Descendents of Robert Padget

(Note:  Because Robert did not leave a will, and because several of his children moved away from Chenango County,  there is more than the usual amount of guesswork involved in identifying this family.  See details below.)
Robert Padget was the son of John Padget and Hannah Wilson.  He was born 23 Sep 1782 in Albany Co., NY.  He married Susannah Shapley (1785/6, Vermont - 4 Jul 1867, Oxford, NY), daughter of Utter Shole Shapley and Sarah Garner.  Robert died between 1850 and 1860.
I. William Padgett was born in 1804/05.  On the basis of census records, it appears that he moved to Nichols, Tioga., NY.  He and his wife (b. 1804/05) had at least eight children, but most cannot be clearly identified and even the one name below is tentative..
A. Herschel A. Padgett was born in 1826/27.  He married Betsy (b. 1833, Cortland Co., NY.)  They returned to Chenango County in 1847 and moved to Broome County between 1860 and 1865.  Herschel served in the Civil War.  He may have died bef. 1880.
1. Ellen (or Ella) E. Padgett was born in 1854.  She married James H. McCard (b. 1853/54, New York), son of Mr. McCard and Catherine, on 17 Apr 1874 in Union, Broome, NY.  They lived in Binghamton, Broome, NY.  Ella may have died bef. 1896.
a.Robert McCard was born in 1875 in New York.
2. Franklin E. Padgett was born in 1856/57.
3. Adelbert D.Padgett was born in 1857/58 and died 20 Apr 1862.
4. Roland R. Padgett was born in 1860 and died 11 Aug 1878.
II. (Daughter) Padgett was born c. 1806/09.
III. Rufus Padgett was born c. 1813 in New York.  He married Harriet Pittsley (b. 1821/22), prob. the daughter of John Pittsley and Salina Clapp of Oxford.  (The marriage appears to have ended about 1852, at which time Harriet married Horace Haight.)  Rufus and most of his children moved to Tioga Co., PA soon after the Civil War.
A. Helen Padgett was born in 1839/40.
B. Charles L. Padgett was born in 1842 .  He married Ida A. Seymour of Tioga, PA (Apr/May 1850 or Dec 1853, Tioga Co., PA - bef. 1910), daughter of Charles H. Seymour and Lydia Ann Humphrey.  By 1900, they had moved to New York, NY.  By 1910, Ida had died and Charles was living with his son Leon.
1. Myron S. Padgett was born in 1869/70.  He married Agnes C. Metzger (1868, Brooklyn, NY - 19 Jan 1933, New York, NY), daughter of Augustin and Catherine Metzger, on 13 Mar 1892 in New York, NY.  Myron died bef. 1910.
a. John Padgett was born in 1903/04 in New York.
2. Frederick E. Padgett was born in 1871/72 or 1873/74 and died in 1885.
3. Leon C. Padgett was born in Feb 1880 in Pennsylvania.  He married Catherine (b. 1881/82, Pennsylvania) in 1900/01. 
a. Mildred Padgett was born 9 May 1902 in Bronx, NY..
b. Leone Padgett was born 28 Mar 1904 in New York, NY.  She married William H. Kahle (29 Jun 1905 - 8 Mar 1991, Germantown, Columbia, NY) on 12 Jan 1930 in Bronx, NY.  They had two children.  Leone died in Jul 1982 in Germantown, NY.
c. Charles Padgett was born in 6 Sep 1905 in New York, NY and died 18 Aug 1995 in Sag Harbor, Suffolk, NY.
4. Mina K. Padgett was born in Feb 1886 in Pennsylvania.  In 1910, she was living with her father and her brother Leon.
C. William F. Padgett was born in Dec 1844 in New York.  He married Josephine Smith (b. Jun 1855, Tioga, PA), daughter of Moses and Julia Smith, on 23 Jan 1873 in Richmond Twp. Tioga Co., PA.  William died before 18 Jun 1933.
1. Edward M. Padgett was born Dec 1873 in Pennsylvania.  He married Nancy L. Root (b. 1881, Pennsylvania), daughter of James F.  Root and Ann Brewster, on 29 Jun 1898 in Middlebury, Tioga, PA.  Edward died 21 May 1915 in Elmira, Chemung, NY.
a. (Daughter) Padgett was born in 1896 and died in 1900 in Wellsboro, Tioga, PA.
b. Mildred Padgett was born c. 1900 and died bef. 1910 in Wellsboro, PA.
c. Lawrence Victor Padgett, Sr. was born 26 Sep 1901 in Tioga Co., PA.  He married Dora Jean Putnam (c. 1908/09, Tuscarora, Steuben Co., NY - 15 Jan 1959, Watkins Glen, Schuyler, NY), daughter of James E. Putnam and Anna Swan, on 1 Jan 1927 in Tuscarora, NY.  Lawrence died 1 Aug 1971 in Schuyler Co., NY.
i.(Infant) Padgett died on 14 Jun 1928.
ii.James E. Padgett was born 5 Jun 1930.  He married Beverly Ruth Jeffers (11 May 1934, Westfield, Tioga, PA - 13 Dec 2004, Hickory, Catawba, NC), daughter of Bert B. Jeffers and Ida M. Baker, on 23 Jan 1953 in Addison, Steuben, NY.  They had three children.  James died 9 Aug 1980 in Elkland, Tioga, PA.
iii.Lawrence Victor Padgett, Jr. was born 12 Mar 1933 and died in Nov 1980.
iv.John William Padgett was born 9 May 1942.  He married Hazel Mae Horton (20 Sep 1946, Blossburg, Tioga, PA - 15 Jan 2010, Hickory, Catawba, NC), daughter of Leon Russell Horton and Freda May Campbell.   They had four children.  John died 13 Oct 2007 in Claremont, Catawba, NC.
d. Basil Padgett was born 14 Feb 1906 in Hammond, Tioga Co., PA.  He married (1) Winifred Swan (29 Apr 1906, Tuscarora, Steuben Co., NY - 25 Apr 1972, Tuscarora, NY), daughter of Raymond Swan and Myra Harrison, on 29 Oct 1927 in Tuscarora, NY.  They had seven children.  He married (2) Mrs. Beulah Cass on 8 Jul 1976.  Basil died 23 Jan 1991 in Wellsboro, PA. 
e. William J. Padgett was born c. 1908 in Pennsylvania.  He married Fern M. Casto (b.c. 1912, Ohio), daughter of James H. Casto and Myrtle Turpin, on 4 May 1929 in Steuben Co., NY.  William died in Wellsboro, PA.
f. Floyd Padgett was born 26 Apr 1910 in Tioga, PA.  He married Alice Cornwell (23 May 1917 - May 1983, Addison, Steuben, NY) on 15 Dec 1935.  They had five children.  Floyd died 16 Jan 1948 in Tuscarora, Steuben, NY.
2. Ada M. Padgett was born in Mar 1875 in Pennsylvania.  She married (1) Henry O. Wood (b. Apr 1869, Pennsylvania) on 22 Feb 1890 in Lindley, Steuben Co., NY.  In 1900, they were living in Smithfield, Bradford, PA  She married (2) Jerry Lovejoy (b. May 1870, New York), son of Elum and Elizabeth Lovejoy, in 1903/04.  By 1920, they were divorced and their three children were living with their father.  She married (3) Mr. Oakley, c. 1933/35 but was widowed by 1940.
a. Leo E. Wood was born 23 Feb 1891 in Lambs Creek, PA.  He lived in Springfield, Bradford, PA and was unmarried.
b. Floyd Wood was born in Aug 1893 in Pennsylvania.  In 1910, he was living with his mother and stepfather.
c. Hazel Wood was born in Apr 1895 in Pennsylvania.  She married Colby O. (Colie) Reed (b. Mar 1892, Pennsylvania), son of Curtis E. and Emma Reed, on 24 Jun 1911 in Wellsboro, Tioga, PA.  They had eight children.
d. Jay Wood was born in Dec 1896 in Pennsylvania.
e. Elsie M. Wood was born in Jul 1898 in Pennsylvania.  In 1910 and 1920, she was living in Smithfield, PA apart from any family.  She married James Tracy (b. 1881/82, Pennsylvania).
i.John Burton Tracy was born 18 May 1930 in Pennsylvania and died 19 Dec 2008 in Ulster, Bradford, PA.
ii.Harriet Belle Tracy was born in 1932/33 in Pennsylvania and died bef. 2008.
f. Vera Wood was born in Apr 1900 in Pennsylvania.
g. Viola Lovejoy was born 7 Oct 1905 in Pennsylvania.  In 1940, she was still living with her mother.  Viola died in Dec 1972 in Gaines, Tioga, PA.
h. Wesley Lovejoy was born in 1906/07 in Pennsylvania.  He married Dow Lavoe Hart (10 May 1911 - 30 May 1943, prob Hornby, Steuben, NY) in Paducah, McCracken, KY.  Wesley may have died bef. 1939.
i.Betty Jane Lovejoy was born 21 Nov 1929 in Paducah, KY  She married Elwyn Hart (3 Aug 1920 - 9 Aug 1982, Corning, Steuben, NY) .  They had one daughter.  Betty died 14 Mar 1983 in Elmira, Chemung, NY.
ii.Floyd Wesley Lovejoy was born 29 Mar 1936 in Illinois and died 3 Nov 1964, prob. in Kalamazoo, MI.
i. Theodore Lovejoy was born in 1908/09 in Pennsylvania.
