May 1949.
i.Dorothy M. Hovey was born 28 Apr 1904 in Oxford, Chenango, NY.  She married Smith Starr Walbridge (30 Jun 1906, Stockbridge, Windsor, VT - Oct 1984, Panama City Beach, Bay, FL), son of Ralph William Walbridge and Kate Emelia Starr.  Starr was an engineer who was involved in the design of the Brooklyn Heights Promenade in the 1940's.  They had at least three children.  Dorothy died 2 Mar 1993 in Cape Coral, FL.
ii.Grace E. Hovey was born 18 Sep 1905 in New York.  She married Maurice A. Curnalia (5 May 1901, New York - Jul 1985, Chenango Co., NY), son of William J. and Elnora V. Curnalia, on 10 Feb 1957.  Grace died 11 Mar 2001 in Chenango Co., NY.
iii.Ruth F. Hovey was born in 1908 in New York and died 4 Mar 1953.
iv.Hazel Roxanna Hovey was born 18 Sep 1913 in Oxford, NY.  She married Walter H. Pond (prob. 4 Oct 1904, Penn Yan, Yates, NY - prob. 24 Jun 1994, Elizabethtown, Essex, NY), son of Ashley D. Pond and Emma Shidlen, on 29 Jun 1941.  They had one child.  Hazel died 14 Mar 2007 in Kenai, AK.
v.Catherine B. Hovey was born 18 Oct 1919 in New York.  She married (1) Mr. Davis aft. 1941.  She married (2) Mr. Tefft aft. 1957.  Catherine died 15 Aug 1995 in Oxford, , NY.
c. Mary L. Gilbert was born in 1881 and died 15 Sep 1882.
d Clara Gilbert was born 23 Sep 1883 in Greene, NY.  She married (Alfred) Duncan Drew (b. Apr 1866, Canada) on 16 Sep 1925.  Clara died 29 Aug 1943 in Rome, Oneida, NY.
3. Georgianna Gilbert was born in Oct 1851.  She married her cousin, William Henry Walker (23 Nov 1844, Oxford, NY - 2 Nov 1925, Ludlow, Champaign Co., IL) on 25 Jan 1871 in Oxford or Norwich, NY.  Georgiana died in 1921 in Ludlow, IL.  (See children under William.)
4. Alice Gilbert was born 9 Apr 1854.  She married her cousin, George Augustus Baxter (18 Mar 1859, Norwich, NY - 18 Jun 1939), on 3 Jan 1879 in Oxford, NY.  They lived in Emporium, Cameron, PA.  (See children under George.)  Alice died 14 Mar 1902.
D. Sarah (Sally) Maria Hall was born in 1827.  She married Asa Beardsley (1820/21 - 25 Dec 1894, Oxford, NY), son of William Beardsley and Anna Maria Catlin.  Sarah died 27 Jan 1861.
1. James Addison Beardsley was born in 1843.  He died 2 Oct 1863 at a Confederate prison camp in Richmond, VA.
2. Theodore Catlin Beardsley was born 2 Nov 1846 and died 17 Aug 1847.
3. Arthur R. Beardsley was born in Feb 1848.  He married Catherine H. Moulton (Jul 1848, NewYork - 1922, prob. Triangle, Broome, NY), daughter of Jared and Esther P. Moulton, in 1869/70.  Arthur died in 1915, prob. in Triangle, NY.
a.Allen Beardsley was born in 1875 in New York
b.Edith Beardsley was born in Dec 1877 in New York.  She married Martin E. Fox (Nov 1873, New York - 13 Oct 1946, prob. Barker, Broome, NY), son of Martin Luther and Sarah Fox.  Edith prob. died bef. 1930, when Martin remarried.
i.Faye C. Fox was born in Aug 1898 in New York.  He married Mildred B. Ketchum (b. 1900/01, New York), daughter of Earl Ketchum and Lillie Fuller, on 18 Oct 1921 in Broome Co., NY.  They lived in Binghamton, Broome, NY.  They had three children.  Faye died in Jul 1968 in Broome Co., NY.
ii.Ivalene Fox was born in 1903/04 and prob. died bef. 1910.
iii.Winifred V. Fox was born 19 Oct 1911 in New York.  She married Walter Hamilton Zeigler (27 Oct 1903, Chicago, Cook, IL - 12 Jan 1996, Binghamton, NY), son of Harry M. Zeigler and Sarah Abrams, c. 3 Jul 1933.  They had one child. Winifred died 24 Oct 2011 in Binghamton, NY.
c. Ethel L. Beardsley was born in Apr 1885 in New York.
4. Ida M. Beardsley was born in 1851/52.
5. Ella (or Ellen) Beardsley was born in Apr 1853 in New York.  She married John Jay Merchant (10 Sep 1849, Dryden, Tomkins Co., NY - 1931, Cortland, NY), son of John Harmon Merchant and Phoebe Rosanna O'Reilly, in 1876/77.  Ella died in 1925 in Greene, Chenango, NY.
a. Ralph Crandall Merchant was born 18 Oct 1883 in Greene, Chenango, NY.  He was an actor.  Ralph died 17 Dec 1914 in Fitchburg, MA.
E. Francis Edwin Hall was born in Aug 1829 in New York  He married Sarah J. (b. Jan 1840, New York) in 1855/56.  In 1900, they were living in Pharsalia, Chenango, NY.
1. Warren A. Hall was born in Sep 1862.  He married Emma J. (Jul 1864, New York - 26 May 1963, Oxford, Chenango, NY), in 1884/85.  They lived mainly in Chenango Co., NY.  Warren died 17 Jan 1958 in Johnson City, Broome, NY.
a. Claude S. Hall was born 5 Oct 1886 in New York. He married Nellie E. Greenleaf (21 Mar 1889, New York - Dec 1986, Endicott, Broome, NY), daughter of J.P. and Hannah Greenleaf.  They had two children.  Claude died in Feb 1987 in Endicott, NY.
2. Gertrude A. Hall was born in May 1873 in New York.  She married Carey H. Steward (b. Jun 1870, New York) in 1895/96.  Gertrude died bef. 1910.
F. John Henry Hall was born in May 1836 in New York.  He married Jenette (1842/43, New York - bef. 1900).  They lived in Oxford, Chenango, NY.  John prob. died bef. 1910.
1.Minnie Hall was born in 1868/69 in New York.
2.Cora Hall was born in Sep 1872 in New York.  She married Eugene L. West (Apr 1856, New York - 10 Apr 1941, Owego, Tioga, NY) in 1889.  They lived in Greene, Chenango, NY.  Cora died 7 Mar 1946 in Johnson City, Broome, NY
a.Lenora B. West was born 29 Jul 1891 in New York.  She married Seth H. Long (18 Mar 1890, Preble, Cortland, NY - 15 Jun 1974, Cortland, Cortland, NY), son of Hobart H. Long and Nettie Cartwright, in 1913/14.  Lenora died in May 1986 in Groton, Tompkins, NY.
i.Dorothy Long was born 2 Mar 1915 in New York.  She married (1) Harold J. Fairchild (17 Sep 1904, New York - 20 Apr 1996, Cortland, NY).  They were apparently divorced aft. 1946 and Dorothy married (2) Mr. Purcell.  Dorothy died 23 May 2006 in Cortland, NY.
