Descendents of Hannah Padget

Hannah Padget was the daughter of John Padget and Hannah Wilson.  She was born in 1776.  She married David Shapley (1761-1827), son of Thomas Shapley and Johannah Utter, in 1800.  Hannah died 6 Nov 1835 in Oxford, Chenango, NY.
I. William Shapley was born 25 Jun 1804.  He married Atlanta Root (1802-87), daughter of Azariah and Polly Root.  William died in 1894.
A. Sarah Ann Shapley was born 23 Aug 1826.  She lived with her aunt, Nancy Padgett, and then with Nancy's sons John and Robert.  Sarah died in Sep 1890 in Upper Troy, NY.
B. Martha Louise Shapley was born in 1830.
C. Esther E. Shapley was born in 1834.  She married Edward Augustus Bundy (6 Nov 1819, Oxford, Chenango, NY - 13 May 1891 or 1892, Oxford, NY), son of Solomon Bundy and Jane Fraser, on 5 Jan 1854 in Coventryville, Chenango, NY.  As of 1880, they were divorced and living separately in Coventryville.  Esther died 30 Oct 1891 in Sturgis, St. Joseph, MI.
1. Florence (Flora) E. Bundy was born 13 Mar 1855 in Oxford, NY and died 4 Jun 1933 in Waterford, Saratoga, NY.
2. William Augustus Bundy was born 11 Jun 1856 in Oxford, NY and died 4 Dec 1857 in Oxford, NY.
3. Herbert Francis Bundy was born 15 Mar 1859 in Oxford, NY.  He married Ella Lanett (Nettie) Ellingwood (24 Mar 1869, Wisconsin - 3 Feb 1955, Los Angeles, CA), daughter of John Ellingwood and Julia Dealing, on 31 Dec 1889 in Douglas Co., NE.  In 1900, they were living in Omaha, Douglas, NE.  In 1910, they were in Denver, CO.  Herbert died 19 Jun 1934 in Los Angeles, CA.
a. Robert Francis Bundy was born 4 Oct 1890 in Omaha, Douglas, NE.  He married Jewel 1917, prob. in Buena Vista, Pecos, TX.. From the 1920s to the 1940s, they lived in McComb, Pike, MS.  Robert died 10 Jan 1976 in Alpine, Brewster, TX.
i.Robert Francis Bundy, Jr. was born 25 May 1919 in Illinois and died 12 Oct 1929 in Reeves Co., TX.
ii.Mildred N. Bundy was born in 1925/26 in Mississippi.
b. Nellie Ruth Bundy was born 10 Oct 1892 in Nebraska.  She married Matthias S. Appelman (24 Mar 1888, Colorado - bef. 1940), son of Lloyd P. and Lillian R. Appelman.  They had no children.  Nellie died 11 Apr 1941 in Los Angeles, CA.
4. Edward Augustus Bundy, Jr. was born 29 Nov 1861 in Oxford, NY.  He married Emily Rebecca Lively (24 Nov 1881, Sunny Dale, Sedgwick, KS - 24 Feb 1964, Silver City, Grant, NM), daughter of John Augustus Lively and Mary Elizabeth Long, on 17 Jun 1912 in Ogden, Weber, UT.  Edward died 20 Jun 1943 in Ogden, UT.
a. Edward Wayne Bundy was born 16 May 1919 in Utah.  He married Louise Ganie Lambert (19 Sep 1919, Salt Lake City, UT - 20 Oct 2010), daughter of Jacob Phillip Lambert and Susan Augusta Hiller, on 5 Jul 1942 in Yuma, AZ.  They had six children.  Wayne  was a pioneer of public broadcasting who served for many years as executive director of the Rocky Mountain Corporation for Public Broadcasting and received the Edward R. Murrow Award in 1991.  He died 30 Mar 2007 in Albuquerque, Bernalillo, NM.  
D. Alonzo H. Shapley was born in Dec 1836. He was probably living in Indianapolis, Marion, IN in 1860 and was an inmate of the Marion Co. Poor Asylum in Wayne, IN in 1900.
E. Frederick B. Shapley was born 15 Apr 1849 and died 20 Dec 1849 in Greene, NY.
II. Nancy Shapley was born 7 Jun 1806.  She married John Bliss Willoughby, Jr. (16 Jan 1802, Connecticut - 23 May 1885), son of John Bliss Willoughby, Sr. and Fanny Pattan, on 3 May 1829.  In 1880, they were living in Oxford, Chenango, NY.  Nancy died 19 Oct 1897.
A. Francis Edgar Willoughby was born 30 Apr 1831.  He married Janett Elizabeth Root (7 May 1833, Oxford, NY - 10 Oct 1931, Illinois), daughter of Thomas Root and Elizabeth Moore, on 5 Jan 1857 in Oxford, NY. In 1880, they were living in Rockford, Winnebago, IL.  Francis died 29 Mar 1910 in Illinois and Janett lived with their son Frank.
1. Augusta Elizabeth Willoughby was born 20 Sep 1857.  She married Warren Otis Eddy (28 Jun 1847, Burrillville, RI - 10 Dec 1933), son of Otis Eddy and Azubah Matthewson, on 19 Sep 1877 in Rockford, IL.  Augusta died 16 Jul 1949.
a. Flora Elizabeth Eddy was born 5 Aug 1878 in Rockford, IL.  She married Charles H. Dunn (b. 1873/74, England) bef. 1930, but they may have divorced.  Flora died 5 Oct 1944 in Illinois.
b. Alice May Eddy was born 27 May 1882 in Rockford, IL.  She married James G. Tetlow (24 May 1869, Columbiana Co., OH - 23 Mar 1933), son of Zachariah Tetlow, Jr. and Elizabeth Chapell, on 2 Oct 1907 in Rockford, IL.  Alice died 7 Apr 1959 in Rockford, IL..
i. Adaline Elizabeth Tetlow was born 11 Oct 1909 in Rockford, IL.  She married Vladimir V. Malama (22 Apr 1909 - 12 Nov 1998, Ellwood City, Lawrence, PA) on 10 Oct 1952.  Adaline died in Aug 1987 in Rockford, IL.  
ii.Marguerita May Tetlow was born 30 Mar 1912 in Winnebago Co., IL and died 11 Apr 1966 in Winnebago Co., IL.