3. Julia (Lula) E. Padgett was born in Oct 1876 in Pennsylvania.  She married Thomas Edgar Hills (15 Dec 1848, Farmington, Tioga, PA - 19 Apr 1923, Farmington, PA), son of David Hills and Charlotta Colegrove, on 9 Apr 1894 in Lindley, Steuben, NY.  They had nine children.  In 1930, most of the family was living in Steuben Co., NY.  Lula died 18 Jun 1933 in Tioga, Tioga Co., PA.
a. George W. Hills was born 21 Dec 1895 in Farmington, PA.  He married (1) Ruby F. Gee (4 Apr 1905, Middlebury, Tioga, PA - 15 Jan 1923, Blossburg, Tioga, PA). daughter of Clarence Gee and Katherine French, in 1920.  He married (2) Sophia W. (31 May 1907 - Feb 1979, Tioga, PA) bef. 1926.  George died in Feb 1979 in Tioga, PA.
i.Harry M. Hills was born in 1922/23.  In 1930, he was living with his grandmother Julia.
ii.Harold Joseph Hills was born 26 Apr 1926 in Pennsylvania.  He married Mary J. Maio (31 Dec 1922 - 3 Oct 2010, Corning, Steuben, NY), daughter of Harry Maio and Philomena Pepecilli.  They had two children.  Harold died 16 Nov 2006 in Corning, Steuben, NY.
b. Bessie E. Hills was born 20 Aug 1901 in Farmington, PA.  She married Willis Frank Pierce (b. 1898/99, Pennsylvania).  
i.Clifford Pierce was born in 1924/25 in Pennsylvania.
c. Clyde Sidney Hills was born 8 Dec 1903 in Pennsylvania.  He married Gladys Pearl Button (10 Sep 1910, Tioga, PA - 9 Mar 1976, Sayre, Bradford, PA), daughter of George H. Button and Maggie M. Cummings.  They were apparently childless.  Clyde died 5 Oct 1990.
d. Bertha May Hills was born 14 Nov 1906 in Lawrenceville, Tioga, PA.  She married Raymond Clarence Durfee (7 Nov 1892, Lawrenceville, PA - 5 Jul 1937, Tioga Co., PA), son of Clarence P. Durfee and Rose B. Clark, c. 1930, poss. in Corning, Steuben, NY.  Bertha died 8 Aug 1993 in Elmira, Chemung, NY.
i.Bernice L. Durfee was born 31 Oct 1924.  She married Carl J. Stratton (prob. 17 Apr 1916 - 17 Apr 1989).  They had three children.  Bernice died 21 Feb 2005, prob. in Elmira, NY.
ii.Norma Jean Durfee married William Milheim Batroney (25 Nov 1925, Binghamton, Broome, NY - 29 Aug 2000, Elmira, NY), son of Naif Samuel Batroney, on 26 Feb 1949 in Elmira, NY.  They had three children.
iii.Raymond Durfee was born 5 Dec 1927 in Lawrenceville, Tioga, PA.  He married Charlotte J. Rosenkrans (15 Aug 1930 - 31 Mar 1999) daughter of Lynn and Helen Rosencrans.  They had six children.  Raymond died 13 Dec 2007 in Lowman, Chemung, NY.
iv.Arnold Durfee married Jane.
v.Eleanor June Durfee was born 3 Sep 1931 in Corning, NY.  She married Duane J. Smith.  Eleanor died 19 Aug 1987 in Elmira, Chemung, NY.  She married (1) Raymond Charles Summers.  They had two children.  She married (2) Donald Robert Benjamin.  They had six children.  She married (3) Duane John Smith.  They had two children.  Eleanor died 19 Aug 1987 in Elmira, NY.
vi.Alberta R. Durfee married Richard McAtee.  They had five children.
vii.Donald Durfee was born 9 Oct 1935.  He was married at least twice and had several children.  Donald died 18 Aug 1999 in Elmira, NY.
viii.Marian Durfee married (1) Mr. Singerhoff.  She married (2) Dennis M. Northrup.
ix.Jacqueline E. Durfee married Howard R. Carl.  They had two children.
e. Ida L. Hills was born in 1910 in Pennsylvania. She married Mr. Whitney.
f. Leon F. Hills was born 29 Apr 1913 in Pennsylvania.  He married Harriet Jane Button (15 May 1915 - Dec 1983, Horseheads, Chemung, NY), daughter of George Button and Maggie Cummings.  George died in Feb 1983 in Horseheads, NY.
i.John Hills was born 14 Aug 1932 and died in Apr 1986 in Elmira, Chemung, NY.
ii.Thomas J. Hills was born in 1934/35.
iii.Leon F. Hills, Jr. was born 13 Jun 1946 in Blossburg, Tioga, PA and died 15 Jan 2003 in Horseheads, NY.
g.David T. Hills was born 20 Jun 1915 in Pennsylvania and died 20 May 1994 in Tioga, PA.
4. Helen Lucretia Padgett was born 3 Mar 1877 in Tioga Co., PA.  She married Dallas Wood (15 Dec 1872, Pennsylvania - 12 Dec 1939, Mainesburg, Tioga, PA), son of Andrew Bush Wood and Sarah Ann Harris, on 16 Mar 1896 in Lindley, NY.  Helen died 13 Jul 1966 in Mainesburg, PA.
a. Daniel Howard Wood was born 29 Dec 1896 in Pennsylvania.  He married Louise Shebago (prob. b. 1905/06.)  Daniel died in an automobile accident on 24 Mar 1956 in Mansfield, Tioga, PA.
i.Charles Wood died young.
ii.John Daniel Wood was born in 1926 and died 20 Jan 1991 in Cooper Plains, Steuben, NY.
iii.Helen L. Wood was born in 1927/28.
b.  Eva M. Wood was born 18 Jul 1898 in Pennsylvania.  She married Mr. Morris, prob. bef. 1920.  Eva died in Apr 1976 in Paterson, Passaic, NJ.
c. Clifford Wood was born 29 May 1900 and died soon after birth
d. Alice Flossie Wood was born 30 Mar 1901 in Tioga, PA.  She married (1) Eugene Phillips (b. 1871/72, Illinois).  They had three children.  She married (2) Russell Lynn Andrus (3 May 1896 - 2 Dec 1974, Roaring Branch, Tioga Co., PA.)  Alice died 8 Dec 1992 in Roaring Branch, PA.
e. Mabel Irene Wood was born 24 Jun 1904 in Pennsylvania.  She married AlfredWilcox (10 Aug 1900, Pennsylvania - 14 Apr 1969, Covington, Tioga Co., PA).  Mabel died 14 Sep 1987 in Mainsburg, Tioga, PA.
i.Alfred W. Wilcox was born in 1925/26 in Pennsylvania.
f. Viola Sarah Wood was born 29 Apr 1906 in Pennsylvania.  She married Harold Wilcox (prob. 23 May 1902, Pennsylvania - Nov 1973, Mansfield, Tioga Co., PA.)  Viola died 20 Mar 1992.
i.Vaudine Wilcox was born in 1927.
ii.Richard Erwin Wilcox was born 23 Oct 1932.  He married Elizabeth Etta Logan (4 Nov 1933, Blossburg, Tioga, PA - 7 Nov 2008, Wellsboro, Tioga, PA), daughter of Clarence Logan and Edna Carroll.  They had two children.  Richard died 14 May 1997 in Tioga, PA.
iii.Laura Wilcox.
g. Grant Lee Wood was born 3 May 1908 in Pennsylvania.  He married Laverna R. Phenes (7 Jun 1910 - 11 Sep 1988, Mansfield, PA), daughter of James Phenes and Carrie E. Morgan.  Grant died 15 May 1989 in Mansfield, PA.
i.Kenneth H. Wood was born in 1931 and died bef. 2005.
ii.Russell James Wood was born 29 Jun 1932 in Corning, Steuben, NY.  He was married with four children.  Russell died 4 Sep 2005 in Wellsboro,Tioga, PA.
iii;Duane Wood was born in 1933/34 and died in 1967.
h. Lucy Genevieve Wood was born 27 Aug 1910 in Pennsylvania.  She married Norman Robinson (1906/07, New York - bef. 1976).  They were apparently childless.  Lucy died 3 May 1976 in Mansfield, PA.
i. Carl Dewey Wood was born 12 May 1913 in Mansfield, PA.  He married Myrtle E. Osborn (b. 1913/14, Pennsylvania).  Carl died 1 Jul 1976 in Wellsboro, PA.
i.Carl Dewey Wood, Jr. was born in 1935 in Pennsylvania and died in 1996.
j. Lyman Richard Wood was born 8 Apr 1915 in Pennsylvania.  He married Edith Elizabeth Wilcox (28 Jun 1915 - 5 Nov 1990, Cleveland, Bradley, TN).  They had two children.  Lyman died 23 Mar 2007 in Cleveland, TN.
k. Lester Dallas Wood was born 1 Jan 1917 in Mainesburg, Tioga, PA.  He married (1) Leona M. (b; 1921/22, Pennsylvania) bef. 1939.  He married (2) Shirley M. Teneyck (1927/28, Mansfield, PA - 1957, Mansfield, PA), daughter of Fred Teneyck and Bertha Mae Perry.  Lester had five children.  He died 19 Nov 1986 in Roseville, Tioga, PA.
l. Gertrude Josephine Wood was born 25 Nov 1918.  She married (1) Raymond Barrett.  They had at least one child.  She married (2) her cousin Kenneth A. Padgett (25 Jun 1924, Pennsylvania - 30 Dec 2008, Lawrenceville, Tioga, PA), son of Howard C. Padgett and Blanche M. Appleby.
m. Marion Wood married Leonard Edwin.Storms.
n. Myron Wood was born 5 Jul 1921.  He married Gloria Jean.  They had three children.  Myron died 13 Sep 1991 in Apopka, FL.
o. Virgilene Wood was born 29 Sep 1922.  She married Leonard M. Earley (19 Apr 1921 - 15 Oct 2008, Iron City, Lawrence, TN) on 23 Jun 1940 in Gray Valley, Tioga, PA.  They had four children.  Virgilene died 3 Jan 1999 in Apopka, FL.
5. Thomas Padgett was born in Nov 1878 in Tioga Co., PA.  He married Elizabeth Tongue, daughter of Hiram Tongue and Charlotte Bacon, on 18 Aug 1901 in Lindley, Steuben Co., NY.  Thomas died bef. 1915.