A. Harold Fairchild was born 19 Jan 1935 in New York and died 10 Jun 2004 in Port Orange, FL.
B. Eugene Frederick Fairchild was born in 1937 in New York.  He married Patricia Grace Van Hoesen on 18 Apr 1959.  Eugene died 24 Dec 2012 in Missoula, MT.
ii.Hobart Long was born 14 Dec 1916 in New York and died 1 Oct 1979 in Cortland, NY.
iii.Wanetta Long was born in Jan 1919 in New York.  She married Leo Flick (28 May 1917 - Jan 1986, Moravia, Cayuga, NY.  They had three children.
iv.Kenneth Long was born in 1922/23 in New York and died bef. 1968.
v.Donald Long was born 6 Oct 1928 in New York and died in May 1984 in Preble, NY.
b.Carl West was born in Apr 1892 in New York.  In 1940, he was still single and living with his mother.
c.Florence West was born 5 Jul 1897 in New York.  She married Clarence F. Zillic (13 Feb 1896, Pennsylvania - 13 Apr 1953), son of John and Dora Zillic.  They had no children.  Florence died 2 Dec 1967 in Johnson City, Broome, NY.
II. Erastus Padgett was born in 1803/4 (or in 1809) in Oxford, NY.  He married Ruth (Polly) Teachout (b. 1809, Brisben, Chenango, NY).
A. Sarah Jane Padgett was born 4 Sep 1836.  She married (1) William Stimpson (1833/34 - 1878) c. 1855/56.  She married (2) Hubert (?) Frost (d. 1 Dec 1909. Greene, Chenango, NY).  Sarah died 7 Sep 1893 in Greene, NY.
1. Charles Henry Stimpson was born 16 Aug 1857 in Coventry, NY.  He married (1) Sarah Jane Tuttle (1858, Greene, Chenango, NY - 1 Jul 1889, Downsville, Delaware, NY), daughter of James Tuttle and Margaret Harrington, on 3 Mar 1885 in Coventry, NY.  He married (2) Rose Emogene Tuckey (5 Jul 1881, Coventry, NY - prob. 15 Aug 1947, Oneonta, NY), daughter of James A. Tuckey and Julia A. Garrison, on 31 Jul 1897 in Sanitaria Springs, Broome, NY.  Charles died 13 Jun 1931 in Oneonta, NY.
a. Raymond (Ray) T. Stimson was born 22 Jul 1881 in Binghamton, Broome, NY.  He married Emily E. Ingraham (1882 - 1957) in 1900/01.  Raymond died in 1947 in Kirkland, Oneida, NY.
i.Vesta R.Stimson was born in Jun 1904 and died 16 May 1924 in Utica, Oneida, NY.
ii.Reginald Stimson was born 4 Nov 1910.  He married Marguerite A. Dapson (7 Sep 1904 - 14 Mar 1998, Oriskany, Oneida, NY), daughter of Frank Dapson and Elizabeth Candee, on 25 Sep 1947 in Irvington, NJ.  Reginald died 6 Sep 1982 in Rome, Oneida, NY.
iii.Anona Louise Stimson was born in 1913 in Bainbridge, Chenango, NY.  She married George A. Barron (27 Oct 1907 - 22 Dec 1982, Utica, Oneida, NY), son of William M. Barron and Maggie Jane Thomson, on 21 Nov 1930 in Kirkland, NY.  They had three children.  Anona died 17 Mar 1974 in Oneida Co., NY
b. (Daughter) Stimpson was born 15 Dec 1887 in Coventry, Chenango, NY.
c. Lena Pearl Stimpson was born 4 Sep 1899, poss. in Binghamton, NY.  She married Horace Phelps Seaman (Sep 1896, prob. Sidney, Delaware, NY - 21 Nov 1963, Binghamton, NY), son of John L. Seaman and Ella Mattoon (or Martin), on 14 Nov 1917.  Lena died in Oct 1977.
i.Howard C. Seaman was born 18 Jun 1924 in New York.  He married Ladis M. Velez (b. Jun 1925, prob. San German, Puerto Rico), daughter of Juan M. Velez, on 22 Sep 1947 in Binghamton,  NY.  They had two children.  Howard died in Apr 1980 in Binghamton, NY.
ii.Douglas W. Seaman was born 18 Aug 1928 in Binghamton, NY.  He married Helen R. in 1956.  They had two children.  Douglas died 6 Dec 2011 in Malabar, FL.
d. Leon Henry Stimpson was born 5 Jan 1902 in Coventry, NY.  He married Edna Mae Silvey (15 Aug 1903, prob. Butternuts, Otsego, NY - Jan 1992, Otsego Co., NY), daughter of Rexford M. and Mira R. Silvey, aft. 1930.  Leon died 10 Nov 1952 in Oneonta, Otsego, NY..
e. Guy A. Stimpson was born 3 Feb 1904 in Harpersville, Broome, NY.  He married Clara Mae Kniffen (1 Jul 1906, New York - May 1977, Middletown, Orange, NY), daughter of Edward C. Kniffen and Alice Mae McMullen, on 29 Feb 1924 in Orange Co., NY.  Guy died 19 Feb 1988 in Tafton, Pike, PA.
i.Elizabeth Stimpson was born in 1924/25 in New York.
ii.Guy Stimpson was born in 1932/33 in new York.
f. Helen Florence Stimpson was born 9 Jan 1908 in Bainbridge, Chenango, NY.
g. Ernest M. Stimpson was born 20 Sep 1909 in Bainbridge, NY.  He married Florence (29 Jan 1911, Pennsylvania - Apr 1995, Oneonta, NY).  They had at least one child.
h. Amos William Stimpson was born 12 Dec 1913 in Bainbridge, NY.  He married Hilda (b. 1915/16, Pennsylvania).  They had at least one child.  Amos and died in May 1963.
i. Virgil LeRoy Stimpson was born 22 Dec 1916 in Bainbridge, NY.  He married Dorothy.  They had at least two children.  Virgil in Dec 1985 in Oneonta, Oneida, NY.
j. Ralph Richard Stimpson was born 8 Mar 1923 in Sidney, NY and died 27 Dec 1996 in Oneonta, NY.
2. Ella Mariah Stimpson was born in 1860.  She married Martin W. Dolan (1859/60 - aft. 1920) of Preston, NY on 5 Jan 1886 in Norwich, NY.  Ella died on 15 Sep 1887 in Oxford, NY.
3. Ella Adelia Stimpson was born in 1863 and died in 1865 in Coventry, NY.
4. Laura Ann (Lottie) Stimpson was born in Nov 1864.  She married Levi Martin (Mar 1864, New York - aft. 1930) on 11 Aug 1886 in Oxford, NY.  Lottie died on 30 Jul 1889 in Oxford, NY.
a. Henry A. Martin was born 10 May 1889 in Oxford, NY.  He does not appear in later records and may have either died young or been adopted after his mother's death.
B. Caroline W. Padgett was born in 1840.
C. Elizabeth Ann Padgett was born in 1846.  She married Philander P. Shaw (1842, Otsego Co, NY - 27 Jun 1905, Unadilla, Otsego, NY).  Elizabeth prob. died bef. 1878.