2. Edgar Clayton Willoughby was born in 1859 in Illinois and died in 1895..
3. Alice May Willoughby was born in 1861 and died in 1864.
4. Nancy Willoughby was born in 1863 and died in 1865.
5. Arthur Bliss Willoughby was born 4 Mar 1866 in Rockford, Winnebago, IL.  He married Kate Grace Ernst (26 Sep 1865, Dubuque, Dubuque, IA - 3 Sep 1957, Rockford, IL), daughter of William Henry Ernst and Tabitha Fletcher, on 8 Jun 1887 in Rockford, IL.  Arthur died 26 Jun 1942 in Rockford, IL.
a. Hazel Tabitha Willoughby was born 27 Mar 1888 in Rockford, IL.  By 1930, she was living in Carroll Co., MD.  Hazel died 7 Apr 1980 in Baltimore, MD.
b. Leila Elizabeth Willoughby was born 20 Dec 1889 in Rockford, IL.  She married Charles Laverne Thorne (1888/89, Illinois - 24 Sep 1955) on 2 Nov 1915 in Rockford, IL  Leila died 27 Dec 1975 in Rockford, IL.
i.Rodney Willoughby Thorne was born in 1920 in Illinois.  He married Betty Josephine Nelson (1916-68) in 1941.  They had one child.  Rodney died in 1968.
ii.Kathryn Thorne was born in 1921 in Illinois.
iii.Richard Thorne was born in 1923/24 in Illinois.
c. Arthur Fletcher Willoughby was born 12 Sep 1891 in Rockford, IL.  He married Ruth Eloise Somers (20 Feb 1893, Illinois - 28 Jul 1962, Los Angeles Co., CA), daughter of Frank Somers and Ida Perry, on 18 Nov 1913 in Rockford, IL.  They had four children.  Arthur died 8 Jul 1932 in Evanston, Cook, IL..
d. Francis Derwin Root Willoughby was born 13 Nov 1893 in Rockford, IL.  He married Elsie Jeanetta Probert (28 Nov 1909, Lonaconing, Allegany, MD - 28 Jan 1987, Waynesboro, Augusta, VA), daughter of William Henry Probert and Anna Irene Dutton, on 3 Mar 1933 in Indian Head, Charles, MD.  They had two sons.  Francis died 20 Apr 1996 in Hudson, Pasco, FL.
6. John Maurice Willoughby was born 20 Aug 1868 in Illinois.  He married Etta Belle Clinite (22 May 1868, Illinois - 7 Sep 1942, Los Angeles, CA), daughter of Jacob Clinite and Caroline Ernst, on 14 Feb 1893 in Irene, Boone, IL  In 1900, they were in Monroe, Madison, IA.  By 1915, they were living in Hollywood, CA.  John died 27 Aug 1947 in Los Angeles, CA..
a. Neenah Irene Willoughby was born in Jan 1894 in New York.  She married Harold Ellsworth Phillips (12 Nov 1887, Holbrook, Norfolk, MA - 13 Jul 1967, San Clemente, CA). son of Frank Zina Phillips and Clara Elizabeth McGaw, in 1920.
i.Richard Phillips was born in 1922/23 in California.
ii.Marilyn Phillips was born in 1926/27 in California.
b. Mary Clinite Willoughby was born 22  Feb 1896 in Oxford, Chenango, NY.  She married William Wheatley (b. 16 Feb 1896, Nevada), son of William Wheatley and Catherine Delaney, on 30 Mar 1929 in St. George, Washington, UT..  They had two children.  Mary died 12 Apr 1961 in Los Angeles, CA..
c. Helen Elizabeth Willoughby was born 23 Apr 1897, prob. in Iowa.  She married William Woodford Gates (30 Dec 1899, Texas - 7 May 1974, Oxnard, Ventura, CA).  Helen died 7 Jun 1967 in Oxnard, CA.
i. Wilma Gates was born c. Apr 1918.
d. Jeannette Ada Willoughby was born 26 Nov 1899, prob. in Iowa.  She married Donovan Taylor Randall (14 Nov 1902, Michigan - 29 Apr 1982, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA) in 1924. Jeannette died 15 Nov 1995 in Beverly Hills, CA.
i.Donna Jeannette Randall was born in 1927/28.  She married William Hugh Campbell (b. 1924/25), son of Christopher Campbell and Ethel Mackay, on 12 Apr 1947 in Los Angeles, CA.
iiNance Caroline Randall was born 24 Feb 1930 in California.  She married Laurin Levi Wood, Jr. (19 Jan 1926, Illinois - 23 Jul 1972), son of Laurin Levi Wood, Sr., and Imogene Kemp, on 18 Jun 1949 in Los Angeles, CA.  Nance died 5 Dec 1995 in Los Angeles, CA.
e. Doris Fern Willoughby was born 7 Jun 1902 in Iowa.  She married Hosiah Ray (or Ray H.) Seals (1 Dec 1898, Arkansas - 29 Jul 1962, San Bernardino Co., CA), son of Nelson and Millie A. Seals, on 11  Jan 1920 in Los Angeles, CA.  Doris died 1 Dec 1984 in Victorville, San Bernardino, CA.
i.Keith Lee Seals was born 25 Sep 1921 in Los Angeles, CA.  He was married with two children.  Keith died in the Korean War in 1952.
ii.Winifred S. Seals was born 11 or 12 Mar 1923 in Los Angeles, CA.  She married Mr. Ziemer.  They had five children.  Winifred died 9 Aug 2001 in San Bernardino Co., CA.
iii.Jack Kenneth Seals was born 14 Nov 1925 in Los Angeles, CA.  He married Dorothy G. (b. 1926).  They had two children.
7. Francis (Frank) Ward Willoughby was born 4 Dec 1875 in Rockford, IL.  He married Ressie Jordan (13 Jan 1881, poss. Adair Co., IA - 30 Jan 1974, Ames, Storey, IA), daughter of John Richard Jordan and Sarah Hannah Reed, on 7 Dec 1910.  Francis died 12 Nov 1955 in Rockford, IL.
a. Mildred Hannah Willoughby was born 13 Mar 1912 in Illinois.  She married Willard Fisher Hollander (15 Apr 1913, Madison, WI - 5 Jan 2004, Ames, IA), son of Lee Milton Hollander and Jean Fisher, on 8 Sep 1940.  They had four children.  Mildred died 1 Aug 2009 in Ames, IA.
B. William Derwin Willoughby was born 10 Feb 1833.  He married Lucey Elizabeth Wilcox (25 Oct 1833, Oxford, Chenango, NY - 22 Jan 1915), daughter of Archibald Wilcox and Lucy Randall, on 18 Sep 1861 in Oxford, NY.  In 1880, they were living with his parents and had no children.  William died 3 Nov 1915 in Oxford, NY.
C. John Henry Willoughby was born 30 Jul 1842 in Oxford, NY.  He married Laura Louise Woodruff (7 Apr 1848, Connecticut - 30 Dec 1926, Norwich, NY) on 13 Sep 1867 in Oxford, NY.  In 1880, they were living in Coventry, Chenango, NY.  John died 23 Jan 1891.  In 1910 and 1920, Louise was living with her son Frank.