6. Glen H. Padgett was born 26 Dec 1882 in Tioga, Tioga Co., PA.  He married Maude L. Soule (b.c. 1885, Lindley, NY or Galeton, Potter, PA), daughter of Orville Soule and Sarah Gee, on 6 Jul 1903 in Lindley, NY.  Glen died 22 Oct 1958.
a. Grace M. Padgett was born in 1904 in Tioga, Tioga Co. PA.  She married Paul Newman, son of Charles Newman and Elizabeth Cole, on 2 Dec 1922 in Wellsboro, Tioga Co., PA.
b. Robert J. Padgett was born 21 Feb 1909, poss. in Middlebury, Tioga Co., PA.  He married Gladys Elizabeth Cummings (7 Jan 1911 - 19 Jan 2001, Clermont, Lake, FL), daughter of Harry Robert Cummings and Mildred B. Cummings, by 1930.  Robert died 24 Oct 1977, poss. in Wellsboro, Tioga Co., PA.
c. Leahman Francis Padgett was born 31 Dec 1917 in Farmington Twp., Tioga Co., PA.  He died 13 Dec 1986 in Corning, Steuben Co., NY.
7. Moses Junius Padgett was born in Oct 1885 in Pennsylvania.  He married Rhoda Hymes (1890, Pennsylvania - 1942, Richmond Twp., Tioga, PA), daughter of H.W. and Lizzie E. Hymes, on 15 Dec 1907 in Tioga Co., PA.
a. DeGrove Thomas Padgett was born 9 Jun 1909 in Pennsylvania.  He married Ethel Mabel Squires (26 Dec 1910 - 11 Feb 1980).  DeGrove died 8 Jan 1991 in Elmira, Chemung Co., NY.
8. Ervin Padgett was born in Dec 1887 in Pennsylvania.  He married Iva Jane Jacobs (b. Jul 1897, prob. Auburn, Cayuga, NY - 1965, Auburn, NY), daughter of George W. and Lydia C. Jacobs.  They were divorced by 1926.
a. Ethel R. Padgett was born 20 Sep 1914 in Tioga, PA.  She married Clayton Edgar Salsberry (30 Jun 1911, Waverly, Tioga, NY - 9 Nov 1985, Sayre, PA), son of Jay J. Salsberry and Pearl Baker.  They had at least one child.  Ethel died 3 Dec 1975 in Sayre, PA.
b. Dean Padgett was born 17 Mar 1916.  He married Virginia Ordway (3 Nov 1916 - 17 Aug 1998, Elmira, Chemung, NY), daughter of Edward E. Ordway and Hattie Gleason, on 22 Sep 1938 in Lindley, Steuben, NY.  They had nine children.  Dean died 21 Feb 1977 in Millerton, Tioga, PA.
c. Moe Padgett died in infancy.
d. Frederick Padgett was born 8 Apr 1925 in Middlebury, Tioga, PA.  He died 4 Jun 2001.
9. Howard C. Padgett was born 18 Oct 1888 or 1889 in Tioga, PA.  He married Blanche M. Appleby (19 Nov 1902, Middlebury Center or Kenneyville, Tioga, PA - 27 Aug 1981, Charlestown, Tioga, PA), daughter of Seymour N. Appleby and Elizabeth Rose Day, on 1 Oct 1918 in Tioga Co., PA.  Howard died 27 Oct 1977 in Wellsboro, PA.
a.Louise M. Padgett was born 17 Dec 1919 in Tioga, PA.  She married James L. Hart (27 Oct 1919, Roseville, Tioga, PA - 16 Aug 1992, Troy, Bradford, PA), son of Harry Hart and Effie Perry.  They had twelve children.  Louise died 14 Nov 2002 in Sayre, Bradford, PA.
b.Charles T. Padgett was born 9 Apr 1922 in Farmington, Tioga, PA and died 9 Jan 1987 in Sayre, Bradford, PA.
c.Kenneth A. Padgett was born 25 Jun 1924 in Pennsylvania.  He married his cousin Gertrude Wood.  Kenneth died 30 Dec 2008 in Lawrenceville, Tioga, PA.
d.Helen Padgett was born 27 Jun 1927, prob. in Chemung Co., NY.  She married Floyd Melvin Hill, Jr. (1924 - 28 Sep 1962, Tioga, Tioga, PA).  They had seven children.  Helen died 22 Nov 1995.
e.Raymond M. Padgett was born 5 Sep 1929 in New York.  He married Caroline Thorpe (23 Jul 1930 - 9 Mar 2003, Troy, Bradford, PA), daughter of Frederick Thorpe and Ruby Ripley.  Raymond died 21 Dec 2007 in Columbia Cross Roads, Bradford, PA.
f.Ruth Padgett married Mr. Stone.
g.William H. Padgett married Donna McCallum.
h.Edna Padgett married Robert F. Friends (19 Mar 1928 - 29 Oct 1994, Millerton, Tioga, PA).
i.Alberta (Bert) J. Padgett was born 18 Nov 1938 in Blossburg, Tioga, PA.  She married Charles Edward Belknap (4 Jan 19 26 - 17 Mar 2004, Covington, Tioga, PA).  Alberta died 11 Jan 2010 in Mansfield, Tioga, PA.
j.Richard L. Padgett married Sylvia J. Burdick.
kEdward Padgett married Debbie.
10. George B. Padgett was born 26 Apr 1891 in Tioga Co., PA.  He married Hannah Tomb (b. 1904/05, Pennsylvania), daughter of John M. and Alice N. Tomb.  By 1930, they were divorced, and John was living with his father and the girls with their mother.  George died 15 Aug 1966 in Tioga, Tioga Co., PA.
a. John Walter Padgett was born 30 Jun 1922 in Pine City, Chemung, NY and died 13 Feb 1984 in Wellsboro, Tioga, PA.
b. Alice I. Padgett was born 13 Jun 1924 in Blossburg, Tioga, PA.  She married Richard L. White (3 Jun 1919, Troupsburg, Steuben, NY -  2 Jan 1974), son of George E. White and Dolly Christina Lewis, on 2 Nov 1940 in Troupsburg, NY.  They had two children.  Alice died 8 Jul 2009 in Woodhull, Steuben, NY.
c. Doris D. Padgett was born 16 Nov 1926.  She married Mr. Cole.  Doris died 5 May 1951 in Greenwood, Steuben, NY.
11. Inez R. Padgett was born 26 Jan 1893 in Tioga Co, PA..  She married Walter Lee (Ernest) Nichols (17 Aug 1888 - Oct 1981, Elmira, NY) on 23 Dec 1911 in Steuben Co, NY.  In 1920, they were living in Southport, Chemung, NY.  Inez died 2 Nov 1980 in Elmira, Chemung., NY.
a. Elvin L. Nichols was born in 1912 in Pennsylvania.
b. Laura Nichols was born in 1914 in Pennsylvania.
c. Ralph C. Nichols was born 9 Sep 1915 in Pennsylvania.  He married Nina P. Greene (10 Jul 1911, New York - 2 Jul 1998, Horseheads, Chemung, NY), daughter of Edison H. Greene and Jayne Shaw.  Ralph died 22 Apr 1977 in Horseheads, NY.
d. Walter Lee (Pete) Nichols was born 2 Aug 1917.  He married Jean Olive Elliott (24 Nov 1919, Elmira, NY - 3 Jun 2001, Elmira, NY), daughter of Fred Ray Elliott and Olive F. Newell.  Walter died 4 Feb 1997 in Elmira, Chemung Co., NY.
e.William G. Nichols was born in 1921/22 in New York.
f.  Donald (Hap) Nichols was born 29 Oct 1923 in New York.  He married Mary Lou Jones (b. 1927).  They had two children.  Donald died 21 Apr 2001 in Elmira, Chemung Co., NY.
g.Betty J. Nichols was born in 1929/30 in New York.
h.Harold B. (Babe) Nichols was born in 1932 in New York.  He married Joanne M.  Pfaffe.  They had five children.  Harold died 23 Dec 2007.
12. Mae Padgett was born in oct 1895.  She married (1) Mr. Irving bef. 21 May 1915.  She married (2) William H. Tongue (b.c. 1893, Tioga, PA or New York), prob. the son of William Henry Tong and Mary Etta Olin, on 23 Jul 1921 in Tioga Co., PA.
13. Clarence Jerome Padgett was born 3 Apr 1899.  He married Delores Dixon (b.c. 1909) on 29 Oct 1931 in Erwin, Steuben, NY.  Clarence died 15 Aug 1966 in Tioga, PA.
D. Caleb M. Padgett was born 6 Jul 1847 in Oxford, Chenango, NY.  He married Sarah M. Stalker (b. 1851/2).  Caleb died bef. 1932.
1. Mary A. Padgett was born in 1871/2, prob. in Tioga, Tioga, NY.
2. Cora E. Padgett was born in 1874/5, prob. in Tioga, Tioga, NY
3. Elias Lewis Padgett was born 25 Oct 1877, prob. in Tioga, Tioga, NY.  He married Sarah (Sadie) Jane Shepard (1884, New York - 1934) c. 1901.  They lived in Afton, Chenango, NY.  Elias died in 1941, prob. in Berkshire, Tioga, NY.
a.P. Margaretta Padgett was born c. Feb 1917 in New York.
E. Oliver George Padgett was born 25 Dec 1849 in Oxford, NY.  He married (1) Melissa S. Bartle (d. 1871) of Delmar, PA, daughter of Andrew Bartle and Jennie Bunnell, on 22 Sep 1869 in Wellsboro, Tioga, PA.  He married (2) Emma Berwart (Jul 1854 - 1922, Wellsboro, PA), adoptive daughter of G. Frederick and Salome Berwart, bef. 1877.  In 1920, they were living with their daughter May.  Oliver died in 1932 in Wellsboro, PA.
1. May Louise Padgett was born in Jun 1877.  She married Jesse B. Cherry (29 Mar 1874, Center Life, NY - 29 Dec 1952, Corning Hospital, NY), son of Charles Cherry and Ella Nancy Brooks, on 27 Apr 1900 in Wellsboro, PA.  In 1920, they were living in Binghamton, Broome, NY.  May died in 1947 in Wellsboro, PA. 