1. Almira Maria Shaw was born in Oct 1864 in New York.  In 1905, she was still unmarried and living with her father.
D. Samuel Francis Padgett was born 1/2 May 1848 in Chenango Co., NY and died 1 or 6 Aug 1848 in Oxford, NY.
III. Henry Padgett was born c. 1806 in Oxford, NY and died before 1820.
IV. Hannah Padgett was born c. 1808 in Oxford, Chenango, NY.  She married Augustus Baxter (b. 24 Aug 1812, Sharon, Litchfield, CT - 27 Dec 1837, Conklin, Broome, NY), son of Samuel D. Baxter and Amy E. Lewis.  Hannah died in 1857.  (The parentage of Hannah's two younger children is obscure.  A biographical note on her son Charles gives Augustus as his father, but the death certificate appears to rule this out.  Some sites show Hannah with a second marriage to Stephen A. Baxter, who was a widower living in Conklin, but this appears to be pure guesswork.  Hannah was unmarried and living with her children as of the 1850 census.) 
A. Henry Augustus Baxter was born in 1836 in Oxford, NY.  He married Martha Jane Nichols (1838, Otsego Co., NY 6 Jul 1920, Plymouth, Chenango, NY), daughter of John and Margaret Nichols, on 4 Mar 1858 in Oxford, NY.  (Martha was the sister of Helen Nichols who married Francis M. Shapley.)  Henry was wounded in the Civil War and died 4 Nov 1864 in Baltimore, MD.  Martha then married Lyman White and had several more children.
1. George Augustus Baxter was born 18 May 1859 in Norwich, Chenango, NY.  He married his cousin, Alice Gilbert (9 Apr 1854 - 14 Mar 1902).  In 1880, they were living in Windham, Wyoming, PA.  George died 18 Jun 1939 in Norwich, Chenango, NY.
a. Elmer DeVere (or Dever) Baxter was born 27 Feb 1885 in Emporium, Cameron, PA.  He married Josephine Maude Newton (17 Mar 1887, Olean, Cattaraugus, NY - 27 Dec 1945, Emporium, PA), daughter of Joseph Newton and Maude Viola Couse.  Elmer died in 1947 in Emporium, PA.
i.Newton Leon Baxter was born in Apr 1910 in Buffalo, Erie, NY.  He married Martha Ann Lemmon (b. 1909/10), daughter of Earl Scott Lemmon and Sarah Shireman, on 28 Jun 1932 in Erie, PA.  In 1940, they were living in Washington, DC.
ii.Iola Alice Baxter was born 1 Oct 1913 in Emporium, PA.  She married (1) Lester Brentwood Noragon (30 Jun 1899 - 23 Feb 1981), son of Amos Anson Noragon and Viola Barr, c. 1933 in Emporium, PA.  The marriage ended by 1936.  She married (2) Henry Charles Reed (2 Aug 1888 - 26 Aug 1985, Coudersport, Potter, PA) son of Albert Oscar Reed and Dora Isabel Moore, on 23 Jul 1942..  Iola died 3 Nov 2000 in Rochester, Monroe, NY.
iii.DeVere Gilbert (Jack) Baxter was born 8 Apr 1918 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH.  He married Ruth Marie Nelson (19 May 1915, Ridgway, Elk, PA - 24 Mar 2010, Carmel, Hamilton, IN).  They had four children, two of whom died young.  DeVere died 27 Oct 1985 in Willoughby, Lake, OH.
2. Willard (Willie) A. Baxter was born in Feb 1861 in Norwich, Chenango, NY.  He married Ella M. Button (25 Jul 1871, prob. Pharsalia, Chenango, NY - 5 Jul 1958, Norwich, NY), daughter of Benjamin P. Button and Lois A. White, on 13 Aug 1886.  Willard died 25 Jun 1944 in Pharsalia, NY.
a. Lena M. Baxter was born 9 Feb 1887 in New York.  She married Clarence E. Griswold (12 Jul 1885, New York - Aug 1968), son of E.W. and Mary Jane Griswold.  Lena died in Apr 1972 in Norwich, NY.
i.Frances Griswold was born in 1912 in New York.  She married Mr. Law.  He died bef. 1930.
b.Lois M. Baxter was born in Dec 1888 in New York and died in 1905 in Pharsalia, NY.
c.Merle E. Baxter was born in Mar 1892 in New York.. She married Frank G. Dolan (1887, New York - 1951), son of Henry Dolan and Mary Germer, on 25 May 1910 in Chenango Co., NY.  Merle probably died bef. 1928, since by then Frank had remarried.
i.Graydon Dolan was born in 1911 in New York.  He married Virginia M. Stott (15 Aug 1912 - Mar 1981, Chenango Co., NY), daughter of Asa James and Nena Stott.  They had at least two children.
ii.Kenneth B. Dolan was born 11 Apr 1917 in New York and died 10 Jan 1995 in East Pharsalia, Chenango., NY..
d. Edward L. Baxter was born in 5 Jun 1904 in New York and died in Dec 1967 in East Pharsalia, NY.
3. Julia Adele Baxter was born in 1862.
4. Henry W.  (or A.) Baxter was born in Sep 1863.
B. Henrietta A. Baxter was born in Sep 1839 in Chenango Co., NY.  She married Thomas F. Farrell (Jun 1837, Canada - 24 Dec 1924, Hampshire, Kane, IL) on 26 Dec 1858 in Kane Co., IL.  Henrietta died 10 Jan 1920 in Elgin, Kane, IL.
1.Ella May (Mae) Farrell was born 4 Mar 1860 in Dundee, Kane, IL.  She married Richard Johnson in 1892/93.  They were later divorced.. Ella died 28 Jan 1935 in Hampshire, IL.
2.Charles Henry Farrell was born 10 Jan 1864 in Gordon, Will, IL  He married Effie Carlisle (b. 6 Mar 1879, Hampshire, IL), daughter of Leeman J. Carlisle and Mary M. Keyes.  Charles died 24 Mar 1933 in Hampshire, IL.
3.Homer Jesse Farrell was born 9 Apr 1865 in Green Garden, IL.  He was apparently unmarried.  Homer died 19 Oct 1941 in Oswego, Kendall, IL..
4.Bertha I. Farrell was born 25 Mar 1871 in Hampshire, IL.  She married George Benjamin Watts (4 Jun 1862, Burrillville, Providence, RI - 24 Jul 1935, Elgin, Kane, IL), son of George H. and Isabella Watts, in 1894/95.  Bertha died 6 Mar 1947 in San Diego, CA.
a.George Harold Watts was born in May 1898 in Illinois and died 26 Jan 1917 in Elgin, IL.
C. Charles Augustus Baxter was born 29 Oct 1842 in Chenango Co., NY.  He married Mary J. Smith (b. Jul 1843, Ohio or Illinois) in 1863/64.  They moved to Tama Co., IA in 1865.  They were living in Howard, Tama, IA in 1880 and in Toledo, Tama, IA by 1900.  In 1920 Charles was widowed and living with Maude and Fred.