1. May L. Willoughby was born in Oct 1869 in New York.  She married Luman A. Miles (Jan 1864, Coventry, NY - 8 Aug 1925, Norwich, NY), son of Leroy B. and Harriet D. Miles, in 1888/89.  They lived in Coventry, Chenango, NY.
a. Ina M. Miles was born 10 Feb 1895 in New York.  She married Frank Seeley (Sep 1892, New York - 30 Apr 1959), son of Charles K. Seeley and Cora Deland, on 5 Jun 1916 in Montrose, Susquehanna, PA.  They were apparently divorced bef. 1940 and Frank remarried.  Ina died in Nov 1979 in Chenango Co., NY.
i.Leroy W. Seeley was born 5 Aug 1916 in New York and died 28 Apr 2005 in Chenango Co., NY.
ii.Ruth L. Seeley was born 3 Sep 1917 in New York.  She married Watson E. Hatton (26 Nov 1917, New York - 15 Oct 1997, Chenango Co., NY), son of Edward E. and Katherine E. Hatton, aft. 1956.  Ruth died in Jun 1987 in Chenango Co.,NY.
b. Ivan Henry Miles was born in May 1896 in New York.  He married Lillian A.Figary  (b. 1901. New York), daughter of Myron Figary and Ermina Tracey, on 28 Aug 1926 in Montrose, Susquehanna, PA.  They were childless as of 1940.  Ivan died 20 Nov 1955 in Norwich, Chenango, NY
c. Juliand E. Miles was born 28 Dec 1908 in New York.  He married Marion Aldrich (b. 1911/12, New York), daughter of Herman and Grace Aldrich.  They had at least three children.  Juliand died 11 May 1979 in Norwich, Chenango, NY.
2. Bertha Elizabeth Willoughby was born in 1872 and died in 1875.
3. Frank Burton Willoughby was born in 1874 in New York.  He remained in Chenango Co. and apparently never married.
III. Hannah L. Shapley was born 23 Sep 1808.  She married William M. Patterson (1803/4, poss. Binghamton, NY - 10 Oct 1853, Kingston, Marquette, WI) on 11 May 1826, prob. in Oxford, NY.  William was a lawyer, judge, and member of the New York State Legislature.  After William's death, Hannah lived with her daughter Harriet.  Hannah died aft. 1880.
A. Henry Patterson.
B. Anne Patterson.
C. Harriet Patterson was born in 1831 in New York.  She married Philo A. Kent (b.1829, prob. Broome Co., NY) on 10 Apr 1851 in Binghamton, Broome, NY.  In the 1860's, they moved to Wyoming, Kent, DE.
1. Mary E. Kent was born in 1851/52 in New York.
2. Katrina C. Kent was born in 1862/63 in New York.
D. Helen Patterson.
E. Sherman Patterson was born in 1838/39 and died 19 Aug 1844 in Binghamton, NY.
IV. John B. Shapley was born 5 May 1810.  He married Naomi Wheeler (1 Feb 1814 - 7 Jun 1901, Oxford, NY), daughter of Henry Wheeler and Naomi Phillips, on 15 Oct 1832.  John died 18 Jul 1882.
A. Martha Cornelia Shapley was born 10 Dec 1833 in New York.  She married John Bell Root (1827, New York - 6 Jun 1901), son of Thomas Root, Jr. and Elizabeth Moore, on 23 Mar 1854.  Martha died 6 Jun 1901.
1. Ellen Bell Root was born 5 Dec 1856 in Oxford, NY.  She married Eugene B. Ryan (21 Apr 1852, New York - Sep 1907), son of John Ryan and Mary Brennan, in 1874.  Ellen died 2 Feb 1933 in Oxford, NY.
a. John Merritt Ryan was born 3 Apr 1876 in New York.  He married Mabel M. Young (1883/84, New York -1967), daughter of Martin A. Young and Harriet E. Cumber, on 1 Dec 1908 in Chenango Co., NY.  He was a Democratic candidate for the New York State Assembly from Chenango County in 1929.   Merritt died in May 1969 in Oxford, Chenango, NY.
i.Samuel M. Ryan was born 12 Aug 1910.  He was apparently unmarried.  Samuel died in Jul 1985 in Chenango Co., NY..
b. Kittie Leona Ryan was born in Jan 1878 in New York.  She married Francis (Frank) E. Hogan (1875-1943), son of Edward and Bridget Hogan, in 1904/05.  They lived in Oxford, NY.  Kittie died 10 Feb 1958 in Binghamton, NY.
i.Nora Leona Hogan was born in 1907/08.  She attended Mount Holyoke and New York University  and became a teacher.  By 1934, she was living in Saugerties, Ulster, NY, where she eventually became chairman of the high school mathematics department.  Leona retired in June 1962 and married Maurice L. Clements, son of Henry B. and Effie S. Clements, on 3 Feb 1963.
ii.Edward Eugene Hogan was born 14 Mar 1909.  He married Bertha Louise Spangelberg (2 Sep 1908 - Dec 1983, Newport, RI), daughter of Henry Carl Spangenberg and Theresa Edelman, on or soon after 28 Aug 1930.  Edward graduated from Yale Medical Scholl and was an officer in the U.S. Navy, rising to become commander of the Newport Naval Hospital.  He died 21 Jan 1996 in Middletown, Newport, RI.
iii.Dorothy Ellen Hogan was born in 1910/11.  She graduated from Syracuse University in 1931.  She married her classmate, Hawthorne Bissell (22 Aug 1908, Massachusetts - 15 Aug 1996), son of John L. Bissell and and Valetta Hawthorne, on or soon after 12 Sep 1931, but they separated the following year.  Dorothy died bef. 1958.
c. Hubert Eugene Ryan was born 1 Nov 1881.  He married Olive Mae Race (1886, New York - 1943), daughter of Frank Joseph Race and Emma Amelia Crandall.  (Olive was the sister of James F. Race.)  They lived in Oxford, NY.  Hubert died in Jan 1965.
i.Helen Elizabeth Ryan was born 3 Sep 1909 in New York.  She married Julius Henry Rydzewski (c. Sep 1915 - 1 Dec 1952, Bath, Steuben, NY), son of Anthony and Stanyeslawa Rydzewski, in 1941.  They had three children.  Helen died in Apr 1985 in Chenango Co., NY.
ii.Stanley H. Ryan was born in 1911 in Oxford, NY and died in 1915 in Oxford, NY.
iii.Ruth R. Ryan was born 22 Feb 1913 in New York.  She married Russell L. Wheeler (25 Apr 1909 1 May 1973, Norwich, Chenango, NY), son of Charles H. Wheeler and Maude Herrick.  Ruth died 20 Jun 2008 in Oxford, NY.
iv.Doris M. Ryan was born in 1915 in New York.  She married Carl Schneider.
v.Hubert Francis Ryan was born 7 Mar 1917 in New York.  He married Shirley Franklin (26 Feb 1923 - 18 May 2001, Oxford, NY).  They had at least three children.  Hubert died 12 Jan 1999 in Oxford, NY.
vi. Thomas M. Ryan was born 11 Dec 1919 in New York and died 20 Dec 1960.
vii.Marjorie Ellen Ryan was born 6 Mar 1921 in New York.  She married Donald C. McHugh on 2 Apr 1946 in Oxford, NY.  Marjorie died 9 Jan 2002 in Afton, Chenango, NY.
viii.Olive A. Ryan was born 22 Jun 1922 in New York.  She married Leslie E. Niles (7 Apr 1915 - 1 Jan 1982, Oxford, NY), son of Arthur and Edna Miles.  They had at least two children.  Olive died 22 Jan 1996 in Oxford, NY.