2. Arthur C. Padgett was born 31 May 1880 in Wellsboro, PA.  He was still living with his parents in 1910-20.  Arthur died in 1957.
3. Harry F. Padgett was born 19 Mar 1885 in Pennsylvania.  He married Ada H. Dartt (19 May 1889, Wellsboro, Tioga, PA - 18 Sep 1972, Riverside, Burlington, NJ), daughter of Chauncey Freeman Dartt and Amelia A. Hurlbutt, on 27 (or 28) Nov 1912 (or 1913) in Wellsboro, PA.  Harry died in Aug 1962 in Wellsboro, PA.
a. Harriett M. Padgett was born 7 Jun 1925 and died 28 Oct in Beverly, Burlington, NJ.
4. Ida Augusta Padgett was born 2 Aug 1888 in Pennsylvania.  She married John Knox Barnes (b. 1886/87, Pennsylvania), son of Augustus Franklin Barnes and Sarah Bull, on 25 Sep 1911 in Wellsboro, PA.  They lived in Rutherford, Bergen, NJ.
a. John K. Barnes was born in 1915 in New Jersey.
b. Robert Padgett Barnes was born 22 Sep 1918 in New Jersey and died 22 May 1995 in Modesto, Stanislaus, CA.
c.Arthur Barnes was born in 1920/21 in New Jersey.
F. Adolphus DeGrove Padgett was born 11 Apr 1851 in Chenango Co., NY.  He married Adelaide E. (19 Jun 1841, New York - 29 Jun 1916, Ludington, Mason, MI) c. 1882/83.  Adolphus died 23 Jul 1938 in Ludington, MI.
1. Delbert DeGrove Padgett was born 11 Jun 1884 in Ludington, MI.  He married Christine Laurine Christensen (27 Apr 1889, Aalborgh, Denmark - 9 Oct 1940, Ludington, MI) on 26 Apr 1905.  Delbert died 13 Feb 1939 in Ludington, MI.
a. William DeGrove Padgett was born 29 Jul 1913 in Ludington, MI.  He married Marion Renfro.  They had two children.  William died 28 Nov 1988 in Los Angeles, CA.
b. Adelaide Padgett was born 18 Mar 1917 in Ludington, MI.  She married Eugene Tominski (5 Mar 1916, Ludington, MI - Sep 1968, Ludington, MI).  They had four children.  Adelaide died 8 Oct 1990 in Ludington, MI.
c. Charles E. Padgett was born 18 Jul 1918 in Ludington, MI.  He married Viola Mary Hargreaves (13 Apr 1922, Ludington, MI - 26 May 2009, Free Soil, Mason, MI), daughter of Earl Hargreaves and Philomina Schneider, on 19 Jan 1942.  They had seven children.  Charles died 20 or 23 Jul 1961 in Ludington, MI.
d. Josephine Padgett was born 13 Nov 1921 in Ludington, MI.  She married Claude Stiller (12 Jan 1917, Ludington, MI - 16 Jan 1987, Beaverton, Gladwin, MI).  They had two children.  Josephine died in December 1978 in Covina, Los Angeles, CA.
IV. David Pagett was born c. 1813.  He married (1) Jerusha (Jennie) Pittsley (b. 1821, Chenengo Co., NY).  In the 1840's, they lived in Cattaraugus Co., NY.  About 1849, they returned to Oxford, Chenango, NY.  In 1860, they were back in Dayton, Cattaraugus, NY.  In 1870, Jerusha was living with her son Isaac.  David married (2) Frances (b. 1848/49) after 1870 and they lived in Villenova, Chautauqua, NY.
A. (Isaac) Wallace Pagett was born in 1840/41 in Cattaraugus, NY.  In 1870, he was living in Villenova, NY with his mother.  In 1900-20, he was living in Cattaraugus Co., NY.  He was unmarried.
B. Adeline Pagett was born in 1842/43 in Cattaraugus, NY.
C. Oliver Pagett was born in 1844/45 in Cattaraugus, NY.
D. Celestia Pagett was born in 1846/47 in Cattaraugus, NY.
E. Francis H. (Frank) Pagett was born 9 Sep 1849 in Chenango, NY.  He married Emma Eunice Putney (17 Jun, 1848, Villenova, Chautauqua, NY - 19 Apr 1923, South Dayton, Cattaraugus, NY), daughter of Salmon Putney and Eunice Alden, on 17 Dec 1873 in Forestville, Chautauqua, NY.  In 1880, they were living with Emma's parents.  By 1900, Frank was in Salamanca, Cattaraugus, NY with his brother Wallace.  In 1900-20, Emma wasliving in Villenova, NY with various of her children.  In 1920, Frank was living in Sacramento, Sacramento, CA and described himself as widowed.  Frank died c. 1931/32 in Stockton, San Joaquin CA.
1. Claude H. Pagett was born 3 Jul 1875 in Forestville, NY.  He married Fannie E. Brantner (14 May 1872, Moundsville, Marshall, WV - 4 Ap4 1940, Cherry Creek, Chautuqua, NY), daughter of David A. and Mary A. Brantner, on 18 Oct 1898 in Moundsville, WV.  In 1900/10 they were still in Marshall Co., WV, but in 1920/30 they were back in Villenova, NY.  Claude died 19 Apr 1964 in Mount Clemens, Macomb, MI.
a. Eva Pagett was born 14 Jul 1899 in Moundsville, WV.
b. Charles Oliver Pagett was born 22 Apr 1901 in Moundsville, WV.  He married Marian L. (28 Nov 1903, New York - 7 Apr 1988, Mount Clemens, MI).  They had four children.  Charles died 25 Feb 2000 in Macomb, Macomb, MI.
c. Edna Ruth Pagett was born 17 Apr 1903 in Moundsville, WV and died 2 Mar 1976 in Mount Clemens, MI.
d. Theodore Pagett was born 4 May 1905 in Moundsville, WV.  He married Marian Ruth Wright (15 May 1909 - 4 Dec 1987, Sugar Grove, Warren, PA), daughter of William Wright and Lydia Richards, on 6 Jun 1933 in Cattaraugus Co, NY.  They had three children.  Theodore died 30 Sep 2007 in Gerry, Chautauqua, NY.
e. Christeen (or Christina) Pagett was born 6 Dec 1906 in Moundsville, WV.  She may be the Christine Allen with that birthdate who died 21 Mar 1998 in Mount Clemens, MI.
f. Helen Priscilla Pagett was born 9 Dec 1908 in Moundsville, WV.
2. Eunice A. Pagett was born 14 Apr 1882 in Cherry Creek, Chautauqua, NY.  She married George W. Hunt (b. 1863, New York) aft. 1920.
3. Oliver Charles Pagett was born 2 Oct 1883 in Gowanda, Cattaraugus, NY.  He married Cathrine Mary Conway (14 Feb 1886, Mayo, Ireland - 14 Dec 1971, Eden, Erie, NY), daughter of Michael Conway and Rose Maloney.  In 1920-30, they were living in Mayfield, Cuyahoga, OH.  Oliver died 5 Jul 1967 in Randolph, Cattaraugus, NY.
a. Garland A. Pagett was born 20 Nov 1917 in Ohio.  He married Blanche A. Critoph (4 Dec 1926 - 1 Sep 1998, Hamburg, Erie, NY), who had children by an earlier marriege.  Garland died 1 Oct 2012 in Hamburg, NY
b. Conway Martin Pagett was born 28 Nov 1918 in Ohio.  He married Thelma Rae Orcutt (22 May 1918 - 20 Oct 2005, Kings Mountain, Cleveland, NC) in 1939.  They had three children.  Conway died 31 Aug 2009 in Kings Mountain, NC.
c. Gladys M. Pagett was born 12 Dec 1920.  She married Floyd J. Rogers (4 Jul 1917 - 1 May 2004, South Dayton, Cattaraugus, NY)..  Gladys died 14 Apr 1994 in South Dayton, Cattaraugus, NY.
d. Kathleen Emma Pagett was born 5 Oct 1924 in Lyndhurst, Cuyahoga, OH and died 16 Nov 1924.
e. Margaret Eunice Pagett was born in 1924/25.  She married Richard Clarence Markham.  They had three children.
4. Garland Jeddiah Pagett was born 21 Oct 1886 in Forestville, NY.  He married Bessie Ann Meyers (21 Sep 1881, Dayton, Cattaraugus, NY - 3 May 1941, Gowanda, Cattaraugus, NY), daughter of Frederick Augustus Meyers and Catherine Shine, on 14 Oct 1908.  Garland died 12 Dec 1956 in Dayton, NY.
a. Clarence A. Pagett was born 15 Aug 1909 in Dayton, Cattaraugus, NY.  He  married Florence B. Seileman (13 Mar 1910 - 14 Sep 1995, South Dayton, Cattaraugus, NY).  They had six children.  Clarence died 2 Sep 1984 in South Dayton, NY.
b. Lillian Pagett was born 5 Aug 1913 in Dayton, NY.  She married George J. Volk (14 Jan 1912 - 8 Jan 1999, South Dayton, NY), son of Jacob Volk and Anna Holtz, on 16 Nov 1940.  They had four children.  Lillian died 6 Nov 1999 in Gowanda, Cattaraugus, NY.
c. Catherine Pagett was born 16 Mar 1916.  She married Vincent Joseph Sutter (24 Mar 1915 - 14 Sep 1989, Buffalo, Erie, NY)..  Catherine died 13 Mar 1998 in South Dayton, NY.
d. Emma Pagett was born 13 May 1917.  She married John Adam Hickox (26 Feb 1904 - 19 Mar 1983, Gowanda, NY) on 6 Aug 1935.  Emma died in Jul 1978 in South Dayton, NY.