1. Henry Augustus Baxter was born 28 Aug 1865 in Tama Co., IA.  He married Bertha M. Kellerman (16 May 1871, Iowa - 11 May 1942), daughter of Christian Frederich Henry Kellerman and Brigette Amelia Anderson, on 11 Nov 1891.  By 1895, they were living in Beaver, Butler, IA.  By 1910, they were in Washington, Washington, IA.   Henry died 3 Apr 1929 in Washington, IA.
a. Howard Augustus Baxter was born 29 Sep 1892 in New Hartford, Butler, IA.  He married Viva Beryl Jones (1891/92, Ketoa, Keokuk, IA - bef. 1930), daughter of Alfred Brooks Jones and Cecil Maude Arnold, on 26 Feb 1921 in Washington, IA.  Howard died in Aug 1963.
i.Viva Mazine Baxter was born 1 Dec 1921 in Iowa.  She married Lawrence Lester Scripter (b. 1920), son of Lewis L. and Emma A. Scripter..  They had at least five children.  Viva died 26 Aug 1999 in Jackson Co., MI.
b. Harold Henry Baxter was born 15 Sep 1895 in New Hartford, IA.  He married Bessie Annette Bovee (19 Jun 1897, Washington, IA - 2 Jul 1980, Moorsetown, Burlington, NJ), daughter of John Edwin Bovee and Bessie Babcock, on 12 Jun 1921 in Washington Co., IA.  Harold died in Mar 1976 in Bay Village, Cuyahoga,OH.
i.Jean Baxter was born 2 May 1922 in Pennsylvania and died in Nov 1980 in East Orange, Essex, NJ.
ii.Howard Henry Baxter was born 31 Jul 1931 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH.  He married Ona Mae Miller (11 May 1931, Eau Claire, Eau Claire, WI - 6 May 2000, Lakewood, Cuyahoga, OH), daughter of Manley Miller and Hazel Ona Wilson, on 25 Jul 1955 in St. Paul, Ramsey, MN.  They had five children.  Howard died 24 Oct 2004 in Wooster, Wayne, OH.
2. Etta Mae (Ettie) Baxter was born 16 Apr 1867 in Tama Co., IA.  She married Nelson P. Knight (b. Nov 1863, Iowa), son of Jacob Knight and Nancy Ketchum, on 12 Mar 1891 in Tama Co., IA.  Etta died bef. 1930.
a.Charles Allison Knight was born 6 Nov 1895 in Garwin, Tama, IA.  He married Alva Woodrum (2 Feb 1894, Louisville, Jefferson, KY - Dec 1975, Florida), daughter of John Woodrum and Tina Evans, on 10 Aug 1914 in Cedar Rapids, Linn, IA.  By 1930, they had moved to Wisconsin.  Charles died in Jan 1983 in Florida.
i.Doris Knight was born c. Jan 1916 in Iowa.
ii.Raymond Knight was born c. Jan 1919 in Iowa.
iii.Dorothy Ulene Knight was born in 7 Aug 1923 in Howard, Tama, IA.
3. Clara Ann Baxter was born 9 Jan 1869 in Tama Co., IA.  She married John C. Krieg (1854/55, North Manchester, Wabash, IN - 6 Dec 1951, Topeka, Shawnee, KS), son of Samuel Krieg and Rachel Swineheart, on 1 Nov 1893 in Toledo, Tama, IA.  They moved to Kansas by 1900.  Clara died in Jan 1949.
a.Rollin E. Krieg was born 21 Sep 1894 in Clarinda, Page, IA.  He married Janet T. (1899-1991)  on 2 May 1923.  Rollin died in Jun 1970.
i.Doris V. Krieg was born in 1924/25.  She married Mr. Rogers.
b.Blanche B. Krieg was born 12 Jun 1900 in Kansas.  She married Claude Virgil Duvall (12 Aug 1899, Kansas - 6 Aug 1936), son of Orville Hayes Duvall and Fannie Florence Fengal.  Blanche died 23 Mar 1994 in Topeka, KS.
i.Claudia M. Duvall was born 15 Mar 1926 in Kansas.  She married John F. Cerrone (21 Nov 1921 - 18 Dec 1964,Topeka, Shawnee, KS). on 1 Jun 1947.
4. Cora Elizabeth Baxter was born 28 Feb 1874 in Tama Co., IA.  She married John Warren Eaton (Apr 1872, Independence, Buchanan, IA - bef. 1920), son of William G. Eaton and Emmaline Myers, on 27 Feb 1895 in Toledo, Tama, IA.
a.Leonard Bentley Eaton was born 30 Jul 1896 in Cedar Rapids, Black Hawk, IA.  He married Mary Jordison (11 Jun 1904, Arkansas - Sep 1985, Cerro Gordo Co., IA), daughter of Floyd Jordison and Flo Allen, on 18 Jun 1923 in Fort Dodge, Webster, IA.  Leonard died in Aug 1973 in Cerro Gordo Co., IA.
i.Kenneth Leonard Eaton was born 16 Jun 1924 in Fort Dodge, IA and died 26 Jun 1998 in Austin, Travis, TX.
ii.Lowell Eaton was born 6 Mar 1928 in Iowa and died 8 Dec 1998 in Spirit Lake, Dickinson, IA.
b.William Lloyd Eaton was born 19 Jul 1898 in Cedar Falls, IA.  He married Helen D. (1900, Iowa - Mar 1974, prob. Albuquerque, Bernalillo, NM).  By 1940, they were living in Tucson, Pima, AZ.  William died in Dec 1966 in Albuquerque, NM.
i.Thomas E. Eaton was born in 1924/24 in Iowa.
ii.Shirley K. Eaton was born in 1929/30 in Iowa.
5. Jesse Albert Baxter was born 24 Nov 1876 in Tama Co., IA and died in Africa.
6. (Mary) Maude Baxter was born 4 Dec 1883 in Iowa.  She married Fred O. Nelson (b. Apr 1879, Tama Co., IA), son of Oliver Nelson and Christina Paulson, on 21 Mar 1914 in Cedar Rapids, Linn, IA.  They lived in Toledo, Tama, IA.
a.Willard Nelson was born in 1920 in Iowa.  (He was prob. Willard S. Nelson, 2 Jan 1920 - 6 Aug 1997, Toledo, IA.)
V. John Padgett, 3rd was born 15 Oct 1808 in Oxford, NY.  He married Almira Scott (23 Sep 1806 - 3 Apr 1880), daughter of Silas Scott and Sarah Lee.  John died in 1896 in Ninevah, NY.
A. (Son) Padgett.
B. Leonard Lemuel Padgett was born in Jan 1834 in Oxford, NY.  He married Sarah A. Titus (Jan 1833 - aft. 1900), prob. the daughter of John C. Titus and Sophronia Crnadall, in 1859 in Sanford, Broome, NY.  Leonard died 10 Apr 1901 in Afton, NY
1. Adaline (Addie) Padgett was born in Jan 1863 in New York.  She married Charles A. Greenman (Apr 1850 - 16 Aug 1935, Sanford, NY), son of Elias J. Greenman and Ellen Barringer, in 1892/93.  They lived in Sanford, NY.  In 1940, she was living with Carrie and George.
a. Carrie E. Greenman was born in Jan 1896 in New York.  She married (1) William Lee Ketchum (b. 8 Feb 1897, Sanford, NY), son of Fred M. and May Ketchum, on 9 Jun 1921 in Sanford, NY.  They were divorced by 1926.  She married (2) Charles Washburn (9 Jun 1906, Otego, Otsego, NY - 11 Oct 1971, Binghamton, Broome, NY), son of Burton Washburn and Maria Lamb, on 27 May 1933 in Afton, Chenango, NY. 
i.Charles Ketchum was born in 1922 in New York.
ii.Lloyd Rufus Washburn was born 23 Apr 1934 in Sanford, NY.  He married Martha J. Gray (1940 - 3 Jun 1992) on 8 Sep 1961 in North Sanford, NY.  They had two sons.  Lloyd died 24 Jul 2009 in Bainbridge, Chenango, NY.
b. George Elmore Greenman was born 7 Dec 1898 in Doraville, Broome, NY.  He married Susan Adeline by 1918.  George died 3 Mar 1943.
i.Charles E. Greenman was born 10 May 1922.  He married Marion Jane Hull (18 May 1923, Binghamton, Broome, NY - 24 Mar 1970), daughter of Benjamin Hull and Emma Constantine, on 21 Jan 1951 in Afton, NY.  Charles died 25 Jul 1998.