d. R.D. Ryan was born in Sep 1883 in New York.  He married Mary Ethel Nichols (14 Feb 1885, New York - Jan 1981, Oxford, NY) in 1905/06.  R.D. died 2 Dec 1960 in Oxford, NY.
i. Julian N. Ryan was born 26 Mar 1907 in New York.  He married Irene M. (5 Aug 1915 - 10 Jan 2004, Oxrord, NY).  Julian died 11 Nov 1999 in Oxford, NY.
ii. Eugene A. Ryan was born 2 Sep 1908 in New York and died in May 1993 in Oxford, NY.
iii. Lucile E. Ryan was born 27 Sep 1913 in New York.  She married (1) Kenneth I. Dutcher (1913/14, New York - 9 Nov 1955, Norwich, Chenango, NY), son of Harry F. and Bessie E. Dutcher.  They had three children.  She married (2) John J. Keating (28 Jan 1906, West Haverstraw, Rockland, NY - Dec 1985), son of Michael and Mary Keating.  Lucile died in Jan 1991 in Oxford, NY.
iv. Paul T. Ryan was born in 1916 in New York.  He was a career officer in the Army Air Force.  He married Denise and they had at least two children.
e. Nora L. Ryan was born in Jun 1886 and died in 1907.
f. George Shapley Ryan was born 22 Nov 1889 in New York.  He married Grace Angeline Holtmart (b. 1902/03, New York), daughter of William E. Holtmart and Ella D. Fowlston, on 21 May 1922 in Chenango Co., NY.  George died in Feb 1975 in Norwich, Chenango, NY.
i.Franklin J. Ryan was born 12 Jun 1927 in New York and died 2 May 1997.
ii.George T. Ryan was born in 1932/33 in New York.
iii.Jeremiah T. Ryan was born 8 Mar 1938 in New York and died 11 Nov 1995.
g. Thomas Lynch Ryan was born 6 Oct 1891.  He married Fannie Jane Fellows (7 Oct 1900, Ralston, Pawnee, OK - 15 Mar 1992, Oxford, NY), daughter of George Allan Fellows and Mary Ellen Glackin, on 25 Jun 1924 in Oxford, NY.  Thomas died 2 Apr 1972 in Oxford, NY.  
i. John Eugene Ryan was born in 1925 and died in 1929.
ii. George Richard Ryan was born 19 Sep 1927 in Oxford, NY.  He married Helena (Fitzgerald?).  George died 12 Sep 1991 in Oxford, NY.
iii. Robert David Ryan was born in 1930 and died in 1942.
iv. Edward Augustus Ryan was born 29 May 1933 and died 30 May 1996 in Oxford, Chenango, NY.
B. David Shapley was born 19 Sep 1835 and died 12 Oct 1835.
C. Hannah L. (or G.) Shapley was born 16 Oct 1836.  She married Andrew Jackson Keyes (Feb 1835, New York - 1914), son of John and Clarissa Keyes, on 14 May 1856.  Hannah died 15 Jan 1901.
1. George S. Keyes was born in 1859/60 and died in 1887 in Oxford, NY.
D. (Daughter) Shapley was born 25 Nov 1838 and died 7 Dec 1838.
V. Loranda Shapley was born 13 Dec 1812.  She married Henry Wheeler (11 Nov 1811, New York - 14 May 1902), son of Henry Wheeler and Naomi Phillips.  Loranda died bef. 1851.
A. Maria Wheeler was born in 1835 in New York.  She married Hiram Devillo Hallett (b.1833/34, prob. Bainbridge, Chenango, NY), son of Jacob S. Hallet and Martha Crosby.  In 1870, Maria may have been in an insane asylum in Utica, Oneida, NY.  In 1880, she was living with her father in Oxford, Chenango, NY and Hiram was remarried and living in Cobleskill, Schoharie, NY.  In 1910, Maria was living with her daughter Eva in Auburn, NY.
1. Eva L. Hallett was born in 1856 in New York.  She married Dennis W. Carrington (1854 - 1893), son of Abijah B. and Sarah A. Carrington.  In 1880, they were living in Afton, Chenango, NY.  They moved to Auburn, Cayuga, NY in the early 1880's.  Eva died aft. 1940.
a. Edward Eugene Carrington was born in 1877/78, prob. in Afton, NY.  He married (1) Florence Sickles (1875/76, prob. Skaneateles, Onondaga, NY - bef. 1910), daughter of Eugene L. and Elizabeth Sickles, on 30 Sep 1898.  He married Lilieth (Lilie) May Moon (22 Jan 1884, Auburn, NY - 20 Apr 1963, Syracuse, Onondaga, NY), dau. of Frank Graham Moon and Nellie May Wallace, on 18 Jun 1913 in New York.  Edward died 14 Nov 1943 in Syracuse, NY.
i. Wallace Moon Carrington was born 4 May 1917 in New York.  He married (1) Frances L. (b. 1915/16, New York).  They had at least three children.  He married (2) Catherine Mary Romano (28 Jul 1924 - Aug 1973) c. 1956.  Wallace died in Apr 1975.
ii. Edward Dennis Carrington was born in 1919 in New York.
iii.Alfred W. Carrington was born 23 Aug 1927 in New York.  He was married with at least one child.  Alfred died 4 May 2003 in Weedsport, Cayuga, NY.
2. Ella M. Hallett was born in 1864.
B. David W. Wheeler was born in 1836 in New York.  He married Jane E. Knight (1838/39, Canada - 25 May 1894, Meridian, Sutter, CA) on 21 Sep 1859 in Linnville, Scott, IL.  In 1860, they were living in White Rock Twp., Ogle, IL.  By 1870, they were in Butte, Sutter, CA.  David died 22 Dec 1894 in Meridian, CA.
1. Charles Wheeler was born in 1860 in Illinois.
2. Lettie Belle Wheeler was born 25 Jul 1862 in California.  She married George William Wood (14 Apr 1858, California - 21 Mar 1944, Meridian, CA), son of Mills Calvert Wood and Margaret Mary Marrs, in 1881/82.  Lettie died 5 Oct 1950 in Meridian CA.
a. Frank D. Wood was born 21 Feb 1884 and died 2 Apr 1901 in Meridian, CA.
b. Arthur Mills Wood was born 17 Nov 1889 in Meridian, CA.  He married Ruby Frances Siebert (13 Feb 1887, California - 12 Nov 1982, Meridian, CA), daughter of William and Katherine Siebert.  They lived in Sutter, Sutter, CA.  Arthur died 27 Dec 1964 in Yuba Co., CA.
i. Rosa Lavine (or Larene) Wood was born 2 Mar 1915 in Sutter Co., CA.
ii. George Junior Wood was born 18 or 19 Dec 1918 in Sutter Co., CA and died 8 Oct 1957 in Sutter Co., CA.