5. Ruth Carrie Pagett was born 7 Sep 1890 in Forestville, NY.  She married (1) James McNally (25 Apr 1872, Olmstead Falls, Cuyahoga, OH - prob. 7 Aug 1927, Cleveland, Cuyahoga), son of James McNally, Sr. and Mary Grady, on 17 Apr 1911 in Cuyahoga Co., OH.  They were divorced in Mar 1917.  Ruth married (2) Michael Joseph Bulger (23 Aug 1885, Ashtabula, Ashtabula, OH - 7 Nov 1960, Cherry Creek, Chautauqua, NY), son of Thomas Bulger and Bridget Malloy, on 15 May 1917 in Cuyahoga Co., OH.  Ruth died in Dec 1976 in Glendale, Maricopa, AZ.
a. Ruth Priscilla Bulger was born 7 Jan 1920 in Cleveland, OH.  She was married several times and had three daughters and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  Ruth died 20 Mar 2008 in Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ.
F. David C. Pagett was born in 1851/52 in Chenango Co., NY.
G. Lily Pagett was born in 1872/73, prob. in Villenova, Chautauqua, NY.
H. Cora Pagett was born in 1873/74, prob. in Villenova, NY.
I. Jane Pagett was born in 1876/77, prob. in Villenova, NY.
J. Henry W. Padgett was born in 1879, prob. in Villenova, NY.  In 1920, he was living in Ellington, Chautauqua, NY and was unmarried.  He was in Cattaraugus Co. in 1930.
V. Thomas M. Padgett was born c. 1814 in Chenango Co., NY.  He married Lydia Davis (b.c. 1821, Chenango Co., NY) c. 1842.
A. Huldah A. Padgett was born 4 Apr 1843 in Chenango Co., NY.  She married Charles Hubert Watrous (24 Jul 1842, North Colesville, Broome Co., NY - 16 Feb 1890, North Colesville, NY), son of John Watson Watrous and Julia Marilla Holcomb, c. 1865 in Broome Co., NY.  Huldah died 29 Nov 1903 in North Colesville, NY.
1. Emma Watrous was born in 1866 in New York.
VI. Maria Padgett was born c. 1815.  She married Stephen R. Wilbour (1827/28, prob. Oxford, NY - 1910) on 12 Jul 1847.  She was living separately from Stephen by 1860 and he remarried c. 1877/78.  Maria died 2 Jan 1887 in North Norwich, Chenango, NY.
A. Abigail Wilbour was born 1 Nov 1848.  She may have died soon aft. 1850.
VII. Emily Padgett was born in 1819/20.  She married Edwin M. Brown (b. 1811/12, Rhode Island).
A. Edwin Brown was born in 1840.  He married Emma Bowen (b. 1840/41) on 26 Dec 1864 in Norwich, Chenango, NY.
B. Matilda Brown was born in 1846.
VIII. Charles Padgett was born in Feb 1820 in Chenango Co., NY.  He married Mary Elizabeth Wilbour (Nov 1824, Vestal, Chenango Co., NY - 1916, Oxford, NY) c. 1842.  By 1894, he was in Watervliet, Berrien, MI without his wife.  Charles died 23 Nov 1902 in North Coloma, MI.
A. John W. Padgett was born in Sep 1846.  By 1894, he was living in Watervliet Twp., Berrien, MI with his father.  He was married and widowed between 1900 and 1910.  John was still in Berrien Co. in 1930.
B. Esther Ann Padgett was born 29 Feb 1848.  She married Samuel Nelson Roys (Jul 1839, New York - 1915) on 27 Feb 1870 in Chenango Co., NY.  Esther died 17 Dec 1926.
1. James Nelson Roys was born 24 Dec 1870.  He married Edith Potter of McDonough, NY (b. 1871/72, prob. Chenango Co., NY), daughter of Charles and Annie Potter, on 5 Nov 1890.  James died 30 Jan 1964 in Oxford, Chenango, NY.
a. Alice Curtis Roys was born 9 Feb 1892 (adopted).  She married George E. Whittaker on 3 Feb 1934.  Alice died Mar 1974 in Oxford, Chenango, NY.
b. Edwin Nelson Roys was born 20 Feb 1915 (adopted).  He married Martha Pinnock (prob. 22 Jul 1918, New York - prob. 2 Nov 1990).  They had five children.  Edwin died in Jul 1985 in Nineveh, Broome, NY.
c. Frances Roys was born 22 Apr 1915 and died the same day.
d. Reginald Carlton Roys was born 27 Jul 1918 (adopted).  He married Ruth Lange (6 Mar 1918 - 28 Dec 1990) on 24 Jun 1958.  They had two children.  Reginald died 14 Jun 1998 in Oriskany Falls, Oneida, NY.
e. Arthur John Roys was born 28 Dec 1919 (adopted) and died Oct 1977 in Oxford, NY.
2. Erford Samuel Roys was born 26 May 1872 in new York.  He married (1) Clara E. Yeomans (b.c. 1878, prob. Oxford, NY - prob. bef. 1910), daughter of Rufus P. Yeomans and Electa W. Norton, on 29 Aug 1900.  He married (2) Cathryn E. (Kate) Fish (1871 - 26 Aug 1940), daughter of William Fish and Anna Beardmore, on 9 Jul 1914.  He married again after Cathryn died and was living in a nursing hom with his wife in Greene, NY in 1956.  Erford died c. 1 Apr 1960.
a. Wilson Raymond Roys was born 26 Oct 1913 and was adopted by Erford and Cathryn.  He was Cathryn's nephew, the son of William D. Fish and Jenny Leslie.  Wilson married Frieda (6 Oct 1912 - 15 Mar 1990, New Kensington, Westmoreland, PA).  He died 25 Feb 2000 in New Kensington, PA.
3. Elbert Eugene Roys was born 5 Nov 1873 in New York.  He married Mabel Robson (1883/84, Italy, NY - 23 Aug 1967), daughter of Andrew Robson and Effie M. Foster, on 15 Jan 1910 in Naples, NY.  Elbert died in Jun 1968 in Naples, NY.
a. Dorothy May Roys was born 21 Sep 1917.  She married William M. Todd (1916/17, Pennsylvania - 26 Mar 2006) on 10 Feb 1937 in Ingleside, Steuben, NY.  They had four children.  Dorothy died 1 Dec 2010 in Canandaigua, Ontario, NY.
b. Gladys Irene Roys was born 4 Oct 1918.  She married Robert E. Fryer (prob. b. 1889/90, England) on 31 Mar 1956 in Marcellus, NY.
4. Charles Augustus Roys was born 24 Apr 1875.  He married (1) Ellen Putnam of Middlesex, NY (died in California) on 28 Aug 1906.  He married (2) Bess R. Gordimer (d. 12 Apr 1916) in Nov 1913.  He married (3) Wilhelmina Prall Morgan (1885/86, Ohio - 15 Nov 1924, Struthers, Mahoning, OH) in Aug 1917.  In 1920, they were living in Poland, Mahoning, OH.  By 1930,  Charles and his daughters were living in Greene, Chenango, NY.  Charles may have died by 1931, when his daughters were apparently living with their aunt, Anna Nichols, in Utica, NY.
a. Esther Roys was born c. Apr 1918 in Ohio.
b. Margery or Marjorie Roys was born c. Jul 1919 in Ohio.
c.Jean Roys was born in 1921/22 in Ohio.
d.Shirley Roys was born in 1923/24 in Ohio.
5. Benjamin Eli (or Eli Benjamin) Roys was born 28 Nov 1876 in Oxford, NY.  He married Winnie Hodges (8 Dec 1879, Brookfield, Madison, NY - Jan 1973, Pomona, Los Angeles, CA), daughter of William Wiley Hodges and Maria Sarah Tuttle, on 22 Oct 1905 in Oxford, NY.  In 1910, they were in Ellsworth, Ellsworth, KS.  By 1917, they were in California. Benjamin died 22 May 1960 in Sonora, Tuolumne, CA.
a. Donald Eugene Roys was born 3 Jan 1909 in Kansas.  He married Harriette Vesta Ball (9 Feb 1911, California - 5 Sep 1994, Tuolumne Co., CA).  They had at two children.  Donald died 19 Jan 1998 in Sonora, CA.
b. Esther Marie Roys was born5 Apr 1912 in Sonora, Tuolumne, CA.  She married Robert Earl Remy (17 Dec 1910, California - 11 Nov 1997, San Luis Obispo, CA), son of Robert Milton Remy and Eva Mullin.  They had two children.  Esther died 11 Jan 2001 in San Luis Obispo, CA.
c. Helen Muriel Roys was born 24 Jun 1915.  She married George Riley Thedaker, Jr. (21 Jan 1913, Burbank, Los Angeles, CA - 13 Apr 1992, Burbank, CA), son of George Riley Thedaker and Evangeline Mabel Purrier, on 4 Jun 1938 in Tuolumne, CA.  They had two children.  Helen died 1 May 1986 in Burbank, CA.
6. Frederick Emerson Roys was born 8 Sep 1878 in Oxford, NY.  He married (1) his third cousin, Ora M. Walker (Jul 1886 - 26 Sep1939, Greene, Chenango, NY) on 2 Nov 1901.  He married (2) Mary E. Stover. Frederick died 12 Oct 1954 in Hudson, NH.
a. Beatrice May Roys was born 16 Jun 1902.  She married Purley Andrew Merchant (10 Nov 1873,  Guilford, Chenango, NY - 25 May 1950, Greene, Chenango, NY), son of Andrew P. Merchant and Hannah Phillips, on 21 Jun 1922.  Beatrice prob. died bef. 1954.
i. Jane E. Merchant was born 25 Feb 1925 in New York (adopted).  She married Ernest F. Brightman (7 Nov 1921, New York - 19 May 1990), son of Earl Esley Brightman and Nellie Anna Vanscoy Filer, on 8 Sep 1945.  They had three children.
ii. Paul Andrew Merchant was born in 1930/31 in New York.
b. Emerson R. Roys was born 14 May 1905 in Oxford, Chenango, NY.  He married (1) Florence (Flossie) M. Daniels (prob. 1899/1900, Nova Scotia - 1940, New York), daughter of Nathan E. Daniels and Leotta Rafure, on 1 Mar 1930 in Hallstead,​ Susquehanna,​ PA .  They had one child.  He married (2) Mary A. Russell (13 Sep 1907 - 16 Jan 2001, Binghamton, NY), daughter of William Russell, on 14 May 1941.  They had one child   Emerson died 15 Oct 1996 in Binghamton, NY.