2.Anna (Annie) Josephine Padgett was born in Dec 1864 in New York.  She married Mr. Hicks aft 1892.  They had no children.  By 1900, Annie was widowed and living with her parents.
C. Silas Edgar Padget was born 22 Feb 1836 in Oxford, NY.  He married Frances Ingersoll (30 Nov 1845, Owego, Tioga, NY - 12 Aug 1911, Owego, NY), daughter of James Ingersoll and Lucinda Ballou, on 24 Feb 1863 in Owego, NY.  Silas died 13 May 1916 in Owego, NY.
1. Gurdon Edgar Padgett was born 24 Apr 1865 in Nineveh, Broome, NY. He married (1) Delphine Elizabeth Leonard (1867/68, prob. Owego, NY - bef. 1900), daughter of Nathaniel Leonard and Melissa Gould, in 1885.  He married (2) Sarah Frances Easton (b. 20 Jul 1866, Candor, Tioga, NY), daughter of Zenas R. Easton and Eliza Sophronia Hubbard, on 18 May 1903.  Gurdon died 3 May 1944 in Cuyler, Cortland, NY.
a. Bonnylin (Bonny Lyn) Padgett was born in August 1887.  In 1910, she was a teacher in Woodbridge, Middlesex, NJ.  She married Norman Loucks Feeter (20 Jun 1894, Truxton, Cortland NY - Feb 1983, Ridgewood, NJ), son of Frank Brockett Feeter and Ella Mae Loucks, on 28 Jun 1919 in Truxton, NY.  They lived in Rutherford, Bergen, NJ.  They were childless.  Bonnylin died in 1975.
b. Lenora Padgett was born 14 Jul 1889.  In 1910, she was living in Arlington, MA with the family of Harry Purple, a former resident of Owego.  She married Benjamin C. Sherman (1889, Rosevale, Allegheny, PA - 3 Apr 1926, Syracuse, Onondaga, NY), son of Samuel Sherman.  Lenora died 10 Jul 1969 in Camarillo, Ventura, CA.
i.George W. Sherman was born 5 Feb 1916 in New York.  He married (1) Helen (b. 1918/19, New York).  They had one child.  He married (2) Jean Leanna (21 Dec 1922 - 2 Mar 1998, Nampa, Canyon, ID).  They had at least two children.  George died 10 Jan 2001 in Nampa, ID.
c. Frances Alice Padgett was born 25 Aug 1907.  She married Elmer H. Randall (31 May 1902, Cuyler, NY - 6 Sep 1998, Cuyler, NY), son of Frederick E. Randall and Flora Sarah Garner.  They had five children.  Frances died 14 Jun 1995 in Cuyler, NY.
2. Florence Padgett was born 10 Oct 1868 and died 18 Mar 1870 in Nineveh, NY.
3. (Lyman) Alexis Padgett was born 11 May 1871 in Owego, Tioga, NY.  He married (1) his second cousin, Mary Ellen Hunt (May 1876 - 5 Jul 1912, Owego, Tioga, NY), daughter of Garrett Hunt and Carrie Ingersoll, in 1900/01.  He married (2) Clara A. Vincelette Whitmarsh Feb 1867, New York - 15 Nov 1936, Wayland, Steuben, NY), daughter of John Vincelette and Sarah M. Contright, on 7 May 1913 in Tioga Co., NY.  Alexis died 17 May 1941 in Owego, NY.
a. Florence C. Padgett was born in 1906 and died 9 Feb 1947 in Binghamton, Broom, NY..
b. Robert George Padgett was born 20 Jun 1909.  He married Elizabeth M. White (22 Nov 1906, Brasher Falls, St. Lawrence, NY - 26 May 1971, prob. Hampton Bays, Nassau, NY), daughter of Joseph H. White and Elizabeth Morris or Morse, on 30 Jun 1934 in Schuyler, Herkimer, NY.  Robert was a high school chemistry teacher in Oceanside, Nassau, NY.  He died in May 1961.
4. Horace Greeley Padget was born 26 Nov 1872 in Owego, NY.  He married Lucy Maria Adams (14 Jun 1881, Syracuse, NY - 1 Mar 1834, Tully, NY), daughter of Samuel Charles Adams and Anna Maria Dill on 28 Dec 1898 in Towanda, PA..  Horace died 29 Apr 1935 in Otisco, NY.
a. Thomas A. Padget was born 29 Oct 1899 in Towanda, PA.  He married Sadie Benedict (1 Mar 1894 - Apr 1978, Buffalo, NY).  Thomas died 28 Apr 1967 in Miami, FL.
b. John Richard (Dick) Padget was born 18 Aug 1901 in Towanda, PA.  He married Carina Carter (28 Dec 1903 - 3 Nov 1994, Tully, NY) in Feb 1935. They had two children.  John died 1 Aug 1993 in Tully, NY.
c. Anne Frances Padget was born 27 Aug 1903 in Towanda, PA.  She married Alister (Alexander) Watt Donald Steele (1 Jun 1893 - 15 Apr 1967, Syracuse, NY) on 28 May 1934.  They had five children.  Anne died 13 Jan 1977.
d. Lucie Elizabeth Padget was born 18 Oct 1905 in Syracuse, NY.  She married (1) Thomas P. Faherty (10 Dec 1893, Johnstown, Fulton, NY - Apr 1982, Johnstown, NY), son of James Faherty and Mary Burke, on 2 Aug 1930 in Lake Placid, Essex, NY.  She married (2) Alexei Ivanovitch Panshin (18 Oct 1901, Voronezh, Russia - 17 Jan 1993, Holt, MI), son of Ivan Nikiforovitch Panshin and Sofia (Sonya) Alexandrovna Moskalyeva, on 30 May 1934 in Elmira, NY.  They had two children.  Lucie died 4 Jan 1996 in Okemos, MI.
e. Mary Jean Padget was born 30 May 1909 in Tully, NY.  She married Adrian L. (Nescie) Warntz (Tully, NY - Dec 1997, Syracuse, NY).  They had two children.  Mary died 12 May 1966 in Syracuse, NY.
f. Henry Padget was born 30 Jun 1911 in Tully, NY.  He married Carol Humpfrey.  They had one child.  Henry died 25 Jan 1976 in Syracuse, NY.
g. Doris Padget was born 22 Nov 1912 in Tully, NY.  She married John Henry Hawkins (b. 15 Feb 1907) on 15 Aug 1936.  They had five children.  Doris died 4 Jan 1976 in Michigan.
h. Horace Greeley Padget, Jr. was born 1 Nov 1914 in Tully, NY and died 26 Nov 1915.
i. Helen Adams Padget was born 18 Dec 1916 in Tully, NY.  She married James Earl Philips (13 Oct 1913 - 31 May 1994, Berlin, NY) in Oct 1942.  They had two children.  Helen died 7 Nov 1994 in Berlin, NY.
j. William Rossiter Padget was born 6 Apr 1919 in Tully, NY.  He married Josephine Gates (b. 18 Oct 1919) on 9 Aug 1941 in Rodman, NY.  They had six children.  William died 19 May 1986 in Georgetown, NY.
k. Paul Warren Padget was born 17 Apr 1921 in Tully, NY.  He married (1) Shirley Allen (d. Dec 1974).  They had four children.  He married (2) Anne Finkler in Feb 1976.