3. Sarah M.Wheeler was born in Apr 1864 in California.  She married Job Kittles Wood (13 Jun 1837, Scioto Co., OH - 25 May 1917, Meridian, Sutter, CA), son of Abner Benjamin Wood and Nancy Stone Calvert, on 12 Sep 1886 in Colusa, CA.  (Job was the brother of Mills Calvert Wood.)  Sarah died aft. 1920.
a. Alice L. (Lettie Alice) Wood was born 12  Jun 1887 in California.  She married Frederick J. Summy (12 Nov 1887, Brown Co., Illinois - 26 Feb 1950, Chico, Butte, CA)..  Lettie died 12 Feb 1980 in Sutter Co, CA.
i. Raymond Gordon Summy was born 21 Sep 1916 in Meridian, CA.  He  married Roberta Alice McDonald (b. 29 Dec 1919, Yale, Payne, OK), daughter of Bert Elmer McDonald and Ora Ann House, on 4 Oct 1940 in Reno, Washoe, NV.  Raymond died 2 Oct 2011 in Henderson, Clark, NV.
b. Lester Job Wood was born 17 Mar 1893 in California.  He married Clarice G. Kennedy (6 Apr 1894, California - 10 Oct 1977, Colusa, Colusa, CA), daughter of Charles A. and Leila M. Kennedy, on 22 Jul 1915.  Lester died 6 Apr 1978 in Meridian, CA.  He and Clarice are buried in Meridian Cemetery.
i. Martin J. Wood was born 10 Mar 1917 in Sutter Co., CA.  He married Martha Dail (Parsons) (28 Apr 1928, New York - 7 Jan 1989, Sacramento, CA) on 9 Jul 1971 in Sacramento, Sacramento, CA.  Martin died 18 Nov 1999 in Sacramento, CA.
ii. Charles Edward Wood was born 26 Aug 1918 in Sutter Co., CA and died 18 Mar 2005 in San Andreas, Calaveras, CA. .
4. Allington Lorenzo Wheeler was born 7 May1866 in California.  He married Rosa May Sullaway (18 Nov 1875, California - 24 Oct 1963, Meridian, CA) in 1895.  Allington died 30 Apr 1947, prob. in Meridian, CA.
a. Gladys S. Wheeler was born in Aug 1895 in California.
b. Julius Frank Wheeler was born 19 Apr 1899 in California.  He married Alice E. Scott (30 Jul 1908, LaPorte, Plumas, CA - 11 Feb 2001, Yuba City, Sutter, CA), daughter of Charles R. and Annie S. Scott.  Julius died 3 Dec 1952 in San Francisco, CA.
C. Julius Wheeler was born 23 Sep 1839.  He married Narcissa Mowry (7 May 1842, Oxford, NY - 9 Oct 1930, Oxford, NY), daughter of Andrew M. Mowry and Hannah M. Carhart, on 26 Feb 1862.  Julius died 27 Oct 1923 in Oxford, NY.
1. Elnora (Nora) May Wheeler was born 12 Jan 1863.  She married her cousin, Ward B. Padget (4 Dec 1853, Oxford, NY - 23 Apr 1933, Oxford, NY), son of James Padgett, Jr. and Samira A. Russell,  on 15 Nov 1880 in Oxford NY.  Elnora died 5 Sep 1951 in Oxford, NY.  See children under Ward.
D. Thomas Wheeler was born 10 Oct 1841 in New York.  He married Lydia Dickinson (18 Apr 1843, Oxford, NY - 3 Feb 1932), daughter of Elisha Dickinson and Phila Mowry.  As of 1880, they had no children.  Thomas died 25 Apr 1933.
E. Sarah Wheeler was born 10 Jul 1843.  She married Andrew Jackson Martin Van Buren Mowry (27 Dec 1839, Oxford, NY - 23 Nov 1890), son of George Washington Mowry and Mary (Polly) Root, on 26 Feb 1862.  In 1880, they were living in Oxford, NY with George and Polly Mowry.  Sarah died 29 Jan 1900.
1. Ella M. Mowry was born in May 1867.  She married Wilmot L. Carrington (Apr 1865, New York - 21 May 1948, Baltimore, MD), son of Abijah B. and Sarah A. Carrington, in 1885/86.  By 1892, they were living in Auburn, Cayuga, NY.  Ella died in 1942.
a.Ethel Carrington was born in Aug 1887 in New York.  She married Charles A. Butler (b. 1886, New York), son of Harry A. Butler and Rose M. Coon, on 18 Oct 1911 in Cayuga Co., NY.  By 1930, they were living in Baltimore, MD.
i.Margaret Butler was born in 1918/19 in New York.
ii.Charles A. Butler, Jr. was born in 1919/20 in New York.
b.Eva Lillian Carrington was born 16 Nov 1888 in New York.  She graduated from Syracuse University in 1909 and became a teacher of English and German in Goshen, NY.
c.Olvin V. Carrington was born 15 Jan 1891 and died 3 Jun 1893.
d.George W. Carrington was born 27 Oct 1892 and died 2 Jul 1893.
e.E. Mildred Carrington was born 4 Jun 1896 and died 14 Aug 1896.
VI. Mary Shapley was born 26 Jan 1816 in Oxford, NY.  She married Lewis S. Wade (10 or 27 Feb 1810, Rhode Island - 16 Oct 1884, Guilford, Chenango, NY), son of Theodore Wade and Ruth Williams, on 1 Mar 1832..  Mary died 20 Feb 1896 while visiting her son Frederick in Memphis, Macomb, MI.
A. Horace D. Wade was born in 22 Feb 1834 in Guilford, NY.  He married (1) Sarah Miller (30 Jan 1837 - 2 Mar 1867, Smithville, Chenango, NY), daughter of Charles B. and Mary Miller, on 21 Oct 1857. He married (2) Lucretia Rebecca Wilcox (29 Oct 1831, New York - 13 Sep 1898, Guilford, NY), daughter of Archibald Wilcox and Lucy Randall, on 25 Mar 1868 in Norwich, Chenango, NY.  Horace died 10 Mar 1915 in Greene, Chenango, NY. 
1. Clara Jane Wade was born 25 Aug 1858 in New York.  She married Frank L. Davis (7 May 1859, New York - 5 Jan 1930, Greene, NY), son of David L. Davis and Mary Augusta Miller, on 25 Oct 1883.  Clara died 7 Jun 1928.
a.Miller W. Davis was born on 11 Aug 1885 in Smithville, NY.  He married Grace E. McGowan (b. 8 Feb 1889, Greene, Chenango, NY), daughter of Joseph H. McGowan and Arvilla Nora Root, on 6 Aug 1907 in McDonough, Chenango, NY.  Miller died 7 Jun 1933.
i.Joseph M. Davis was born 10 Apr 1908 in Brisben, Chenango, NY.  He married Madeline E. Rounds (2 Jul 1910, Greene, NY - 10 Jan 1995, Binghamton, Broome, NY), daughter of Leon D. and Verna M. Rounds, on 1 Feb 1930 in Greene, NY.  They had two children.  Joseph died bef. 1937.