c. Orrin Nelson Roys was born 7 Feb 1908.  He married Rena A. Sweetland, daughter of Herman A. and Hettie F. Sweetland.  They separated c. 1950 and Orrin was found dead in a rooming house in Binghamton, NY on 7 May 1952, the victim of foul play.
i. Richard Dean Roys was born 15 Nov 1934 in Binghamton, NY.  He married Catherine M. Lash, daughter of Andrew and Elizabeth Lash, on 2 Oct 1954 in Butte, Silver Bow, MT.  They had one child.  Richard died 27 Sep 2006 in Butte, MT.
d. Mildred Gladys Roys was born 3 Aug 1909.  She married Harold G. Church (1896, New York - 27 Feb 1970), son of Adelbert W. and Anna A. Church, aft. 1940.  Mildred died 20 Nov 1969 in Sidney, NY.
i. Claude E. Church was born 18 Mar 1944 in Sidney, NY.  He was married with three children.  Claude died 23 Nov 2007 in Cooperstown, NY.
e.Frederick Emerson Roys, Jr. was born 15 Apr 1911.  As of 1940, he was still single.  Frederick died 14 Jun 1996 in Greene, Chenango, NY.
f.Harold D. Roys was born 16 Jul 1913.  He married Ruth Worden (18 Aug 1919, Pennsylvania - Jan 1976, Chenango Co., NY), daughter of George Worden, in Jun 1947.  Harold died 3 Aug 1992 in Greene, NY.
7. Stella Irene Roys was born 17 Dec 1880.  She married Joseph Levi Gifford (6 May 1880, Hornby, Steuben, NY - 5 Nov 1954, Corning, Steuben, NY), son of James R. Gifford and Alice D. Coye, on 12 (or 14 or 17) Aug 1903.  Stella died 23 Apr 1923 in Corning, Steuben, NY..
a. Leon Samuel Gifford was born 15 May 1905.  He married Okah M. Congdon (21 Dec 1902, New York - 22 Feb 1989, Avon Park, Highlands, FL), daughter of William Congdon and Hazel Backer, in 1925.  Leon died 7 Aug 1992 in Sebring, Highlands, FL.
i. Leon Oakley Gifford was born 15 May 1928 in Corning, NY and died 10 Oct 2011.
b. Martin Quick Gifford was born 8 October 1909.  He married Lydia C. Kinyoun (5 Apr 1911 - 15 Feb 1991) on 6 Jun 1936 in Jerusalem, Yates, NY.  They had one child.  Martin died 2 Oct 2001.
c. Esther Elizabeth Gifford was born 14 May 1916. She married Walter D. Strait (b. 1928, prob. Steuben Co., NY) aft. 1954.  Esther died 2 Sep 2008 in Sarasota, Sarasota, FL.
d. Loyal Joseph Gifford was born 21 Mar 1919.  He married (1) Claire Elaine Helton (19 Nov 1924, Tioga Co., NY - 12 Dec 1996, Little Rock, AK) on 31 Aug 1941.  They had eight children.  They were divorced 29 Jul 1958 in Terre Haute, Vigo, IN.  He married (2) Kathryn Grayless.   Loyal died 8 Nov 1999 in Terre Haute, IN.
8. Anna Lucy Roys was born 18 Mar 1883.  She married Roy E. Nichols (b. Aug 1879, Lincklaen, Chenango, NY - 19 Oct 1960, Utica, Oneida, NY) , son of Avery Nichols and Ellen A. Stanton, on 12 Aug 1903.  Anna died 16 Jan 1954.
a. Orlo Roys Nichols was born 12 Nov 1904 in Oxford, Chenango, NY.  He married Carrie Blowers (6 Sep 1904 - 3 Mar 1997, Sidney, Delaware, NY), daughter of Ernest L. Blowers, on 14 Aug 1929 in Syracuse, NY.  They had three children.  Orlo died 24 Mar 1972 in Cobleskill, Schoharie, NY
b. Mary Edna Nichols was born 26 Jan 1907 in New York.  She married H. Glenn Covert (1902/03, New York - Apr 1932) on 1 Dec 1928 in Utica, Oneida, NY.  They had one child.
c. Roy Elvin Nichols was born in 1909.  He was married with two children.  Roy died 9 May 1996 in Dane Co., WI.
9. Mary Ann Roys was born 24 Nov 1884 and died 20 Nov 1895.
10. Jennie Bell Roys was born 28 May 1886 in Chenango Co., NY.  She married Grover C. Hamilton (20 Dec 1891, New York - 11 May 1968, Greene, Chenango, NY), son of George and Elizabeth Hamilton, c. Feb 1914.  Jennie died in Apr 1984 in Norwich, Chenango, NY.
a. Marion Elizabeth Hamilton was born 22 May 1917 in NewYork.  She married Robert J. Comings c. 1943, but the marriage appears to have ended in divorce bef. 1951.  They had one child.  Marion died 16 Aug 1990 in Chenango Co., NY.
11. Emmett Loyal Roys was born 11 Apr 1888.  He married Ethel Bess Gifford (20 May 1884, New York - 16 Nov 1990), daughter of  James R. Gifford and Alice D. Coye.  In 1920, they were living in Hornby, Steuben, NY.  They were apparently childless.  Emmett died in Nov 1976 in Fairport, Monroe, NY.
12. Linn Frank (or Frank Linn) Roys was born 3 Aug 1890.  He married Bertha Groome (May 1894, poss. Van Etten, Chemung, NY - 1936), daughter of Ezra M. and Mary J. Groome.  In 1920, they were living in Union, Broome, NY.  Frank died 24 Nov 1969 in Oxford, Chenango, NY.
a.Mary J. Roys was born in Feb 1923 in New York.  She married Frank Tafil.
b.Robert Linn Roys was born 25 May 1924 in New York.  He married Bertha M. Roe (b. 1920), daughter of Ermon Roe, on 26 Jan 1946.  They had at least one child.  Robert died 13 Nov 2005 in McAllen, TX.
C. Charles M. Padgett, Jr. was born in Jan 1850.  He married (1) Georgia Netta (or Georgiannetta) Elrea (b. 1856/57, New York) on 10 Oct 1871 in Ludington, Mason, MI.  He married (2) Dora F. Chambers (Sep 1860 - aft. 1928) on 17 Aug 1884 in Freesoil, Mason, MI.  The family returned to Chenango Co., NY from 1894-1900, then settled in Watervliet, Berrien, MI.  Charles prob. died bef. 1920 and Dora and her children relocated to Charlevoix Co., MI.
1. James Henry Padgett was born 1 Nov 1875 in Illinois.  He married Myrtle L. Hale ( 1 Jan 1882, Coloma, Berrien, MI - 27 Oct 1913, Mancelona, Antrim, MI), daughter of George W. Hale and Jane E. Dobbyn, on 3 Sep 1902 in Berrien Co., MI.  James died 4 Feb 1918 in Mancelona, MI.
a. Mabel I. Padgett was born 6 Aug 1904, prob. in Watervliet, Berrien Co., MI.  She married Marvin E. Frary (23 Mar 1895, Covert, Van Buren, MI - Nov 1970, Grass Lake, Jackson, MI), son of Riley and Maud Frary, on 21 Jun 1924 in Watervliet, MI.  In 1936, they were living in Battle Creek, MI.  Mabel died in Apr 1978 in Grass Lake, MI.
b. George M. Padgett was born 3 Mar or 2 Jun 1906 in Coloma, MI.  He married Vera Tyler (7 Aug 1909, prob. Van Buren Co., MI - Dec 1970, Kalamazoo, MI) in 1925 in Watervliet, MI.  They had seven children.  George died in Mar 1966 in Kalamazoo, MI.
c. Dora Elizabeth Padgett was born 17 Mar 1909 in Covert Twp, Van Buren, MI.  She married Merwin C. Disbrow (16 Jun 1902, Watervliet, MI - 18 Nov 1982, Hartford, Van Buren Co., MI), son of Lavoisier W. Disbrow and Cora Alice Easton, on 24 Sep 1927 in Dansville, Ingham, MI.  They had five children.  Dora died 5 May 1966 in Vicksburg, Kalamazoo Co., MI.
2. Eddie Padgett was born in March 1879 and died 12 Jul 1879 in Ludington, Mason, MI.
3. Robert C. Padgett was born 13 Jun 1880 and died 28 Oct 1880 in Ludington, Mason, MI.
4. William Calvin Padgett was born 21 Feb 1889 in Scottsville, MI.  He married Pearl Agnes Covert (b. Jun 1893, Portsmouth, OH), daughter of Frederick Covert and Oleva J. Hood.  (Pearl was the widow of Cecil Messer and had a son, Fred, by that marriage.)  In 1920, they were living in Boyne, Charlevoix, MI.  William died in Oct 1962 in Michigan.
a. Alberta Padgett was born 12 Jan 1920 in Cheboygan, Cheboygan, MI.  She married .Lawrence Harold Ostwald (13 Nov 1915, Michigan - 11 Nov 1984, Petosky, Emmet, MI), son of Henry and Louise W. Ostwald, on 31 Aug 1938 in Cheboygan Co., MI.  Alberta died 4 Nov 1999 in Cheboygan, MI.
b.Julia Padgett was born in 1921/22 in Michigan.
c.Anna Padgett was born in 1927/28 in Michigan.
d.Christina Padgett was born in 1933/34 in Michigan.
e.William Padgett was born in 1936/37 in Michigan.