5. Vesta Padgett was born 3 Nov 1877 in Owego, NY.  She married James R. Robinson (16 Jun 1876, prob. Owego, NY - 13 May 1958, Owego, NY), son of Benjamin B. Robinson and Elmior (or Eleanor) Riker.  Vesta died 10 Dec 1954 in Endicott, Tioga, NY.
a. J. Riker Robinson was born 30 Nov 1912.  He married Mabel Lena Goodrich (6 Jul 1914, North Cohocton, NY - 10 Apr 2009, Owego, NY), daughter of Marsden Delos Goodrich and Ella Maude Wheaton, on 28 Aug 1948.  They had three children.  Riker died 13 Nov 1996 in Owego, NY.
6. Frances Paget was born 23 Jul 1879 in Owego, NY.  She married William R. Price (7 Aug 1875, Bellington, Barbour, WV - 1936), son of Albert and Sophia Price.  Frances died 26 Apr 1940 in Owego, NY.
D. Henry Ogden Padgett was born in Sep 1839 in Oxford, Chenango, NY.  He lived in Afton, Chenango, NY.  Henry died 16 Dec 1910 in Tully, NY, where he was living with Horace and Lucy.
E. Sarah Emma Padgett was born in Jul 1846 and died in 1909.
VI. Abigail L. Padgett was born in 1810 in Oxford, NY.  She married Andrew Jackson Worden (1829 - prob. bef. 1860) on 12 Jan 1847.  Abigail died 29 Jan 1875.
A. Elizabeth A. Worden was born 25 Nov 1847.
B. Andrew Jackson Worden, Jr. was born in 1850.  He married Flora A. Burchard (Jul 1864, New York - c. 1950), daughter of Daniel B. and Julania Burchard, on 27 Apr 1889 in Oxford, Chenango, NY.  In 1900, Flora and the children were living with her parents, though she was still listed on the census as married.  In 1910, she was listed as widowed.
1. Howard E. Worden was born 23 Feb 1890 in New York.  He married Minnie Finch (26 May 1882, Gloversville, Fulton, NY - 15 Apr 1956, Johnstown, Fulton, NY), daughter of Coleman Finch and Sarah Hanvey on 2 May 1922 in Chenango Co., NY.  They had no children.  Howard died 21 Sep 1960 in Johnstown, NY.
2. LeRoy (Roy) Francis Worden was born in Dec 1892 in New York.  He married (1) Fern G. Yarnes (Dec 1894, prob. Triangle, Broome, NY - 1918), daughter of Orland Yarnes and Myrtle Morse, on 2 Apr 1914 in Chenango Co., NY.  He married (2) Betty Allison (19 Oct 1922, Norwich, Chenango, NY - 20 Jan 1989, Alameda Co., CA).  LeRoy died 11 Feb 1953 in Corning, Steuben, NY,.
a.Fern Amelia Worden was born 20 Aug 1917 in New York.  She married (1) Mr. Seeley.  They had one child.  She married (2) Ralph  W.Coy (11 Apr 1905, East Pharsalia, Chenango, NY - 26 Aug 1962, Horseheads, Chemung, NY), son of Luther B. Coy and Florence Brooks, on 18 Apr 1942 in Susquehanna Co., PA.  They had three children.  She married (3) Alexander Tarr (3 Aug 1920, Yonkers, Westchester, NY - 25 Dec 1998, Beaver Dams, Schuyler, NY).  Fern died 11 Apr 1998 in Beaver Dams, NY.
b.Robert Francis Worden was born 19 Oct 1922 in Norwich, NY.  He married Helen E. Hockert (b. 1922, Minnesota), daughter of John Clemens and Florence A. Hockert.  They had four children.  Robert died 20 Jan 1989 in Alameda Co., CA.
3. Stanley B. Worden was born in Nov 1899 in New York.  He apparently never married.  He was killed in a hit-and-run accident on 13 Sep 1957 in Oxford, NY.
C. Francis (Frank) H. Worden was born in 1851.  He married (1) Ursula J. (b. 1853/54 - poss. 5 Dec 1892) on 22 Aug 1875 in Guilford, NY.  He married (2) Eva R. Davis (Apr 1855, New York - aft. 1920), daughter of John and Ruby A. Davis, in 1893/94.  Francis died bef. 1920.
VII. Anna Padgett was born in 1811 in Oxford, NY and died 13 Jan 1847 in Oxford, NY.
VIII. William Padgett was born c. 1812/13 in Oxford, NY.  He married Almira (b. 1821) bef. 1850.   He was living with his sister Abigail in 1870 and with his great-niece Elizabeth Hall Japhet in 1880.
IX. Lorenzo Dow Padgett was born 23 Mar 1814 in Oxford, NY.  He married Chloe Ann Buck (Apr 1819 - 25 Jun 1875).  Lorenzo died 11 Jun 1895 in Unadilla, Broome, NY.
A. Sarah Esther Padgett was born in 1841.
B. Emma Ann Padgett was born in July 1840 and died 30 Sep 1844.
C. Frances Celestia Padgett was born in Jan 1846 in New York.  She married Seth E. Hinman (Oct 1839, New York - 1918), son of Moses Hinman and Mabel Spaulding, in 1881/82.  They lived in Afton, Chenango, NY.  They had one child who died young.  Frances died in 1913.
D. Eunice Ann Padgett was born in May 1848.  She married Horace Tracy Leach (Apr 1836, prob. New Berlin, Chenango, NY - Jan 1911, prob. Unadilla, Otsego, NY), son of Abel Leach and Almira Ainsworth, in 1882.  Eunice died 30 Jan 1915 in Unadilla, NY..
1. Albert Burdette Leach was born 5 Aug 1883.  He married Elizabeth Sanford (4 Sep 1884, Virginia - 1 Apr 1976, Binghamton, Broome, NY), daughter of John Henry Sandford and Jane Ann Field, in 1903/04.  During World War I, they moved to Washington, DC, where Albert was a typesetter with the Government Printing Office..
a.Sandford B. Leach was born 8 Mar 1907 in New York.  He was a lawyer who worked for a variety of government agencies.  He married Mary Mildred Hall (16 Nov 1909, Washington DC - 27 Apr 1996, Paoli, Chester, PA), daughter of William A. and Minnie M. Hall, in 1933/34.  They had three children.  Sandford died 22 Aug 1995 in Rehoboth Beach, Sussex, DE.
2. Leon L. Leach was born in Jul 1886 and died in 1944.
3. Mary C. Leach was born in Apr 1889 and died in 1925.
4. Luella L. Leach was born in Dec 1890.  She married George K. Wood (1875/76, poss. Franklin, Delaware, NY - 11 Jan 1946), son of Charles Wood and Phebe McArthur, on 2 Jan 1919 in Otsego Co., NY.  They had no children.
E. Emmett Lorenzo Padgett was born 30 Nov 1852 and died 8 Dec 1862.
F. Noble Howard Padgett was born in Mar 1857.  In 1900, he was living with Horace and Eunice Leach.  Noble died 4 Jun 1928 in Unadilla, Otsego, NY.