ii.Vincent F. Davis was born 27 Nov 1909 in New York.  He married Wanda D. Lloyd (3 Sep 1913 - 7 Aug 1997, Pine City, Chemung, NY), daughter of George H. and Zella M. Lloyd, on 2 Apr 1934 in Cincinnatus, Cortland, NY.  They had two children.  Vincent died 25 Feb 1975 in Lakeland, Polk, FL.
iii.Vennis I. Davis was born 5 Mar 1911 in New York.  She married Earl J. Vosburg (21 Feb 1905, Hawleytown, Broome, NY - Feb 1985, Greene, NY), son of Henry C. and Ina B. Vosburg.  Vennis died 7 Jan 1993 in Reidsville, Rockingham, NC.
iv.Clarabelle A. Davis was born 13 Sep 1912 in New York.  She married Kenneth W. Kintner (10 Nov 1908, Wyalusing, Bradford, PA - 1 Aug 2000, Johnson City, Broome, NY), son of Floyd and Eva Kintner.  They had three children.  Clarabelle died 28 Jun 2001 in Johnson City, NY.
v.Alicia Mae Davis was born in 24 Feb 1915 in New York.  She married Adelbert Smith (16 or 19 Apr 1888, Taylor, Cortland, NY - 4 Jan 1974, Truxton, Corland, NY), son of Wayland Smith and Melvina Craft, on 13 Feb 1949 in Cuyler, Corland, NY.  They had at least one son.  Alicia died 19 Nov 2005 in Cortland, Cortland, NY.
vi.Julian Luther Davis was born 14 Mar 1917 in New York.  He prob. married Helen M.  Jullian died 3 Sep 1997 in Ripon, San Joaquin, CA.
vii.Franklin D. Davis was born 14 Mar 1917 in New York.  He prob. married Sarah G.  Franklin died 28 Aug 2007 in Northridge, Los Angeles, CA.
viii.Sarah Grace Davis was born 17 Sep 1918 in New York.  She was unmarried.  Grace died 5 Feb 1994 in Reseda, Los Angeles, CA.
ix.Keith E. Davis was born 17 May 1921 in Greene, NY.  He married Ruth M. Sampson on 23 Aug 1941.  Keith died 13 Nov 1994 in Hallsboro, Columbus, NC.
x.Arlene E. Davis was born in 1928 in New York.  She married (1) James C. Harriger (27 Jul 1924, Pennsylvania - 9 Oct 1973, Manlius, Onondaga, NY), son of Lester J. Harriger and Rebecca Elenor Shields, on 22 Sep 1946 in Wirt, Allegany, NY.  They had one child.  She married (2) Arnold R. Fisher.
xi.Robert A. Davis was born in 1930 in Greene, Chenango, NY.  He married Inga Barth, daughter of Rudolph J. Barth, on 21 Jun 1952.  They had at least two children.
xii.Milton A. Davis was born in 1933 in Greene, NY.  He married Alice R. Stilwell, daughter of Wayne C. and Kathryn G. Stilwell, on 30 Jul 1955.  They had at least three children.
b.Carlos H. Davis was born 17 Oct 1888 in Smithville, Chenango, NY.  He married Jessie Belle Clark (5 Nov 1889, Greene, NY - 23 Dec 1936, Smithville, Chenango, NY), daughter of Nelson D. Clark and Addie Minerva Franklin, on 28 Jun 1917 in Greene, NY.  Carlos died 18 Dec 1960 in Elmira, Chemung, NY.
c.Sarah F. Davis was born 5 Jun 1895 in Smithville, NY.  She was unmarried.  Sarah died in Mar 1985 in Elmira, NY.
2. Charles Lewis.Wade was born in May 1864.  He married Jessie M. Davis (Dec 1863, New York - 23 May 1923, Greene, Chenango, NY), daughter of Luther and Lavina M. Davis, in 1886.  Charles died 16 Jul 1917 in Greene, NY..
a. Sarah Lucy Wade was born in Dec 1893.  In 1930, she was unmarried and living in Lisle, Broome, NY.
b. Mary Wade was born in Oct 1896.
3. Calvin T. Wade was born in Mar 1871 in New York.  He married Jessie M. Shampang (Mar 1872, White Store, Chenango, NY - 3 Nov 1903, Guilford, NY), daughter of Emanuel Joseph Shampang and Lana Irena Bush, in 1890/91.  Calvin died 3 Nov 1903.
a. Lanie Lucretia Wade was born in Apr 1891 in New York.  She married Floyd E. Clark (b. 1893/94), son of Edward A. Clark and Clara Woodman, on 18 Aug 1910 in Chenango Co., NY.  They lived in Greene, Chenango, NY.  Lanie died 6 Nov 1966 in Smyrna, Chenango., NY.
i.Jessie C. Clark was born in 1911 in New York.  She married Foster Brown.  They had at least six children.
ii.Claude N. Clark was born in 1914 in New York.
iii.Walter D. Clark was born in 1917 in New York and died bef. 1966.
iv.Keith Clark was born in 1919 in New York.
v.Gilbert L. Clark was born 3 Dec 1926 in New York and died 11 Jan 2003 in Sherburne, Chenango, NY.
b. Rachel C. Wade was born in May 1892 in New York.  She married Harold J. Brownson, son of John Brownson and Elizabeth D. Lewis, on 10 Jun 1908 in Chenango Co., NY  Rachel died bef. 1910..
c. Jessie Pearl Wade was born in May 1894 in New York.  She married Charles Vernon (Vern) Ward (b. 1890, New York) in Feb 1910.  Pearl died in 1950 in Chenango Co., NY.
i.Rachel Ward was born in 1911 in New York.
ii.Robert Ward was born in 1913 in New York.
d. Ruth Irene Wade was born in Jul 1896 in New York.  She married (1) Leonard Joseph Gilmartin (b. Oct 1882, prob. Scranton, Lackawanna, PA) on 9 Aug 1917 in Chenango Co., NY.  By 1940, they had apparently separated,.  She married (2) John A. Burton (b. 1875/76) on 4 Mar 1950 in Luzerne Co., PA.
4. Emma E. Wade was born in 1875/76.  She married James C. Reynolds (1856, Michigan - bef. 1930), son of Emanuel and Sarah C. Reynolds, on 30 Sep 1914.  They lived in Shiawassee Co., MI.
B. Nancy Wade was born 18 Feb 1838 in Guilford, NY.  She married Edward Adams (b. 1835, NewYork), son of Edward and Malinda Adams, on 14 Apr 1856.  They were living in Lisle, Broome, NY in 1860, in Anoka, Anoka, MN in 1870, and in Guilford, NY in 1880.  Nancy died 24 Jan 1891 in Windsor, Broome, NY.
1.Charles C. Adams was born c. Apr 1860 in New York.  He married Susie Lally (b. 1861/62, Ireland) in 1880.  Charles died 10 Feb 1894 in Norwich, Chenango, NY and Susie married William Lennon and moved to Utica, Oneida, NY.
a.Orlie Adams was born in Sep 1881 in New York.
b.Mollie Adams was born in Sep 1884 in New York.
c.Julia Adams was born in Aug 1890 in New York.
d.Charles Adams was born in April 1894 in New York.