5. Wallace Delbert Padgett was born 21 Aug 1890 in Watervliet, MI.  He married Elizabeth Pearl Geyer (11 Nov 1896, Michigan - Sep 1976, Boyne City, Charloix, MI), daughter of David H. Geyer and Mary A. Knight, on 11 Nov 1917 inClarion, Charlevoix, MiI   Wallace died in Aug 1971 in Boyne Falls, Charlevoix, MI.
a. Chester E. Padgett was born 30 Jun 1918 in Michigan.  He prob. married Florine L. (23 Mar 1921 - 23 Jun 1990).  Chester died in Dec 1979 in Petoskey, Emmet, MI.  (There are numerous Padgetts in Petoskey who may be his children and grandchildren.)
b. Emma (or Caroline) Padgett was born c. Nov 1919 in Michigan.
c.Betty Delorse Padgett was born in 1929/30.  She married Leo Albert Goldsmith (15 Sep 1929, Remus, Mecosta, MI - 15 Aug 2009, Hayes Twp., Charlevoix, MI), son of Louis Goldsmith and Bertha Daniel, on 15 Sep 1948 in Petoskey, MI.   They had five children.
d.Wallace Padgett, Jr. died in infancy on 10 Sep 1934.
e.James Norman Padgett was born 22 Sep 1935 in Michigan and died 13 Mar 2001 in Walloon Lake, Charlevoix, MI.
6. Florence M. Padgett was born in Jan 1893 in Mancelona, Antrim, MI.  She married (1)  Harry Huston (b. 1893/94, Michigan), son of William Huston and Florence Berry, on 21 Aug 1913 in Walloon Lake, MI.  The marriage ended in divorce.  She married (2) William Henry Schoonover (15 Aug 1886, Benton Harbor, Berrien, MI - 11 May 1957, Hanover, Fergus, MT), son of Thomas George Schoonover and Susan Keeler, on 24 Dec 1925 in Lewistown, Fergus, MT.  They had no children.  Florence died 30 Aug 1933 in Hanover,  MT.
a. Lela Mae Huston was born in 6 Jul 1914 in Michigan.  She prob. married Mr. Anderson.  Lela prob. died 17 Feb 1990 in Santa Cruz, CA.
7. Glenn Russell Padgett was born 4 May 1895 in New York.  He married Mabel Ethel Shannon (16 Jul 1895 - 22 Jun 1948) on 16 Jul 1919.  They had ten children.  Glenn died 4 Feb 1981 in Boyne City, Charlevoix, MI.
8. Milton Reese Padgett was born in Aug 1898 in New York.  He married Sarah J. Rehkopf (16 Sep 1887, Lincoln, Osceola, MI - Oct 1981, Cadillac, Wexford, MI), daughter of August Rehkopf and Catharine Planz, on 16 Dec 1922 in Grand Rapids, Kent, MI.
9. Elmer T. Padgett was born 14 Jul 1904 in Michigan.  He married Blanche E.  They had at least five children.  Elmer died 30 Jan 1990 in Plainwell, Allegan, MI.
D. Emma Eliza Padgett was born in 1852/53.  She married Charles W. Japhet, who was probably her second cousin of that name, on 4 Jan 1871 in Otsego Co., NY.  Emma died bef. 1874 in Michigan.
1. John Everett Japhet was born in 1872 in Michigan.  In 1880, he was living with his mother's parents in Chenango Co.  He married Elizabeth Estella Elsworth (2 Feb 1882, Otselic, Chenango Co., NY - 19 Nov 1967), daughter of Oliver Russell Elsworth and Alice Vernette Conger, on 29 Jul 1908. They lived in Otselic, NY.  John died 24 Jan 1955.
a. Emma E. Japhet was born 24 Jul 1909 in New York.  She married Thomas Clarkson (Clark) Kenworthy (20 Jun 1906, Nebraska - Sep 1978, Morris Co., NJ), son of Ernest C. and Elizabeth Kenworthy, c. 1928.  They lived in Cortland, Cortland, NY and then in Dover, NJ.  They had one daughter.  Emma died 28 Feb 2000 in Morris Co., NJ
b. Alice Genevieve Japhet was born in 1910/11 in New York.  She married Kenneth C. Davis (1909, South Otselic, Chenango, NY - 4 Feb 1962, Syracuse, Onondaga, NY) on 27 Apr 1940 in Otselic, NY.  They had one son.  (She may be the Alice Davis who was born 30 Oct 1910 and died in Apr 1987 in Hillsborough Co., FL.)
E.. Polly M. Padgett was born in Sep 1854 in New York.  She married James Frederick King (Oct 1852, New York -1923), son of William B. and Ann King, in 1875/76.  Polly died in 1937 in Oxford, Chenango, NY.
1. Fredrick B. King was born in May 1886 in New York.  He married Julia Margaret Quinn (b. Nov 1879, New York), daughter of J. Quinn and Elizabeth Skelton, on 26 Nov 1913.  They lived in Utica, Oneida, NY.
a. Mary King was born in 1914/15 in New York.
b. Margaret King was born c. Dec 1916 in New York.  She married William Ryan.
c. James F. King was born c. Nov 1917 in New York.
2. Belle North King was born in Nov 1894 in New York.  She married Henry Lynn Snedaker (21 Aug 1892, Binghamton, Broome, NY - 26 Nov 1961, Binghamton, NY), son of Alinzer (Lynn) Snedaker and Elsie Snitchler.  Belle prob. died bef. 1920.
a.Lawrence Weldon Snedaker was born 11 Feb 1912 in Binghamton, NY.  He prob. married Catherine R. Brooks c. Nov 1950.  Weldon died 19 Jul 1991 in Binghamton, NY.
F. Mary A. Padgett was born 30 Jul 1857 in New York.  She married (1) John F. Green (20 Oct 1851 - 27 Dec 1915, Haynes, NY) on 5 Jan 1881 in Oxford, NY.  She married (2) John N. Ogden (b. 1857/58, New York) on 29 Apr 1919.  They lived in Greene, Chenango, NY.  Mary died 23 Feb 1933.
1. Bertha May Green was born 2 May 1882.  She married Jay Willard Roys (1877, Oxford, NY  - 5 Dec 1963), son of Benjamin Franklin Roys and Sarah E. Brown, on 16 Sep 1903.  (Benjamin Roys was the brother of Samuel Roys, who married Bertha's aunt, Esther Padgett.)  Bertha died 29 Aug 1923, prob. in Chenango Co., NY.
a. Julian Benjamin Roys was born 13 Nov 1904 in New York.  He married Laura E. Diener (b. 1904/05, Pennsylvania). daughter of Herbert A. and Bertha J. Diener, on 7 Dec 1928.  They lived in Broome Co., NY.  Julian died in Apr 1989.
i. Ruth B. Roys was born in 1929/30 in New York.
ii. Julian Benjamin Roys was born 20 Nov 1933 in New York and died 6 Feb 2010 in Cobleskill, Schoharie, NY.
b. Harold W. Roys was born 1 May 1906.  He married Florence (b. 1910/11, New York).  Harold died in May 1981 in Castle Creek, Broome, NY.
c. Ethel C. Roys was born 17 Jul 1908.   She married Lewis M. Luteran (b. 1906/07, New Jersey) on 19 Aug 1929.  They lived in Hudson Co., NJ.  They had two children.  Ethel died 8 Aug 2007 in Peachtree City, Fayette, GA.
2. Nellie M. Green was born 30 Jun 1883 and died 19 Dec 1970 in Binghamton, Broome, NY.
3. Jesse Earl Green was born 27 Jun 1887.  He married Bertha E. Hills (c. 1891, prob. Chenango Co., NY - 8 or 28 Feb 1960), daughter of Alfred C. Hills, on 10 Jan 1913.  The marriage appears to have broken up bef. 1920.  Jesse died 27 Apr 1975 in Oxford, NY.
a. Everett L. Green was born 5 Feb 1914 in New York.  He married Dale Stackhouse (Jun 1917 - 1 Apr 2010, Norwich, Chenango, NY), daughter of Thomas Stackhouse and Mary McGowan, on 15 Nov 1942.  They had one child.  Everett died 17 Aug 1995 in Norwich, Chenango, NY.
4. Grace V. Green was born 14 Jun 1893.  It appears that she married Arthur B. Doing on 19 Nov 1910, but the marriage ended in divorce.  Grave died 22 Aug 1981 in Norwich, Chenango, NY.
G. Melissa Padgett was born in 1861 and died 8 Sep 1874.
H. Robert J. Padgett was born in 1866 and died 3 Feb 1928 in Oxford, NY.  He was unmarried.
I. Riley J. Padgett was born 12 May 1868 in Oxford, NY.  He married Ulyssea (Lizzie) Delany Smith (Nov 1871, Oxford, NY - bef. 1940), daughter of Eleazer Smith and Eliza Todd, on 10 Sep 1890 in Oxford, NY.  They lived in both Chenango and Madison Counties..  Riley spent his final yearsliving with his nephew, John Japhet, and died 24 Jul 1943 in South Otselic, Chenango, NY.
1. Ray Everett Padgett was born in Oct 1892 in New York.  He married Margaret (b. 1903/04).  They lived in Syracuse, Onondaga, NY.  They were apparently childless.  Ray died in 1966.