X. Lewis Padgett was born 15 Aug 1816 in Oxford, NY.  He married Clarissa Manwarren (1823 - 23 Dec 1886, Oxford, NY) in 1843.  Lewis died 20 July 1905 in Oxford, NY.
A. Susan F. Padgett was born in 1844/45.  She married Chauncy H. Barstow (3 Jul 1829, New York - aft. 1900), son of Allen W. Barstow and Mahala Butts.  Susan died 31 Aug 1881 in Oxford, NY.
1. Minnie C. Barstow was born in Aug 1873 in New York.  She married Clarence N. Bowers (1876, New York - bef. 1930), son of Worthington Newcomb Bowers and Sarah Elizabeth (Lizzie) Wakeford.  Minnie died 25 Oct 1945 in Johnson City, Broome, NY.
a.Clyde Wakeford Bowers was born 6 Nov 1898 in New York.  He married Lillian M. White (b. 1899/1900, Pennsylvania), daughter of Charles F. White and Nellie G. Cooper, in May 1929.  (Lillian had been divorced a few months earlier from her first husband, Floyd H. Fisk.)  They were divorced bef. 1942 and Clyde apparently later remarried.  He died in May 1973 in Broome Co., NY.
b.Marion V. Bowers was born in 1902/03 in New York.  She was still unmarried as of 1945.
c.Ona E. Bowers was born 8 Apr 1904 in New York.  She married Arthur H. Brewster (28 Aug 1896, Barton, Tioga, NY - Dec 1963, Vestal, Broome, NY), son of Verne S. Brewster and Ida I. Kishpaugh, on 21 Nov 1925 in Johnson City, NY.  Ona died 10 Oct 1995 in Binghamton, Broome, NY.
i.Joyce Irene Brewster was born in 1931/32 in New York.  She married William Francis Briggs (b. 1932/33, New York), son of Francis and Mary Briggs, on 31 Mar 1951 in Johnson City, NY.
2. LaNette (Nettie) Gibson Barstow was born in Nov 1875 in New York.  She married Bert DeRoy Riley (Dec 1874, New York - Jan 1925, Binghamton, Broome, NY), son of DeRoy I. and Emma Riley, in 1892/93.  Nettie died 13 Sep 1940 in Binghamton, NY.
a. Edna Mae Riley was born 27 Mar 1894 in Oxford, Chenango, NY.  She married Robert Ryan aft. 1925.  Edna died 16 Apr 1989 in Winston-Salem, Forsyth, NC.
i.Virginia L. Ryan was born in 1930/31.  She married George Carr Mulqueen (b. 1929/30), son of George Mulqueen and Ada Carr.  They had at least three children.
b. Ralph Ray Riley was born in Mar 1896 in New York and died in World War I.
c. Blanche C. Riley was born in Mar 1899 in New York.  She married George E.G. Hart (b. Oct 1895, New York), son of Harry M. Hart and Alice M. Slatter, on 1 Jun 1918 in Broome Co., NY.
i.George Edward Hart was born in 1923/24 in New York.  He later lived in New Jersey.
d. Ruth L. Riley was born in 1901/02 in New York.  She married Fred D. Jack (21 Nov 1900, Pennsylvania - Jan 1972, Binghamton, NY), son of Harry F. and Maggie J. Jack.  Ruth died 23 Apr 1961.
i.Fred D. Jack, Jr. was born in 1927/28 in New York.  He married Eleanor Weaver (b. 1928/29, New York), daughter of Walter D. and Martha F. Weaver, on 12 Jul 1952.  They lived in New Jersey and had at least five children.
B. Clark L. Padgett was born in Nov 1845.  He married Elizabeth A. Hall (Jan 1849 - 26 Mar 1916, Greene, Chenango, NY) on 14 May 1870 in Greene, NY.  Clark died 1 Nov 1912 in Greene, NY.
1. Amy L. Padgett was born in 1871.  She married William L. Wells. (Jun 1870, Oxford, NY - 1931), son of Daniel R. Wells and Lydia Margaret Tubbs, on 3 Jul 1888.  Amy died 22 Sep 1893 in Greene, NY.
C. Mary P. (or U.) Padgett was born in 1848/49.
D. Caroline M. Padgett was born in 1852.  She married (Reuben) Delos Fosbury (30 Mar 1850 - 20 Sep 1932, Endicott, Broome, NY), son of Reuben C. Fosbury and Frances E. Johnson, c. 1874 in Chenango Co., NY.  They lived in Sidney, Delaware, NY.  Caroline died in 1911.
1. Leland (Lee) Delos Fosbury was born 13 Apr 1876 in Bainbridge, Chenango, NY.  He married Jane Mochrie (1 Sep 1888, New York - 6 Apr 1969, Endicott, Broome, NY) on 10 Aug 1904.  They lived in Union, Broome, NY.  Leland died in Feb/Mar 1942.
a. Wilma M. Fosbury was born 17 Apr 1906 in New York and died 28 Nov 1994 in Johnson City, Broome, NY.
b. Sheldon E. Fosbury was born 20 Oct 1911 in New York.  He married Florence (b. 1910/11, New York) but they appear to have separated by 1940 and Florence later remarried.  Sheldon died in Aug 1973.
i.Mae Louise Fosbury was born in 1933/34 in New York.  She married (1) Edward Stephen Hambalek, son of Peter Hambalek, on 9 May 1953 in Endicott, NY.  She married (2) John Wisniski (prob. 25 May 1934 - 23 Feb 1999, Vestal, Broome, NY) by 1964..
2. Lyman Fosbury was born in 1878/79 in Bainbridge, NY and died bef. 1910.
E. Roxanna R. Padgett was born in 1854/55 in Oxford, NY.  She married her cousin, Frank Gilbert.  (Children are listed under Frank.)
F. Jessie Ann Padgett was born in 1856/57 in Oxford, NY. and died 7 May 1876 in Oxford, NY.
G. Dudley William Padgett was born 16 Aug 1859 in Oxford, NY.  He married (1) Minnie (or Mina) F. Waters (b. 1863/64, New York), daughter of Charles and Rachel Waters, on 28 Dec 1884.  He married (2) Emma E. (b. 1856/57, New York) in 1904/05.  Dudley died 30 Jan 1918.
1. Claude Padgett was born 27 Feb 1890 in Oxford, NY and died 30 Apr 1891 in South Oxford, NY.
H. Jennie Melinda Padgett was born 2 May 1863 in Oxford, Chenango, NY.  She married Andrew Van Ness Westcott (12 Nov 1856, Oxford, NY - 6 Mar 1923), son of James F. Westcott and Thankful Mariah McMinn, on 16 or 26 Dec 1880 in Oxford or Smyrna, NY.  Jennie died 12 Nov 1942 in Norwich, NY.
1. Jessie May Westcott was born 31 Aug 1883 in Preston, Chenango, NY.  She married Fred G. Burton (1868/69 - 4 Mar 1958, Cortland, Cortland, NY), prob. the son of Zelotes Burton and Sarah Doty, on 7 Dec 1902 in Guilford, Chenango, NY.  Jessie died 23 Feb 1936, prob. in Guilford, NY.
a. Ralph Burton was born 25 Jun 1903 in Guilford, NY.  He married Helen Stevens (30 Sep 1902, Taylor, Cortland, NY - 12 Jul 1965), daughter of James B. Stevens and Susan J. Widger.  Ralph died 27 Mar 1975 in Cortland, Cortland, NY.
i.Robert J. Burton was born 23 Sep 1932 in Binghamton, Broome, NY.  He married Alice.  Robert died 28 Oct 2002 in Cortland, NY.
b. Bruce Fred Burton was born 9 Mar 1907 in Oxford, NY.  He married Anna (b. 1906/07, New York).  Bruce died 14 Jan 1966.