2.George J. Adams was born in 1864 in New York and died 13 Mar 1929 in Preston, Chenango, NY.
C. Mary Anne Wade was born 7 Jun 1844 in Guilford, NY and died 15 Apr 1865 in Guilford, NY.
D. Henrietta Wade was born 8 Sep 1848 in Guilford, NY.  She married William H. Bortle (May 1850, New York - 10 Nov 1914, Farmington, Ontario, NY), prob. the son of John and Mary Bortle, in 1874/75.  Henrietta died 4 Aug 1920 in Farmington, NY.
1.Frederick W. Bortle was born in 1876 in Michigan.  He married Mabel Sharp (1881, England - 21 Feb 1945, Rochester, Monroe, NY), daughter of Moses and Maria Sharp.  Frederick died 14 Sep 1950 in Rochester, NY.
a.Floyd F. Bortle was born in 1902 in New York and died 12 Aug 1965, prob. in Rochester, NY.
2.John Clayton Bortle was born in Mar 1878 in New York.  By 1910, he was living in Rochester, NY.  Clayton died 12 May 1913 in Farmington, NY..
3.Carrie May Bortle was born 18 Oct 1880 and died 29 Jul 1889.
4.George D. Bortle was born in Mar 1888 in New York.  He married Bessie Stanley (Nov 1884, Kansas - 1968, prob. Rochester, NY), daughter of Elliott L. Stanley and Mary Jane Toal, on 14 Jun 1921 in Rochester, NY.  George died 10 Feb 1952 in Penfield, Monroe, NY.
E. Hannah Jane (Jennie) Wade was born 28 or 29 Jul 1850 or 1851 in Lisle, Broome, NY.  She married (1) George G. Godfrey (1834, Burlingham, Sullivan, NY - 3 Nov 1888, Guilford, Chenango, NY), son of Timothy Godfrey and Permilla Beyea, in 1880.  She married (2) Joseph Crandall (1840/41, New York - 1 Jan 1918, Norwich, Chenango, NY) on 23 Aug 1902 in Sidney, Delaware, NY.  Jennie died 29 Oct 1917 in Plymouth, Chenango, NY.
1. George Frederick Godfrey was born 22 Jul 1882 in Guilford, NY.  He married Ethel Marie Wheeler (5 Jun 1892 - Nov 1970, Norwich, Chenango, NY) of Eaton, Madison, NY, daughter of E. Dwight Wheeler and Minnie Merritt, on 3 Jan 1912 in Eaton, Madison, NY.  George died in Oct 1978 in Norwich, NY.
a.Dorris E. Godfrey was born 17 Aug 1912 in Norwich, NY.  She married (1) Charles B. Wightman (Mar 1894, New York - 19 Nov 1951, Norwich, NY), son of Adney Wightman and Elizabeth Bishop.  She married (2) George Lyon.  She had no children by either marriage.  Dorris died 16 May 2008 in Oxford, Chenango, NY.
b.George W. Godrey was born 25 Jul 1914 in New York.  He married Gladys Fuller (6 Jun 1916 - 14 Mar 1990, Norwich, NY), daughter of Carl B. Fuller and Lena Bailey, on 28 Jul 1946.  They had four children.  George died 24 Oct 2006 in Norwich, NY.
c.Cleora Godfrey was born 4 Jan 1920 in New York.  She married Francis G. Shepardson (b. 1914/15).  They had no children.  Cleora died 30 Nov 2009 in Lakeland, Polk, FL.
d.Celia J. Godfrey was born 26 Nov 1921 in New York.  She married Mr. (John W.?) Rowan.  They had one son.  Celia died in Feb 1976.
F. John Ceylon Wade was born 17 Oct 1852 or 1853 in Guilford, Chenango, NY.  He married Lydia Ann Gurney (b. 16 Apr 1854, Fairhaven, Bristol, MA), daughter of Heman Stetson Gurney and Ann Eliza Randall on 28 Feb 1873 in Memphis, Macomb, MI.  (Heman Gurney was one of the founders of Seventh Day Adventism.)  In 1900, they were in Riley, St. Clair, MI.  In 1920, John was in Berlin, St. Clair, MI.  John died 8 Dec 1923 in Wales, St. Clair, MI.  In 1940, Lydia was living with Eileen and Elton.
1.Clarence Eugene Wade was born 22 Dec 1879 in Richmond, Macomb, MI.  He married Kathryn B. in 1905/06.  They lived in Akron, Summit, OH.
a.William E. Wade was prob. born 11 Mar 1916 in Ohio and died in Aug 1984 in Oakland City, Gibson, IN.
2. Mildred Eilene Wade was born in 6 Oct 1891 in Battle Creek, Calhoun, MI.  She married Elton Gillette Cleveland (16 Jan 1888, Riley, Macomb, MI - 19 Sep 1949, Comstock, Kalamazoo, MI), son of Ambrose H. Cleveland and Eleanor Gillette, on 28 Dec 1911 in Summit Co., OH.
a.Vance W. Cleveland was born 26 Sep 1913 in Michigan and died 28 Jul 2000 in Kent, MI.
b.Janet Elizabeth Cleveland was born 28 Dec 1919 in Riley Center, St., Clair, MI.  She married Norman Ross Snyder (19 Mar 1919, Michigan - 29 May 2001, Vicksburg, Kalamazoo, MI) on 28 Jul 1939 in Kalamazoo Co., MI.  They had three children.  Janet died 30 Oct 2005 in Vicksburg, MI.
c.Eugene Robert Cleveland was born 1 May 1921 in Michigan.  He was married with at least one child.  Eugene died 17 Apr 2010 in Alma, Gratiot, MI.
G. Sherman L. Wade was born 28 Jan 1855 in Lisle, Broome, NY.  He married (1) Louisa Emogene (Emma) Jones (1855/56, Guilford, NY - 25 Dec 1893, Coventry, Chenango, NY), daughter of Stephen Jones and Sally Maria Butts, on 20 Jan 1879 in Norwich, Chenango, NY.  They lived in Guilford, Chenango, NY. After Louisa died, the younger children were adopted or went to foster homes.  Sherman married (2) Mary Z. Burlson (Woods) (c. 1846 - poss. bef. 1920), daughter of Asa Burlson and Zeula Yale, on 16 Oct 1912.  He died 4 May 1932 in Rome, Oneida, NY.