2. May Gertrude Padgett was born 16 Nov 1894 in Guilford, Chenango, NY.  She married Harold Cornelius Van Vorce (27 Nov 1892, Candor, Tioga, NY - 1 May 1968, Candor, NY), son of James H. Van Vorce and Ida Bedell, on 13 Nov 1915.  May died 14 Mar 1976 in Candor, NY.
a.Harriett Alice Van Vorce was born 26 Jan 1916 in Candor, Tioga, NY.  She married Albert Jeffery (17 Feb 1911 - 14 Jan 1976, Binghamton, Broome, NY) on 1 Jun 1936.  They had seven children.  Harriet died 30 Oct 1980 in Vestal, Broome, NY.
b.Mary Ulyssea Van Vorce was born 24 May 1917 in Candor, NY.  She married Albert Warren Slater (2 May 1913 - 5 Mar 1989) on 10 Aug 1935.  They had seven children.  Mary died 1 Jul 1995 in Candor, NY.
c.Marcus Henry Van Vorce was born 24 Feb 1919.  He married Louise C. Hines on 29 Jan 1955.  They had five children.  Marcus died 27 Jul 2001 in Newark Valley, Tioga, NY.
d.Robert James Van Vorce was born 25 Oct 1920.  He married Emmajane Jackson on 3 Jul 1949.  They had four children.
e.Lillian May Van Vorce married Raymond Nelson Hover (22 Oct 1922 - 13 Dec 1998, Candor, NY).  They had five children.  
f.Hazel Shirley Van Vorce was born 1 Sep 1924 in Candor, NY.  She married (1) Andy Korsluck.  They had one child.  She married (2)  Horace B. Monroe (8 Jul 1920 - 11 Jun 1991, Wadesboro, Anson, NC).  They had two children.  Hazel died 28 Dec 1997 in Wadesboro, NC.
g.Helen Agnes Van Vorce married Robert Norman Chrysler (29 Sep 1924 - 3 Jan 2006, Azle, Tarrant, TX).  They had six children.
h.Anna Bedell Van Vorce married John J. Mauche (2 Sep 1919 - 24 Jul 2004, Penn Yan, Yates, NY).  They had eight children.
i.Catherine Ida Van Vorce married Wilbur H. Ness (7 Aug 1929 - 20 Aug 2006, Endicott, Broome, NY).  They had five children.
j.Charles Fredrick Van Vorce married Nancy Christine.
k.Loretta Janet Van Vorce married (1) Fred Harvey, Jr.  They had six children.  She married (2) Richard Puglisi (prob. 4 Jul 1927 - 5 Jun 1999, Binghamton, Broome, NY).  She married (3) Richard F. Nelson.
l.Guy Franklin Van Vorce married Heidi Brink.  They had three children.
3. Guy Riley Padgett was born 6 Jul 1897 in New York.  He married Mary Jane Yorker (b. 1924/25, New York) c. Mar 1944.  They lived in Santa Ana, Orange, CA.  They had two children.  Guy died 26 Nov 1976 in Orange Co., CA.
4. Helen G. Padgett was born in Mar 1899 in New York.
5. Willis Robert Padgett was born 28 Jan 1902 in Pharsalia, Chenango, NY.  He married but was separated as of 1942.  Willis died 24 Oct 1964 in Syracuse, Onondaga, NY.
6. Lillian H. Padgett was born 30 Jun 1908.. As of 1940, she was still single 
IX. Richard Padgett was born in Feb 1822 in Oxford, NY.  He married Priscilla Maria Wilbour (b. Jan 1830, Oxford, NY) on 27 May 1847.  Richard died 26 Dec 1910 in Morris, Otsego, NY.
A. Susannah Padgett was born 15 Jun 1848 in Chenango Co., NY.
B. Rebecca Allis Padgett was born in Feb 1852 and died 21 Aug 1854 in Oxford, NY.
C. Ira P. Padgett was born in Dec 1855 in New York.  He married Eleanor B. (Nellie) Millard (Jun 1862, Gilbertsville, Otsego., NY - 18 Dec 1930, South New Berlin, NY), daughter of John Russell Millard and Elizabeth Abell, in 1881.  In 1900, they were living in Goshen, Litchfield, CT with Eleanor's mother.  By 1910, they were in Norwich, Chenango, NY.  They had no children of their own.  Ira died in 1941.
1. Charles A. (Russell) Padgett was born 4 Dec 1891 in Connecticut and was adopted by Ira and Eleanor.  He married Lillian Sherwood (b. 1902/03) on 27 Nov 1926.  They lived in Chenango Co., NY.  Charles died in 1953.
a.Robert E. Padgett was born 23 Sep 1927. He married Letha C. Barber (b. 1926/27, prob. Otsego Co., NY), daughter of Milton Barber and Irene Carvin.  Robert. died 7 Dec 2003 in Portland, Multnomah, OR.
b.Richard P. Padgett was prob. born 10 Mar 1929.  He prob. married Darlene B.  Richard prob. died 16 Feb 2006 in Madera, Madera, CA.
D. Jesse R. Padgett was born 29 Dec 1857 in Pennsylvania.  He married Viola S. Matterson (Aug 1863 - 9 Jun 1936, Pittsfield, Otsego, NY), daughter of Edward and Lucina Matterson, in 1891/92.  They lived in Morris, Otsego, NY.  Jesse died 21 Jul 1940 in Pittsfield, NY.
1. Blanche Lucina Padgett was born 13 May 1901 in Morris, NY.  She married (1) Chester Reid Haight (3 Dec 1897, Gilbertsville, Otsego, NY - 15 Novc 1934), son of John White Haight and Adelaide Allon Wild, on 30 May 1925 in Gilbertsville, NY.  She married (2) John R. Gregory (prob. 13 Oct 1904, Montana - prob. Mar 1983, South New Berlin, Chenango, NY), son of Daniel and Mary A. Gregory, c. 1935.  They had one child.  Blanche died 16 May 1988
a. Hazel E. Haight was born in 1925/26, prob. in Otsego Co., NY
b.Charles L. Haight was born 15 Feb 1928 in New York.  He married Faith.  They had at least two children.  Charles died 16 Aug 1995 in Dundee, Yates, NY.
c.Donald L. Haight was born in 1929/30 in New York.  He married Veronica J. Sayers ( 6 Mar 1931, Flushing, NY - 10 Sep 2000, Delhi, Delaware, NY), daughter of James H. Sayers and Florence E. Conand, on 15 Jun 1953 in Ithaca, NY.  They had two children.
E. William Padgett was born in May 1859 and may have died bef. 1880.
F. Henry E. Padgett was born in May 1860.  He married Lulu Moffatt (b. July 1861, New York), daughter of Richmond Moffatt and Julia Daniels.  Henry died 14 Jan 1928 in New Lisbon, Otsego, NY.
1. Richmond Earl Padgett was born 31 Jan 1884.  He married Mary Adell Lottridge (24 Jan 1884 - 23 Jan 1966, New Berlin, Chenango, NY), daughter of James B. Lottridge and Imogene Backus, on 1 Jan 1906.  Richmond died 7 Feb 1952 in New Berlin, Chenango, NY.
a.Mary Louise Padgett was born 11 May 1920.  She married Robert Rose (25 May 1917, New York - Jan 1972, New Berlin, NY), son of Ernest and Lulu Rose, on 21 Jun 1936.  They had at least two children.
b.James Henry Padgett was born 17 Sep 1927 and died 1 May 2007 in New Berlin, NY.
2. Claude Adelbert Padgett was born 15 Feb 1895 in Morris, Otsego, NY.  He married Edna Martin (4 Dec 1889, New Berlin, NY - Dec 1982, New Berlin, NY), daughter of Frederick H. Martin and Annis C. Ainsworth, on 2 Jun 1917 in New Berlin, NY.  Claude died Sep 1984 in New Berlin, NY.
a. Donald Padgett was born 31 Mar 1918 in New Lisbon, Otsego, NY and died May 1987 in New Berlin, NY.
b. Helen Gertrude Padgett was born 28 Jul 1920 in New Lisbon, NY.  She married Edward B. Camp (27 Feb 1918, New Berlin, NY - 10 May 2001, Monticello, Jasper, GA) on 26 Jun 1940 in New Berlin, NY.  They had two children.  Helen died 21 Jun 2007 in Monticello, GA.
c. Frederick Padgett was born 14 Nov 1922 in New Lisbon, NY and died in Nov 1980 in New Berlin, NY.
G. Willard H. Padgett was born in 1862.  He may have been married and widowed.  In 1920-30, he was living in Otsego Co., NY
H. Gertrude B. Padgett was born in 1870 in Norwich, NY.  She married Elizur B. Bailey (b. May 1865, prob. in Morris, Otsego, NY), son of LeRoy Bailey and Frances Ostrander, on 26 Feb 1908 in Morris, Otsego, NY.  They were prob. childless.
X. Susannah Padgett was born in 1823/24 and died 15 Jun 1831.
XI. Jane Padgett was born in 1827.  She married Mr. Davis.  In 1850, she and hre children were living with her parents.
A. Sarah Davis was born in 1845.
B. Maria Davis was born in 1847.
C. Gunthrum Davis was born in 1849.


Note 1: According to the 1865 New York State census, Robert and Susannah had eleven children.  Earlier censuses, combined with other information, suggest the following identifications:
1. The 1810 and 1820 censuses show a son born between 1805 and 1810.  This is presumably William Padgett, who appears on the line just below Robert Padgett in the 1830 census, along with his own wife and young children,.

2. The 1810, 1820, and 1830 censuses show a daughter born between 1805 and 1810.  No further information on her appears to be available.

3. The 1820 and 1830 censuses show three sons born between 1810 and 1815.  These are presumed to be Rufus, David, and Thomas.  Rufus appears in Oxford on the 1850 census.  David appears in Oxford on the 1855 New York State census, and the 1880 census shows his father as born in New York and his mother in Vermont.  Thomas, who is the most uncertain, is shown in an LDS listing as born in Chenango County and living there in the 1840's.

4. The 1820 and 1830 censuses show two daughters born between 1815 and 1820.  These are definitely Maria and Emily.  Maria is identified as Robert and Susannah's daughter in the Norwich Vital Records.  Emily and her children were living with with Robert and Susannah on the 1850 census.

5. The 1820 and 1830 censuses show one son born between 1815 and 1820.  This is presumed to be Charles, who appears in Oxford on the 1850 census.  The 1880 census shows Charles' mother as born in Vermont.

6. The 1830 census shows one son and one daughter born between 1820 and 1825.  These are definitely Richard and Susannah.  Richard was living with his parents on the 1850 census.  Susannah died in 1831 and is identified as Robert and Susannah's daughter on her tombstone.

7. The 1830 census shows one daughter born between 1825 and 1830.  This is definitely Jane, since she and her children were living with with Robert and Susannah on the 1850 census.

Note 2:  I believe that Alfred Wilcox and Harold Wilcox were probably descended from Simon Gates Wilcox (1778-1851), who came to Tioga County from Oxford, Chenango Co., NY.  Simon's great-granddaughter, Alma N. Wilcox, married a great-great-grandson of Robert Padegett's sister Nancy.  Simon was also a first cousin of Archibald Wilcox of Oxford, two of whose daughters married two grandsons of Robert's sister Hannah..


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