2. Nina Belle Westcott was born 11 Feb 1887.  She married her cousin, (William) Drew Murray (29 Nov 1882, Oxford, NY - 5 Dec 1945) on 11 Feb 1909.  Nina died 19 Sep 1967 in Binghamton, NY.
a. Genevieve W. Murray was born 22 Sep 1913.  She married Francis A. Majercik (4 Nov 1908, prob. Binghamton, NY - 16 Jul 1984, Haverhill, Palm Beach, FL), son of Gregory N. and Lena M. Majercik, on 30 Jun 1938 in Binghamton, NY..  They had at least one child.  Genevieve died 19 Dec 1968.
3. Marion Oneta Westcott was born 25 May 1890 in Oxford, Chenango, NY.  She married Wallace Alfred Stanton (18 Jul 1887, New York - 18 Jul 1956, Norwich, Chenango, NY), son of Thomas C. and Alice Stanton, on 12 Jan 1910 in Chenango Co., NY.  Marion died 28 Jul 1964.
a. Ethyl Grace Stanton was born 5 Dec 1911 in Oxford, NY and died 20 Dec 1911.
b. Mabel E. Stanton was born in 1913/14 in Oxford, NY.  She married Claude E. Webb (prob. 23 Mar 1908, New York - Nov 1976, Oxford, NY), son of Edward M. and Rosa O. Webb.  Mabel died 12 Nov 1976.
i.Tracy L. Webb was born in 1932/33 in New York.
c. Gertrude Stanton was born 18 Oct 1915 in Oxford, NY.  She married John Henry Figary (1906, New York - 1951), son of Morgan O. and Minnie A. Figary, on 26 Jul 1936 in Oxford, NY.  They had five children.  Gertrude died 13 Mar 2011 in Oneonta, Otsego, NY.
d. Delos Stanton was born 7 May 1923 in Oxford, NY.  He married Dorothy Cleveland (d. 1995, New York) c. 1943 in Chenango Co., NY.  Delos died 15 Oct 1970.
4. Otto Nelson Westcott was born 22 Jan 1893 in Oxford, NY.  He married Bertha Hendrick (22 Feb 1893 - 19 Jan 1983), daughter of William Silas Hendrick and Hattie Root, on 17 Jun 1914.  Otto died 2 Nov 1966 in Norwich, NY.
a. William Howard Westcott was born 28 Feb 1916.  He married (1) Rachel Cole (1918/19, New York - 20 Mar 1964, Norwich, NY), daughter of Harry and Celia Cole, on 17 Nov 1935.  They had four children.  He married (2) Marion Rogers.  Howard died in October 1999 in Norwich, Chenango, NY.
b. Laura J. Westcott was born 14 Oct 1917.  She married Archibald C. Hubbard (b. 1915, prob. Guilford, Chenango, NY), son of Thomas C. and Jessie B. Hubbard.  They had four children.  By the 1960s, they had divorced and Archibald was remarried.  Laura died in Jan 1975.
c. Frank Hiram Westcott was born 15 Apr 1920 in Oxford, Chenango, NY.  He married Dorothy Lucy Sisson (b. 1924/25, prob. Otsego Co., NY), daughter of Clifford Orin Sisson and Mildred Eva Miller, on 5 Dec 1943 in Oxford, NY.  They had four children.  Frank died 2 Aug 2003 in Oxford, NY.
d. Jean Westcott was born in 1926/27 in New York.  She married (1) Mr. Preston.  She married (2) Mr. Dawes.
I. Ida B. Padgett was born in 1866/67 in new York.  She married Emmett Manwarren (1858 - 1937, Oxford, NY), son of James F. Manwarren and Mary Ann Clark, on 4 Feb 1885 in Oxford, NY.  Ida died 28 Mar 1911.
1. Ray Manwarren was born in 1887 in New York.  He married Ella May Hinman (1 Oct 1893, New York - Dec 1973, Norwich, Chenango, NY), daughter of Fred Ludern Hinman and Martha Cumber, on.22 Nov 1911.  (Ella was the sister of Ralph Charles Hinman who married Florence May Shapley.)  Ray died 22 Dec 1958 in Norwich, NY.
a. Howard H. Manwarren was born 20 Jan 1913 in New York.  He married Verna H. (16 Sep 1916, New York - Nov 1993, Norwich, Chenango, NY).  They had two children.  Howard died in Sep 1983 in Norwich, NY.
2. (Emmett) Ross Manwarren was born 17 Mar 1890 in Oxford, NY.  He married Jennie Elizabeth Carkhuff (3 Mar 1888, Exeter, Clay, KS - 8 Aug 1963, McDonough, NY), daughter of Henry Barton Carkhuff and Sallie Letitia Nocks, on 26 Jan 1916 in Chenango Co., NY.  (Jannie was the sister of Eva Carkhuff who married Linn Ward Padgett.)  Emmett died in June 1972 in Oxford, NY.
a. Carl Ross Manwarren was born 23 Mar 1917 in Oxford, NY and died in Jun 1975 in Oxford, NY.  He was unmarried.
b. Louis Merle Manwarren was born 15 Aug 1919.  He married Doris Henzler (9 Feb 1919 - Jun 1976, Norwich, Chenango, NY).  They had three children.  Louis died 22 Nov 2002 in Oxford, NY. 
c. Beverly Jean Manwarren was born 19 Sep 1930.  She married James Edward Myers.  They had five children.
3. Claude Manwarren was born 13 Apr 1896.  He married his cousin Celia May Woods (22 Jun 1900 - Dec 1981, Bainbridge, Chenango, NY), daughter of Isaac Woods and Mattie A. Shapley, on 22 Sep 1922 in Chenango Co., NY.  Claude died in Oct 1979 in Bainbridge, NY.
a. Geraldine Manwarren was born 5 Aug 1923.  She married Stanley F. Ireland (30 Apr 1924 - 13 Mar 1993, Bainbridge, NY), son of Walter Glen Ireland and Elizabeth McPherson.  They had four children.
b. Alvin Manwarren was born 13 Aug 1925 and died 12 Jun 1997 in Bainbridge, NY.
c. Ida M. Manwarren was born in Sep 1928.  She married Donald K. Loomis (14 Sep 1929 - 7 Dec 2008, son of Jesse Loomis and Gertrude Margaret Ireland, on 24 Dec 1950.  They had five children.  Ida died 11 Dec 2008 in Syracuse, Onondaga, NY of injuries from the same fire that killed her husband.
4. Jay Manwarren was born in 1899/1900.  He married Grave Viola Carey (b. 13 Dec 1902), daughter of Jesse G. Carey and Emma Jayne Corby, on 5 Sep 1918.  They had no children.  Jay died 16 Mar 1940.
XI. Mark Padgett was born c. 1819 in Oxford, NY.  He died between 1841 and 1847.
XII. Maria S(ophia?) Padgett was born in 1820/21 in Oxford, NY.  She died 12 Nov 1860 in Oxford, NY.
A. Eugene Padgett was born in 1850 or 1852, probably in Oxford, NY.  He died 11 Jun 1880 in Preston, NY.
XIII. Harvey Padgett was born in 1822/23 in Oxford, NY.


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