1. Merton Lester Wade was born 24 Nov 1879, prob. in Guilford, NY.  He married Ruth A. West (b. May 1892, Oklahoma - 1953, prob.Grand Junction, Mesa, CO), daughter of Frank and Ida West, on 14 Oct 1908 in Montrose Co, CO.  In 1910, they were living in Ouray Co., CO.  In 1920, they were in Telluride, San Miguel, CO.   Merton died in 1935 in Grand Junction, CO.
a. Lena I. Wade was born c. Nov 1909 in Colorado.
b. Raymond Lester Wade was born 6 Sep 1919 in Colorado. He married Blanche Mary Ann Felchak (10 Oct 1922, Texas - 18 Jul 1997, Garland, Dallas, TX), daughter of Edd and Mary Felchak.  They had two children.  Raymond died 8 Sep 1995 in Garland, TX.
c.Mary Wade was born in 1921/22 in Colorado
d.Harry W. Wade was born 1 May 1923 in Colorado.  He married Angela (6 Feb 1923 - 8 May 2002, Grand Junction, CO) on 19 Aug 1940.  Harry died 24 Apr 1995 in Grand Junction, CO.
e.Louis E. Wade was born in 1924/25 in Colorado.
f.Hazel J. Wade was born c. Feb 1929 in Colorado.
2.Charles M. Wade was born 11 Oct 1881 in New York and died 29 Nov 1909 in an accident at the Atlas Mine in Ouray Co., CO.
3.Albert C. Wade was born in 1884/85.  He married Margaret Cooper (b. 1889, New York), daughter of Benjamin Cooper and Catherine Harrington, on 6 May 1916 in Chenango Co., NY.  They lived in Oxford, Chenango, NY.  They had no children.  Albert died 28 Nov 1952 in Binghamton, Broome, NY.
4.Bessie Isabelle Wade was born 27 Nov 1886 in Guilford, NY and died 15 Nov 1894 in Oneonta, Otsego, NY.
5.Hubert S. Wade was born 24 May 1889.  He married Estella A. Smith (1881/82 - 16 Dec 1945, Greene, Chenango, NY) in 1907/08.  Hubert died in Jan 1967 in Florida.
a.Charles F. Wade was born in 1914.  He married Florence E. Werthanner on 28 Oct 1938 in Endicott, NY.  They had two children.  Charles died 6 Aug 1955 in Poughkeepsie, NY.
6.Bertha May Wade was born in 1891 in New York and was adopted by Ransom and Mary Sage of Coventry, Chenango, NY.. She married (1) Grover Cleveland Scott (13 Nov 1885, Bainbridge, Chenango, NY - 9 Sep 1967, Binghamton, Broome, NY), son of on Hubert Eugene Scott and Estella Rose Hill, on 23 Dec 1906 in Coventry, NY.  They were divorced in the 1930's.  She married (2) Lloyd H. Strong (Dec 1889 - 7 Mar 1958), son of George D. Strong and Bell Banner, aft. 1940.  Bertha died 27 Jul 1978 in Oxford, NY.
a.Clayton R. Scott was born 25 Aug 1908 in New York.  He married Marion E. Palmer (b. Aug 1909, New York), daughter of Vernon E. and Mabel M. Palmer.  They had three children.  Clayton died in Aug 1970, prob. in Oneonta, Otsego, NY.
b.Harold Charles Scott was born 30 Sep 1912 in Coventry, NY.  He married (1) Florence Miriam Carlson (12 Mar 1913, Denver, CO - 30 Mar 1977, Johnson City, Broome, NY).  They had two children.  He married (2) Frances Mae Frost (27 May 1912, Tennessee - 18 Apr 1991, Broome Co., NY).  Harold died 17 Mar 1982 in Binghamton, Broome, NY.
c.Thelma Ruth Scott was born 6 Jun 1915 in Coventry, NY.  She married Sheldon James Fiske (19 or 20 Jun 1910, Coventry, NY - 11 Jul 1969, Walterboro, Colleton, SC), son of Charles H. Fiske, Jr. and Angeline Rebecca Handy.  They had four children.  Thelma and Sheldon both died in an auto accident on 11 Jul 1969 in Walterboro, SC.
d.Milton Grover Scott was born 8 Sep 1924.  He married Betty.  They had six children.  Milton died 21 Aug 1972, prob. in Binghamton, NY.
7.Lena M. Wade was born 5 Aug 1892 and was adopted by Charles and Margaret Gillman of Oxford, NY.  She married George Elmo Van Buskirk (Dec 1884, New York - 1933), son of Charles E. Van Buskirk and Emma Gertrude Doty, on 15 May 1917 in Chenango Co., NY.  Lena died in Jun 1984 in Owego, Tioga, NY.
a.Mavis E. Van Buskirk was born 26 Aug 1918 in New York.  She married Robert Ellis.  Mavis died 5 Aug 2000 in Tioga Co., NY.
b.Jane F. Van Buskirk was born in 1920/21 in New York.  She married Alfred B. Tilly (31 Oct 1918, New York - 28 Jan 2001, Tioga Co., NY), son of Alfred G.W. and Ruth M. Tilly.
c.George Elmo Van Buskirk, Jr. was born 21 Nov 1922 in Owego, NY.  He married Hazel Granger (22 Aug 1924, New York - 12 May 2004, Owego, NY), daughter of Eli A. and Sarah Granger.  They had four children.  George died 30 Oct 2010 in Owego, NY.
d.Wilma L. Van Buskirk was born in 1926/27 in New York.  She married Frederick L. Anderson (28 Nov 1921 - 15 Jun 2011) in 1945/46.  They had three children.
H. Frederick B. Wade was born 1 Jan 1857 in Lisle, Broome, NY.  He married Alice S. Bywater (Mar 1861, Michigan - 3 Sep 1939, Detroit, Wayne, MI), daughter of John Bywater and Caroline Tiller, in 1885 in Michigan.  Frederick died c. 12 Feb 1931 in Detroit, MI.
1.Marjorie Edith Wade was born 15 Nov 1892 in Michigan.  She married Mark G. Stephenson (7 Sep 1883, Michigan - Oct 1975, Pleasant Ridge, Oakland, MI) in 1918/19.  They had one daughter.  Marjorie died in Jul 1977 in Pleasant Ridge, MI.
I.Lucia A. Wade was born 8 Jul 1860 in Guilford, NY and died 13 Oct 1860 in Guilford, NY.
Root mini-family tree:
    Joshua Root 3rd m. Bethia Dewey
       Thomas Root m. Abigail
            Thomas Root, Jr. m. Elizabeth Moore
                John Bell Root m. Martha Cornelia Shapley
                Janett Elizabeth Root m. Francis Edgar Willoughby
            Mary Root m. George Washington Mowry
                Andrew Jackson Martin Van Buren Mowry m. Sarah A. Wheeler
        Azariah Root m. Polly
            Sylvanus Root m. Almira Mowry
            Atlanta Root m. William Shapley
 (Bethia Dewey's sister, Abigail Dewey, was the mother of Anna Preston who married John Padget, Jr.)

Mowry mini-family tree:
    Washington Mowry m. Hannah Curtis
        Almira Mowry m. Sylvanus Root
        George Washington Mowry m. Mary Root
            Andrew Jackson Martin Van Buren Mowry m. Sarah A. Wheeler
        Lydia Mowry m. Nicholas Walker
        Phila Mowry m. Elisha Dickinson
            Lydia Dickinson m. Thomas Wheeler
        Andrew M. Mowry m. Hannah M. Carhart
            Narcissa A. Mowry m. Julius Wheeler
        Zeruah Mowry m. William Walker


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